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"Comparison and designations of the metal alloys"

The C.E.D.A.M software that we sell, compares 67000 normalized, commercial, typical designations for 8000 alloys. The database is made with metal producers informations. She gives indicative chemical compositions and mechanical caracteristics, for each alloy.

Search by international normalized designations: AFNOR - NFEN - INDRET (France) EN - AECMA - PrEN (Europa) DIN - WN - SEW - TÜV (Deutchland) BS - En - DTD - MSRR (United Kingdom) SS - SIS - MNC (Sweden) UNI (Italy) NBN (Belgium) UNE (Spain) ÖNORM (Austria) ISO (International) AISI - SAE - ASTM - UNS - AWS - AMS - CDA - MIL - FEDERAL (U.S.A) JIS (Japan) KS (Korea) GB (China) GOST (Russia) PN (Poland) CSN (Tchekia)...

Search by commercial designations: Trademarks of 400 american and european producers ...

Search by common and typical designations: Used designations in mechanical, armament, aeronautical, chemical, petrochemical industries...

Search by type or the use of material.

Search by tensile strength, yield strength (Mpa), hardness HB et HRC.

Required material: PC compatible - HD 12Mb - dunggle. WINDOWS* 3.x,9x,2000,NT,XP (*Microsoft trademark).

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