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Quelques dsignations alpha-numriques reprises dans la base de donnes CEDAM.
Elles manent des normes AFNOR (NF)- NFEN - INDRET - DIN - WN - SEW - TV - EN - AECMA - PrEN - BS - En - DTD - MSRR - SS - SIS - MNC - UNI - UNE - NBN - CSN - ISO - AISI - SAE - ASTM - UNS - AWS - AMS - CDA - MIL - FEDERAL - JIS - KS - GB - IS - PN - GOST...
Les marques de fabrique ou de commercialisation cites, sont des marques dposes par leurs socits respectives.

Some alpha-numeric designations included in the data base CEDAM.
They emanate from the standards: AFNOR (NF) - NFEN - INDRET - DIN - WN - SEW - TV - EN - AECMA - PrEN - BS - En - DTD - MSRR - SS - SIS - MNC - UNI - UNE - NBN - CSN - ISO - AISI - SAE - ASTM - UNS - AWS - AMS - CDA - MIL - FEDERAL - JIS - KS - GB - IS - PN - GOST...
The mentioned brand and product names, are registered trademarks by their respectives companies.

#11 special #1B #1JR type1 #1JR type2 #1JR type4 #2B #3B #5-317 #5-F STAINLESS #5B #6B #9B '12' carbon '17' carbon '22' carbon '30' carbon '40' carbon '55' carbon 3/4 % Ni '55' carbon steel '70' carbon '80' carbon 0 0,05C-18Cr-9Ni 0,3Mo 0,5FO 0,5Mo 0,5Ni285 0,5Ni355 0,7Cr-0,7Ni-0,5Cu 0.2% carbon steel 0.3Mo-0.8Ni 0.5Cr-0.5Mo-0.25V 0.5Ni-0.05Ru 0.6010 0.6012 0.6015 0.6017 0.6020 0.6022 0.6025 0.6027 0.6030 0.6032 0.6035 0.6037 0.6040 0.6652 0.6655 0.6656 0.6660 0.6661 0.6667 0.6676 0.6680 0.7004 0.7033 0.7040 0.7043 0.7050 0.7060 0.7070 0.7080 0.7652 0.7660 0.7661 0.7665 0.7670 0.7673 0.7676 0.7677 0.7680 0.7683 0.7685 0.7688 0.8035 0.8038 0.8040 0.8045 0.8055 0.8135 0.8145 0.8155 0.8165 0.8170 0.9610 0.9620 0.9625 0.9630 0.9635 0.9640 0.9645 0.9650 0.9655 0/1 0/2 0/3 0/4 00000B1 00000B2 000PB20 002 ALLOY 003 ALLOY 00Cr12 00Cr16Ni65Mo16Ti 00Cr16Ni75Mo2Ti 00Cr17Ni12Mo2N 00Cr17Ni13Mo2N 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 00Cr18Ni10N 00Cr18Ni14Mo2Cu2 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 00Cr18Ni60Mo17 00Cr19Ni10 00Cr19Ni10 tube 00Cr19Ni11 00Cr19Ni13Mo3 00Cr22Ni5Mo3N 00Cr23Ni4N 00Cr25Ni35AlTi 00Cr25Ni5Mo2 00Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN 00Cr25Ni7Mo3WCuN 00Cr25Ni7Mo4N 00Cr26Ni35Mo3Cu4Ti 00Cr27Mo2 00Cr30Mo2 00Cr36Ni65Al 00H17N14M2 00H18N10 00Ni70Mo28 00PAW2 00PAW3 00PDA1 00PDSA3 01 B M 010R 0110-00 0115 0115-00 011R 0120 0120-00 0125 0125-00 012R 0130 0130-00 0135 0140-00 019Cr19Mo2NbTi 01E1 02 0212 0215 0217 0219 0221 0223 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 022Cr17Ni7N 022Cr19Ni10 022Cr19Ni10N 022Cr19Ni13Mo3 022Cr19Ni5Mo3Si2N 031R 037XF 037XK 03Ch16N15M3 03Ch17N14M2 03Ch17N14M3 03Ch18N11 03Ch18N12 03Cr17Mn6Ni5N 03Cr17Ni7 03H18N11 03H18N12 03X16H15M3 03X17H14M2 03X17H14M3 03X17N14M2 03X18H11 03X18H12 03X18N11 04 040A04 040A10 040A10 Al killed 040A12 040A15 040A17 040A20 040XLF 040XLK 040YLK 0457-00 045A10 045A10 bright 045M10 045M10 bright 045XLK class1 045XLK class2 0466 0466-00 04A 04Ch17T-GR 04Cr17Ni12Mo2 04Cr18Ni10 04Cr18Ni10Ti20 04X17T-GR 05.23 050A04 050A10 050A12 050A15 050A17 050A20 050X 050XF 050XK 050XLK 050YLK 0512-00 0513-00 0523-00 05503/28B2 05505-35B2 05522/38CrB1 055612 055622 055624 055664 055666 055672 055676 055680 055682 055684 055686 055690 055M15 05622-32CrB4 0580 05A1 05B1 05Ch18N10T 05Cr17 05Cr19Ni10Si2N 05E1 05E2 05F 05H18N10T 060A10 060A12 060A15 060A17 060A20 060A22 060A22B 060A32 060A35 060A37 060A40 060A42 060A47 060A47Pb 060A52 060A57 060A62 060A67 060A72 060A78 060A81 060A83 060A83/060A86 060A86 060A96 060A96 HD 060A96 ND 060A96 NS 060XF 060XF/XK 060XK 060XLK 06B1 06B2 06Ch18N11 06Cr13 06Cr17Ni12Mo2 06Cr19Ni10 06Cr19Ni10N 06Cr19Ni9 06Cr23Ni13 06Cr25Ni20 06X18H11 06X18N11 070 XF-XK 0707 0708 070A72 070A72 HD 070A72 ND 070A72 NS 070A78 070M20 070M20 bright 070M26 070M55 070M60 0716 0717 0717-00 0717-02 0717-15 0727 0727-02 0732 0732-03 0737 0737-01 0747 0747-03 0772 0776 0779-00 07B1 07B2 07B3 07Ch16N6 07Ch18N10G2S2M2L 07Ch18N9L 07Cr13 07Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 07Cr19Ni10 07Cr4Mo6 07Cr90Mo55 07H18N9L 07KH18N9L 07Kh18N10G2S2M2L 07X16H6 08 080A15 080A15 bright 080A17 080A20 080A27 080A30 080A32 080A35 080A37 080A40 080A42 080A47 080A52 080A62 080A67 080A72 080A78 080H41 080H46 080M15 080M15 bright 080M30 080M36 080M40 080M40 bright 080M46 080M50 080XF 080YF 0814 0815 0852 0854 0854-00 0856 0856-00 0862 0862-00 0864 08B1 08Ch13 08Ch16N13M2B 08Ch17N13M2T 08Ch17N15M3T 08Ch17N6T 08Ch17T 08Ch18N10 08Ch18N10T 08Ch18N12B 08Ch18N12T 08Ch18T1 08Cr17Ti 08Cr18H10T 08Cr18Ni10 08Cr18Ni10Ti 08Cr18Ni12Ti 08Cr22Ni6Ti 08F 08H13 08H17N15M3T 08H18N10 08H18N10T 08HA 08Ju 08KH17N13M2T 08KH17N15M3T 08KH18N10 08X 08X13 08X16N13M2B 08X17H13M2T 08X17N15M3T 08X17T 08X18H10 08X18H10T 08X18H12B 08X18H12T 08X18Tch 08Y 08YA 08kp 08ps 090A65 HD 090A65 ND 090A65 NS 093A65HD 095A65HS 095A65ND 09A 09B 09Ch16N15M3b 09Ch17N7Ju1 09G2 09G2C 09G2D 09G2S 09Mn2 09Mn2VDR 09MnNiDR 09MnSi 09P 09X16N15M3b 0C404 0Cr13 0Cr13Al 0Cr15Ni25Ti2MoAlVB 0Cr15Ni7Mo2Al 0Cr16Ni4Cu4Nb 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 0Cr17Ni12Mo2N 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb 0Cr17Ni7Al 0Cr18Ni10NbN 0Cr18Ni10Ti 0Cr18Ni10Ti tube 0Cr18Ni11Nb 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Cu2 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 0Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti 0Cr18Ni12MoTi 0Cr18Ni13Si4 0Cr18Ni16Mo5 0Cr18Ni3Mn13N 0Cr18Ni9 0Cr18Ni9Cu3 0Cr18Ni9Ti 0Cr19Ni10NbN 0Cr19Ni13Mo3 0Cr19Ni9 0Cr19Ni9 tube 0Cr19Ni9N 0Cr20Ni32AlTi 0Cr20Ni35Mo3Cu4Nb 0Cr20Ni43Mo13 0Cr20Ni65Mo10Nb4 0Cr21Al4 0Cr21Al6 0Cr21Al6Nb 0Cr21Ni42Mo3Cu2Ti 0Cr23Al5 0Cr23Ni13 0Cr25Al5 0Cr25Ni20 0Cr25Ni5Mo2 0Cr26Ni5Mo2 0Cr27Al7Mo2 0Cr30Ni60Fe10 0Cr30Ni70 0H13 0H13J 0H17N12M2T 0H17N16M3T 0H17N4G8 0H17T 0H18N10T 0H18N12Nb 0H18N9 0H22N24M4TCu 0H23N28M3TCu 0Ni65Mo28Fe5V 1 1 1/2% Ni-Cr-Mo 1 1/4% Ni-Cr 1 1/4CR 1 1/4Cr-1/2Mo 1 1/4Cr-Mo 1 EXTRA 1% C-Cr steel 1% Cr 1% Cr-Mo 1% nickel 1%Cr spring 1%Cr steel 1%Cr-V spring 1,1FO 1,1FO8 1,25Cr-0,5Mo 1,2FO8 1,2M6.7 1,2MDO7 1,2MOV7 1,3FOV 1,3M4 1,3MV6 1,4DFOV 1,5MDV 1,5Mn-0,5Mo-0,5Ni 1,5Ni 1,5Ni285 1,5Ni355 1,5Sn solder 1,MnNiMo 1.0% Cr/Mo 1.0003 1.0010 1.0021 1.0022 1.0023 1.0026 1.0028 1.0030 1.0031 1.0032 1.0033 1.0033 tube 1.0034 1.0035 1.0036 1.0037 1.0038 1.0039 1.0040 1.0042 1.0044 1.0045 1.0046 1.0050 1.0052 1.0060 1.0062 1.0065 1.0068 1.0070 1.0075 1.0078 1.0083 1.0107 1.0108 1.0111 1.0112 1.0113 1.0114 1.0114G 1.0115 1.0116 1.0116G 1.0117 1.0118 1.0119 1.0120 1.0121 1.0122 1.0122 +C 1.0123 1.0124 1.0125 1.0127 1.0128 1.0129 1.0130 1.0133 1.0135 1.0136 1.0137 1.0138 1.0141 1.0142 1.0143 1.0144 1.0145 1.0146 1.0148 1.0149 1.0150 1.0153 1.0161 1.0165 1.0168 1.0172 1.0173 1.0174 1.0175 1.0176 1.0204 1.0207 1.0208 1.0211 1.0212 1.0213 1.0213 DIN 1.0214 1.0214 DIN 1.0215 1.0218 1.0223 1.0224 1.0225 1.0226 1.0234 1.0234 DIN 1.0241 1.0242 1.0244 1.0250 1.0253 1.0254 1.0255 1.0256 1.0257 1.0258 1.0259 1.0288 1.0300 1.0301 1.0302 1.0303 1.0303 DIN 1.0304 1.0305 1.0306 1.0307 1.0308 1.0309 1.0310 1.0311 1.0312 1.0313 1.0313 DIN 1.0314 1.0314-C2C 1.0314/D6-2 1.0315 1.0319 1.0320 1.0321 1.0322 1.0323 1.0324 1.0326 1.0327 1.0330 1.0332 1.0333 1.0334 1.0335 1.0336 1.0338 1.0345 1.0346 1.0347 1.0348 1.0350 1.0351 1.0352 1.0355 1.0356 1.0357 1.0358 1.0359 1.0372 1.0375 1.0377 1.0378 1.0379 1.0389 1.0390 1.0391 1.0392 1.0393/ED3 1.0394 1.0394/ED4 1.0395 1.0396 1.0397 1.0398 1.0399 1.0400 1.0401 1.0401 +C 1.0402 1.0402 forging 1.0402-C22 1.0403 1.0405 1.0406 1.0407 1.0407 +C 1.0407+SH 1.0408 1.0409 1.0411 1.0411-C20C 1.0412 1.0413 1.0414 1.0415 1.0416 1.0417 1.0418 1.0420 1.0421 1.0423 1.0425 1.0425 tube 1.0426 1.0427 1.0428 1.0429 1.0430 1.0432 1.0434 1.0434-C17C 1.0435 1.0436 1.0437 1.0438 1.0440 1.0441 1.0442 1.0443 1.0444 1.0445 1.0445-HIV 1.0446 1.0448 1.0449 1.0451 1.0452 1.0453 1.0453 tube 1.0455 1.0456 1.0457 1.0458 1.0459 1.0460 1.0460/C22G2 1.0460/P250GH 1.0461 1.0462 1.0463 1.0463 tube 1.0468 1.0469 1.0470 1.0471 1.0471-21MnSi5 1.0473 1.0474 1.0475 1.0476 1.0477 1.0478 1.0480 1.0481 1.0482 1.0483 1.0484 1.0485 1.0486 1.0486 P275N 1.0487 1.0487 [h.r bar] 1.0487 sml 1.0487 wld 1.0488 1.0488 tube 1.0489 1.0490 1.0491 1.0492 1.0493 1.0495 1.0497 1.0498 1.0499 1.0500 1.0501 1.0501 Pb 1.0501 bright 1.0501 casting 1.0501+C 1.0502 1.0503 1.0503 +C 1.0503 bright 1.0503 casting 1.0504 1.0505 1.0506 1.0507 1.0508 1.0509 1.0511 1.0512 1.0513 1.0514 1.0515 1.0516 1.0517 1.0518 1.0520 1.0522 1.0523 1.0528 1.0528 forging 1.0529 1.0530 1.0531 1.0533 1.0533 +C 1.0534 1.0535 1.0538 1.0539 1.0540 1.0541 1.0542 1.0543 1.0543 +c 1.0545 1.0546 1.0547 1.0548 1.0549 1.0550 1.0551 1.0552 1.0553 1.0553 casting 1.0554 1.0554 casting 1.0555 1.0556 1.0557 1.0558 1.0559 1.0562 1.0562 tube 1.0565 1.0565 tube 1.0566 1.0566 tube 1.0569 1.0570 1.0571 1.0572 1.0573 1.0575 1.0576 1.0577 1.0578 1.0579 1.0580 1.0581 1.0582 1.0583 1.0584 1.0585 1.0586 1.0588 1.0589 1.0590 1.0593 1.0594 1.0595 1.0596 1.0597 1.0599 1.0600 1.0601 1.0601+C 1.0602 1.0603 1.0603/C70S6 1.0605 1.0609 1.0610 1.0611 1.0612 1.0613 1.0614 1.0615 1.0616 1.0617 1.0618 1.0619 1.0620 1.0621 1.0621-GP240GR 1.0622 1.0625 1.0626 1.0628 1.0633 1.0640 1.0703 1.0710 1.0711 1.0715 1.0715+C 1.0718 1.0718+Bi+Te 1.0718+C 1.0718/EN10087 1.0719 1.0720 1.0721 1.0721 DIN 1.0722 1.0723 1.0724 1.0725 1.0726 1.0727 1.0728 1.0736 1.0736+C 1.0737 1.0737+Bi+Te 1.0737+C 1.0738 1.0739 1.0756 1.0757 1.0757-45SPb20 1.0758 1.0758+Bi 1.0759 1.0760 1.0761 1.0762 1.0763 1.0764 1.0764+C 1.0765 1.0800 1.0804 1.0809 1.0812 1.0813 1.0814 1.0815 1.0816 1.0824 1.0825 1.0826 1.0827 1.0831 1.0832 1.0837 1.0844 1.0845 1.0846 1.0851 1.0854 1.0858 1.0859 1.0869 1.0870 1.0872 1.0873 1.0874 1.0884 1.0900 1.0902 1.0903 1.0904 1.0904 casting 1.0906 1.0908 1.0909 1.0912 1.0912 casting 1.0913 1.0958 1.0960 1.0961 1.0966 1.0970 1.0971 1.0972 1.0973 1.0974 1.0975 1.0976 1.0977 1.0978 1.0979 1.0980 1.0981 1.0982 1.0984 1.0985 1.0986 1.0988 1.0989 1.1004 1.1011 1.1012 1.1013 1.1014 1.1015 1.1016 1.1017 1.1018 1.105 1.1060 1.1061 1.1100 1.1101 1.1103 1.1104 1.1104 tube 1.1105 1.1106 1.1106 tube 1.1108 1.1109 1.1110 1.1111 1.1113 1.1114 1.1114-C10D2 1.1115 1.1118 1.1120 1.1121 1.1122 1.1122-Cq10 1.1124 1.1126 1.1127 1.1129 1.1131 1.1132 1.1132-Cq15 1.1133 1.1136 1.1136/GS-24Mn4 1.1137 1.1138 1.1139 1.1140 1.1141 1.1141 tube 1.1142 1.1143 1.1144 1.1145 1.1145/C36D2 1.1146 1.1148 1.1149 1.1150 1.1151 1.1151 strip 1.1151 tube 1.1152 1.1153 1.1154 1.1155 1.1156 1.1157 1.1158 1.1159 1.1161 1.1162 1.1163 1.1164 1.1165 1.1165 casting 1.1166 1.1167 1.1168 1.1169 1.1169 casting 1.1170 1.1171 1.1172 1.1173 1.1174 1.1174.4 1.1174.5 1.1174.6 1.1176 1.1177 1.1178 1.1178 strip 1.1179 1.1180 1.1181 1.1181 fastener 1.1181 strip 1.1181 tube 1.1183 1.1185 1.1186 1.1187 1.1188 1.1189 1.1191 1.1191 casting 1.1191 strip 1.1191 tube 1.1192 1.1192-Cq45 1.1193 1.1194 1.1199 1.1200 1.1201 1.1202 1.1203 1.1203 forging 1.1204 1.1206 1.1207 1.1207 +C 1.1208 1.1209 1.1210 1.1211 1.1212 1.1213 1.1217 1.1219 1.1220 1.1221 1.1221 kaltband 1.1221[strip] 1.1221[tube] 1.1222 1.1223 1.1224 1.1228 1.1230 1.1231 1.1232 1.1233 1.1235 1.1236 1.1240 1.1241 1.1242 1.1243 1.1244 1.1248 1.1249 1.1250 1.1251 1.1252 1.1253 1.1255 1.1262 1.1265 1.1269 1.1269 kaltband 1.1272 1.1273 1.1274 1.1274.1 1.1275 1.1282 1.1301 1.1302 1.1303 1.1304 1.1305 1.1305/1.1314 1.1520 1.1520-C70W1 1.1525 1.1530 1.1535 1.1540 1.1545 1.1550 1.1554 1.1555 1.1560 1.1560/C125W1 1.1563 1.1563/C125U 1.1573 1.1620 1.1620/5 1.1625 1.1630 1.1640 1.1645 1.1650 1.1654 1.1660 1.1660/3 1.1663 1.1673 1.1720 1.1730 1.1740 1.1744 1.1750 1.1760 1.1811 1.1820 1.1830 1.1830/C85U 1.2002 1.2002 kaltband 1.2003 1.2004 1.2004 kaltband 1.2007 1.2007 kaltband 1.2008 1.2018 1.2056 1.2057 1.2059 1.2060 1.2063 1.2064 1.2067 1.2067 strip 1.2067/102Cr6 1.2080 1.2080 casting 1.2082 1.2083 1.2083 DIN 1.2083 HTM 1.2085 1.2086 1.2099 1.2101 1.2103 1.2106 1.2108 1.2109 1.2125 1.2127 1.2129 1.2162 1.2201 1.2203 1.2206 1.2208 1.2210 1.2210 kalband 1.2235 1.2241 1.2242 1.2243 1.2248 1.2249 1.2285 1.2302 1.2303 1.2304 1.2304/85CrMo7 1.2307 1.2309 1.2311 1.2311 casting 1.2312 1.2313 1.2314 1.2316 1.2316+S 1.2319 1.2323 1.2323 casting 1.2327 1.2328 1.2329 1.2330 1.2332 1.2333 1.2340 1.2341 1.2342 1.2343 1.2343 casting 1.2343 mod. 1.2344 1.2344 casting 1.2344 mod. 1.2345 1.2347 1.2353 1.2355 1.2357 1.2358 1.2360 1.2360 mod. 1.2361 1.2362 1.2363 1.2363 casting 1.2365 1.2367 1.2369 1.2375 1.2376 1.2378 1.2379 1.2379 HTM 1.2379[DIN] 1.2380 1.2380 HTM 1.2381 1.2390 1.2391 1.2394 1.2397 1.2398 1.2399 1.2410 1.2414 1.2419 1.2419 casting 1.2436 1.2436 DIN 1.2442 1.2453 1.2510 1.2510 casting 1.2511 1.2515 1.2516 1.2519 1.2521 1.2541 1.2542 1.2545 mod. 1.2547 1.2549 1.2550 1.2550 kaltband 1.2552 1.2562 1.2564 1.2567 1.2581 1.2581 SEW 1.2590 1.25Cr-0.5Mo-Si 1.2600 1.2601 1.2601 cast 1.2602 1.2603 1.2604 1.2605 1.2606 1.2622 1.2631 1.2631V 1.2661 1.2662 1.2678 1.2690 1.2703 1.2703 kaltband 1.2706 1.2709 1.2710 1.2711 1.2711QT 1.2713 1.2713 casting 1.2714 1.2714 casting 1.2714+S 1.2718 1.2721 1.2722 1.2724 1.2726 1.2731 1.2735 1.2736 1.2737 1.2738 1.2740 1.2741 1.2742 1.2743 1.2744 1.2745 1.2746 1.2747 1.2752 1.2758 1.2762 1.2764 1.2766 1.2766 casting 1.2767 1.2767/45NCD16 1.2769 1.2770 1.2777 1.2777 casting 1.2778 1.2779 1.2780 1.2780 wrought 1.2782 1.2786 1.2787 1.2789 1.2790 1.2791 1.2792 1.2799 1.2814 1.2823 1.2824 1.2825 1.2826 1.2827 1.2833 1.2834 1.2835 1.2838 1.2842 1.2842 HTM 1.2851 1.2852 1.2880 1.2883 1.2884 1.2885 1.2886 1.2887 1.2888 1.2889 1.2900 1.2901 1.2902 1.2906 1.2929 1.2937 1.2939 1.2990 1.2999 1.3202 1.3207 1.3208 1.3210 1.3211 1.3222 1.3241 1.3241 HTM 1.3243 1.3243 DIN 1.3244 1.3245 1.3246 1.3247 1.3248 1.3249 1.3255 1.3257 1.3265 1.3302 1.3316 1.3318 1.3325 1.3326 1.3327 1.3330 1.3333 1.3335 1.3339 1.3339 DIN 1.3340 1.3341 1.3342 1.3343 1.3343 DIN 1.3343 casting 1.3344 1.3344 HTM 1.3345 1.3346 1.3347 1.3348 1.3348 DIN 1.3350 1.3351 1.3355 1.3355 SEW 1.3357 1.3391 1.3393 1.3394 1.3395 1.3396 1.3401 casting 1.3401[bar] 1.3401[flat] 1.3402 1.3501 1.3503 1.3505 1.3505 DIN 1.3505 casting 1.3514 1.3514.1 1.3514.100 1.3514.2 1.3515 1.3518 1.3519 1.3520 1.3521 1.3523 1.3532 1.3533 1.3536 1.3537 1.3538 1.3539 1.3541 1.3541 casting 1.3542 1.3543 1.3543 casting 1.3544 1.3544.3 1.3544.9 1.3549 1.3550 1.3551 1.3553 1.3555 1.3558 1.3559 1.3561 1.3563 1.3565 1.3566 1.3567 1.3570 1.3576 1.3758 1.3759 1.3802 1.3802/GX120Mn13 1.3805 1.3810 1.3811 1.3813 1.3816 1.3817 1.3820 1.3827 1.3840 1.3843 1.3845 1.3850 1.3901 1.3903 1.3909 1.3910 1.3911 1.3912 1.3913 1.3914 1.3915 1.3916 1.3917 1.3920 1.3921 1.3922 1.3923 1.3924 1.3926 1.3927 1.3928 1.3930 1.3932 1.3936 1.3940 1.3941 1.3942 1.3945 1.3946 1.3949 1.3951 1.3952 1.3952 casting 1.3953 1.3955 1.3957 1.3960 1.3962 1.3964 1.3964 casting 1.3964 tube 1.3965 1.3966 1.3967 1.3974 1.3980 1.3981 1.3982 1.3990 1.3991 1.4000 1.4000 casting 1.4000 tube 1.4000[flat] 1.4001 1.4002 1.4002 mod. 1.4002 sml 1.4002 wld 1.4003 1.4003 wld 1.4003[flat] 1.4004 1.4005 1.4006 1.4006 casting 1.4006 sml 1.4006 sml DIN 1.4006[bar] 1.4006[fc] 1.4006[flat] 1.4007 1.4008 1.4009 1.4010 1.4011 1.4013 1.4014 1.4014.1 1.4014.2 1.4015 1.4016 1.4016 sml 1.4016 wld 1.4016/X6Cr17 1.4017 1.4018 electrode 1.4018 f.metal 1.4020 1.4021 1.4021 fc 1.4021 flat 1.4021 kaltband 1.4021 strip 1.4021 tube 1.4024 1.4027 1.4027 G-X20CR14 1.4028 1.4028 casting 1.4028 f.metal 1.4028 kaltband 1.4028[bar] 1.4028[flat] 1.4028[stri] 1.4029 1.4031 1.4031 kaltband 1.4034 1.4034 casting 1.4034 kaltband 1.4034+S 1.4035 1.4037 1.4037 isoprofil 1.4037 kaltband 1.4044 1.4044.1 1.4044.5 1.4044.6 1.4057 1.4059 1.4059 G-X22CrNi17 1.4062 1.4085 1.4086 1.4088 1.4102 1.4104 1.4105 1.4106 1.4107 1.4107 QT2 1.4108 1.4109 1.4110 1.4111 1.4112 1.4112 HTM 1.4113 1.4113 flat 1.4113 heading 1.4113 tube 1.4114 1.4115 1.4116 1.4116 flat 1.4116[bar] 1.4117 1.4118 1.4119 1.4119 f.metal 1.4120 1.4121 1.4122 1.4122 casting 1.4122QT 1.4123 1.4125 1.4125.0 1.4125/X105CrMo17 1.4131 1.4131 f.metal 1.4136 1.4138 1.4153 1.4162 1.4162 tube 1.4197 1.4225 1.4300 1.4301 1.4301 SUPER-IM 1.4301 fc 1.4301 sml 1.4301 wld 1.4301[bar] 1.4301[flat] 1.4301[forging] 1.4301[strip] 1.4302 1.4303 1.4304 1.4305 1.4305 fc 1.4305 sml 1.4306 1.4306 casting 1.4306 fc 1.4306 sml 1.4306 wld 1.4306S 1.4307 1.4307 fc 1.4307 sml 1.4307 wld 1.4308 1.4309 1.4310 1.4310[stri] 1.4311 1.4311 sml 1.4311 wld 1.4312 1.4313 1.4313 cast 1.4313 casting 1.4314 1.4314.1 1.4314.2 1.4314.3 1.4314.4 1.4314.7 1.4314.9 1.4315 1.4316 1.4317 1.4318 1.4318 wld 1.4318/X2CrNiN18.7 1.4319 1.4320 1.4321 1.4324 1.4324-1 1.4324-2 1.4324-3 1.4325 1.4332 1.4333 1.4335 1.4335 sml 1.4335 wld 1.4337 1.4337 electrode 1.4339 1.4340 1.4347 1.4351 1.4361 1.4361[sml] 1.4361[wld] 1.4362 1.4362 sml 1.4362 wld 1.4368 1.4369 1.4370 1.4370 el 1.4370 f.m 1.4371 1.4371 [SEW] 1.4372 1.4372 [bar] 1.4372 [flat] 1.4372 [tube] 1.4372[flat] 1.4373 1.4373 tube 1.4374 1.4374 casting 1.4375 1.4375 electrode 1.4375 tube 1.4376 1.4378 1.4390 1.4390 tube 1.4401 1.4401 fc 1.4401 pvf 1.4401 sml 1.4401 wire 1.4401 wld 1.4401/1.4436 1.4402 1.4403 1.4403 electrode 1.4403 f.metal 1.4404 1.4404 casting 1.4404 fc 1.4404 sml 1.4404 wld 1.4404/1.4435 1.4405 1.4406 1.4406 sml 1.4406 wld 1.4407 1.4408 1.4409 1.4410 1.4410 casting 1.4410 sml 1.4410 wld 1.4411 1.4412 1.4413 1.4414 1.4415 1.4416 1.4417 1.4417 sml 1.4418 1.4418 +QT900 1.4418 bar 1.4418 wrought 1.4418[bar] 1.4418[flat] 1.4418[forging] 1.4418[pvf] 1.4419 1.4420 1.4421 1.4422 1.4423 1.4424 1.4424 sml 1.4427 1.4428 1.4429 1.4429 pvf 1.4429 sml 1.4429 wld 1.4430 1.4430 el. 1.4430 electrode 1.4431 1.4432 1.4432 wld 1.4433 1.4434 1.4435 1.4435 DIN 1.4435 casting 1.4435 fc 1.4435 forging 1.4435 sml 1.4435 wld 1.4435[bar] 1.4436 1.4436 [flat] 1.4436 fc 1.4436 forging 1.4436 sml 1.4436 wld 1.4436[bar] 1.4437 1.4438 1.4438 f.metal 1.4438 sml 1.4438 wld 1.4439 1.4439 casting 1.4439 sml 1.4439 wld 1.4440 electrode 1.4440 f.metal 1.4441 1.4446 1.4448 1.4449 1.4449 casting 1.4451 1.4452 1.4455 electrode 1.4455 f.metal 1.4456 1.4456 casting 1.4457 1.4458 1.4459 electrode 1.4459 f.metal 1.4460 1.4460 casting 1.4460 sml 1.4460 tube 1.4461 1.4462 1.4462 HTM 1.4462 casting 1.4462 concrete 1.4462 f.metal 1.4462 forged 1.4462 sml 1.4462 wld 1.4463 1.4464 1.4465 1.4465 mod. 1.4465 tube 1.4466 1.4466 sml 1.4467 1.4468 1.4469 1.4469/EN10213-4 1.4470 1.4472 1.4472RN 1.4477 1.4477 sml 1.4479 1.4482 1.4494 1.4500 1.4501 1.4501 HTM 1.4501 casting 1.4501 sml 1.4501 wld 1.4501-S32760 1.4502 1.4503 1.4505 1.4505 casting 1.4506 1.4507 1.4507 tube 1.4509 1.4509 wld 1.4509[DIN] 1.4510 1.4510 DIN 1.4510 sml 1.4510 sml DIN 1.4510 wld 1.4510 wld DIN 1.4511 1.4511 f.m 1.4512 1.4512 DIN 1.4512 sml 1.4512 wld 1.4513 1.4513 DIN 1.4514 1.4515 casting 1.4515 tube 1.4516 1.4517 1.4518 1.4520 1.4520 [SEW] 1.4520 flat 1.4520 tube 1.4521 1.4521 sml 1.4521 wld 1.4522 1.4523 1.4525 1.4526 1.4526 wld 1.4527 1.4528 1.4529 1.4529 casting 1.4529 sml 1.4529 wld 1.4530 1.4531 1.4532 1.4534 1.4534 f.metal 1.4534.4 1.4534.5 1.4534.6 1.4534.9 1.4535 1.4536 1.4537 1.4538 1.4538 wrought 1.4539 1.4539 casting 1.4539 f.metal 1.4539 sml 1.4539 wld 1.4540 1.4541 1.4541 casting 1.4541 fc 1.4541 sml 1.4541 wld 1.4542 1.4543 1.4544 1.4544 casting 1.4544.1 1.4544.2 1.4544.3 1.4544.7 1.4544.9 1.4545 1.4545 casting 1.4545 f.m 1.4545.3 1.4545.4 1.4546 1.4546 tube 1.4546-1 1.4546-2 1.4546-3 1.4546.9 1.4546.9 tube 1.4547 1.4547 casting 1.4547 old 1.4547 sml 1.4547 wld 1.4548 1.4548 fc 1.4548.1 1.4548.2 1.4548.3 1.4548.4 1.4548.5 1.4548.6 1.4548.9 1.4549 1.4549.4 1.4549.6 1.4550 1.4550 flat 1.4550 sml 1.4550 wld 1.4551 1.4551 el. 1.4551 electrode 1.4552 1.4552 DIN 1.4554 1.4556 1.4558 1.4558 sml 1.4560 1.4561 1.4562 1.4562 flat 1.4562 tube 1.4563 1.4563 electrode 1.4563 f.metal 1.4563 sml 1.4563 wld 1.4564 1.4565 1.4565 casting 1.4565 tube 1.4566 1.4567 1.4567 fastener 1.4567 wire 1.4568 1.4568 f.metal 1.4569 1.4570 1.4571 1.4571 DIN 1.4571 fc 1.4571 pvf 1.4571 sml 1.4571 tube 1.4571 wire 1.4571 wld 1.4571[bar] 1.4571[flat] 1.4573 1.4574 1.4575 1.4576 1.4577 1.4577 tube 1.4578 1.4580 1.4580 sml 1.4581 1.4581 DIN 1.4582 1.4583 1.4584 1.4585 1.4586 1.4587 1.4588 1.4589 1.4590 1.4591 1.4592 1.4592 tube 1.4593 1.4594 1.4594 f.metal 1.4595 1.4596 1.4597 1.4598 1.4600 1.4601 1.4602 1.4603 1.4604 1.4605 1.4606 1.4607 1.4611 1.4613 1.4615 1.4618 1.4621 1.4622 1.4625 1.4640 1.4644 1.4650 1.4651 1.4652 1.4652 tube 1.4653 1.4655 1.4658 1.4659 1.4662 1.4669 1.4696 1.4698 1.4700 1.4704 1.4710 1.4712 1.4713 1.4713 tube 1.4716 1.4718 1.4718 f.metal 1.4720 1.4721 1.4722 1.4724 1.4724 tube 1.4725 1.4729 1.4731 1.4732 1.4735 1.4736 1.4740 1.4741 1.4742 1.4742 sml 1.4743 1.4745 1.4745 DIN 1.4746 1.4747 1.4748 1.4749 1.4749 sml 1.4755 1.4760 1.4762 1.4762 sml 1.4763 1.4765 1.4767 1.4772 1.4773 1.4773 electrode 1.4773 f.metal 1.4776 1.4777 1.4785 1.4805 1.4806 1.4807 1.4815 1.4818 1.4818 tube 1.4818-S30415 1.4820 electrode 1.4820 f.metal 1.4821 1.4822 1.4823 1.4825 1.4826 1.4827 1.4828 1.4828 Z 1.4828 casting 1.4828 mod. 1.4828 sml 1.4828 wld 1.4829 1.4829 electrode 1.4829 f.metal 1.4832 1.4833 1.4833 SEW 1.4833 sml 1.4833 sml/wld 1.4833 wld 1.4835 1.4835 casting 1.4835 f.metal 1.4835 tube 1.4835-X10CrNiSi21.11 1.4837 1.4840 1.4841 1.4841 casting 1.4841 sml 1.4841 wld 1.4842 1.4842 electrode 1.4842 f.metal 1.4843 1.4845 1.4845 sml 1.4845 wld 1.4846 1.4846 f.m 1.4847 1.4848 1.4848 DIN 1.4849 1.4849 DIN 1.4852 1.4852 DIN 1.4853 1.4854 1.4854 tube 1.4855 1.4855 DIN 1.4857 1.4859 1.4860 1.4861 1.4862 1.4863 electrode 1.4863 f.metal 1.4864 1.4864 sml 1.4864 wld 1.4865 1.4865 DIN 1.4866 1.4868 1.4869 1.4870 1.4871 1.4872 1.4873 1.4874 1.4875 1.4876 1.4876 tube 1.4877 1.4878 1.4878 sml 1.4878 wld 1.4881 1.4882 1.4883 1.4883 f.metal 1.4885 1.4886 1.4887 1.4888 1.4889 1.4891 1.4893 1.4893 casting 1.4901 1.4903 1.4903 casting 1.4903 tube 1.4903[bar] 1.4903[forg] 1.4904 1.4905 1.4905 tube 1.4906 1.4907 1.4908 1.4909 1.4910 1.4910 pvf 1.4910 tube 1.4911 1.4912 1.4912 tube 1.4913 1.4913 DIN 1.4914 1.4914.5 1.4918 1.4918 tube 1.4919 1.4919 tube 1.4921 1.4922 1.4922 tube 1.4923 1.4926 1.4931 1.4933 1.4934 1.4935 1.4936 1.4938 1.4939 1.4939.5 1.4939.6 1.4940 sml 1.4941 1.4941 sml 1.4941 tube 1.4943 1.4943.4 1.4944 1.4944 f.metal 1.4944.4 1.4944.6 1.4945 1.4946 1.4948 1.4948 tube 1.4949 1.4950 1.4951[bar] 1.4951[flat] 1.4952 1.4956 1.4957 1.4958 1.4958 tube 1.4958+RA 1.4959 1.4959 tube 1.4961 1.4961 tube 1.4962 1.4971 1.4971 electrode 1.4971 f.m 1.4974 1.4977 1.4980 1.4980 f.m 1.4981 1.4981 tube 1.4982 1.4983 1.4984 1.4985 1.4986 1.4988 1.4988 sml 1.4990 1.4994 1.5015 1.5021 1.5022 1.5023 1.5024 1.5025 1.5026 1.5026 DIN 1.5026 strip 1.5026/55Si7 1.5026[bar] 1.5027 1.5028 1.5029 1.5041 1.5053 1.5066 1.5067 1.5069 1.5085 1.5112 1.5113 1.5120 1.5121 1.5121 casting 1.5122 1.5122 casting 1.5122/37MnSi5 1.5125 1.5130 1.5131 1.5141 1.5142 1.5216 1.5217 1.5217 tube 1.5223 1.5225 1.5231 1.5232 1.5233 1.5310 1.5402 1.5403 1.5404 1.5406 1.5408 1.5410 1.5414 1.5415 1.5415 [bar] 1.5415 [forging] 1.5415 [plate] 1.5415 casting 1.5415 tube 1.5417 1.5418 1.5419 1.5419 cast 1.5421 1.5422 1.5423 1.5424 1.5425 1.5426 1.5430 1.5431 1.5432 1.5450 1.5475 1.5485 1.5501 1.5501/057 1.5502 1.5503 1.5503-18B2 1.5506 1.5508 1.5510 1.5511 1.5513 1.5514 1.5514/022 1.5515 1.5515-38B2 1.5520 1.5522 1.5523 1.5523 19MnB4 1.5524 1.5525 1.5525-20MnB4 1.5525/360 1.5526 1.5527 1.5528 1.5529 1.5530 1.5530 flat 1.5531+H 1.5531[bar] 1.5531[flat] 1.5532 1.5532 flat 1.5535 1.5536 1.5537 1.5538 1.5621 1.5622 1.5622 casting 1.5633 1.5633 casting 1.5634 1.5635 1.5636 1.5637 1.5637 casting 1.5637 tube 1.5638 1.5639 1.5662 1.5662 QT640 1.5662 QT680 1.5662 casting 1.5662+QT640 1.5662+QT680 1.5663 1.5680 1.5680 tube 1.5681 1.5682 1.5701 1.5708 1.5710 1.5711 1.5713 1.5714 1.5714 kaltband 1.5715 1.5715+H 1.5732 1.5736 1.5736 casting 1.5737 1.5752 1.5755 1.5805 1.5805[heading] 1.5807 1.5807+S 1.5810 1.5810-18NiCr64 1.5815 1.5860 1.5860/ECN45 1.5864 1.5918 1.5919 1.5919 casting 1.5920 1.5924 1.5934 1.5952 1.6096 1.6210 1.6211 1.6212 1.6212 tube 1.6215 1.6216 1.6217 1.6217 tube 1.6219 1.6220 1.6221 1.6225 1.6227 1.6228 1.6228[bar] 1.6308 1.6309 1.6310 1.6311 1.6341 1.6343 1.6349 1.6351 1.6354 1.6354.9 1.6354/MA 300 1.6355 1.6356 1.6358 1.6358 casting 1.6359 1.6359 f.m 1.6359-1 1.6359-2 1.6368 1.6368 tube 1.6369 1.6510 1.6511 1.6513 1.6515 1.6522 1.6523 1.6523 casting 1.6523 wire 1.6523+H 1.6526 1.6527 1.6540 1.6541 1.6542 1.6543 1.6545 1.6546 1.6552 1.6562 1.6562-40NiCrMo7.3 1.6562VAR 1.6563 1.6565 1.6566 1.6569 1.6570 1.6571 1.6579 1.6580 1.6580 fastener 1.6580 forging 1.6582 1.6582 casting 1.6582 wire 1.6587 1.6587 casting 1.6589 1.6604 1.6604.2 1.6604.2 geglht 1.6604.4 1.6604.5 1.6604.6 1.6655 1.6657 1.6657.1 1.6657LW 1.6722 1.6722.1 1.6722/23 1.6722/3 1.6723 1.6723.1 1.6740 1.6741 1.6742 1.6743 1.6745 1.6746 1.6747 1.6748 1.6749 1.6750 1.6751 1.6753 1.6755 1.6757 1.6758 1.6759 1.6760 1.6770 1.6771 1.6772 1.6773 1.6779 1.6780 1.6780-1 1.6780-3 1.6781 1.6782 1.6783 1.6900 1.6901 1.6902 1.6903 1.6905 1.6906 1.6907 1.6908 1.6909 1.6909 wk 1.6916 1.6918 1.6920 1.6926 1.6928 1.6932 1.6944 1.6944.6 1.6946 1.6946 X5 1.6948 1.6949 1.6952 1.6953 1.6956 1.6957 1.6958 1.6959 1.6967 1.6971 1.6974 1.6979 1.6981 1.6982 1.6983 1.6985 1.6985 X4 1.7001 1.7002 1.7003 1.7005 1.7006 1.7006 forgings 1.7006 wire 1.7007 1.7007/37CrB1 1.7012 1.7014 1.7015 1.7016 1.7016 strip 1.7016 wire 1.7020 1.7021 1.7023 1.7025 1.7027 1.7028 1.7030 1.7033 1.7033 casting 1.7033 forgings 1.7034 1.7034 forging 1.7034 wire 1.7035 1.7035 forging 1.7035 tube 1.7035 wire 1.7035/41Cr4 1.7035/CCEM012 1.7036 1.7037 1.7038 1.7039 1.7045 1.7076 1.7077 1.7102 1.7103 1.7103 kaltband 1.7106 1.7107 1.7108 1.7108/60SiCr7 1.7108[DIN] 1.7117 1.7131 1.7131 casting 1.7131 strip 1.7131 wire 1.7131-054 1.7135 1.7138 1.7139 1.7140 1.7142 1.7147 1.7147 casting 1.7149 1.7160 1.7160 bright 1.7160 heading 1.7168 1.7168-20MnCrB5 1.7176 1.7177 1.7182[bar] 1.7182[flat] 1.7185 1.7185 plate 1.7189 1.7189 plate 1.7190 1.7201 1.7202 1.7213 1.7213 heading 1.7213 tube 1.7214 1.7214.4 1.7214.5 1.7216 1.7216 sml 1.7218 1.7218 casting 1.7218 forging 1.7218 tube 1.7218 wire 1.7218/25CrMo4 1.7219 1.7219 casting 1.7219 tube 1.7220 1.7220 casting 1.7220 tube 1.7220 wire 1.7220/34CrMo4 1.7221 1.7223 1.7224 1.7224.5 1.7224.6 1.7225 1.7225 casting 1.7225 tube 1.7225 wire 1.7225/008 1.7225[fastener] 1.7225[forging] 1.7225[strip] 1.7226 1.7226/34CrMoS4 1.7227 1.7227.25 1.7228 1.7228 casting 1.7228 forging 1.7230 1.7231 1.7232 1.7233 1.7238 1.7239 1.7240 1.7241 1.7242 1.7243 1.7243 wire 1.7243-18CrMo4 1.7243[forg] 1.7244 1.7254 1.7254 casting 1.7254.1 1.7258 1.7258/12CrMo85 1.7259 1.7262 1.7263 1.7264 1.7271 1.7272 1.7273 1.7273 casting 1.7276 1.7279 1.7281 1.7283 1.7305 1.7311 1.7319 1.7320 1.7321 1.7321 GS-20MoCr4 1.7321 casting 1.7321 kaltband 1.7321 wire 1.7323 1.7323 wire 1.7325 1.7326 1.7332 1.7333 1.7335 1.7335 casting 1.7335 forging 1.7335 sml 1.7336 1.7337 1.7338 1.7339 1.7341 1.7343-402 1.7346 1.7350 1.7352 1.7354 1.7355 1.7357 1.7358 1.7359 1.7361 1.7361[forging] 1.7362+I 1.7362+NT1 1.7362+NT2 1.7362G 1.7362V I 1.7362V II 1.7362[bar] 1.7362[flat] 1.7363 1.7365 1.7366 1.7368 1.7368 tube 1.7373 1.7375 1.7375 tube 1.7377 1.7378 1.7379 1.7380 1.7380 casting 1.7380 forging 1.7380 tube 1.7380[bar] 1.7382 1.7383 1.7383 forging 1.7383 tube 1.7384 1.7385 1.7386 1.7386 tube 1.7386+I 1.7386+NT 1.7386V 1.7387 1.7388 1.7389 1.7390 1.7511 1.7541 1.7561 1.7701 1.7701/52CrMoV4 1.7703 1.7706 1.7707 1.7709 1.7709 kaltband 1.7710 1.7711 1.7715 1.7715 tube 1.7715/14MoV6.3 1.7720 1.7725 1.7729 1.7733 1.7734 1.7734 air 1.7734 casting 1.7734 tube 1.7734-15CDV6 1.7734.4 1.7734.5 1.7734.6 1.7735 1.7736 1.7736.1 1.7736.100 1.7736.2 1.7736.4 1.7737 1.7745 1.7755 1.7756 1.7765 1.7766 1.7767 1.7779 1.7779 tube 1.7783 1.7784 1.7784.2 1.7784.3 1.7784.5 1.7784.6 1.7792 1.8062 1.8063 1.8070 1.8070QT 1.8151 1.8152 1.8152/54SiCrV6 1.8153 1.8154 1.8159 1.8159 bright 1.8159 casting 1.8159 forging 1.8159 strip 1.8159[spri] 1.8161 1.8201 1.8405 1.8504 1.8505 1.8506 1.8507 1.8509 1.8509 cast 1.8509 casting 1.8515 1.8516 1.8519 1.8521 1.8522 1.8523 1.8524 1.8524/8CrMo16 1.8544 1.8550 1.8550 kaltband 1.8564 1.8564.5 1.8564.6 1.8599 1.8702 1.8703 1.8704 1.8705 1.8710 1.8711 1.8714 1.8715 1.8716 1.8717 1.8719 1.8720 1.8721 1.8722 1.8734 1.8735 1.8750 1.8751 1.8802 DIN 1.8802+N 1.8803 1.8803 DIN 1.8803+M 1.8805 DIN 1.8805+M 1.8806 1.8806 DIN 1.8806+M 1.8807 1.8809 1.8809 DIN 1.8809+M 1.8812 1.8814 1.8815 1.8817 1.8818 1.8819 1.8821 1.8823 1.8824 1.8825 1.8826 1.8827 1.8828 1.8829 1.8830 1.8831 1.8832 1.8833 1.8834 1.8835 1.8836 1.8837 1.8838 1.8839 1.8843 1.8844 1.8845 1.8846 1.8847 1.8848 1.8849 1.8850 1.8864 1.8865 1.8866 1.8867 1.8868 1.8869 1.8870 1.8871 1.8871[SEW] 1.8872 1.8873 1.8874 1.8875 1.8876 1.8876 tube 1.8877 1.8877 tube 1.8878 1.8879 1.8879 tube 1.8880 1.8880 tube 1.8881 1.8881 tube 1.8882 1.8888 1.8888 tube 1.8890 tube 1.8900 1.8901 1.8902 1.8903 1.8904 1.8905 1.8905 tube 1.8906 1.8907 1.8908 1.8909 1.8910 1.8911 1.8912 1.8913 1.8914 1.8915 1.8915 tube 1.8916 1.8917 1.8918 1.8918 tube 1.8919 1.8920 1.8921 1.8922 1.8924 1.8925 1.8926 1.8927 1.8928 1.8929 1.8930 1.8931 1.8932 1.8933 1.8934 1.8935 1.8935 tube 1.8936 1.8937 1.8938 1.8939 1.8940 1.8941 1.8942 1.8945 1.8946 1.8947 1.8948 1.8948-L360QB 1.8949 1.8950 1.8951 1.8952 1.8953 1.8955 1.8956 1.8957 1.8958 1.8959 1.8960 1.8961 1.8962 1.8962 tube 1.8963 1.8965 1.8966 1.8967 1.8967+N 1.8969 1.8970 1.8971 1.8972 1.8973 1.8974 1.8975 1.8976 1.8977 1.8978 1.8979 1.8980 1.8983 1.8984 1.8986 1.8987 1.8988 1.8990 1.8991 1.8992 1.8993 1.8994 1.8995 1.8996 1.9426/SAE 1027 1.9704 1.9705 1.9718 1.9737 1.9790 1/1 1/2 1/2CR 1/2Mo 1/3 10 10 alloy 10-2-3 10-4-3-10 10/1 10/2 10/90 solder 10/C17500 100 HLES 100 R 100-70-03 100.1 10000 10013 1005 1005 f.metal 1006 1006 sheet 1008 10085/31CrMo12 1008AL 1009 100C1 100C2 100C3 100C6 100C6 SVA 100C6 strip 100C6 supervitac A 100C6-M 100C6M 100C8 100CD7 100CD7-02 100CD7-3 100CD8 100CM6 100CM7 100CMD8 100Cr2 100Cr6 100Cr6 UNI 100Cr8 100CrMn4 100CrMn6 100CrMn7 100CrMnMo7 100CrMnMo8 100CrMnMo8-3 100CrMnMoSi8-4-6 100CrMnSi4-4 100CrMnSi6-4 100CrMnSi6-6 100CrMo5 100CrMo7 100CrMo7-2 100CrMo7-3 100CrMo7-4 100CrMo7.3 100CrMo8-3 100CrMoV20.10 100CrMoV5 100MCW4 100MnCrW4 100MnCrW4 Vk 100MnCrW4 casting 100V1 100V2 100V3 100WC40 100WV4 101 1010 1010 casting 1010 electrode 1010AL 1010X 1011 1011E 1012 1013 1015 1015 casting 1016 1016 c.d 1016 drawn 1016Al 1017 1018 1018AL 1019 1019 modified 1019 tubing 101Cr6 101R 102 1020 1020 Al 1020 casting 1020 wire 1020X 1021 10213-4/1.4309 10216 1022 1022 casting 1022 modified 1023 1024 1025 1025 casting 1026 1026X 1027 10283-1.4417 1029 102Cr6 102Cr6KU 102R 102V 102V2 KU 103 1030 1030 casting 1031 1033 1034 1035 1035X 1036 1037 1038 1038H 1039 103Cr1 103Cr2 103Cr2Mn70 103Cr4 103Cr4Mn4 103Cr6 103R 103T3 104 1040 1040 casting 1040A1 1040X 1041 1042 1042-00 10420 1043 1044 1045 1045 casting 1045H 1045X 1046 1047 1048 1049 1049/1050 104Cr6 105 105-85 1050 1050 casting 1050/700/7 1050/750/07 10500 1050A 1050A f.metal 1050A1 1051 1052 1053 1055 1059 105Cr1 105Cr1Mn60 105Cr2 105Cr4 105Cr5 105Cr6 105CrMn6 105MnCr4 105MnCrW11 105R 105V 105WC13 105WCr1 105WCr5 105WCr6 106 1060 1060 casting 1061 1062 1062+Pb 1064 1065 1066 1069 1069A1 1069S 106K 107 107 R 1070 1070A 1070M 1071 1072 1074 1075 1075WB 1078 1078C 107CrV3 107CrV3 KU 107R 107WCr5 107WCr5 KU 108 1080 1080A 1080A f.metal 1080A1 1080S 1082A1 1084 1085 1086 108R 1090 1090 casting 1095 1098 1099 10A 10Al 10AlCr180 10AlCr240 10AlCr70 10B15 10B16 10B18 10B19 10B20 10B21 10B22 10B23 10B24 10B25 10B29 10B30 10B33 10B35 10B36 10B38 10B40 10B41 10B43 10B45 10B48 10B50 10C beryllium copper 10C4 10C8S10 10CAD8 10CD12-10 10CD5-05 10CD5-05 tube 10CD8 10CD8-10 10CD9-10 10CND6 10CNK1 10CNK3 10CRMO11 10CS 10Ch13SJu 10Ch17M13M2T 10Ch18N9L 10Ch23N18 10Ch2M 10Ch9MFB 10Ch9MFB-Sch 10Cr1 10Cr17 10Cr17MoNb 10Cr17Ni13Mo2Ti 10Cr18Ni 10Cr18NiTi 10Cr1Mo1 10Cr20Mo6 10Cr2Mo1 10Cr36Mo10H 10Cr5Mo55 10Cr6H 10Cr9Mo10 10Cr9Mo1VNb 10CrAl16 10CrMo10 10CrMo11 10CrMo20 10CrMo5-5 10CrMo9-10 10CrMo9.10 10CrMo9.10 tube 10Cu-90W 10E-DF 10F 10F1 10F2 10G2D 10H 10H2M 10H9MFB 10HH 10HS 10Hf-1.0Ti 10KA-DF 10L1 10L10 10L12 10L15 10L18 10L25 10L29 10L3 10L35 10L45 10L50 10L62 10Mn4 10MnMo4.5 10MnTi3 10Mo55 10Mo6 10Mo6H 10MoCr50 10MoWVTNb 10N 10N2 285 10N2 355 10NC11 10NC12 10NC6 10NC6 FF 10NC6f 10NC6p 10NC6p FF 10NC6q 10NC6r 10NC6u 10NC6u FF 10NCD12 10NCD13 10Ni14 10Ni36 10Ni3MnCuAl 10NiCr14 10NiCr5-4 10NiCr6 10NiCrMo13 10Q18 10RE51 10S11 10S20 10S20 DIN 10S20+U 10S20/F-2121 10S22 10SPb20 10Sn-90Pb 10T32AL 10TiAlCrNi320 10TiCrAlNi320 10TiMoNiCr175 10TiNiCr180 10V-2Fe-3Al 10X 10X17H13M2T 10X23H18 10X2M 10kp 10ps 11 SPECIAL 11-0 brazing sheet 11-5-2-1 11.1.3.B 11.8% Al 110 110 AT 110 ETP 1100 1100-00 1100-H14 1100-H19 1100-O 110000-MnBr 1105 1106 1108 1109 110CrMo17 110G13Ch2BRL 110G13H2BRL 110G13Kh2BRL 110G13L 110K.Sp 110MoV5 110W4KU 110WC10 110WC20 110WCRV5 110WCr8 110WCrV5 110WCrV8 111 1110 11109 11109.0 1111 1111-00 11110 1112 11120 1113 1114 1115 111530 1116 1117 1117/G11170 1118 1119 112 1120 1126 113 1130 11300 11305 1132 11320 11343 1135 11353 11364 11366 11368 1137 11373 11375 11378 1138 11381 1139 113C6 114 1140 1141 11416 11418 11419 11419.1 1142 1142-00 11423 11425 11428 11431 1144 11443 11444 11448 11449 1145 11453 tube 1146 1146-00 1147 1147-00 11474 11483 11483.1 11483.9 114CrV3 Vk 115 115-95 1150 11500 11503 1151 1151-10 1152-10 11523 11529 11531 11550 1157-10 115CV4 115CrV3 115MA 115W8 115WC20 116 1160 11600 1162 1163 1163-T7 1165 117 1170 11700 1175 117R 117VCr6 1180 1185 1187 1188 118R 118T3 1190 1193 1197 1198 1199 11A 11B 11B18 11C10S25 11C10S25L 11C15 11CD4-5 11ChF 11Cr-1Mo-0,3V 11Cr-Cb 11Cr17 11Cr17Ni13W3TiH 11CrMo9-10 11CrMo9-10 tube 11G12 11HF 11L 11L09 11L17 11L18 11L37 11L44 11Mn2 11Mn4Si 11MnNi5-3 11MnNi5.3 11NiMn5.4 11NiMn9-4 11NiMn9.4 11NiMoV5.3 11R3AM3F2 11RM10 11S 11S25 11SMn28 11SMn30 11SMn30 +C 11SMn30+C 11SMn30/F-2111 11SMn30K 11SMn37 11SMn37+C 11SMn37/230M07 11SMnPb28 11SMnPb30 11SMnPb30+Bi+Te 11SMnPb30+C 11SMnPb37 11SMnPb37 BIPLUS 11SMnPb37+Bi+Te 11SMnPb37+C 11SMnPbBiTe30 11SMnPbBiTe37 11SMnPbTe30 11SMnPbTe37 11Sn-5Zr-2Al-1Mo 11T22 12 CS 12 HS 12-0 brazing sheet 12-0-4 12-0-5-10 12-0-5-5 12-1-5-5 12-2-2 12-2W 12-3W 120 120-90-02 120-95 1200 1200/850/04 1200/850/4 1200A 1201 12010 12010.1 12010.4 12011 12014 12015 12015.1 12020 12021 12021.1 12022 12023 12024 12030 12031 12040 12041 12041.01 12042 12050 12050 strip 12050 tube 12051 12052 12060 12060.1 12060.9 12061 12071 12081 12090 120C 120CV3 120Cr5 120CrV 120M19 120M28 120M36 120R 120V 120W4 120WCV11 120WV4 121 1211 1211-00 1212 1212E1 1212E2 1212E3 1212E4 1213 1215 122 122 F 123 1230 1232 1235 124D 125 125 FRTP 125/80/10 1250 125A15 125Cr1 125Cr2 125CrSi5 1260 1265 1270 1275 1285 1286-01 128R 129 12C27 12C27 mod. 12C3 12CD4 12CD4 FF 12CD9 12CD9-10 12CNK3 12CNU3 12Ch13 12Ch17 12Ch17G9AN4 12Ch18N10T 12Ch18N9 12Ch18N9T 12Ch1MF 12Ch21N5T 12Ch2N4A 12ChM 12ChN2 12ChN3A 12Cr-MoV 12Cr-W-Co-V-Nb-N 12Cr12MoH 12Cr12MoVH 12Cr12Ni2Mo 12Cr130 12Cr13H 12Cr17Mn6Ni5N 12Cr17MoNb 12Cr17Ni7 12Cr18Mn9Ni5N 12Cr18Ni 12Cr18Ni10Ti 12Cr18Ni9 12Cr18Ni9Si3 12Cr1MoV 12Cr1MoVG 12Cr1MoVR 12Cr1MoVg 12Cr1Ni 12Cr2Mo1R 12Cr2Mo5V2H 12Cr2MoG 12Cr2MoWVTiB 12Cr2Ni4 12Cr3MoVSiTiB 12Cr4Mo5H 12Cr9Mo10H 12CrMo 12CrMo11.10 12CrMo19.5 12CrMo19.5G 12CrMo19.5V 12CrMo19.5V I 12CrMo19.5V II 12CrMo4 12CrMo8.5 12CrMo9 12CrMo9-10 12CrMo9.10 12CrMo9.10 tube 12CrMoG 12CrMoV 12CrMoV12-10 12CrMoV6-2-2 12CrMoVTi12-10 12CrMoVTi12.10 12CrNi2 12CrNi3 12CrNi3A 12D2 12G2SB 12H13 12H17 12H18N10T 12H18N9 12H1MF 12HN3A 12KH17G9AN4 12KH21N5T 12KT GOLD 12KhN3A 12L1 12L13 12L13+Bi+Te 12L14 12L14+Bi+Te 12L14E1 12L14E3 12L15 12L2 12M-ERCCoCr-B 12MCh 12MDV4-03-M 12MDV4-03M 12MDV5 12MDV6 12MDV6-M 12MF4 12MH 12MN 12MX 12Mn5 12MnNiMo5.5 12MoCrV6-2-2 12N14 12N14 285 12N14-355 12NC12 12NC15 12NCD12 12NCD13 12NCDUV18 12Ni14 12Ni14-1.5637 12Ni19 12Ni19 tube 12Ni19tube 12Ni20 12Ni9 12NiCr12 12NiCr14-6F 12NiCr250 12NiCr3 12NiCr3+Pb 12NiCr3-2 12NiCr3-2/1.5701 12NiCr3/1.5708 12Q20 12R10 12R11 12S 12SMn20 12SMn35 12SMnPb35 12SR 12SiCrNi360 12SiMoVNb 12TiNiCr180 12X13 12X17 12X18H10T 12X18H9 12X18H9T 12X18N10T 12X18N9 12X21H5T 12X2H4A 12XH2 12XH3A 12XM 13 13 4 13 L 13-11-3 13-4 13-4 Cr-Ni:0,06C 13-4-Mo LR 13-8 stainless steel 13-8Mo 13-8PH 13-8PHMo 13.1.1.C 13/04Si 130 130-115 130.1 130/90/09 1300 1300-00 1301 13030 1305 1307 1308 1309 130C3 130Cr3 130M15 130R 131 1310 1311 1311-00 1311-10 1312 1312-00 1312-03 1312-04 13124 13126 1313-00 13141 1316 13180 1318B 132 1320 13240 13242 13242.3 13242.7 13251 13270 132R 1330 1330 casting 1330-01 1330-05 1330H 1331 1332 1332-01 1335 1335H 133T3 1340 1340H 1341 1345 1345 casting 1345H 135 Mod 135 secondary 135-125 1350 13506 1350A 1357 135C2 135C3 135Cr2 135Cr3 135M44 135WV4 1360 1370 1370-00 1380 1385 13882 13882-02 13A 13B 13C26 13CR2 13CRS 13Ch 13Cr 13Cr-4.5Ni-Mo 13Cr-4Ni 13Cr17 13Cr2 13Cr25 13Cr4Ni 13CrMo4-5 13CrMo4-5 tube 13CrMo4.4 13CrMo5-4 13CrMo5-5 13CrMo9-10 13CrMoSi5-5 13CrMoV9-10 13FF 13H 13HMF 13KH 13M5 13MF4 13MF4+Pb 13MND5-02 13MPbF4 13Mn 13MnCr14 13MnMo6.5 13MnNi6-3 13MnNi6.3 13MnNiCrMoNbg 13MnNiMo5.4 13MnNiMoNbR 13MnNiMoR 13MoCrNi42-16-14 13MoCrV6 13NC14 13Ni-400 13Ni13Cr3 13Ni14Cr3 13Ni3Cr80 13NiCr11,8 13NiCr12 13NiCr14 13NiCr18 13NiCr6 13Q 13RM19 13S25 13V-11Cr-3Al 13V-11Cr-3Al f.m 13X 13XH 14-0115 14-0120 14-0125 14-0130 14-0212 14-0215 14-0217 14-0219 14-0221 14-0223 14-0466 14-0717 14-0717-02 14-0727 14-0732 14-0737 14-0814 14-0815 14-0852 14-0854 14-0856 14-0862 14-0864 14-1142 14-1146 14-1147 14-1151-10 14-1152-10 14-1157-10 14-1232 14-1265 14-1270 14-1306 14-1312 14-1316 14-1332 14-1350 14-1357 14-1360 14-1370 14-1411 14-1412 14-1414 14-1426 14-1430 14-1431 14-1450 14-1550 14-1572 14-16% IACS 14-1650 14-1660 14-1665 14-1672 14-1674 14-1678 14-1714-06 14-1770 14-1774 14-1778 14-1870 14-1880 14-1914 14-1922 14-1926 14-1957 14-1973 14-2085 14-2085 casting 14-2090 14-2101 14-2102 14-2103 14-2120 14-2120 bored 14-2121 14-2127 14-2130 14-2131 14-2132 14-2133 14-2136 14-2140 14-2144 14-2145 14-2146 14-2172 14-2173 14-2183 14-2203 14-2216 14-2218 14-2223 14-2225 14-2230 14-2233 14-2234 14-2240 14-2242 14-2244 14-2245 14-2254 14-2258 14-2260 14-2301 14-2302 14-2303 14-2304 14-2310 14-2312 14-2314 14-2317 14-2320 14-2321 14-2322 14-2324 14-2325 14-2326 14-2327 14-2328 14-2331 14-2332 14-2338 14-2340 14-2345 14-2346 14-2348 14-2350 14-2352 14-2353 14-2361 14-2364-12 14-2366 14-2367 14-2368 14-2371 14-2372 14-2373 14-2375 14-2376 14-2377 14-2378 14-2380 14-2382 14-2383 14-2384 14-2385 14-2387 casting 14-2388 14-2395 14-2506 14-2511 14-2512 14-2514 14-2523 14-2534 14-2541 14-2550 14-2562 14-2564 14-2584 14-2624 14-2625 14-2632 14-2662 14-2710 14-2714 14-2715 14-2716 14-2722 14-2723 14-2724 14-2725 14-2726 14-2730 14-2736 14-2750 14-2754 14-2756 14-2782 14-2940 14-4 14-4004 14-4007 14-4008 14-4010 14-4020 14-4023 14-4054 14-4102 14-4103 14-4106 14-4107 14-4115 14-4120 14-4125 14-4133 14-4140 14-4146 14-4163 14-4190 14-4212 14-4244 14-4245 14-4250 14-4251 14-4252 14-4255 14-4260 14-4261-00 14-4263 14-4335 14-4337 14-4338 14-4355 14-4425 14-4438 14-4500 14-4635 14-4CrMo 14-4PH 14-5010 14-5015 14-5055 14-5112 14-5114 14-5122 14-5144 14-5150 14-5163 14-5165 14-5168 14-5170 14-5173 14-5204 14-5217 14-5220 14-5234 14-5243 14-5246 14-5253 14-5256 14-5272 14-5428 14-5443 14-5444 14-5458 14-5475 14-5640 14-5667 14-5682 14-5710 14-7020 14-7030 1400 1400/1100/02 1400/1100/1 1403 140C2 140C3 140Cr 140Cr2 140Cr3 140Cr3/1.2008 140CrV1 140SMD4 141 141/1R 14100 14100.3 14100.4 14109 1411 1411-00 1412-00 1412-03 14120 1413 1413-00 1414 1414-00 1414-01 1414-02 14140 142 142 DPA 142/1R 14209 14220 14221 14223 1426 14260 142WV13 143 1430 1430-01 1431 1431-01 1432 1432-01 14331 14340 14340.6 1435 144/1 R 1445 14480 145 145 alloy 1450 145C6 145Cr6 145CrV6 145SMD4 145V3.3 147 147M 149 14A 14C14S14 14C4 14C6 14Ch17N2 14Cr-4Mo 14Cr1MoR 14Cr45Mo60V27 14CrMo3 14CrMo4 14CrMo4-5 14CrMoV6.9 14CrMoV6.9 tube 14CrMoV6.9ESU 14CrMoV69 14CrNi6 14E-1 14G2 14Grs 14HR 14KT GOLD 14Mn1S14 14Mn2 14MnMo5-5 14MnMoV5-5 14MoCr5 14MoCrV6 14MoV6-3 14MoV6.3 14NC11 14NC11p 14NC12 14NC6 14NCD10 14Ni14 14Ni6 14Ni6KG 14Ni6KT 14Ni9 14NiCr10 14NiCr14 14NiCr18 14NiCrMo10.6 14NiCrMo13 14NiCrMo13-4 14NiCrMo13-4LW 14NiMn6 14S 14X17H2 14X17N2 15 15% Nickel Silver 15% nickel silver 15% tin bronze 15-15LC 15-15LC mod. 15-3-3-3 15-35 15-3A 15-5 15-5 alloy 15-5 stainless steel 15-5PH 15-5PH VAR 15-5PH casting 15-5VM/AMS5826 15-7 stainless steel 15-7Mo 15-7Mo.VM 15-7PHMo 15/3 150 150-125 150-135 150.0 150.1 150/100/7 150/110/07 1501-161 Gr26 1501-224 Gr26 15020 1505 1505-02 150M19 150M19 bright 150M19 hot rolled 150M28 150M36 150M36 bright 150M40 150VCrW15 151 151 Gr430 151 R 151-360 151-430 1510 15121 15121.5 15128 1513 15130 15131 15142 1518 1520 1521 15217 1521H 1522 15221 1522H 15230 15236 1524 15240 15240.3 15241 15241.6 1524H 1525 1526 15260 15261 1526H 1527 1527 tube 152R 1530 15313 15320 15323 15330 15340 15341 15341.5 1536 153MA 154-360 1540 1541 15412 1541H 15421 15423 1547 1548 1548 mod. A/C 154CM 154F00 155 1550 1550-00 1550-01 1551 1552 155F00 155MoVCr115 1560 1561 1566 1572 1572-08 157F00 15A 15B18 15B2 15B21H 15B21RH 15B24 15B25 15B26 15B28H 15B30H 15B33 15B35H 15B35RH 15B36 15B37H 15B41 15B41H 15B48 15B48H 15B62H 15C2 15C3 15C4 15C8 15CD2-05 15CD2-05M 15CD3-05 15CD3-5 15CD4-05 15CD4-05 tube 15CD4-5 15CD4-M 15CD5-05 15CD5-M 15CD8-05-M 15CD9-M 15CD9.10-M 15CDV09.10-M 15CDV4-M 15CDV4.10-M 15CDV6 15CDV6 casting 15CDV6 tube 15CDV9.10-M 15CR3 15Ch 15Ch17AG14 15Ch18SJu 15Ch1M1F 15Ch25T 15Ch28 15Ch5M 15Ch6SJu 15ChA 15ChM 15Cr 15Cr-10Mn-10Ni 15Cr-35Ni 15Cr-5Ni 15Cr08 15Cr13Mo6 15Cr18NiMo 15Cr2 15Cr2 KD 15Cr20Ni 15Cr25Ni 15Cr25Ti 15Cr2Ni2 15Cr3 15Cr3,5 15Cr3Mo55 15Cr4Mo6 15Cr65 15Cr6Mo 15Cr6Ni6 15Cr9 15Cr90Mo55 15Cr9q 15CrA 15CrMn 15CrMnMo 15CrMnMoV5-4-9-3 15CrMo 15CrMo4 15CrMo5 15CrMoG 15CrMoR 15CrMoV5 10 15CrMoV5.9 15CrMoV6 15CrMoV6 casting 15CrMog 15CrNi6 15CrNi6/1.5919 15CrNiMoV 15Cu-85W 15D3 15D3-M 15F 15G 15G2ANb 15GA 15GF 15GFD 15H 15H25T 15H5M 15H6SJU 15HGM 15HGMA 15HGN 15HM 15HN 15HNA 15HR 15HS 15KH25T 15KHM 15Kh5M 15Kh6SYU 15L 15L-II 15L-III 15L0 15LM 15MDV4-05 15MDV6 15Mg 15Mn 15Mn3Al 15MnCrMo3.2 15MnCrMoNiV5-3 15MnMoV4-5 15MnNi6-3 15MnNi6.3 15MnNiDR 15MnNiMoV5.3 15MnV 15MnVB 15MnVNR 15MnVNq 15MnVR 15MnVq 15Mo3 15Mo3 [bar] 15Mo3 [plate] 15Mo6H 15MoCr5 15MoCrV10 15MoCrV5 15MoG 15N20 15N4 15N6 285 15N6 355 15NCD16 15NCD18 15NCuMNb 15Ni13Cr3Mo2 15Ni16Cr5 15Ni2Cr1Mo15 15Ni4Cr1 15Ni5Cr4Mo1 15Ni5Cr5 15Ni6 15Ni7Cr4Mo2 15NiCr11 15NiCr13 15NiCr14 15NiCr18 15NiCr1Mo12 15NiCr1Mo15 15NiCr6 15NiCr6.4 15NiCr6.4+S 15NiCrMo10-6 15NiCrMo10.6 15NiCrMo13 15NiCrMo16-5 15NiCuAl12-10-10 15NiCuMoNb5 15NiCuMoNb5 tube 15NiCuMoNb5-6-4 15NiCuMoNb5S1 15NiMn6 15NiMoCr10 15Q20 15S 15S10 15S20 15SMn13 15SiNiCr200 15SiNiCr250 15Sn-85Pb 15T22 15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn 15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al 15V41 15W EDM 15X 15X25T 15X28 15X5M 15XA 15XM 15kp 16 8 2 16% nickel 16-15-6 16-18 16-25-6 16-25-6 MO 16-2XH 16-4Mn 16-5MnL 16-6PH 16-8-2H 16-8-2H f.metal 160-145 160.1 1600/1300/- 1600/1300/01 1604CuNb 1606 1606-02 160CrMoV12 160CrMoWV46 160X 161 161 Gr23 161 Gr26 161 Gr430 161 Gr430E 161 Gr480 161 Gr540 161 GrB 161 GrC 161-360 161-400 161-430 16121 1617A 162 16220 16220.4 16224 16240 16240.6 16320 16341 16343 164-360 164-490 16415 16420 16431 16431.6 16440 16440.3 164F00 165-150 165-150L 1650 1650-00 1650-01 16520 16523 16532 16540 1655 1655-00 1655-01 165AH 165CrMoWV46 165CrV12 165VWMoCr115 1660 16640 16640.3 16640.8 1665 1672 1672-00 16720 1674 1678 16CD4 16CN6 16CNK1 16Cr-14Ni-2Mo 16Cr-25Ni-6Mo 16Cr-4Ni 16Cr5Ni 16CrMn 16CrMo4 16CrMo4-4/1.7337 16CrMo4.4 16CrMo9.3 16CrNi4 16CrNi4+Pb 16CrNi4Pb 16D 16E0/1.4470 16G2AF 16GS 16HG 16KA-DF 16KX-DF 16M 16M [tube] 16MC5 16MC5 FF 16MC5B 16MC5r 16MCS5 16MND5 16Mn 16Mn5Cr4 16MnCr5 16MnCr5 'IM' 16MnCr5 KD 16MnCr5 isoprofil 16MnCr5 kaltband 16MnCr5+B 16MnCr5/UNI 7846-78 16MnCr5B 16MnCr5E 16MnCr5F 16MnCrB5 16MnCrMo3.2 16MnCrMo4.3 16MnCrPb5 16MnCrPbS5 16MnCrS5 16MnCrS5 'IM' 16MnCrS5+Pb 16MnCrS5/1.7139 16MnCrS5X 16MnCuq 16MnDR 16MnNi6.3 16MnR 16Mng 16Mnq 16Mo3 16Mo3 [bar] 16Mo3 [forging] 16Mo3 [plate] 16Mo3 tube 16Mo30 16Mo3H 16Mo3H [tube] 16Mo3KW 16Mo5 16Mo5 tube 16Mo5/1.5423 16Mo5KG 16Mo5KW 16NC11 16NC12 16NC6 16NC6 FF 16NC6 USIVIT 16NC6Pb "u" 16NC6Pb USIVIT 16NC6p 16NC6q 16NC6qPb 16NC6r 16NC6rPb 16NC6u 16NCD12 16NCD13 16NCD17 16NCPb6 16Ni14 16Ni1Cr80 16Ni3Cr2 16Ni4Cr3 16Ni6Cr7Mo3 16Ni80Cr60 16Ni8Cr6Mo2 16NiCr11 16NiCr2Mo20 16NiCr4 16NiCr5 4 16NiCr5-4 16NiCr6 16NiCr6-4 16NiCrMo12 16NiCrMo12.6 16NiCrMo13 16NiCrMo16-5 16NiCrMo16-5+H 16NiCrMo16.5 16NiCrMo17 16NiCrMo2 16NiCrS4 16NiCrS4+H 16NiCrS4/1.5715 16NiCrS4Pb 16S 16V-2.5Al 16q 17 17 CS 17 HS 17-11-2 17-11-2L 17-11-2LN 17-11-2Ti 17-11-3LN 17-11MT 17-12-2,5 17-12-2,5L 17-12-2,5L mod. 17-12-2,5LN 17-12-2.5LN 17-12-2L 17-12-2Nb 17-13-3 17-13-3LN 17-13-5LN 17-14-2,5L 17-14-4L 17-14-4LN 17-14CuMo 17-15 17-22 V.M 17-22A 17-22A/S casting 17-22A/V 17-22AS 17-22AS f.metal 17-22AV 17-4 17-4 casting 17-4 stainless 17-4Mn 17-4PH 17-4PH ESR 17-4PH[casting] 17-5Mn 17-7 17-7 stainless 17-7A 17-7C 17-7E 17-7LN 17-7PH 17-7PH f.metal 17-9 17.4.Cu.R 17.5Cr-17.5Ni-5.3Si 170.1 17020 17020.2 17021 17022 17023 17024 17024.2 17024.4 17027 17029 17030 17030.3 17040 17041 17042 1708Mo 170H15 170H20 170H36 170H41 17102 1711/2.5 1711/2.5LN 1711/2.5N 1711/2.5Nb 17113 17115 17125 17134 17134.5 1714-06 17153 172 17240 17241 17242 17246 17247 17248 17249 17249.4 17251 17252 17253 17254 17255 1730 17341 17346 17348 17348.4 17349 17350 17350.4 17351 17352 17353 17353.3 173H16 174 17436 17436.4 17436.9 17458/1.4301 17460 17465 17465 G-X30CrSi6 174F00 174H20 175-145 175/125/04 175/125/4 17536 175H23 176 1760 GrB 17618 1770 1770-03 1770-04 1774 1774-04 1778 177F00 17A1 17B2 17B2/1.5502 17C3 17CDV5-M 17CRMO55 17Ch18N9 17Cr 17Cr-1.5Ni-15Mn 17Cr-4Ni 17Cr-4Ni SUPER-X 17Cr-66Ni 17Cr2Ni2Mo 17Cr3 17CrMo3.5 17CrMoV10 17CrNi16 17CrNi6-6 17CrNiMo6 17CrNiMo7 17CrS3 17G1S 17GS 17H18N9 17HGN 17HNM 17MB5 17MV5 17Mn1Cr95 17Mn1Si 17Mn4 17Mn5 17Mn5Cr4 17MnB3 17MnB4 17MnB4-1.5520 17MnCr10 17MnCr10S 17MnCr5 17MnCr5+H 17MnCr5.3 17MnCr5/B23 17MnCrMo3.3 17MnMoV6.4 replaced by WB36 17MnNi4 17MnSi 17MnV5 17MnV6 17MnV7 17MoCrNi14 17MoCrNi14X 17MoCrNi14XS 17MoV8.4 17N2 17NiCrMo14 17NiCrMo5 17NiCrMo6 17NiCrMo6-4 17NiCrMo7 17NiCrMoS6-4 17NiCrSMo6-4 17S 17S20 17SMn20 17X18H9 18 15 3 L 18 16 5 L 18 16 5 N L 18 36 H 18 8 Mn 18% nickel silver 18%/1 18-0 18-0-1 18-0-1-5 18-0-2 18-0-2-10 18-1-1-5 18-10 EMo 18-10 LMoNb 18-10 UMo 18-10 UMoN 18-10L 18-10LMoT 18-10LN 18-10N 18-10T 18-10Ti 18-10Ti/4541T 18-11ML 18-12 18-12 EMo 18-12 LMoNb 18-12 LMoT 18-12 UMo 18-12 UMoN 18-12-4LN 18-12ML 18-12MS 18-13-3L 18-14 UMo 18-14-3L 18-14MS 18-15 18-15 EMo 18-15-4L 18-18 PLUS 18-18-2 18-19E 18-2 18-2-Mn 18-3-Mn 18-4-1 HSS 18-4-Mn 18-7L 18-8 EL 18-8 LNb 18-8 LT 18-8 UL 18-8 ULN 18-8-Mn 18-8Cu 18-8L 18-8LN 18-8Mn 18-8Mn6 18-8N 18-8S 18-9 18-9E 18-9H 18-9L 18-9LN 18-9LW 18.10Nb 18.12.4LN 18/17E 18/2/1 18/8 stainless Nb 18/8Nb 180 180 ALLOY 1810 1810Nb 1815LCSi 182 182-FM 182F00 184 1840 185 185H40 186 187 1870 188 1880 1880-02 1885 18B2 18B3 18C10BT 18C10H 18C4 18CD2-05-M 18CD2-05M 18CD2.05-M 18CD4 18CD4 FF 18CD4 [RCC-M] 18CD4S 18CMD6 18CN8 18Ch2N4WA 18ChG 18ChGT 18Cr-10Ni low carbon 18Cr-10Ni-Cb 18Cr-10Ni-Nb-Ti 18Cr-12Mn 18Cr-12Mn-2Ni 18Cr-12Ni-2Mo-2Cu 18Cr-13Ni-3Mo 18Cr-20Ni-5.5Si 18Cr-2Mo 18Cr-2Ni-12Mn 18Cr-5Ni-3Mo-N 18Cr-8Ni-2Si 18Cr-8Ni-S 18Cr-Cb 18Cr-Ti-Cb 18Cr/38NiNb 18Cr10Ni3CuTiNbB 18Cr2Ni4W 18Cr2Ni4WA 18Cr9Ni3CuNbN 18CrMnNiMoA 18CrMo4 18CrMo4 KD 18CrMo4-1 18CrMo4E 18CrMoS4 18CrNi20 18CrNi8 18CrNiMo5 18CrNiMo7 18CrNiMo7-6 18DC5-M 18G2 18G2-b 18G2A 18G2AF 18G2AFps 18G2ANb2 18G2AV 18H2N2 18H2N4WA 18HG 18HGM 18HGT 18KHG 18Kt GOLD 18M5 18MAR300 18MD4-05 18MDV4-05 18MDV5 18MF5 18MN 18MNCR4 18MND5 18MV6 18Mn-13Cr-2Ni 18MnCr10 18MnCr11 18MnCr5 18MnCr5.3 18MnCrB5 18MnCrSiMoS6 18MnMo4-5 18MnMo4-5 1.5414 18MnMoNbR 18MnMoNi5-5 18MnMoV5.2 18MnMoV6.3 18MoCrNi13 18MoNi5-3 18NC12 18NC13 18NCD4 18NCD5 18NCD5-3 18NCD6 18NCD6u 18Ni Gr280 18Ni maraging Gr200 18Ni maraging Gr250 18Ni maraging Gr280 18Ni maraging Gr350 18Ni-200 18Ni-250 18Ni-280 18Ni-300 18Ni-350 18Ni14 18Ni14KG 18Ni14KT 18Ni2 18Ni6 18Ni9 18NiCr13 18NiCr16 18NiCr5-4 18NiCr5-4A 18NiCr6.4 18NiCrMo14 18NiCrMo14-6 18NiCrMo14-6+H 18NiCrMo5 18NiCrMo5Pb 18NiCrMo6 18NiCrMo6.4 18NiCrMo7 18NiCrMoS4 18S 18SR 18T32AL 18XG 19 12 2 L 19 12 3 AR 19 12 3 H 19 12 3 L 19 12 3 L AR 19 12 3 L BR 19 12 3 L Si 19 12 3 Nb 19 13 4 L 19 9 AR 19 9 H 19 9 L 19 9 L AR 19 9 L BR 19 9 L Si 19 9 Nb 19 9 Nb AR 19 9 Nb R 19 9 Nb Si 19 ALLOY 19-12-2 19-12-2Nb 19-12-3NB 19-12-3NbSi 19-13-3L 19-9 19-9 high carbon 19-9 mod. 19-9-L 19-9-W-Mo 19-9DL 19-9DL ALLOY 19-9DL casting 19-9DX 19-9Nb 19-9W MO 19.12.3.LB 19.12.3.LR 19.9.LB 19.9.LR 190 1900 19000 19002 19015 19065 19083 19083.3 19083.4 19103 19103.3 19103.4 1912 1912-04 19125 19132 19133 1914 1914-04 1915 19152 19191 192 1922 19221 19221.3 19221.4 19222 19255 19255.3 19255.4 1925LC 1925hMo 1926 19312 19313 19314 19315 19340 19356 19356.3 19356.4 194 19418 19419 19420 19421 19422 19423 19426 19434 19436 19437 19452 19452.3 19452.4 19474 19486 19486.3 19486.4 19487 195 195-T4 1950 1950-M 19500 19501 19520 19520.3 19541 19550 19552 19552.3 19554 19555 19559 19569 1957 1957+Pb-04 19572 19572.3 19572.4 19573 195R 196 1960 19600 19614 19655 19662 19663 19663.3 19663.4 19665 19674 19675 19678 197 19700 19710 19711 19712 19712.3 19712.4 19720 19721 19721.3 19721.4 19723 1973 19732 19732.3 19732.4 19733 19740 19753 19800 19802 19810 19820 19824 19829 19830 19851 19852 19855 19858 19861 199 19990 19CN5 19Cr-11Ni-3Mo 19Cr-8Ni-3Si 19Cr-9Ni 19Cr11Ni 19Cr9Ni 19CrNi5 19CrNi8 19D 19G2 19MNCR18 19Mn5 19Mn5/1.0482 19Mn5/1.0845 19Mn6 19MnB4 19MnCr5 19MnVS6 19Mng 19N 19NCB6 19NCB6 FF 19NCDB2 19NiCrMo15 19NiCrMo16 19NiCrMo4 19a 19aN 1A 1A80 1A80A 1A85 1A90 1A93 1A95 1A97 1A99 1B 1C 1C10 1C15 1C22 1C25 1C30 1C35 1C356 1C40 1C45 1C50 1C55 1C60 1C67 1CD15 1CD20 1CD30 1CD40 1CD9 1CR 1CS55 1CS60 1CS75 1Cr-0,5Mo 1Cr-1/2Mo 1Cr11MoV 1Cr11Ni2W2MoV 1Cr12 1Cr12Mo 1Cr12W1MoV 1Cr12WMoV 1Cr13 1Cr13Al4 1Cr13Mo 1Cr15Mo 1Cr15Ni75Fe8 1Cr16Ni35 1Cr17 1Cr17Mn15Ni2N 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N 1Cr17Mn8Ni3Cu3N 1Cr17Mo 1Cr17MoNb 1Cr17Ni2 1Cr17Ni7 1Cr18Mn10Ni5Mo3N 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N 1Cr18Ni11Si4AlTi 1Cr18Ni12 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti 1Cr18Ni12Mo3Ti 1Cr18Ni9 1Cr18Ni9Si3 1Cr18Ni9Ti 1Cr19Ni11Nb 1Cr20Ni14Si2 1Cr20Ni32AlTi 1Cr23Ni60Fe13Al 1Cr25Ni20Si2 1Cr25Ti 1Cr28 1Cr2Mo 1Cr5Mo 1CrMo 1CrMo B H 1E 1FOD 1H13 1H17N4G9 1H18N10T 1H18N9T 1KP 1M7.8 1MoCr260 1N30 1N90 1N99 1NiCu.B 1NiMo.B 1RK91 1RK95 1S 1Ti grade 1X21H5T 2 1/4CR 2 1/4Cr1Mo 2 alloy 2,25Cr-1Mo 2,25Cr-1Mo casting 2,25D8 2,25Ni 2,2FO 2-10-1-8 2-8-1 2-8-2 2-9-2 2.0031 2.0032 2.0033 2.0040 2.0050 2.0060 2.0065 2.0070 2.0075 2.0075.01 2.0075.02 2.0076 2.0080 2.0081 2.0082 2.0082.01 2.0082.02 2.0085 2.0085.01 2.0085.02 2.0090 2.0091 2.0109 2.0109.01 2.0109.02 2.0181 2.0205 2.0220 2.0230 2.0240 2.0241 2.0241.01 2.0250 2.0260 2.0261 2.0265 2.0280 2.0290 2.0290.01 2.0291 2.0320 2.0321 2.0330 2.0331 2.0332 2.0335 2.0335.26 2.0335.39 2.0340 2.0340.01 2.0340.05 2.0342 2.0360 2.0366 2.0367 2.0370 2.0370.10 2.0371 2.0372 2.0372.10 2.0372.32 2.0375 2.0380 2.0383 2.0401 2.0402 2.0410 2.0413 2.0460 2.0460.10 2.0461 2.0470 2.0490 2.0490.31 2.0492 2.0492.01 2.0493 2.0500 2.0500.88 2.0510 2.0525 2.0530 2.0531 2.0533 2.0540 2.0550 2.0550.27 2.0560 2.0561 2.0572 2.0580 2.0580.09 2.0580.27 2.0585 2.0585.02 2.0590 2.0590.01 2.0590.03 2.0590.04 2.0591 2.0591.01 2.0591.02 2.0592 2.0592.01 2.0592.03 2.0592.04 2.0595 2.0595.02 2.0596 2.0596.01 2.0596.03 2.0596.04 2.0598 2.0598.01 2.0598.02 2.0598.03 2.0600 2.0601 2.0602 2.0605 2.0606 2.0608 2.0634 2.0711 2.0730 2.0740 2.0740.39 2.0742 2.0750 2.0770 2.0771 2.0771.26 2.0771.30 2.0780 2.0790 2.0802 2.0806 2.0807 2.0811 2.0815 2.0815.01 2.0818 2.0822 2.0830 2.0835 2.0835.01 2.0837 2.0838 2.0842 2.0842.10 2.0850 2.0853 2.0855 2.0857 2.0861 2.0862 2.0872 2.0872 tube 2.0873 2.0875 2.0877 2.0878 2.0880 2.0881 2.0883 2.0890 2.0916 2.0917 2.0920 2.0921 2.0922 2.0923 2.0926 2.0932 2.0936 2.0937 2.0940 2.0940.01 2.0940.02 2.0940.03 2.0941 2.0957.01 2.0957.91 2.0958 2.0960 2.0960.08 2.0960.97 2.0960.98 2.0962 2.0962.01 2.0962.02 2.0963 2.0966 2.0967 2.0967 casting 2.0968 2.0968.01 2.0970 2.0970.01 2.0970.02 2.0970.03 2.0971 2.0972 2.0975 2.0975.01 2.0975.02 2.0975.03 2.0975.04 2.0976 2.0978 2.0980 2.0980.01 2.0980.02 2.0980.03 2.0981 2.1006 2.1010 2.1010.10 2.1016 2.1020 2.1020.10 2.1020.39 2.1021 2.1022 2.1025 2.1030 2.1050 2.1050.01 2.1051 2.1052 2.1052.01 2.1052.03 2.1052.04 2.1053 2.1055 2.1056 2.1060 2.1060.01 2.1061 2.1061.01 2.1061.03 2.1061.04 2.1063 2.1065 2.1070 2.1076 2.1080 2.1086 2.1086.01 2.1087 2.1088 2.1088.01 2.1090 2.1090.01 2.1090.03 2.1090.04 2.1091 2.1093 2.1093.01 2.1095 2.1096 2.1096.01 2.1096.03 2.1096.04 2.1097 2.1098 2.1098.01 2.1099 2.1104 2.1160 2.1166 2.1166.09 2.1170 2.1170.01 2.1171 2.1176 2.1176.01 2.1176.03 2.1176.04 2.1177 2.1182 2.1182.01 2.1182.03 2.1182.04 2.1183 2.1188 2.1188.01 2.1188.04 2.1189 2.1191 2.1201 2.1202 2.1203 2.1205 2.1207 2.1208 2.1210 2.1211 2.1213 2.1215 2.1216 2.1217 2.1245 2.1247 2.1247.97 2.1248 2.1252 2.1265 2.1266 2.1267 2.1270 2.1285 2.1285 casting 2.1285.97 2.1291 2.1291.60 2.1291.73 2.1292 2.1293 2.1310 2.1322 2.1323 2.1356 2.1357 2.1358 2.1362 2.1363 2.1363 electrode 2.1365 2.1366 2.1367 2.1368 2.1461 2.1463 2.1465 2.1466 2.1467 2.1498 2.1504 2.1522 2.1525 2.1546 2.1580 2.1580.70 2.1821 2.1822 2.1823 2.1825 2.1826 2.1961 2.1972 2.2035 2.2040 2.2062 2.2085 2.2095 2.211 2.2140 2.2141 2.2143 2.2310 2.234 2.236 2.2468 2.2480 2.2482 2.2485 2.2FO 2.3021 2.3030 2.331 2.333 2.3390 2.3391 2.3392 2.3395 2.3397 2.3402 2.3403 2.3408 2.341 2.3412 2.3420 2.3423 2.3425 2.3430 2.3432 2.3435 2.3437 2.3440 2.3442 2.3618 2.3650 2.3651 2.3653 2.3655 2.3656 2.3657 2.3660 2.3661 2.3662 2.3663 2.3665 2.3666 2.3667 2.3668 2.3669 2.3670 2.3671 2.3680 2.3690 2.3695 2.3770 2.3790 2.3793 2.4036 2.4042 2.4050 2.4052 2.4053 2.4060 2.4060 F37 2.4061 2.4061 F34 2.4062 2.4066 2.4066 F37 2.4066 tube 2.4066 wire 2.4068 2.4068 F34 2.4068 tube 2.4106 2.4106 F37 2.4108 2.4109 2.4110 2.4110 F40 2.4116 2.4122 2.4125 2.4126 2.4140 2.4143 2.4145 2.4146 2.4146 F42 2.4148 2.4150 2.4151 2.4155 2.4156 2.4170 2.4175 2.4180 2.4190 2.4198 2.4199 2.4360 2.4360 F45 2.4360 tube 2.4360.1 2.4360.2 2.4361 2.4361 F43 2.4365 2.4365.01 2.4366 2.4367 2.4367.01 2.4368 2.4373 2.4374.1 2.4374.2 2.4375 2.4375 F85 2.4375 tube 2.4377 2.4416 2.4420 2.4425 2.4472 2.4475 2.4478 2.4480 2.4486 2.4500 2.4501 2.4519 2.4520 2.4530 2.4540 2.4545 2.4557 2.4560 2.4560 electrode 2.4566 2.4591 2.4592 2.4595 2.4596 2.4600 2.4600 F75 2.4600 casting 2.4600 f.metal 2.4602 2.4602 F69 2.4602 casting 2.4603 2.4603 electrode 2.4605 2.4605 F69 2.4605 tube 2.4605/Alloy59 2.4606 2.4606 F69 2.4606 casting 2.4606 electrode 2.4606 f.metal 2.4607 2.4608 2.4608 F55 2.4608 electrode 2.4609 2.4610 2.4610 F69 2.4610 casting 2.4610 tube 2.4611 2.4612 2.4612 electrode 2.4613 2.4615 2.4617 2.4617 F75 2.4617 casting 2.4617 electrode 2.4618 2.4618 casting 2.4618 tube 2.4619 2.4619 F62 2.4619 casting 2.4619 electrode 2.4620 2.4621 electrode 2.4625 2.4626 2.4627 2.4628 electrode 2.4630 2.4631 2.4631 casting 2.4631.7 2.4632 2.4632 casting 2.4632 f.metal 2.4633 2.4633 F68 2.4634 2.4635 2.4636 2.4639 2.4640 2.4641 2.4642 2.4642 F59 2.4642 f.metal 2.4642 tube 2.4643 2.4646 2.4647 2.4647 F68 2.4648 2.4649 2.4649 f.metal 2.4650 2.4650 F97 2.4650 f.metal 2.4650-1 2.4650-2 2.4651 2.4652 2.4653 2.4654 2.4655 2.4656 2.4657 2.4658 2.4658 F70 2.4659 2.4660 2.4660 F55 2.4660 f.metal 2.4660 tube 2.4662 2.4663 2.4663 F70 2.4663 tube 2.4665 2.4665 F66 2.4665 casting 2.4665 electrode 2.4665 tube 2.4665.1 2.4665.2 2.4665.3 2.4666 2.4667 2.4668 2.4668 casting 2.4668.7 2.4668.9 2.4668F124 2.4669 2.4669 electrode 2.4669 tube 2.4670 2.4672 2.4674 2.4675 2.4675 F69 2.4675 casting 2.4676 2.4676-1 2.4677 2.4680 2.4681 2.4683 2.4685 2.4686 2.4692 2.4693 2.4694 2.4698 2.4699 electrode 2.4700 2.4701 2.4702 2.4710 2.4710 F72 2.4710 tube 2.4711 2.4723 2.4733 2.4733 F76 2.4733 casting 2.4733 electrode 2.4772 2.4778 2.4779 2.4800 2.4801 2.4802 2.4803 2.4805 2.4806 2.4807 2.4808 2.4810 2.4810 electrode 2.4810 tube 2.4811 2.4813 2.4815 2.4816 2.4816 F55 2.4816 casting 2.4816 tube 2.4816-N06600 2.4817 2.4817 F50 2.4819 2.4819 F69 2.4819 tube 2.4831 2.4832 2.4839 2.4849 2.4850 2.4851 2.4851 F55 2.4851 casting 2.4851 tube 2.4851-N06601 2.4852 2.4854 2.4855 2.4856 2.4856 F83 2.4856 casting 2.4856 tube 2.4858 2.4858 casting 2.4858 tube 2.4858-F55 2.4867 2.4867 [heat] 2.4867-F60 2.4867/17470 2.4869 2.4869 F60 2.4870 2.4872 2.4879 2.4880 2.4882 2.4883 2.4886 2.4887 2.4889 2.4889 F62 2.4890 2.4951 2.4951 F65 2.4951 casting 2.4951 f.metal 2.4952 2.4952 casting 2.4953 2.4955 2.4964 2.4964 f.metal 2.4964 tube 2.4964.1 2.4964.2 2.4964.3 2.4966 2.4966 f.metal 2.4967 2.4969 2.4972 2.4973 2.4975 2.4976 2.4979 2.4979 electrode 2.4979 f.metal 2.4982 2.4983 2.4987 2.4989 2.4990 2.5141 2.5142 2.5143 2.5145 2.5146 2.5147 2.5148 2.5150 2.5152 2.5153 2.5155 2.5156 2.5157 2.5158 2.5159 2.5160 2.5161 2.5162 2.5Si-12.5Cr-8Ni 2.6005 2.6010 2.6022 2.6026 2.6030 2.6036 2.6050 2.6062 2.6305 2.6561 2.6562 2.816.830 2.9.2 2/1 2/2 20 20 10 3 20 12 3 NbSi 20 16 3 Mn L 20 25 5 Cu L 20 ALLOY 20 HH 20 PLUS 20 PLUS HS 20% Cr-Mo 20% nickel silver 20%Cr-Mo-HC 20%Cr-Mo-LC 20-1 Cr Iron 20-12 Si 20-12SI 20-2-1 20-25-4CU 20-25-5LCU 20-25-5LCu 20-40 20-45-5 20/1 20/1 Cr-Mo 200 200 alloy 200-400 200-400W 200/155/02 200/155/1 2001 2002 2002D 2002K 2002N 2002R 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2007 low lead 2008 2009 200CrMn8 201 201 SS 201 alloy 201-1 201-2 201.0 201.2 2011 2011A 2014 2014 ALCLAD 2014 Pl. 2014 clad 1070A 2014A 2015 2016 2017 2017A 2018 201C.1 201C.2 201Cu 201D 201L 201LN 202 202 SS 202.0 2020 2021 2024 2024 Pl. 2024 clad 1070A 2024A 2024A-T351 2025 2026 2027 2028A 2028C 202M 202S16 202Z 203 203.0 203.2 2030 2031 2036 2036-T4 2038 2038-T4 2039 203C.1 203EZ 203SS 204 204.0 204.2 2048 204C.1 204Cu 204F10 204L 205 205 SS 205 brass 2050 2050-T84 205C.1 205Cr115 205N 206 206.0 206.0-T7 206.2 206F90 206MN 206N 207C.1 208 208.0 208.1 208.2 2085 2085 casting 208954 2090 2090-02 2090-05 2090-T83 2091 2099 2099-T83 20A1 20A2 20Ag-80W 20Ag-80WC 20Ag-80WC PSR 20C beryllium copper 20C15 20C8 20CD12 20CD12-M 20CD4 20CD4-M 20CD8 20CDV5-07 20CDV5-08 20CDV6 20CK1 20CM5 20CMD5 20CMD5-M 20CR4/208 20CV 20CV4 20Cb 20Cb3 20Cb3 f.metal 20CbPLUS 20Ch 20Ch13 20Ch13L 20Ch17N2 20Ch1M1F1TR 20Ch20N14S2 20Ch23N13 20Ch23N18 20Ch25N20S2 20Ch2N4A 20Ch3MWF 20ChGNM 20ChGNR 20ChGSA 20ChM 20ChN2M 20ChN3A 20ChN4FA 20Cr 20Cr-25Ni 20Cr11NiMoV 20Cr12MoV 20Cr12NiMoVH 20Cr12NiMoVH-QT1 20Cr12NiMoVH-QT2 20Cr13 20Cr130 20Cr15 20Cr18Ni 20Cr20Mo6 20Cr21Ni12N 20Cr25Ni1.5MoTiN 20Cr2Mo6 20Cr2Ni4 20Cr3 20Cr3,4 20Cr3MoWVA 20Cr4 20Cr4+H 20Cr4E 20Cr5Mo10V8TiB 20Cr5Mo55 20CrMn 20CrMnMo 20CrMnMoB 20CrMnNiB 20CrMnSi 20CrMnTi 20CrMnTi5 20CrMnTiH 20CrMo 20CrMo10 20CrMo12 20CrMo2 20CrMo4 20CrMo5 20CrMoNiV4.7 20CrMoV13 5 20CrMoV13-5 20CrMoV13-5-5 20CrMoV13.5 20CrMoV13.5.5 20CrMoV5-7 20CrMoVTiB4-10 20CrMoVTiBH 20CrNi 20CrNi3 20CrNi3A 20CrNi4 20CrNiMo 20CrNiMoA 20CrNiMoH 20CrNiMoNbVH 20CrS4 20CrV 20CrV4 20Cu-80w 20D5-M 20D6-M 20DN32-12 20DN33-12 20DN34-13 20F2 20G 20GL 20GLS 20H 20H12M1F 20H13 20H20N14S2 20H23N13 20H23N18 20H2N4A 20HG 20HGNR 20HGS 20HGSA 20HM 20HMFTB 20HN2M 20HN3A 20HNM 20HS 20K 20KA-DF 20KH 20KH23N13 20KH2N4A 20KH3MVF 20KHGNM 20KHN2M 20KHN3A 20KX-DF 20L 20M5 20M5-M 20M5M 20M6 20M6-M 20MB5 20MB5 FF 20MC4 20MC5 20MC5 FF 20MC5B 20MC5p 20MC5q 20MC5r 20MC5u 20MCB5 20MCN4 20MCND5 20MN5-M 20MN5M 20MNCRS5-780 20MND5 20MND5-02 20MOCR 20MV6 20MV6 tube 20MV6q2 20Mn 20Mn10 20Mn2 20Mn2B 20Mn4 20Mn5 20Mn5-M 20Mn5B 20Mn5Cr5 20Mn6 20MnB4 20MnB4DF 20MnB5 20MnB5DF 20MnB5RR 20MnCr1 20MnCr12 20MnCr12S 20MnCr4 20MnCr4-2 20MnCr5 20MnCr5 casting 20MnCr5+B 20MnCr6.4 20MnCr6.5 20MnCrB5 20MnCrMo4-2 20MnCrNi4 20MnCrS5 20MnCrS5/1.7149 20MnCrS5X 20MnCuNiV7 20MnG 20MnK 20MnMo 20MnMo casting 20MnMo3.5 20MnMoB 20MnMoNb 20MnMoNi4-5 20MnMoNi4.5 20MnMoNi5.5 20MnNb6 20MnNbb 20MnNiMo5.5 20MnSi 20MnSiV 20MnTi 20MnTiB 20MnV 20MnV5 20MnV6 20MnV6 tube 20MnVB 20MnVK 20MnVS6 20Mo-4 20Mo-6 20Mo-6HS 20Mo55 20Mo5H 20Mo6 20MoCr130 20MoCr3 20MoCr4 20MoCr4 KD 20MoCr5 20MoCrS3 20MoCrS4 20MoCrS4 wire 20MoG 20MoNi34-13 20Mod 20N12-M 20N8 20N8-M 20NC11 20NC6 20NC6 FF 20NCD12 20NCD12-M 20NCD12TS-M 20NCD13 20NCD14-7 20NCD2 20NCD2 FF 20NCD2u 20NCD4-M 20NCD6-M 20NCD7 20NCMD5 20ND2 20NK3 20Ni2Cr2Mo2 20Ni2Mo25 20Ni55Cr50Mo20 20Ni7Cr2Mo2 20Ni7Mo2 20NiCr4 20NiCr4 with Mo 20NiCr6 20NiCrMo13 20NiCrMo14.5 20NiCrMo14.5 I 20NiCrMo14.5 II 20NiCrMo14.6 20NiCrMo2 20NiCrMo2 KD 20NiCrMo2-1 20NiCrMo2-2 20NiCrMo2-2+H 20NiCrMo2E 20NiCrMo3 20NiCrMo3-1 20NiCrMo4F 20NiCrMo5 20NiCrMo6 20NiCrMo7 20NiCrMo7+H 20NiCrMo7F 20NiCrMoS2 20NiCrMoS2-2 20NiCrMoS2-2/805M17 20NiCrMoS6-4 20NiMnCrS4 20NiMo7 20NiMoCrS6.5 20Pb2 20R 20SiMn 20SiMn2MoV 20SiMnVB 20Sn-80Pb 20T22 20V1 20VMoCr120 20VNiMoCr120 20VWMoCr120 20X 20X12VNMF 20X13 20X17H2 20X17N2 20X20H14S2 20X23H13 20X23H18 20X25H20C2 20X2H4A 20XGNM 20XH2M 20XH3A 20XHM 20XM 20g 20kp 21 brazing sheet 21-12 21-12N 21-2N 21-4N 21-4N+Nb+W 21-4NWNb 21-4Nb 21-5-5N 21-5-7 21-6-9 21-6-9LC 210 210-180 210-180L 2100GT 2101 2101-00 2101-00-01 2102 2102-01 2103 2103-01 2105-00 2106 2106-01 2107 2107-01 210A15 210Cr12 210Cr46 210CrW12 210CrW46 210LI 210M15 210M15 bright 210R 210WCr46 211 2111 2111HTR 2112 2117 212 212 HEX 2120 2120-02 2120-04 2121 2122 2124 2127 212A37 212A42 212A42 bright 212D2 212M36 212M44 212MN 212N 213 213.0 213.1 2130 2131 2132 2132-01 2133 2133-01 2134 2134-01 2135 2135-01 2136 214 2140 2140-02 2141 2142 2143 2144 2144-01 2145 2145-01 2146 214A15 214M15 214M15 bright 214M15/En202 214MN 214MNC 214MNCW 214N/953 215 2155 2156 2157 2158 2159 215R 215S15 216 2160 2161 2162 2163 2164-00 2165-00 216A42 216L 216M28 216M36 216M44 2172 2172 casting 2172-00 2173 2173-01 2174 2174-00 218 2183 2190 2195 2195 Al-Li 2196 2196-T8511 2198 2198-T8x 21B3 21B3 FF 21B3DF 21C10BT 21Cr-12Ni 21Cr-5Mn-5Ni 21Cr-6Ni-9Mn 21Cr-7Mn-5Ni 21Cr1Mo28 21Cr4Mo2 21Cr5Mo7V3 21CrMo10 21CrMoNiV4.7 21CrMoV5-11 21CrMoV5-7 21CrMoV5.11 21CrMoV5.3 21CrMoV5.7 21CrMoVH 21HMF 21L 21MN 21Mn0.5VK 21Mn4 21Mn4Al 21Mn4Al/1.0470 21Mn5 21Mn6 21MnB5 21MnCr4.3 21MnCr5 21MnCr5.4 21MnCr6-4 21MnCr6.5 21MnSi5 21MoMnCr12 21MoNi33.12 21MoV5.3 21NiCrMo2 21NiCrMo2.2 21NiCrMo5 21NiCrMoS2 22 12 H 22 9 3 N L 22 CS 22 HS 22 brazing sheet 22%Cr duplex 22-05 22-13-5 22-15-3L 22-8-3L 22-8-3S92 22-9-3N 22.8.3L 220 2201 2202 2203 2203 casting 2204 2205 2205 codeplus two 2205/3N 2205XKS 2206 2209 220M07 221 Gr26 221 Gr26 LT0 221 Gr26LT0 221 Gr30 LT0 221 Gr32 221-410 221-430 221-450 221-460 221-490 221-510 221-530 221-550 2211 2212 2214 2216 2216-04 2218 2218-04 2219 2219-T851 2219-T87 2219/UNS A92219 222 222.0 222.1 2223 2224 2224A 2224A-T351 2225 2225-21 223-410 223-430 223-460 223-490 223-510 2230 2230-00 2231 2233 2234 2234 casting 2234-00 223FAL 224 224 Gr26 224 Gr26 LT0 224 Gr26 LT30 224 Gr26B 224 Gr30 LT0 224 Gr30B 224 Gr32 224 Gr32 LT 224 Gr32B 224 Gr430 224 Gr490 LT 224 Gr490 LT20 224 Gr490 LT30 224 Gr490 LT40 224 Gr490 LT50 224-410 224-430 224-430 LT15 224-430E 224-460 224-460B LT20 224-490 LT10 224-490E 224-510 224.0 224.2 2240 2240-02 2240-08 2242 2242-02 2244 2244-00 2245 22450 225 225 Gr490 LT50 225-490 225-490A LT20 225-490B LT20 2250 22500 2253 2254 2258 22588 225M36 225M44 225W 226 226 alloy 226/sand mould 2260 2260-02 2264 2268 226A 226B 226D/die cast 226M44 2275 2276 2280 2280-T4 chill 2280-T4 sand 2280-T6 chill 2280-T6 sand 2285 2285-T6 chill 2285-T6 sand 2297 2297-T8R87 22B2 22CRMO44 22Cr-13Ni-5Mn 22Cr-15Ni-Nb-N-B 22Cr-5Ni-3Mo-N 22Cr-5Ni-Mo-N 22CrMo4 22CrMo4.4 22CrMoS3-5 22CrMoS3.5 22CrV3 22GYu 22H 22HNM 22L 22M 22MD5-M 22MV7 22Mn6 22MnB4 22MnB5 22MnB5 AM FCE 22MnCrV5 22MnV6 22MnV7 22Mng 22Mo4 22NCD2 22NiCr170 22NiCrMoS4 22NiMoCr3.7 22NiMoCr4.7 22S20 22S20K 23 12 2 L 23 12 AR 23 12 L 23 12 L BR 23 12 L Si 23 12 Mo L 23 12 Nb 23%Cr-Ni-W 23-12 23-12L 23-13 23-14 L 23-4LN 23-8N 23.04 23.13.LR 23/14Cr-Ni-Nb 23/14Cr-Ni-Ti 230 230 ALLOY 230-400-M 230-400-M3 230-450 230-450W 230/185/- 230/185/01 2301 2301-02 2302 2302-03 2303 2303 casting 2303-03 2304 2304-02 2306Mo 230A 230B 230D 230D/die cast 230G 230M07 230M07 bright/h.r 230M07 leaded 230M07Pb 230M07Pb bright 230M07Pb drawn 230M07PbTe 231/sand mould 2310 2310-02 2310SS 2311 ISO-BM 2312 2312 ISO-BM 2312-02 2314 2315 2316 2316 ISO-B mod. 2317 2319 231A 231B 231D 231D/die cast 2320 2320-02 2321 2321-02 2322 2322-00 2322-02 2324 2324 tube 2324-12 2325 2326 2327 2327 ISO-B 2328 233 233/sand mould 2330 2331 2331-02 2331-06 2332 2332 tube 2332-02 2333 2333 casting 2333-02 2333-12 2335 2337 2338 2338-02 233B 234 2340 2343 ISO-B 2343-02 2343-12 2344 ISO-B 2345 2345 casting 2346 2346-02 2346/STD 497 2347 2348 2348-02 235 2350 2350SS 2352 2353 2353-02 235B 2360 2360 ISO-B 2361 2362 2363 2364-12 2365 ISO-B 2367 2367 ISO-B 2367 tube 2368 2368-02 2368-12 2371 2371-02 2372 2372-02 2373 2375 2376 2377 2378 2379 238 238.0 238.0-F 238.1 238.2 2380 2380-00 2380-02 2382 2383 2383-00 2383-02 2384 2385 2387 2388 2395 2397 239A 239B 239D/die cast 23B2 23CRMOB33 23Cr-12Ni 23Cr-25Ni-5.5Mo-N 23Cr-35Ni-7.5Mo-N 23Cr18NiNbCuN 23CrMoB3.3 23CrMoV5.8 23CrNiMo7.4.7 23D5 23H12MNF 23M5M 23MC6 23MCB5 23MNCD5 23MNDC5 23MnB4 23MnB4Cr 23MnCr4.3 23MnCrB4DF 23MnNiCrMo5.2 23MnNiCrMo5.3 23MnNiMoCr5-4 23MnNiMoCr5.4 23MnNiMoCr6.4 23MoCrB5 23NiCrMo2 23T32AL 24-11 24.5Cr-20.5Ni 24/17Cr-Ni-Nb 24/17Cr-Ni-Ti 240 240 GrB 240.0 240.1 2408/2 240M07 240R 240WA 240WC 240WDD 2411 2413 2419 242 242.0 242.1 242.2 2424 242B 242R 243 243-430 243.0 243.1 24345 243B 244 244B 244R 245 245-420 24530 24534 2457 245E 248 SV 249 249.0 24Cr-4Mn-4Ni 24Cr-5Ni-3Mo 24Cr/24NiNb 24Cr10NiMoN 24Cr2Ni4MoV 24Cr4Mo3 24CrMo10 24CrMo10 I 24CrMo10 II 24CrMo10 casting 24CrMo13-5 24CrMo13-6 24CrMo5 24CrMoV 24CrMoV5-5 24CrMoV5.5 24CrNiMoV14-6 24KT GOLD 24Mn2K 24MnNiCrMo6.2 24Ni4 24Ni8 24NiCrMoV14.6 24S 25 25 20 25 20 AR 25 20 H 25 20 Mn 25 22 2 N L 25 4 25 7 2 L 25 9 3 Cu N L 25 9 4 L 25 9 4 N L 25% chrome iron 25% nickel silver 25%Cr Super Duplex 25-07 25-10-3-1 25-12 class 25-20-L/C 25-21 L 25-21 Si 25-24 EMo 25-35NB 25-4-4 25-5-1L 25-5PH casting 25-6-1LN 25-6Mo 25.10.4.LR 250 250 grade 250-35A5 2506 2506-00 2507 2507-S32750-1.4410 2507/P100 250A53 250A53 steel 250A58 250A61 2511 2512 2512-02 2512-03 2514 2515 2517 2517H 2518 2519 251A58 251A60 251H60 2522LCN 2523 2523-02 2524 252M 2534 2534-02 253MA 254 SMO 2541 254EM 254SLX 254SMO 254SMO cast 255 2550 2550-M 2562 2564 2569 2570 2570-04 2584 259 25A1 25A2 25Ag-75W 25C12S14 25C4 25C8 25CD12 25CD4 25CD4 FF 25CD4 strip 25CD4-M 25CD4S 25CD4TS-M 25CD4u 25CD4u FF 25CMNDVB8 25CR20NI 25Ch13N2 25Ch2N4WA 25ChGM 25ChGSA 25Cr Super Duplex 25Cr Superduplex 25Cr-12Ni 25Cr-20Ni 25Cr-20Ni-0.5Mo 25Cr-20Ni-6Mo 25Cr-4Ni-4Mo-Ti 25Cr-5Ni-3Mo-2Cu 25Cr-6Ni-Mo-Cu-N 25Cr-6Ni-Mo-N 25Cr-7Ni-4Mo-N 25Cr/35NiNb 25Cr13Mo6 25Cr2Mo1VA 25Cr2MoVA 25Cr2Ni4WA 25Cr3Mo55 25Cr5NiMoCuN 25Cr7Ni3Mo2WCuN 25Cr7NiMoN 25CrMnMo4-2-2 25CrMnNiMoVB8 25CrMnSi 25CrMo 25CrMo12 25CrMo4 25CrMo4 KB 25CrMo4 KD 25CrMo4 forging 25CrMo4 strip 25CrMo4 tube 25CrMo4/1.7218 25CrMo4F 25CrMoS4 25Cu-75W 25E1 25G 25G2S 25H3M 25HGNMA 25HGS 25HM 25HMA 25KH13N2 25KSI 25L 25M4 25MNCD6 25MNCDV5 25MNCDV6 25MNDC6 25MOCRS4 25Mn 25Mn1S14 25Mn4 25MnCr6 25MnCrSiVB6 25MnG 25MnK 25MnSi 25MnTiBRE 25MoCr4 25MoCrS4 25NC11 25NCD2-M 25NCD9 25NiCrMo13 25NiCrMo9 +QT 25S 25SiMn2MoV 25T22 25X13H2 25XGCA 25XGM 26-1 26-1 Cb 26-1 Ti 26-3-3 26-4-4 26-52 260 260-210 260-210L 260D/die cast 260W 260WT 261 2614 2614-03 2615 2615-03 2618 2618A 2618A Pl. 2618A clad 7072 2624 2625 263 2632 2632-00 26388 264 HF 2642 2642-00 2652 2652-00 265W 2662 268 26A 26C10BT 26CRMO4 26Cr-35Ni 26Cr-4Ni-Mo-N 26CrMo4 26CrMo4 tube 26CrMo4-2 26CrMo7 26Cu-74W 26Mn5 26MnCr6.3 26MnCrNiMoV6 26Mo2 26MoCr11 26NiCrMo14.5 26NiCrMo14.6 26NiCrMoV11.5 26NiCrMoV14-5 26NiCrMoV5 26S 26rs 27 31 4 Cu L 27%Cr 27-31-4S91 27-5 LMo 27-7MO 27-7MO tube 27.31.4.LCuR 27.31.4LCU 270 270-480 270-480W 2707HD 271 271 R 271-560 2710 2710-02 2711 ISO-B 2713 ISO-B 2714 ISO-B 2714+S 2715 2716 2716-02 272 2722 2723 2723-02 2724 2725 2726 2730 2730-2 2732 2736 2738 2738 ISO-BM 274 2744 ISO-B 2750 2750-2 2754 2754-02 2756 2756-2 275C-275CT 275D 275E 275EZ 276 2764 ISO-B 2766 ISO-B 2767 ISO-B 2770 2782 27Ag-73W 27C15 27CD4 27ChGR 27Cr 27Cr-1Mo 27Cr-1Mo-Ti 27Cr-7Ni-Mo-N 27Cr7NiMoN 27CrMoV6.12 27MSV6 27Mn2 27MnB4 27MnB5 27MnCrB5 27MnCrB5-2 27MnSi5 27MnSi5/1.0412 27MnSi5V 27MnSiVS6 27NiCrMoV11.6 27SiMn 28 28-0 280 280-480-M 280-480-M2 280-480-M3 2800Mpa grade 2803Mo 280M01 280M10 281 28304N 2842 284S16 286R 286S31 28B2 28B2/1.5510 28C6 28CDV5 28CDV5-08 28CRS4 28Cr 28Cr-15Ni 28Cr-5Ni 28Cr/48Ni/5W 28Cr2Mo1V 28Cr4 28CrMnNi6 28CrMoNiV4-9 28CrMoV5-8 28CrS4 28HCR 28M6 28MCB5 28Mn6 28Mn6/1.1170 28MnCr4.3 28MnCrB5 28NiCrMo4 28NiCrMo4.4 28NiCrMo7-4KG 28NiCrMo7-4KT 28NiCrMo7-4KW 28NiCrMo7.4 28NiCrMoV10 28NiCrMoV14.6 28NiCrMoV8-5 28NiCrMoV8.5 28NiCrV5 28NiMo17 28S 28SMnPb28 29 9 29 9 AR 29 A 29-17 29-4 29-4-2 29-4-2C 29-4C 29-9 29-9 alloy 29-9 stainless 2904 290Mo 291 R 2912 2912-01 291R 292 292R 293R 2940 2940-02 2940-03 295 295.0 295.1 295.2 295R 296 296.0 296.1 296.2 299-947-042 299-947-334 2990 29Cr-20Ni 29Cr-4Mo-0.5Ti 29Cr-9Ni 29CrMoV9 29Ni2CrMoV Vk 29NiCr4Mo Vk 2A 2A01 2A10 2A11 2A12 2A14 2A16 2A17 2A50 2A70 2A80 2A90 2B 2B11 2B16 2B70 2C 2C10 2C15 2C16 2C2 2C22 2C25 2C30 2C35 2C40 2C45 2C48 2C50 2C55 2C60 2CD10 2CD15 2CD20 2CD25 2CD30 2CD35 2CD35A 2CD38A 2CD40 2CD43A 2CD45 2CD5 2CD50 2CD50A 2CD53 2CD55 2CD55A 2CD58 2CD58A 2CD60 2CD63 2CD63A 2CD65 2CD65A 2CD68 2CD7 2CD70 2CD73 2CD75 2CD75A 2CD78 2CD8 2CD80 2CD80A 2CD83 2CD83A 2CD85 2CD85A 2CD88 2CD95 2CS100 2CS55 2CS60 2CS67 2CS75 2CS85 2Cr12MoV 2Cr12MoVNbN 2Cr12Ni1Mo1W1V 2Cr12NiMo1W1V 2Cr12NiMoWV 2Cr13 2Cr13 tube 2Cr15Mn15Ni2N 2Cr20Mn9Ni2Si2N 2Cr21Ni12N 2Cr23Ni13 2Cr25N 2Cr25Ni20 2CrHiMn 2CrMo B H 2CrNi185 2CuMoCrNi250 2D 2DFO 2E 2G3 2H13 2H14 2H17 2H17N2 2H18N9 2HC101 2HC102 2HC203 2HC204 2HC207 2HC208 2HC209 2HC210 2HR1 2HR2 2HR201 2HR202 2HR208 2HR401 2HR501 2HR502 2HR503 2HR504 2HR52 2HR601 2L116 2L121 2L122 2L126 2L127 2L127 ingot 2L128 2L169 2L48 2L503 2L504 2L505 2L508 2L509 2L65 2L69 2L77 2L80 2L81 2L83 2L84 2L85 2L87 2L88 2L92 2L93 2L95 2L97 2L98 2L99 2MN 2MoNiCr175 2N01 2Ni-1Cu 2R25 2R68 2R68HV 2R77 2RE10 2RE69 2RK65 2RK65 tube 2RK66 2RO189 2S 2S111 2S112 2S113 2S114 2S116 2S117 2S119 2S120 2S124 2S129 2S130 2S131 2S132 2S135 2S136 2S137 2S140 2S142 2S143 2S144 2S145 2S146 2S147 2S149 2S201 2S202 2S203 2S204 2S205 2S510 2S511 2S513 2S514 2S515 2S516 2S517 2S92 2S93 2S96 2S97 2S98 2SI 2T57 2T66 2T68 2T72 2TiMoCr180 2V-PERMENDUR 2XC24 3 3% Ni 3% Ni valve 3% Ni-Cr 3% Ni-Cr-Mo 3%Cr-Mo nitriding 3%Cr-Mo-V 3%Ni case-hardening 3,5D8 3,5Ni 3,5Ni-355 3,5Ni285 3-2,5 3-8-6-4-4 3.0200 3.0205 3.0206 3.0250 3.0255 3.0257 3.0259 3.0259 electrode 3.0275 3.0285 3.0286 3.0305 3.0315 3.0385 3.0505 3.0506 3.0515 3.0516 3.0517 3.0525 3.0526 3.0615 3.0692 3.0805 3.0915 3.1254 3.1255 3.1305 3.1324 3.1325 3.1354 3.1355 3.1364 3.1371 3.1645 3.1655 3.1754 3.1841 3.1924 3.2131 3.2134 3.2134.1 3.2134.2 3.2134.6 3.2151 3.2152 3.2152.05 3.2153 3.2161 3.2161.01 3.2162 3.2162.05 3.2163 3.2163.01 3.2163.02 3.2163.05 3.2165 3.2166 3.2190 3.2211 3.2245 3.2245 electrode 3.2285 3.2305 3.2307 3.2307.61 3.2315 3.2316 3.2331 3.2332 3.2336 3.2341 3.2342 3.2371 3.2373 3.2374.6 3.2381 3.2382 3.2383 3.2383.05 3.2384 3.2384.1 3.2384.6 3.2385 3.2521 3.2523 3.2523.01 3.2523.02 3.2573 3.2581 3.2581.01 3.2581.02 3.2581.44 3.2581.45 3.2582 3.2582.05 3.2583 3.2583.05 3.2585 3.2585 electrode 3.2586 3.25CrMo 3.2690 3.2982 3.3206 3.3207 3.3208 3.3211 3.3214 3.3214-5 3.3241 3.3241.01 3.3241.02 3.3242 3.3245 3.3261 3.3261.01 3.3292 3.3292.05 3.3293 3.3307 3.3308 3.3309 3.331 3.3315 3.3316 3.3317 3.3318 3.3319 3.3326 3.333 3.3345 3.3523 3.3525 3.3526 3.3527 3.3527.25 3.3535 3.3536 3.3537 3.3541 3.3542 3.3545 3.3546 3.3547 3.3548 3.3549 3.3554 3.3555 3.3555 f.m 3.3556 3.3561 3.3562 3.3575 3.3581 3.3655 3.381 3.384 3.385 3.4144 3.4335 3.4337 3.4345 3.4354 3.4354.7 3.4355 3.4364 3.4365 3.4374 3.4377 3.4384 3.4394 3.4415 3.451 3.5002 3.5003 3.5101 3.5101.91 3.5103 3.5105 3.5106 3.5161 3.5164 3.5194 3.5200 3.5312 3.5314 3.5470 3.5470.05 3.5612 3.5612 f.metal 3.5612.05 3.5614 3.5662 3.5662.01 3.5662.05 3.5712 3.5714 3.5812 3.5812 F31 3.5812.01 3.5812.02 3.5812.05 3.5912 3.5912.01 3.5912.02 3.5912.05 3.6055 3.6104 3.6204 3.6204 f.metal 3.6254 3.6254.1 3.6254.100 3.632 3.636 3.7024 3.7025 3.7025 f.metal 3.7031 3.7032 3.7034 3.7035 3.7035 casting 3.7055 3.7064 3.7065 3.7105 3.7105 f.metal 3.7110 3.7114 3.7114 f.metal 3.7115 3.7124 3.7134 3.7144 3.7145 3.7145 f.metal 3.7148 3.7154 3.7155 3.7164 3.7164 f.metal 3.7164.1 3.7164.7 3.7165 3.7174 3.7175 3.7184 3.7185 3.7194 3.7194 f.metal 3.7195 3.7225 3.7235 3.7255 3.7264 3/1 3/12 HyFab 3/2 30 30 HS 30/50W 3002 3002-0 3002-H14 3003 3004 3005 3005A 300M 300R 300W 300W/300WT 300WA 300WC 300WDD 300WT 301 301 ALLOY 301 mod. 3017 301C.1 301C.2 301C.3 301C.7 301F21 301L 301LN 301S21 301S22 301S26 301S26 G11 301S81 302 302 ALLOY 302 STAINLESS 302 casting 30201 30202 302B 302B SS 302B casting 302C25 302C35 302C35-8/18 302F00 302F20 302HQ 302HQ-FM 302S25 302S26 302S26 G11 302S31 303 303 PLUS 303 casting 303/1 303/1 IMCO 30301 30302 30302B 30303 30303 casting 30303 mod. 30303F 30303Se 30304 30304L 30305 30308 30308 casting 30309 30309 f.metal 30309S 30310 30310 f.metal 30310S 30314 30316 30316L 30317 30321 30325 30330 30332 30347 30348 30384 30385 303Al mod. 303Cu 303F00 303Ma 303Pb 303S 303S21 303S22 303S31 303S41 303S42 303S42 bright 303SS 303Se 303Se STAINLESS 303X 303plusX 304 304 Extra low carbon 304 ST 304 casting 304 mod. 304/4 304/6 304B 304B1 304B2 304B3 304B4 304B5 304B6 304B7 304C.1 304C12 304C12 LT196 304C15 304C15 LT196 304C15F 304Cu 304Cu+sulfur 304CuF 304DDQ 304ELC 304F00 304F01 304F10 304F11 304F60 304F61 304F62 304F70 304H 304H casting 304HC 304HN 304K 304L 304L NG 304L casting 304L low carbon 304L nuclear 304LN 304L[Hi]N 304M 304N 304NCU 304PLUS 304S 304S11 304S12 304S14 304S15 304S16 304S18 304S22 304S25 304S30 304S31 304S40 304S49 304S50 304S51 304S59 304S61 304S62 304S65 304S71 305 305 ALLOY 305 restricted carbon 305.0 305.2 305C.1 305C.2 305F00 305S11 305S17 305S19 306 306C.1 307-Si 307/307Si 307C.1 307F50 307S94 307S98 308 308 casting 308-LF 308.0 308.1 308.2 308C.1 308F00 308F80 308F90 308F91 308F92 308F93 308L 308L f.metal 308L-Si/MVR-Si 308L/MRV 308L/MVR 308S92 308S93 308S96 309 309 SS 309 casting 309ABQ 309C.1 309C.2 309C30 309C30-12/25 309C32 309C35 309C40 309Cb 309F00 309F90 309F91 309H 309HCb 309L 309L f.metal 309L-Si 309LZ 309Nb 309S 309S casting 309S wrought 309S-Cb 309S/S30908 309S16 309S20 309S24 309S92 309S93 309S94 309S95 309Si 30A1 30Ag-70W 30Au-34Pd-36Ni 30C8 30CAD6-12 30CAD6-12f 30CD12 30CD4 30CD4 FF 30CD4 GF 30CD4-M 30CD4u 30CDKV28 30CDV12 30CDV12-10 30CDV28 30CDV9 30CND8 30CND8p 30CND8q 30CND8r 30CND8u 30CS 30Ch 30Ch13 30Ch13N7S2 30Ch2N2M 30Ch3MF 30ChGSA 30ChGSN2A 30ChGT 30ChM 30ChMA 30ChN2MFA 30ChN3A 30ChRA 30Cr 30Cr13 30Cr130 30Cr26Ni5 30Cr2MoV 30Cr2Ni2Mo 30Cr4Mo2 30CrMn2MoB 30CrMnSi 30CrMnSiA 30CrMnSiN 30CrMnSiNi2N 30CrMnTi 30CrMo 30CrMo12 30CrMo3,8 30CrMo4 30CrMo5.2 30CrMoA 30CrMoCoV12-30-12KU 30CrMoNiV5.11 30CrMoV12 30CrMoV12-10 30CrMoV12-11 30CrMoV12-27KU 30CrMoV3 30CrMoV9 30CrMoV9/31CrMoV9 30CrNi3 30CrNi3A 30CrNiMo8 30CrNiMo8 KD 30CrNiMo8 QT 30CrNiMo8 resulfur 30CrNiMo8 wire 30CrNiMo8V 30CrSi7 30Cu-70W 30Cu-70WC 30DCKV28 30DCV28 30G 30G2 30GSL 30H 30H13 30H2MF 30H2N2M 30HGS 30HGSA 30HM 30HMA 30HN2MFA 30HN3A 30HRA 30KH13 30L-II 30M5 30M6-M 30M6TS-M 30MB5 30MCB5 30MV6-M 30Mn 30Mn2 30Mn2K 30Mn2MoW 30Mn4 30Mn5 30Mn6-M 30MnB3 30MnB4 30MnB4-1.5526 30MnB5 30MnB5 AM FCE 30MnB5+H 30MnB5RR 30MnVS6 30MoB1 30MoCrNi20 30NC11 30NC11p 30NC12 30NC6 30NCD10 30NCD11 30NCD12 30NCD14-M 30NCD15 30NCD16 30NCD2-M 30NCD4-M 30NCD6 30NCD8 30NCD8 h 30NCD8-M 30NCD8TS-M 30NKD2 30NKD3 30Ni10Cr3Mo6 30Ni13Cr5 30Ni16Cr5 30Ni35Cr15 30Ni4Cr1 30NiCr11 30NiCrMo12 30NiCrMo15 30NiCrMo16-6 30NiCrMo16.6 30NiCrMo2 KB 30NiCrMo2 KD 30NiCrMo2.2 30NiCrMo6 30NiCrMo8 30NiCrMoV12 30NiCrMoV14 30SCM4 30Sn-70Pb 30T22 30V2-M 30VCrW85 30W4Cr2VA 30WCrV5 30WCrV9 30X 30X13 30X13H7C2 30X2H2M 30XGCA 30XH3A 30XM 30XMA 30XPA 31 310 310 casting 310/1 31000 3102 3103 3103-NS3 3103A 3104 3105 3105A 3105B 310C.1 310C.2 310C40 310C45 310C45-20/25 310Cb 310ELC 310F00 310F35 310F90 310F91 310H 310HCb 310HCb casting 310L 310L NAG 310M6 310M8 310MoLN 310Nb 310R 310S 310S16 310S24 310S25 310S31 310S91 310S94 311 311 casting 3115 311C.1 311C11 311C11-25/20 312 312 tube 3120 3120 casting 31200 3125 3127LC 3127hMo 312L 312S94 3130 3135 313Y.1 314 3140 3140H 3145 314C.1 314F00 314L 314S24 314S25 315 315 grade 3150 31500 31500B 315C.1 315C16 315S16 315T grade 315[tube] 316 316 High Mo 316 T2 316 casting 316 inferior Mo 316 mod. 316-AMS5360E 316/3 316C.1 316C12 316C12 LT196 316C16 316C16LT196 316C71 316Cb 316F 316F00 316F01 316F10 316F11 316F12 316F20 316F21 316F22 316F30 316F35 316F36 316F60 316F61 316F90 316F91 316F92 316F93 316FM 316H 316HMo 316HQ 316L 316L Mo+ 316L PLUS 316L UG 316L casting 316L inferior Mo 316L mod. 316L superior Mo 316L+Cu 316L-Hi-N 316L-SCQ 316L-Si/SKR-Si 316L/2 316L/SKR 316LHMo 316LMo 316LN 316LN casting 316LN/2 316LN/3 316LNB 316LNHMo 316LVM 316N 316Nb 316RM 1 316S11 316S12 316S13 316S14 316S16 316S18 316S19 316S22 316S24 316S25 316S26 316S29 316S30 316S31 316S31 bright 316S33 316S33 sml 316S33 wld 316S37 316S40 316S41 316S42 316S49 316S51 316S52 316S53 316S61 316S62 316S63 316S65 316S66 316S82 316S92 316S93 316S96 316SL 316Si 316T/1 316Ti 316Ti SS 316Ti fc 317 317 casting 317 wrought 317C12 317C16 317F10 317L 317L casting 317L/SNR 317L4 317LM 317LMN 317LN 317LX 317LXN 317S11 317S12 317S16 317S17 317S92 318 318/SKNb 318C.1 318C17 318S01 318S13 318S17 318S96 318S97 318Z 319 319.0 319.1 319.2 31CD12-05 31CRV3 31CRV3-737 31CrMo10 31CrMo12 31CrMoB2-1 31CrMoV10 31CrMoV9 31CrNiMo8 31CrV3 31KD 31Mn4 31Mn4U 31Mn4V 31Ni10Cr3Mo6 31Ni3Cr65Mo55 31NiCr14 31NiCrMo10 31NiCrMo12 31NiCrMo13 31VMoCr29 32 320 320-560 M3 320-560-M1 320-560-M2 320-560-M3 3203 3207 320R 320S17 320S18 320S31 320S33 321 321 casting 321 stainless 3215 321F00 321F01 321F02 321F20 321H 321S12 321S18 321S20 321S22 321S31 321S40 321S49 321S51 321S51 1010 321S51 1105 321S51-490 321S59 321S87 322 3220 322A 3230 324 324.0 324.0-F 324.0-T62 324.1 3240 3245 325 3250 32510 325S21 325S31 326 326S36 326S42 327 327 casting 328 328.0 328.1 329 329 SS 329 casting 329B 32A1 32Au-62Cu-3Ni 32C4 32C4 FF 32C4p 32C4q 32C4r 32C4u 32CDV12-28 32CDV13 32CND8 32Cr10 32Cr2 32Cr2MnMo 32Cr3Mo3V Vk 32CrAlMo7-10 32CrB4 32CrB4-1.7076 32CrMo12 32CrMoV12-28 32CrMoV12.10 32CrMoV13 32CrNiMoV5 32CrS2 32CrS2/1.7021 32Cu-68W 32DCV28 32HA 32HN3M 32NCD08-08-M 32NCD14-M 32NCD14TS-M 32NCDV14-M 32NiCrMo10.4 32NiCrMo12 32NiCrMo12.5 32NiCrMo14.5 32NiCrMo16 32S 330 330 STAINLESS 330 casting 330-35A5 330-50-A5 3303 330C11 330C12 330C12-37/18 330Cb 330F00 330F80 330F86 330Nb 330R 331 331 casting 3310 3311 3312 3316 331C40 331C60 331C60-40/20 331C60-ANC5B 331S40 331S42 332 332.0 332.1 332.2 3320 3325 332C11 332C13 332C15 333 333 alloy 333.0 333.1 3330 3335 334 334 casting 3340 334C11 334C11-55/18 334Mo 335 335 casting 336 336.0 336.1 336.2 339.0 33AlCrMo4 33B2 33B2-1.5514 33Cr23Ni8Mn3N 33CrMo4 33CrMoV12 33CrMoV12-9 33Cu-67WC 33G 33H2NMJ 33H3MFA 33MCB5-2 33MD6-M 33MD6TS-M 33Mn6Cr2 33MnCrB5 33MnCrB5-2 33Mo55 33Mo6 33MoCr11 33MoCr11q 33Ni-42Fe-21Cr 33NiCrMo14.5 33NiCrMoV14-5 33NiCrMoV15 33S 33W 34/20CR 34/20CS 34/20HR 34/20HS 340 340-550 340-550W 340HSC 340M5 340R 3415 342 343 343.0 3432 3433 3435 343AL 344 345 345 ALLOY 3450 347 347 SS 347 alloy 347 casting 347 low carbon 347/MVNb 347/MVNb AC/DC 347AP 347C17 347F 347F00 347F01 347F20 347FM 347FSe 347H 347H/S34709 347L 347S 347S17 347S17 sml 347S17 wld 347S18 347S20 347S31 347S31 bright 347S31 sml 347S31 wld 347S40 347S49 347S50 347S51 347S51 tube 347S59 347S67 347S96 347S97 347Si/MVNb-Si 347Z 348 348 ALLOY 348H 349 stainless 349S52 349S54 349VM 34C14BT 34CA5 34CAD5-10 34CD4 34CD4p 34CD4r 34CD4u 34CMD7 34CMD7+S 34CND6 34CoCrMoV19-12 34Cr2Ni2Mo 34Cr4 34Cr4 KB 34Cr4 KD 34Cr4 casting 34Cr4 wire 34Cr4E 34CrAl6 34CrAlMo5 34CrAlMo5-10 34CrAlMo7 34CrAlNi7 34CrAlNi7-10 34CrAlNiMo7 34CrAlS5 34CrMo1 34CrMo4 34CrMo4 DF 34CrMo4 KB 34CrMo4 KD 34CrMo4 V1 34CrMo4 V2 34CrMoS4 34CrNi1Mo 34CrNi3Mo 34CrNi3MoV 34CrNiMo6 34CrNiMo6S 34CrS4 34CrS4/1.7037 34HN3M 34HNM 34HNMA 34Mn5 34MoCr11 34MoCr11S 34MoCr11q 34MoCrNi15 34NCD16 34Ni5 34NiCr6 34NiCrMo16 34NiCrMo6S 34SP 34SiMnK 34XH3M 35 35 Nickel-20 Chromium 35/45Cr/Ni+Nb 0,45C 35/45Nb 350 350-22 350-22L 350/22 350/22L40 35018 350A 350AT 350G 350R 350W 350WA 350WC 350WDD 350WT 351 352 3520 352S52 352S54 353 3530 353MA 354 354.0 354.1 3543 355 355.0 355.1 355.2 3551 35573 355D 355E 355EM 355EMZ 356 356.0 356.1 356.2 357 357.0 357.1 3572 358 358.0 358.2 359 359.0 359.2 35A1 35A250 35Ag-65Mo 35Ag-65Mo INF 35Ag-65W 35Ag-65WC 35Ag-65WC INF 35B2 35B3 DF 35C2 35C4 35C4-M 35C8 35C8BT 35CD12-M 35CD4 35CD4 FF 35CD4-M 35CD4S 35CD4TS 35CD4TS-M 35CD8 35CMD7 35CMD7+S 35CND6 35CNDV6 35CWD12 35Ch 35ChGSA 35ChM 35ChML 35Cr 35Cr1Mo65V25 35Cr26Ni12 35Cr4 35Cr5Mo6V2 35CrMn5 35CrMnMo 35CrMnMo7 35CrMnSi 35CrMnSiA 35CrMo 35CrMo2 35CrMo4 35CrMo4F 35CrMo7 35CrMo7/1.2302 35CrMo8 35CrMo8KU 35CrMoV 35CrMoV5 35CrNiMo6 35CrNiMo6 KD 35CrNiMoV6 35Cu-65W 35Cu-65W INF 35G 35G2 35GL 35GS 35H 35HGS 35HGSA 35HH 35HM 35HMA 35HML 35KHM 35L 35M5 35MD6-M 35MF4 35MF6 35MF6Pb 35MPbF6 35MS5 35MV7 35Mn 35Mn2 35Mn2Mo28 35Mn2Mo45 35Mn5DF 35Mn5Si5 35Mn6Mo3 35Mn6Mo4 35MnCrB4 35MnS6 35MnSPb6 35MnSi12 35MnV7 35MoCr165 35MoCrNi40 35N 35NC11 35NC12 35NC15 35NC6 35NC6 FF 35NC6-M 35NC6p FF 35NC6u FF 35NCD14 35NCD14 type 35NCD16 35NCD16-05-M 35NCD16-7 35NCD16H 35NCD16p 35NCD5 35NCD6 35NCD6f 35NCD6p 35NCD6q 35NCD6r 35NCD6u 35NCDV8 35NCMD6-M 35NKD1 35NLT 35Ni-19Cr-1.25Si 35Ni1Cr60 35Ni24Cr18Si2 35Ni5Cr2 35NiCr14.8 35NiCr15 35NiCr18 35NiCr6 35NiCr9 35NiCrMo15 35NiCrMo16 35NiCrMo16/1.2766 35NiCrMo4 35NiCrMo6 KB 35NiCrMo7 35NiCrMoV11.5 35NiCrMoV12.5 35NiCrMoV8 35Pb2 35S 35S20 35SG 35SMn10 35SMn20 35SMnPb10 35SPb20 35SPb20+C 35SPb20K 35SiMn 35WCrV7 35X 35XGCA 35XM 36 alloy 360 360.0 360.2 360C1 360C2 360C3 361.0 361.0-T6 3620 364 364.0 364.2 364C11 365 3650 369.0 3693A 36A 36CSM5 36CrB4 36CrB4-1.7077 36CrMn4 36CrMn5 36CrMo4 36CrMoV12 36CrNiMo4 36CrNiMo6 36CrSiMn5 36F145 36F190 36HNM 36Mn3 36Mn5 36Mn5/1.1167 36Mn6 36Mn6-1 36Mn6/1.1127 36Mn7 36MnB4 36N 36NCD16/819B 36NI 36NiCr10 36NiCr10 casting 36NiCr6 36NiCr6.4 36NiCrMo16 36NiCrMo16+H 36NiCrMo16+HH 36NiCrMo16+HL 36NiCrMo16A 36Pb-62Sn-2Ag 36Pb3 36SMn14 36SMn14+C 36SMnPb14 36Si7 36VSiWMoCr53 37-18 37-18NiCr 37.5Au-62.5Cu 37.5Gold-62.5Copper 37/23CR 37/23CS 37/23HR 37/23HS 370 370-17 370-650-M 370-650-M3 370-650M 370G 371 371 EL1 371 EL2 372 Y 373 3730 377 37C15 37Cr10 37Cr2 37Cr2E 37Cr4 37Cr4 KD 37Cr4 with boron 37Cr5 37Cr5MoV 37Cr81 E 37CrB1 37CrB1 E 37CrB1ECH 37CrB1EH 37CrMo4 37CrMoV5 37CrNi3 37CrNi3MoV 37CrS4 37HGNM 37HS 37Mn2 37Mn5Si5 37Mn6 37MnB4 37MnB5 37MnSi5 37Mo2 37Mo2/1.5418 37Si2Mn90 37SiMn2MoV 38-17 380 380 HSC 380.0 380.2 380W-2 380WT 381S34 3820 382F50 382F80 383 383.0 383.1 383.2 384 384.0 384.1 384.2 384F00 385 385 type 385.0 38Al-62Be 38B2 38B3 38B3 FF 38C2 38C2 FF 38C2TS 38C2q 38C2r 38C2u 38C4 38C4 FF 38C4 GU 38C4TS 38C4p 38C4q 38C4r 38C4u 38CB1 38CB1 FF 38CD4 38CD4 USIVIT 38CD4TS 38CD4r 38CR1 38Ch2Ju 38Ch2MJuA 38Ch2N2MA 38ChA 38ChGNM 38ChM 38ChN3MA 38ChS 38Cr1 38Cr1 KB 38Cr1 KD 38Cr1-KD 38Cr2 38Cr2 KD 38Cr3 38Cr4 38Cr4 DF 38Cr4-1 38Cr4BT 38Cr4Mn2BT 38CrAlMo6 38CrAlMo7 38CrB1 38CrB1 DF 38CrB1 KB 38CrB1 KD 38CrB2 38CrB4 38CrCoWV18-17-17 38CrMo15 38CrMo4 38CrMoAl 38CrS2 38CrSi 38CrSi6 38H2JU 38H2MJuA 38H2N2MA 38HA 38HM 38HMJ 38HN3MA 38HNM 38HS 38KH2YU 38KHGNM 38KHM 38KhN3MA 38MB3 38MB5 38MB5 FF 38MF4 38MF5 38MF5Pb 38MSV5 38Mn6 38MnB5 38MnB5DF 38MnSi4 38MnSiVS5 38MnSiVS6 38MnVS6 38MnVS6 EX 38Mo3 38NCD16 38NCD4 38NiCrMo4 38NiCrMoV7 38NiCrMoV7.3 38SMn26 38SMn28 38SMnPb26 38SMnPb28 38Si6 38Si7 38SiCrV6 38W 38WT 38X2H2MA 38XA 38XH3MA 38XM 390 390.0 390.1 390.2 3905 392.0 392.1 393 393.0 3931 393HCR 394S17 396S17 39Cr4 39CrMoV13 39CrMoV13.9 39MnCrB6 39MnCrB6-2 39MnSiS6 39MoAlCr15 39NICRMO3 39NiCrMo3 39NiCrMo3Pb 39Pb3/TAV 39VSiMoCr52 3A 3A21 3Al-2,5V 3Al-2.5V-0.05Pd 3Al-8V-6Cr-4Zr-4Mo 3Al8V6Cr4Mo4Zr 3Al8V6Cr4Zr4Mo0,05Pd 3B 3C 3C Titane 3C10 3C15 3C22 3C25 3C30 3C35 3C35/XC38u 3C40 3C45 3C50 3C55 3C60 3CD12 3CD15 3CD30 3CD43A 3CD50 3CD50A 3CD53 3CD60 3CD60A 3CD63 3CD65 3CD68 3CD68A 3CD75 3CD78 3CD80 3CD83 3CD85 3CD88 3CD88A 3CD95 3CR12 3CT 3Ch2W8F 3Ch3M3F 3Cr-1Mo-0.2V 3Cr13 3Cr13Mo 3Cr17Ni13Mo3H 3Cr18Mn12Si2N 3Cr18Ni11H 3Cr20Ni11Mo2PB 3Cr23Ni8Mn3N 3Cr2Mo 3Cr2NiMo 3Cr2W8V 3Cr3Mo3W2V 3D 3E 3F 3FO 3G 3H13 3H14 3H17M 3H2W8F 3H3M3F 3HR601 3KH3M3F 3KP 3L100 3L122 3L124 3L124/MAG3 3L125 3L51 3L52 3L53 3L54 3L56 3L58 3L59 3L60 3L61 3L63 3L78 3L80 3L81 3L86 3LS/326S36 3MC93800 3NNC 3PS 3Pb3 3R12 3R19 3R60 3R60 U.G 3R64 3R65 3R66 3R68 3R69 3RE60 3S 3S102 3S105 3S106 3S107 3S132 3S143 3S144 3S145 3S61 3S62 3S70 3S79 3S91 3S95 3T53 3T60 3V 3X13 3X1R63 3X22R60HV 3[grade] 4 4 1/4% Ni-Cr 4 1/4Ni-Cr 4% Ni-Cr-Mo 4%Ni-Cr-Mo 4,5Al-3V-2Fe-2Mo 4-79 Mo-Permalloy 4.175 4.201.575 4.372 4.5Al2Mo1.6V0.5Fe0.3Si0.03C 40 40/30 40/30CS 40/30HR 40/30HS 400 400-12 400-15 400-18 400-18AL 400-250-12 400/18 400/18L20 4000-410-08-I 40010 4002-405-00-I 4003-410-77-I 4004 4004-430-20-I 4006 4007 4008 4008 aluminium 4008/A356 400A 400AT 400G 400L 400R 400W 400W/400WT 400WT 4010 4011 4012 4014 4015 4016 4016-430-00-I 4017 4018 401C 401R 401S45 4020 4021-420-00-I 4022 4023 4024 4026 4027 4027H 4028 4028H 4029-420-20-I 402C.1 403 4032 4032 casting 4032H 4034-420-00-I 4037 4037H 403B 403C.1 403C.2 403Cb 403F00 403R 403S17 404 4042 4042H 4043 4043A 4045 4045 mod. 4046 4047 4047 Aluminium 4047A 4047A f.metal 4047H 404R 405 405 BEDEL 405 SS 405 STAINLESS 405 alloy 405.1 405.2 405/13Cr-0.2Al 4053 4054 405F00 405R 405S 405S17 4063 4063H 4068 4068H 406R 407 407.5 407R 40800 408R 409 409 HYFORM 409 SS 409Cb 409Cb STAINLESS 409F00 409L 409Nb 409Ni 409Ni stainless 409S19 409S96 40A 40A1 40Ag-60Mo 40Ag-60Mo INF 40Ag-60W 40Ag-60WC 40Ag-60WC INF 40B 40B12 40C 40C10S18 40C15S12 40C8 40CAD6-10 40CAD6-12 40CD12 40CD4 40CD4-20 40CDV12 40CDV13 40CDV13-06 40CDV20 40CDV20 [bar] 40CDV20 [plate] 40CMD8 40CMD8+S 40CMD8+nickel 40CMND8 40CND3 40CS 40Ch 40Ch10S2M 40Ch13 40Ch2N2MA 40Ch9S2 40ChFA 40ChGNM 40ChL 40ChMFA 40ChN 40ChN2MA 40Co20Cr16Fe15Ni7Mo 40Cr 40Cr1 40Cr10 40Cr10S 40Cr10Si2Mo 40Cr10q 40Cr13 40Cr130 40Cr13Mo10V2 40Cr1Mo28 40Cr1Mo60 40Cr25Ni20 40Cr28Ni16 40Cr2Al1Mo18 40Cr30Ni20 40Cr3Mo1V20 40Cr4 40Cr4Mo3 40Cr4Mo6V3 40Cr5Mo6 40Cr7Al10Mo2 40Cr9Si2 40CrAlMo6-12 40CrMn 40CrMnMo 40CrMnMo7 40CrMnMo7 Vk 40CrMnMo8 40CrMnMo8+QT 40CrMnMo8+S 40CrMnMoS8.6 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 40CrMnNiMo8.6.4 40CrMo4 40CrMo5-6 40CrMoH 40CrMoV12 40CrMoV13 40CrMoV13-9 40CrMoV20 40CrMoV4-6 40CrMoV4.7 40CrMoV5 40CrMoVH 40CrNi 40CrNi25-20 40CrNiMo 40CrNiMoA 40CrSi13 40CrV 40CrV4 40Cu-60W 40D 40E 40E1 40EE 40F30 40G 40G2 40H 40H10S2M 40H13 40H2N2MA 40H9S2 40HA 40HFA 40HL 40HM 40HNMA 40HS 40KH13 40KHFA 40KHN 40KHNM 40KKhNM 40KSI-YS 40KXHM 40L 40L-I 40L-II 40L-III 40M5 40M6 40M6TS 40MS5 40Mn 40Mn15S12 40Mn2 40Mn2S12 40Mn4 40Mn5 40MnB 40MnB4 40MnB5 40MnVB 40NC17 40NC5 40NCD16 40NCD18 40NCD2 40NCD20 40NCD3 40NCD3-8 40NCD3TS 40NCD3r 40NCD7 40NCD7-03 40NCDV16 40NCDV7-03 40NKD 40Ni10Cr3Mo6 40Ni14 40Ni16Cr4Mo2 40Ni2Cr1Mo28 40Ni2CrMo28 40Ni3 40Ni3Cr1Mo15 40Ni3Cr65Mo55 40Ni6Cr4Mo2 40Ni6Cr4Mo3 40NiCr1Mo15 40NiCr6 40NiCrMo10.5 40NiCrMo15 40NiCrMo16 40NiCrMo18 40NiCrMo2 40NiCrMo2 KB 40NiCrMo2 KD 40NiCrMo2.2 40NiCrMo2DF 40NiCrMo3 40NiCrMo4 40NiCrMo4 KD 40NiCrMo6 40NiCrMo7 40NiCrMo7.3 40NiCrMo7/F1272 40NiCrMo8.4 40NiCrMoV15 40NiCrMoV16 40NiCrMoV16KU 40NiCrMoV4 40NiSiCrMo7 40S18 40S2 40S7 40Si17A 40Si2MnV 40Si7 40SiNiCrMoV10 40Sn-60Pb 40Sn/60Pb 40VMoCr11AS 40VSiMoCr52 40X 40X10C2M 40X13 40X2N2MA 40X9C2 40XFA 40XGHM 40XH 40XH2MA 40XN 410 410 casting 410 mod. casting 410/CA-15 41003 4102 4103 4104 410420 4106 4107 4107-06 4109 4109-02 4109-18 410C1 410C2 410C21 410C3 410Cb 410F00 410F20 410F90 410F91 410HC type 410J1 410LM 410LT50 410M4 410Nb 410S 410S21 410S22 410S94 410[bolting] 411 411300 411320 411423 4115 411529 4118 4118H 4119 4119-410-92-C 412 4120 4120H 4121 4125 413 413.0 413.2 4130 4130 casting 4130 f.metal 4130 mod. 4130 modified 4130/708A25 4130H 4130HW 4130QT 4130VM/LAC6457 4132 4133 4135 4135 casting 4135 for tool 4135H 4137 4137Co 4137H 413RS 414 414 casting 414 mod. 4140 4140 casting 4140 mod. 4140 modified 4140H 4140HT 4140X 4142 4142H 4142H mod. 4142H modified 414415 4145 4145 modified 4145A 4145H 4146 4147 4147H 414F50 414L 414MV 414R 414S21 415 4150 4150 casting 4150H 415A 415B 415C 415D 415E 415LM 415R 416 416 STAINLESS 416 casting 416 mod. 416 plusX 4161 4161H 4162-321-01-E 4163 416F00 416R 416S21 416S29 416S29 bright 416S37 416S37 bright 416S41 416S41 bright 416Se 4171 417351 4176 418 418 casting 418R 418SS 4190 4190-28 41C4 41CAD7 41CAD7-10 41Cr2 KB 41Cr2 KD 41Cr2-KD 41Cr2KB 41Cr4 41Cr4 DF 41Cr4 KB 41Cr4 KD 41Cr4 tube 41Cr4E3X 41CrAlMo7 41CrAlMo7 cast 41CrAlMo7-10 41CrAlMo7-4 41CrMo4 41CrNiMo2 41CrNiMoS2 41CrS4 41CrV4 41L45 41MnV7 41MoCr11 41NiCrMo2 41NiCrMo7-3-2 41S7 41Si7 41SiNiCrMoV7.6 42 42 Ni-Iron 42 alloy 42-2999 420 420 SS 420 casting 420 mod. 420/12 420A 420A casting 420A for tool 420A/7 420B 420BF2 420C 420C casting 420C21 420C24 420C28 420C29 420CF 420CM2 420D-1.4037 420ESR 420F 420F [old] 420F casting 420F20 420F21 420F22 420F23 420F40 420F90 420FSe 420G 420H 420HC 420J1 420J2 420L 420M 420MoV 420RM 420S1 420S29 420S29 bright 420S3 420S37 420S37 bright 420S45 421 4210 4212 4212-06 421R 422 422 SS 422 STAINLESS 422 cast 4221 4223 4223-M 422303 422304 422305 422306 422307 422314 4223A 4223A-T4 422410 422415 422420 422425 422430 422435 4225 4225-T4 4225-T6 422532 422533 422534 422536 422545 422555 422603 422640 422640.1 422640.51 422643 422643.1 422650 422650.1 422660 422660.1 422670 422670.1 422707 422709 422709.1 422709.6 422712 422712.1 422715 422715.5 422719 422719.5 422809 422825 422830 422833 422833.3 422842 422853 422905 422905.5 422906 422906.5 422907 422920 422920.4 422921 422921.4 422931 422931.4 422932 422934 422934.2 422936 422936.0 422936M 422942 422942.4 422944 422944.2 422951 422951.4 422952 422952.0 422952.2 422955 422955.2 422956 422956.4 422992 422992.34 422992.44 422998 422F01 422F35 422R 422SS 422s 423 423000 423001 423003 423013 423016 423018 423018.11 423018.41 423039 423042 423044 423045 423046 423047 423053 423054 423054.01 423054.73 423058 423058.31 423063 423065 423065.11 423119 423121 423121.0 423122 423123 423135 423138 423184 423200 423201 423202 423203 423210 423212 423213 423214 423220 423221 423221.11 423221.31 423222 423222.01 423222.11 423223 423223.11 423231 423234 423237 423256 423303 423303.0 423311 423313 423321 423322 423322.0 423326 423404 423415 423480 423481 423482 423484 423484.11 423484.31 423558 423560 423562 423701 423720 423721 423RS 424 4240 424002 424003 424004 424009 424106 424201 424202 424203 424204 424206 424207 424208 424218 424219 424220 424222 424237 424254 424330 424331 424332 424334 424336 424357 424361 424384 4244 424400 424401 424412 424413 424415 424432 424433 424441 424446 4245 4245-04 4245-07 424519 424519.03 424911 424RS 425 425 mod. 4250 4251 4251-00 4251-03 4252 4252-00 4252-10 4253 4253-03 4253-06 4253[ingot] 4254 4255 425C11 425C12 426 4260 4261 4261-00 4261-03 4261-06 4263 4263-03 4263-06 426R 4271 427S 428R 429 42A1 42C2 42C2 FF 42C2TS 42C4 42C4 FF 42C4TS 42C4u 42CD4 42CD4 FF 42CD4 USIVIT 42CD4 tube 42CD4-M 42CD4T 42CD4TS 42CD4TS-M 42CD4r 42CD4u 42CDV4 42Cr4 42Cr4-1 42Cr4Mo2 42Cr6V1 42Cr9Si2 42CrMnMo8+S 42CrMo 42CrMo4 42CrMo4 'IM' 42CrMo4 KD 42CrMo4 tube 42CrMo4+QT 42CrMo4/1.7225 42CrMo4V 42CrMo4[fastener] 42CrMo5-6 42CrMoS4 42CrMoS4 'IM' 42CrV6 42Mn6 42Mn6E 42MnMo7 42MnMoV 42MnV7 42MoCr11 tube 42MoCr11S 42NiCrMo15-7KU 42NiMoCr18 42SCD8 42SiMn 43 430 430 PbF 430 R 430 SS 430/1 4300 4300-M 43000 43000-F 43000-O 4301 4302 430A 430B 430Cb 430Cb f.m 430F 430F SOLENOID 430F00 430F30 430F35 430F40 430F80 430FR 430FR SOLENOID 430FSe 430J1L 430M 430Nb 430PbF Cuphin 430R 430S11 430S15 430S17 430S17 bright 430S18 430S94 430T 1 430Ti 431 431 [forging] 431 [wire] 431 casting 431 for tool 431 mod. 431-C 4310-301-09-X 4317 4318-301-53-I 4319-301-00-I 431F20 431R 431S29 431Se 4320 4320 mod. 4320H 4323 4323-M 432R 4330 casting 4330 mod. 4330M 4330M4V1 4330V 4330V mod. 4330V modified 4335 4335 ALLOY 4335 mod. 4335M4V2 4335V 4337 4338 434 434 SS 4340 4340 VM 4340 bolting 4340 casting 4340 mod 4340 mod. 4340/40NCD7 4340/ASTM A29 4340CVM 4340H 4340M 4340V mod. 4343 434A 434F00 434L 434R 434S17 434S19 434S20 4350-C 4355 435R 436 436 ALLOY 436 SS 436 brass 436 low carbon 4360 4361 436L 436L ULTRA FORM 436S 436S20 4370 4370KB 4371 4371-201-53-I 4372-201-00-I 4373 4373-202-00-I 4374 4375 4376 439 439LL 439LT 43A 43B 43BV12 43BV14 43C 43Cr4Mo2 43CrMo4 43D 43EE 43NiSiCrMoV7 43S 44 carbon free cutting 440 440 N-DUR 440-460 440-XH 4404-316-03-I 440A 440A casting 440B 440C 440C bearing steel 440C casting 440C for tool 440C+V 440F 440F20 440FSe 440R 441 4418-431-77-E 4419 4419 casting 4419H 441R 441S29 441S49 442 442 SS 442 casting 4420 4422 4423 4425 4427 442R 443 443.0 443.1 443.2 4438 4438-317-03-I 443CT 443R 443S65 444 444 ALLOY 4441 4442 444R 445 4450 445M2 445R 446 446 SS 446 casting 4462-318-03-I 446F00 446F20 446F50 446F51 446F80 446R 447 447 ALLOY 4470[cedam] 4475 4479-089-36-U 448 448 ALLOY 4494-316-74-J 44A1 44AC21/P355NL1 44C2 44Cr2 44Cu-56WC 44Cu-56WC INF 44LN 44MSV6 44MnSiV4 44MnSiVS6 44Pd-38Ag-16Cu-1Ni-1Pt 44S 44SMn28 44SMn28/F-2133 44SMnPb28 44W 44WT 45 450 450-10 450-430-35-I 450/10 4500 45006 class6 45008 class7 450EM 450EMZ 450F50 4510-430-35-I 4511-430-71-I 4512 4513-436-00-J 4520 4520-430-70-I 45200 4520hmo 4521-444-00-I 4526-436-00-I 452C11 452C12 4534-138-00-X 4539-089-04-I 453S 454005 4542-174-00-I 4543 455 4550-347-00-I 4563-080-28-I 4565S 4580 45A1 45A2 45B 45B2 45B2/1.5513 45C4 45C8 45CD4 45CDV6 45CDV7 45Ch 45Ch14N14W2M 45ChN 45ChN2MFA 45Cr 45Cr14Ni14W2Mo 45Cr15 45Cr2 45Cr4 45Cr9Si 45Cr9Si3 45CrMoV6 45CrMoV6-7 45CrMoV6.7 45CrMoV7 45CrNi 45CrNiMoVA 45CrSi9 45CrSiV6 45CrVMoW5.8 45D 45E1 45G 45G2 45H 45HN 45HN2MFA 45HNMF 45KhN2MFA 45L 45M5 45MF4 45MF6 45MF6-1 45MF6-3 45MF6V 45MFPb6 45MPbF4 45Mn 45Mn2 45MnB 45MnS6 45MnS6.30 45NCD16 45NCD17 45NCD18 45Ni35Cr26 45NiCr6 45NiCr7 45NiCrMo16 45NiCrMo18 45NiCrMoV16.6 45NiCrMoV6 45R1 classA 45S 45S20 45S20Pb/1 45S7 45S7-M 45S8 45S8 casting 45SCD6 45SPb20 45Si2MnTi 45Si7 45SiCr90 45SiCrMo6 45SiCrV6 45SiCrV6 SPEZIAL 45SiCrV6-2 45SiMnV 45Sn-55Pb 45TM 45VMoCr145 45VSiCrW20 45WCD20 45WCV20 45WCrV2 45WCrV7 45WCrV7.7 45WCrV8 45WCrV8KU 45X 45X14N14B2M 45XH 46 ALLOY 46/40 46/40KHR 460 ALLOY 460 grade 4600 46000 4608 460F00 460LI 460R 460S52 4615 4615-201-75-E 4617 4617 casting 4618-201-76-E 461R 462 4620 4620 casting 4620H 4621 4621H 4625-303-23-X 4625M4 4626 4626H 4630 4633 4635 464 4640 4640H 4643 4643 aluminium 4644-662-20-U 465 465 M 4650-304-75-E 4652 4652-T6 4658-327-07-U 465R 466 467 4670 46A5 class1 46A5 class2 46A5 class3 46A5 class4 46A5 class5 46A5 class7 46B12 46B15 classA 46B17 C60600 46B17 comp.A 46B18 class2 46B22 comp.8 46B22 comp.9 46B23 comp.2 46B5 GrIII 46B6 alloy 462 46C4 46Cr1 46Cr1-KD 46Cr2 46Cr2 KD 46Cr2E 46CrMoTe4 46CrS2 46CrS2/1.7025 46CrSiMoV7 46F40 46Fe-32Ni-20Cr-Cb 46M2 Gr1 46M2 Gr2 46MV4 46Mn4 46Mn7 46MnSi4 46MnV4 46MnVS3 46MnVS6 46N5 46S17-1117 46S18-S41600 46S18-S42000 46S20 46S37 T12006 46S37 T5 46S4 1023 46S4 YA 46S57 comp.1B 46S58 K93602 46S7 46SPb20 46Si7 46Si7-581 46SiCrMo6 46SiCrMo6.3 46V1S3 46rs 47-S-4 1060 470-50A5 470LI 4715 4718 4718 mod. casting 4718H 4720 4720H 4724-405-77-I 473 4749-446-00-I 4750 47C15 47CrMo4 47F190 47F305 47F400 47Mn2 47Mn6 47NiCrMo7 47T22 47WCr8 48 48 alloy 480AT 480M3 480W 480WT 481 ALLOY 4812 4815 4815H 4817 4817H 482 4820 4820H 4828-305-09-I 484 ALLOY 485 486 4891 4892 4894 4895 4896 4897 4898 4899 48CD4 48CrMo4 48CrMoNi4.9 48CrMoV6.7 48MnV3 48Si7 48Si7-1.5021 48WCrSiV9 490 4905 490C1 490C2 490C3 490Nb 490R 4910 4929 Mo Ti 4940 4951-310-08-I 4958-088-77-E 495R 4971-314-79-I 49Ag-51W 49C1 49CrMo4 49MV3 49MnSiVS3 49MnVS3 49S1 A80-40 4A GCuSn8Pb15 4A alloy 4A01 4A11 4Al-3Mo-1V 4Al-4Mn 4Al-4Mo-2Sn 4C2 4C27A 4C54 4Ch5MF1S 4Ch5MFS 4ChS 4ChW2S 4Cr10Si2Mo 4Cr13 4Cr14MoV 4Cr14Ni14W2Mo 4Cr3Mo3SiV 4Cr5MoSiV 4Cr5MoSiV1 4Cr5W2VSi 4Cr9Si2 4Cr9Si3 4CrMnSiMoV 4CrW2Si 4H14N14W2M 4H5MF1S 4HMFS 4J28 4J36 4J40 4J58 4KA-DF 4KH5MF1S 4KH5MFS 4L35 4L53 4L54 4L59 4L60 4L61 4LM 4S 4S106 4S106D 4S14 4S14 d<=12,7 4S14 d>=12,7 4S15 4S28 4S37 T11302 4S80 4S82 4S99 4T45 4T65 4TC 4X10C2M 4X13 4XC26 5 5,5Ag solder 5-2,5 ELI 5-2-2-4-4 5.283.032 5.5Al3.5Sn3Zr1Nb0.25Mo0.3Si 5/1 5/2 50 50 ALLOY 50-107 FS1040 50/45 50/50 A-560 50/50 binary 50/50Nb 500 500-7 500/7 50005 class5 5002 5005 5005A 5006 5007 500B 500Nb 500R 500W 501 501 casting 5010 50100 50100B 5013 5013 N 5015 5018 5019 501A 501B 501C.1 502 5020 5020hmo 5024 5026 503 503 LT100 503 LT60 503-490 503C.1 503F80 503M40 504 504 casting 5040 5042 5045 5046 5049 505 505.0 5050 5050A 5050B 5051 5051A 5052 5053 5055 5056 5056A 5058 5059 505C.1 5060 5066 5067 507 5070 508 5082 5083 5086 5087 5088 5088-H111 5088-O 509 509-650 509-690 5091 509LT196 50A 50A1 50A330 50A470 50A600 50A700 50A800 50AT 50Ag-50Mo 50Ag-50Mo INF 50Ag-50Pd 50Ag-50WC 50Au-50Ag 50B 50B30 50B40 50B40H 50B40RH 50B44 50B46 50B46H 50B50 50B50H 50B60 50C 50C12 50C4 50C8 50CD4 50CD4-M 50CDV13 50CV4 50Ch 50ChFA 50ChG 50ChGA 50ChGFA 50ChN 50Cr 50Cr-50Ni 50Cr-50Ni+Cb 50Cr-50Ni-Cb 50Cr/50NiNb 50Cr1 50Cr1V23 50Cr21Mn9Ni4Nb2WN 50Cr3,8 50Cr4 50Cr4V2 50CrMn 50CrMo 50CrMo4 50CrMoV13 50CrMoV13-15 50CrMoV13.14 50CrNi 50CrV3,8 50CrV4 50CrVA 50Cu-50W 50Cu-50WC 50D 50DD 50E1 50E4 50EE 50F 50F45 50G 50G2 50G2 casting 50H 50H21G9N4 50HF 50HFA 50HG 50HGFA 50HS 50KHGA 50KHGFA 50Mn 50Mn2 50Mn7 50MnSi4 50NILW 50Ni-50Fe 50NiCr13 50NiCrV4 50Nickel-50Iron PM 50S 50S2 50S7 50SCD6 50SW 50SZ-Spezial 50Si7 50SiCrMo6 50SiMn 50SiMn7 50SiMnMoV 50Sn-50Pb 50T8 50W 50W-50Ag 50WCrV2 50WCrV8 50WT 50X 50XH 51 alloy 510 51000A 51000B 510LT196 510R 511 511.0 511.1 511.2 5110 51100 51100 mod. 5112 5114 5115 5115X 5117 5119 512.0 512.2 5120 5120 wire 5120H 5120X 5122 513 513.0 513.2 5130 51300 5130H 5132 5132H 5135 5135H 514.0 514.1 514.2 5140 5140 casting 51403 51405 51409 5140H 5140X 5141 51410 51410 casting 51410 mod. 51414 51416 51416Se 51420 51420 casting 51420F 51420FSe 51422 51429 51430 51430F 51430FSe 51431 51431 for tool 51434 51436 51439 51439LL 5144 51440A 51440B 51440C 51440F 51440FSe 51442 51446 5145 5145H 5147 5147H 5149 515 515.0 515.2 5150 5150-02 51501 51501B 51502 51502 f.metal 51502 mod. 51503 5150H 5152 5154 5154A 5154B 5155 516.0 5160 5160 AUTO SPRING 5160H 5160HX 5163 5165 5168 5170 5173 518 518.0 518.1 518.2 5182 5183 5186 519 5195 51B15 51B35H 51B60 51CDV4 51CV4 51Cr4 51Cr8Si2 51CrMnV1 51CrMnV4 51CrMnV4-KU 51CrMoV4 51CrV4 51CrV4/1.8159 51Mn7 51MnV7 51S 51S7 51SC7 51Si7 51SiCr7 51VCr11A 51VMnCr11 52 52 alloy 520.0 520.2 52000 5204 5205 520B 521 5210 52100 52100 VIM/VAR 52100 casting 5217 5220 5220-12 5230 5230-M 52300 52300B 5234 523A14 523H15 523M15 524 5243 5246 5249 5251 5252 5253 5254 5256 525A58 525A60 525A61 525H60 526M60 5272 5272-00 527A17 527A19 527A60 527A60B 527H17 527H60 527M17 527M20 5280 5283 5283 N 5283A 52CB 52Co-20Cr-10Ni-15W 52Cr4Mo2V 52CrMoV4 52D 52MnCrB3 52N+ 52NiCrMo6 KU 52S 52SCN5 52SiCrNi5 52T3A 52T3a 530-50A5 530-65A5 53000 5305 530A30 530A32 530A36 530A40 530H32 530H36 530H40 530M40 530M40 bright 5310 532 5320 534 5340 534A99 535 535.0 535.2 5350 5352 5356 5356-H112 5357 535A99 535A99 Ann 535R 5360 538 5383 53Cr21Mn9Ni4N 53Cu-44Ni-3Mn 53MnSi4 53NNiMnCr210 53NiCrV4 53S 53SR 5400 5404 5405 5410 5428 54300 544 5443 5444 5449 5450 5454 5456 5456 advenced 5456A 5457 5458 546 5465 5470 5475 5480 549R 54A1 54M 54Ni-16Mo-15Cr 54NiCrMoV6 54S 54SC6 54SiCr6 54SiCrV6 54SiCrV6-SC 55 5500 5500-T4 55000 5505 550M2 550MC 550R 5554 f.metal 5556 5556A 5556A f.m 5557 556 556 welding wire 5560 5590 55Ag-45WC 55C 55C2 55C2A 55C3 55C4 55C6 55C8 55CND4 55CND4+S 55CNDV4 55CNDV4+S 55CNDV5 55Ch20G9AN4 55ChGR 55Cr1 55Cr1NiMoV Vk 55Cr21Mn8Ni2N 55Cr3 55Cr5 55Cr70 55CrMnA 55CrNiMo4 55CrNiMoV 55CrNiMoV4 55CrNiMoV4.2.4 55CrNiMoVS4.2.4 55CrSiA 55Cu-45Ni 55E 55EE 55F 55H20G9AN4 55KSI-YS 55MN7 55MoCrNi16 55NCD13 55NCDV4 55NCDV6 55NCDV6-4 55NCDV7 55NCDV7 NR 55NCDV7+S 55Ni-45Cu 55Ni2CrV 55NiCr10 55NiCrMo13 55NiCrMo6 55NiCrMoV2 55NiCrMoV6 55NiCrMoV7 55NiCrMoV7+S 55NiCrMoV7KU 55S 55S2 55S2A 55S7 55Si2 55Si2Mn 55Si2Mn90 55Si2MnB 55Si6Cr3 55Si7 55SiCr6-3 55SiCr7 55SiCrV6 55SiMn7 55SiMnVB 55SiMo8 55T3a 55T8 55VMoCrNi16 55VMoCrNi17 55W 55WC20 55WCS20 55WCrV7 55WCrV8 55WCrV8KU 55WT 55X20G9AN4 55rs 5605 5613 5620 5633 5640 5640-15 5652 5657 5667 5682 56A 56A1 56A2 56BI 56C3 56CW 56InNi 56Mn4 56Mn4+H 56NiCrMo12 56NiCrMoV7 56NiCrMoV7 casting 56NiCrMoV7KU 56S 56SC7 56Si7 56Si7 +H 56Si7 +HH 56Si7 bar 56Si7 strip 56Si7/1.5026 56SiCr7 56SiCrV7 56SiMn7KU 56T.G 56T5 56TG 57 special 57-107 1075 57-107 1141 57-107 FS 1050 57-107 FS1018 57-107 FS1045 57-107 FS1060 57-107 FS1118 57-136 1045 57-136 1075 57-180 1018 57-180 WD 1050 57-61-3 classB 57-700 FS1117 5705 5706 5710 5716 casting 5716 wrought 5716-15 5716-20 5754 5754X 57NiCrMoV7.7 57S 57T3a 57VMoCrNi17 58-1-1-40 58-1-2-3-36 58-2-2-4-34 582A 582A/B/C 5832-1 comp.D 5832-1 comp.E 5832-10 5832-11 5832-12 5832-2 Gr1 5832-2 Gr4 5832-3 5832-4 5832-5 5832-6 5832-7 5832-8 5832-9 5854 58A 58Ag-42WC 58Ag-42WC PSR 58Au-42Ag 58Bi-42Sn 58Cr4V1 58CrMnB4 58CrMoV4 58CrMoV4+QT 58CrV4 58CrV4-1.8161 58F 58H 58Ni-18Mo-18Cr 58S 58Si8 58SiCr8 58SiMo8KU 58T32 58WCr9KU 59 590A15 590H17 590M17 590S 591 591R 5970 59CV4 59CrV4 59Ni-23Cr-16Mo 59Ni-29Cr-9Fe 59Si7 59Si7CH 5A02 5A03 5A05 5A30 5Al-1,5Fe-1,5Cr-1,5Mo 5Al-2,5Sn 5Al-2,5Sn-ELI 5Al-2.5SnELI 5Al-5Sn-5Zr 5Al-5Zr-5Sn 5C4 5CR 5CR12 5ChGM 5ChNM 5ChW2F 5ChW2S 5ChW2SF 5Cr-0,5Mo 5Cr-1.5Si-0.5Mo 5Cr-1/2Mo 5Cr-Mo-V 5Cr21Mn8Ni2N 5Cr21Mn9Ni4N 5Cr21Mn9Ni4Nb2WN 5Cr3Mn1SiMo1V 5Cr4Mo3SiMnVAl 5Cr4W5Mo2V 5Cr8Si2 5CrMnMo 5CrMnMo casting 5CrMo 5CrMo16 5CrMo16KU 5CrMo4 5CrNiMo 5CrW2Si 5FO 5HNM 5HV2S 5HV2SF 5HW2SF 5KHV2S 5KhV2SF 5L16 5L17 5L34 5L36 5L44 5LMV 5Mo-3Cr 5Ni390 5NiCr180 5PTM7T01 5R10 5R60 5R75 5RA50 5S15 5S21 5S80 5S82 5S99 5S99G 5Si2 5Sn-95Pb 5T2 5T22 5XB2C 5XGM 5XHM 5xxx 6 6 moly 6-2-1-1 6-2-4-2 6-2-4-2Si 6-2-4-2Ti 6-2-4-6 6-4 6-4 ELI 6-41 6-5-2 6-5-2-5 6-5-2-5HC 6-5-2HC 6-5-3 6-5-4 6-6-2 6-Moly 6-Moly AL-6XN 6-Moly/N08926 6-Moly/S31254 60 60 H 60-23CrNi 60-3 60-30 60-40 +AL 60-40 brass 60-40 yellow brass 60-40-18 60-42-10 60/40 brass 600 600 alloy 600-3 600-3A 600-50A5 600-65A5 600/3 60000-MnBr 60004 60004 class4 6003 6003 cladding 6005 6005A 6006/SE2 6008 6008-T4 6008-T6 6009 6009-T4 600R 601 601 alloy 6010 6010-T4 6011 6012 6012E 6013 6016 6018 601H 602 6020 6020hMo 6021 6022 6023 6026 602CA 603 6030 60302 60303 60304 60304L 60309 60310 60316 60316 mod. 60316L 60317 6033 60332 60347 603GT 604 6040 6041 60410 6042 60420 60431 60442 60446 6052 6053 6056 6056-T6 6056-T78 605A32 605A37 605H37 605M36 605M36 H&T 606 6060 6061 6061 casting 6062 6063 6063A 6064 6064A 6065 6066 606M36 606M36T 607 6070 608 6080 6081 6082 608M38 60A1 60Ag-40Ni 60Au-40Pd 60B 60C1 60C2 60C2A 60C2H2A 60C2XA 60C3 60C4 60C6 60Cr-40Ni 60Cr2 60Cr3 60Cr4V2 60CrB3 60CrMnA 60CrMnBA 60CrMnMoA 60CrMo3 60CrMo3-1 60CrMo3-2 60CrMo3-2 +H 60CrMo3-2 +HH 60CrMo3-3 60CrMo4 60CrMoV18.5 60E1 60E3 60F55 60G 60GA 60HLES 60Mn 60MnSiCr4 60NCD11 60NCDV10 60NCDV11 60Ni-12Cr 60Ni-16Cr 60Ni-22Cr-9Mo-3,5Cb 60Ni-22Cr-9Mo-3.5Cb 60Ni-22Fe-16Cr 60Ni-Fe25-Cr15 60NiCrMo11 60NiCrMo2 60NiCrMoV12.4 60Nickel-16Chromium 60Pd-38Ag-2Ni 60Pd-40Ag 60S2 60S20 60S20Pb+Bi 60S2A 60S2ChA 60S2ChFA 60S2G 60S2HFA 60S2KHA 60S2KhFA 60S2N2A 60S7 60SC7 60SG 60SGH 60SPb20 60SPb20Bi 60SSa 60Si15A 60Si2CrA 60Si2CrV 60Si2CrVA 60Si2Mn 60Si2MnA 60Si7 60Si8 60SiCr3 60SiCr7 60SiCr7.3 60SiCr8 60SiCrV7 60SiMn2 60SiMn5 60SiMn7 60SiMoCr8 60T32 60T3a 60T6 60W 60W-39Cu-1Ni 60WCS20 60WCrSi8 60WCrV12 So 60WCrV2 60WCrV7 60WCrV7/1.2550 60WCrV8 60WT 61-70 610 610 ALLOY 6100 6101 6101A 6101B 6103 6105 6106 610R 611 6110 6110A 6111 6111-T1 6115 6117 6118 612 6120 6125 613 6130 6135 614 6140 6145 6146475 615 615 casting 6150 6150 ALLOY 6150 casting 6150H 6151 6152 6156 6156 Clad-T6 6158 616 6162 617 617 alloy 618 6181 6182 618T 619 6195 61A 61B 61B/62A 61C 61Cr21Mn10MoVNbN 61CrSiV5 61D 61S 61SC7 61SiCr7 61SiCr7/1.7108 62-50 620 620 Gr27 620 Gr31 620 GrA 620 GrB 620-440 620-440E 620-450 620-460 620-490 620-540 6200-A2 6201 6201-T81 620M1 620R 621 621-460 622 622 DZR 622 Gr31 622 Gr45 622 type 622-440 622-490 622-515 622-560 622-650 622E 623 624 62400 6246 625 625 cast 625 plus 625-520 625-590 6253 6253 cladding 625E 625M P/M 6261 6262 6262A 6262A-T6 6262A-T9 6264 626Si 627 629 629-470 629-590 629R 62A 62B 62C 62Cu-37.5Zn-.3Pb 62E2 62Ni-28Mo-5Fe 62Ni-28Mo-Fe 62S 62SiCr5 62SiMnCr4 62SiMnCr4 Vk 62T3a 63-1-1-35 630 630 f.metal 630-860 630R 631 631 high Ni 631-850 631M 632 632 f.metal 632M 633 633 electrode 633 f.metal 633R 634 634 electrode 634 f.metal 63400 63401 634A14 635 6351 6351A 6353 635A14 635H15 635M15 635M15 bright 636 637A16 637A16 bright 637H17 637M17 637M17 bright 637M17/En352 638 63A2 63E1 63GS 63Ni-29Cu-4Si 63Pb-35Sn-2Sb 63S 63Sn-37Pb 63Sn/37Pb 64.9Be-30Al-3Ag-1Co-0.75Ge 640M40 641 642 643 64401 64423 6443 64430 645R 6463 6463A 647 64F360 64F490 64Mn3 65 65 SiCrMoV 6-2 65-35 65-35 brass 65-45-12 65-45-15 650 65000-MnBr 65028 65032 651 651 casting 6510 652 653 653M31 654 654SMO 655 6553 655A12 655H13 655M13 655M13 bright 6560 6560-T5 6560-T6 6582 6587 6592 65A800 65Au-21Pd-14Ag 65Au-25Ag-6Pt 65C2BA 65C6 65CrV3 65G 65GA 65K Mn Brz 65Mn 65Mn10 65Mn4 65MnCr4 65MnCrMo4 65NiCu 65S 65S2WA 65Si2MnWA 65Si7 65SiCr7 65SiMn7 65Sn-35Pb 65T3a 65T6 66-30-2-2 66/34 660 660 for tool 660-440 660-460 660F20 660R 661 661 casting 6616hMo 662 662F20 663 663R 664 664R 665 665 ALLOY 665A19 665A24 665H17 665H17 casting 665H20 665H23 665M17 665M17 bright 665M20 665M23 667 668 66Mn4 66S 67-1-3-29 67/33 brass 67/34 670 670-860 671 671-850 673 674 675 676 6760 6761 6763 678 679R 67SiCr5 67SiCr5 wire rod 67SiMnCrMo6-6-4F 67T 67T3a 67XB 67XB1 680 680 casting 681 681 GrA 681-820 682 683 684 685 685 alloy 685A55 HD 685A55 ND 685A55 NS 685A57 685H57 686 686C 687 6870 688 689 68A1 68F62 68Pb-30Sn-1.5Sb 68WCrV2 690 6900 691 6928 693 694 6951 6959 697 6979 6981 69S 6A 6A02 6AL-4V TI 6AL-7NB 6Al-2,5Cb-1Ta-.8Mo 6Al-2Cb-1Ta-0.8Mo 6Al-2Cb-1Ta-1Mo 6Al-2Sn-2Zr-2Mo-2Cr 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo 6Al-4V 6Al-4V ELI 6Al-4V surgical 6Al-4VEli 6Al-6V-2Sn 6Al-7Nb 6Al2Sn2Zr2Mo2Cr0.25Si 6Al2Zr2Sn2Mo2Cr0.25Si 6B 6C 6C27 6ChS 6ChW2S 6Cr17Ni12Mo2H 6Cr4W3Mo2VNb 6CrMnSi2Mo1 6CrMnSi2Mo1V 6CrMo18.5 6CrW2Si 6F2 6F3 6F4 6F5 6F6 6F7 6G 6H1 6H2 6J12 6L16 6L17 6L37 6L5 6L6 6LR62 6MO casting 6Mo 6Mo-Super Austenitic 6N01 6Ni25Cr15Ti2MoVBH 6Q16 6R35 6S80 6W6Mo5Cr4V 6XB2C 6XC 7 7% aluminium bronze 7-4 7-4-2-5 7-5-5-10 7-5-5-5 7-6-3-12 7-Mo 70 70 KD 70-14-16-0 70-30 70-30 CuNi 70-30 arsenical brass 70-30 brass 70-30 copper nickel 70-36 70-40 70-IG/M21 70/30 700-2 700-50A5 700-65A5 700/2 70003 class 7001 7003 7004 7005 7008 7008 cladding 7009 700Q 700QT 700Si 700Si tube 7010 7010-T7651 7010A 7011 7011 alclad 7075 7011 alclad 7079 7011 alclad 7178 7011 cladding 7012 7014 7015 7016 7017 7018 7019 701C.1 7020 7021 7021-T6 7022 7027 7029 7029-T5 7029-T6 702C.1 7030 70308 70309 70310 70311 70312 70327 70330 70331 70334 70335 7035 7039 7040 7040-T7451 7046 7049 7049A 704A60 704H60 705.0 705.1 7050 7051 7055 7055 ALLOY-T77511 7056 7056-T7651 705A60 705H60 706 706 alloy 7064 7068 7068-T6 7068-T6511 707 707.0 707.1 7070 7072 7072 cladding 7075 7075 Pl. 7075 casting 7075 clad 7072 7075-T6 ALCLAD 7075-T73 7076 7079 7079-T6 7079-T651 7081 7085 708A25 708A30 708A37 708A40 708A42 708A47 708H20 708H37 708H42 708H45 708M20 708M25 708M40 708M40 H&T 708M40 bright 708M40T 708R 709.0 7090 7091 709A37 709M40 709M40 bright 70Au-20Ag-10Cu 70Au-24Ag-6Cu 70Au-30Ni 70Au-8Pd-22Ni 70C2XA 70C6 70CS 70Cr2 70CrV2 70CuNi 70E2 70G 70GSC 70HS 70KSI 70KSI-YS 70MCD8 70Mn 70Mn4 70MnCrMo8 70MnMoCr8 70Mo-30W 70S 70S2ChA 70SPb20 70Si3MnA 70Si7 70Sn-30Pb 70T3 70T3a 70T6 70W-29Cu-1Ni 70gold-30nickel 71-5-24-0 71.5Au14.5Cu8.5Pt4Ag1Zn 710 710.0 710.1 7108 7108A 711.0 711.1 7116 7116-T5 711M40 712.0 712.2 7122 7129 7129-T5 7129-T6 713 R 713.0 713.1 7130 7131 7136 7136-T76511 71360 71360/HNV7 7140 7140-T7451! 7149 715 7150 71500 716 ALUMINIUM 71660 7170 7175 7178 718 718 HH 718 SUPREME 718 plus 718-OP 718SPF 71Cu-28Zn-1Sn-.06P 71Cu-28Zn-1Sn-.06Sb 71Ni-16Cr-3Ti 71Si7 72-1-3-24 72.5Au14Cu8.5Pt4Ag1Zn 72/28 720 720 R 720M32 7210 722 7225 722M24 722M24 bright 722M24 casting 722M24T 722M29 7230 724 7249 724L 725 725LN 7260 727 7277 729 72A1 72Ag-28Cu 72Au-26.2Ag-1.8Ni 72M 72S 72SiNiCrMoV5.4 72T3a 730A65HD 730A65HS 730A65ND 731 7349 7349-T6511 7349-T76511 734L 735 735A50 735A50 HD 735A50 ND 735A50 NS 735A50HS 735A51 735A54 735H50 HD 735H51 7370 73MOV52 73MoV5.2 73WCRMOV22 73WCrMoV2.2 740 7420 7449 7449-T7951 744X 745 74530 74538 7475 7475 Pl. 74CrW1 74NiCr2 75 75-25 copper-nickel 75-3-8-2-12 75-5-20-0 750 750 HB 7505 751 7510 752 7520 754 7560 759 75Ag-24.5Cu-0.5Ni 75Ag-25Ni 75Au-25Ag 75C6 75Cr1 75CrMoNiW6.7 75F70 75GS 75Mn4 75Ni-20Cr 75Ni8 75NiCr2 75S 75T3a 75T6 75W-25Re 76 metal 76-3-6-15 76-6-17-1 760 7610 762 762-690 763 764 76528 766 76S 76W-24Cu 77-15-8 770 7709 771.0 771.2 7710 7735 774 7750 777 7790 77Cu15Ni8Sn 77T3a 77W-23Cu 78 metal 78-3-7-12 78-6-16 78-7-15 781.6 785M19 7860 788-2 792 794 7940 796 79Ni1 79Ni1-1.6971 79S 7A 7A01 7A04 7A09 7A10 7Al-12Zr 7Al-2Cb-1Ta 7Al-4Mo 7AlCr130 7C27Mo2 7C4 7Cr-0.5Mo 7Cr17 7Cr18Ni10H 7Cr18Ni11NbH 7Cr19Ni11TiH 7CrMoNi2 7CrMoVTiB10-10 7CrNiMo8 7CrNiMo8KU 7CrSiMnMoV 7CrWVMoNb9-6 7HT-C17530 7M 7Mn15Cr2Al3V2WMo 7Mo 7Mo PLUS 7N01 7N11 7NiCrMo8 KU 7Q 7RE10 7RE10/8RE10 7RE13 7S1 GrA 7S1 GrB 7S1 GrC 7S1A 7S1B 7S1C 7S80 7T22 7xxx 8 8 titanium 8% phosphor bronze 8-1-1 8-1-1 Ti 80 80 nickel-20 chromium 80-10-10 80-20 ALLOY 80-20 brass 80-20 copper nickel 80-20-0-0 80-20NiCr 80-40 80-5-2-13 80-50 80-55-06 80-60-03 80.000 tensile 80/20 80/20 copper-nickel 800 alloy 800-2 800-50A5 800-65A5 800/2 80002 class2 8001 8004 8005 8006 8008 8009 8009-H112 800F00 800F70 800L 801 8010 Cell 8011 8011A 8014 8015 8017 8018 C2 801A 8021B 8022 8022-H112 8030 8050/S134M 805A17 805A20 805A20B 805A22 805A60 805H17 805H20 805H22 805H60 805M17 805M17 bright 805M20 805M20 bright 805M22 8060/S165M 806M20 806M22 8079 8081 808H17 808M17 8090 8099 80A 80Au/20Cu 80C6 80CS 80CV2 80Cr20Si2Ni 80CrV2 80CrV3 80DCV40 80DCV40-16-10 80Gold-20Copper 80H 80HLES 80HS 80MO8 80Mn2V 80Mo-20Cu 80MoCrV40-16 80MoCrV42-16 80MoCrV42.16 80Nb-10W-10Hf-0.1Y 80Ni-20Cr 80Pd-20Ni 80S 80SB 80T3 80T6 80W-19Cu-1Ni 80WCRV3 80WCRV8 80WCV20 80WCrV3 80WCrV8 81 metal 81-19 tin bronze 81-3-7-9 81-4-4-11 81-4-4-9-2 81-7-12 8111 8112 8115 813 8150 815A16 815B 815H17 815M17 815M17 bright 815M17/En353 816M40 8176 8177 817A37 817M40 817M40 bright 817M40-En24 817M40/En24 817M40T 818 818M40 819A 819AW 819B 81B40 81B45 81MoCrV42.16 82-50 820 820A16 820H17 820M17 820M17 bright 820P 821 GrNb LT190 821Nb LT190 822H17 822M17 822M17 bright 8230 823M30 823M30 casting 825 825 cast 825CP 825hMo 826M31 826M31 bright 826M31 casting 826M40 827 8270 828 8280 829 82Au-18Ni 82Ni-18Mo 82T3b 83%WC-17%Co 83-4-6-7 83-7-7-3 830M31 832 SF 832 SFT 832 SKR 832 SKR-5 832H 832H13 832M13 832MV 832MVMA 832MVN 832MVR 832MVRN 832MVT 832SFR 832SFRN 832SK 832SKR-4 832SKRN 832SLR 832SLRN 832SNR 833 834 835A15 835D 835H15 835M15 835M30 836 836B 837 837D 838 838C 83CrMoV9 84-10-2.5-0-3.5 84-16 tin bronze 84-8-8 8407 2M 8407 supreme 842 844 845 Grade Nb 845B 845LT190 GrTi 846 848 8490/S8490 84Ni-14Cr-1Si 85 85 Cr7 VK 85 metal 85-0-4-11 85-10-0-5 85-14-0-1 85-15 brass 85-15 tin bronze 85-5-5-5 85-5-9-1 85-9-6 85/15 85/5/0/10 leaded bronze 850 850.0 850.1 850/550/10 851.0 851.1 8519 851D 852.0 852.1 852C 853 854C 855 8550 857 8570 857B 85Ag-15Cd 85Ag-15Ni 85C6 85CR1 85Cr1 85Cr18Mo2V 85Cr7 85Cr7/1.2064 85CrMo7 85CrMo7.2 85MnV Vk 85Mo-15Cu 85NIV4 85NiV4 85Pt/15Ir 85T6 85WSiMo5 86.8Ag-5.5Cd-0.2Ni-7.5Cu 861 8615 8615 casting 8617 8617H 862 8620 8620 casting 8620 tube 8620H 8620X 8622 8622 casting 8625 8627 863 8630 8630 casting 8630H 8632 8635 8635 mod. 8637 8637H 864 8640 8640 & 8740 8640 casting 8640H 8641 8642 8645 8645H 8647 865 8650 8650H 8653 8655 8655H 865C 8660 8660H 867 8670 mod. 868 869D 86B45 86B45H 86Cr18W2VRe 86CrMoV7 86L20 86W-10Ni-4Cu 87-10-1-2 87-11-1-0-1 87-5-1-2-5 87-8-1-4 87-8-2-3 87.5-7.5-5 8715 8717 8719 872 8720 8720H 8730 alloy 8735 8740 8740 for bolting 8740 mod. 8740 modified 8740H 8742 8745 875 8750 876 878 879 88-10-0-2 88-10-2-0 88-10-5-0-0-1.5 88-12 88-12 gear bronze 88-2.5-2-6.5-1 88-3-9 88-5-0-2-5 88-6-2-4 88-7-0-3-2 88-8-0-4 88/10/2 88/10/2 solder 882 ALLOY 8822 8822 casting 883 ALLOY 883-PLUS 88D1 88MnV8KU 88Pb-10Sn-2Ag 89-1-10 89-11 89-11 gear bronze 897D 897DMo 897M39 89Cu-8.1Zn-1.9Pb-1Ni 8A 8AgOFC 8Al-1Mo-1V 8Al-1V-1Mo 8B 8C 8CA 8CD12 8ChF 8Cr14 8Cr17 8Cr170 8Cr20Si2Ni 8Cr3 8CrMnMo12-4-9 8CrMo16 8CrMo16/1.8599 8CrMo5-5 8CrMoNiNb9.10 8CrMoV16-5 8CrSi7-7 8H 8HF 8L1 8L4 8Mn 8MnCr14 8MnCrB3 8MnSi 8MnSi7 8Mo-8V-2Fe-3Al 8MoB5-4 8MoNiCr250 8N2 COBALT 8N8 8NAV1 8Q16 8R10 8R30 8R30H 8R40 8R40H 8R41 8R70 8RA10 8RE10 8RE18 8SiTi4 8T32AL 8TiCr170 9 9-4-30 9.4529 9.5912 9.9035HG 9.9135HM Ergitan 9.9367MG Ergitan 9.9605XL 9/0 9/1 9/2 9/3 90 90%Ta-10%W 90-10 90-10 Copper-Nickel 90-10 CuNi 90-10 brass 90-10 copper zinc 90-10 tantalum 90-60 90/10 900-2 900/2 900/650/09 90000-MnBr 90001 90001 class1 9001/1 9001/2 9001/3 9001/4 900103F1166 9002/1 9002/2 9002/3 9002/4 9002/5 9002/6 9002/8 9003/1 9003/2 9003/3 9003/4 9005/1 9005/2 9005/3 9005/4 9005/5 9005/7 9005/8 9006/1 9006/2 9006/3 9006/4 9006/5 9006/6 9006/7 9007/1 9007/2 9007/3 9007/4 9007/5 9008/1 9008/2 901 ALLOY 901/300 901C.1 903 903C 904D 904L 904L casting 904L f.metal 904L forged or rolled 904L/1 904LN 904S13 904S14 904S92 905 905C 905M31 905M39 9060 906D 907 907C 908 90A 90Ag-10Au 90Ag-10CdO 90Ag-10Cu 90Au-10Cu 90Au-10Ni 90Cr180 90Cr2 90Cr3 90CrSi5 90GS 90MCV8 90MCW5 90MCWV5 90MV8 90MWCV5 90Mn4 90MnCrV8 90MnV2 90MnV8 90MnVCr8KU 90MnWCrV5 90Ni-10Cr 90Pb-10Sn 90Pt/10Ir 90SiCr5 90Sn-10Pb 90T3 90Ta-10W 90VCrMn20 90VMn20 90VMoCr180 90W-10Ta 90W-6Ni-4Cu 90W-7Ni-3Co 90W-7Ni-3Fe 90W-8Ni-2Co 90W-8Ni-2Fe 90W-9Ni-1Co 90W-9Ni-1Fe 91-2Si-7 91-3-0-3-3 91-4Si-5Zn 910 911 913 913 alloy 915 916 9160C391 917 91E 91Sn-4.5Sb-4.5Cu 92.5Pb-5In-2.5Ag 92.5W-4.5Ni-3Cu 92.5W-5.25Ni-2.25Fe 9210 92111 92178-90 922 922215 923 924B 925 9250 9254 9254X 9255 9257 9259 925A60 926 9260 9260H 9261 9262 9262H 926Mo 927 928 928L 929 93,5Pb-5,5Sn-1Ag 93-7-0-0 9300 930D 9310 9310 CEVM 9310H 9314 9315 9317 931D 932 9320 934 9340 934LN 935 935B 936 9360 937 9370 937B 938 939 93MCW5 940 941 941C 94246 94246-01 94246-62 943 9430 9437 944 9440 9442 9445 9447 945 9450 945M38 947 948 94B15 94B17 94B17 wire 94B17H 94B30 94B40 94Pb-6Sb 95-4Si-1Mn 95-5 brass 95/5 952 952C 953 954 955 956 957 957B 958 958 Ni-Al-Brz 958C 959 95Ag-5Mn 95Ch18 95Ch1M 95Cr1 95Cu-5Al 95Cu-5Zn 95E1 95MnCrW1 95MnCrW4 95MnCrW5 95MnWCr5 95MnWCr5KU 95Sn-5Ag 95Sn-5Sb 95V4 95W-3.5Ni-1.5Cu 95W-3.5Ni-1.5Fe 95X18 95X1M 9600 9610 962 962/B369 964 964/B369 965 969 96Ag-4C 96Au-4Ni 96Cu-3Ni-0.6Si 96Cu-4Mn 96E1 96Ni-4Si 96Sn-4Ag 97.5%Ta-2.5%W 97.5Pb/1.5Ag/1Sn 97.6W-1.2Ni-1.2Fe 973 9747 976 9763 976M33 978 97Ag-3C 97Ag-3Gr 97Ag-3Pd 97Ag-3Pt 97C 97Cu2Ni0.5Si 97Pb-2.5Sn-0.5Ag 97Sn-3Cu 97W-2.1Ni-.9Fe 98.5Ag-1.5Cu 982 984 9840 9840H 9845 9850 986 988 98B37 mod. 98BV40 98BV40 mod 98C6 98C8 98Cr6Mn4 98M2 98Pb-2Sn solder 98S 98WCrMn14 99,5Ti 99,7 99,8 99,99 99.3 99.35 99.5A 99.5AL-1050A 99.6 99.75 99.8 99.85% Pd 99.87 99.9Pd 99.9Pt 990 990-2S 990A 990C 993 995 9950 996 996A 997 9970 9980 9980A 9980B 9990A 9995A 9998A 99Ag-1Pd 99C 99C1 99Cr6 99Cu-1Ni 99Ni-1Co 9A 9A AlBrz 9B 9B AlBrz 9C 9CR-1MO 9CR-1MO-0.2C 9Ch1 9ChF 9ChS 9Cr-1Mo 9Cr-1Mo-V 9Cr-2MoVNb 9Cr18 9Cr18Mo 9Cr18MoV 9Cr2 9CrMo 9CrMo18 9CrMoV-N 9CrNiCuP3.2.4 9CrNiCuP3.2.4 tube 9CrWMn 9D 9D6 9E 9F 9FO 9G2F 9HF 9Mn2V 9MnNi4 9Mo-8V-2Fe-3Al 9Ni 9Ni 490 9Ni 585 9Ni steel 9Ni-4Co 9Ni-4Co-0.20C 9Ni-4Co-0.30C 9Ni490 9NiMoCuNb5-6-4 9PWA716-1S 9PWA718-1S 9RU10 9S20 9SMn28 9SMn28K 9SMn36 9SMn36K 9SMnPb28 9SMnPb28+Bi+Te 9SMnPb28+Te+Bi 9SMnPb28K 9SMnPb36 9SMnPb36+Bi+Te 9SMnPb36K 9SiCr 9XC 9b A A 1/1 A 2/1 A 2/2 A 2/3 A 2/4 A 3/1 A 3/2 A 4/1 A 4/2 A 4/3 A 4/4 A DURCISSEMENT STRUCTURAL A nickel A schiffbaustahl A&D 2214 A&D 2219 A&D 7010 A&D 7020 A&D T40 A&D TA4DE A&D TA6V A&D TA6Zr4DE A&D TA6Zr5D A-0 A-10 A-10 tool steel A-100 A-10S A-10SPb A-11 A-1110 A-1120 A-1130 A-1131 A-1132 A-1140 A-1141 A-1142 A-1150 A-12 A-1200 A-1201 A-1202 A-1203 A-1204 A-1250 A-1251 A-1252 A-1260 A-1262 A-1270 A-1272 A-1280 A-1282 A-13 A-1310 A-1311 A-1312 A-14 A-140C A-143 A-144 A-145 A-148 Gr120-95 A-1510 A-1511 A-1515 A-1516 A-1522 A-1523 A-1525 A-1540 A-1550 A-1551 A-1560 A-1580 A-16 A-18 A-2 A-200 A-21 A-210.G A-22 A-24 A-286 A-296 GrCW-12M A-3 A-300 A-357.0 f.metal A-4 A-42 A-5 A-500 A-6 A-80 A-9 A-E6UN A-FeSi A-G0,6 A-G1,5 A-G10S Y4 A-G10SBe A-G11 A-G11-Y24 A-G2,5C A-G2,7M0,7 A-G2M A-G3 A-G3,5M A-G3,5MC A-G3C A-G3M A-G3S A-G3T A-G3T-Y20 A-G3T-Y30 A-G4,5 A-G4,5M A-G4,5MC A-G4MC A-G4Z A-G4Z-Y20 A-G4Z-Y30 A-G4Z2 A-G5M A-G5M0,7 A-G5MC A-G6 A-G6 Y4 A-G6-Y20 A-G6-Y30 A-G6Be A-GS A-GS L A-GSPb A-GSUC A-GSUM A-KUPFER 2,5 A-L18 NICOMO A-M0,3 A-M1 A-M1G A-M4 A-M52 A-MG0,5 A-S10G A-S10G-Y20 A-S10G-Y33 A-S10G/R A-S10U4 A-S10UG A-S11 A-S11UNG A-S12 A-S12 Y4 A-S12GNU A-S12N2G A-S12U A-S12U Y4 A-S12U2 A-S12UN A-S12UN-Y35 A-S12UNG A-S12UNG-Y35 A-S13 A-S13-Y20 A-S13-Y30 A-S13GU A-S17U4G A-S18UN/F353 A-S18UNG A-S1Fe A-S20U A-S20U-Y30 A-S20U-Y35 A-S22UNK A-S25UNG A-S2GT A-S2U A-S2U casting A-S2U-Y20 A-S2U-Y35 A-S4G A-S4G-Y20 A-S4G-Y33 A-S5 A-S5U A-S5U3 A-S5U3G A-S5UG A-S5UZ A-S5UZ-Y20 A-S5UZ-Y30 A-S7Fe A-S7G A-S7G03 A-S7G06 A-S7U3 A-S7U3G A-S8U3 A-S9 A-S9 Y4 A-S9G A-S9GU A-S9GU-Y20 A-S9GU-Y30 A-S9KG A-S9KG-Y23 A-S9KG-Y33 A-S9U3 A-S9U3 Y4 A-S9U3A Y4 A-S9U3Z A-S9UZ Y4 A-SG A-SG0,5MC A-SGM0,3 A-SGM0,7 A-TU.9 A-TU.D A-TU.E A-TU.G A-TU.H A-TU.I A-TU.J A-U10G A-U10G-Y35 A-U10S4 A-U2G A-U2GN A-U2N A-U3Pb A-U4G A-U4G1 A-U4NT A-U4NT-Y20 A-U4NT-Y34 A-U4Pb A-U4SG A-U5GAgT A-U5GT A-U5MGT A-U5N A-U5NKZr A-U5NKZr f.metal A-U5PbBi A-U6MGT A-U8S A-U8SZ A-U8SZ-Y20 A-U8SZ-Y30 A-Z10S8G A-Z3G2 A-Z4,8G A-Z5G A-Z5G3 A-Z5GU A-Z5GU0,6 A-Z6GU A-Z6GUC A-Z6GUZr A-Z8G3U A-Z8GU A.W.FRASER 938 A0 A00 A00202 A00302 A00352 A00402 A00452 A00502 A01001 A0110 A01202 A01301 A01500 A01501 A01601 A01701 A02 A02010 A02012 A02020 A02030 A02032 A02040 A02042 A02060 A02060 f.metal A02062 A02080 A02081 A02082 A0210 A02130 A02131 A02220 A02221 A02240 A02242 A02380 A02381 A02382 A02400 A02401 A02420 A02421 A02422 A02430 A02431 A02490 A02950 A02951 A02952 A02960 A02961 A02962 A03050 A03052 A03080 A03081 A03082 A03190 A03191 A03192 A03240 A03241 A03280 A03281 A03320 A03321 A03322 A03330 A03331 A03360 A03361 A03362 A03390 A03430 A03540 A03541 A03550 A03551 A03552 A03560 A03561 A03562 A03570 A03571 A03580 A03582 A03590 A03592 A03600 A03602 A03610 A03640 A03642 A03690 A03800 A03802 A03830 A03831 A03832 A03840 A03841 A03842 A03850 A03900 A03902 A03920 A03921 A03930 A04130 A04132 A04430 A04431 A04432 A05110 A05111 A05112 A05120 A05122 A05130 A05132 A05140 A05141 A05142 A05150 A05152 A05160 A05180 A05181 A05182 A05200 A05202 A05350 A05352 A06 A07050 A07051 A07070 A07071 A07100 A07101 A07110 A07111 A07120 A07122 A07130 A07131 A07710 A07712 A08 A08500 A08501 A08510 A08511 A08520 A08521 A1 A1 class50 A1 class70 A1 class80 A1/1 A1/2 A1/3 A10 A1005 Gr35 A1008 CS A1008 DDS A1008 DS A1008 EDDS A101 A1010 S41003 Gr40 A1010 S41003 Gr50 A1011 CS typeA A1011 CS typeB A1011 CS typeC A1011 CS typeD A1011 DS typeA A1011 DS typeB A1011 Gr55 class2 A1011 type C A1014 718 A101R A1021 GrB A1021 GrC class1 A1021 GrC class2 A1021 GrD class1 A1021 GrD class2 A1021 GrE class1 A1021 GrE class2 A10272 A1031 5120 A1031 Gr4012 A1031 Gr4118 A1031 Gr4135 A1031 Gr4137 A1031 Gr4142 A1031 Gr4145 A1031 Gr4147 A1031 Gr4150 A1031 Gr4320 A1031 Gr4340 A1031 Gr4520 A1031 Gr4615 A1031 Gr4620 A1031 Gr4718 A1031 Gr4815 A1031 Gr4820 A1031 Gr5015 A1031 Gr5016 A1031 Gr5115 A1031 Gr5130 A1031 Gr5132 A1031 Gr5160 A1031 Gr6150 A1031 Gr8617 A1031 Gr8620 A1031 Gr8630 A1031 Gr8640 A1031 Gr8642 A1031 Gr8645 A1031 Gr8650 A1031 Gr8655 A1031 Gr8660 A1031 Gr8720 A1031 Gr8735 A1031 Gr8740 A1031 Gr9260 A1031 Gr9262 A1031 GrE3310 A1031 GrE4340 A1031 GrE51100 A1031 GrE52100 A1031 GrE9310 A10352 A1035A1 A10422 A105 A105 GrI A105 GrII A1050 A1053 S41003 Gr50 A105A A105N A105NT A105QT A105S9N A106 GrA A106 GrB A106 GrC A1060 A1070 A108 A108 Gr1008 A108 Gr1010 A108 Gr1015 A108 Gr1016 A108 Gr1018 A108 Gr1020 A108 Gr1022 A108 Gr1025 A108 Gr1030 A108 Gr1035 A108 Gr1040 A108 Gr1045 A108 Gr1046 A108 Gr1049 A108 Gr1050 A108 Gr1095 A108 Gr10L45 A108 Gr1115 A108 Gr1117 A108 Gr1118 A108 Gr1137 A108 Gr1141 A108 Gr1144 A108 Gr1151 A108 Gr11L17 A108 Gr11L44 A108 Gr1211 A108 Gr1212 A108 Gr1213 A108 Gr1215 A108 Gr12L14 A108 Gr1552 A1080 A10CrNiMo3Ti A10X A11 A1100 A1100-BY A1145 A12 A1200 A1201 A12010 A12011 A12012 A1205 A12060 A12062 A1224Nb A1234Nb A1237 A12400 A12401 A12420 A12421 A12422 A126 GrA A126 GrB A126 GrC A126 classA A126 classB A126 classC A128 GrA A128 GrB-1 A128 GrB-2 A128 GrB-3 A128 GrB-4 A128 GrB1 A128 GrC A128 GrD A128 GrE-1 A128 GrE-2 A128 GrF A12MSSN A13 A13050 A13051 A13052 A131 CS A131 DS A131 GrA A131 GrAH32 A131 GrAH36 A131 GrB A131 GrD A131 GrDH32 A131 GrDH36 A131 GrE A131 GrEH32 A131 GrEH36 A13190 A132 A1320 A13320 A13321 A13322 A135 GrA A135 GrB A13560 A13562 A13570 A13572 A13600 A13601 A13602 A13800 A13801 A13802 A13840 A13900 A13901 A14 A140 A14130 A14131 A14132 A142 A142-T75 A14202 A14262 A14372 A14430 A14431 A14440 A14442 A148 105-85 A148 115-95 A148 120-95 A148 130-115 A148 135-125 A148 150-125 A148 150-135 A148 160-145 A148 165-150 A148 165-150L A148 175-145 A148 210-180 A148 210-180L A148 260-210 A148 260-210L A148 80-40 A148 80-50 A148 90-60 A15 A15140 A15142 A15350 A15351 A15352 A155 1 1/4CR A155 1/2CR A155 1CR A155 2 1/4CR A155 5CR A155 C45 A155 C50 A155 C55 A155 CM65 A155 CM70 A155 CM75 A155 KC55 A155 KC60 A155 KC65 A155 KC70 A159 G1800 A159 G2500 A159 G2500a A159 G3000 A159 G3500 A159 G3500b A159 G3500c A159 G4000 A159 G4000d A15Ni A16 A161 LCST A161 T1 A167 Gr301 A167 Gr302 A167 Gr302B A167 Gr304 A167 Gr304L A167 Gr304LN A167 Gr304N A167 Gr305 A167 Gr306 A167 Gr308 A167 Gr309 A167 Gr309Cb A167 Gr309S A167 Gr310 A167 Gr310Cb A167 Gr310S A167 Gr316 A167 Gr316Cb A167 Gr316L A167 Gr316LN A167 Gr316Ti A167 Gr317 A167 Gr317L A167 Gr317LMN A167 Gr317LN A167 Gr321 A167 Gr321H A167 Gr348 A167 S31254 A167 S33228 A167 S35315 A167 XM-15 A17 A17120 A17121 A176 Gr403 A176 Gr405 A176 Gr409 A176 Gr410 A176 Gr410S A176 Gr420 A176 Gr422 A176 Gr429 A176 Gr430 A176 Gr430B A176 Gr431 A176 Gr442 A176 Gr446 A176 S32803 A176 S40930 A176 S41050 A176 S44400 A176 S44635 A176 S44660 A176 S44700 A176 S44735 A176 S44800 A176 XM-27 A176 XM-33 A177 A178 GrA A178 GrC A178 GrD A179 A17S A18 A181 class60 A181 class70 A182 F1 A182 F10 A182 F11 class1 A182 F11 class2 A182 F11 class3 A182 F12 class1 A182 F12 class2 A182 F122 A182 F2 A182 F20 A182 F21 A182 F22 class1 A182 F22 class3 A182 F22V A182 F23 A182 F24 A182 F304 A182 F304H A182 F304L A182 F304LN A182 F304N A182 F309H A182 F310 A182 F310H A182 F310MoLN A182 F316 A182 F316H A182 F316L A182 F316LN A182 F316N A182 F317 A182 F317L A182 F321 A182 F321H A182 F347 A182 F347H A182 F348 A182 F348H A182 F3V A182 F3VCb A182 F429 A182 F430 A182 F44 A182 F45 A182 F46 A182 F47 A182 F48 A182 F49 A182 F5 A182 F50 A182 F51 A182 F52 A182 F53 A182 F54 A182 F55 A182 F56 A182 F57 A182 F58 A182 F59 A182 F5a A182 F6 A182 F60 A182 F61 A182 F62 A182 F65 A182 F66 A182 F6NM A182 F6a A182 F6b A182 F7 A182 F9 A182 F904L A182 F91 A182 F911 A182 F92 A182 FR A182 FXM-11 A182 FXM-19 A182 FXM-27Cb A182 S31727 A182 S32053 A182 S32506 A182 S32615 A182-F1 A182-F11 A182-F12 A182-F5 A184 XM-19 A18501 A19 A192 A193 B16 A193 B5 A193 B6 A193 B6X A193 B7 A193 B7M A193 B8 A193 B8A A193 B8LN A193 B8LNA A193 B8M A193 B8MA A193 B8MLN A193 B8MLNA A193 B8MN A193 B8MNA A193 B8N A193 B8NA A193 B8P A193 B8PA A193 B8R A193 B8S A193 B8T A193 B8TA A193 GrB8C A193 GrB8CA A194 Gr1 A194 Gr2 A194 Gr2H A194 Gr2HM A194 Gr3 A194 Gr4 A194 Gr6 A194 Gr6F 416 A194 Gr6F 416Se A194 Gr7 A194 Gr7M A194 Gr8C A194 Gr8CA A194 Gr8R A194 Gr8RA A194 Gr8S A194 Gr8SA A197 A199 T11 A199 T21 A199 T22 A199 T3b A199 T4 A199 T5 A199 T7 A199 T9 A1Al A1E A1N00 A1N90H-0 A1N90H-H18 A1R A1x1 A2 A2 ALLOY A2 casting A2/1 A2/2 A20 A200 A200 T11 A200 T21 A200 T22 A200 T3b A200 T4 A200 T5 A200 T7 A200 T9 A200 T91 A201 A201 GrA A201 GrB A201.0 A201.1 A201.2 A2011 A2014 A20152 A20153 A2017 A202 GrA A202 GrB A20202 A20204 A2024 A203 A203 GrA A203 GrB A203 GrD A203 GrE A203 GrF A20302 A20352 A20374 A204 GrA A204 GrB A204 GrC A20402 A20404 A20452 A205 A20502 A206 A206.0 A206.2 A209 T1 A209 T1a A209 T1b A209-T1b A20HM A20Ni A210 GrA-1 A210 GrC A2117 A212 GrA A212 GrB A213 18Cr-2Mo A213 N08925 A213 N08926 A213 S21500 A213 S25700 A213 S30432 A213 S30434 A213 S30615 A213 S30815 A213 S30942 A213 S31002 A213 S31035 A213 S31060 A213 S31254 A213 S31272 A213 S31277 A213 S31725 A213 S31726 A213 S32050 A213 S32615 A213 S32716 A213 S33228 A213 S34565 A213 S35045 A213 S38815 A213 T11 A213 T12 A213 T122 A213 T17 A213 T2 A213 T21 A213 T22 A213 T23 A213 T24 A213 T36 A213 T36 class1 A213 T36 class2 A213 T5 A213 T5b A213 T5c A213 T7 A213 T9 A213 T91 A213 T911 A213 T92 A213 TP201 A213 TP202 A213 TP304 A213 TP304H A213 TP304L A213 TP304LN A213 TP304N A213 TP309Cb A213 TP309H A213 TP309HCb A213 TP309LMoN A213 TP309S A213 TP310 A213 TP310Cb A213 TP310H A213 TP310HCb A213 TP310HCbN A213 TP310MoCbN A213 TP310MoLN A213 TP310N A213 TP310S A213 TP316 A213 TP316H A213 TP316L A213 TP316LN A213 TP316N A213 TP316Ti A213 TP317 A213 TP317L A213 TP321 A213 TP321H A213 TP347 A213 TP347H A213 TP347HFG A213 TP347LN A213 TP347W A213 TP348 A213 TP348H A213 TP444 A213 TPXM-15 A213 TPXM-19 A21382 A214 A216 WCA A216 WCB A216 WCC A217 C12 A217 C12A A217 C5 A217 CA15 A217 WC1 A217 WC11 A217 WC4 A217 WC5 A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217-WC5 A218 A220 A220 Gr40010 A220 Gr45006 A220 Gr45008 A220 Gr50005 A220 Gr60004 A220 Gr70003 A220 Gr80002 A220 Gr90001 A22010 A220SC VMR A22152 A2219P A22202 A22402 A225 GrC A225 GrD A227 class I A227 class II A228 A229 A22950 A22951 A22952 A23 A230 A231 A2317 A23190 A232 A2330 A234 GrC A234 W91 A234 WP1 A234 WP11 CL1 A234 WP11 CL2 A234 WP12 A234 WP2 A234 WP22 A234 WP5 A234 WP9 A234 WPA A234 WPB A234 WPR A2340 A23402 A2345 A23503 A23562 A23572 A23580 A23582 A23800 A23801 A23900 A23901 A24 A240 A240 29-4 A240 Gr201 A240 Gr201-1 A240 Gr201-2 A240 Gr201L A240 Gr201LN A240 Gr202 A240 Gr301 A240 Gr301L A240 Gr301LN A240 Gr302 A240 Gr304 A240 Gr304H A240 Gr304L A240 Gr304LN A240 Gr304N A240 Gr305 A240 Gr309 A240 Gr309Cb A240 Gr309H A240 Gr309S A240 Gr310Cb A240 Gr310H A240 Gr310HCb A240 Gr310MoLN A240 Gr310S A240 Gr314 A240 Gr316 A240 Gr316Cb A240 Gr316H A240 Gr316L A240 Gr316LN A240 Gr316N A240 Gr316Ti A240 Gr317 A240 Gr317L A240 Gr317LMN A240 Gr317LN A240 Gr321 A240 Gr321H A240 Gr329 A240 Gr347 A240 Gr347H A240 Gr348 A240 Gr348H A240 Gr405 A240 Gr409 A240 Gr410 A240 Gr410LM A240 Gr410S A240 Gr429 A240 Gr430 A240 Gr430B A240 Gr430Ti A240 Gr434 A240 Gr436 A240 Gr439 A240 Gr444 A240 Gr445 A240 Gr446 A240 Gr865 A240 N08367 A240 N08700 A240 N08800 A240 N08810 A240 N08811 A240 N08904 A240 N08926 A240 S20161 A240 S20400 A240 S20431 A240 S20432 A240 S20433 A240 S21400 A240 S21640 A240 S21800 A240 S30415 A240 S30435 A240 S30530 A240 S30600 A240 S30601 A240 S30615 A240 S30815 A240 S30941 A240 S31060 A240 S31200 A240 S31254 A240 S31260 A240 S31266 A240 S31277 A240 S31725 A240 S31727 A240 S31803 A240 S32001 A240 S32003 A240 S32050 A240 S32053 A240 S32101 A240 S32202 A240 S32205 A240 S32304 A240 S32506 A240 S32520 A240 S32550 A240 S32615 A240 S32654 A240 S32750 A240 S32760 A240 S32803 A240 S32808 A240 S32906 A240 S32950 A240 S33228 A240 S33400 A240 S33425 A240 S34565 A240 S35045 A240 S35115 A240 S35125 A240 S35135 A240 S35140 A240 S35315 A240 S38815 A240 S39274 A240 S40910 A240 S40920 A240 S40930 A240 S40945 A240 S40975 A240 S40977 A240 S41003 A240 S41045 A240 S41050 A240 S41500 A240 S42035 A240 S43932 A240 S43940 A240 S44330 A240 S44400 A240 S44500 A240 S44535 A240 S44536 A240 S44635 A240 S44660 A240 S44700 A240 S44735 A240 S44800 A240 S46800 A240 S81921 A240 S82011 A240 XM-11 A240 XM-15 A240 XM-17 A240 XM-18 A240 XM-19 A240 XM-21 A240 XM-27 A240 XM-29 A240 XM-31 A240 XM-33 A240 XM-8 A240.0 A240.0-F A240.1 A242 A242 Gr1 A242 Gr2 A242 type1 A242 type2 A242.0 A242.1 A242.2 A24202 A24252 A24302 A24303 A24353 A24430 A24431 A249 N08367 A249 N08904 A249 N08926 A249 S24565 A249 S30415 A249 S30615 A249 S30815 A249 S31050 A249 S31254 A249 S31277 A249 S31725 A249 S31726 A249 S31727 A249 S32050 A249 S32053 A249 S32654 A249 S33228 A249 S34565 A249 S35045 A249 S38815 A249 TP201 A249 TP201LN A249 TP202 A249 TP304 A249 TP304H A249 TP304L A249 TP304LN A249 TP304N A249 TP305 A249 TP309 A249 TP309Cb A249 TP309H A249 TP309HCb A249 TP309S A249 TP310 A249 TP310Cb A249 TP310H A249 TP310HCb A249 TP310S A249 TP316 A249 TP316H A249 TP316L A249 TP316LN A249 TP316N A249 TP317 A249 TP317L A249 TP321 A249 TP321H A249 TP347 A249 TP347H A249 TP348 A249 TP348H A249 TPXM-15 A249 TPXM-19 A249 TPXM-29 A25 A250 T1 A250 T1a A250 T1b A25140 A25142 A2515 A252 Gr1 A252 Gr3 A25350 A25352 A25MKN A25NiF A26 A2618 A26202 A26302 A265 N02200 A266 Gr1 A266 Gr2 A266 Gr3 A266 Gr4 A266 class1 A266 class2 A266 class3 A266 class4 A268 18Cr-2Mo A268 25-4-4 A268 26-3-3 A268 29-4 A268 29-4-2 A268 S32803 A268 S40800 A268 S40930 A268 S41500 A268 S44735 A268 S44736 A268 TP329 A268 TP405 A268 TP409 A268 TP410 A268 TP429 A268 TP430 A268 TP430Ti A268 TP439 A268 TP443 A268 TP446-1 A268 TP446-2 A268 TPXM-27 A268 TPXM-33 A268 TPXM-8 A269 N08367 A269 N08904 A269 N08926 A269 S01815 A269 S24565 A269 S24585 A269 S30600 A269 S31254 A269 S31725 A269 S31726 A269 S32053 A269 S32654 A269 S35045 A269 TP304 A269 TP304L A269 TP304LN A269 TP316 A269 TP316L A269 TP316LN A269 TP317 A269 TP321 A269 TP347 A269 TP347H A269 TP348 A269 TPXM-10 A269 TPXM-11 A269 TPXM-15 A269 TPXM-19 A269 TPXM-29 A26MKN A27 A27 60-30 A27 65-35 A27 70-36 A27 70-40 A27 N-1 A27 N-2 A27 U-60-30 A270 Gr2507 A270 N08367 A270 type304 A271 TP304 A271 TP304H A271 TP304L A271 TP316 A271 TP316H A271 TP321 A271 TP321H A271 TP347 A271 TP347H A271 TP348 A271 TP348H A274 Gr4620 A276 Gr201 A276 Gr202 A276 Gr205 A276 Gr302 A276 Gr302B A276 Gr304 A276 Gr304L A276 Gr304LN A276 Gr304N A276 Gr305 A276 Gr308 A276 Gr309 A276 Gr309Cb A276 Gr309S A276 Gr310 A276 Gr310Cb A276 Gr310S A276 Gr314 A276 Gr316 A276 Gr316Cb A276 Gr316L A276 Gr316LN A276 Gr316N A276 Gr316Ti A276 Gr317 A276 Gr317LMN A276 Gr321 A276 Gr347 A276 Gr348 A276 Gr403 A276 Gr405 A276 Gr410 A276 Gr414 A276 Gr420 A276 Gr429 A276 Gr430 A276 Gr431 A276 Gr440A A276 Gr440B A276 Gr440C A276 Gr444 A276 Gr446 A276 N08367 A276 N08700 A276 S20161 A276 S20162 A276 S21800 A276 S24565 A276 S28200 A276 S30454 A276 S30815 A276 S31254 A276 S31654 A276 S31725 A276 S31727 A276 S31803 A276 S32053 A276 S32101 A276 S32205 A276 S32304 A276 S32506 A276 S32550 A276 S32654 A276 S32760 A276 S34565 A276 S39277 A276 S40976 A276 S41425 A276 S41500 A276 S42010 A276 S44400 A276 S44700 A276 S44800 A276 XM-10 A276 XM-11 A276 XM-13 A276 XM-19 A276 XM-21 A276 XM-25 A276 XM-26 A276 XM-27 A276 XM-28 A276 XM-29 A276 XM-30 A278 cl30 A278 class40 A279 HT A27MKN A28 A283 GrA A283 GrB A283 GrC A283 GrD A284 GrC A284 GrD A285 GrA A285 GrB A285 GrC A28501 A286 A286 low alloy A286[low Ti] A288 A289 Gr1 A289 Gr2 A289 Gr3 A289 Gr4 A289 Gr5 A289 Gr6 A289 Gr7 A289 Gr8 A289 class A A289 class B A289 class B & C A289 class C A29 A29 12L13+Bi+Te A29 G41200 A29 Gr1005 A29 Gr1006 A29 Gr1008 A29 Gr1010 A29 Gr1011 A29 Gr1012 A29 Gr1013 A29 Gr1015 A29 Gr1016 A29 Gr1017 A29 Gr1018 A29 Gr1019 A29 Gr1020 A29 Gr1021 A29 Gr1022 A29 Gr1023 A29 Gr1025 A29 Gr1026 A29 Gr1029 A29 Gr1030 A29 Gr1034 A29 Gr1035 A29 Gr1037 A29 Gr1038 A29 Gr1039 A29 Gr1040 A29 Gr1042 A29 Gr1043 A29 Gr1044 A29 Gr1045 A29 Gr1046 A29 Gr1049 A29 Gr1050 A29 Gr1053 A29 Gr1055 A29 Gr1059 A29 Gr1060 A29 Gr1064 A29 Gr1065 A29 Gr1069 A29 Gr1070 A29 Gr1071 A29 Gr1074 A29 Gr1075 A29 Gr1078 A29 Gr1080 A29 Gr1084 A29 Gr1085 A29 Gr1086 A29 Gr1090 A29 Gr1095 A29 Gr10L15 A29 Gr10L45 A29 Gr1106 A29 Gr1108 A29 Gr1109 A29 Gr1110 A29 Gr1116 A29 Gr1117 A29 Gr1118 A29 Gr1119 A29 Gr1132 A29 Gr1137 A29 Gr1139 A29 Gr1140 A29 Gr1141 A29 Gr1144 A29 Gr1145 A29 Gr1146 A29 Gr1151 A29 Gr11L09 A29 Gr11L17 A29 Gr11L18 A29 Gr11L44 A29 Gr1211 A29 Gr1212 A29 Gr1213 A29 Gr1215 A29 Gr12L13 A29 Gr12L14 A29 Gr12L15 A29 Gr1330 A29 Gr1335 A29 Gr1340 A29 Gr1345 A29 Gr1513 A29 Gr1518 A29 Gr1522 A29 Gr1524 A29 Gr1525 A29 Gr1526 A29 Gr1527 A29 Gr1536 A29 Gr1541 A29 Gr1547 A29 Gr1548 A29 Gr1551 A29 Gr1552 A29 Gr1561 A29 Gr1566 A29 Gr1572 A29 Gr3140 A29 Gr3316 A29 Gr4012 A29 Gr4023 A29 Gr4024 A29 Gr4027 A29 Gr4028 A29 Gr4032 A29 Gr4037 A29 Gr4042 A29 Gr4047 A29 Gr4063 A29 Gr4118 A29 Gr4121 A29 Gr4130 A29 Gr4135 A29 Gr4137 A29 Gr4140 A29 Gr4142 A29 Gr4145 A29 Gr4147 A29 Gr4150 A29 Gr4161 A29 Gr41L45 A29 Gr4320 A29 Gr4337 A29 Gr4340 A29 Gr4419 A29 Gr4422 A29 Gr4427 A29 Gr4520 A29 Gr4615 A29 Gr4620 A29 Gr4621 A29 Gr4626 A29 Gr4715 A29 Gr4718 A29 Gr4720 A29 Gr4815 A29 Gr4817 A29 Gr4820 A29 Gr5015 A29 Gr5046 A29 Gr50B40 A29 Gr50B44 A29 Gr50B46 A29 Gr50B50 A29 Gr50B60 A29 Gr5115 A29 Gr5117 A29 Gr5120 A29 Gr5130 A29 Gr5132 A29 Gr5135 A29 Gr5140 A29 Gr5145 A29 Gr5147 A29 Gr5150 A29 Gr5155 A29 Gr5160 A29 Gr51B60 A29 Gr52100 A29 Gr6118 A29 Gr6120 A29 Gr6150 A29 Gr8115 A29 Gr81B45 A29 Gr8615 A29 Gr8617 A29 Gr8620 A29 Gr8622 A29 Gr8625 A29 Gr8627 A29 Gr8637 A29 Gr8640 A29 Gr8642 A29 Gr8645 A29 Gr8650 A29 Gr8655 A29 Gr8660 A29 Gr86B45 A29 Gr8720 A29 Gr8735 A29 Gr8740 A29 Gr8822 A29 Gr9254 A29 Gr9255 A29 Gr9259 A29 Gr9260 A29 Gr9262 A29 Gr94B17 A29 Gr94B30 A29 Gr9840 A29 Gr9850 A29 GrE4340 A29 GrE50100 A29 GrE51100 A29 GrE52100 A29 GrE9310 A29 M1008 A29 M1010 A29 M1012 A29 M1015 A29 M1017 A29 M1020 A29 M1023 A29 M1025 A29 M1031 A29 M1044 A294 W91 A295 1070M A295 Gr51100 A295 Gr5160 A295 Gr5195 A295 Gr52100 A295 K19526 A296 CA-15M A296 CA-6N A296 CA-6NM A296 CA15 A296 CA40 A296 CB-30 A296 CC-50 A296 CD-4MCu A296 CE-30 A296 CF-10SMnN A296 CF-16F A296 CF-20 A296 CF-3M A296 CF-8 A296 CF-8M A296 CF3 A296 CF8C A296 CG-12 A296 CG6MMN A296 CG8M A296 CH-10 A296 CH-20 A296 CK-20 A296 CN-7M A296 CN-7MS A296 CN7MS A296 CW-12M A296 CY-40 A296 CZ-100 A296 M-35 A296 N-12M A297 HC A297 HD A297 HE A297 HF A297 HG10MnN A297 HH A297 HI A297 HK A297 HL A297 HN A297 HP A297 HP-45 A297 HU A297 HW A297 HX A298 E330-15 A298 E330-16 A298 E347-16 A298 E410-15 A298 E410-16 A298 E502-15 A298 E502-16 A299 A2A A2Al A2N A2N01 A2R A2S A3 A30 A300 A3003 A3004 A3005 A30122 A30152 A302 GrA A302 GrB A302 GrC A302 GrD A30202 A30302 A30303 A30304 A30352 A30354 A304 Gr1038H A304 Gr1045H A304 Gr1330H A304 Gr1335H A304 Gr1340H A304 Gr1345H A304 Gr1521H A304 Gr1522H A304 Gr1524H A304 Gr1526H A304 Gr1541H A304 Gr15B35H A304 Gr15B37H A304 Gr15B41H A304 Gr15B48H A304 Gr15B62H A304 Gr3140H A304 Gr4027H A304 Gr4028H A304 Gr4032H A304 Gr4037H A304 Gr4042H A304 Gr4047H A304 Gr4063H A304 Gr4068H A304 Gr4118H A304 Gr4130H A304 Gr4135H A304 Gr4137H A304 Gr4140H A304 Gr4142H A304 Gr4145H A304 Gr4147H A304 Gr4150H A304 Gr4161H A304 Gr4320H A304 Gr4340H A304 Gr4419H A304 Gr4620H A304 Gr4621H A304 Gr4626H A304 Gr4640H A304 Gr4720H A304 Gr4815H A304 Gr4817H A304 Gr4820H A304 Gr50B46H A304 Gr50B50H A304 Gr5120H A304 Gr5130H A304 Gr5132H A304 Gr5135H A304 Gr5140H A304 Gr5145H A304 Gr5147H A304 Gr5150H A304 Gr5160H A304 Gr6150H A304 Gr8617H A304 Gr8620H A304 Gr8630H A304 Gr8640H A304 Gr8645H A304 Gr8650H A304 Gr8655H A304 Gr8660H A304 Gr86B45H A304 Gr8720H A304 Gr8740H A304 Gr9260H A304 Gr9262H A304 Gr9310H A304 Gr94B17H A304 Gr9840H A304 GrE2517H A304 GrE3310H A304 GrE4340H A30422 A30424 A305.1 A305.2 A306 Gr80 A307 Gr1029 A307 Gr1060 A307 Gr1064 A307 Gr1075 A307 GrA A307 GrB A30Ni A31 A310-0 A3103 A311 Gr1018 A311 Gr1035 A311 Gr1045 A311 Gr1050 A311 Gr10L18 A311 Gr10L35 A311 Gr1117 A311 Gr1137 A311 Gr1141 A311 Gr1144 A311 Gr11L44 A311 Gr1541 A311 Gr1548 A31122 A31132 A3115 A312 N08367 A312 N08904 A312 N08925 A312 N08926 A312 S01815 A312 S20400 A312 S24565 A312 S30415 A312 S30600 A312 S30615 A312 S30815 A312 S31002 A312 S31035 A312 S31050 A312 S31254 A312 S31272 A312 S31277 A312 S31725 A312 S31726 A312 S31727 A312 S32053 A312 S32615 A312 S32654 A312 S33228 A312 S34565 A312 S35045 A312 S35315 A312 S38815 A312 TP201 A312 TP201LN A312 TP304 A312 TP304H A312 TP304L A312 TP304LN A312 TP304N A312 TP309Cb A312 TP309H A312 TP309HCb A312 TP309S A312 TP310 A312 TP310Cb A312 TP310H A312 TP310HCb A312 TP310S A312 TP316 A312 TP316H A312 TP316L A312 TP316LN A312 TP316N A312 TP316Ti A312 TP317 A312 TP317L A312 TP321 A312 TP321H A312 TP347 A312 TP347H A312 TP347LN A312 TP348 A312 TP348H A312 TPXM-10 A312 TPXM-11 A312 TPXM-15 A312 TPXM-19 A312 TPXM-29 A3120 A31253 A31263 A313 Gr302 A313 Gr304 A313 Gr305 A313 Gr316 A313 Gr321 A313 Gr347 A313 Gr631 A313 S20430 A313 XM-16 A313 XM-28 A3130 A31352 A314 Gr202 A314 Gr302 A314 Gr302B A314 Gr303 A314 Gr303Se A314 Gr304 A314 Gr304L A314 Gr305 A314 Gr308 A314 Gr309 A314 Gr309Cb A314 Gr309S A314 Gr310 A314 Gr310S A314 Gr314 A314 Gr316 A314 Gr316Cb A314 Gr316L A314 Gr316Ti A314 Gr317 A314 Gr321 A314 Gr347 A314 Gr348 A314 Gr403 A314 Gr410 A314 Gr414 A314 Gr416 A314 Gr416Se A314 Gr420 A314 Gr429 A314 Gr430 A314 Gr430F A314 Gr430FSe A314 Gr431 A314 Gr440A A314 Gr440B A314 Gr440C A314 Gr446 A314 Gr501 A314 Gr502 A314 S20161 A314 S21800 A314 S28200 A314 S32760 A314 S32950 A314 S33228 A314 S38031 A314 S38926 A314 S41425 A314 S42010 A314 S44625 A314 XM-10 A314 XM-11 A314 XM-19 A314 XM-28 A314 XM-29 A3145 A3150 A319 A319.0 A32 A32 schiffbaustahl A320 A320 B8 A320 B8A A320 B8F A320 B8M A320 B8MA A320 B8T A320 B8TA A320 GrB8C A320 GrB8CA A320 L1 A320 L43 A320 L7 A320 L73 A320 L7A A320 L7B A320 L7C A322 G41200 A322 G41210 A322 G47150 A322 Gr1330 A322 Gr1335 A322 Gr1340 A322 Gr1345 A322 Gr3140 A322 Gr4012 A322 Gr4023 A322 Gr4024 A322 Gr4027 A322 Gr4028 A322 Gr4032 A322 Gr4037 A322 Gr4042 A322 Gr4047 A322 Gr4063 A322 Gr4118 A322 Gr4130 A322 Gr4137 A322 Gr4140 A322 Gr4142 A322 Gr4145 A322 Gr4147 A322 Gr4150 A322 Gr4161 A322 Gr41L45 A322 Gr4320 A322 Gr4340 A322 Gr4419 A322 Gr4422 A322 Gr4427 A322 Gr4615 A322 Gr4620 A322 Gr4621 A322 Gr4626 A322 Gr4718 A322 Gr4720 A322 Gr4815 A322 Gr4817 A322 Gr4820 A322 Gr5015 A322 Gr50B40 A322 Gr50B44 A322 Gr50B46 A322 Gr50B46H A322 Gr50B50 A322 Gr50B60 A322 Gr5117 A322 Gr5120 A322 Gr5130 A322 Gr5132 A322 Gr5135 A322 Gr5140 A322 Gr5145 A322 Gr5147 A322 Gr5150 A322 Gr5155 A322 Gr5160 A322 Gr51B60 A322 Gr6118 A322 Gr6150 A322 Gr81B45 A322 Gr8615 A322 Gr8617 A322 Gr8620 A322 Gr8622 A322 Gr8625 A322 Gr8627 A322 Gr8630 A322 Gr8637 A322 Gr8640 A322 Gr8642 A322 Gr8645 A322 Gr8650 A322 Gr8655 A322 Gr8660 A322 Gr8720 A322 Gr8740 A322 Gr8822 A322 Gr9254 A322 Gr9255 A322 Gr9259 A322 Gr9260 A322 Gr9262 A322 Gr9310 A322 Gr94B17 A322 Gr94B30 A322 Gr9840 A322 GrE3310 A322 GrE4340 A322 GrE51100 A322 GrE52100 A3240 A325 type2 A33 A33-1 A33-2 A331 Gr1330 A331 Gr1335 A331 Gr1340 A331 Gr1345 A331 Gr3140 A331 Gr4023 A331 Gr4024 A331 Gr4027 A331 Gr4028 A331 Gr4042 A331 Gr4047 A331 Gr4063 A331 Gr4118 A331 Gr4130 A331 Gr4142 A331 Gr4145 A331 Gr4150 A331 Gr41L45 A331 Gr4320 A331 Gr4340 A331 Gr4419 A331 Gr4620 A331 Gr4621 A331 Gr4718 A331 Gr4720 A331 Gr4815 A331 Gr4817 A331 Gr4820 A331 Gr50B50 A331 Gr50B60 A331 Gr5117 A331 Gr5120 A331 Gr5135 A331 Gr5140 A331 Gr5145 A331 Gr5147 A331 Gr5150 A331 Gr5155 A331 Gr5160 A331 Gr51B60 A331 Gr6120 A331 Gr6150 A331 Gr8615 A331 Gr8620 A331 Gr8622 A331 Gr8625 A331 Gr8630 A331 Gr8637 A331 Gr8640 A331 Gr8645 A331 Gr8650 A331 Gr8655 A331 Gr8720 A331 Gr8742 A331 Gr8822 A331 Gr9310 A331 Gr94B17 A331 Gr94B30 A331 GrE3310 A331 GrE4340 A332 A332.0 A332.1 A332.2 A333 Gr1 A333 Gr10 A333 Gr11 A333 Gr3 A333 Gr4 A333 Gr5 A333 Gr6 A333 Gr7 A333 Gr8 A333 Gr9 A333 GrC A33382 A334 Gr1 A334 Gr11 A334 Gr3 A334 Gr5 A334 Gr6 A334 Gr7 A334 Gr8 A334 Gr9 A334 GrC A335 P1 A335 P11 A335 P12 A335 P122 A335 P15 A335 P2 A335 P21 A335 P22 A335 P23 A335 P36 class1 A335 P36 class2 A335 P5 A335 P5b A335 P5c A335 P7 A335 P9 A335 P91 A335 P911 A335 P92 A33550 A33552 A33570 A336 F1 A336 F10 A336 F11 A336 F11 class1 A336 F11 class2 A336 F11 class3 A336 F11A A336 F11B A336 F12 A336 F2 A336 F21 A336 F21a A336 F22 A336 F22 class1 A336 F22 class3 A336 F22A A336 F22V A336 F25 A336 F30 A336 F304 A336 F304H A336 F304L A336 F304LN A336 F304N A336 F31 A336 F310 A336 F316 A336 F316H A336 F316L A336 F316LN A336 F316N A336 F32 A336 F321 A336 F321H A336 F347 A336 F347H A336 F348 A336 F348H A336 F3V A336 F3VCb A336 F5 A336 F5a A336 F6 A336 F8 A336 F8c A336 F8m A336 F8t A336 F9 A336 F91 A336 F911 A336 FXM-11 A336 FXM-19 A336 FXM-27Cb A33C3 A33C3 Sr A34 A34-1 A34-2 A34202 A344 A34402 A34430 A34431 A34432 A35 A350 A350 LF1 A350 LF1 class1 A350 LF2 A350 LF2 class1 A350 LF2 class2 A350 LF3 A350 LF3 class1 A350 LF3 class2 A350 LF5 class1 A350 LF5 class2 A350 LF6 A350 LF6 class1 A350 LF6 class2 A350 LF6 class3 A350 LF787 A350 LF787 class2 A350 LF787 class3 A350 LF9 A350-LF3 A350.0 A351 C410 A351 C420 A351 C48 A351 CA15 A351 CD-4MCu A351 CD-7MCuN A351 CD3MWCuN A351 CE-20N A351 CE-8MN A351 CF-10SMnN A351 CF-20 A351 CF-3M A351 CF-3MN A351 CF-8C+Ti A351 CF10 A351 CF10M A351 CF10MC A351 CF3 A351 CF3A A351 CF3MA A351 CF8 A351 CF8A A351 CF8C A351 CF8M A351 CG3M A351 CG6MMN A351 CG8M A351 CH-10 A351 CH-20 A351 CH8 A351 CK-3MCuN A351 CK20 A351 CN-2MCuN A351 CN-3MN A351 CN7M A351 CT15C A351 CT35 A351 GrCF-10MC A351 HG10MnN A351 HK30 A351 HK40 A351 HT30 A352 CA-6NM A352 GrLC2 A352 LC1 A352 LC2 A352 LC2-1 A352 LC3 A352 LC4 A352 LC9 A352 LCA A352 LCB A352 LCC A352-LC3 A353 A355 classA A355 classB A355 classC A355 classD A355-A A355-B A355-C A355-D A356 A356 CA-6NM A356 Gr1 A356 Gr10 A356 Gr12 A356 Gr2 A356 Gr5 A356 Gr6 A356 Gr8 A356 Gr9 A356.0 A356.0 f.metal A356.2 A357 A357 GrA A357.0 A357.0-T6 A357.0-T61 A357.0-T61P A357.2 A358 N08020 A358 N08367 A358 N08800 A358 N08810 A358 N08904 A358 N08926 A358 S01815 A358 S24565 A358 S30415 A358 S30600 A358 S30815 A358 S31254 A358 S31725 A358 S31726 A358 S32654 A358 TP304H A358 TP304L A358 TP304LN A358 TP304N A358 TP309 A358 TP309Cb A358 TP309S A358 TP310 A358 TP310Cb A358 TP310S A358 TP316 A358 TP316H A358 TP316L A358 TP316LN A358 TP316N A358 TP321 A358 TP347 A358 TP348 A358 TPXM-19 A35G2 A35K A36 A36 schiffbaustahl A360 A360.0 A360.1 A360.2 A366 CQ A366 CS typeB A368 Gr301 A369 FP1 A369 FP11 A369 FP12 A369 FP2 A369 FP21 A369 FP22 A369 FP3b A369 FP5 A369 FP7 A369 FP9 A369 FP91 A369 FPA A369 FPB A36Cu A36[bar] A36[plate] A37 A37-1 A37-2 A37-3 A37-3d A37-4 A371 ER308 A371 ER308L A371 ER309 A371 ER310 A371 ER316 A371 ER316L A371 ER317 A371 ER330 A371 ER347 A371 ER348 A371 ER410 A371 ER420 A371 ER430 A371 ER502 A37121 A372 GrA A372 GrB A372 GrC A372 GrD A372 GrE class55 A372 GrE class65 A372 GrE class70 A372 GrF class55 A372 GrF class65 A372 GrF class70 A372 GrG class55 A372 GrG class65 A372 GrG class70 A372 GrH class55 A372 GrH class65 A372 GrH class70 A372 GrJ class110 A372 GrJ class55 A372 GrJ class65 A372 GrJ class70 A372 GrK A372 GrL A372 GrM class100 A372 GrM class85 A372 V-A A372 V-B A372 classV typeA A372 classV typeB A372 typeI A372 typeII A372 typeIII A372 typeIV A372 typeIX classA A372 typeIX classB A372 typeV Gr1 class55 A372 typeV Gr1 class70 A372 typeV Gr1 classA A372 typeV Gr1 classB A372 typeV Gr2 class55 A372 typeV Gr2 class65 A372 typeV Gr2 class70 A372 typeV Gr2 classA A372 typeV Gr2 classB A372 typeV Gr3 class55 A372 typeV Gr3 class65 A372 typeV Gr3 class70 A372 typeV Gr3 classA A372 typeV Gr3 classB A372 typeV Gr4 class55 A372 typeV Gr4 class65 A372 typeV Gr4 class70 A372 typeV Gr4 classA A372 typeV Gr4 classB A372 typeV Gr5 class55 A372 typeV Gr5 class65 A372 typeV Gr5 class70 A372 typeV Gr5 classA A372 typeV Gr5 classB A372 typeVI A372 typeVII A372 typeVIII A376 16-8-2H A376 S31725 A376 S31726 A376 S34565 A376 TP304 A376 TP304H A376 TP304LN A376 TP304N A376 TP316 A376 TP316H A376 TP316LN A376 TP316N A376 TP321 A376 TP321H A376 TP347 A376 TP347H A376 TP348 A37AP A37C1 A37C2 A37C3 Sr A37C3 r A37CP A37FP A37P1 A37P2 A37Pb A37RCI A380 A380.0 A380.0-F A380.1 A380.2 A381 Y52 A381 classY65 A384 A384.0 A385 Gr5 class1 A387 Gr11 class1 A387 Gr11 class2 A387 Gr12 class1 A387 Gr12 class2 A387 Gr2 A387 Gr2 class1 A387 Gr2 class2 A387 Gr21 A387 Gr21 class2 A387 Gr21L A387 Gr21L class1 A387 Gr22 A387 Gr22 C1 A387 Gr22 C2 A387 Gr22 class1 A387 Gr22 class2 A387 Gr22L A387 Gr22L class1 A387 Gr5 class1 A387 Gr5 class2 A387 Gr7 A387 Gr7 class1 A387 Gr7 class2 A387 Gr9 A387 Gr9 class1 A387 Gr9 class2 A387 Gr91 class2 A387 Gr911 class2 A387 GrA A387 GrA group I A387 GrB A387 GrC A387 GrD A387 GrE A387 Grade9 cl1 A387 grade5 class1 A387 grade5 class2 A387-12-2 A387Gr12 class1 A389 C23 A389 C24 A38B A390 A390.0 A390.1 A393 A395 Gr60-40-18 A395 Gr65-45-15 A398 ECuAl-A2 A398 ECuSn-A A398 ECuSn-C A398 RCuAl-A2 A398 RCuZn-A A398 RCuZn-B A398 RCuZn-C A398 RCuZn-D A399 RCoCr-A A399 RCoCr-B A399 RCoCr-C A399 RNiCr-C A3A A3Al A3CrNi A3CrNiMo3 A3R A3S A4 A4-4 A4-70 A4-80 A4/2 A40 A400 A400 CD1118 A400 Gr1018 A400 Gr1022 A400 Gr1040 A400 Gr1050 A400 Gr1117 A400 Gr1141 A400 Gr4032 A400 Gr4037 A400 Gr4042 A400 Gr4068 A400 Gr4135 A400 Gr4140 A400 Gr4145 A400 Gr4337 A400 Gr4640 A400 Gr50B30 A400 Gr50B50 A400 Gr50B60 A400 Gr5145 A400 Gr5147 A400 Gr5155 A400 Gr6145 A400 Gr6150 A400 Gr8625 A400 Gr8630 A400 Gr8635 A400 Gr8637 A400 Gr8650 A400 Gr8655 A400 Gr8660 A400 Gr8740 A400 Gr8742 A400 Gr9261 A400 Gr9262 A400 Gr94B40 A400 Gr9850 A401 A40202 A403 CR304 A403 CR304H A403 CR309 A403 CRS31254 A403 WP202 A403 WP304 A403 WP304H A403 WP304L A403 WP304LN A403 WP304N A403 WP309 A403 WP309Cb A403 WP309H A403 WP309HCb A403 WP309S A403 WP310 A403 WP310Cb A403 WP310H A403 WP310HCb A403 WP310HCbN A403 WP316 A403 WP316H A403 WP316L A403 WP316LN A403 WP316N A403 WP317 A403 WP317L A403 WP321 A403 WP321H A403 WP347 A403 WP347H A403 WP348 A403 WP348H A403 WPS31254 A403 WPS31272 A403 WPS31725 A403 WPS31726 A403 WPS33228 A403 WPS34565 A403 WPXM-19 A4032 A40402 A4043 A40452 A4047 A405 P24 A40502 A405RA A4068 A409 N08367 A409 S24565 A409 S30815 A409 S31254 A409 S31725 A409 S31726 A409 TP304 A409 TP304L A409 TP309 A409 TP309Cb A409 TP309S A409 TP310 A409 TP310Cb A409 TP310S A409 TP316 A409 TP316L A409 TP317 A409 TP321 A409 TP347 A409 TP348 A40M1 A40M2 A40M3 A40M3S A410 A41122 A4119 A412 Gr201 A412 XM-10 A412 XM-11 A412 XM-14 A412 XM-19 A412 XM-29 A4125 A413 A413.0 A413.1 A413.2 A414 GrA A414 GrB A414 GrC A414 GrD A414 GrE A414 GrF A414 GrG A414 Grade G A42 A42-1 A42-2 A42-3 A42-4 A420 WPL1 A420 WPL3 A420 WPL6 A420 WPL8 A420 WPL9 A420AP-M A420CP-M A420CPM A420F-M A420FP-M A42122 A42202 A423 Gr1 A423 Gr2 A423 typeI A42302 A42372 A424 A424 type1 A424 type2 A424 type3 A424 typeI A424 typeII A424 typeIIA A424 typeIIB A424 typeIII A426 CP1 A426 CP11 A426 CP12 A426 CP15 A426 CP2 A426 CP21 A426 CP22 A426 CP5b A426 CPCA15 A42AP A42C-M A42C1 A42C2 A42C3 Sr A42C3 bis Sr A42C3 bis r A42C3 r A42CP A42CP forged A42F A42FM A42FP A42FP forged A42FP1 A42MKN A42P-M A42P1 A42P2 A42RCI A42RT A43 A430 FP16-8-2H A430 FP304 A430 FP304H A430 FP304N A430 FP316 A430 FP316H A430 FP316N A430 FP321 A430 FP321H A430 FP347 A430 FP347H A43122 A43202 A43570 A436 type1 A436 type1B A436 type2 A436 type2B A436 type3 A436 type4 A436 type5 A436 type6 A437 B4B A437 B4C A437 B4D A439 D-2 A439 D-2B A439 D-2C A439 D-3 A439 D-3A A439 D-4 A439 D-5 A439 D-5B A439 D-5S A439 typeD-2 A439 typeD-2B A439 typeD-2C A439 typeD-3 A439 typeD-3A A439 typeD-4 A439 typeD-5 A439 typeD-5B A439 typeD-5S A44 A440 A441 A442 Gr55 e<=25 A442 Gr55 e>25 A442 Gr60 e<=25 A442 Gr60 e>25 A443 A443.0 A443.1 A444.0 A444.2 A446 GrA A446 GrB A446 GrC A447 typeI A447 typeII A44B A45 A451 CPF3 A451 CPF3M A451 CPF8M A451 CPH20 A451 CPH8 A451 CPK20 A453 Gr651 A453 Gr660 A453 Gr660 classA A453 Gr660 classB A453 Gr660 classC A453 Gr660 classD A453 Gr662 classA A453 Gr662 classB A453 Gr665 A455 A455 typeI A457 Gr2 A457 Gr651 A458 Gr2 A458 Gr651 A461 Gr630 A461 Gr631 A461 Gr632 A461 Gr634 A461 Gr660 A461 Gr661 A461 Gr662 A461 Gr671 A461 Gr684 A461 Gr685 A461 Gr688 A461 Gr689 A4640 A469 Gr2 A469 Gr3 A469 Gr4 A469 Gr5 A469 Gr6 A469 Gr7 A469 Gr8 A47 Gr32510 A47 Gr35018 A47 class32510 A47-2 A47-3 A47-4 A470 GrC A470 GrC class5 A470 GrC class6 A470 GrC class7 A471 A471 class1 to 6 A471 class10 A47120 A47122 A473 Gr201 A473 Gr202 A473 Gr205 A473 Gr302 A473 Gr302B A473 Gr303 A473 Gr303Se A473 Gr304 A473 Gr304L A473 Gr305 A473 Gr308 A473 Gr309 A473 Gr309S A473 Gr310 A473 Gr310S A473 Gr314 A473 Gr316 A473 Gr316L A473 Gr317 A473 Gr321 A473 Gr347 A473 Gr348 A473 Gr403 A473 Gr403B A473 Gr405 A473 Gr410 A473 Gr410S A473 Gr414 A473 Gr416 A473 Gr416Se A473 Gr420 A473 Gr429 A473 Gr430 A473 Gr430A A473 Gr430F A473 Gr430FSe A473 Gr431 A473 Gr440A A473 Gr440B A473 Gr440C A473 Gr446 A473 Gr501 A473 Gr501A A473 Gr501B A473 Gr502 A473 S28200 A473 S30815 A473 S31254 A473 S32550 A473 S32760 A473 S32950 A473 S41425 A473 S41500 A473 XM-10 A473 XM-11 A476 Gr80-60-03 A477 Gr2 A477 Gr650 A477 Gr651 A477 Gr652 A478 Gr302 A478 Gr304 A478 Gr304L A478 Gr305 A478 Gr309Cb A478 Gr309S A478 Gr310Cb A478 Gr316 A478 Gr316Cb A478 Gr316L A478 Gr316Ti A478 Gr317 A479 Gr302 A479 Gr304 A479 Gr304H A479 Gr304L A479 Gr304LN A479 Gr304N A479 Gr309Cb A479 Gr309H A479 Gr309S A479 Gr310Cb A479 Gr310H A479 Gr310S A479 Gr316 A479 Gr316Cb A479 Gr316H A479 Gr316L A479 Gr316LN A479 Gr316N A479 Gr316Ti A479 Gr317 A479 Gr321 A479 Gr321H A479 Gr347 A479 Gr347H A479 Gr348 A479 Gr348H A479 Gr403 A479 Gr405 A479 Gr410 A479 Gr414 A479 Gr430 A479 Gr431 A479 Gr439 A479 Gr444 A479 Gr904L A479 GrER308 A479 N08367 A479 S20161 A479 S21800 A479 S24565 A479 S30600 A479 S30615 A479 S30815 A479 S31254 A479 S31725 A479 S31726 A479 S31727 A479 S31803 A479 S32050 A479 S32053 A479 S32101 A479 S32202 A479 S32205 A479 S32506 A479 S32550 A479 S32615 A479 S32654 A479 S32750 A479 S32760 A479 S32906 A479 S32950 A479 S33228 A479 S34565 A479 S35315 A479 S38815 A479 S39277 A479 S41425 A479 S41500 A479 S44401 A479 S44700 A479 S44800 A479 XM-11 A479 XM-17 A479 XM-18 A479 XM-19 A479 XM-27 A479 XM-29 A479 XM-30 A479 XM-8 A479 alloy 20 A47RCI A48 A48 Gr20B A48 Gr25 A48 Gr30B A48 Gr35 A48 Gr40 A48 Gr45 A48 Gr50 A48 Gr55 A48 Gr60 A48 cl20 A48 cl25 A48 cl30 A48 cl35 A48 cl40 A48 cl45 A48 cl50 A48 cl55 A48 class20 A48 class25 A48 class30 A48 class35 A48 class40 A48 class45 A48 class50 A48 class55 A480 S21640 A480 S30530 A480 S35115 A480 S35125 A480 S35140 A480 S81921 A480 S82011 A480AP-M A480CP-M A480FP-M A480FPM A480M A485 100CrMnSi6-4 A485 100CrMo7 A485 B3 A485 B5 A485 Gr1 A485 Gr2 A485 Gr3 A485 Gr4 A485 number 1 A485 number 2 A485 number 3 A485 number 4 A486 class120 A486 class70 A486 class90 A487 10A A487 10B A487 10N A487 10Q A487 11A A487 11B A487 11N A487 11Q A487 12A A487 12B A487 12N A487 12Q A487 13A A487 13B A487 13N A487 13Q A487 14A A487 14Q A487 16A A487 16N A487 1A A487 1B A487 1C A487 1N A487 1Q A487 2A A487 2B A487 2C A487 2N A487 2Q A487 4A A487 4B A487 4C A487 4D A487 4E A487 4N A487 4Q A487 4QA A487 6A A487 6B A487 6N A487 6Q A487 7A A487 7Q A487 8A A487 8B A487 8C A487 8N A487 8Q A487 9A A487 9B A487 9C A487 9D A487 9E A487 9N A487 9Q A487 A A487 AN A487 AQ A487 B A487 BN A487 BQ A487 C A487 CA-15M A487 CA-6NM A487 CA-6NM classB A487 CA15 classA A487 CA15 classB A487 CA15 classC A487 CA15 classD A487 CA15-A A487 CA15-B A487 CA15-C A487 CA15-D A487 CA15C A487 CA15D A487 CA15M classA A487 CA6NM classA A487 CA6NM-A A487 CA6NM-B A487 CN A487 CQ A487 DN A487 Gr1 classA A487 Gr1 classB A487 Gr1 classC A487 Gr10 classA A487 Gr10 classB A487 Gr11 classA A487 Gr11 classB A487 Gr12 classA A487 Gr12 classB A487 Gr13 classA A487 Gr13 classB A487 Gr14 classA A487 Gr16 classA A487 Gr2 classA A487 Gr2 classB A487 Gr2 classC A487 Gr4 classA A487 Gr4 classB A487 Gr4 classC A487 Gr4 classD A487 Gr4 classE A487 Gr6 classA A487 Gr6 classB A487 Gr7 classA A487 Gr8 classA A487 Gr8 classB A487 Gr8 classC A487 Gr9 classA A487 Gr9 classB A487 Gr9 classC A487 Gr9 classD A487 Gr9 classE A487 J05002 A487 class 10N A487 class 10Q A487 class 11N A487 class 11Q A487 class 12N A487 class 12Q A487 class 13N A487 class 13Q A487 class 14Q A487 class 16N A487 class A A487 class AN A487 class AQ A487 class B A487 class BN A487 class BQ A487 class C A487 class CA15 A487 class CA15a A487 class CN A487 class CQ A487 class1N A487 class1Q A487 class2N A487 class2Q A487 class4N A487 class4Q A487 class4QA A487 class6N A487 class6Q A487 class7Q A487 class8N A487 class8Q A487 class9N A487 class9Q A487 classDN A48AP A48AP-M A48APR A48C-M A48C1 A48C2 A48C3 Sr A48C3 r A48CP A48CP forged A48CP-M A48CPR A48CR1 A48CR2 A48FP A48FP-M A48FP1 A48FP2 A48FPR A48M1 A48M2 A48M3 A48M3S A48P-M A48P1 A48P2 A48PR1 A48PR2 A490 A490-2 A493 Gr302 A493 Gr304 A493 Gr304L A493 Gr305 A493 Gr316 A493 Gr316L A493 Gr347 A493 Gr384 A493 Gr385 A493 Gr410 A493 Gr429 A493 Gr430 A493 Gr431 A493 Gr440C A493 S28200 A493 S30430 A493 S40940 A493 S42010 A493 S44401 A493 S44625 A493 S44700 A493 S44800 A494 CU5MCuC A494 CW-12M A494 CW-12M-1 A494 CW-12M-2 A494 CW-12MW A494 CW-2M A494 CW-7M A494 CW6M A494 CW6MC A494 CX-2MW A494 CX2M A494 CY-40 A494 CY-5SnBiM A494 CZ-100 A494 M-35 A494 M25S A494 M30C A494 M30H A494 M35-1 A494 M35-2 A494 N-12M A494 N-12M-1 A494 N-12M-2 A494 N-7M A494 N12MV A4Al A4R A4Si A4T A5 A5 NET A5 Y4 A5 stabilized A5-L A5-Y20 A5-Y30 A5/LR A5/LR-Y30 A50 A50-1 A50-2 A50-O A50-OH A500 A500 GrA A500 GrB A500 GrC A500 GrD A5005 A500H A500HW A501 A50183 A502 Gr1 A502 Gr2 A502 Gr3 classA A502 Gr3 classB A50202 A50403 A505 Gr4012 A505 Gr4118 A505 Gr4130 A505 Gr4135 A505 Gr4137 A505 Gr4140 A505 Gr4142 A505 Gr4145 A505 Gr4147 A505 Gr4150 A505 Gr4320 A505 Gr4340 A505 Gr4520 A505 Gr4615 A505 Gr4620 A505 Gr4718 A505 Gr4815 A505 Gr4820 A505 Gr5015 A505 Gr5046 A505 Gr5115 A505 Gr5130 A505 Gr5132 A505 Gr5140 A505 Gr5150 A505 Gr5160 A505 Gr6150 A505 Gr8615 A505 Gr8617 A505 Gr8620 A505 Gr8630 A505 Gr8640 A505 Gr8642 A505 Gr8645 A505 Gr8650 A505 Gr8655 A505 Gr8660 A505 Gr8720 A505 Gr8735 A505 Gr8740 A505 Gr9260 A505 Gr9262 A505 Gr9310 A505 GrE3310 A505 GrE4340 A505 GrE51100 A5052 A5056 A506 A506 Gr4118 A506 Gr4130 A506 Gr4140 A506 Gr4142 A506 Gr4320 A506 Gr4340 A506 Gr4620 A506 Gr5120 A506 Gr5132 A506 Gr5140 A506 Gr5150 A506 Gr5160 A506 Gr6150 A506 Gr8615 A506 Gr8620 A506 Gr8740 A506 Gr9260 A506 Gr9262 A506 GrE3310 A506 GrE52100 A507 Gr4118 A507 Gr4130 A507 Gr4140 A507 Gr4142 A507 Gr4320 A507 Gr4340 A507 Gr4620 A507 Gr5120 A507 Gr5132 A507 Gr5160 A507 Gr6150 A507 Gr6158 A507 Gr8615 A507 Gr8620 A507 Gr8740 A507 Gr9262 A507 GrE3310 A507 GrE52100 A508 3V A508 class1 A508 class1A A508 class2 A508 class2A A508 class3 A508 class3A A508 class4 A508 class4a A508 class4b A508 class5 A508 class5A A5082 A5083 A5086 A50Pb A50S A51 A510 Gr1005 A510 Gr1006 A510 Gr1008 A510 Gr1010 A510 Gr1011 A510 Gr1012 A510 Gr1013 A510 Gr1015 A510 Gr1016 A510 Gr1017 A510 Gr1018 A510 Gr1019 A510 Gr1020 A510 Gr1021 A510 Gr1022 A510 Gr1023 A510 Gr1025 A510 Gr1026 A510 Gr1029 A510 Gr1030 A510 Gr1034 A510 Gr1035 A510 Gr1037 A510 Gr1038 A510 Gr1039 A510 Gr1040 A510 Gr1042 A510 Gr1043 A510 Gr1044 A510 Gr1045 A510 Gr1046 A510 Gr1049 A510 Gr1050 A510 Gr1053 A510 Gr1055 A510 Gr1059 A510 Gr1060 A510 Gr1064 A510 Gr1065 A510 Gr1069 A510 Gr1070 A510 Gr1074 A510 Gr1075 A510 Gr1078 A510 Gr1080 A510 Gr1084 A510 Gr1085 A510 Gr1086 A510 Gr1090 A510 Gr1095 A510 Gr10L15 A510 Gr10L18 A510 Gr10L29 A510 Gr10L35 A510 Gr10L45 A510 Gr1108 A510 Gr1109 A510 Gr1110 A510 Gr1116 A510 Gr1117 A510 Gr1118 A510 Gr1119 A510 Gr1132 A510 Gr1137 A510 Gr1139 A510 Gr1140 A510 Gr1141 A510 Gr1144 A510 Gr1145 A510 Gr1146 A510 Gr1151 A510 Gr11L44 A510 Gr1211 A510 Gr1212 A510 Gr1213 A510 Gr1215 A510 Gr12L13 A510 Gr12L14 A510 Gr12L15 A510 Gr1513 A510 Gr1518 A510 Gr1522 A510 Gr1524 A510 Gr1525 A510 Gr1526 A510 Gr1527 A510 Gr1536 A510 Gr1541 A510 Gr1547 A510 Gr1548 A510 Gr1551 A510 Gr1552 A510 Gr1561 A510 Gr1566 A510 Gr1572 A510AP A510FP A510FP1 A511 29-4 A511 29-4-2 A511 MT302 A511 MT303Se A511 MT304 A511 MT304L A511 MT305 A511 MT309S A511 MT310S A511 MT316 A511 MT316L A511 MT317 A511 MT321 A511 MT347 A511 MT403 A511 MT405 A511 MT410 A511 MT414 A511 MT416Se A511 MT429 A511 MT430 A511 MT431 A511 MT440A A511 MT443 A511 MT446-1 A511 MT446-2 A512 Gr1008 A512 Gr1010 A512 Gr1011 A512 Gr1012 A512 Gr1015 A512 Gr1016 A512 Gr1018 A512 Gr1019 A512 Gr1020 A512 Gr1021 A512 Gr1022 A512 Gr1025 A512 Gr1026 A512 Gr1030 A512 Gr1035 A512 Gr1110 A512 Gr1115 A512 Gr1117 A512 MT1010 A512 MT1015 A512 MT1020 A512 MTX1015 A512 MTX1020 A513 Gr1008 A513 Gr1010 A513 Gr1012 A513 Gr1015 A513 Gr1016 A513 Gr1017 A513 Gr1018 A513 Gr1019 A513 Gr1020 A513 Gr1021 A513 Gr1022 A513 Gr1023 A513 Gr1024 A513 Gr1025 A513 Gr1026 A513 Gr1027 A513 Gr1030 A513 Gr1033 A513 Gr1035 A513 Gr1040 A513 Gr1050 A513 Gr1060 A513 Gr1340 A513 Gr1524 A513 Gr1527 A513 Gr4118 A513 Gr4130 A513 Gr4140 A513 Gr5130 A513 Gr8620 A513 Gr8630 A513 MT1010 A513 MT1015 A513 MT1020 A513 MTX1015 A513 MTX1020 A514 GrA A514 GrB A514 GrC A514 GrD A514 GrJ A514 GrP A514 GrQ A514 GrS A514 Grade C A514 Grade S A514.0 A514.2 A51453 A515 Gr380 A515 Gr415 A515 Gr450 A515 Gr485 A515 Gr55 A515 Gr60 A515 Gr60 AFCS A515 Gr65 A515 Gr70 A5154 A516 Gr380 A516 Gr415 A516 Gr450 A516 Gr485 A516 Gr55 A516 Gr55 AFCS A516 Gr60 A516 Gr60 AFCS A516 Gr65 A516 Gr70 A517 A517 GrA A517 GrB A517 GrC A517 GrD A517 GrF A517 GrH A517 GrJ A517 GrP A517 Grade F A517 Grade H A518 Gr1 A518 Gr2 A518 Gr3 A5183 A519 E7140 A519 Gr1008 A519 Gr1010 A519 Gr1012 A519 Gr1015 A519 Gr1016 A519 Gr1017 A519 Gr1018 A519 Gr1019 A519 Gr1020 A519 Gr1021 A519 Gr1022 A519 Gr1025 A519 Gr1026 A519 Gr1030 A519 Gr1034 A519 Gr1035 A519 Gr1040 A519 Gr1045 A519 Gr1050 A519 Gr1055 A519 Gr1060 A519 Gr1118 A519 Gr1132 A519 Gr1137 A519 Gr1141 A519 Gr1144 A519 Gr11L18 A519 Gr11L44 A519 Gr1213 A519 Gr1215 A519 Gr12L14 A519 Gr1330 A519 Gr1335 A519 Gr1340 A519 Gr1345 A519 Gr1518 A519 Gr1524 A519 Gr1541 A519 Gr3140 A519 Gr4012 A519 Gr4023 A519 Gr4024 A519 Gr4027 A519 Gr4028 A519 Gr4037 A519 Gr4042 A519 Gr4047 A519 Gr4063 A519 Gr4118 A519 Gr4130 A519 Gr4135 A519 Gr4137 A519 Gr4140 A519 Gr4142 A519 Gr4145 A519 Gr4147 A519 Gr4150 A519 Gr4320 A519 Gr4337 A519 Gr4340 A519 Gr4422 A519 Gr4427 A519 Gr4520 A519 Gr4615 A519 Gr4617 A519 Gr4620 A519 Gr4621 A519 Gr4718 A519 Gr4720 A519 Gr4815 A519 Gr4817 A519 Gr4820 A519 Gr5015 A519 Gr5046 A519 Gr50B40 A519 Gr50B44 A519 Gr50B46 A519 Gr50B46H A519 Gr50B50 A519 Gr50B60 A519 Gr5115 A519 Gr5120 A519 Gr5130 A519 Gr5132 A519 Gr5135 A519 Gr5140 A519 Gr5145 A519 Gr5147 A519 Gr5150 A519 Gr5155 A519 Gr5160 A519 Gr51B60 A519 Gr52100 A519 Gr6118 A519 Gr6120 A519 Gr6150 A519 Gr8115 A519 Gr81B45 A519 Gr8615 A519 Gr8617 A519 Gr8620 A519 Gr8622 A519 Gr8625 A519 Gr8627 A519 Gr8630 A519 Gr8637 A519 Gr8640 A519 Gr8642 A519 Gr8645 A519 Gr8650 A519 Gr8655 A519 Gr8660 A519 Gr86B45 A519 Gr8720 A519 Gr8735 A519 Gr8740 A519 Gr8742 A519 Gr8822 A519 Gr9255 A519 Gr9260 A519 Gr9262 A519 Gr9310 A519 Gr94B15 A519 Gr94B17 A519 Gr94B30 A519 Gr94B40 A519 Gr9840 A519 Gr9850 A519 GrE3310 A519 GrE4337 A519 GrE4340 A519 GrE50100 A519 GrE51100 A519 GrE52100 A519 GrE7140 A519 GrE9310 A519 MT1010 A519 MT1020 A519 MTX1020 A51S A52 A52-2 A52-3 A52-4 A52183 A522 K81340 A522 type1 A522 typeI A52253 A529 A52AP A52APR A52B A52C A52C1 A52C2 A52CP A52CPR A52CR1 A52CR2 A52FP A52FP1 A52FP2 A52FPR A52P1 A52P2 A52PR1 A52PR2 A52RA I A52RA II A52RCI A53 GrA A53 GrA typeE A53 GrA typeF A53 GrA typeS A53 GrB A53 GrB typeE A53 GrB typeS A53 typeE GrA A53 typeE GrB A53 typeF GrA A53 typeS GrA A53 typeS GrB A530AP typeI A530AP typeII A532 1A A532 1B A532 1C A532 1D A532 2-D A532 2A A532 2B A532 2C A532 2E A532 3A A532 IA-NiCr-HC A532 IB-NiCr-LC A532 IC-NiCr-GB A532 ID-Ni-HiCr A532 IIA-12%Cr A532 IIB-15%Cr-Mo A532 IIB-15%CrMo-LC A532 IIC-15%CrMo-HC A532 IID-20%Cr-Mo A532 IID-20%Cr-Mo-LC A532 IIE 20%CrMoHC A532 IIE-20%Cr-Mo-HC A532 IIE-20%CrMo-HC A532 IIE-20%CrMoHC A532 IIIA-25%Cr A532 class1 typeD A533 GrA class1 A533 GrA class2 A533 GrA class3 A533 GrB class1 A533 GrB class2 A533 GrB class3 A533 GrC class1 A533 GrC class2 A533 GrC class3 A533 typeA class1 A533 typeA class2 A533 typeA class3 A533 typeB class1 A533 typeB class2 A533 typeB class3 A533 typeC class1 A533 typeC class2 A533 typeC class3 A533 typeD class1 A533 typeD class2 A533 typeD class3 A534 18CrNiMo7-6 A534 18NiCrMo14-6 A534 19MnCr5 A534 20Cr4 A534 20MnCrMo4-2 A534 B20/20Cr3 A534 B21 A534 B22 A534 B23/17MnCr5 A534 B25 A534 B26 A534 B27 A534 B28 A534 B29/20NiCrMo7 A534 B30 A534 B31 A534 B32 A534 E9310 A534 Gr4023 A534 Gr4118H A534 Gr4320H A534 Gr4620 A534 Gr4620H A534 Gr4720 A534 Gr4720H A534 Gr4817H A534 Gr4820H A534 Gr5120 A534 Gr5120H A534 Gr8617H A534 Gr8620 A534 Gr8620H A534 Gr9310H A534 Krupp A535 Gr3310 A535 Gr4320 A535 Gr4620 A535 Gr4720 A535 Gr4820 A535 Gr52100 A535 Gr8620 A535 Gr9310 A535 GrE52100 A535.0 A535.1 A535.2 A5356 A536 D8 A536 Gr100-70-03 A536 Gr120-90-02 A536 Gr60-40-18 A536 Gr65-45-12 A536 Gr80-55-06 A537 GrA A537 cl.1 AFCS A537 class1 A537 class2 A537 class3 A538 GrA A538 GrB A538 GrC A540 B21 class5 A540 B22 A540 B23 A540 B24 A540 B24V A540 B24V cl3 A540 Cr-Mo-V A540 Gr4142H A540 Gr4340 mod. A540 Gr4340V mod. A540 GrE4340H A541 22V A541 3V A541 Gr4N class1 A541 Gr4N class2 A541 Gr4N class3 A541 class1 A541 class1A A541 class2 A541 class2A A541 class3 A541 class3A A541 class7 A541 class7A A541 class7B A542 class1 A542 class2 A542 class3 A542 class4 A542 typeA class1 A542 typeA class2 A542 typeA class3 A542 typeA class4 A542 typeA class4a A542 typeB class1 A542 typeB class2 A542 typeB class3 A542 typeB class4 A542 typeB class4a A542 typeC class1 A542 typeC class2 A542 typeC class3 A542 typeC class4 A542 typeC class4a A542 typeD class1 A542 typeD class2 A542 typeD class3 A542 typeD class4 A542 typeD class4a A542 typeE class4 A542 typeE class4a A543 typeB class1 A543 typeB class2 A543 typeB class3 A543 typeC class1 A543 typeC class2 A543 typeC class3 A544 Gr1017 A544 Gr1018 A544 Gr1020 A544 Gr1022 A544 Gr1030 A544 Gr1035 A544 Gr1038 A544 Gr1106 A544 Gr1108 A544 Gr1109 A544 Gr1110 A545 Gr1006 A545 Gr1008 A545 Gr1010 A545 Gr1012 A545 Gr1015 A545 Gr1016 A545 Gr1018 A545 Gr1019 A545 Gr1021 A545 Gr1022 A545 Gr1026 A545 Gr1030 A545 Gr1035 A545 Gr1038 A545 Gr1524 A545 Gr1541 A5454 A546 Gr1030 A546 Gr1035 A546 Gr1038 A546 Gr1039 A546 Gr1040 A546 Gr10B21 A546 Gr10B22 A546 Gr1541 A547 Gr1335 A547 Gr1335H A547 Gr1340 A547 Gr1340H A547 Gr4037H A547 Gr4135 A547 Gr4137H A547 Gr4140H A547 Gr4142 A547 Gr4142H A547 Gr4340H A547 Gr8637 A547 Gr8640 A547 Gr8640H A547 Gr8740H A548 Gr1013 A548 Gr1016 A548 Gr1018 A548 Gr1019 A548 Gr1019 modified A548 Gr1021 A548 Gr1022 A548 Gr1022 modified A549 Gr1008 A549 Gr1012 A549 Gr1015 A549 Gr1016 A549 Gr1017 A549 Gr1018 A549 Gr1108 A549 Gr1109 A549 Gr1110 A549 GrB1010 A54S A550AP typeI A550AP typeII A550FP A550FP1 A553 type1 A553 typeI A553 typeII A554 MT-301 A554 MT-302 A554 MT-304 A554 MT-309 A554 MT-309S-Cb A554 MT-310 A554 MT-330 A554 MT-430Ti A554 MT304L A554 MT305 A554 MT309S A554 MT310S A554 MT316 A554 MT316L A554 MT317 A554 MT321 A554 MT347 A554 MT429 A554 MT430 A554 MT443 A555 S21800 A556 GrA2 A556 GrB2 A556 GrC2 A56 A560 50Cr-50Ni A560 50Cr-50Ni-Cb A560 60Cr-40Ni A564 Gr630 A564 Gr631 A564 Gr632 A564 Gr634 A564 Gr635 A564 S45503 A564 S46500 A564 S46910 A564 XM-12 A564 XM-13 A564 XM-16 A564 XM-25 A564 XM-9 A564T630 A565 Gr410 A565 Gr615 A565 Gr616 A565 Gr619 A565 S41041 A565 S41425 A565 XM-32 A567 Gr1 A567 Gr10V A567 Gr11 A567 Gr12 A567 Gr13 A567 Gr14V A567 Gr2 A567 Gr3 A567 Gr4 A567 Gr5 A567 Gr6V A567 Gr7V A567 Gr8 A567 Gr9V A567 HH-90 A567 HI-50C A567 HK-50 A567 HK40 A567 HT50C A568 Gr1006 A568 Gr1008 A568 Gr1009 A568 Gr1012 A568 Gr1018 A568 Gr1023 A568 Gr1035 A568 Gr1038 A568 Gr1045 A568 Gr1050 A568 Gr1060 A568 Gr1064 A568 Gr1078 A568 Gr1085 A569 CS typeA A569 CS typeB A569 CS typeC A569 MT1015 A569 MTX1015 A569 typeA A569 typeB A569 typeC A56M1 A56M2 A56M3 A56S A570 Gr1116 A570 Gr30 A570 Gr33 A570 Gr36 A570 Gr36 type1 A570 Gr36 type2 A570 Gr40 A570 Gr45 A570 Gr50 A570 Gr55 A570 GrB A570 GrC A571 D-2M A571 class1 A571 class2 A571 typeD-2M A572 Gr42 A572 Gr50 A572 Gr60 A572 Gr65 A573 Gr58 A573 Gr65 A573 Gr70 A575 M1012 A575 M1015 A575 M1020 A575 M1023 A575 M1031 A575 M1044 A576 1116 A576 Gr1008 A576 Gr1010 A576 Gr1012 A576 Gr1015 A576 Gr1016 A576 Gr1017 A576 Gr1018 A576 Gr1019 A576 Gr1020 A576 Gr1021 A576 Gr1022 A576 Gr1023 A576 Gr1025 A576 Gr1026 A576 Gr1029 A576 Gr1030 A576 Gr1035 A576 Gr1037 A576 Gr1038 A576 Gr1039 A576 Gr1040 A576 Gr1042 A576 Gr1043 A576 Gr1044 A576 Gr1045 A576 Gr1046 A576 Gr1049 A576 Gr1050 A576 Gr1053 A576 Gr1055 A576 Gr1060 A576 Gr1064 A576 Gr1070 A576 Gr1078 A576 Gr1080 A576 Gr1084 A576 Gr1090 A576 Gr1095 A576 Gr10L10 A576 Gr10L15 A576 Gr10L18 A576 Gr10L25 A576 Gr10L29 A576 Gr10L45 A576 Gr1109 A576 Gr1110 A576 Gr1117 A576 Gr1118 A576 Gr1119 A576 Gr1132 A576 Gr1137 A576 Gr1139 A576 Gr1140 A576 Gr1141 A576 Gr1144 A576 Gr1145 A576 Gr1146 A576 Gr1151 A576 Gr11L09 A576 Gr11L17 A576 Gr11L18 A576 Gr11L37 A576 Gr11L44 A576 Gr1211 A576 Gr1212 A576 Gr1213 A576 Gr1215 A576 Gr12L14 A576 Gr12L15 A576 Gr1513 A576 Gr1518 A576 Gr1522 A576 Gr1524 A576 Gr1525 A576 Gr1526 A576 Gr1527 A576 Gr1536 A576 Gr1541 A576 Gr1547 A576 Gr1548 A576 Gr1551 A576 Gr1552 A576 Gr1561 A576 Gr1566 A576 Gr1572 A579 Gr11 A579 Gr12 A579 Gr12a A579 Gr13 A579 Gr21 A579 Gr22 A579 Gr23 A579 Gr31 A579 Gr32 A579 Gr33 A579 Gr41 A579 Gr51 A579 Gr52 A579 Gr53 A579 Gr61 A579 Gr62 A579 Gr63 A579 Gr633 A579 Gr64 A579 Gr71 A579 Gr72 A579 Gr73 A579 Gr74 A579 Gr75 A579 Gr81 A579 Gr82 A579 Gr83 A579 Gr84 A579 H11 A57S A580 GR309S A580 Gr302 A580 Gr302B A580 Gr304 A580 Gr304L A580 Gr305 A580 Gr308 A580 Gr309 A580 Gr309Cb A580 Gr309S A580 Gr310 A580 Gr310H A580 Gr310S A580 Gr314 A580 Gr316 A580 Gr316L A580 Gr317 A580 Gr321 A580 Gr347 A580 Gr348 A580 Gr403 A580 Gr405 A580 Gr410 A580 Gr414 A580 Gr420 A580 Gr430 A580 Gr431 A580 Gr440A A580 Gr440B A580 Gr440C A580 Gr446 A580 S20161 A580 S21800 A580 S28200 A580 S40976 A580 S44400 A580 S44401 A580 S44535 A580 S44700 A580 S44800 A580 XM-10 A580 XM-11 A580 XM-19 A580 XM-28 A580 XM-29 A580 XM-31 A581 Gr303 A581 Gr303Se A581 Gr416 A581 Gr416Se A581 Gr430F A581 Gr430FSe A581 S18235 A581 S41603 A581 XM-1 A581 XM-2 A581 XM-3 A581 XM-34 A581 XM-5 A581 XM-6 A582 Gr303 A582 Gr303Se A582 Gr329 A582 Gr416 A582 Gr416Se A582 Gr420FSe A582 Gr430F A582 Gr430FSe A582 Gr440F A582 Gr440FSe A582 S18235 A582 S32750 A582 S41603 A582 S42020 A582 XM-1 A582 XM-2 A582 XM-3 A582 XM-34 A582 XM-5 A582 XM-6 A583 Gr440FSe A588 GrA A588 GrB A588 GrC A588 GrD A590 A590 XM-19 A590-2 A590AP typeI A590AP typeII A592 GrA A593 Gr303 A593 Gr630 A593 S17400 A594 Gr303 A594 Gr630 A594 S17400 A597 CA-2 A597 CD-2 A597 CD-5 A597 CH-12 A597 CH-13 A597 CM-2 A597 CO-1 A597 CS-5 A597 CS-7 A5Al A5Mo A5S A5Si A6 A6 ALLOY A60 A60-1 A60-2 A600 A600 M1 A600 M10 A600 M10 high C A600 M2 high C A600 M2 regular C A600 M3 class1 A600 M3 class2 A600 M30 A600 M33 A600 M34 A600 M35 A600 M36 A600 M4 A600 M41 A600 M42 A600 M43 A600 M44 A600 M46 A600 M47 A600 M48 A600 M50 A600 M52 A600 M6 A600 M62 A600 M7 A600 T1 A600 T15 A600 T2 A600 T3 A600 T4 A600 T5 A600 T6 A600 T8 A605 A606 Gr2 A606 Gr4 A6061 A6063 A607 Gr45 A607 Gr50 A607 Gr55 A607 Gr60 A607 Gr65 A607 Gr70 A608 HC30 A608 HD50 A608 HE35 A608 HF30 A608 HH30 A608 HH33 A608 HI-35 A608 HK30 A608 HK40 A608 HL-30 A608 HL-40 A608 HL30 A608 HL40 A608 HN40 A608 HT50 A608 HU50 A608 HW-50 A608 HX-50 A60Pb A610 A611 A611 Gr25 A611 Gr33 A611 Gr40 A611 Gr80 A611 GrA A611 GrB A611 GrC A611 GrD A611 GrE A612 A614 A615 Gr40 A615M Gr300 A615M Gr400 A616 Gr50 A617 Gr40 A618 GrIa A618 GrIb A618 typeIa A618 typeIb A619 NKFS A620 DDQ A620 DQSK A621 DQ A622 DQSK A622 DS type A A625 A632 TP304 A632 TP304L A632 TP310 A632 TP316 A632 TP316L A632 TP317 A632 TP321 A632 TP347 A632 TP348 A633 GrA A633 GrC A633 GrD A633 GrE A63320 A63321 A63322 A635 Gr1006 A635 Gr1008 A635 Gr1009 A635 Gr1010 A635 Gr1012 A635 Gr1015 A635 Gr1016 A635 Gr1017 A635 Gr1018 A635 Gr1019 A635 Gr1020 A635 Gr1021 A635 Gr1022 A635 Gr1023 A635 Gr1524 A637 80A A637 Gr684 A637 Gr685 A637 Gr688 A637 Gr689 A637 Gr718 A638 Gr632 A638 Gr660 A638 Gr662 A639 Gr661 A639 Gr671 A643 GrA A643 GrB A643 GrB class1 A643 GrC A643 GrC class1 A643 GrC class2 A643 GrC class3 A643 GrD A643 GrD class1 A643 GrD class2 A645 A646 Gr1 A646 Gr10 A646 Gr11 A646 Gr12 A646 Gr13 A646 Gr14 A646 Gr15 A646 Gr16 A646 Gr17 A646 Gr18 A646 Gr19 A646 Gr2 A646 Gr20 A646 Gr21 A646 Gr3 A646 Gr4 A646 Gr5 A646 Gr52100 A646 Gr6 A646 Gr7 A646 Gr8 A646 Gr9 A649 class1A Gr1 A649 class1A Gr2 A649 class1B A649 class1B Gr1 A649 class1B Gr2 A649 class2 A649 class3 A649 class4 A651 TP304 A651 TP316 A651 TP409 A651 TP430 A651 TP430Ti A651 TP434 A651 TPXM8 A65141 A65142 A653 CQ A653 CS A653 DDS A653 DQ A653 DQSK A653 EDDS A653 FS A653 LFQ A653 SQ Gr230 A653 SQ Gr255 A653 SQ Gr275 A653 SQ Gr33 A653 SQ Gr340 A653 SQ Gr40 A653 SQ Gr50 A653 SQ Gr550 A653 SQ Gr80 A656 Gr50 type1 A656 Gr50 type3 A656 Gr50 type7 A656 Gr60 type1 A656 Gr60 type3 A656 Gr60 type7 A656 Gr70 type1 A656 Gr70 type3 A656 Gr70 type7 A656 Gr80 type1 A656 Gr80 type3 A656 Gr80 type7 A656 type1 Gr50 A656 type1 Gr60 A656 type1 Gr70 A656 type1 Gr80 A656 type3 Gr345 A656 type3 Gr415 A656 type3 Gr485 A656 type3 Gr50 A656 type3 Gr550 A656 type3 Gr60 A656 type3 Gr70 A656 type3 Gr80 A656 type7 Gr345 A656 type7 Gr415 A656 type7 Gr485 A656 type7 Gr50 A656 type7 Gr550 A656 type7 Gr60 A656 type7 Gr70 A656 type7 Gr80 A658 K93600 A658 K93601 A658 K93800 A659 Gr1015 A659 Gr1016 A659 Gr1017 A659 Gr1018 A659 Gr1020 A659 Gr1021 A659 Gr1023 A65M2 A65M3 A660 WCA A660 WCB A660 WCC A66102 A66112 A662 GrA A662 GrB A662 GrC A663 Gr55 A663 Gr80 A666 Gr201 A666 Gr201-1 A666 Gr201-2 A666 Gr201L A666 Gr201LN A666 Gr202 A666 Gr205 A666 Gr301 A666 Gr301L A666 Gr301LN A666 Gr302 A666 Gr304 A666 Gr304L A666 Gr304LN A666 Gr304N A666 Gr304[strip] A666 Gr316 A666 Gr316L A666 Gr316N A666 S20400 A666 XM-11 A666 XM-14 A666 XM-25 A669 A670 Gr718 A672 K75 A672 K85 A675 Gr50 A675 Gr55 A675 Gr60 A675 Gr80 A677 36F145 A677 36F190 A677 47F190 A677 47F305 A677 47F400 A677 47F475 A677 64F360 A677 64F490 A678 GrA A678 GrB A678 GrC A679 A68 A681 A10 A681 A2 A681 A3 A681 A4 A681 A5 A681 A6 A681 A7 A681 A8 A681 A9 A681 D2 A681 D3 A681 D4 A681 D5 A681 D6 A681 D7 A681 F1 A681 F2 A681 H10 A681 H11 A681 H12 A681 H13 A681 H14 A681 H19 A681 H21 A681 H22 A681 H23 A681 H24 A681 H25 A681 H26 A681 H41 A681 H42 A681 H43 A681 L2 A681 L3 A681 L6 A681 O1 A681 O2 A681 O6 A681 O7 A681 P1 A681 P2 A681 P20 A681 P21 A681 P3 A681 P4 A681 P5 A681 P6 A681 S1 A681 S2 A681 S4 A681 S5 A681 S6 A681 S7 A682 Gr1030 A682 Gr1035 A682 Gr1040 A682 Gr1045 A682 Gr1050 A682 Gr1055 A682 Gr1060 A682 Gr1064 A682 Gr1065 A682 Gr1070 A682 Gr1074 A682 Gr1080 A682 Gr1085 A682 Gr1086 A682 Gr1095 A685 A2 A685 A4 A685 A6 A685 D2 A685 D3 A685 O1 A685 O2 A685 O6 A685 S7 A686 W1-07 A686 W1-07 1/2 A686 W1-08 A686 W1-09 A686 W1-09 1/2 A686 W1-12 A686 W1-13 A686 W1-A-10 A686 W1-A-10 1/2 A686 W1-A-11 A686 W1-A-11 1/2 A686 W1-A-8 A686 W1-A-8 1/2 A686 W1-A-9 A686 W1-A-9 1/2 A686 W1-C-10 A686 W1-C-10 1/2 A686 W1-C-11 A686 W1-C-11 1/2 A686 W1-C-8 A686 W1-C-8 1/2 A686 W1-C-9 A686 W1-C-9 1/2 A686 W2-09 1/2 A686 W2-A-13 A686 W2-A-8 1/2 A686 W2-A-9 A686 W2-A-9 1/2 A686 W2-C-13 1/2 A686 W2-C-8 1/2 A686 W2-C-9 A686 W2-C-9 1/2 A686 W5 A688 N08367 A688 N08926 A688 S31254 A688 S32654 A688 TP304 A688 TP304L A688 TP304LN A688 TP304N A688 TP316 A688 TP316L A688 TP316LN A688 TP316N A688 TPXM-29 A689 Gr1078 A689 Gr5155 A690 A690-2 A692 A693 Gr630 A693 Gr631 A693 Gr632 A693 Gr633 A693 Gr634 A693 Gr635 A693 S13800 A693 S15500 A693 S15700 A693 S17400 A693 S17600 A693 S17700 A693 S35000 A693 S35500 A693 S36200 A693 S45000 A693 S45500 A693 S46500 A693 S46910 A693 XM-12 A693 XM-13 A693 XM-16 A693 XM-25 A693 XM-9 A694 F42 A694 F46 A694 F48 A694 F50 A694 F52 A694 F56 A694 F60 A694 F65 A696 GrB A696 GrC A6A A6E A6N01 A7 A7.8 A7/LR A7/LR-Y30 A70-2 A700 A70402 A70452 A705 Gr630 A705 Gr632 A705 XM-12 A705 XM-13 A705 XM-16 A705 XM-25 A705 XM-9 A70502 A706 A706 Gr60 A707 L1 class1 A707 L1 class3 A707 L2 class1 A707 L2 class3 A707 L4 A707 L5 A707 L7 class2 A707 L7 class3 A707 L8 class1 A707 L8 class2 A707 L8 class3 A707 L8 class4 A7075 A709 Gr100 A709 Gr36 A709 Gr50 A709 Gr50W type1 A709 Gr50W type2 A709 Gr50W type3 A70Pb A710 GrA cl1 A710 GrA cl2 A710 GrA cl3 A710 GrA class1 A710 GrA class2 A710 GrA class3 A710 GrB A711 Gr1335 A711 Gr4135H A711 Gr4720 A711 Gr6120 A711 Gr8660 A711 Gr9840 A712 A712.0 A712.1 A713 Gr1055 A713 Gr1059 A713 Gr1060 A713 Gr1064 A713 Gr1065 A713 Gr1069 A713 Gr1070 A713 Gr1074 A713 Gr1075 A713 Gr1078 A713 Gr1080 A713 Gr1084 A713 Gr1086 A713 Gr1090 A713 Gr1095 A713 Gr1561 A713 Gr1566 A713 Gr1572 A714 GrV A71402 A71452 A715 Gr50 A715 Gr60 A715 Gr70 A715 Gr80 A716 60-42-10 A72202 A723 Gr1 class1 A723 Gr1 class2 A723 Gr1 class2a A723 Gr1 class3 A723 Gr1 class4 A723 Gr1 class5 A723 Gr2 class1 A723 Gr2 class2 A723 Gr2 class2a A723 Gr2 class3 A723 Gr2 class4 A723 Gr2 class5 A723 Gr3 class1 A723 Gr3 class2 A723 Gr3 class2a A723 Gr3 class3 A723 Gr3 class4 A723 Gr3 class5 A724 GrA A724 GrB A724 GrC A724 GradeA A724 GradeB A724 GradeC A727 A731 18Cr-2Mo A731 29-4 A731 S41500 A731 TPXM-27 A731 TPXM-33 A731 TPXM-8 A73152 A732 10Q A732 11Q A732 12Q A732 13Q A732 14Q A732 15A A732 1A A732 2A A732 2Q A732 3A A732 3Q A732 4A A732 4Q A732 5N A732 6N A732 7Q A732 8Q A732 9Q A732 Gr10Q A732 Gr11Q A732 Gr12Q A732 Gr13Q A732 Gr14Q A732 Gr15A A732 Gr1A A732 Gr21 A732 Gr2A A732 Gr2Q A732 Gr31 A732 Gr3A A732 Gr3Q A732 Gr4A A732 Gr4Q A732 Gr5155 A732 Gr5N A732 Gr6N A732 Gr7Q A732 Gr8Q A732 Gr9Q A732 IC1020 A732 IC1030 A732 IC1040 A732 IC1050 A732 IC4020 A732 IC4130 A732 IC4140 A732 IC4330 A732 IC4340 A732 IC4620 A732 IC52100 A732 IC6120 A732 IC6150 A732 IC8620 A732 IC8630 A73202 A734 Gr1015 A73402 A736 A736 cl2 A736 cl3 A736 class2 A736 class3 A737 GrB A737 GrC A738 A738 GrA A739 B11 A739 B22 A74202 A74252 A743 CA-15F A743 CA-15M A743 CA-28MWV A743 CA-40F A743 CA-6N A743 CA-6NM A743 CA15 A743 CA40 A743 CB-30 A743 CB6 A743 CC-50 A743 CD-4MCu A743 CE30 A743 CF-10SMnN A743 CF-16F A743 CF-16Fa A743 CF-20 A743 CF-3M A743 CF-3MN A743 CF-8 A743 CF3 A743 CF8C A743 CF8M A743 CG-12 A743 CG3M A743 CG6MMN A743 CG8M A743 CH-10 A743 CH-20 A743 CK-20 A743 CK-3MCuN A743 CK35MN A743 CN-3MN A743 CN-7MS A743 CN3M A743 CN7M A743 CW-12M A743 CY-40 A743 CZ-100 A743 GrCA6N A743 M-35 A743 M35-2 A743 N-12M A744 CD-4MCu A744 CF-10SMnN A744 CF-3M A744 CF-8 A744 CF3 A744 CF8C A744 CF8M A744 CG-12 A744 CG3M A744 CG6MMN A744 CG8M A744 CK-3MCuN A744 CK35MN A744 CN-3MN A744 CN-7MS A744 CN7M A744 CW-12M A744 CY-40 A744 CZ-100 A744 M-35 A744 M35-1 A744 N-12M A747 CB7Cu-1 A747 CB7Cu-2 A750 A752 Gr1330 A752 Gr1335 A752 Gr1340 A752 Gr1345 A752 Gr4012 A752 Gr4023 A752 Gr4024 A752 Gr4027 A752 Gr4028 A752 Gr4037 A752 Gr4047 A752 Gr4118 A752 Gr4130 A752 Gr4137 A752 Gr4140 A752 Gr4142 A752 Gr4145 A752 Gr4147 A752 Gr4150 A752 Gr4161 A752 Gr4320 A752 Gr4340 A752 Gr4419 A752 Gr4615 A752 Gr4620 A752 Gr4621 A752 Gr4626 A752 Gr4718 A752 Gr4720 A752 Gr4815 A752 Gr4817 A752 Gr4820 A752 Gr5015 A752 Gr50B44 A752 Gr50B46 A752 Gr50B50 A752 Gr50B60 A752 Gr5120 A752 Gr5130 A752 Gr5132 A752 Gr5135 A752 Gr5140 A752 Gr5145 A752 Gr5147 A752 Gr5150 A752 Gr5160 A752 Gr51B60 A752 Gr6118 A752 Gr6150 A752 Gr81B45 A752 Gr8615 A752 Gr8617 A752 Gr8620 A752 Gr8622 A752 Gr8625 A752 Gr8627 A752 Gr8630 A752 Gr8637 A752 Gr8640 A752 Gr8642 A752 Gr8645 A752 Gr8655 A752 Gr8720 A752 Gr8740 A752 Gr8822 A752 Gr9254 A752 Gr9255 A752 Gr9260 A752 Gr94B17 A752 Gr94B30 A752 GrE4340 A752 GrE51100 A752 GrE52100 A753 alloy1 A753 alloy2 A753 alloy2 Gr1 A753 alloy2 Gr2 A753 alloy3 A753 alloy4 A753 type1 A753 type2 A753 type3 A753 type4 A756 S44025 A757 A1Q A757 A2Q A757 B2N A757 B2Q A757 B3N A757 B3Q A757 B4N A757 B4Q A757 C1Q A757 D1N1 A757 D1N2 A757 D1N3 A757 D1Q1 A757 D1Q2 A757 D1Q3 A757 E2N A757 E2Q A757 E3N A757-E1Q A758 Gr60 A758 Gr70 A765 GrIV A771 S38660 A771 TP316 A771 type316 A774 WP317L A778 Gr304L A778 Gr316L A778 Gr321 A778 S31703 A780 A781 N30002 A781 N30012 A781 N30107 A789 S21803 A789 S31200 A789 S31260 A789 S31500 A789 S31803 A789 S32001 A789 S32003 A789 S32101 A789 S32202 A789 S32205 A789 S32304 A789 S32500 A789 S32506 A789 S32520 A789 S32550 A789 S32707 A789 S32750 A789 S32760 A789 S32808 A789 S32906 A789 S32950 A789 S33207 A789 S39274 A789 S39277 A789 TP329 A78S A790 S31200 A790 S31260 A790 S31500 A790 S31803 A790 S32003 A790 S32101 A790 S32202 A790 S32205 A790 S32304 A790 S32500 A790 S32506 A790 S32520 A790 S32550 A790 S32707 A790 S32750 A790 S32760 A790 S32808 A790 S32906 A790 S32950 A790 S33207 A790 S39274 A790 S39277 A790 TP329 A791 18-2 A791 25-4-4 A791 26-3-3 A791 29-4 A791 29-4-2 A791 29-4C A791 S40930 A791 TP409 A791 TPXM-27 A791 TPXM-33 A791 TPXM8 A792 CQ A792 Gr37 A792 Gr40 A792 Gr50 A794 Gr1015 A794 Gr1018 A7CrNiMo3 A7N01S A7N01SS A8 A8 ALLOY A8+ A8/9 A80-40 A801 type1 A801 type2 A803 18-2 A803 25-4-4 A803 26-3-3 A803 29-4 A803 29-4-2 A803 29-4C A803 S32950 A803 S40930 A803 S44736 A803 TP409 A803 TP439 A803 TPXM-27 A803 TPXM-33 A808 A80a A813 S30815 A813 S31254 A813 S32053 A813 TP304H A813 TP304N A813 TP316H A813 TP316N A813 TP317L A813 TP321H A813 TP347H A813 TP348 A813 TP348H A813 TPXM-11 A814 S30815 A814 S31254 A814 S32053 A814 TP304H A814 TP304N A814 TP316H A814 TP316N A814 TP317L A814 TP321H A814 TP347H A814 TP348 A814 TP348H A814 TPXM-11 A815 S31803 A815 S32205 A815 S32550 A815 S32750 A815 S32760 A815 S39274 A815 S41008 A815 S41500 A815 WP27 A815 WP33 A815 WP410 A815 WP429 A815 WP430 A815 WP430Ti A815 WP446 A82014 A82024 A82424 A82524 A826 S38660 A826 S42100 A826 TP316 A829 Gr1330 A829 Gr1335 A829 Gr1340 A829 Gr1345 A829 Gr4118 A829 Gr4130 A829 Gr4135 A829 Gr4137 A829 Gr4140 A829 Gr4142 A829 Gr4145 A829 Gr4150 A829 Gr4340 A829 Gr4615 A829 Gr4617 A829 Gr4620 A829 Gr5160 A829 Gr6150 A829 Gr8615 A829 Gr8617 A829 Gr8620 A829 Gr8622 A829 Gr8625 A829 Gr8627 A829 Gr8630 A829 Gr8637 A829 Gr8640 A829 Gr8655 A829 Gr8742 A829 GrE4340 A830 Gr1006 A830 Gr1008 A830 Gr1009 A830 Gr1010 A830 Gr1012 A830 Gr1015 A830 Gr1016 A830 Gr1017 A830 Gr1018 A830 Gr1019 A830 Gr1020 A830 Gr1021 A830 Gr1022 A830 Gr1023 A830 Gr1025 A830 Gr1030 A830 Gr1033 A830 Gr1035 A830 Gr1037 A830 Gr1038 A830 Gr1039 A830 Gr1040 A830 Gr1042 A830 Gr1043 A830 Gr1045 A830 Gr1046 A830 Gr1049 A830 Gr1050 A830 Gr1052 A830 Gr1055 A830 Gr1060 A830 Gr1064 A830 Gr1065 A830 Gr1070 A830 Gr1074 A830 Gr1078 A830 Gr1080 A830 Gr1084 A830 Gr1085 A830 Gr1086 A830 Gr1090 A830 Gr1095 A830 Gr10L10 A830 Gr1335 A830 Gr1524 A830 Gr1527 A830 Gr1536 A830 Gr1541 A830 Gr1548 A83003 A832 Gr21V A832 Gr22V A832 Gr23V A837 Gr410 A837 Gr4620 A838 alloy1 A838 alloy2 A842 Gr250 A842 Gr300 A842 Gr350 A842 Gr400 A842 Gr450 A848 type1 A848 type2 A85-GT A850.0 A850.1 A853 Gr1006 A853 Gr1008 A853 Gr1010 A853 Gr1015 A853 Gr1018 A853 Gr1020 A86061 A867 type1 A867 type1F A867 type2 A867 type2F A867 type3 A86951 A87050 A87075 A871 Gr60 A87475 A875 CQ A875 CS A875 EDDS A877 A878 A887 304B A887 304B1 A887 304B2 A887 304B3 A887 304B4 A887 304B5 A887 304B6 A887 304B7 A890 1A A890 1A mod. A890 1B A890 1C A890 2A A890 3A A890 4A A890 5A A890 6A A890 7A A890 CD-4MCu A890 UNS J92205 A895 Gr303Se A895 Gr420F A895 Gr430F A897 1050/700/7 A897 1050/750/07 A897 1200/850/04 A897 1200/850/4 A897 125/80/10 A897 130/90/09 A897 1400/1100/02 A897 1400/1100/1 A897 150/100/7 A897 150/110/07 A897 1600/1300/- A897 1600/1300/01 A897 175/125/04 A897 175/125/4 A897 200/155/02 A897 200/155/1 A897 230/185/- A897 230/185/01 A897 850/550/10 A897 900/650/09 A8HP A8MNb A8MO A8MS A8MSSN A8Nb A8S A8SSN A8STT A8T A9 A900 A903 A904 A905 A91030 A91035 A91040 A91045 A91050 A91060 A91065 A91070 A91075 A91080 A91085 A91090 A91095 A91098 A91100 A91110 A91120 A91135 A91145 A91150 A91170 A91175 A91180 A91185 A91188 A91190 A91193 A91199 A911SA A91200 A91201 A91230 A91235 A91260 A91275 A91285 A913 A91345 A91350 A91370 A91385 A91435 A91445 A91450 A915 SC1020 A915 SC1020 cl.65/35 A915 SC1025 A915 SC1030 A915 SC1040 A915 SC1045 A915 SC4130 A915 SC4140 A915 SC4330 A915 SC4340 A915 SC8620 A915 SC8625 A915 SC8630 A920 Gr15V41 A920 Gr15V41 class100 A920 Gr15V41 class75 A920 Gr15V41 class80 A92001 A92002 A92003 A92004 A92005 A92006 A92007 A92008 A92011 A92014 A92017 A92018 A92020 A92021 A92024 A92025 A92026 A92027 A92030 A92031 A92036 A92038 A92048 A92050 A92090 A92091 A92099 A921 Gr15V41 A92111 A92117 A92124 A92195 A92198 A92214 A92218 A92219 A92224 A92297 A92319 A92324 A92397 A92419 A92424 A925 A92519 A926 A92618 A93002 A93003 A93003 electrode A93004 A93005 A93017 A93102 A93103 A93104 A93105 A93203 A93207 A93303 A94004 A94006 A94007 A94008 A94011 A94014 A94015 A94018 A94032 A94043 A94045 A94046 A94047 A94047 electrode A94047 f.metal A94104 A94145 A943 S30600 A943 S31254 A943 TPXM-11 A94343 A94543 A946 S70003 A94643 A950 A95005 A95010 A95013 A95019 A95040 A95042 A95049 A95050 A95051 A95052 A95056 A95058 A95082 A95083 A95086 A95087 A95091 A95110 A95119 A95149 A95150 A95154 A95180 A95182 A95183 A95186 A952 A95205 A95210 A95249 A95251 A95252 A95254 A95280 A95283 A953 S70003 A95305 A95310 A95356 A95357 A954 S70003 A95454 A95456 A95457 A955 A955 Gr304 A955 Gr316LN A955 XM-28 A95505 A95554 A95556 A95556 f.m A95557 A95605 A95652 A95654 A95657 A95754 A958 SC1020 A958 SC1020 cl.60/35 A958 SC1020 cl.65/35 A958 SC1025 A958 SC1030 A958 SC1040 A958 SC1045 A958 SC4130 A958 SC4140 A958 SC4330 A958 SC4340 A958 SC8620 A958 SC8625 A958 SC8630 A95854 A959 A959 Gr316Ti A959 Gr347 A959 Gr403 A959 Gr615 A959 N08020 A959 N08367 A959 N08800 A959 N08810 A959 N08811 A959 N08904 A959 N08926 A959 S13800 A959 S15500 A959 S15700 A959 S16800 A959 S17400 A959 S17600 A959 S17700 A959 S18200 A959 S18235 A959 S20100 A959 S20103 A959 S20153 A959 S20161 A959 S20162 A959 S20200 A959 S20300 A959 S20400 A959 S20430 A959 S20500 A959 S20910 A959 S21400 A959 S21460 A959 S21500 A959 S21600 A959 S21603 A959 S21800 A959 S21900 A959 S21904 A959 S24000 A959 S24100 A959 S28200 A959 S30100 A959 S30103 A959 S30153 A959 S30200 A959 S30215 A959 S30300 A959 S30310 A959 S30323 A959 S30345 A959 S30400 A959 S30403 A959 S30409 A959 S30415 A959 S30430 A959 S30432 A959 S30451 A959 S30452 A959 S30453 A959 S30454 A959 S30500 A959 S30600 A959 S30601 A959 S30615 A959 S30800 A959 S30815 A959 S30900 A959 S30908 A959 S30909 A959 S30940 A959 S30941 A959 S31000 A959 S31002 A959 S31008 A959 S31009 A959 S31040 A959 S31041 A959 S31042 A959 S31050 A959 S31100 A959 S31200 A959 S31254 A959 S31260 A959 S31266 A959 S31272 A959 S31400 A959 S31500 A959 S31600 A959 S31603 A959 S31609 A959 S31640 A959 S31651 A959 S31653 A959 S31654 A959 S31700 A959 S31703 A959 S31725 A959 S31726 A959 S31727 A959 S31753 A959 S31803 A959 S32001 A959 S32003 A959 S32050 A959 S32053 A959 S32100 A959 S32101 A959 S32109 A959 S32205 A959 S32304 A959 S32506 A959 S32520 A959 S32550 A959 S32615 A959 S32654 A959 S32750 A959 S32760 A959 S32803 A959 S32900 A959 S32906 A959 S32950 A959 S33228 A959 S33400 A959 S34565 A959 S34709 A959 S34751 A959 S34800 A959 S34809 A959 S35000 A959 S35045 A959 S35315 A959 S35500 A959 S38100 A959 S38400 A959 S38815 A959 S39274 A959 S39277 A959 S40500 A959 S40800 A959 S40900 A959 S40910 A959 S40920 A959 S40930 A959 S40940 A959 S40945 A959 S40975 A959 S40976 A959 S40977 A959 S41000 A959 S41003 A959 S41005 A959 S41008 A959 S41026 A959 S41040 A959 S41041 A959 S41045 A959 S41050 A959 S41400 A959 S41425 A959 S41428 A959 S41500 A959 S41600 A959 S41603 A959 S41610 A959 S41623 A959 S42000 A959 S42010 A959 S42020 A959 S42023 A959 S42035 A959 S42200 A959 S42225 A959 S42300 A959 S42900 A959 S43000 A959 S43020 A959 S43023 A959 S43035 A959 S43036 A959 S43100 A959 S43400 A959 S43600 A959 S43932 A959 S43940 A959 S44002 A959 S44003 A959 S44004 A959 S44020 A959 S44023 A959 S44025 A959 S44200 A959 S44300 A959 S44400 A959 S44500 A959 S44600 A959 S44626 A959 S44627 A959 S44635 A959 S44660 A959 S44700 A959 S44735 A959 S44800 A959 S45000 A959 S45500 A959 S45503 A959 S46500 A959 S46800 A959 S46910 A959 S63198 A959 S64152 A959 S66220 A959 S66286 A959 S66545 A959 type 304 A95xxx A96003 A96005 A96008 A96009 A96010 A96011 A96012 A96013 A96016 A96020 A96022 A96052 A96053 A96056 A96060 A96061 A96063 A96066 A96070 A96081 A96082 A96101 A96103 A96105 A96106 A96110 A96111 A96151 A96162 A96181 A962 VMR A96201 A96253 A96261 A96262 A96351 A96443 A96463 A965 F316H A965 FXM-11 A965 Gr347 A965SA A96753 A968 S70003 A96951 A970 A97001 A97003 A97004 A97005 A97008 A97009 A97010 A97011 A97012 A97014 A97015 A97016 A97017 A97018 A97019 A97020 A97021 A97022 A97027 A97029 A97030 A97039 A97040 A97046 A97049 A97050 A97051 A97055 A97056 A97064 A97068 A97072 A97075 A97076 A97079 A97081 A97085 A97090 A97091 A97108 A97116 A97129 A97140 A97149 A97150 A97175 A97178 A97249 A97277 A97449 A97475 A98001 A98004 A98005 A98006 A98008 A98009 A98011 A98014 A98015 A98017 A98022 A98030 A98079 A98081 A98090 A98111 A98112 A98176 A98177 A982 GrA class1 A982 GrA class2 A982 GrB cl1 A982 GrB cl2 A982 GrC class1 A982 GrC class2 A982 GrD class1 A982 GrD class2 A982 GrE class1 A982 GrE class2 A982 GrF A982 GrF class1 A98280 A984 Gr35 A984 Gr45 A989 K91560 A99 A990 CW-2M A995 1B A995 4A A995 6A A995 CD-4MCu A995 CD-6MN A995 CE-3MN A995 CE-8MN A995 Gr6A AA 193 58 AA 83 AA 89 AA 91/95 AA 940 AA 944 AA 972 AA-360.0 AA-A201.0 AA-A201.1 AA-A201.2 AA-A206.0 AA-A206.2 AA-A240.0 AA-A240.1 AA-A242.0 AA-A242.1 AA-A242.2 AA-A305.1 AA-A305.2 AA-A319.0 AA-A332.0 AA-A332.1 AA-A332.2 AA-A350.0 AA-A356.0 AA-A356.2 AA-A357 AA-A357.0 AA-A357.2 AA-A360.0 AA-A360.1 AA-A360.2 AA-A380.0 AA-A380.1 AA-A380.2 AA-A384.0 AA-A390.0 AA-A390.1 AA-A413.0 AA-A413.1 AA-A443.0 AA-A443.1 AA-A444.2 AA-A514.0 AA-A514.2 AA-A535.0 AA-A535.1 AA-A535.2 AA-A712.0 AA-A712.1 AA-A850.1 AA-B201.0 AA-B295.0 AA-B295.1 AA-B295.2 AA-B319.0 AA-B356.2 AA-B357.0 AA-B357.2 AA-B358.0 AA-B358.2 AA-B380.0 AA-B380.1 AA-B390.0 AA-B390.1 AA-B443.0 AA-B443.1 AA-B514.0 AA-B514.2 AA-B535.0 AA-B535.2 AA-B850.1 AA-C355.0 AA-C355.2 AA-C357.0 AA-C443.0 AA-C443.1 AA-C443.2 AA-C712.1 AA-D357.0 AA-D712.0 AA-D712.2 AA-E357.0 AA-F332.1 AA-F332.2 AA-F357.0 AA-F514.1 AA-F514.2 AA-L514.2 AA-X2119 AA-X2216 AA-X4047 AA100.1 AA1030 AA1035 AA1040 AA1045 AA1050A AA1060 AA1065 AA1070 AA1075 AA1080 AA1085 AA1090 AA1095 AA1098 AA1099 AA1100 AA1110 AA1120 AA1130 AA1135 AA1145 AA1150 AA1160 AA1170 AA1175 AA1180 AA1185 AA1187 AA1188 AA1190 AA1193 AA1197 AA1198 AA1199 AA1200 AA1200A AA1201 AA1230 AA1235 AA1260 AA1270 AA1275 AA1285 AA130.1 AA1330 AA1345 AA1350 AA1350A AA1360 AA1370 AA1385 AA1435 AA1445 AA1450 AA150.0 AA150.1 AA160.1 AA170.1 AA2001 AA2002 AA2003 AA2004 AA2005 AA2006 AA2007 AA2007 bas plomb AA2008 AA201.0 AA201.2 AA2011 AA2014 AA2014A AA2015 AA2016 AA2017 AA2018 AA202.0 AA2020 AA2021 AA2024 AA2024A AA2025 AA2026 AA2027 AA2028A AA2028C AA203.0 AA203.2 AA2030 AA2031 AA2036 AA2038 AA2039 AA204.0 AA204.2 AA2048 AA2050 AA206.0 AA206.0-T7 AA206.2 AA208.0 AA208.1 AA208.2 AA2090 AA2091 AA2111 AA2117 AA2124 AA213.0 AA213.1 AA2195 AA2196 AA2198 AA2214 AA2218 AA2219 AA222.0 AA2224 AA2224A AA2225 AA224.0 AA224.2 AA2297 AA2316 AA2319 AA2324 AA2324-T39 AA238.0 AA238.0-F AA238.1 AA238.2 AA2397 AA240.0 AA240.1 AA2419 AA242.0 AA242.1 AA242.2 AA2424 AA243.0 AA243.1 AA249.0 AA2519 AA2524 AA2618 AA295.0 AA295.1 AA295.2 AA296.0 AA296.1 AA296.2 AA3002 AA3003 AA3004 AA3005 AA3005A AA3017 AA303 AA305 AA305.0 AA305.2 AA307 AA308.0 AA308.1 AA308.2 AA309 AA3102 AA3103 AA3103 f.metal AA3103A AA3104 AA3105 AA3105B AA311 AA319.0 AA319.1 AA319.2 AA3203 AA3207 AA324.0 AA324.1 AA328.0 AA328.1 AA3303 AA332.0 AA332.1 AA332.2 AA333.0 AA333.1 AA336.0 AA336.1 AA336.2 AA339.0 AA343.0 AA354.0 AA354.1 AA355.0 AA355.1 AA355.2 AA356.0 AA356.1 AA356.2 AA357.0 AA357.1 AA358.0 AA358.2 AA359.0 AA359.2 AA360.0 AA360.2 AA361.0 AA364.0 AA364.2 AA369.0 AA380.0 AA380.2 AA383.0 AA383.1 AA383.2 AA384.0 AA384.1 AA384.2 AA385.0 AA390.0 AA390.1 AA390.2 AA392.0 AA392.1 AA393.0 AA4004 AA4006 AA4007 AA4011 AA4014 AA4015 AA4016 AA4017 AA4018 AA4026 AA4032 AA4032-T10 AA4043 AA4043 electrode AA4043A AA4045 AA4046 AA4047 AA4047 electrode AA4104 AA413.0 AA413.2 AA4145 AA4343 AA443.0 AA443.1 AA443.2 AA444.0 AA4543 AA4643 AA5002 AA5005 AA5005A AA5006 AA5010 AA5013 AA5018 AA5019 AA5024 AA5024-H116 AA5026 AA5040 AA5042 AA5049 AA505.0 AA5050 AA5050A AA5051 AA5051A AA5052 AA5055 AA5056A AA5058 AA5059 AA5070 AA5082 AA5083 AA5086 AA5087 AA5088 AA5091 AA511.0 AA511.1 AA511.2 AA5110 AA5119 AA512.0 AA512.2 AA513.0 AA513.2 AA514.0 AA514.1 AA514.2 AA5149 AA515.0 AA515.2 AA5150 AA5154 AA5154B AA516.0 AA518.0 AA518.1 AA518.2 AA5180 AA5182 AA5183 AA5186 AA520.0 AA520.2 AA5205 AA5210 AA5249 AA5251 AA5252 AA5254 AA5280 AA5283 AA5283A AA5305 AA5310 AA535.0 AA535.2 AA5352 AA5356 AA5357 AA5383 AA5405 AA5449 AA5454 AA5456 AA5456A AA5457 AA5505 AA5554 AA5556 AA5557 AA5605 AA5652 AA5657 AA5754 AA5854 AA6 AA6003 AA6005 AA6005A AA6008 AA6009 AA601 AA6010 AA6011 AA6012 AA6013 AA6016 AA6018 AA6020 AA6021 AA6022 AA6023 AA6026 AA6033 AA6040 AA6041 AA6042 AA6052 AA6053 AA6056 AA6060 AA6061 AA6062 AA6063 AA6064A AA6065 AA6066 AA6070 AA6081 AA6082 AA6101 AA6101B AA6103 AA6105 AA6106 AA6110 AA6110A AA6111 AA6151 AA6156 AA6162 AA6181 AA6182 AA6201 AA6253 AA6261 AA6262 AA6262A AA6264 AA6351 AA6351A AA6353 AA6443 AA6463 AA6463A AA6553 AA6763 AA6951 AA7001 AA7003 AA7004 AA7005 AA7008 AA7009 AA7010A AA7011 AA7012 AA7014 AA7015 AA7016 AA7017 AA7018 AA7019 AA7020 AA7022 AA7027 AA7029 AA7030 AA7035 AA7039 AA7040 AA7046 AA7049 AA7049A AA705.0 AA705.1 AA7050 AA7051 AA7056 AA7064 AA7068 AA707.0 AA707.1 AA7070 AA7072 AA7075 AA7076 AA7079 AA7081 AA7085 AA709.0 AA7090 AA7091 AA710.0 AA710.1 AA7108 AA7108A AA711.0 AA711.1 AA7116 AA712.0 AA712.2 AA7122 AA7129 AA713.0 AA713.1 AA7136 AA7140 AA7149 AA7150 AA7175 AA7178 AA7249 AA7277 AA7349 AA7449 AA7475 AA771.0 AA771.2 AA8001 AA8004 AA8005 AA8006 AA8008 AA8009 AA8011 AA8011A AA8014 AA8015 AA8017 AA8022 AA8030 AA8079 AA8081 AA8090 AA8099 AA8111 AA8112 AA8150 AA8176 AA8177 AA8280 AA850.0 AA850.1 AA851.0 AA851.1 AA852.0 AA852.1 AAIS AALCO 1.4372 AAS-A182F22 AB AB-10500 AB-15 AB-21 AB-21000 AB-21100 AB-41000 AB-42000 AB-42100 AB-42200 AB-43000 AB-43100 AB-43200 AB-43300 AB-43400 AB-44000 AB-44100 AB-44200 AB-44300 AB-44400 AB-45000 AB-45100 AB-45200 AB-45300 AB-45400 AB-46000 AB-46100 AB-46200 AB-46300 AB-46400 AB-46500 AB-46600 AB-47000 AB-47100 AB-48000 AB-51000 AB-51100 AB-51200 AB-51300 AB-51400 AB-71000 AB-Al99,5 AB-AlCu4MgTi AB-AlCu4Ti AB-AlMg3-a AB-AlMg3-b AB-AlMg5 AB-AlMg5-Si AB-AlMg9 AB-AlSi10Mg-Cu AB-AlSi10Mg-a AB-AlSi10Mg-b AB-AlSi10MgFe AB-AlSi11 AB-AlSi11Cu2-Fe AB-AlSi12-Cu AB-AlSi12-Fe AB-AlSi12-a AB-AlSi12-b AB-AlSi12Cu1-Fe AB-AlSi12CuNiMg AB-AlSi2MgTi AB-AlSi5Cu1Mg AB-AlSi5Cu3 AB-AlSi5Cu3Mg AB-AlSi5Cu3Mn AB-AlSi6Cu4 AB-AlSi7Cu2 AB-AlSi7Cu3Mg AB-AlSi7Mg AB-AlSi7Mg0,3 AB-AlSi7Mg0,6 AB-AlSi8Cu3 AB-AlSi9 AB-AlSi9Cu1Mg AB-AlSi9Cu3-Fe AB-AlSi9Cu3-Fe-Zn AB-AlSi9Mg AB-AlZn5Mg AB1 AB1-C AB18 AB1S AB2 AB20 AB21 AB27 AB28 AB29 AB3 AB30 AB31 AB3S AB4 AB44 AB4S AB50 AB51 AB5S AB80 AB81 AB82 AB87 AB9 ABC II ABC III ABM31031 ABP20 ABRACORR 30 ABRADUR 64 ABRADUR 66 ABRADUR M14 ABRADUR PM35-D ABRALUX ABRAMAX ABRAMAX MU ABRO 360 ABS 12NiCr3 ABS1 ABS11 ABS12 ABS13 ABS2 ABS3 ABS4 ABS5 ABS6 ABS7 ABSK ABSL ABSM ABSN ABSO ABSP ABx4 ABx5 AC-21000 AC-21100 AC-41000 AC-42000 AC-42100 AC-42200 AC-43000 AC-43100 AC-43200 AC-43300 AC-43400 AC-44000 AC-44100 AC-44200 AC-44300 AC-44400 AC-45000 AC-45100 AC-45200 AC-45300 AC-45400 AC-46000 AC-46100 AC-46200 AC-46300 AC-46400 AC-46500 AC-46600 AC-47000 AC-47100 AC-48000 AC-51000 AC-51100 AC-51200 AC-51300 AC-51400 AC-71000 AC-ALSi5Cu3 AC-AlCu4MgTi AC-AlCu4Ti AC-AlMg3-a AC-AlMg3-b AC-AlMg5 AC-AlMg5-Si AC-AlMg9 AC-AlSi10Mg AC-AlSi10Mg-Cu AC-AlSi10Mg-Fe AC-AlSi10Mg-a AC-AlSi10Mg-b AC-AlSi11 AC-AlSi11Cu2-Fe AC-AlSi12-Cu AC-AlSi12-Fe AC-AlSi12-a AC-AlSi12-b AC-AlSi12Cu1-Fe AC-AlSi12CuNiMg AC-AlSi2MgTi AC-AlSi5Cu1Mg AC-AlSi5Cu3 AC-AlSi5Cu3Mg AC-AlSi5Cu3Mn AC-AlSi6Cu4 AC-AlSi7Cu2 AC-AlSi7Cu3Mg AC-AlSi7Mg AC-AlSi7Mg0,3 AC-AlSi7Mg0,6 AC-AlSi8Cu3 AC-AlSi9 AC-AlSi9Cu1Mg AC-AlSi9Cu3-Fe AC-AlSi9Cu3-Fe-Zn AC-AlSi9Mg AC-AlZn5Mg AC1 AC11 AC14 AC1A AC1A.1 AC1A.2 AC1B AC1B.1 AC1B.2 AC1S AC1Z AC2A AC2B AC2B.1 AC3A AC4 AC4/CuCo2Be AC40 AC41A AC43A AC4A AC4B AC4B-F AC4B-T6 AC4C AC4C.1 AC4C.2 AC4CH AC4D AC5A AC61 AC66 AC7A AC7A-F AC7B AC8A AC8A.1 AC8B AC8C AC9A AC9B ACCESSOIRE TUBULAIRE ACENOR F-1282 ACENOR F-1516 ACENOR F-1522 ACERALIA 35B2 ACI-2 ACI-3 ACI-4 ACI-5 ACIER ACIER "SUPER" RAPIDE ACIER A DILATATION THERMIQUE ACIER A DISPERSOIDES ACIER A GRAIN NON ORIENTE ACIER A HAUTE EXPANSION ACIER A HAUTE RESISTANCE ACIER A HAUTE USINABILITE ACIER A RESSORT ACIER A RESSORT AU BORE ACIER A RESSORT, A CALIBRES ACIER A SOUPAPE ACIER A SOUPAPE AUSTENITIQUE ACIER A SOUPAPES ACIER AERONAUTIQUE ACIER ALLIE ACIER ALLIE AU CHROME ACIER ALLIE AU NICKEL ACIER ALLIE BARRE CALIBREE ACIER ALLIE Cr-Mn-V ACIER ALLIE Cr-Ni-Mo ACIER ALLIE DE CONSTRUCTION ACIER ALLIE DE STRUCTURE ACIER ALLIE HAUTE RESISTANCE ACIER ALLIE MOULE ACIER ALLIE Mn-Cr ACIER ALLIE NICKEL-CHROME ACIER ALLIE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE ACIER ALLIE POUR CHALEUR ACIER ALLIE POUR FORGE ACIER AMAGNETIQUE ACIER APPLICATION MAGNETIQUE ACIER APTE AU FORGEAGE ACIER AU BORE ACIER AU BORE A RESSORT ACIER AU BORE-VANADIUM ACIER AU CARBONE ACIER AU CARBONE CALIBRE ACIER AU CARBONE ETIRE ACIER AU CARBONE FIL ACIER AU CARBONE MOULE ACIER AU CARBONE NON ALLIE ACIER AU CARBONE POUR TUBE ACIER AU CARBONE RESULFURE ACIER AU CARBONE SOUDABLE ACIER AU CARBONE-MANGANESE ACIER AU CHROME ACIER AU CHROME-MOLYBDENE ACIER AU CHROME-NICKEL ACIER AU CHROME-NICKEL-Mo ACIER AU CHROME-SILICIUM ACIER AU CHROME-SILICIUM-Mn ACIER AU CHROME-VANADIUM ACIER AU MANGANESE ACIER AU MANGANESE-BORE ACIER AU MANGANESE-CHROME ACIER AU MANGANESE-MOLYBDENE ACIER AU MANGANESE-NICKEL ACIER AU MANGANESE-SILICIUM ACIER AU MANGANESE-VANADIUM ACIER AU MOLYBDENE ACIER AU NICKEL ACIER AU NICKEL-CHROME ACIER AU NICKEL-CHROME-MO ACIER AU NICKEL-CHROME-Mo ACIER AU NICKEL-MOLYBDENE ACIER AU SILICIUM ACIER AU SILICIUM-Mn ACIER AU SILICIUM-NICKEL-Mo ACIER AUSTENITIQUE ACIER AUSTENO-FERRITIQUE ACIER AUTO-TREMPANT ACIER BOULONNERIE ACIER BOULONNERIE A CHAUD ACIER BOULONNERIE A FROID ACIER BOULONNERIE FORGEE ACIER BOULONNERIE POUR FROID ACIER BOULONNERIE SPECIALE ACIER C125W ACIER CALIBRE INOXYDABLE ACIER CALIBRE POUR USINAGE ACIER CARBONE AU CHROME ACIER CARBONE AU MANGANESE ACIER CARBONE-MANGANESE ACIER CHROME DUR ACIER CHROME-MOLYBDENE ACIER CHROME-MOLYBDENE-V ACIER CHROME-MOLYBDENE-Va ACIER CHROME-TUNGSTENE ACIER CHROME-VANADIUM ACIER Cr-Mo PRE-TRAITE ACIER Cr-Mo-V ACIER Cr-V-Mo ACIER DE CEMENTATION ACIER DE CEMENTATION AU BORE ACIER DE CEMENTATION CALIBRE ACIER DE CONSTRUCTION ACIER DE CONSTRUCTION ALLIE ACIER DE COUTELLERIE ACIER DE DECOLLETAGE ACIER DE NITRURATION ACIER DOUX ACIER DUR AU CARBONE ETIRE ACIER ELEMENT DE FIXATION ACIER ELEMENTS DE FIXATIONS ACIER EQUIPEMENT CHARBONNAGE ACIER FEUILLARD POUR TUBES ACIER FIL MACHINE ACIER FORGE A GRAIN FIN ACIER FORGE ALLIE ACIER FORGE AMAGNETIQUE ACIER FORGE GRANDE PIECE ACIER FORGE MARTENSITIQUE ACIER FORGE OU ESTAMPE ACIER FORGE POUR BASSE TEMP. ACIER FORGE POUR CHALEUR ACIER FORGE POUR ESSIEUX ACIER FORGE POUR FITTINGS ACIER FORGE POUR PIPING ACIER FORGE POUR PRESSION ACIER FORGE POUR ROTOR ACIER FORGE PRESSION/CHALEUR ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE -10C ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE -15C ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE -20C ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE -40C ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE -5C ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE -60C ACIER FORGE RESILIENCE 0C ACIER FORGE SUPER RESISTANT ACIER FORMAGE A FROID ACIER HAUTE LIMITE ELASTIQUE ACIER HAUTE RESISTANCE ACIER HAUTE RESISTANCE HSLA ACIER HAUTE USINABILITE ACIER INOX ACIER INOX AERONAUTIQUE ACIER INOX AMAGNETIQUE ACIER INOX ANTI-CAVITATION ACIER INOX AU BORE ACIER INOX AUSTENITIQUE ACIER INOX BASSE TEMPERATURE ACIER INOX CHROME-MOLYBDENE ACIER INOX CORROSION SEVERE ACIER INOX CORROYE ACIER INOX DE DECOLETTAGE ACIER INOX DE DECOLLETAGE ACIER INOX DUPLEX ACIER INOX DUPLEX MOULE ACIER INOX FERRITIQUE ACIER INOX HYPER-DUPLEX ACIER INOX LEAN DUPLEX ACIER INOX MARTENSITIQUE ACIER INOX NICKEL-CHROME-W ACIER INOX POUR BARRE CREUSE ACIER INOX POUR BETON ACIER INOX POUR BOULONNERIE ACIER INOX POUR BOULONS ACIER INOX POUR CORROSION ACIER INOX POUR COUTELLERIE ACIER INOX POUR CRYOGENIE ACIER INOX POUR ECROUS ACIER INOX POUR FIXATION ACIER INOX POUR PIECE FORGEE ACIER INOX POUR PRESSION ACIER INOX POUR USTENSILES ACIER INOX REFRACTAIRE ACIER INOX SEMI-AUSTENITIQUE ACIER INOX SUPERAUSTENITIQUE ACIER INOX SUPERDUPLEX ACIER INOX SUPERFERRITIQUE ACIER INOXYDABLE ACIER INOXYDABLE MOULE ACIER MANGANESE-CHROME ACIER MARAGING ACIER MARAGING POUR CHALEUR ACIER MATERIEL DE BOULONNAGE ACIER MICRO ALLIE ACIER MICRO-ALLIE ACIER MOULE ACIER MOULE 3%Cr-Mo ACIER MOULE A CIRE PERDUE ACIER MOULE A LA CIRE PERDUE ACIER MOULE A OUTIL ACIER MOULE A OUTIL A CHAUD ACIER MOULE A OUTIL A FROID ACIER MOULE ALLIE ACIER MOULE AMAGNETIQUE ACIER MOULE ANTI-USURE ACIER MOULE AU CARBONE ACIER MOULE AU CHROME ACIER MOULE AU MANGANESE ACIER MOULE AU MOLYBDENE ACIER MOULE AU SILICIUM ACIER MOULE AU VANADIUM ACIER MOULE AUSTENITIQUE ACIER MOULE BASE NICKEL ACIER MOULE CARBONE OU ALLIE ACIER MOULE CHALEUR ACIER MOULE CHALEUR 1100C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR 1200C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR 250-500 ACIER MOULE CHALEUR 250-550 ACIER MOULE CHALEUR 900C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 1080C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 1100C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 1200C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 550C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 600C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 950C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR < 980C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR <1150C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR <1245C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR > 1025C ACIER MOULE CHALEUR > 1100C ACIER MOULE CHROME-MOLYBDENE ACIER MOULE CIRE PERDUE ACIER MOULE CONTRE L'USURE ACIER MOULE CORROSION SEVERE ACIER MOULE Cr-Ni-Mo-Co ACIER MOULE DE CEMENTATION ACIER MOULE DE NITRURATION ACIER MOULE FAIBLE REMANENCE ACIER MOULE FERRITIQUE ACIER MOULE HAUT MANGANESE ACIER MOULE HAUTE RESISTANCE ACIER MOULE HLE ACIER MOULE INOX DUPLEX ACIER MOULE INOXYDABLE ACIER MOULE MARAGING ACIER MOULE MARAGING 18%Ni ACIER MOULE MARTENSITIQUE ACIER MOULE Mn-Si ACIER MOULE NICKEL-CHROME ACIER MOULE NON ALLIE ACIER MOULE POUR BASSE TEMP. ACIER MOULE POUR CHALEUR ACIER MOULE POUR CORROSION ACIER MOULE POUR CRYOGENIE ACIER MOULE POUR GAZ,PETROLE ACIER MOULE POUR HAUTE TEMP. ACIER MOULE POUR PONTS ACIER MOULE POUR PRESSION ACIER MOULE POUR TRAITEMENT ACIER MOULE POUR TREMPE ACIER MOULE POUR USURE ACIER MOULE REFRACTAIRE ACIER MOULE SUPERDUPLEX ACIER MOULE USAGE GENERAL ACIER MOULE USAGE MAGNETIQUE ACIER MOULE USAGE NUCLEAIRE ACIER NICKEL-CHROME ACIER NICKEL-CHROME-Mo ACIER NON ALLIE TREFILAGE ACIER Ni-Cr-Mo-V PRE-TRAITE ACIER OUTIL ACIER OUTIL A CHAUD, A FROID ACIER OUTIL A FROID, A CHAUD ACIER OUTIL A FROID,A CHAUD ACIER OUTIL ALLIE ACIER OUTIL AMAGNETIQUE ACIER OUTIL ANTI-CORROSION ACIER OUTIL AU CARBONE ACIER OUTIL AU CHROME ACIER OUTIL AU MANGANESE ACIER OUTIL AUSTENITIQUE ACIER OUTIL BAS CARBONE ACIER OUTIL BASE COBALT ACIER OUTIL CHROME-VANADIUM ACIER OUTIL Cr-Mo ACIER OUTIL Cr-Mo-V ACIER OUTIL Cr-V-Mo ACIER OUTIL DE NITRURATION ACIER OUTIL FAIBLEMENT ALLIE ACIER OUTIL INDEFORMABLE ACIER OUTIL INOXYDABLE ACIER OUTIL MARAGING ACIER OUTIL MARTENSITIQUE ACIER OUTIL POUR CHOCS ACIER OUTIL POUR IMPACT ACIER OUTIL POUR MOULE ACIER OUTIL POUR PLASTURGIE ACIER OUTIL REFRACTAIRE ACIER OUTIL RESISTANT CHOCS ACIER OUTIL RESISTANT IMPACT ACIER OUTIL RESISTANT USURE ACIER OUTIL RESULFURE ACIER OUTIL SILICIUM-CHROME ACIER OUTIL SPECIAL ACIER OUTIL TRAVAIL A CHAUD ACIER OUTIL TRAVAIL A FROID ACIER OUTIL USAGE SPECIAL ACIER PIECE DE STRUCTURE ACIER POUR BARRE DE FORAGE ACIER POUR BASSE TEMPERATURE ACIER POUR BETON ARME ACIER POUR BOULONNERIE ACIER POUR BOULONS FORGES ACIER POUR BRIDE ET COLLET ACIER POUR BRIDE FORGEE ACIER POUR CHAINE ACIER POUR CHALEUR ACIER POUR CHALEUR < 600C ACIER POUR CHALEUR <=400C ACIER POUR CHALEUR ELEVEE ACIER POUR CHALEUR/PRESSION ACIER POUR CHAUDIERE ACIER POUR CHROMAGE ACIER POUR COMPOSANT PIPING ACIER POUR ECROUS ACIER POUR ELECTRODE ACIER POUR ELECTRODE ENROBEE ACIER POUR ELEMENT FIXATION ACIER POUR ENGRENAGES ACIER POUR ESSIEUX ACIER POUR ETIRAGE A FROID ACIER POUR FIXATION ACIER POUR FIXATIONS ACIER POUR FORGEAGE ACIER POUR FORGEAGE A FROID ACIER POUR FORMAGE ACIER POUR FORMAGE A FROID ACIER POUR FRAPPE A FROID ACIER POUR HAUTE TEMPERATURE ACIER POUR INDUSTRIE MINIERE ACIER POUR L'AERONAUTIQUE ACIER POUR LA MINE ACIER POUR LAMINAGE/FORGEAGE ACIER POUR MACHINE OUTIL ACIER POUR MACHINE OUTILS ACIER POUR METAL D'APPORT ACIER POUR MINE ACIER POUR MOULE PLASTIQUE ACIER POUR OUTIL A CHOCS ACIER POUR PIECE FORGEE ACIER POUR POT D'ECHAPPEMENT ACIER POUR PRESSION ACIER POUR PRESSION/CHALEUR ACIER POUR PROFILES < -20C ACIER POUR RAIL ACIER POUR RE-LAMINAGE ACIER POUR RELAI ELECTRIQUE ACIER POUR RIVET ACIER POUR ROULEAUX FORGES ACIER POUR ROULEMENT ACIER POUR ROULEMENTS ACIER POUR STRUCTURE DE PONT ACIER POUR TEMP. ELEVEES ACIER POUR TREFILAGE ACIER POUR TUBE ACIER POUR USAGE GENERAL ACIER POUR VERIN HYDRAULIQUE ACIER PRE-TRAITE ACIER PRE-TRAITE RESULFURE ACIER PROPRIETE MAGNETIQUE ACIER RAPIDE ACIER RAPIDE FRITTE ACIER RAPIDE HAUT RENDEMENT ACIER RAPIDE POUR SCIE ACIER RAPIDE RESULFURE ACIER RAPIDE SURCARBURE ACIER REFRACTAIRE ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 1050C ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 1100C ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 1150C ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 620C ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 800C ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 850C ACIER REFRACTAIRE < 950C ACIER REFRACTAIRE <1350C ACIER REFRACTAIRE <= 1200C ACIER REFRACTAIRE <= 900C ACIER REFRACTAIRE <=1054C ACIER REFRACTAIRE FERRITIQUE ACIER REFRACTAIRE MOULE ACIER REFROIDI PAR AIR ACIER RESILIENCE A -20C ACIER RESILIENCE A -40C ACIER RESILIENCE A -50C ACIER RESILIENCE A -73C ACIER RESILIENCE A 0C ACIER RESILIENCE A 20C ACIER RESILIENCE MINI -18C ACIER RESILIENCE MINI -59C ACIER RESISTANT A CORROSION ACIER RESISTANT A L'USURE ACIER RESISTANT A LA CHALEUR ACIER RESISTANT AU FLUAGE ACIER RESISTANT CORROSION ACIER RESISTANT HAUTE TEMP. ACIER RESSORT POUR CHALEUR ACIER SERIE AERONAUTIQUE ACIER SOUDABLE ACIER SUPER AUSTENITIQUE ACIER SUPER RESISTANT ACIER TENACE A FROID ACIER TRAITEMENT THERMIQUE ACIER TRANSFORME A FROID ACIER TREMPE SUPERFICIELLE ACIER TRES HAUTE RESISTANCE ACIER ULTRA HAUTE RESISTANCE ACIER USAGE HYDRAULIQUE ACIER USINABILITE AMELIOREE ACIOR ACIPCO A660-WCA ACIPCO A660-WCB ACIPCO A660-WCC ACIPCO CP11 ACIPCO CP22 ACIPCO CPCA15 ACM 2 ACM1 ACMV ACNW ACOR 52-3 ACOR 52S ACOR 52S1 ACP5080 ACP6000 ACROM ACROM 10-13Al ACROM 10-24Al ACROM 12 ACROM 20 ACROM 3-17Ti ACROM 30 ACROM 40 ACROM 6-17 ACS-1 ACS-12 ACS-4 ACS-5 ACS-7 ACTEON ACTIUM 74Co ACX 110 ACX 150 ACX 170 ACX 250 ACX 315 ACX 340 ACX 350 ACX 360 ACX 370 ACX 380 ACX 410 ACX 420 ACX 515 ACX 525 ACX 535 ACX 540 ACX 800 ACX 845 ACX 920 ACuZinc ACuZinc 5 AD AD 2024 AD 7175 AD-442 AD0 AD00 AD000 AD0E AD1 AD1.1 AD1.2 AD1050 AD1200 AD12Z AD1400 AD1600 AD1S AD21 AD3 AD3.1 AD31 AD33 AD35 AD37Pb AD3M AD40Pb AD42Pb AD55Pb AD60Pb AD7 AD750 AD900 ADC 13d/ADC13 ADC1 ADC10 ADC10Z ADC12 ADC12Z ADC13 SUPER ADC13W ADC14 ADC3 ADC3W ADC4 ADC5 ADC6 ADC7 ADC8 ADC9 ADFM/35NCD14 ADI 1000 ADI 1050 ADI 1200 ADI 1400 ADI 800 ADI 850 ADI Gr1 ADI Gr2 ADI Gr3 ADI Gr4 ADI Gr5 ADI1600 ADL 110 ADL 110NR ADL 120 ADN-420 ADNIC 261D ADNIC 265D ADNIC 275E ADNIC 280 ADNIC 482D ADNIC 562DZ ADNIC 56D ADT 30MB5 ADT 45SCD6 ADT 55S7 ADT 56SC7 ADT Y2-70 ADT Z120M12 ADV45 AE1 AE1S AE20A AE20B AE220A AE220a AE235B AE235B-FN AE235B-FU AE235C AE235D AE235KR AE235WC AE235WD AE24A AE24B AE24C AE24D AE250b AE255B AE255C AE255D AE265KR AE26A AE26B AE26C AE26D AE275B AE275C AE275D AE3 AE340HC AE345KR AE355B AE355C AE355D AE355DD AE355W1C AE355W1D AE355W2C AE355W2D AE36B AE36C AE36D AE42 AE420KT AE460KG AE460KT AE490HC AEK 1.1165 AEK 1.1176 AEK 1.4107 AEK 1.4308 AEK 1.4446 AEK 1.4464 AEK 1.4525 AEK 1.4527 AEK 1.4536 AEK 1.4565 AEK 1.4569 AEK 1.4584 AEK 1.4587 AEK 1.4588 AEK 1.4827 AEK 1.4840 AEK 1.4868 AEK 1.5422 AEK 1.6515 AEK 1.6740 AEK 1.6759 AEK 1.6783 AEK 1.7389 AEK G-X3CrNiMoN26.6.3 AEK G-X5CrNiMo16.5.2 AEK G-X6CrNiMo24.8.2 AEK G-X8CrNi19-10 AEK G17CrMo5-5 AEK G20Mo5 AEK G24Mn6 AEK G9Ni10 AEK G9Ni14 AEK GP240GH AEK GS-16MnCr5 AEK GS-20MnMoNi5.5 AEK GS-24Mn4 AEK GS-30CrMoV64 AEK GS-30NiCrMo85 AEK GS-34CrMo44 AEK GS-36Mn5 AEK GS-37MnSi5 AEK GS-42CrMo4 AEK GS-46Mn4 AEK GS-46MnSi4 AEK GS-50CrV4 AEK GS-8Mn7 AEK GS-8MnMo74 AEK GS-Ck16 AEK GS-Ck24 AEK GS14NiCrMo10.6 AEK GS40NiCrMo6.5.6 AEK GX2CrNiN18-13 AEK GX3CrNiMo16.5 AEK GX6CrNi18-10 AERALLOY MAR-350 AEREX 350 AERMET 100 AERMET-FOR-TOOLING AEROVAL TI-GR5 AETERNA AF50 AETERNA BKM AETERNA L53 AETERNA MnA AETERNA VL22 AETERNA WF60 AETERNA WIIA AETERNA WIIB AETERNA WIIC AF 10CD9-10 AF 15CD2-05 AF 15CSD5-03-05 AF 2507 AF Z10CD5-05 AF Z15CD5-05 AF Z2CND17-12 AF Z6CN18-09 AF Z6CND17-11 AF Z6CNNb18-10 AF-15500 AF-17400 AF-1753 AF-20-25-6 AF-20.25.4 AF-20.25.6 AF-220 AF-25.22.2 AF-260 AF-276 AF-286 AF-303 AF-304LN AF-309 AF-309Si AF-310SI AF-316CB AF-316CBV AF-316L AF-316Ti AF-317H AF-317L AF-329 AF-330 AF-347H AF-410 AF-420 AF-430 AF-44 AF-49 AF-500 AF-550 AF-600 AF-617 AF-690 AF-71 AF-718 AF-750 AF-760 AF-80 AF-800 AF-811 AF-8820 AF-913 AF-918 AF-928 AF-935 AF-C4 AF-CNDV AF-DPLX-SI AF-F50 AF-F51 AF-F6NM AF-HJ AF-MN18 AF.XM-19 AF101-SC AF1101 AF114-SC AF114N-SC AF12N14 AF1410 AF1410 high carbon AF15CD3-05 AF15CD4-05 AF2-1DA AF2-1DA6 AF21NMN AF22 AF25D5 AF25NM AF25NMK AF25NMKI AF26N AF27NC AF27NM AF27NMN AF34C10 AF37-2 AF37C12 AF42-2 AF42C20 AF48 AF48F AF48N AF50-2A AF50-2B AF50C30 AF50S AF55C35 AF56 AF60 AF60-2 AF60C40 AF61 AF65C45 AF70-2 AF70C55 AF93-SC AFC260 AFC77 AFFIMET A-G10SBe AFFIMET A-G3T AFFIMET A-G6Be AFFIMET A-S10G AFFIMET A-S10G/R AFFIMET A-S12 AFFIMET A-S12U AFFIMET A-S12UN AFFIMET A-S13 AFFIMET A-S13GU AFFIMET A-S18UNG AFFIMET A-S22UNK AFFIMET A-S2GT AFFIMET A-S5U3 AFFIMET A-S7G03 AFFIMET A-S7G06 AFFIMET A-S7U3G AFFIMET A-S9G AFFIMET A-S9U3 AFFIMET A-U5GT AFFIMET A-U5NKZr AFFIMET A-U8S AFFIMET A-Z5G AFFIMET A5LR AFFIMET A7/LR AFG-Ni15Cu6Cr2 AFG-Ni15Cu6Cr3 AFG-Ni20Cr2 AFG-Ni20Cr3 AFG-Ni30Cr3 AFG-Ni30Si5Cr5 AFK 1 AFK 18 AFK 502R AFK 524 AFK 528 AFK 584 AFK502 AFLM AFM 26K AFM 30K AFM 34K AFM 38K AFM 43K AFM E2553-16 AFM ER120S-1 AFM ER70S-B2L AFM ER80S-D2 AFM ERTi-5ELI AFM-46 AFORA 19NCB6 AFORA 21B3 AFORA 38B3 AFORA 38MB5 AFZ2CN18-10 AFZ6CNT18-10 AG 4030 AG 4064 AG-B10001 AG-B12401 AG-B14001 AG0001 AG1 AG10 AG101 AG102 AG103 AG104 AG105 AG106 AG107 AG108 AG11 AG12 AG13 AG14 AG15 AG18 AG19 AG2 AG20 AG201 AG202 AG203 AG204 AG205 AG206 AG207 AG208 AG21 AG3 AG3 NET AG301 AG302 AG303 AG304 AG305 AG306 AG307 AG308 AG309 AG351 AG4 AG4,5MN AG401 AG402 AG403 AG40A AG40B AG41A AG5 AG501 AG502 AG503 AG51 AG5MC AG5S AG7 AG9 AGC-44152 AGGERLIT BS AGGERSTAHL AGPV 11 AGS1 AH115 AH2Si2Ni AH32 AH32 grade AH36 AH36 grade AI AIII AIM 03-04-055 AIM GOLD 82 AIM GOLD alloy 70 AIM SILVER 25 AIM SILVER 50 AIM SILVER CF-40SN AIM SILVER CF-50Ni AIM SILVER CF-54Ni AIM SILVER CF-65 AIM SILVER CF-70 AIM SILVER SA-85LF AIM SILVER SA-93Li AIMS 03-02-031 AIMTEK 355 AIMTEK 357 AIMTEK 8-1-1 AIP AIP/DE AIR 9160/30CD12 AIR-4 AIR-TRUE AIRDI 110 AIRDI 150 AIRDI 150-S AIRKOOL AIRKOOL-S AIRKOOL-V AIRLOY AIRMO AIS AISC AISC/1.4546 AISC/1.4550 AISI 310S AISI 434A AISI 4620 AISI 52100 AISI 610 AISI 684 AISI 8630 AISI O1 AISL AISL/EL AISL/EL2 AISLDE AISLN AISN AISRU AISRUH AIST AJ50X AJ52X AK Steel 400 AK Steel 409 AK Steel 434 AK Steel 439 AK Steel 444 AK1 AK10M2H AK11 AK11Blc AK11lc AK12 AK12Ch AK12M2 AK12M2MgH AK12M2MgN AK12M3Mn AK13 AK132 AK14 AK15G AK1B AK1DU AK1NI AK1NI SP. AK1W AK1WB AK2 AK24 AK2MVB AK2S AK34 AK35 AK4 AK4-1 AK4D AK4MO AK4R AK5 AK51 AK52 AK5M2 AK5M7 AK6 AK60 AK62 AK65 AK6M2 AK7 AK7M2,5MgMc AK7M3Mh AK8 AK8M AK8M3 AK9 AK93lc AK9M2 AK9MO AK9T AKCS AKM AKOR AKRIT COMO 35 AKTUELL 1000 AKV AKV ULTRA S9 AKVN AKVS AKX AKX7 AKX9 AL 13-8TM AL 15-5 AL 15-7 AL 17-4 AL 17-7 AL 18CrCb AL 20 AL 200 AL 2003 AL 201 AL 201LN AL 21800 AL 219 AL 22 AL 22-3 AL 2205 AL 255 AL 263 AL 276 AL 29-4 AL 29-4-2 AL 29-4C AL 30 AL 310L AL 33 AL 332Mo AL 334 AL 36 AL 40 AL 400 AL 409Cb AL 410HC AL 410S AL 412 AL 418 AL 42 AL 420 AL 425 mod. AL 430Ti AL 433 AL 436S AL 439HP AL 440C AL 441HP AL 45 AL 453 AL 4565 AL 468 AL 4750 AL 50 AL 52 AL 600 AL 601 AL 610 AL 622 AL 625HP AL 665 AL 685 AL 690 AL 700 AL 750 AL 800 AL 800AT AL 800H AL 825 AL 904L AL HX AL Relay N2 AL Relay N5 AL S7 AL-158 AL-2MG AL-611 AL-6X AL-6XN AL-6XN casting AL-6ZnMgCu AL-7Si0,6Mg AL-905XL AL-C12 AL-C14 AL-C15 AL-C21001 AL-C21201 AL-C26 AL-C27 AL-C42101 AL-C42201 AL-C42201-T6 AL-CARO 1 AL-CARO 2 AL-CARO 3 AL-CARO 4 AL-P1050A AL-P11 AL-P1100 AL-P12 AL-P13 AL-P16 AL-P2014A AL-P2017A AL-P2024 AL-P2031 AL-P2090 AL-P2091 AL-P2117 AL-P2124 AL-P2214 AL-P2219 AL-P2618A AL-P3103 AL-P34 AL-P45 AL-P5052 AL-P5056A AL-P5086 AL-P6013 AL-P6061 AL-P6081 AL-P6082 AL-P7009 AL-P7010 AL-P7014 AL-P7020 AL-P7050 AL-P7075 AL-P7150 AL-P7175 AL-P7475 AL-P8090 AL-R39002 AL-W46431 AL0002 AL0008 AL0024 AL0025 AL0027 AL0031 AL0032 AL0034 AL0038 AL0040 AL0042 AL0043 AL0045 AL0049 AL0054 AL0063 AL0068 AL0069 AL0073 AL0074 AL0075 AL0076 AL0077 AL0078 AL0080 AL0081 AL0082 AL0083 AL0084 AL0087 AL0088 AL0089 AL0090 AL0091 AL0092 AL0093 AL0094 AL0095 AL0096 AL0097 AL0099 AL0101 AL0106 AL0108 AL0110 AL0112 AL0114 AL0116 AL0117 AL0119 AL0120 AL0121 AL0122 AL0123 AL0125 AL0126 AL0127 AL0128 AL0129 AL0130 AL0131 AL0134 AL0135 AL0137 AL0140 AL0142 AL0143 AL0145 AL0146 AL0147 AL0148 AL0153 AL0154 AL0170 AL0201 AL0208 AL0209 AL0213 AL0214 AL0222 AL0224 AL0225 AL0233 AL0234 AL0236 AL0237 AL0238 AL0240 AL0242 AL0243 AL0244 AL0248 AL0249 AL0251 AL0252 AL0253 AL0295 AL0296 AL0305 AL0306 AL0309 AL0310 AL0319 AL0320 AL0324 AL0325 AL0328 AL0334 AL0357 AL0360 AL0364 AL0380 AL0383 AL0384 AL0392 AL0393 AL0413 AL0443 AL0514 AL0518 AL0520 AL0535 AL0705 AL0713 AL0771 AL1 AL10 AL101 AL102 AL103 AL1030 AL104 AL1050 AL1060 AL1075 AL1080 AL1085 AL1090 AL1095 AL1100 AL1170 AL1175 AL1180 AL1185 AL1188 AL1199 AL12 AL1230 AL1260 AL1285 AL1350 AL16 AL2 AL20 AL201 AL2011 AL2014 AL2017 AL2020 AL2021 AL2024 AL2195 AL2218 AL2219 AL2419 AL3 AL3002 AL3003 AL3004 AL301 AL302 AL3102 AL333.1 AL4 AL4004 AL4043 AL4045 AL409HP AL432 AL4343 AL5 AL5005 AL5040 AL5050 AL5052 AL5056 AL5083 AL5086 AL5154 AL5182 AL5251 AL5254 AL5357 AL5454 AL5456 AL5457 AL5556 AL5652 AL6 AL6003 AL6005 AL6053 AL6061 AL6063 AL6066 AL6082 AL6101 AL6151 AL6201 AL6261 AL6262 AL6763 AL6951 AL7 AL7001 AL7004 AL7039 AL7046 AL7050 AL7072 AL7075 AL715 AL7178 AL718 AL8 AL8112 AL99,5Ti ALACRITE 163D ALACRITE 164N ALACRITE 483 ALACRITE 502 ALACRITE 505 ALACRITE 52N ALACRITE 543 ALACRITE 553 ALACRITE 554 ALACRITE 601 ALACRITE 602 ALACRITE XSH ALB C70320 ALBC1 ALBC4 ALCA plus ALCA+ ALCAN 143 ALCAN 160X ALCAN 2S ALCAN 5383 ALCAN 6111 ALCARO CuAl5As ALCAST ALCHROME 3 ALCHROME 750 ALCHROME 875 ALCHROME DK ALCLAD 2014 ALCLAD 2024 ALCLAD 2424 ALCLAD 2524 ALCLAD 2524-T3 ALCLAD 2618 ALCLAD 3003 ALCLAD 3003 with 7072 ALCLAD 3003-H112 ALCLAD 3003-O ALCLAD 7075 with 7072 ALCLAD 7075-T6 ALCLAD 7475 ALCLAD 7475-T761 ALCOA 150 ALCOA 2519 ALCOA 6262 ALCOA 7090 ALCOA 7091 ALCOA 7475 ALCOA 910 ALCOA AA4004 ALCOA C-188 ALCOA C47A ALCOA-520 ALCUBRAZE ALDCS1.1 ALDCS2.1 ALDIN 13 ALDIN 20 ALDUR 285N ALDUR 355M ALDUR 355N ALDUR 36 ALDUR 420M ALDUR 460M ALDUR 460N ALDUR 500Q ALDUR 500QL ALDUR 500QL1 ALDUR 550Q ALDUR 550QL ALDUR 550QL1 ALDUR 620Q ALDUR 620QL ALDUR 620QL1 ALDUR 700Q ALDUR 700QL ALDUR 700QL1 ALDUR 900Q ALDUR E29 ALDUR E29T ALDUR E29W ALDUR E32 ALDUR E32T ALDUR E36E ALDUR E36W ALDUR E39 ALDUR E39T ALDUR E39W ALDUR E43 ALDUR E51 ALDUR E51T ALDUR E51W ALDUR ENiVE ALERIS 2011E ALERIS AA2028A ALERIS AA5024 ALERIS AA6041 ALERIS AA6042 ALERIS AA6064A ALERIS AA6262 ALFA-I ALFA-II ALFA-IV ALFESI 11 ALFORM 200N ALFORM 240N ALFORM 260N ALFORM 26N ALFORM 315MC ALFORM 315NC ALFORM 34N ALFORM 355MC ALFORM 355NC ALFORM 38N ALFORM 420MC ALFORM 43N ALFORM 460MC ALFORM 500MC ALFORM 550MC ALFORM 600MC ALFORM 650MC ALFORM 700MC ALIMEX 2007 ALKROTHAL 14 ALL86S ALLADUR 0.9640 ALLADUR 600 ALLARD 1.4008 ALLARD G-X20CR14 ALLARD GS-60.3 ALLARD GS-70 ALLARD GS22Mo4 ALLCORR ALLEGHENY 409 ALLEGHENY AL6XN ALLEGHENY D319 ALLIAGE 101 ALLIAGE 102 ALLIAGE 103 ALLIAGE 104 ALLIAGE 105 ALLIAGE 106 ALLIAGE 107 ALLIAGE 111 ALLIAGE 112 ALLIAGE 113 ALLIAGE 114 ALLIAGE 165 ALLIAGE 190 ALLIAGE 201 ALLIAGE 202 ALLIAGE 25 ALLIAGE 301 ALLIAGE 390 ALLIAGE MOULE REFRACTAIRE ALLIAGE ZINC-ALUMINIUM ALLIAGE ZINC-ALUMINIUM MOULE ALLIAGE ZINC-ALUMINIUM-Cu ALLIAGE ZINC-Al LINGOT ALLIAGE ZINC-CUIVRE LINGOT ALLIAGE Zn-Al-Cu LINGOT ALLIED 355 ALLIED 413 ALLIED B380.1 ALLOY #1 ALLOY #3 ALLOY #5 ALLOY #6 ALLOY #7 ALLOY 100 ALLOY 101 ALLOY 102 ALLOY 105 ALLOY 108 ALLOY 10Al ALLOY 11 ALLOY 112 ALLOY 115 ALLOY 117 ALLOY 12 ALLOY 127 ALLOY 132 ALLOY 135 mod. ALLOY 141 ALLOY 155 ALLOY 160 ALLOY 165 ALLOY 174 ALLOY 18-15 ALLOY 182 ALLOY 187 ALLOY 188 ALLOY 19 ALLOY 190 ALLOY 1925 ALLOY 1980 ALLOY 19D ALLOY 2 ALLOY 20 ALLOY 200 ALLOY 201 ALLOY 201L ALLOY 2026 ALLOY 2035 ALLOY 204Cu ALLOY 205 ALLOY 2050 ALLOY 205LC ALLOY 2060Mo ALLOY 20CB3 ALLOY 21 ALLOY 21-6-9 ALLOY 2100GT ALLOY 211 ALLOY 212 ALLOY 2124 ALLOY 214 ALLOY 218 ALLOY 22 ALLOY 2219 ALLOY 2224 ALLOY 2250 ALLOY 230 ALLOY 2319 ALLOY 2324-T39 ALLOY 233 ALLOY 242 ALLOY 25 ALLOY 25-25 ALLOY 25252 ALLOY 2535 ALLOY 254 ALLOY 255 ALLOY 2550 ALLOY 2602 ALLOY 263 ALLOY 27 ALLOY 27-7MO ALLOY 270 ALLOY 28 ALLOY 2842 ALLOY 29-17 ALLOY 290 ALLOY 301 ALLOY 30303 mod. ALLOY 305 ALLOY 306 ALLOY 31 ALLOY 310H ALLOY 310S ALLOY 314 ALLOY 316 ALLOY 317L ALLOY 33 ALLOY 330 ALLOY 330Cb ALLOY 333 ALLOY 335 ALLOY 339 ALLOY 350 ALLOY 355 ALLOY 360 ALLOY 363 ALLOY 364 ALLOY 385 ALLOY 400 ALLOY 401 ALLOY 401C ALLOY 404 ALLOY 4047A ALLOY 405 ALLOY 41 ALLOY 410 ALLOY 411 ALLOY 42 ALLOY 42-6 ALLOY 4335 Mod ALLOY 44 ALLOY 444 ALLOY 45 ALLOY 450 ALLOY 45TM ALLOY 46 ALLOY 475 ALLOY 48 ALLOY 49 ALLOY 50 ALLOY 50 PLUS ALLOY 502 ALLOY 505 ALLOY 506 ALLOY 51 ALLOY 51410 mod. ALLOY 5164 ALLOY 52 ALLOY 520 ALLOY 522 ALLOY 52CB ALLOY 53 ALLOY 55 ALLOY 556 ALLOY 55Ti ALLOY 59 ALLOY 59 casting ALLOY 60 ALLOY 600 ALLOY 600H ALLOY 600L ALLOY 601 ALLOY 6013 ALLOY 601H ALLOY 6022 ALLOY 602CA ALLOY 603 ALLOY 603XL ALLOY 60Cr-40Ni ALLOY 61 ALLOY 617 ALLOY 618 ALLOY 619 ALLOY 62 ALLOY 622 ALLOY 625 ALLOY 635 ALLOY 65 ALLOY 650 ALLOY 651 ALLOY 653 ALLOY 662 ALLOY 663 ALLOY 664 ALLOY 665 ALLOY 667 ALLOY 67 ALLOY 671 ALLOY 686 ALLOY 686 casting ALLOY 69 ALLOY 690 ALLOY 693 ALLOY 6B ALLOY 6X ALLOY 6XN ALLOY 70 ALLOY 70-30 ALLOY 700 ALLOY 700Si ALLOY 702 ALLOY 706 ALLOY 7068 ALLOY 713C ALLOY 715 ALLOY 718 ALLOY 718SPF ALLOY 72 ALLOY 720 ALLOY 722 ALLOY 725 ALLOY 740 ALLOY 75 ALLOY 754 ALLOY 782 ALLOY 783 ALLOY 7Mo Plus ALLOY 80 ALLOY 80-20 ALLOY 800 ALLOY 800H ALLOY 800HP ALLOY 800HT ALLOY 800L ALLOY 801 ALLOY 802 ALLOY 803 ALLOY 80A ALLOY 81 ALLOY 82 ALLOY 825hMo ALLOY 836 ALLOY 840 ALLOY 86 ALLOY 864 ALLOY 88 ALLOY 890 ALLOY 90 ALLOY 90-10 ALLOY 901 ALLOY 902 ALLOY 903 ALLOY 904L ALLOY 907 ALLOY 908 ALLOY 909 ALLOY 91 ALLOY 92 ALLOY 925 ALLOY 926 ALLOY 935 ALLOY 95 ALLOY 958 ALLOY 99 ALLOY A ALLOY A286 ALLOY AC66 ALLOY AF-1410 ALLOY AL-6XN ALLOY B ALLOY B-10 ALLOY B-3 ALLOY B-3 casting ALLOY B-4 ALLOY B-4 casting ALLOY B2 ALLOY C ALLOY C-22 ALLOY C-263 ALLOY C-276 ALLOY C-4 ALLOY C-4C ALLOY C-902 ALLOY C102 ALLOY C103 ALLOY C108 ALLOY C14410 ALLOY C2000 ALLOY C22 casting ALLOY C27450 ALLOY CZ132 ALLOY D-9 ALLOY DS ALLOY FM62 ALLOY FM69 ALLOY FM92 ALLOY G ALLOY G-3 ALLOY G-30 ALLOY G-50 ALLOY G2 ALLOY G30 ALLOY H-X ALLOY HS-556 ALLOY HX ALLOY I-42 ALLOY I-901 ALLOY K ALLOY K-500 ALLOY L-605 ALLOY M-252 ALLOY M246 ALLOY M65 ALLOY MA6000 ALLOY MA758 ALLOY MA760 ALLOY Mar 300 ALLOY N ALLOY Ni-9 ALLOY NiCr20Mo ALLOY P-12 ALLOY PK33 ALLOY R-206.0 ALLOY RA-333 ALLOY RH ALLOY S ALLOY S-816 ALLOY S6013 ALLOY TD ALLOY W ALLOY W-ENiMo-3 ALLOY X ALLOY X-750 ALLOY X200 ALLOY2/AMS5842 ALLPER 22H ALLPER 25 ALLPER 52 ALLPER 69 ALLPER 82 ALMA ALMAG 35 ALMAG 610 ALMAG 8008 ALMAG CZ129 ALMAG CZ132 ALMAG OT/58 ALMAG OT58 ALMAG OT63 ALMAN 04 ALMAN-03 ALMAN-05 ALMAR 362 ALMAR 455 ALMARAG 3 ALMELEC ALMET 2214 ALMET 6061 ALNICO 1 ALNICO 2 ALNICO 4 ALNICO 5 ALNICO 7 ALNICO 8 ALNICO I ALNICO II ALNICO IV ALNICO V ALNICO VII ALNICO VIII ALONA-0 ALOYCO 20 ALPAX ALPAX f.metal ALPLAN ALPUR 200 ALPUR 50 ALPUR 70 ALPUR 80 ALR 20M5 ALR 20MC5 ALR 20MnB5 ALR 35M5 ALR 37Cr4 ALR 38Cr2 ALR 46Cr2 ALR 50CrMo4 ALR 51CrV4 ALR 52CrMoV4 ALR 54SiCrV6 ALR 56Si7 ALR 56SiCr7 ALR 60CrMo3-2 ALR C22E ALR C25E ALR C55E ALR XC65 ALR XC80 ALRAMAG 15 ALRAMAG N ALRAMAN-C ALSICHROM 1 ALSICHROM 10SO ALSICHROM 2 ALTEMP 19-9-DL ALTEMP 22 ALTEMP 263 ALTEMP 276 ALTEMP 286 ALTEMP 601 ALTEMP 625 ALTEMP 685 ALTEMP 718 ALTEMP 718 plus ALTEMP 825 ALTEMP HX ALTHERM CrMo ALTHERM NiMoV ALU PUR 99,85 ALU-HARTLOT13-UF ALUCHROM 0 ALUCHROM ECO ALUCHROM I ALUCHROM I SE ALUCHROM W ALUCHROM Y ALUCHROM YHf ALUCHROME ALUDUR 350 ALUFIL 5Si ALUFONT-47 ALUFONT-48 ALUFONT-52 ALUMAN 50 ALUMAN-100 ALUMAN-16 ALUMEC 79 ALUMEC 89 ALUMEL ALUMINIUM ALUMINIUM 1201 ALUMINIUM 99,7 ALUMINIUM 99,85 ALUMINIUM 99,9 ALUMINIUM AERONAUTIQUE ALUMINIUM BRONZE A3 ALUMINIUM CUIVRE ALUMINIUM CUIVRE MOULE ALUMINIUM DE DECOLLETAGE ALUMINIUM FOIL ALUMINIUM FORGING ALUMINIUM INDEFORMABLE ALUMINIUM MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM MAGNESIUM MOULE ALUMINIUM MANGANESE ALUMINIUM MOULE ALUMINIUM NICKEL MOULE ALUMINIUM PLAQUE ALUMINIUM POUR BLINDAGE ALUMINIUM POUR DECORATION ALUMINIUM POUR MOULE ALUMINIUM POUR OUTILLAGE ALUMINIUM POUR PLACAGE ALUMINIUM POUR PLASTURGIE ALUMINIUM PUR ALUMINIUM PUR CONDUCTEUR ALUMINIUM PUR LINGOT ALUMINIUM PUR MOULE ALUMINIUM SILICIUM LINGOT ALUMINIUM SILICIUM MOULE ALUMINIUM USAGE ELECTRIQUE ALUMINIUM-BISMUTH-ETAIN ALUMINIUM-BISMUTH-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-BISMUTH-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-CADMIUM ALUMINIUM-COBALT MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Ag MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-BISMUTH ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-ETAIN ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-ETAIN MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-FER LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-LITHIUM ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-MANGANESE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Mg LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Mg MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Mn LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Mn MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-NICKEL ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Ni LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-PLOMB ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Si LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Si MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Ti LINGOT ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-ZINC MOULE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE-Zr-Li ALUMINIUM-ETAIN ALUMINIUM-ETAIN LINGOT ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-CUIVRE MOULE ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-NICKEL MOULE ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-Si LINGOT ALUMINIUM-FER ALUMINIUM-FER MOULE ALUMINIUM-FER-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-FER-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-FER-MANGANESE ALUMINIUM-FER-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM LINGOT ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM MOULE ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-BISMUTH ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-ETAIN ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-LITHIUM ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-Mn ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-PLOMB ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-SCANDIUM ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-Si MOULE ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-ZINC ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-Zn MOULE ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE LINGOT ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE MOULE ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE-Mg ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE-NICKEL ALUMINIUM-NICKEL LINGOT ALUMINIUM-NICKEL-FER ALUMINIUM-PLOMB-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM LINGOT ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM MOULE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-CADMIUM ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Cu LINGOT ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Cu MOULE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-ETAIN ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-FER ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-FER MOULE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-MANGANESE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Mg ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Mg LINGOT ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Mg MOULE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Mn MOULE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-NICKEL ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Ni MOULE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Zn LINGOT ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Zn MOULE ALUMINIUM-Si-Mg-V ALUMINIUM-TERRE RARE MOULE ALUMINIUM-TITANE ALUMINIUM-ZINC EXTRUDE ALUMINIUM-ZINC LINGOT ALUMINIUM-ZINC MOULE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-CUIVRE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-CUIVRE MOULE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-FER LINGOT ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Fe LINGOT ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Fe MOULE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Mg LINGOT ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Mg MOULE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Si LINGOT ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Si MOULE ALUMINWELD 43 ALUMOLD 1-500 ALUMOLD 1-600 ALUMOLD 2-400 ALUNORD 6101 ALUSTAR 5059 ALVAR 14 ALWRO BA1044 ALZ AM 350 AM-16CrMo10-10 AM-17CrMo02-05 AM-18CrMo05-05 AM-18Mo5 AM-22Mn5 AM-25CrMo4 AM-26CrMo4 AM-30Mn5 AM-30NiCrMo7 AM-34CrMo4 AM-350 electrode AM-350 f.metal AM-355 AM-355 electrode AM-35Cr4 AM-362 AM-42CrMo4 AM-45 AM-52 AM-C20 AM-X120Mn12 AM-X12Cr13 AM-X15CrNi17 AM-X18CrMo09-01 AM-X18CrMo5 AM-X20Cr13 AM-X2CrNi19-10 AM-X2CrNiMo9-11 AM-X30Cr13 AM-X30CrNi20-10 AM-X35CrNi25-12 AM-X35CrNi28-6 AM-X40CrNi25-20 AM-X45Cr22 AM-X45Cr28 AM-X48Cr38 AM-X55NiCr35-15 AM-X6NiCrMoCu29-20 AM-X7CrNi20-10 AM-X7CrNiMo20-10 AM-X7CrNiMo20-11 AM-X7CrNiNb20-10 AM05 AM1 AM10 AM100A AM100A-T6 AM100B AM11 AM162 AM18 AM2 AM20 AM20HP AM21 AM25 AM3 AM30 AM35 AM350 AM388 AM50 AM503 AM50A AM50A Die cast AM50HP AM54 AM58 AM60A AM60B AM60B[die] AM60B[ingot] AM60HP AM60a AM60b AM60c AM70 AM75 AM80A AM90 AM90A AMA AMAG 3005 AMAG 8011 AMAG 8079 AMAG AW-4004 AMAGNIT 3964 AMAGNIT 3965 AMALOY 210 AMALOY 274 AMALOY CCZ AMALOY CNB AMALOY CNB2 AMANOX 1.3952 AMANOX 3817 AMANOX 3914 AMANOX 3945 AMANOX 3949 AMANOX 3953 AMANOX 3962 AMANOX 3964 AMANOX 3974 AMAZON 256Cu AMB 1 AMB2 AMB3 AMB5 AMBOTO AMBRONZE 425 AMC52S AMCR AMDRY 400 AMDRY 775 AMDRY 790 AMDRY 915 AMDRY 9150 AMDRY 935 AMDRY 936 AMDRY MM509 AMDRY RENE80 AMETEK 936 AMETEK 942 AMETEK 946 AMETEK 948 AMETEK 952 AMGA clA AMIC 910 AMO AMPCO 15 AMPCO 16 AMPCO 18 AMPCO 18-22 AMPCO 18W AMPCO 20 AMPCO 21 AMPCO 21 casting AMPCO 21W AMPCO 22 AMPCO 25 AMPCO 26 AMPCO 45 AMPCO 483 AMPCO 642 AMPCO 673 AMPCO 674 AMPCO 8 AMPCO 863 AMPCO 932 AMPCO 940 AMPCO 955 AMPCO A35 AMPCO A402 AMPCO M-4 AMPCO-TRODE 10 AMPCO-TRODE 150 AMPCO-TRODE 160 AMPCO-TRODE 40 AMPCO-TRODE 46 AMPCO-TRODE 7 AMPCO-TRODE 940 AMPCOLOY 30 AMPCOLOY 32 AMPCOLOY 35 AMPCOLOY 45 AMPCOLOY 701 AMPCOLOY 703 AMPCOLOY 712 AMPCOLOY 730 AMPCOLOY 780 AMPCOLOY 820 AMPCOLOY 83 AMPCOLOY 910 AMPCOLOY 940 AMPCOLOY 940 casting AMPCOLOY 944 AMPCOLOY 95 AMPCOLOY 97 AMPCOLOY 972 AMPCOLOY 99 AMPML/D2 AMS 2806 AMS 4951-2S AMS 4955-2S AMS 5677-5S AMS 5830-3S AMS 6458-14S AMS 7725 AMS D-00 AE AMS D-99 AA AMS D-99 AE AMS QQA200/17 AMS S22141A AMS-A-21180 A357.0 AMS-A-81596 2024 AMS-A-81596 3003 AMS-A-81596 5052 AMS-A-81596 5056 AMS-B-20148 4045 AMS-B-20148 4047 AMS-B-20148 4343 AMS-B-8964A AMS-H-7199 C17500 AMS-H-7199 C17510 AMS-I-23011 class1 AMS-I-23011 class2 AMS-I-23011 class3 AMS-I-23011 class4 AMS-I-23011 class5 AMS-I-23011 class6 AMS-I-23011 class7 AMS-S-18729 AMS-S-18732 AMS-S-5000 AMS-S-5626 4140 AMS-S-6050 AMS-S-6098 AMS-S-6758 AMS-S-7420B AMS-S-7720 303 AMS-S-8690 8620 AMS-S-8844 class3 AMS-STD-66 AMS-T-21014 class3 AMS-T-5066 AMS-T-6736 AMS-T-6736 8630 AMS-T-81915 AMS-T-9046 R56320 AMS/DE AMS3430 AMS4000 AMS4001 AMS4003 AMS4004 AMS4005 AMS4006 AMS4007 AMS4008 AMS4009 AMS4010 AMS4011 AMS4014 AMS4015 AMS4016 AMS4017 AMS4018 AMS4019 AMS4020 AMS4021 AMS4022 AMS4023 AMS4024 AMS4025 AMS4026 AMS4027 AMS4028 AMS4029 AMS4031 AMS4035 AMS4036 AMS4037 AMS4040 AMS4041 AMS4043 AMS4044 AMS4045 AMS4046 AMS4047 AMS4048 AMS4049 AMS4050 AMS4051 AMS4052 AMS4053 AMS4056 AMS4057 AMS4058 AMS4059 AMS4061 AMS4062 AMS4063 AMS4064 AMS4065 AMS4066 AMS4067 AMS4068 AMS4069 AMS4070 AMS4071 AMS4072 AMS4073 AMS4074 AMS4075 AMS4077 AMS4078 AMS4079 AMS4080 AMS4081 AMS4082 AMS4083 AMS4084 AMS4085 AMS4086 AMS4087 AMS4088 AMS4089 AMS4090 AMS4094 AMS4095 AMS4096 AMS4100 AMS4101 AMS4102 AMS4107 AMS4108 AMS4109 AMS4111 AMS4112 AMS4113 AMS4114 AMS4115 AMS4116 AMS4117 AMS4118 AMS4119 AMS4120 AMS4121 AMS4122 AMS4123 AMS4124 AMS4125 AMS4126 AMS4127 AMS4128 AMS4129 AMS4130 AMS4131 AMS4132 AMS4133 AMS4134 AMS4135 AMS4136 AMS4137 AMS4138 AMS4139 AMS4140 AMS4141 AMS4142 AMS4143 AMS4144 AMS4145 AMS4146 AMS4147 AMS4148 AMS4149 AMS4150 AMS4152 AMS4153 AMS4154 AMS4155 AMS4156 AMS4157 AMS4158 AMS4159 AMS4160 AMS4161 AMS4162 AMS4163 AMS4164 AMS4165 AMS4166 AMS4167 AMS4168 AMS4169 AMS4171 AMS4172 AMS4173 AMS4174 AMS4176 AMS4179 AMS4180 AMS4181 AMS4182 AMS4183 AMS4184 AMS4185 AMS4186 AMS4187 AMS4188/4 AMS4189 AMS4190 AMS4191 AMS4193 AMS4194 AMS4195 AMS4198 AMS4199 AMS4200 AMS4201 AMS4202 AMS4203 AMS4204 AMS4205 AMS4206 AMS4207 AMS4208 AMS4209 AMS4210 AMS4211 AMS4212 AMS4213 AMS4214 AMS4215 AMS4216 AMS4217 AMS4218 AMS4219 AMS4220 AMS4221 AMS4222 AMS4223 AMS4224 AMS4225 AMS4226 AMS4227 AMS4228 AMS4229 AMS4230 AMS4231 AMS4232 AMS4233 AMS4235 AMS4236 AMS4237 AMS4238 AMS4239 AMS4240 AMS4241 AMS4242 AMS4243 AMS4244 AMS4245 AMS4246 AMS4247 AMS4248 AMS4249 AMS4250 AMS4251 AMS4252 AMS4253 AMS4254 AMS4255 AMS4256 AMS4258 AMS4259 AMS4260 AMS4261 AMS4263 AMS4266 AMS4267 AMS4270 AMS4273 AMS4274 AMS4275 AMS4276 AMS4277 AMS4278 AMS4279 AMS4280 AMS4281 AMS4282 AMS4284 AMS4285 AMS4286 AMS4287 AMS4288 AMS4289 AMS4290 AMS4291 AMS4293 AMS4294 AMS4295 AMS4296 AMS4297 AMS4298 AMS4299 AMS4300 AMS4302 AMS4303 AMS4304 AMS4305 AMS4306 AMS4307 AMS4308 AMS4309 AMS4310 AMS4311 AMS4312 AMS4313 AMS4314 AMS4315 AMS4316 AMS4317 AMS4318 AMS4319 AMS4320 AMS4321 AMS4322 AMS4323 AMS4328 AMS4329! AMS4330 AMS4331 AMS4332 AMS4333 AMS4334 AMS4336 AMS4337 AMS4338 AMS4339 AMS4340 AMS4341 AMS4342 AMS4343 AMS4344 AMS4345 AMS4346 AMS4347 AMS4350 AMS4352 AMS4358 AMS4360 AMS4362 AMS4363 AMS4370 AMS4375 AMS4376 AMS4377 AMS4382 AMS4383 AMS4384 AMS4385 AMS4386 AMS4387 AMS4388 AMS4389 AMS4390 AMS4395 AMS4396 AMS4397 AMS4401! AMS4402 AMS4403 AMS4404 AMS4405 AMS4406 AMS4407 AMS4408 AMS4409 AMS4410 AMS4411 AMS4412 AMS4413 AMS4414 AMS4417 AMS4418 AMS4419 AMS4420 AMS4422 AMS4424 AMS4425 AMS4426 AMS4427 AMS4427B AMS4429 AMS4434 AMS4437 AMS4438 AMS4439 AMS4440 AMS4441 AMS4442 AMS4443 AMS4444 AMS4445 AMS4446 AMS4447 AMS4452 AMS4453 AMS4455 AMS4483 AMS4484 AMS4490 AMS4500 AMS4501 AMS4505 AMS4507 AMS4508 AMS4510 AMS4511 AMS4520 AMS4530 AMS4532 AMS4533 AMS4534 AMS4535 AMS4544 AMS4553 AMS4554 AMS4555 AMS4558 AMS4574 AMS4575 AMS4576 AMS4590 AMS4596 AMS4597 AMS4602 AMS4610 AMS4611 AMS4612 AMS4614 AMS4615 AMS4616 AMS4625 AMS4630 AMS4631 AMS4633 AMS4634 AMS4635 AMS4640 AMS4650 AMS4651 AMS4665 AMS4674 AMS4675 AMS4676 AMS4677 AMS4700 AMS4701 AMS4710 AMS4712 AMS4713 AMS4720 AMS4725 AMS4730 AMS4731 AMS4732 AMS4750 AMS4751 AMS4755 AMS4761 AMS4762 AMS4763 AMS4764 AMS4765 AMS4766 AMS4767 AMS4768 AMS4769 AMS4770 AMS4771 AMS4772 AMS4773 AMS4774 AMS4775 AMS4776 AMS4777 AMS4778 AMS4779 AMS4780 AMS4782 AMS4783 AMS4784 AMS4785 AMS4786 AMS4787 AMS4788 AMS4800 AMS4803 AMS4820 AMS4822 AMS4824 AMS4827 AMS4840 AMS4842 AMS4845 AMS4846 AMS4855 AMS4860 AMS4862 AMS4870 AMS4871 AMS4872 AMS4873 AMS4880 AMS4881 AMS4890 AMS4892 AMS4893 AMS4897 AMS4898 AMS4899 AMS4900 AMS4901 AMS4902 AMS4904 AMS4905 AMS4906 AMS4907 AMS4908 AMS4909 AMS4910 AMS4911 AMS4912 AMS4913 AMS4914 AMS4915 AMS4916 AMS4917 AMS4918 AMS4919 AMS4920 AMS4921 AMS4922 AMS4924 AMS4925 AMS4926 AMS4928 AMS4930 AMS4931 AMS4932 AMS4933 AMS4934 AMS4935 AMS4936 AMS4937 AMS4939 AMS4940 AMS4941 AMS4942 AMS4943 AMS4944 AMS4945 AMS4946 AMS4950 AMS4951 AMS4952 AMS4953 AMS4954 AMS4955 AMS4956 AMS4957 AMS4958 AMS4959 AMS4962 AMS4963 AMS4964 AMS4965 AMS4966 AMS4967 AMS4968 AMS4970 AMS4971 AMS4972 AMS4973 AMS4974 AMS4975 AMS4976 AMS4977 AMS4978 AMS4979 AMS4980 AMS4981 AMS4982 AMS4983 AMS4984 AMS4985 AMS4986 AMS4987 AMS4988 AMS4989 AMS4991 AMS4995 AMS4997 AMS5010 AMS5020 AMS5022 AMS5024 AMS5027 AMS5028 AMS5029 AMS5030 AMS5031 AMS5032 AMS5034 AMS5035 AMS5040 AMS5042 AMS5044 AMS5045 AMS5046 SAE1020 AMS5046 SAE1025 AMS5047 AMS5050 AMS5053 AMS5060 AMS5061 AMS5062 AMS5069 AMS5070 AMS5075 AMS5077 AMS5080 AMS5082 AMS5085 AMS5110 AMS5112 AMS5115 AMS5120 AMS5121 AMS5122 AMS5132 AMS5221 AMS5223 AMS5225 AMS5315 AMS5316 AMS5328 AMS5329 AMS5330 AMS5331 AMS5333 AMS5334 AMS5336 AMS5337 AMS5338 AMS5339 AMS5340 AMS5341 AMS5342 AMS5343 AMS5344 AMS5346 AMS5347 AMS5348 AMS5349 AMS5350 AMS5351 AMS5352 AMS5353 AMS5354 AMS5355 AMS5356 AMS5357 AMS5358 AMS5359 AMS5360 AMS5361 AMS5362 AMS5363 AMS5364 AMS5365 AMS5366 AMS5368 AMS5369 AMS5370 AMS5371 AMS5372 AMS5373 AMS5375 AMS5376 AMS5377 AMS5378 AMS5380 AMS5382 AMS5383 AMS5384 AMS5385 AMS5387 AMS5388 AMS5389 AMS5390 AMS5391 AMS5392 AMS5393 AMS5394 AMS5395 AMS5396 AMS5397 AMS5398 AMS5399 AMS5400 AMS5401 AMS5402 AMS5403 AMS5404 AMS5405 AMS5406 AMS5407 AMS5408 AMS5409 AMS5410 AMS5412 AMS5434 AMS5441 AMS5442 AMS5500 AMS5501 AMS5502 AMS5503 AMS5504 AMS5505 AMS5506 AMS5507 AMS5508 AMS5509 AMS5510 AMS5511 AMS5512 AMS5513 AMS5514 AMS5515 AMS5516 AMS5517 AMS5518 AMS5519 AMS5520 AMS5521 AMS5522 AMS5523 AMS5524 AMS5525 AMS5526 AMS5527 AMS5528 AMS5529 AMS5530 AMS5531 AMS5532 AMS5533 AMS5534 AMS5535 AMS5536 AMS5537 AMS5538 AMS5539 AMS5540 AMS5541 AMS5542 AMS5543 AMS5544 AMS5545 AMS5546 AMS5547 AMS5548 AMS5549 AMS5550 AMS5551 AMS5552 AMS5553 AMS5554 AMS5555 AMS5556 AMS5557 AMS5558 AMS5559 AMS5560 AMS5561 AMS5562 AMS5563 AMS5564 AMS5565 AMS5566 AMS5567 AMS5568 AMS5569 AMS5570 AMS5571 AMS5572 AMS5573 AMS5574 AMS5575 AMS5576 AMS5577 AMS5578 AMS5579 AMS5580 AMS5581 AMS5582 AMS5583 AMS5584 AMS5585 AMS5586 AMS5587 AMS5588 AMS5589 AMS5590 AMS5591 AMS5592 AMS5593 AMS5594 AMS5595 AMS5596 AMS5597 AMS5598 AMS5599 AMS5600 AMS5601 AMS5602 AMS5603 AMS5604 AMS5605 AMS5606 AMS5607 AMS5608 AMS5609 AMS5610/416 AMS5610/416Se AMS5611 AMS5612 AMS5613 AMS5614 AMS5615 AMS5616 AMS5616 ALLOY AMS5617 AMS5618 AMS5619 AMS5620 51420F AMS5620 51420FSe AMS5620 type 1 AMS5620 type 2 AMS5621 AMS5622 AMS5623 AMS5624 AMS5625 AMS5626 AMS5627 AMS5628 AMS5629 AMS5630 AMS5631 AMS5632 typeI AMS5632 typeII AMS5633 AMS5634 AMS5635 AMS5636 AMS5637 AMS5638 AMS5639 AMS5640 type1 AMS5640 type2 AMS5640 type3 AMS5641 AMS5642 type1 AMS5642 type2 AMS5643 AMS5644 AMS5645 AMS5646 AMS5647 AMS5648 AMS5649 AMS5650 AMS5651 AMS5652 AMS5653 AMS5654 AMS5655 AMS5656 AMS5657 AMS5658 AMS5659 AMS5660 AMS5661 AMS5662 AMS5663 AMS5664 AMS5665 AMS5666 AMS5667 AMS5668 AMS5669 AMS5670 AMS5671 AMS5672 AMS5673 AMS5674 AMS5675 AMS5676 AMS5677 AMS5678 AMS5679 AMS5680 AMS5681 AMS5682 AMS5683 AMS5684 AMS5685 AMS5686 AMS5687 AMS5688 AMS5689 AMS5690 AMS5691 AMS5693 AMS5694 AMS5695 AMS5696 AMS5697 AMS5698 AMS5699 AMS5700 AMS5701 AMS5702 AMS5703 AMS5704 AMS5705 AMS5706 AMS5707 AMS5708 AMS5709 AMS5710 AMS5711 AMS5712 AMS5713 AMS5714 AMS5715 AMS5716 AMS5717 AMS5718 AMS5719 AMS5720 AMS5721 AMS5722 AMS5723 AMS5724 AMS5725 AMS5726 AMS5727 AMS5728 AMS5729 AMS5730 AMS5731 AMS5732 AMS5733 AMS5734 AMS5735 AMS5736 AMS5737 AMS5738 AMS5739 AMS5740 AMS5741 AMS5743 AMS5744 AMS5745 AMS5746 AMS5747 AMS5748 AMS5749 AMS5750 AMS5751 AMS5752 AMS5753 AMS5754 AMS5755 AMS5756 AMS5757 AMS5758 AMS5759 AMS5760 AMS5762 AMS5763 AMS5764 AMS5765 AMS5766 AMS5767 AMS5768 AMS5769 AMS5770 AMS5771 AMS5772 AMS5773 AMS5774 AMS5775 AMS5776 AMS5777 AMS5778 AMS5779 AMS5780 AMS5781 AMS5782 AMS5783 AMS5784 AMS5785 AMS5786 AMS5787 AMS5788 AMS5789 AMS5790 AMS5791 AMS5793 AMS5794 AMS5795 AMS5796 AMS5797 AMS5798 AMS5799 AMS5800 AMS5801 AMS5802 AMS5803 AMS5804 AMS5805 AMS5806 AMS5808 AMS5809 AMS5810 AMS5811 AMS5812 AMS5813 AMS5814 AMS5817 AMS5818 AMS5819 AMS5821 AMS5822 AMS5823 AMS5824 AMS5825 AMS5826 AMS5827 AMS5828 AMS5829 AMS5830 AMS5831 AMS5832 AMS5833 AMS5834 AMS5835 AMS5836 AMS5837 AMS5838 AMS5839 AMS5840 AMS5841 AMS5842 AMS5843 AMS5844 AMS5845 AMS5846 AMS5848 AMS5851 AMS5852 AMS5853 AMS5854 AMS5855 AMS5856 AMS5857 AMS5858 AMS5859 AMS5860 AMS5861 AMS5862 AMS5863 AMS5864 AMS5865 AMS5866 AMS5867 AMS5868 AMS5869 AMS5870 AMS5871 AMS5872 AMS5873 AMS5874 AMS5875 AMS5876 AMS5877 AMS5878 AMS5879 AMS5880 AMS5881 AMS5882 AMS5884 AMS5886 AMS5887 AMS5888 AMS5889 AMS5890 AMS5891 AMS5892 AMS5893 AMS5894 AMS5895 AMS5896 AMS5897 AMS5898 AMS5899 AMS5900 AMS5901 AMS5902 AMS5903 AMS5904 AMS5905 AMS5906 AMS5907 AMS5910 AMS5911 AMS5912 AMS5913 AMS5914 AMS5919 AMS5920 AMS5922 AMS5925 AMS5929 AMS5930 AMS5931 AMS5934 AMS5936 AMS5937 AMS5940 AMS5950 AMS5961 AMS5962 AMS5964 AMS5966 AMS5966-2S AMS6098 AMS6250 AMS6253 AMS6255 AMS6256 AMS6257 AMS6260 AMS6263 AMS6264 AMS6265 AMS6266 AMS6267 AMS6270 AMS6272 AMS6274 AMS6275 AMS6276 AMS6277 AMS6278 AMS6280 AMS6281 AMS6282 AMS6283 AMS6284 AMS6285 AMS6286 AMS6290 AMS6292 AMS6294 AMS6299 AMS6300 AMS6302 AMS6303 AMS6304 AMS6305 AMS6308 AMS6310 AMS6312 AMS6315 AMS6317 AMS6320 AMS6321 AMS6322 AMS6323 AMS6324 AMS6325 AMS6327 AMS6328 AMS6330 AMS6331 AMS6332 AMS6335 AMS6337 AMS6340 AMS6342 AMS6345 AMS6346 AMS6348 AMS6349 AMS6350 AMS6351 AMS6352 AMS6354 AMS6355 AMS6356 AMS6357 AMS6358 AMS6359 AMS6360 AMS6361 AMS6362 AMS6365 AMS6370 AMS6371 AMS6372 AMS6373 AMS6374 AMS6375 AMS6378 AMS6379 AMS6381 AMS6382 AMS6385 AMS6386 K11511 AMS6386 K11625 AMS6386 K11630 AMS6386 K11662 AMS6386 K11856 AMS6390 AMS6395 AMS6396 AMS6406 AMS6407 AMS6408 AMS6409 AMS6411 AMS6412 AMS6413 AMS6414 AMS6415 AMS6416 AMS6417 AMS6418 AMS6419 AMS6421 AMS6422 AMS6423 AMS6424 AMS6425 AMS6426 AMS6427 AMS6428 AMS6429 AMS6430 AMS6431 AMS6432 AMS6433 AMS6434 AMS6435 AMS6436 AMS6437 AMS6438 AMS6439 AMS6440 AMS6441 AMS6442 AMS6443 AMS6444 AMS6445 AMS6446 AMS6447 AMS6448 AMS6449 AMS6450 AMS6451 AMS6452 AMS6453 AMS6454 AMS6455 AMS6456 AMS6457 AMS6458 AMS6459 AMS6460 AMS6461 AMS6462 AMS6463 AMS6464 AMS6465 AMS6466 AMS6467 AMS6468 AMS6469 AMS6470 AMS6471 AMS6472 AMS6473 AMS6475 AMS6476 AMS6477 AMS6478 AMS6479 AMS6481 AMS6484 AMS6485 AMS6487 AMS6488 AMS6490 AMS6491 AMS6496 AMS6497 AMS6498 AMS6501 AMS6511 AMS6512 AMS6514 AMS6515 AMS6518 AMS6519 AMS6520 AMS6521 AMS6522 AMS6523 AMS6524 AMS6525 AMS6526 AMS6527 AMS6528 AMS6529 AMS6530 AMS6532 AMS6533 AMS6535 AMS6542 AMS6543 AMS6544 AMS6546 AMS6550 AMS6901 AMS6905 AMS6910 AMS6920 AMS6921 AMS6925 AMS6926 AMS6930 AMS6931 AMS6932 AMS6945 AMS6946 AMS7223 AMS7225 AMS7228 AMS7229 AMS7233 AMS7234 AMS7236 AMS7238 AMS7239 AMS7240 AMS7241 AMS7246 AMS7247 AMS7301 AMS7304 AMS7320 AMS7322 AMS7440 AMS7445 S44003 AMS7445 S44004 AMS7458 AMS7467 AMS7468 AMS7470 AMS7471 AMS7475 AMS7496 4130 AMS7496 4337 AMS7496 8630 AMS7496 8735 AMS7496 8740 AMS7496 K02508 AMS7496 K22770 AMS7496 K32550 AMS7496 K33517 AMS7707 AMS7711 AMS7717 AMS7718 AMS7719 AMS7720 AMS7721 AMS7724 AMS7725 AMS7726 AMS7727 AMS7728 AMS7732 AMS7734 AMS7735 AMS7817 AMS7819 AMS7846 AMS7847 AMS7848 AMS7849 AMS7850 AMS7851 AMS7852 AMS7855 AMS7857 AMS7881 AMS7882 AMS7898 AMS7902 AMS7908 AMS7909 AMS7911 AMS7912 AMS7913 AMS7918 AMSL/DE AMSL/DE2 AMSQQ-A-250/26 AMSQQ-A-250/28 AMUTIT AMUTIT S AMW CuNi10 AMW CuNi20 AMW CuNi8 AMW DILATON 51 AMW NiMn4Si AMX160-03-07 AMZIRC AMc AMcS AMg1 AMg2 AMg3 AMg4 AMg4,5 AMg5 AMg6 AMo-509 AMr1 AMr2 AMr3 AMr5 AMr6 AN 400 AN 5 A AN1 AN10 AN10L AN2 AN3 AN3 US AN3CB AN3K AN3S AN4 AN4 Termomax AN40 AN5 AN6 ANC1 GrC ANC1 Grade C ANC1-A ANC1-B ANC1-C ANC10 ANC11 ANC13 ANC14 ANC15 ANC16 ANC17 ANC18-A ANC18-B ANC18-C ANC19 ANC2 ANC20-A ANC20-B ANC20B ANC21 ANC22 GrA ANC22 GrB ANC22 GrC ANC22A ANC22B ANC22C ANC3 grade B ANC3-A ANC3-B ANC4-A ANC4-B ANC4-C ANC4A ANC5-A ANC5-B ANC5-C ANC6-A ANC6-B ANC6-C ANC8 ANC9 ANCU 68 ANHYSTER B ANHYSTER D ANI type1B ANI typeD2 ANS1 ANS3 ANSI B16.11 ANSONIA 1880 ANSONIA 18900 ANSONIA 3180 ANSONIA 63400 ANTIKOR ANTIKOR-S ANTINIT 3974 ANTINIT A610 ANTINIT A611 ANTINIT A614 ANTINIT A911 ANTINIT A952 ANTINIT ASN7W ANTINIT N108 ANTINIT N408 ANTINIT N678 ANTINIT N679 ANTINIT N680 ANTINIT N685 ANTINIT N690 ANTINIT N695 ANTINIT N700 ANTINIT N750 ANTINIT N752 ANTOXYD ANi-550 AP01 AP02 AP04 AP1 AP11 AP12 AP13 AP13 megorado AP1C AP1D AP24H AP24N AP25A AP309 AP311 AP4 AP601 APACHE APERAM 201L APEX 36 APEX 66 APFISI APFR/SI APFR2 APFRS API 5CT C-75-13Cr API 5CT C-75-9Cr API 5CT L-80-13Cr API 5CT L-80-9Cr API-5L API2H Gr42 API2H Gr50 API2Y Gr42 API2Y Gr50 API2Y Gr60 API5CT H-40 API5CT J-55 API5CT K-55 API5L GrA API5L GrA25 classI API5L GrA25 classII API5L GrB API5L GrX100 API5L GrX42 API5L GrX46 API5L GrX52 API5L GrX56 API5L GrX60 API5L GrX65 API5L GrX70 API5L GrX80 API5L-A API5L-B API5L-X100 API5L-X42 API5L-X46 API5L-X52 API5L-X52N mod. API5L-X56 API5L-X60 API5L-X65 API5L-X70 APK 1 APM APM/DE APM/DE2 APMC/DE APML APML/DE APML/EL APML/EL2 APMLN APMLN/DE APMRU APMT/DE APMZ APPLICATION THERMIQUE APS10M4 APS20A APS30 APX APX4 APXV APZ10 ULTR'AD APZ2 APZ5 APZ9 AQ AQ-22 AQCUARIN AQCUARIN 402/410 AQUALLOY AQUALOY 17 AQUALOY 19 AQUALOY 22 AQUALOY 30 AQUAMET 17 AQUAMET 18 AQUAMET 19 AQUAMET 22 AR 301 AR 304 AR 304L AR 309/1.4828 AR 309S AR 316SL AR 410S AR'COROX 26-1 AR'COROX 26-3 AR'COROX 36-3 AR-13 AR-213 AR-215 AR/C10C AR/CB10FF AR1 AR170-W509 AR2 AR301 ARC 45N ARCALOY 309 ARCALOY 309Cb ARCALOY 309MoL ARCALOY 310Cb ARCALOY 310Mo ARCALOY 312 ARCALOY 316H ARCALOY 316LF5 ARCALOY 317L ARCALOY 318 ARCALOY 320 ARCALOY 320LR ARCALOY 409Ti ARCALOY 410 ARCALOY 410NiMo ARCALOY E308L ARCALOY ER308H ARCALOY ER308L ARCALOY ER308LSi ARCALOY ER309L ARCALOY ER309LSi ARCALOY ER310 ARCALOY ER312 ARCALOY ER316 ARCALOY ER316H ARCALOY ER316L ARCALOY ER316LSi ARCALOY ER317L Plus ARCALOY ER320LR ARCALOY ER347 ARCALOY cupro-nickel ARCAP AP1 ARCAP AP1C ARCAP AP1D ARCAP AP4 ARCELOR A690 ARCELOR S260NC ARCOS 16-8-2 ARCOS 307 ARCOS 308 ARCOS 309 ARCOS 309Cb ARCOS 310Cb ARCOS 310HiC ARCOS 310Mo ARCOS 316 ARCOS 317L ARCOS 317LSP ARCOS 320 ARCOS 320LR ARCOS 330 ARCOS 330HiC ARCOS 352 ARCOS 410 ARCOS 410NiMo ARCOS E630-15 ARCOS E630-16 ARCOS alloy 59 ARGENT ARGENT >=99,95 ARGENT PUR 99.90 ARGENT PUR 99.95 ARGENT PUR 99.99 ARGENT-CADMIUM ARGENT-CUIVRE ARGENT-CUIVRE-CADMIUM ARGENT-CUIVRE-NICKEL ARGENT-CUIVRE-ZINC ARGENT-GRAPHITE ARGENT-MANGANESE ARGENT-NICKEL ARGENT-OR ARGENT-OXYDE DE CADMIUM ARGENT-PALLADIUM ARGENT-PALLADIUM-CUIVRE ARGENT-PLATINE ARGENTAN 10% ARGENTAN 12% ARGENTAN 18% ARGO-BOND ARGO-BRAZE 40 ARGO-BRAZE 502 ARGO-BRAZE 56 ARGO-FLO ARGO-SWIFT ARINOX 316S ARISTOCRAT ARISTON ARMCO 0,3Mo-0,8Ni ARMCO 11Cr-Cb ARMCO 12-2W ARMCO 12SR ARMCO 15-5PH ARMCO 18Cr-Cb ARMCO 18SR ARMCO 20-45-5 ARMCO 21-6-9 ARMCO 409 ARMCO 409Ni ARMCO 434 ARMCO 439 ARMCO 444 ARMCO 5Al2,5Sn ARMCO 718 ARMCO IRON ARMCOEISEN ARMOX 560S ARMOX 560T ARNAVAR ARNE ARO 75 AROSTA 304H AROSTA 304L AROSTA 307 AROSTA 309Mo AROSTA 309S AROSTA 316L AROSTA 318 AROSTA 4439 AROSTA 4462 ARP1947 ARRATE ARSOPI 1304 ARSOPI 2.4686 ARSOPI 2512 ARSOPI 2520 ARTENE 325WM ARTENE 340WM ARTENE 350WM AS 1085.1 AS 1163 AS 1302 AS 1442 AS 1443 AS 1444 AS 1447 AS 1448 AS 1548 AS 1565 AS 1566 AS 1567 AS 1569 AS 1571 AS 1572 AS 1573 AS 1831 AS 1833 AS 2027 AS 2074 AS 2506 AS 2738 AS 3678 AS OT4-0 AS OT4-1 AS-13 AS-301 AS-305 AS-306 AS-401 AS-435 AS-462 AS-466 AS-501 AS-545 AS-548 AS-550 AS-571 AS-980 AS-C21 Bore AS07 AS1 AS20 AS2074 Gr C4-2 AS2074 H8B AS21 AS21X AS21X1 AS28 AS303 AS307 AS35 AS3658 AS3659 AS401 AS41A AS41B AS42 AS43 AS4877 AS4983 AS5 AS60 AS601 AS7220 AS7222 AS7228 AS7229 AS7232 AS7233 AS7236 AS7237 AS7246 AS7253 AS7458 AS7466 AS7467 AS7468 AS7469 AS7473 K00802 AS7473 K91456 AS7473 K91505 AS7473 S32100 AS7473 S34700 AS7475 AS9U ASA 112 ASA 145 ASA 2000 ASA 4000 ASA 938 ASA 950 ASA1A ASA1B ASARCO 99,95% ASARCON 100 ASARCON 1010 ASARCON 102 ASARCON 102N ASARCON 110 ASARCON 210 ASARCON 50N ASARCON 51N ASARCON 55 ASARCON 59 ASARCON 61 ASARCON 616 ASARCON 77 ASARCON 773 ASARCON 80 ASB450 ASCO 30CD12 ASCO 38CD4 ASG ASG-Ni20Cr2 ASG-Ni20Si5Cr2 ASG-Ni22 ASM ASM 179a ASM16 ASMn425H ASMnB220H ASN-A3005 ASN-A3050 ASN-A3098 ASN-A3101 ASN-A3142D ASN-A3297 ASN-A3355 ASN-A3388 ASN-A3417 ASN-A3470/1 ASN-A6128 ASN7W ASP 2004 ASP 2005 ASP 2009 ASP 2011 ASP 2012 ASP 2015 ASP 2017 ASP 2023 ASP 2030 ASP 2040 ASP 2042 ASP 2052 ASP 2053 ASP 2055 ASP 2060 ASP 2080 ASP 23 ASP 23S ASP 30 ASP 60 ASP11 ASSAB 618 ASSAB 618HH ASSAB 705 ASSAB 709 ASSAB 760 ASSAB 88 ASSAB SS1505 AST 353MA AST 4410 AST 4436 AST 4529 AST 4565 AST 4833 AST 4878 AST 904L AST SAF 2304 ASTM 1144 ASTM 1215 ASTM 12L14 ASTM A-494 GrCW-6M ASTM A-494 M-25S ASTM A105 ASTM A106 ASTM A108 ASTM A126 ASTM A128 ASTM A131 ASTM A135 ASTM A148 ASTM A159 ASTM A161 ASTM A167 ASTM A176 ASTM A178 ASTM A179 ASTM A181 ASTM A182 ASTM A182 F91 ASTM A192 ASTM A193 ASTM A193 B6 ASTM A194 ASTM A197 ASTM A199 ASTM A200 ASTM A202 GradeA ASTM A202 GradeB ASTM A203 ASTM A204 ASTM A209 ASTM A210 ASTM A213 ASTM A214 ASTM A216 ASTM A216 GR WCB ASTM A217 ASTM A217 GR WC9 ASTM A217 GrWC1 ASTM A217GRWC11 ASTM A217GrWC4 ASTM A220 ASTM A227 ASTM A228 ASTM A229 ASTM A230 ASTM A234 ASTM A240 ASTM A242 ASTM A249 ASTM A252 ASTM A266 ASTM A268 ASTM A269 ASTM A27 ASTM A27 60-30 ASTM A27 GR65-35 ASTM A270 ASTM A271 ASTM A274 ASTM A276 ASTM A278 ASTM A283 ASTM A285 ASTM A29 ASTM A295 ASTM A296 ASTM A297 ASTM A297 GrHK ASTM A297 GrHN ASTM A297GrHU ASTM A298 ASTM A299 ASTM A302 ASTM A304 ASTM A306 ASTM A311 ASTM A312 ASTM A313 ASTM A314 ASTM A320 ASTM A321 ASTM A322 ASTM A331 ASTM A333 ASTM A333Gr6 ASTM A334 ASTM A335 ASTM A336 ASTM A350 ASTM A351 ASTM A351 GR CF8C ASTM A351 GR CN7M ASTM A351 GrCF-10 ASTM A351 GrCF-3A ASTM A351 GrCH10 ASTM A351 GrHK-30 ASTM A351 HK-30 ASTM A351-CF10M ASTM A351-CH8 ASTM A351GrCF-3MA ASTM A351GrCF-8A ASTM A351GrCT15C ASTM A351GrHK-40 ASTM A351GrHT30 ASTM A352 ASTM A352GrLC2-1 ASTM A353 ASTM A355 ASTM A356 ASTM A356GR5 ASTM A356GR6 ASTM A356GR8 ASTM A356GR9 ASTM A358 ASTM A36 ASTM A362 ASTM A366 ASTM A369 ASTM A371 ASTM A376 ASTM A381 ASTM A387 ASTM A387 Gr12 ASTM A387 Gr2 ASTM A400 ASTM A403 ASTM A409 ASTM A414 ASTM A414 gradeC ASTM A415 ASTM A420 ASTM A423 ASTM A424 ASTM A426 ASTM A430 ASTM A436 ASTM A436 type2b ASTM A436 type3 ASTM A436 type5 ASTM A436 type6 ASTM A437 ASTM A439 ASTM A439 D-5B ASTM A439 typeD-3 ASTM A439 typeD-3A ASTM A439typeD-5B ASTM A440 ASTM A447 ASTM A450 ASTM A451 ASTM A453 ASTM A455 ASTM A47 ASTM A473 ASTM A476 ASTM A479 ASTM A48 ASTM A485 ASTM A487 ASTM A493 ASTM A494 ASTM A494 GrCW-12MW ASTM A494 GrN-12MV ASTM A500 ASTM A501 ASTM A505 ASTM A510 ASTM A511 ASTM A512 ASTM A513 ASTM A514 ASTM A515 ASTM A516 ASTM A517 ASTM A517 GrF ASTM A517GrB ASTM A517GrH ASTM A517GrP ASTM A518 Grade3 ASTM A519 ASTM A522 ASTM A53 ASTM A530 ASTM A532 ASTM A532 2-D ASTM A533 ASTM A536 ASTM A537 ASTM A540 ASTM A541 ASTM A542 ASTM A544 ASTM A545 ASTM A549 ASTM A553 ASTM A553 typeI ASTM A554 ASTM A560 60Cr-40Ni ASTM A563 ASTM A565 ASTM A567 GrHI-50C ASTM A567 HH-90 ASTM A567Gr12 ASTM A567Gr4 ASTM A567GrHK-50 ASTM A567GrHT-50C ASTM A571 ASTM A572 ASTM A573 ASTM A576 ASTM A579 ASTM A580 ASTM A581 ASTM A582 ASTM A588 ASTM A597 ASTM A597 CD-5 ASTM A597 CM-2 ASTM A597 CS-5 ASTM A597 GrCH-13 ASTM A597 GrCO-1 ASTM A597 GrH12 ASTM A597GrCA-2 ASTM A597GrCD-2 ASTM A597GrCS-7 ASTM A600 ASTM A607 ASTM A608 ASTM A611 ASTM A612 ASTM A615 ASTM A618 ASTM A632 ASTM A633 ASTM A633 GradeA ASTM A638 ASTM A643 ASTM A645 ASTM A646 ASTM A656 ASTM A660 ASTM A662 ASTM A666 ASTM A669 ASTM A677 ASTM A678 ASTM A681 ASTM A682 ASTM A683 ASTM A686 ASTM A688 ASTM A689 ASTM A691 ASTM A693 ASTM A694 ASTM A707 ASTM A709 ASTM A709Gr100 ASTM A713 ASTM A715 ASTM A724 ASTM A732 ASTM A732GR15A ASTM A732GR7Q ASTM A736 ASTM A737 ASTM A738 ASTM A739 ASTM A743 ASTM A743 CA-15M ASTM A743 CF-16F ASTM A743 CF-16Fa ASTM A743 GR CE30 ASTM A743 GrCH-20 ASTM A743 GrCW-12M ASTM A743GRCA-28MWV ASTM A743GrCF-20 ASTM A743GrCK20 ASTM A743GrCN-3M ASTM A744 ASTM A744 CN-3MN ASTM A747 ASTM A753 ASTM A757 ASTM A757GrC1Q ASTM A778 ASTM A781 ASTM A789 ASTM A790 ASTM A801 ASTM A803 ASTM A808 ASTM A813 ASTM A814 ASTM A815 ASTM A829 ASTM A830 SAE1033 ASTM A838 ASTM A842 ASTM A876 ASTM A890 ASTM A890GR3-A ASTM A897 ASTM A936 ASTM A955 ASTM A957 ASTM A959 ASTM A96 ASTM A985 ASTM A996 ASTM B103 ASTM B107 ASTM B108 ASTM B111 ASTM B115 ASTM B121 ASTM B122 ASTM B124 ASTM B127 ASTM B135 ASTM B139 ASTM B144 ASTM B148 ASTM B150 ASTM B151 ASTM B152 ASTM B16 ASTM B160 ASTM B161 ASTM B162 ASTM B163 ASTM B164 ASTM B165 ASTM B166 ASTM B167 ASTM B168 ASTM B169 ASTM B170 ASTM B171 ASTM B176 ASTM B179 ASTM B187 ASTM B19 ASTM B194 ASTM B196 ASTM B197 ASTM B199 ASTM B206 ASTM B209 ASTM B210 ASTM B211 ASTM B221 ASTM B224 ASTM B234 ASTM B240 ASTM B241 ASTM B247 ASTM B26 ASTM B265 ASTM B271 ASTM B275 ASTM B280 ASTM B283 ASTM B291 ASTM B297 ASTM B30 ASTM B301 ASTM B308 ASTM B313 ASTM B316 ASTM B317 ASTM B32 ASTM B333 ASTM B334 ASTM B335 ASTM B337 ASTM B338 ASTM B345 ASTM B348 ASTM B353 ASTM B359 ASTM B36 ASTM B361 ASTM B363 ASTM B366 ASTM B367 ASTM B369 ASTM B379 ASTM B381 ASTM B388 ASTM B395 ASTM B398 ASTM B403 ASTM B407 ASTM B408 ASTM B409 ASTM B411 ASTM B412 ASTM B423 ASTM B424 ASTM B425 ASTM B444 ASTM B453 ASTM B465 ASTM B466 ASTM B467 ASTM B469 ASTM B491 ASTM B505 ASTM B514 ASTM B515 ASTM B516 ASTM B517 ASTM B523 ASTM B534 ASTM B543 ASTM B547 ASTM B564 ASTM B580 ASTM B584 ASTM B585 ASTM B618 ASTM B619 ASTM B622 ASTM B626 ASTM B642 ASTM B66 ASTM B668 ASTM B677 ASTM B729 ASTM B749 ASTM B75 ASTM B80 ASTM B805 ASTM B85 ASTM B86 ASTM B861 ASTM B862 ASTM B863 ASTM B888 ASTM B891 ASTM B90 ASTM B91 ASTM B92 ASTM B92M ASTM B93 ASTM B94 ASTM B96 ASTM CD4MCu ASTM E527 ASTM F239 ASTM F2537 ASTM F288 ASTM F621 ASTM F67 ASTM F899 ASTM F93 ASTM GRCG8M ASTM Grade 92 ASTROLITE 5804 ASTROLITE AZ92A ASTROLITE ER240 ASTROLOY ASTROLOY M ASt35 ASt41 ASt52 AT-1 AT-20+ AT-Ni154 ATCu10Mg ATCu4MgTi ATF210Y ATF250Y ATF300N ATF40SN ATF420Y ATF440N ATF490N ATF495N ATF500Y ATF550S ATF600N ATHA PNEU ATHRA RIM ROLL ATI 13-8 ATI 13-8-MIL ATI 13-8Mo ATI 17-4-MIL ATI 17-4PH ATI 17-7 ATI 18CrCb ATI 20-25+Nb ATI 200 ATI 2003 ATI 201 ATI 201 HP ATI 201L HP ATI 201LN ATI 2102 ATI 219 ATI 22 ATI 2205 ATI 23 ATI 276 ATI 302 ATI 303 ATI 304 ATI 316L ATI 316Ti ATI 317L ATI 332Mo ATI 334Mo ATI 347 ATI 35N ATI 36 ATI 400 ATI 410S ATI 412 ATI 425 ATI 430Ti ATI 436S ATI 439 ATI 439HP ATI 444 ATI 455 ATI 50 ATI 520 ATI 59 ATI 6-4ELI ATI 6-7 ATI 600 ATI 611 ATI 625 ATI 625HP ATI 690 ATI 70 ATI 706 ATI 718 ATI 718 plus ATI 718-OP ATI 720 ATI 800 ATI 800H ATI 80A ATI 825 ATI 840 ATI 9-4-30 ATI 901 ATI 925 ATI A286 ATI AL-6XN ATI ALLCORR ATI Astroloy ATI C-263 ATI C-276 ATI CRV2 ATI Datalloy2 ESR ATI FV448 ATI FV535 ATI FV607 ATI GTD-222 ATI H-46 ATI H-N ATI H-W ATI HB-2 ATI HCM3 ATI HX ATI Jethete M152 ATI K-500 ATI L-605 ATI M-252 ATI N-90 ATI R56322 ATI RBD ATI RENE 41 ATI Rene 95 PM ATI S240 ATI STABALLOY AG17 ATI STABALLOY AG17HS ATI TJA-1537 ATI W-722 ATI Waspaloy ATI X-750 ATI X-751 ATI XM-19 ATI Zr2.5Nb ATLAS 355.1 ATLAS B ATOR14 ATR 18NiCrMo5Pb ATRIX 101 ATRIX 120 ATRIX 231 ATRIX 232 ATRIX 234 ATRIX N3 ATS-34 ATS-55 ATSi10Cu3Mg ATSi10Mg ATSi12 ATSi12CuMgNi ATSi12Fe ATSi12MgFe ATSi12Mn ATSi5Cu1 ATSi7Mg ATSi8Cu3 ATSi9Cu3Mg ATSi9Cu3MgTi ATVSMo AU-B40001 AU105 AU177 AU188 AU188 ZU AU188Z AU2 AU4G1 AUDIOLLOY AUN13 AUN14 AUN17 AUS-10 AUS-6 AUS-8 AUS-8A AUS101 grA AUS101 grB AUS102 grA AUS102 grB AUS104 AUS105 AUS202 grA AUS202 grB AUS203 AUS204 AUS205 AUSTINOX 304 AUSTINOX S AUTAAS 101 AUTAAS 701 AUTAAS 702 AUTAAS 703 AUTAAS 704 AUTAAS 705 AUTAAS 711 AUTAAS 712 AUTAAS 721 AUTAAS 722 AUTAAS 723 AUTAAS 731 AUTAAS 732 AUTAAS N11 AUTAAS N12 AUTAAS N21 AUTAAS N31 AUTO C AUTO D AUTOPAN 1920 AV AV 20 AV-15B2 AVANT AVESTA 17-7 AVESTA 18-10Ti AVESTA 18-8 AVESTA 18-9 AVESTA 2205 AVESTA 248SV AVESTA 25-20 AVESTA 2507 AVESTA 253MA AVESTA 254 AVESTA 307 AVESTA 308H AVESTA 309L AVESTA 310 AVESTA 904L AVESTA A28 AVESTA P10 AVESTA P100 AVESTA P12 AVESTA P16 AVESTA P5 AVESTA P7 AVINS C35330 AVIONAL 050 AVIONAL 2219 AVIONAL 2618 AVIONAL-100 AVIONAL-102 AVIONAL-150 AVIONAL-152 AVIONAL-660 AVIONAL-662 AVON LM11 AVS AVW AVZ AW-1050 AW-1050A AW-1060 AW-1070A AW-1080A AW-1085 AW-1090 AW-1098 AW-1100 AW-1198 AW-1199 AW-1200 AW-1200A AW-1235 AW-1350 AW-1350A AW-1370 AW-1450 AW-2001 AW-2007 AW-2007 low lead AW-2011 AW-2011A AW-2014 AW-2014A AW-2017A AW-2024 AW-2030 AW-2031 AW-2091 AW-2117 AW-2124 AW-2214 AW-2219 AW-2319 AW-2618A AW-3002 AW-3003 AW-3004 AW-3005 AW-3005A AW-3017 AW-3102 AW-3103 AW-3103A AW-3104 AW-3105 AW-3105A AW-3105B AW-3207 AW-4004 AW-4006 AW-4007 AW-4014 AW-4015 AW-4015-H12 AW-4015-H14 AW-4016 AW-4017 AW-4018 AW-4032 AW-4043A AW-4045 AW-4046 AW-4046 casting AW-4047A AW-4104 AW-4343 AW-5005 AW-5005A AW-5006 AW-5010 AW-5013 AW-5018 AW-5019 AW-5026 AW-5040 AW-5042 AW-5049 AW-5050 AW-5050A AW-5051A AW-5052 AW-5058 AW-5059 AW-5070 AW-5082 AW-5083 AW-5086 AW-5087 AW-5088 AW-5110 AW-5119 AW-5119A AW-5149 AW-5154A AW-5154B AW-5182 AW-5183 AW-5183A AW-5186 AW-5187 AW-5210 AW-5249 AW-5251 AW-5252 AW-5283 AW-5283A AW-5305 AW-5310 AW-5352 AW-5356 AW-5356A AW-5383 AW-5449 AW-5454 AW-5456 AW-5456A AW-5456B AW-5505 AW-5554 AW-5556A AW-5556B AW-5605 AW-5654 AW-5654A AW-5657 AW-5754 AW-6003 AW-6005 AW-6005A AW-6008 AW-6011 AW-6012 AW-6012A AW-6013 AW-6014 AW-6016 AW-6018 AW-6023 AW-6025 AW-6026 AW-6056 AW-6060 AW-6061 AW-6063 AW-6063A AW-6065 AW-6081 AW-6082 AW-6101 AW-6101A AW-6101B AW-6106 AW-6110A AW-6120 AW-6181 AW-6182 AW-6201 AW-6261 AW-6262 AW-6262A AW-6351 AW-6351A AW-6463 AW-6951 AW-7003 AW-7005 AW-7009 AW-7010 AW-7012 AW-7015 AW-7016 AW-7019 AW-7020 AW-7021 AW-7022 AW-7029 AW-7030 AW-7039 AW-7049A AW-7050 AW-7072 AW-7075 AW-7079 AW-7108 AW-7108A AW-7116 AW-7129 AW-7149 AW-7150 AW-7175 AW-7178 AW-7475 AW-8006 AW-8008 AW-8011A AW-8014 AW-8015 AW-8021B AW-8079 AW-8090 AW-8111 AW-8112 AW-Al95 AW-Al99,0 AW-Al99,0-A AW-Al99,0Cu AW-Al99,35 AW-Al99,5 AW-Al99,5-A AW-Al99,5Ti AW-Al99,6 AW-Al99,7 AW-Al99,8-A AW-Al99,85 AW-Al99,85Mg0,5 AW-Al99,85Mg1 AW-Al99,9 AW-Al99,98 AW-Al99,98-A AW-Al99,98-a AW-Al99,98Mg1 AW-Al99,99 AW-Al99,9Mg0,5 AW-Al99,9Mg1 AW-AlCu2,5Mg AW-AlCu2,5NiMg AW-AlCu2Li2Mg1,5 AW-AlCu2Mg1,5Ni AW-AlCu4Mg1 AW-AlCu4Mg1-a AW-AlCu4MgSiA AW-AlCu4PbMg AW-AlCu4PbMgMn AW-AlCu4SiMg AW-AlCu4SiMg-B AW-AlCu4SiMg-a AW-AlCu5,5MgMn AW-AlCu6BiPb AW-AlCu6Mn AW-AlCu6Mn-A AW-AlCu6Mn-a AW-AlCuBiPb-A AW-AlFe1,5 AW-AlFe1,5Mn AW-AlFe1,5Mn0,4 AW-AlFe1Mn0,8 AW-AlFe1Si AW-AlFeMn0,3 AW-AlFeSi AW-AlFeSi-A AW-AlFeSi-b AW-AlLi2,5Cu1,5Mg1 AW-AlMg0,5Mn AW-AlMg0,7Si AW-AlMg0,7Si-a AW-AlMg0,8Si0,9 AW-AlMg0,9Si0,9Cu AW-AlMg0,9Si0,9MnCu AW-AlMg1,5-c AW-AlMg1,5-d AW-AlMg1,5Mn AW-AlMg1-A AW-AlMg1-b AW-AlMg1-c AW-AlMg1-d AW-AlMg1Mn0,5 AW-AlMg1Si0,8 AW-AlMg1Si0,8CuMn AW-AlMg1SiCu AW-AlMg1SiCuMn AW-AlMg1SiPb AW-AlMg1SiPbMn AW-AlMg1SiSn AW-AlMg2 AW-AlMg2,5 AW-AlMg2,5-B AW-AlMg2,5-a AW-AlMg2-b AW-AlMg2Mn0,8 AW-AlMg2Mn0,8-B AW-AlMg2Mn0,8-a AW-AlMg2Mn0,8Zr AW-AlMg3 AW-AlMg3,5-a AW-AlMg3,5Cr AW-AlMg3,5Cr-A AW-AlMg3,5Mn AW-AlMg3,5Mn0,3 AW-AlMg3Mn AW-AlMg3Mn-A AW-AlMg3Mn0,4 AW-AlMg4 AW-AlMg4,5 AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,4 AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7 AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7-A AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7-B AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7-C AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7-a AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7-b AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,9 AW-AlMg4,5MnSiFe AW-AlMg4,5MnZr AW-AlMg4,5MnZr-A AW-AlMg4Mn0,4 AW-AlMg4MnZn AW-AlMg5 AW-AlMg5,5Mn0,8ZnZr AW-AlMg5-B AW-AlMg5-a AW-AlMg5Cr-A AW-AlMg5Cr-B AW-AlMg5Mn AW-AlMg5Mn-A AW-AlMg5Mn0,4 AW-AlMg5Mn1 AW-AlMg5Mn1-a AW-AlMg5Pb1,5 AW-AlMgMn1-B AW-AlMgSi AW-AlMgSi0,3Cu AW-AlMgSiMn AW-AlMgSiPb AW-AlMn0,2 AW-AlMn0,2Mg0,1 AW-AlMn0,5Mg0,5 AW-AlMn0,5Mg0,5-a AW-AlMn0,6 AW-AlMn0,6Mg0,5 AW-AlMn1 AW-AlMn1-A AW-AlMn1Cu AW-AlMn1Cu0,3 AW-AlMn1Mg0,5 AW-AlMn1Mg0,5-A AW-AlMn1Mg1 AW-AlMn1Mg1Cu AW-AlSi0,9MgMn AW-AlSi1,2Mg0,4 AW-AlSi1,5Mn AW-AlSi10 AW-AlSi10Mg AW-AlSi10Mg1,5 AW-AlSi10MgBi AW-AlSi12,2MgCuNi AW-AlSi12-A AW-AlSi1Fe AW-AlSi1Mg0,5Mn AW-AlSi1Mg0,5Mn-a AW-AlSi1Mg0,8 AW-AlSi1MgCuMn AW-AlSi1MgMn AW-AlSi1MgZr AW-AlSi1Sn1MgBi AW-AlSi2 AW-AlSi2Mn AW-AlSi2MnZn AW-AlSi5-a AW-AlSi7,5 AW-AlSi7Mg AW-AlSiMg AW-AlSiMg-a AW-AlSiMg0,5Mn AW-AlSiMgV AW-AlSiMgW AW-AlSiMnMgCu AW-AlZn1 AW-AlZn1,5Mg1,5Cu-a AW-AlZn4,5Mg1 AW-AlZn4,5Mg1,5Cu AW-AlZn4,5Mg1,5Mn AW-AlZn4,5Mg1Cu AW-AlZn4,5Mg1Cu0,8 AW-AlZn4Mg3 AW-AlZn5,5Mg1,5 AW-AlZn5,5Mg1Cu AW-AlZn5,5MgCu AW-AlZn5,5MgCu-A AW-AlZn5,5MgCu-b AW-AlZn5,5MgCuAg AW-AlZn5Mg1,5CuZr AW-AlZn5Mg1Zr AW-AlZn5Mg3Cu AW-AlZn6CuMgZr AW-AlZn6CuMgZr-A AW-AlZn6Mg0,8Zr AW-AlZn6Mg2Cu AW-AlZn6MgCu AW-AlZn7MgCu AW-AlZn8MgCu AW-AlZn8MgCu-A AW-AlZnMgCu0,5 AW-EAl99,5-A AW-EAl99,7 AW-EAlMgSi AW-EAlMgSi-a AW-EAlMgSi-b AW-EAlMgSi0,7 AW1 AW2 AW3 AWA 112 AWA 15-3-3-3 AWA 308 AWA 308Mo-15 AWA 308Mo-16 AWA 309 AWA 310CB AWA 310HC AWA 316 AWA 320 AWA 320LR AWA 410 AWA 505 AWA 630 AWA 8620 AWCO 283 AWCO 40 AWCO 45 AWCO-22 AWCO-27 AWCO-305 AWCO-EP AWM404GP AWS AWS A5.1 AWS A5.11 AWS A5.12 AWS A5.14 AWS A5.16 AWS A5.17 AWS A5.5 AWW 3004 AWW 500 AWW 501 AWW 503 AWW 504 AWW 505 AWW 507 AWW 530 AWW 531 AWW 533 AWW 536 AWW 571 AWW 574 AWW 6005 AWW 601 AWW 602 AWW 603 AWW 604 AWW 6056 AWW 6063 AWW 610 AWW 6101B AWW 612 AWW 613 AWW 615 AWW 632 AWW 650 AWW 651 AWW 660 AWW 661 AWW AA6008 AX-NiFe AYA AYA EXTRA AZ10 AZ101 AZ101A AZ10A AZ125A AZ14 AZ16 AZ20 AZ21 AZ21A AZ21X1 AZ31 AZ31A AZ31B AZ31B f.metal AZ31C AZ31D AZ31T AZ40 AZ40M AZ5,5GU AZ54 AZ61 AZ61A AZ61S AZ62 AZ63 AZ63A AZ63B AZ63C AZ63D AZ69 AZ80 AZ80A AZ80S AZ81A AZ81A PM cast AZ81A ingot AZ81A sand cast AZ81HP AZ81S AZ83 AZ84 AZ86 AZ90A AZ91 AZ91A AZ91B AZ91B ingot AZ91C AZ91C-T6 AZ91D AZ91E AZ91HP AZ92 AZ92/MgAl8Zn2 AZ92A AZ92A ingot AZ92A-T7 AZ94A-T6 AZG AZM AZn5,5MgCu Abradur 14 Abradur 400 Abradur 500 Abradur 600 Abradur 700 Acenta 070M20 Acenta 070M55 Acenta 080A15bright Acenta 080A42 Acenta 080M40 Acenta 210M15bright Acenta 635M15bright Acenta 722M24T Acenta 817M40 Acenta SAE8620 Acero F212 Acier mi-dur Acroni 1.0037 Acroni 1.2703 Acroni 1.4948 Acroni 1.7335 Acroni 11 Acroni 11EX Acroni 11LN Acroni 11NC Acroni 11Nb Acroni 11Si Acroni 11Ti Acroni 12 Acroni 12LN Acroni 12NC Acroni 12Nb Acroni 12Ti Acroni 19 Acroni 19Si Acroni 25CrMo4 Acroni 3-17Ti Acroni 4000 Acroni 4113 Acroni 4301 Acroni 4310 Acroni 4362 Acroni 4401 Acroni 4432 Acroni 4462 Acroni 44XX Acroni 4509 Acroni 4511 Acroni 4512 Acroni 4550 Acroni 4571 Acroni 4713 Acroni 4724 Acroni 4742 Acroni 4749 Acroni 4833 Acroni 4878 Acroni 4919A Admiralty brass AerMet 100 ALLOY AerMet 310 AerMet 340 Aeralloy 101 Aeralloy 105 Aeralloy 15-5PH Aeralloy 17-4PH Aeralloy 17-7PH Aeralloy 188 Aeralloy 300M Aeralloy 321 Aeralloy 347 Aeralloy 41 Aeralloy 431-C Aeralloy 440C Aeralloy 4926/4934 Aeralloy 4934 Aeralloy 500 Aeralloy 520 Aeralloy 617 Aeralloy 6604 Aeralloy 6944 Aeralloy 718 Aeralloy 720 Aeralloy 75 Aeralloy 751 Aeralloy 7734 Aeralloy 7736 Aeralloy 80A Aeralloy 81 Aeralloy 90 Aeralloy 901 Aeralloy 91 Aeralloy A-286 Aeralloy A286 Aeralloy C-263 Aeralloy D6AC Aeralloy H11 Aeralloy HP9-4-20 Aeralloy HP9-4-30 Aeralloy HY-TUF Aeralloy L-605 Aeralloy M 152 Aeralloy MAR-250 Aeralloy MAR-300 Aeralloy MAR-350 Aeralloy PH13-8Mo Aeralloy S5000 Aeralloy Ti-4-4-2 Aeralloy Ti-6-4 Aeralloy Ti-834 Aeralloy Ti-Cu2 Aeralloy Ti10-2-3 Aeralloy Ti6-2-4-2S Aeralloy Ti6-6-2 Aeralloy V57 Aeralloy Waspaloy Aeralloy X Aeralloy X-750 Aeroval X122MV Aeterna VL22/II Ag-1 Ag1,4SnPb Ag1,5 Ag12 Ag12Cd Ag17Cd Ag18CuP Ag2 Ag20Cd Ag25 Ag25Cd Ag25Sn Ag26-74W Ag27MnNi Ag30 Ag30Sn Ag34Cd Ag34Sn Ag35 Ag35-Mo65 Ag38Cd Ag38Sn Ag40 Ag40-Mo60 Ag40Sn Ag42Cd Ag45Cd Ag45Sn Ag49MnNi Ag5 Ag5,5 Ag50CdNi Ag55Sn Ag60 Ag60Sn Ag60Sn/1 Ag6CuP Ag7V Ag90-CdO10 Ag90-Cu10 Ag99,9 AgCdO 90/10 AgCu25Zn5 AgCu28 AgCu30Zn25 LS45 AgCu40Zn5Ni AgCu42Ni2 AgCu50 Agl 27 Agl 49 Agl60Sn Agusta 199-20-005 Agusta 199-20-007 AiResist 13 AiResist 213 AiResist 215 Ak Aktuell Al-0,5MgSi Al-0,7MgSi Al-1,5Mg Al-10CuMg Al-10Mg Al-10Si2Cu2 Al-10SiMg Al-10SiMgFe Al-12Si Al-12Si1Cu Al-12Si2Cu Al-12SiCuFe Al-12SiFe Al-12SiNi Al-1MgSiCu Al-1Mn Al-1MnCu Al-1MnMg Al-1SiMgMn Al-2,5Mg L-3360 Al-2CuMg Al-2CuMgNi Al-2CuNi Al-3,5Mg Al-3Mg Al-3MgSi Al-4,5Mg Al-4Cu1Mg L-3140 Al-4CuMg Al-4CuPbMg Al-4Mg L-3322 Al-5Si3Cu Al-5SiCuMg Al-5SiMg Al-5ZnMg Al-6Cu Al-6CuPb Al-6MgFe Al-6Si4Cu Al-6SnNi Al-7CuSi Al-7SiMg Al-99 Al-99,5 Al-99,5E Al-99,7 Al-9SiCu3ZnFe Al-Cu4MgTi Al-Cu4Si Al-Cu4Ti Al-CuMgMn Al-CuMgNiFe Al-CuMnMgSi Al-CuMnZrVTi Al-CuSiMgMn Al-CuSiMnMg Al-LiCuMgZr Al-Mg4,5Mn Al-Mg5Si.1 Al-Mg6.1 Al-MgCr Al-MgSiCuCr Al-MgSiMn Al-Mn Al-MnMgCr Al-Si10Mg.1 Al-Si12 Al-Si12.1 Al-Si12Cu.1 Al-Si17Cu4.5Mg0.5 Al-Si5 Al-Si7Mg Al-Si7MgFe Al-Si8Cu3 Al-Si8Cu3Fe Al-ZnMgCrTiMn Al-ZnMgCuCr Al-ZnMgCuTi Al-ZnMgCuZr Al-bronze 72-1 Al1080A Al1450 Al1Mg Al4,6Zn2,5MgMn Al4Cu1,2Mg Al4MgMn Al4Zn2,8MgMn Al4Zn2MgMn Al5554 Al5754 Al5Mg Al5Zn1,1MgMn Al99 Al99,0 Al99,0-A Al99,00MgSi Al99,0Cu Al99,3 Al99,35 Al99,4 Al99,5 Al99,5E Al99,5H Al99,5Ti Al99,6 Al99,7 Al99,7Mg0,8Cu Al99,8 Al99,8-A Al99,85 Al99,85Mg0,5 Al99,85Mg0,5Cu Al99,85Mg0,8Cu Al99,85Mg1 Al99,8Mg1,5 Al99,8ZnMg Al99,9 Al99,98 Al99,98-A Al99,98-a Al99,98Mg0,5 Al99,98R Al99,9G Al99,9H Al99,9Mg0,5 Al99,9Mg1 Al99,9MgSi AlBC2 AlBC3 AlBe10Mn AlBeCast AlBeMet 162 AlBrC1 AlBrC2 AlBrC3 AlBrC4 AlBz10 AlBz10Fe AlBz10Ni AlBz11Ni AlBz5 AlBz8 AlBz8Fe AlBz9Mn AlCd3CuNi AlCu2,2Si1 AlCu2,5Mg AlCu2,5Mg0,5 AlCu2Li2Mg1,5 AlCu2Mg1,5Ni AlCu2Mg2Ni1 AlCu2Mg2NiSi AlCu2MgNi AlCu2MgNiA AlCu2Ni1Mg1 AlCu2Ni1MgFeSi AlCu2SiMn AlCu4,2Mn AlCu4,3Si1 AlCu4,5MnSi AlCu4BiPb AlCu4Mg AlCu4Mg1 AlCu4Mg1,5 AlCu4Mg1-a AlCu4Mg2 AlCu4MgMn AlCu4MgPb AlCu4MgSi AlCu4MgSiA AlCu4MgTi AlCu4Mn AlCu4Ni2Mg2 AlCu4Pb2Mg1 AlCu4PbMg AlCu4PbMgMn AlCu4Si1Mn AlCu4SiMg AlCu4SiMg-B AlCu4SiMn AlCu4Ti AlCu4TiMg AlCu5,5MgMn AlCu5Ni AlCu5Ni1,5CoSbZr AlCu5NiCoSbZr AlCu5NiCoZr AlCu6BiPb AlCu6Mn AlCu6Mn-A AlCu6MnZrTi AlCu7Si3 AlCu7Si5 AlCu8FeSi AlCuBiPb AlCuMg1 AlCuMg2 AlCuMgPb AlCuPbMgF38 AlCuSiMn AlEco 23Sn AlEco 62Sn AlEco 62Sn-T6 AlEco 62Sn-T9 AlFe1,5Mn AlFe1,5Mn0,4 AlFe1Mn0,8 AlFe1Si AlFeSi AlFeSi-A AlFeSi-b AlForge 82 AlK-lager AlLi2,5Cu1,5Mg1 AlMBz 180 AlMBz130 AlMBz220 AlMN1MG0,5 AlMach 6065 AlMg0,5 AlMg0,5Mn AlMg0,7Si AlMg0,7Si-a AlMg0,9Si0,9Cu AlMg0,9Si0,9MnCu AlMg1 AlMg1,5 AlMg1,5-c AlMg1,5-d AlMg1,5Mn AlMg1,8 AlMg1-A AlMg1-c AlMg10SiCa AlMg1Si0,8 AlMg1Si0,8CuMn AlMg1SiCu AlMg1SiCuMn AlMg1SiPb AlMg1SiSn AlMg2 AlMg2,5 AlMg2,5-B AlMg2,5Mn AlMg2,7Mn AlMg2-b AlMg2Mm0,8-B AlMg2Mn AlMg2Mn0,3 AlMg2Mn0,8 AlMg2Mn0,8 G22 AlMg2Mn0,8-B AlMg2Mn0,8-a AlMg2Mn0,8Zr AlMg3 AlMg3,5 AlMg3,5-a AlMg3,5Cr AlMg3,5Mn AlMg3-b AlMg3Mn AlMg3Mn-A AlMg3Mn0,4 AlMg3Si AlMg4 AlMg4,5 AlMg4,5Mn AlMg4,5Mn0,4 AlMg4,5Mn0,7 AlMg4,5Mn0,7-A AlMg4,5Mn0,7-a AlMg4,5Mn0,9 AlMg4,5MnZr AlMg4Mn AlMg4Mn0,4 AlMg4MnZn AlMg5 AlMg5 f.m AlMg5,2MnCr AlMg5,5Mn0,8ZnZr AlMg5-Si AlMg5-a AlMg5Cr-A AlMg5Mn AlMg5Mn0,4 AlMg5Pb AlMg5Pb1,5 AlMg5Si1 AlMg7 AlMg9 AlMgMn AlMgSc AlMgSi AlMgSi-424401 AlMgSi0,3Cu AlMgSi0,5 AlMgSi0,5 F25 AlMgSi0,7 AlMgSi0,8 AlMgSi1 AlMgSiMn AlMgSiPb AlMgSiSn AlMgSiSnBi AlMn AlMn0,2 AlMn0,2Mg0,1 AlMn0,5Mg0,5 AlMn0,6 AlMn0,6Mg0,5 AlMn1 AlMn1-A AlMn1Cu AlMn1Cu0,3 AlMn1Fe AlMn1Mg0,5 AlMn1Mg0,5-A AlMn1Mg1 AlMn1Mg1Cu AlMnCu AlMnMg0,5 AlNiCo30/10 AlNiCo52/6 AlRMg0,5 AlRMg1 AlSi-12 AlSi0,9MgMn AlSi1,2Mg0,4 AlSi1,5Mn AlSi10 AlSi10Cu2 AlSi10Cu4 AlSi10CuMn AlSi10Mg AlSi10Mg-Cu AlSi10Mg-Fe AlSi10Mg-a AlSi10Mg-b AlSi10Mg1,5 AlSi10MgBi AlSi10MgFe AlSi10MgMn AlSi11 AlSi11Cu AlSi11Cu2-Fe AlSi11Cu3-Fe AlSi11CuMgNi AlSi12 AlSi12,2MgCuNi AlSi12-Cu AlSi12-Fe AlSi12-a AlSi12-b AlSi12Cu1-Fe AlSi12Cu1Mg1Ni AlSi12Cu2Fe AlSi12CuFe AlSi12CuNiMg AlSi12MgCu AlSi12Mn AlSi12Ni1Mg AlSi12NiCuMg AlSi17Cu4Mg AlSi18CuNiMg AlSi1Fe AlSi1Mg AlSi1Mg0,5Mn AlSi1Mg0,8 AlSi1Mg1 AlSi1MgCuMn AlSi1MgMn AlSi1MgMnCuCrZr AlSi1MgZr AlSi1MnMgBi AlSi1Sn1MgBi AlSi2 AlSi22CuNiCo AlSi23CuMgNi AlSi2CuFeNi AlSi2MgTi AlSi2Mn AlSi2MnZn AlSi4Cd AlSi5 AlSi5-a AlSi5Cu1 AlSi5Cu1Mg AlSi5Cu2 AlSi5Cu3 AlSi5Cu3Mg AlSi5Cu3Mn AlSi5Cu4Zn AlSi5Mg AlSi6Cu2 AlSi6Cu4 AlSi6Cu4Zn3 AlSi6MgTi AlSi7,5 AlSi7Cu2 AlSi7Cu3Mg AlSi7Mg AlSi7Mg/EN AB-42000 AlSi7Mg0,3 AlSi7Mg0,6 AlSi7Mg0.5 AlSi7MgTi AlSi8,5Cu AlSi8Cu AlSi8Cu3 AlSi8Cu3Fe AlSi9 AlSi9CoMg AlSi9Cu1Mg AlSi9Cu3-Fe AlSi9Cu3-Fe-Zn AlSi9Cu4Bi1 AlSi9Mg AlSiCuNi AlSiMg AlSiMg-a AlSiMg0,5Mn AlSiMg0,5Mn-a AlSiMg0,8 AlSiMnMgCu AlSn12Si2,5Pb1,7Cu AlSn20Cu AlSn25CuMn AlSn40 AlSn6Cu AlSn6CuNi AlSn6SiCuNi AlZ5Mg1 AlZn1 AlZn1,5Mg1,5Cu-a AlZn10Si8Mg AlZn3CuMg1,5 AlZn3Mg1,6 AlZn4,5Mg1 AlZn4,5Mg1,5Mn AlZn4,5Mg1Cu0,8 AlZn4,8Mg1 AlZn4Mg0,8 F31 AlZn4Mg3 AlZn4SiPb AlZn5,5Mg1,5 AlZn5,5MgCu AlZn5,5MgCu-A AlZn5,5MgCu-b AlZn5,5MgCuAg AlZn5,7Mg2Cu AlZn5Mg AlZn5Mg1 AlZn5Mg1,5 F41 AlZn5Mg1,5CuZr AlZn5Mg1Zr AlZn5Mg3Cu AlZn5Si2CuPb AlZn6CuMgZr AlZn6Mg0,8Zr AlZn6Mg2,3Cu1,7 AlZn6Mg2Cu AlZn6MgCu AlZn7MgCu AlZn8Mg2,5Cu2 AlZn8MgCu AlZn8MgCu-A AlZnMg3 AlZnMgCu AlZnMgCu0,5 AlZnMgCu1,5 AlZnMgCuAg AlZnMgCuAg-3.4354 Albromet 200 Albromet 220 Ni Albromet 220Ni Albromet 260 Ni Albromet 260Ni Albromet 300 Albromet 300 HSC Albromet 340 Albromet 340 HSC Albromet 380 Albromet 380 HSC Albromet-W130 Albromet-W164 Albromet-W200 Albromet-W240 Alcan 56 Alchrome alloy Alcoa 17-ST Aldrey 1400 Allcast Allevard 16MC5 Allevard 20NiCrMo2 Allevard 28Mn6 Allevard 30CrMo4 Allevard 34CrMo4 Allevard 38Cr4 Allevard 38MnB5 Allevard 45SiCrMo6 Allevard 45SiCrV6 Allevard 46Si7 Allevard 50CrV4 Allevard 51CrMoV4 Allevard 51Si7 Allevard 52SiCrNi5 Allevard 54SiCr6 Allevard 54SiCrV6 Allevard 55Cr3 Allevard 56Si7 Allevard 56SiCr7 Allevard 60Cr3 Allevard 60Si7 Allevard 60SiCr8 Allevard 60SiCrV7 Allevard 61SiCr7 Allevard 65Si7 Allevard 67SiCr5 Allevard XC25 Allevard XC32 Allevard XC42 Allevard XC55 Allevard XC65 Allevard XC70 Allevard XC80 Alliage 10 Alloy 10 Alloy 126 Alloy 13 Alloy 165/CB101 Alloy 20-2 Alloy 2101 Alloy 2120 Alloy 22-13-5 Alloy 2205 Alloy 2205 duplex Alloy 24 Alloy 29 Alloy 3 Alloy 3/14 Alloy 30 Alloy 36 Alloy 363 Alloy 400L Alloy 439L Alloy 55 Alloy 602 Alloy 623 Alloy 625 Alloy 687 Alloy 74 Alloy 751 Alloy 8.5 Alloy 80 Alloy 85 Alloy A Alloy B Alloy C19025 Alloy E Alloy IID Alloy R41 Alloy W Alloy X/AMS5390 Alloy1 Alloy10 Alloy12 Alloy13 Alloy14 Alloy15 Alloy16 Alloy17 Alloy18 Alloy22 Alloy23 Alloy25 Alloy26 Alloy28 Alloy2a Alloy3 Alloy30 Alloy31 Alloy32 Alloy33 Alloy34 Alloy3A Alloy4 Alloy5 Alloy6 Alloy7 Alloy8 Alloy9 Allvac 13-8Mo Allvac 1410 Allvac 15-3-3-3 Allvac 17-22 Allvac 3-2.5 Allvac 30 Allvac 304L Allvac 316L Allvac 330 Allvac 35N Allvac 38-644 Allvac 40 Allvac 40Pd Allvac 5-2,5 Allvac 520 Allvac 55 Allvac 6-2-4-2 Allvac 6-2-4-2Si Allvac 6-2-4-6 Allvac 6-4 Allvac 6-4ELI Allvac 6-6-2 Allvac 6-7 Allvac 70 Allvac 706 Allvac 718 Allvac 718 plus Allvac 718-OP Allvac 720 Allvac 8-1-1 Allvac A-286 Allvac ALLCORR Allvac Astroloy Allvac C-276 Allvac FV 535 Allvac Grade 12 Allvac Grade 7 Allvac HCM3 Allvac I-700 Allvac M-252 Allvac M-50 Allvac R-26 Allvac R235 Allvac RENE 41 Allvac TIOSTALLOY Allvac TIOSTEUM Allvac TJA-1537 Allvac Ti-15Mo Allvac Ti-17 Allvac TiCP-4 Allvac WASPALOY Allvac X-751 Allvac XM-19 Almet 7015 Alufont-60 Aluminium Bronze A1 Aluminium brass Aluminium bronze A AmSiLp Ambraloy 901 Ambraloy 917 Ambraloy 928 Anorexact SB6 Anorexact WS Ansonia 10100 Ansonia 11000 Ansonia 14500 Ansonia 14520 Ansonia 15000 Ansonia 16200 Ansonia 16500 Ansonia 18150 Ansonia 18200 Ansonia 19140 Ansonia 19160 Ansonia 21000 Ansonia 22600 Ansonia 23000 Ansonia 23400 Ansonia 31400 Ansonia 31600 Ansonia 32000 Ansonia 34000 Ansonia 3440 Ansonia 35300 Ansonia 36000 Ansonia 46200 Ansonia 48500 Ansonia 50700 Ansonia 53400 Ansonia 54400 Ansonia 61000 Ansonia 63000 Ansonia 66100 Ansonia 6733 Ansonia 67500 Ansonia 67600 Ansonia 69430 Anticorodal 6060 Anticorodal 6082 Anticorodal Pb109 Anticorodal-04 Anticorodal-041 Anticorodal-050 Anticorodal-053 Anticorodal-062 Anticorodal-063 Anticorodal-082 Anticorodal-100 Anticorodal-110 Anticorodal-112 Anticorodal-114 Anticorodal-120 Anticorodal-50 Anticorodal-54 Anticorodal-65 Anticorodal-70 Anticorodal-71 Anticorodal-72 AoX40CrNiSi2520 AoX40CrNiSi2520F Aperam 201 Aperam NIMN2 Aq42 Aq48 Argeste 1.2833EB Argeste 1.3816CN Argeste 1.3952AN Argeste 1.4028YN Argeste 1.4034YC Argeste 1.4104YU Argeste 1.4105IU Argeste 1.4112YL Argeste 1.4113IL Argeste 1.4113IM Argeste 1.4122YL Argeste 1.4197YU Argeste 1.4301PT Argeste 1.4305UA Argeste 1.4436PA Argeste 1.4441 Argeste 1.4567LC Argeste 1.4570UA Argeste 1.4828ZA Argeste 1.4878ZA Argeste 1.4961 Argeste 1.4980TA Argeste 4057 Argeste 4109YA Argeste 4521 IS Argeste 4841TA Argeste 9.9440 Arinox 410S Ark J31 Arminox 1.4301 Arminox 1.4362 Arminox 1.4436 Arminox 1.4571 Arms Bronze 5 Arsenical brass Ascometal 100C2 Ascometal 100CD7 Ascometal 100CM6 Ascometal 100CMD8 Ascometal 10NC6 Ascometal 14NC11 Ascometal 15CDV6 Ascometal 15CrNi6 Ascometal 16MC5 Ascometal 16NCD13 Ascometal 18CD4 Ascometal 18CN8 Ascometal 18NC13 Ascometal 19NCDB2 Ascometal 20CR4 Ascometal 20M5 Ascometal 20MC5 Ascometal 20MnB5 Ascometal 20MoCr4 Ascometal 20NC6 Ascometal 20NCD2 Ascometal 20NCD7 Ascometal 21B3 Ascometal 25CD12 Ascometal 25CD4 Ascometal 27CD4 Ascometal 30CD4 Ascometal 30CND8 Ascometal 30NC11 Ascometal 30NCD16 Ascometal 32C4 Ascometal 32CDV13 Ascometal 34CD4 Ascometal 35M5 Ascometal 35NCD16 Ascometal 38B3 Ascometal 38C2 Ascometal 38C4 Ascometal 38CB1 Ascometal 38CD4 Ascometal 38MB5 Ascometal 38NCD16 Ascometal 40CD4 Ascometal 40M6 Ascometal 40NCD7 Ascometal 42C2 Ascometal 42C4 Ascometal 42CDV4 Ascometal 45C4 Ascometal 45CD4 Ascometal 45SCD6 Ascometal 4615 Ascometal 46S7 Ascometal 4718 Ascometal 50CD4 Ascometal 50CV4 Ascometal 50SCD6 Ascometal 51CDV4 Ascometal 51S7 Ascometal 55C3 Ascometal 56SC7 Ascometal 61SC7 Ascometal XC10 Ascometal XC12 Ascometal XC18 Ascometal XC38H1 Ascometal XC38H2 Ascometal XC42H1 Ascometal XC42H2 Ascometal XC48H1 Ascometal XC48H2 Ascometal XC55H1 Ascometal XC55H2 Ascometal XC70 Atlas 541 Atlas 543 Atlas 544 Atlas 715 Atlas 720 Atlas 725 Atlas 820/831 Atlas 853 Atlas 859 Atlas 900 Atlas 910 Atlas 914 Atlas 916 Atlas 917 Atlas 921 Atlas 930 Atlas 934 Atlas 935 Atlas 942 Atlas 946 Atlas 947 Atlas 948 Atlas 955 Atlas 958 Atlas 959 Atlas 962 AtlasCR12 Au3V Au5 Au5V Au60-Pd40 Au63-Ag37 Au70-Ag25-Cu5 Au75-Ag25 Au90-Ag10 Au99.99Up AuCu20 AuCu37.5 AuCu62.5 AuNi18 Autodur Avesta 17-7 Avesta 904L B B 14 B 88 B 9/0 B 92 B 98 B metal B schiffbaustahl B&SA 020 B&SA 021 B&SA 050 B&SA 060 B&SA 150 B&SA 180 B&SA 200 B&SA 250 B&SA 252 B&SA 300 B&SA 340 B&SA 382 B&SA 400 B&SA 402 B&SA 403 B&SA 420 B&SA 450 B&SA 450 Cd free B&SA 453 B&SA 495 B&SA 500 B&SA 502 B&SA 503 B&SA 541 B&SA 552 B&SA 562 B&SA 565 B&SA 600 B&SA 601 B&SA 720 B&SA 739 B&SA 749 B&SA 769 B&SA 827 B&SA 876 B&SA 890 B&SA 91-611 B&SA 91-711 B&SA 92-259 B&SA 92-358 B&SA 92-829 B&SA 920 B&SA 927 B&SA 93-059 B&SA 93-089 B&SA 93-107 B&SA 93-109 B&SA 93-258 B&SA 93-259 B&SA 930 B&SA 946 B&W 9 B-1 B-10 B-1900 B-1900+Hf B-2 B-2 alloy B-3 B-312 B-4 B-66 B-Ag25CuZn B-Ag34CuZnSn B-Ag35CuZn B-Ag49CuZnMnNi B-Ag50CuZnCd B-Ag60CuSn B-AlFe B-BRONZE B-Kupfer B-MONEL B-Pb10 B-Pb15 B-Pb20 B-Rg10 B-Sn50Pb215-185 B-Sn60Pb-190/185 B-Sn60Pb190-185 B.E.D B.I AMS4590 B.X.O B0100 B0120 B05 B09/B18 B1 B1 101 B1 104 B1 107 B1 110 B1 111 B1 115 B1 116 B10 B10 ind. B10/25 B10/UNI1701 B100 510 B100 511 B100 613 B100 614 B100 655 B101 B1010 B102 B102 PY1815A B102 Y10A B102 YC135A B102 YT155A B103 507 B103 510 B103 511 B103 519 B103 521 B103 524 B103 534 B103 544 B103 A B103 A1 B103 B1 B103 B2 B103 C B103 C14415 B103 C51180 B103 C52180 B103 D B103 class B B105 411 B105 501 B105 502 B105 505 B105 655 B105 alloy 13 B105 alloy 30 B105 alloy 55 B105 alloy 74 B105 alloy 8.5 B105 alloy 80 B105 alloy 85 B107 B107 AZ10A B107 AZ31B B107 AZ31C B107 AZ61A B107 AZ80A B107 HM31A B107 M1A B107 WE43B B107 WE54A B107 ZK40A B107 ZK60A B108 204.0 B108 208.0 B108 213.0 B108 222.0 B108 238.0 B108 242.0 B108 296.0 B108 308.0 B108 319.0 B108 332.0 B108 333.0 B108 336.0 B108 354.0 B108 355.0 B108 356.0 B108 357.0 B108 359.0 B108 443.0 B108 512.0 B108 513.0 B108 535.0 B108 705.0 B108 707.0 B108 710.0 B108 711.0 B108 713.0 B108 850.0 B108 851.0 B108 852.0 B108 A332.0 B108 A356.0 B108 A357.0 B108 A443.0 B108 A444.0 B108 B443.0 B108 B514.0 B108 C355.0 B108 CN42A B108 CS66A B108 GZ42A B108 SN122A B11 B11 122 B110 B111 101 B111 102 B111 103 B111 108 B111 120 B111 122 B111 142 B111 192 B111 230 B111 280 B111 443 B111 444 B111 445 B111 464 B111 608 B111 613 B111 614 B111 687 B111 704 B111 706 B111 710 B111 715 B111 C71640 B1111 B1112 B1113 B115 CATH B116 111 B12 B12-CC B12-CT B120 CY44A B120VCA B120VCA f.metal B121 335 B121 340 B121 342 B121 350 B121 353 B121 356 B121 C34200 B122 706 B122 710 B122 715 B122 722 B122 725 B122 735 B122 740 B122 745 B122 752 B122 757 B122 762 B122 770 B122 C70620 B122 C71520 B122 C71580 B124 110 B124 145 B124 147 B124 365 B124 370 B124 377 B124 464 B124 482 B124 485 B124 619 B124 623 B124 630 B124 632 B124 642 B124 655 B124 675 B124 676 B124 693 B124 774 B124 C64210 B124 C70620 B124 C71520 B127 N04400 B129 261 B12P B12P-CC B12P-CT B13 B130 220 B130 630 B131 220 B132 B B133 101 B133 107 B133 108 B133 111 B134 210 B134 220 B134 226 B134 230 B134 234 B134 240 B134 260 B134 270 B134 274 B135 220 B135 230 B135 260 B135 270 B135 272 B135 274 B135 280 B135 330 B135 332 B135 370 B135 443 B135 Gr8 B135 alloy 4 B138 670 B138 673 B138 675 B138 676 B139 510 B139 511 B139 519 B139 521 B139 524 B139 534 B139 544 B139 C B14 B14 ind. B140 314 B140 316 B140 320 B143 1A B143 1B B143 2A B143 2B B144 3B B144 3C B144 3D B144 3E B144-3A B145 4A B145 4B B145 5A B145 5B B146 6A B146 6B B146 6C B146 857 B147 13A B147 7A B147 8A B147 8B B147 8C B148 855 B148 952 B148 953 B148 954 B148 955 B148 956 B148 957 B148 958 B148 959 B148 9A B148 9B B148 9C B148 9D B148 9E B148 9F B148 C95410 B148 C95510 B148 C95520 B149 11A B14H74 B14H89 B14H89A2 B14S B14Y10 B14Y3 B15 B15 SUPRA B150 606 B150 613 B150 614 B150 619 B150 623 B150 624 B150 630 B150 632 B150 642 B150 C60600 B150 C63020 B150 C64210 B151 706 B151 715 B151 745 B151 752 B151 757 B151 764 B151 770 B151 792 B152 101 B152 102 B152 103 B152 104 B152 105 B152 107 B152 108 B152 110 B152 113 B152 114 B152 116 B152 120 B152 122 B152 123 B152 142 B152 C10910 B152 C14420 B152 C14530 B152 OF B159 510 B159 521 B159 524 B159 C B15LC B15LC2 B15M B16 B16 360 B160 205 B160 N02200 B160 N02201 B161 N02200 B161 N02201 B162 205 B162 N02200 B162 N02201 B163 N02200 B163 N02201 B163 N04400 B163 N06025 B163 N06045 B163 N06200 B163 N06600 B163 N06601 B163 N06602 B163 N06603 B163 N06686 B163 N06690 B163 N06696 B163 N08120 B163 N08800 B163 N08801 B163 N08810 B163 N08811 B163 N08825 B164 N04400 B164 N04405 B165 N04400 B166 N06025 B166 N06045 B166 N06600 B166 N06601 B166 N06602 B166 N06603 B166 N06617 B166 N06690 B166 N06693 B166 N06696 B167 N06025 B167 N06045 B167 N06600 B167 N06601 B167 N06602 B167 N06603 B167 N06617 B167 N06674 B167 N06690 B167 N06693 B167 N06696 B168 N06025 B168 N06045 B168 N06600 B168 N06601 B168 N06602 B168 N06603 B168 N06617 B168 N06690 B168 N06693 B168 N06696 B169 606 B169 613 B169 614 B169 A B170 101 Gr1 B170 102 gr2 B170 Gr1 B170 Gr2 B171 365 B171 443 B171 444 B171 445 B171 464 B171 465 B171 466 B171 467 B171 613 B171 614 B171 630 B171 632 B171 706 B171 715 B171 722 B171 C70620 B171 C71520 B172 111 B173 111 B174 111 B176 857 B176 858 B176 865 B176 878 B176 879 B176 997 B176 C99750 B176 ZS144A B179 100.1 B179 130.1 B179 150.1 B179 170.1 B179 201.2 B179 204.2 B179 208.1 B179 208.2 B179 222.1 B179 238.2 B179 242.1 B179 242.2 B179 295.1 B179 295.2 B179 296.1 B179 296.2 B179 308.1 B179 308.2 B179 319.1 B179 319.2 B179 328.1 B179 332.1 B179 332.2 B179 333.1 B179 336.1 B179 336.2 B179 354.1 B179 355.1 B179 355.2 B179 356.1 B179 356.2 B179 357.1 B179 359.2 B179 360.2 B179 380.2 B179 383.1 B179 383.2 B179 384.1 B179 384.2 B179 390.2 B179 392.1 B179 413.2 B179 443.1 B179 443.2 B179 513.0 B179 513.2 B179 514.1 B179 514.2 B179 518.1 B179 518.2 B179 520.2 B179 535.2 B179 705.1 B179 707.1 B179 710.1 B179 711.1 B179 712.2 B179 713.1 B179 771.2 B179 850.1 B179 851.1 B179 852.1 B179 A242.1 B179 A242.2 B179 A332.1 B179 A332.2 B179 A356.2 B179 A357.2 B179 A360.1 B179 A360.2 B179 A380.1 B179 A380.2 B179 A413.0 B179 A413.1 B179 A413.2 B179 A444.2 B179 A514.2 B179 B390.1 B179 B443.1 B179 B850.1 B179 C355.2 B179 C443.1 B179 C443.2 B179 C4A B179 CG100A B179 CN42A B179 CQ51A B179 CS104A B179 CS43A B179 CS66A B179 F332.1 B179 F332.2 B179 G10A B179 GM70B B179 GS42A B179 S12A B179 S12A-B B179 S5B B179 SC102A B179 SC114A B179 SC51A B179 SC51C B179 SC64D B179 SC70C B179 SC82A B179 SC84A B179 SC94A B179 SG100A-B B179 SG70A B179 SG91A B179 SN122A B179 ZC60A B179 ZC81B B179 ZG61B B18 B187 101 B187 102 B187 103 B187 104 B187 105 B187 107 OFS B187 110 B187 111 B187 113 B187 115 B187 120 B187 C10920 B187 C10930 B187 C10940 B187 C14420 B188 103 B188 104 B188 107 OFS B188 110 B188 113 B189 101 B189 104 B189 107 B189 111 B189 115 B18S B19 B19 260 B194 170 B194 172 B194 174 B195 B1950 B196 170 B196 172 B196 173 B197 170 B197 172 B197 173 B199 AM100A B199 AZ63A B199 AZ81A B199 AZ91A B199 AZ91C B199 AZ91E B199 AZ92A B199 EK41A B199 EZ33A B199 HK31A B199 QE22A B2 B2 101 B2 104 B2 107 B2 110 B2 116 B20 B20/20Cr3 B201.0 B201.0-T7 B206 710 B206 740 B206 745 B206 752 B206 757 B206 760 B206 764 B206 770 B206 792 B207 AZ31C B209 1060 B209 1100 B209 1230 B209 2024 B209 2124 B209 2219 B209 3004 B209 3105 B209 5005 B209 5050 B209 5052 B209 5086 B209 5252 B209 5254 B209 5454 B209 5456 B209 5457 B209 5652 B209 5657 B209 6003 B209 6061 B209 7008 B209 7011 B209 7072 B209 7178 B209 ALCLAD 3003 B209 ALCLAD 7075 B209 alclad 6061 B20K5 B20L1 B20V B21 B21 462 B21 464 B21 482 B21 485 B21/20Cr4 B210 1060 B210 1100 B210 2011 B210 2124 B210 3102 B210 3303 B210 5005 B210 5050 B210 5086 B210 5456 B210 6060 B210 6061 B210 6063 B210 6262 B210 alclad 6061 B2101 B211 1060 B211 1100 B211 2011 B211 2219 B211 5056 B211 6061 B211 6110 B211 6162 B211 6253 B211 6262 B214 B216 125FRTP B216 C14520 B217 B217 AZ31B B217 AZ61A B217 ZK60A B218 B21F B22 B22 863 B22 911 B22 913 B22 937 B22 GrD B2205 B221 1060 B221 1100 B221 2024 B221 2219 B221 3003 B221 3004 B221 3102 B221 5052 B221 5083 B221 5086 B221 5454 B221 5456 B221 6005 B221 6005A B221 6041 B221 6060 B221 6061 B221 6063 B221 6064 B221 6066 B221 6070 B221 6082 B221 6105 B221 6106 B221 6162 B221 6262 B221 6351 B221 6463 B221 6560 B221 7005 B221 7072 B221 7075 B221 7116 B221 7129 B221 7178 B224 101 B224 102 B224 103 B224 104 B224 105 B224 107 B224 108 OFLP B224 110 B224 111 B224 113 B224 114 B224 115 B224 116 B224 120 DLP B224 121 B224 122 DHP B224 123 DHPS B224 125 B224 129 B224 142 DPA B224 145 B224 147 B224 150 B224 C11010 B224 C11020 B224 C11030 B224 C14520 B224 CATH B226 111 B228 111 B229 111 B23 B23 Gr1 B23 Gr10 B23 Gr11 B23 Gr12 B23 Gr13 B23 Gr15 B23 Gr16 B23 Gr2 B23 Gr3 B23 Gr4 B23 Gr5 B23 Gr6 B23 Gr7 B23 Gr8 B230 1350 B2304 B234 5454 B234 6061 B234 7072 B234 alclad 6061 B236 1350 B24 B240 AC41A B240 AC43A B240 AG40A B240 AG40B B240 Z35540 B240 Z35630 B240 Z35635 B240 Z35840 B240 ZAMAK 2 B240 alloy 2 B241 1100 B241 2219 B241 5454 B241 6060 B241 6061 B241 6063 B241 7072 B241 7178 B246 104 B246 107 B246 111 B246 115 B247 1100 B247 2018 B247 2025 B247 2218 B247 2219 B247 2618 B247 4032 B247 5083 B247 6061 B247 6066 B247 6151 B247 7049 B247 7050 B247 7076 B247 7175 B24V B25 B251 172 B25S B26 B26 201.0 B26 204.0 B26 208.0 B26 222.0 B26 242.0 B26 295.0 B26 319.0 B26 328.0 B26 333.0 B26 354.0 B26 355.0 B26 356.0 B26 357.0 B26 359.0 B26 443.0 B26 512.0 B26 514.0 B26 520.0 B26 535.0 B26 705.0 B26 707.0 B26 710.0 B26 712.0 B26 713.0 B26 771.0 B26 850.0 B26 851.0 B26 852.0 B26 A242.0 B26 A356.0 B26 A443.0 B26 A535.0 B26 A712.0 B26 B443.0 B26 B514.0 B26 C355.0 B26 C4A B26 CN42A B26 CS43A B26 CS74A B26 D712.0 B26 G4A B26 S5A B26 SC82A B26 SN122A B26 ZG61A B26 ZG71B B260 AZ31B B260 AZ61A B260 AZ63A B260 AZ92A B260 EZ33A B260 HK31A B265 Gr1 B265 Gr11 B265 Gr12 B265 Gr13 B265 Gr14 B265 Gr15 B265 Gr16 B265 Gr16H B265 Gr17 B265 Gr18 B265 Gr19 B265 Gr2 B265 Gr20 B265 Gr21 B265 Gr23 B265 Gr24 B265 Gr25 B265 Gr26 B265 Gr26H B265 Gr27 B265 Gr28 B265 Gr29 B265 Gr2H B265 Gr3 B265 Gr30 B265 Gr31 B265 Gr32 B265 Gr33 B265 Gr34 B265 Gr35 B265 Gr36 B265 Gr37 B265 Gr38 B265 Gr4 B265 Gr5 B265 Gr6 B265 Gr7 B265 Gr7H B265 Gr9 B265 SG71A B267 class 3a,3b B267 class 4 B267 class 5a B267 class 5a/5b B27 B271 836 B271 837 B271 838 B271 844 B271 848 B271 852 B271 854 B271 857 B271 862 B271 863 B271 864 B271 865 B271 867 B271 872 B271 873 B271 874 B271 875 B271 903 B271 905 B271 907 B271 922 B271 923 B271 927 B271 932 B271 935 B271 936 B271 937 B271 938 B271 943 B271 952 B271 953 B271 954 B271 955 B271 958 B271 959 B271 973 B271 976 B271 978 B271 C95410 B271 C95420 B271 C95510 B271 C95520 B272 101 B272 107 B272 110 B275 100.1 B275 1145 B275 1230 B275 130.1 B275 170.1 B275 208.2 B275 2219 B275 242.1 B275 2618 B275 295.2 B275 319.2 B275 3303 B275 357.1 B275 384.2 B275 514.2 B275 5457 B275 5657 B275 6003 B275 6005 B275 6066 B275 6201 B275 6253 B275 6262 B275 7008 B275 7011 B275 7072 B275 7079 B275 7178 B275 771.0 B275 99.5A B275 990A B275 996A B275 9980A B275 9980B B275 9990A B275 9995A B275 9998A B275 A332.2 B275 A360.2 B275 A3A B275 A413.2 B275 AM100A B275 AM100B B275 AM50A B275 AM60A B275 AM80A B275 AM90A B275 AS41A B275 AS41B B275 AZ101A B275 AZ10A B275 AZ125A B275 AZ21A B275 AZ31A B275 AZ31B B275 AZ31C B275 AZ61A B275 AZ63A B275 AZ63B B275 AZ63C B275 AZ63D B275 AZ80A B275 AZ81A B275 AZ90A B275 AZ91A B275 AZ91B B275 AZ91C B275 AZ91D B275 AZ91E B275 AZ92A B275 C4A B275 CB60A B275 CG100A B275 CG30A B275 CG42A B275 CM41A B275 CN42A B275 CN42C B275 CN42D B275 CQ51A B275 CS104A B275 CS41A B275 CS41C B275 CS43A B275 CS66A B275 EQ21A B275 EZ33A B275 F332.2 B275 G10A B275 G1A B275 G1B B275 G4A B275 G8A B275 GM31A B275 GM40A B275 GM41A B275 GM50A B275 GM51A B275 GM70B B275 GR20A B275 GR20B B275 GR40A B275 GR40B B275 GS10A B275 GS10B B275 GS11A B275 GS11B B275 GS42A B275 GZ42A B275 HK31A B275 HZ32A B275 K1A B275 LA141A B275 LS141A B275 LZ145A B275 M10602 B275 M1A B275 M1B B275 M1C B275 MG11A B275 PY1815A B275 QE22A B275 S12A B275 S12A-B B275 S12B B275 S12C B275 S19 B275 S5A B275 S5B B275 S5C B275 S7A B275 SC102A B275 SC103A B275 SC114A B275 SC174B B275 SC51A B275 SC51B B275 SC51C B275 SC64A B275 SC64D B275 SC70A B275 SC70B B275 SC70C B275 SC82A B275 SC84A B275 SC84A-B B275 SC84B B275 SC84C B275 SC92A B275 SC94A B275 SG100A B275 SG100A-B B275 SG100B B275 SG100C B275 SG11A B275 SG121A B275 SG70A B275 SG70B B275 SG91A B275 SN122A B275 TA54A B275 WE43A B275 WE43B B275 WE54A B275 Y10A B275 YC135A B275 YT155A B275 ZC63A B275 ZC81A B275 ZC81B B275 ZE10A B275 ZE41A B275 ZE63A B275 ZG32A B275 ZG42A B275 ZG60A B275 ZG61A B275 ZG61B B275 ZG62A B275 ZH62A B275 ZK40A B275 ZK51A B275 ZK60A B275 ZK61A B275 ZS331A B28 B280 108 B280 120 B283 110 B283 145 B283 147 B283 365 B283 370 B283 377 B283 464 B283 482 B283 485 B283 619 B283 623 B283 630 B283 632 B283 642 B283 655 B283 675 B283 676 B283 693 B283 774 B283 C64210 B283 C70620 B283 C71520 B284 4043 B286 111 B29 B29 L51121 B29 L54525 B291 667 B292-A B292-B B295 B295.0 B295.1 B295.2 B297 EWP B297 EWTh-1 B297 EWTh-2 B297 EWZr B298 104 B298 115 B2A B2F B2SNB B2ST B2STL B2STLN B2W B2WCU B2WK B2WL B2WLN B2ZA B3 B3 101 B3 104 B3 107 B3 110 B3 111 B3 116 B30 B30 10C B30 11A B30 13B B30 165C,165CT B30 1A B30 20C,20CT B30 21C B30 245C,245CT B30 275C B30 2B B30 3A B30 3B B30 3C B30 3C,14C B30 3D B30 4A B30 5B B30 6C B30 7A B30 814 B30 838 B30 842 B30 844 B30 852 B30 854 B30 858 B30 862 B30 863 B30 867 B30 872 B30 873 B30 874 B30 876 B30 878 B30 879 B30 8A B30 907 B30 908 B30 913 B30 916 B30 917 B30 922 B30 925 B30 926 B30 927 B30 928 B30 929 B30 935 B30 936 B30 937 B30 938 B30 939 B30 940 B30 941 B30 943 B30 944 B30 945 B30 947 B30 948 B30 952 B30 955 B30 958 B30 959 B30 962 B30 964 B30 973 B30 978 B30 995 B30 9B B30 9F B30 C82510 B30 C83450 B30 C83600 B30 C87610 B30 C87800 B30 C89320 B30 C89510 B30 C89520 B30 C89844 B30 C91000 B30 C93400 B30 C93800 B30 C94100 B30 C95410 B30 C95520 B30-06 B301 145 B301 147 B301 187 B301 C14510 B301 C14520 B302 108 B306 B306 108 B308 6061 B31 B313 1100 B313 5050 B313 6061 B313 7072 B315 613 B315 614 B315 651 B315 655 B315 658 B315 C63020 B316 1100 B316 2117 B316 2219 B316 5056 B316 6053 B316 6061 B316 7178 B316 7277 B317 6101 B319.0 B32 B32 Ag1,5 B32 Gr60A B32 Gr63A B32 Gr96TS B32 Sb5 B32 Sn10A B32 Sn10B B32 Sn2 B32 Sn20A B32 Sn30A B32 Sn35B B32 Sn40A B32 Sn40B B32 Sn45 B32 Sn5 B32 Sn50 B32 Sn60 B32 Sn62 B32 Sn63 B32 Sn70 B32 Sn94 B32 Sn95 B32 Sn96 B32-10 B32-12 B324 1350 B327 V12 B327 Z33730 B327 ZG71A B33 B33 101 B33 115 B33 116 B333 N10001 B333 N10624 B333 N10629 B333 N10665 B333 N10675 B334 N10002 B335 N10001 B335 N10629 B335 N10675 B336 N06650 B336 N10002 B337 Gr1 B337 Gr11 B337 Gr13 B337 Gr14 B337 Gr15 B337 Gr2 B337 Gr9 B338 GR13 B338 Gr1 B338 Gr11 B338 Gr14 B338 Gr15 B338 Gr16 B338 Gr18 B338 Gr2 B338 Gr26 B338 Gr9 B340/12 B344 35Ni-20Cr B344 60Ni-16Cr B344 80Ni-20Cr B344 alloy 30-20 B344 alloy 35-20 B344 alloy 80-20 B345 1060 B345 6060 B345 6061 B345 6063 B345 6070 B345 6351 B345 7072 B348 Gr1 B348 Gr13 B348 Gr14 B348 Gr15 B348 Gr16 B348 Gr18 B348 Gr19 B348 Gr2 B348 Gr21 B348 Gr23 B348 Gr25 B348 Gr26 B348 Gr38 B348 Gr4 B348 Gr5 B348 Gr6 B348 Gr9 B35 B35 Ag5,5 B35-10 B35-12 B350 R60802 B350 R60804 B350 R60901 B351 R60802 B351 R60804 B351 R60901 B352 R60802 B352 R60804 B352 R60901 B353 R60802 B353 R60804 B353 R60901 B355 101 B355 104 B355 107 B355 111 B355 115 B355 N10665 B356.2 B357.0 B357.2 B358 B358.0 B358.2 B359 108 B359 142 B359 192 B359 443 B359 444 B359 445 B359 704 B359 706 B359 710 B36 210 B36 220 B36 230 B36 240 B36 260 B36 268 B36 272 B36 280 B360 108 B361 WP1060 B361 WP1100 B361 WP3003 B361 WP5052 B361 WP5083 B361 WP5086 B361 WP5154 B361 WP6061 B361 WP6063 B363 Gr1 B363 Gr23 B363 Gr26 B363 WPT1 B363 WPT18 B363 WPT2 B363 WPT21 B363 WPT3 B364 R05200 B364 R05255 B364 R05400 B365 R05200 B365 R05240 B365 R05252 B365 R05255 B365 R05400 B366 CR HG B366 CR1925 B366 CR20CB B366 CR2120 B366 CR3127 B366 CR5923 B366 CRHB B366 CRHB2 B366 CRHC22 B366 CRHC276 B366 CRHC4 B366 CRHG35 B366 CRHN B366 CRNC B366 CRNCI B366 CRNIC B366 CRNIC11 B366 CRNICMC B366 CRNL B366 CRV45TM B366 N06200 B366 N06210 B366 N06617 B366 N06690 B366 N08120 B366 N08221 B366 N10242 B366 N10675 B366 WP1925 B366 WP20CB B366 WP2120 B366 WP3127 B366 WP330 B366 WP5923 B366 WP6XN B366 WPHB B366 WPHB2 B366 WPHC B366 WPHC22 B366 WPHC276 B366 WPHC4 B366 WPHF B366 WPHG B366 WPHG3 B366 WPHG30 B366 WPHG35 B366 WPHN B366 WPHX B366 WPN B366 WPNC B366 WPNC1 B366 WPNCI B366 WPNCMC B366 WPNIC B366 WPNIC10 B366 WPNIC11 B366 WPNICMC B366 WPNL B366 WPV45TM B367 C-12 B367 C-16 B367 C-17 B367 C-18 B367 C-2 B367 C-3 B367 C-38 B367 C-4 B367 C-5 B367 C-6 B367 C-7 B367 C-7A B367 C-8 B367 C-8A B367 C-9 B367 C1 B367 Ti-Pd16 B367 Ti-Pd17 B367 Ti-Pd18 B367 Ti-Pd7B B367 Ti-Pd8A B369 962 B369 964 B369 alloy A B369 alloy B B37 B370 110 B371 693 B371 694 B371 697 B371 C67430 B371 C69710 B372 220 B373 1145 B373 1235 B379 103 B379 108 OFLP B379 120 DLP B379 122 DHP B379 142 B38 B380.0 B380.1 B381 F1 B381 F16 B381 F2 B381 F3 B381 F4 B381 F5 B381 F6 B381 F9 B381 Gr1 B381 Gr18 B381 Gr21 B381 Gr23 B381 Gr26 B381 R53413 B381 R53414 B381 R53415 B384 363 B384 364 B385 363 B385 364 B386 363 B386 364 B387 363 B387 364 B388 36Ni-64Fe B388 K92350 B388 K92510 B388 K94500 B388 K95000 B388 TM1 part B388 TM17 part B388 TM2 B388 TM3 B388 TM6 B388 TM9 part B390 B390.0 B390.1 B392 type2 B392 type3 B393 type2 B393 type3 B394 type2 B394 type3 B395 102 B395 103 B395 108 B395 120 B395 122 B395 142 B395 192 B395 230 B395 443 B395 444 B395 445 B395 608 B395 687 B395 704 B395 706 B395 710 B395 715 B395 722 B398 6201-T81 B3C B4 B40 B400 B402 706 B402 715 B402 722 B403 AM100A B403 AZ91E B403 AZ92A B403 EZ33A B403 HK31A B403 K1A B403 QE22A B403 ZE41A B403 ZK61A B404 5454 B404 7072 B407 N08120 B407 N08800 B407 N08801 B407 N08810 B407 N08811 B407 N08890 B408 N08120 B408 N08800 B408 N08801 B408 N08810 B408 N08811 B408 N08890 B409 N08120 B409 N08800 B409 N08801 B409 N08810 B409 N08811 B409 N08890 B41 B411 647 B412 647 B413 Gr99.90 B413 Gr99.95 B413 Gr99.99 B413 P07010 B413 P07015 B42 108 B422 638 B422 724 B422 C19002 B422 C19010 B422 C19015 B422 C19020 B422 C19025 B422 C64725 B422 C70250 B422 C70260 B422 C70265 B422 C70310 B422 C70350 B423 N08221 B423 N08821 B423 N08825 B424 N08221 B424 N08821 B424 N08825 B425 N08221 B425 N08825 B427 907 B427 908 B427 916 B427 917 B427 929 B427 GrB B427 GrC B429 6060 B429 6061 B429 6063 B43 B43/43CrMo4 B430 AZ91C B432 101 B432 108 B432 365 B432 443 B432 444 B432 445 B432 465 B432 466 B432 467 B432 613 B432 614 B432 651 B432 655 B432 706 B434 N10003 B434 N10242 B435 N06002 B435 N06230 B435 N12160 B435 R30556 B436 N06001 B44 B441 175 B441 176 B441 C17465 B441 C17510 B443 B443 N06219 B443 N06625 B443.0 B443.1 B444 N06219 B444 N06625 Gr1 B444 N06625 Gr2 B445 N06102 B446 N06219 B446 N06625 B446 N06650 B447 108 B447 110 B451 101 B453 335 B453 340 B453 345 B453 350 B453 353 B453 356 B453 C35330 B455 380 B455 385 B462 N06022 B462 N06025 B462 N06030 B462 N06035 B462 N06045 B462 N06059 B462 N06200 B462 N06686 B462 N08020 B462 N08024 B462 N08026 B462 N08031 B462 N08367 B462 N10276 B462 N10629 B462 N10665 B462 N10675 B462 R20033 B463 N08020 B463 N08024 B463 N08026 B464 N08020 B464 N08024 B464 N08026 B465 192 B465 194 B465 195 B465 196 B465 197 B465 C19210 B465 C19720 B466 704 B466 706 B466 710 B466 715 B466 722 B466 C70620 B466 C71520 B467 706 B467 715 B468 N08020 B468 N08024 B468 N08026 B469 192 B469 706 B47 111 B47 115 B47 116 B471 N08020 B471 N08024 B471 N08026 B472 N06002 B472 N06022 B472 N06025 B472 N06030 B472 N06035 B472 N06045 B472 N06059 B472 N06200 B472 N06230 B472 N06600 B472 N06617 B472 N06625 B472 N06686 B472 N08020 B472 N08024 B472 N08026 B472 N08031 B472 N08120 B472 N08367 B472 N08926 B472 N10242 B472 N10276 B472 N10629 B472 N10665 B472 N10675 B472 N12160 B472 R20033 B472 R30556 B473 N08020 B473 N08024 B473 N08026 B474 N08020 B474 N08024 B474 N08026 B475 N08020 B475 N08024 B475 N08026 B476 B479 1145 B479 1235 B48 101 B48 116 B483 1060 B483 1100 B483 1435 B483 3003 B483 3102 B483 5005 B483 5050 B483 5052 B483 6060 B483 6061 B483 6063 B483 6262 B49 107 B49 111 B491 1050 B491 1100 B491 1200 B491 1235 B491 3003 B491 6060 B491 6063 B493 R60702 B493 R60704 B493 R60705 B4B B4C B4D B4S B4ST B4W B4WCU B4WL B4WM B4WML B4WN B5 B5 113 B5 114 B5 115 B5 116STP B5 120 DLP B5 122 DHP B5 123 DHPS B5 145 B5 ETP C11000 B5 FRHC C11020 B50 B500 B500A B500B B500C B500N B500NA B500NB B500NC B500S B505 836 B505 838 B505 842 B505 844 B505 848 B505 852 B505 857 B505 862 B505 863 B505 864 B505 865 B505 903 B505 905 B505 907 B505 910 B505 913 B505 922 B505 923 B505 925 B505 927 B505 928 B505 929 B505 932 B505 934 B505 935 B505 936 B505 937 B505 938 B505 939 B505 940 B505 941 B505 943 B505 947 B505 948 B505 952 B505 953 B505 954 B505 955 B505 957 B505 958 B505 959 B505 964 B505 969 B505 973 B505 976 B505 978 B505 995 B505 C89320 B505 C95400HT B505 C95410 B505 C95510 B505 C95520 B506 104 B506 107 B506 123 B508 411 B508 505 B50A125 B50A436 B50A459 B50A463 B50A480 B50A484 B50A489 B50A563 B50A712 B50A719 B50A774 B50A783 B50A789 B50A809C classB B50A823-S4 B50A824-S3 B50A850 B50AF103 B50R327 B50T1139S1 B50T1181 B50T1181C B50T1184 B50T12 B50T1232 B50T1233 B50T1239 B50T1240 B50T1270 B50T12A B50T12B B50T12C B50T26-S7 B50T38 B50T41 B50T44 B50T56 B50T59 B50T68 B50T69 B50T73 B50T79 B50T81 B50T81A B50T81C B50T83 B50T94 B50TF1 B50TF104 B50TF107 B50TF109 B50TF11 B50TF110 B50TF113 B50TF117 B50TF133 B50TF14 B50TF144 B50TF15 B50TF151 B50TF16 B50TF167 B50TF177 B50TF183 classA B50TF190 classA B50TF191 B50TF193 B50TF193-S6 classA B50TF196 B50TF199 B50TF202 B50TF204 B50TF205 B50TF206 B50TF207 B50TF21 B50TF210 B50TF211 B50TF213 B50TF217 B50TF22 B50TF239 B50TF239-S5 classA B50TF24 B50TF25 B50TF250-S2 classA B50TF259-S1 classA B50TF26 B50TF262 B50TF272 B50TF274-S3 classA B50TF279 B50TF31 B50TF36 B50TF55 B50TF59 B50TF63 B50TF74 B50TF75 B50TF76 B50TF81 B50TF83 B50TF89-S6 classA B50TF94 B50YP44 B51 B51-X65Cr14 B511 N08330 B511 N08332 B512 N08330 B514 B514 N08120 B514 N08800 B514 N08810 B514 N08811 B514.0 B514.2 B515 N08120 B515 N08800 B515 N08810 B515 N08811 B516 N06025 B516 N06045 B516 N06600 B516 N06602 B516 N06603 B517 N06025 B517 N06045 B517 N06600 B517 N06602 B517 N06603 B518 N06102 B519 N06102 B51S B52 B520 B521 R05200 B521 R05240 B521 R05252 B521 R05255 B521 R05400 B521 Tantalum400 B521 Tantalum401 B522 B523 R60701 B523 R60702 B523 R60704 B523 R60705 B53 B534 170 B534 174 B534 175 B534 C17510 B535 B535 N08330 B535 N08332 B535.0 B535.2 B536 N08330 B536 N08332 B53S B540 P03300 B541 B543 108 B543 194 B543 443 B543 444 B543 445 B543 687 B543 704 B543 706 B543 715 B543 722 B543 C71640 B546 N06025 B546 N06045 B546 N06603 B546 N06617 B546 N08330 B546 N08332 B547 1100 B547 5050 B547 5454 B547 6061 B547 7072 B54S B550 R60701 B550 R60702 B550 R60704 B550 R60705 B551 R60701 B551 R60702 B551 R60704 B551 R60705 B552 B552 706 B552 715 B552 722 B555 B562 Gr99,95 B563 B564 N02200 B564 N04400 B564 N06022 B564 N06025 B564 N06035 B564 N06045 B564 N06058 B564 N06059 B564 N06110 B564 N06200 B564 N06210 B564 N06219 B564 N06230 B564 N06600 B564 N06602 B564 N06617 B564 N06625 B564 N06686 B564 N06690 B564 N08031 B564 N08120 B564 N08367 B564 N08800 B564 N08810 B564 N08811 B564 N08825 B564 N10242 B564 N10276 B564 N10624 B564 N10629 B564 N10665 B564 N10675 B564 N12160 B564 R20033 B570 170 B570 172 B572 N06002 B572 N06230 B572 N12160 B572 R30556 B573 N10003 B573 N10242 B574 N06022 B574 N06035 B574 N06058 B574 N06059 B574 N06200 B574 N06210 B574 N06455 B574 N06686 B574 N10276 B575 N06022 B575 N06035 B575 N06058 B575 N06059 B575 N06200 B575 N06210 B575 N06455 B575 N06686 B575 N10276 B581 N06007 B581 N06030 B581 N06975 B581 N06985 B581 N08031 B582 N06007 B582 N06030 B582 N06975 B582 N06985 B584 836 B584 838 B584 842 B584 844 B584 848 B584 852 B584 854 B584 857 B584 862 B584 863 B584 864 B584 865 B584 867 B584 872 B584 873 B584 874 B584 875 B584 876 B584 903 B584 905 B584 907 B584 922 B584 923 B584 926 B584 932 B584 935 B584 936 B584 937 B584 938 B584 943 B584 947 B584 948 B584 973 B584 976 B584 978 B584 C83450 B584 C87610 B584 C89510 B584 C89520 B584 C89844 B584 comp.3 B585 192 B586 194 B587 220 B587 272 B589 P03995 B590 N08245 B591 405 B591 411 B591 422 B591 425 B591 C42520 B592 688 B592 C66300 B599 N08700 B5WCU B5WML B5WN B6 B6 Z13001 B6 Z15001 B6 Z19001 B603 classI B603 classIIA B603 classIIB B603 classIII B603 classIV B608 613 B61 B61 922 B617 B618 201.0 B618 204.0 B618 208.0 B618 222.0 B618 242.0 B618 295.0 B618 319.0 B618 328.0 B618 355.0 B618 356.0 B618 443.0 B618 512.0 B618 514.0 B618 520.0 B618 535.0 B618 705.0 B618 707.0 B618 710.0 B618 712.0 B618 713.0 B618 771.0 B618 850.0 B618 851.0 B618 852.0 B618 A356.0 B618 A443.0 B618 A712.0 B618 B443.0 B618 B514.0 B618 C355.0 B618 D712.0 B619 N06002 B619 N06007 B619 N06022 B619 N06030 B619 N06035 B619 N06058 B619 N06059 B619 N06200 B619 N06210 B619 N06230 B619 N06455 B619 N06686 B619 N06975 B619 N06985 B619 N08031 B619 N08320 B619 N10001 B619 N10242 B619 N10276 B619 N10624 B619 N10629 B619 N10665 B619 N10675 B619 N12160 B619 R20033 B619 R30556 B62 B62 836 B620 N08320 B621 N08320 B622 N06002 B622 N06007 B622 N06022 B622 N06030 B622 N06035 B622 N06058 B622 N06059 B622 N06060 B622 N06200 B622 N06210 B622 N06230 B622 N06250 B622 N06255 B622 N06455 B622 N06686 B622 N06975 B622 N06985 B622 N08031 B622 N08135 B622 N08320 B622 N08535 B622 N10001 B622 N10242 B622 N10276 B622 N10624 B622 N10629 B622 N10665 B622 N10675 B622 N12160 B622 R20033 B622 R30556 B624 C18135 B625 N08031 B625 N08354 B625 N08904 B625 N08925 B625 N08926 B625 N08932 B625 R20033 B626 718 B626 N06002 B626 N06007 B626 N06022 B626 N06030 B626 N06035 B626 N06058 B626 N06059 B626 N06200 B626 N06210 B626 N06230 B626 N06455 B626 N06686 B626 N06975 B626 N06985 B626 N08031 B626 N08320 B626 N10001 B626 N10242 B626 N10276 B626 N10624 B626 N10629 B626 N10665 B626 N10675 B626 N12160 B626 R20033 B626 R30556 B628 B63 B637 718 B637 80A B637 Gr685 B637 Gr688 B637 Gr689 B637 N07001 B637 N07080 B637 N07252 B637 N07500 B637 N07718 B637 N07750 B637 N07752 B639 Gr661 B639 Gr671 B640 108 B641 108 B643 172 B649 N08031 B649 N08904 B649 N08925 B649 N08926 B649 N08936 B649 R20033 B64S B65 B652 R04295 B653 PZ2 B653 PZ4 B653 PZ5 B654 R04295 B655 R04295 B658 R60702 B658 R60704 B658 R60705 B65Mn B66 B66 932 B66 934 B66 936 B66 937 B66 938 B66 943 B66 944 B66 945 B66 954 B662 classA B662 classA1 B662 classB B668 N08028 B669 Z35630 B669 Z35635 B669 Z35840 B67 941 B67 C94100 B670 718 B672 N08700 B673 N08354 B673 N08904 B673 N08925 B673 N08926 B674 N08354 B674 N08904 B674 N08925 B674 N08926 B675 N08366 B675 N08367 B676 N08366 B676 N08367 B677 N08354 B677 N08904 B677 N08925 B677 N08926 B68 108 B683 B684 85Pt/15Ir B684 90Pt/10Ir B685 B686 A201.0 B687 108 B688 N08366 B688 N08367 B690 N08366 B690 N08367 B691 N08366 B691 N08367 B694 110 B694 111 B694 194 B694 220 B694 230 B694 664 B694 710 B694 C66410 B694 C66430 B6M B6X B7 B702 classA B702 classB B702 classC B702 classD B702 classE B704 N06219 B704 N06625 B704 N08825 B705 N06219 B705 N06625 B705 N08825 B706 691 B708 R05200 B708 R05240 B708 R05252 B708 R05255 B708 R05400 B709 N08028 B710 N08330 B710 N08332 B716 108 B718 N06333 B719 N06333 B720 N08310 B722 Gr1 B722 N06333 B723 Gr1 B723 N06333 B725 N02200 B725 N02201 B725 N04400 B726 N06333 B729 N08020 B729 N08024 B729 N08026 B72M B730 N02200 B730 N02201 B730 N04400 B731 B739 N08330 B739 N08332 B740 727 B740 729 B740 C72650 B743 108 B747 151 B749 L50042 B749 L51121 B75 101 B75 102 B75 103 B75 108 B75 120 B75 122 B75 142 B75 C12200 B750 B750 Z38510 B753 T-10 B753 T-20 B753 T-22 B753 T-25 B753 T-36 B753 T-40 B753 T-42 B755 N06110 B756 N06110 B757 N06110 B758 N06110 B759 N06110 B763 838 B763 844 B763 848 B763 852 B763 854 B763 857 B763 862 B763 863 B763 864 B763 865 B763 867 B763 873 B763 874 B763 875 B763 876 B763 923 B763 926 B763 935 B763 937 B763 938 B763 943 B763 947 B763 948 B763 952 B763 954 B763 955 B763 956 B763 958 B763 973 B763 976 B763 978 B763 995 B763 C83450 B763 C87610 B763 C89844 B763 C95410 B768 170 B768 174 B768 C17410 B768 C17450 B768 C17460 B770 814 B770 820 B770 822 B770 824 B770 825 B770 826 B770 828 B770 C82510 B777 class1 B777 class2 B777 class3 B777 class4 B77S B780 B79 Z35631 B791 Z35636 B791 Z35841 B793 Alloy A B793 Z35542 B793 alloy A B793 alloy B B7A B7M B8 B8 116 B80 AM100A B80 AM90A B80 AZ63A B80 AZ81A B80 AZ91C B80 AZ91E B80 AZ92A B80 EK30A B80 EK41A B80 EQ21A B80 EV31A B80 EZ33A B80 HK31A B80 HZ32A B80 K1A B80 QE22A B80 WE43A B80 WE54A B80 ZC63A B80 ZE41A B80 ZE63A B80 ZH62A B80 ZK51A B80 ZK61A B804 N08367 B804 N08926 B805 N07716 B805 N07725 B805 N07773 B805 N07776 B805 N09777 B806 875 B806 878 B806 953 B806 954 B806 955 B806 958 B806 C95410 B807 6041 B807 6064 B814 N06920 B815 B815 R31233 B818 R31233 B83 B834 N06625 B834 N08367 B83S B843 AZ31B B843 AZ31D B843 AZ63B B843 AZ63C B843 AZ63D B843 M1C B85 B85 360.0 B85 380.0 B85 383.0 B85 384.0 B85 390.0 B85 392.0 B85 413.0 B85 518.0 B85 A360.0 B85 A380.0 B85 A413.0 B85 B390.0 B85 C443.0 B85 S12B B85 SC102A B85 SC114A B850.0 B850.1 B86 AC41A B86 AC43A B86 AG40A B86 AG40B B86 Alloy 2 B86 Z33531 B86 Z35631 B86 Z35636 B86 Z35841 B86 ZAMAK 2 B861 Gr18 B861 Gr21 B861 Gr23 B861 Gr26 B862 Gr18 B862 Gr21 B862 Gr23 B862 Gr26 B862 Gr27 B863 Gr18 B863 Gr21 B863 Gr23 B863 Gr5 B865 N05500 B870 175 B870 C17510 B872 N09908 B876 C15815 B88 B888 151 B888 155 B888 170 B888 172 B888 174 B888 175 B888 194 B888 195 B888 197 B888 230 B888 260 B888 422 B888 425 B888 426 B888 510 B888 511 B888 521 B888 638 B888 654 B888 688 B888 727 B888 729 B888 752 B888 762 B888 C14530 B888 C17410 B888 C17450 B888 C17460 B888 C17510 B888 C19010 B888 C19025 B888 C19210 B888 C40810 B888 C40850 B888 C40860 B888 C42520 B888 C50580 B888 C50780 B888 C51080 B888 C51180 B888 C51980 B888 C52180 B888 C52480 B888 C70250 B888 C70260 B888 C70265 B888 C72650 B892 Z46540 B8A B8C B8CA B8F B8M B8MA B8P B8PA B8T B8TA B9 162 B9 165 B9 505 B9/0 B9/2 B9/2G3 B90 AZ31A B90 AZ31B B90 AZ31C B90 HK31A B90 HM21A B90 LA141A B90 M1A B90 ZE10A B906 N06693 B906 N08890 B908 Z33730 B908 Z46540 B91 AZ31B B91 AZ61A B91 AZ80A B91 HM21A B91 LS141A B91 TA54A B91 ZK60A B92 9980A B92 9980B B92 9990A B92 9995A B92 9998A B927 210 B927 220 B927 230 B927 240 B927 260 B927 268 B927 270 B927 274 B93 AM100A B93 AM50A B93 AM60A B93 AM60B B93 AM80A B93 AS21 B93 AS41A B93 AS41B B93 AZ31C B93 AZ61A B93 AZ63A B93 AZ81A B93 AZ91A B93 AZ91B B93 AZ91C B93 AZ91D B93 AZ91E B93 AZ92A B93 EQ21A B93 EV31A B93 EZ33A B93 HZ32A B93 K1A B93 M18410 B93 M1B B93 QE22A B93 WE43A B93 WE43B B93 ZC63A B93 ZE41A B93 ZE63A B93 ZH62A B93 ZK51A B93 ZK61A B932 N06464 B936 C18080 B938 175 B938 C17510 B94 B94 AE42 B94 AM20 B94 AM50A B94 AM60A B94 AS21X1 B94 AS41A B94 AS41B B94 AZ91A B94 AZ91B B94 AZ91D B94 AZ91HP B94 AZ92A B94 M10602 B95 B955 356.0 B955 505.0 B955 709.0 B955 850.0 B96 B96 651 B96 654 B96 655 B96 658 B97 651 B977 Gr1 B977 Gr11 B977 Gr12 B977 Gr13 B977 Gr14 B977 Gr15 B977 Gr16 B977 Gr17 B977 Gr18 B977 Gr19 B977 Gr2 B977 Gr20 B977 Gr21 B977 Gr23 B977 Gr24 B977 Gr25 B977 Gr26 B977 Gr27 B977 Gr28 B977 Gr29 B977 Gr3 B977 Gr30 B977 Gr31 B977 Gr32 B977 Gr33 B977 Gr34 B977 Gr35 B977 Gr36 B977 Gr37 B977 Gr38 B977 Gr4 B977 Gr5 B977 Gr6 B977 Gr7 B977 Gr9 B98 B98 651 B98 654 B98 655 B98 658 B98 661 B99 651 B99 655 BA BA 271 BA 307 BA 733 BA AlSi1 BA AlSi2 BA AlSi3 BA AlSi4 BA Cu1 BA CuAg-9 BA CuAg0 BA CuAg1 BA CuAg10 BA CuAg2 BA CuAg3 BA CuAg6 BA CuAg7 BA CuAg8 BA CuAg8A BA CuAg8B BA CuAu0 BA CuAu1 BA CuAu3 BA CuP1 BA CuZn1 BA CuZn5 BA MgAl1 BA electrical purity BA1032 BA1044 BA1054 BA1S BA2 BA241 BA305 BA5 BA6 BA8 BA83 BA93 BABBITT alloy 7 BABBITT alloy8 BACE 146 BACE 167 BACE 173 BACE 183 BACE 210 BACE 226 BACE 230 BACE 239 BACE 245 BACE 277 BACE 286 BACE 287 BACE 30 BACE 301 BACE 310 BACE 338 BACE 349 BACE 366 BACE 367 BACE 374 BACE 411 BACE 419 BACE 421 BACE 422 BACE 429 BACE 440 BACE 441 BACE 444 BACE 453 BACE 469 BACE 470 BACE 473 BACE 477 BACE 479 BACE 480 BACE 482 BACE 490 BACE365 BACM 11 BACM 85E S143 BACM 85E S144 BACM 85E S145 BACM53 BACuAg12 BACuAg14 BADGER BAEM 0039 BAEM 0128 BAEM 0173 BAEM1213 BAEM1219 BALCO BALCO 400 BALCO alloy BAN BANDE INOX POUR RESSORTS BANDE LAMINEE A CHAUD BANDES LAMINEES A CHAUD BARRE CUIVRE A 99.6% BARRE INOX AUSTENITIQUE BARRE INOX POUR PRESSION BARRE NICKEL-CHROME-FER-Al BASICORTEN BASINOX 20 16 L BASINOX 308L BAg-1 BAg-10 BAg-13 BAg-13a BAg-18 BAg-19 BAg-1a BAg-2 BAg-20 BAg-20a BAg-21 BAg-22 BAg-23 BAg-24 BAg-25 BAg-26 BAg-27 BAg-28 BAg-29 BAg-2a BAg-3 BAg-30 BAg-31 BAg-32 BAg-33 BAg-34 BAg-35 BAg-36 BAg-37 BAg-3a BAg-4 BAg-5 BAg-6 BAg-7 BAg-7A BAg-7B BAg-8 BAg-8a BAg-8b BAg-9 BAg15CuP700/635 BAg20 BAg20Cd BAg25 BAg25CuZn840/680 BAg25CuZnCd BAg28CuZnMnNi860/680 BAg30Cd BAg30CuZnCd605-690 BAg30CuZnCd610/690 BAg30CuZnCd760/620 BAg32CuZnSn660-740 BAg34CuZnSn BAg35CuZnCd610-700 BAg35CuZnCd610/700 BAg40Cd BAg40CuZnCd630/595 BAg40CuZnNi660-780 BAg40CuZnSn650/710 BAg40ZnCdCu595/630 BAg42CdCuZn610/620 BAg42CdZnCu605-650 BAg42ZnAgCd615-790 BAg44CuZn675-735 BAg45CdZnCu605-620 BAg45CdZnCu620-635 BAg45CuZn BAg45CuZn690-810 BAg45CuZn740/680 BAg45CuZnSn640/680 BAg49ZnCuMnNi680/705 BAg50CdCuZnNi635/655 BAg50CdZnCu620/640 BAg50CdZnCu625-645 BAg50CuZn BAg50CuZnCd740/630 BAg54CuZn690-750 BAg55ZnCuSn630/660 BAg56CuInNi600/710 BAg56CuNi780-895 BAg56CuZnSn620/655 BAg56CuZnSn620/660 BAg60CuSn600/730 BAg60CuZn695/730 BAg60CuZn760/700 BAg60CuZnSn620/685 BAg63CuZn-690/730 BAg64CuZn BAg66CuZn790/735 BAg67CuZn BAg68CuSnNi675-773 BAg72Cu BAg72Cu779 BAg72Cu780 BAg75CuZn BAg83CuZn BAg85Mn960/970 BAl86SiCu520/585 BAl88Si575-590 BAl88Si575/595 BAl89SiMg-555/590 BAl89SiMgBi555/590 BAl90Si575/590 BAl92Si575/615 BAl95Si575/630 BAlSi-10 BAlSi-11 BAlSi-2 BAlSi-3 BAlSi-4 BAlSi-5 BAlSi-6 BAlSi-7 BAlSi-8 BAlSi-9 BAlSi12-590/575 BAu-1 BAu-2 BAu-3 BAu-4 BAu-5 BAu-6 BB BB01 BB05xi BB1,7 BB1S BB2 BB21 BB40 BB40 Plus BB50 BB60 BB80 BB80 Plus BB80Plus BB95 BC BC-AB-300 BC-B-100 BC-B-300 BC-CU-210 BC-CU-300 BC-SB-100 BC-SB-300 BC-SB-310 BC1 BC10 BC16 BC18 BC1S BC2 BC20 BC25 BC2E BC3 BC31 BC34 BC39 BC41 BC45 BC47 BC52 BC55 BC6 BC7 BCM 311 BCM 414 BCNi BCW BCd82Zn266 BCo-1 BCu-1 BCu100-1085 BCu1000-1083 BCu30ZnAgCd605-720 BCu35ZnAgCd620-730 BCu36AgZnSn630-730 BCu36ZnAgCd BCu36ZnAgSn655-755 BCu38AgZnMnNi680-830 BCu38ZnAg680-765 BCu40AnAgSn680-760 BCu40ZnAg700-790 BCu40ZnAgCd605-765 BCu41ZnAg680-795 BCu44ZnAgSi690-810 BCu45ZnAg690-815 BCu48ZnAgSi800-830 BCu48ZnNi-Si890-920 BCu50ZnAg770-830 BCu50ZnAgCd BCu50ZnNi920-890 BCu55ZnAgSi820-870 BCu55ZnAgSi830-870 BCu58Zn900 BCu58ZnNiSn BCu59ZnSn BCu60Sn BCu60Zn BCu60Zn-Si-Mn BCu60ZnMnSnSi880-900 BCu60ZnSi BCu60ZnSi870-900 BCu60ZnSi890-900 BCu60ZnSi900-880 BCu63Zn900-905 BCu75AgP645 BCu80AgP BCu80AgP645-770 BCu80AgP645-800 BCu86SnP650-700 BCu88PAg650-770 BCu89PAg BCu89PAg645-780 BCu89PAg645-815 BCu91PAg BCu91PAg650-800 BCu92P BCu92P710-770 BCu92P715-750 BCu92PAg645-800 BCu92PAg645-810 BCu92PAg645-825 BCu92PSb690-825 BCu93P BCu93P710-820 BCu93P715-770 BCu93PAg650-820 BCu94P BCu94P710-840 BCu94P710-880 BCu97Ni BCu99-1085 BCu99Ag1070-1080 BCuP-1 BCuP-2 BCuP-3 BCuP-4 BCuP-5 BCuP-6 BCuP-7 BCuP-8 BCuP10770-710 BCuP2 BCuZn-F BCuZn-G BCuZn49NiSi890-920 BD03 BD06 BD1S BD2 BD20 BD2A BD3 BD40 BD50 BD60 BD65 BD80 BDF BE 5 BE-CU25 BE-NI BE-SRTS BE10 BE1248 BE1274 BE1S BE2003 BE2011 BE2067 BE2080 BE2235 BE2344M BE2345 BE2357 BE2360 BE2363 BE2379 BE2391 BE2419 BE2436 BE2510 BE2519 BE2604 BE2714 BE2746 BE2767 BE2842 BE3333 BE3343 BE4034 BE4112 BE48V BE50V BE5529 BE5634 BE7216 BE7220/BE34 BE75 BE75N BE80 BE8159 BE86 BECARBO 30 BECOL-25 BECROSI 16 BECROSI 26 BECROSI 36 BECROSI 37 BECUT BED BELLMAN 40/60 BELLMAN 50/50 BELLMAN 60/40 BELLMAN 95/5 BELWQ BENUM BENUM PLUS BERG IIIPb BERYLCO 10 BERYLCO 10C BERYLCO 14 BERYLCO 14C BERYLCO 165 BERYLCO 165C BERYLCO 20C BERYLCO 21C BERYLCO 245C BERYLCO 25 BERYLCO 275C BERYLCO 33-25 BERYLCO 7 BERYLCO 8 BERYLCO Cu-4Be BERYLLIUM BERYLLIUM NICKEL BERYLLIUM PUR BERYLLIUM S-200C BERYLLIUM-ALUMINIUM BERYLLIUM-ALUMINIUM MOULE BESSON A-S7G BESTAR 1.3395 BEStE420TM BETA 21S BETA 21S-Ti BETA C-Ti BETA CEZ-Ti BETA III-Ti BETA3-Titanium BETHFORM 400 BETHSTAR 50 BEV1 BEV2 BEVG BF Z6CNNb18-10 BF1 BF10CD9-10 BF12N14 BF15CD2-05 BF15CD4-05 BF25D5 BF42 BF42N BF48 BF48F BF48N BF50 BF60 BFZ2CN18-10 BFZ2CND17-12 BFZ6CN18-09 BFZ6CND17-11 BFZ6CNDT17-12 BFZ6CNT18-10 BFe10-1-1 BFe30-1-1 BFe5-1,5-0,5 BG-42 BG42 BGH 1.1004 BGH 1.1545 BGH 1.2080 BGH 1.2083 BGH 1.2103 BGH 1.2210 BGH 1.2311 BGH 1.2312 BGH 1.2316 BGH 1.2323 BGH 1.2343 BGH 1.2344 BGH 1.2360 BGH 1.2363 BGH 1.2365 BGH 1.2379 BGH 1.2419 BGH 1.2436 BGH 1.2510 BGH 1.2516 BGH 1.2550 BGH 1.2601 BGH 1.2631 BGH 1.2721 BGH 1.2738 BGH 1.2744 BGH 1.2746 BGH 1.2764 BGH 1.2767 BGH 1.2782 BGH 1.2787 BGH 1.2842 BGH 1.3243 BGH 1.3247 BGH 1.3255 BGH 1.3343 BGH 1.3344 BGH 1.3401 BGH 1.3816 BGH 1.3912 BGH 1.3917 BGH 1.3922 BGH 1.3952 BGH 1.3964 BGH 1.4005 BGH 1.4006 BGH 1.4016 BGH 1.4021 BGH 1.4024 BGH 1.4028 BGH 1.4034 BGH 1.4035 BGH 1.4057 BGH 1.4104 BGH 1.4105 BGH 1.4112 BGH 1.4116 BGH 1.4120 BGH 1.4122 BGH 1.4305 BGH 1.4310 BGH 1.4320 BGH 1.4401 BGH 1.4418 BGH 1.4462 BGH 1.4507 BGH 1.4512 BGH 1.4539 BGH 1.4542 BGH 1.4567 BGH 1.4594 BGH 1.4712 BGH 1.4713 BGH 1.4718 BGH 1.4731 BGH 1.4762 BGH 1.4767 BGH 1.4821 BGH 1.4828 BGH 1.4864 BGH 1.4866 BGH 1.4871 BGH 1.4875 BGH 1.4876 BGH 1.4878 BGH 1.4882 BGH 1.4903 BGH 1.4909 BGH 1.4923 BGH 1.4935 BGH 1.4939 BGH 1.4958 BGH 1.4980 BGH 1.5122 BGH 1.5415 BGH 1.5807 BGH 1.5860 BGH 1.5919 BGH 1.5920 BGH 1.6565 BGH 1.6580 BGH 1.6582 BGH 1.6743 BGH 1.6746 BGH 1.6948 BGH 1.7103 BGH 1.7131 BGH 1.7147 BGH 1.7149 BGH 1.7218 BGH 1.7225 BGH 1.7707 BGH 1.7709 BGH 1.7735 BGH 1.8515 BGH 1.8550 BGH 2.4110 BGH 2.4360 BGH 2.4375 BGH 2.4660 BGH 2.4669 BGH 2.4816 BGH 2.4819 BGH 2.4851 BGH 2.4858 BGH 2.4867 BGH 2.4952 BGH C22.8 BGH X42Cr13 BGH alloy 625 BGH alloy 925 BH10 BH10A BH11 BH12 BH13 BH13 ESR BH19 BH21 BH21A BH26 BH260 BH26S BH26W BH29 BH29S BH29W BH32 BH32S BH32W BH36 BH36Nb BH36S BH36W BH39 BH39S BH39W BH43 BH43S BH43W BH47 BH47S BH47W BH51 BH51S BH51W BH54M BH8A BHS BHW25 BHW27 BHW30 BHW33 BHW35 BICOP BIMAX 42+ BIODUR 316LS BIOLINE 7C27 BIOVAL 1.4057 BIOVAL 1.4301 BIOVAL 1.4305 BIOVAL 1.4310 BIOVAL 1.4404 BIOVAL 1.4441 BIOVAL 1.4571 BIRMETAL-478 BISHILITE 1016 BISHILITE 190 BISHILITE 6B BJ002 BJ102 BJ103 BJ110 BJ122 BJ194 BJ210 BJ220 BJ230 BJ240 BJ242 BJ260 BJ268 BJ270 BJ271 BJ340 BJ345 BJ353 BJ359 BJ360 BJ365 BJ377 BJ380 BJ385 BJ502 BJ510 BJ511 BJ519 BJ521 BJ534 BJ544 BJ654 BJ655 BJ693 BJ757 BJ763 BJ764 BJ773 BJ97 BK1 BK31 BKM BKM 105-85 BKM 150-135 BKM 90-60 BL EXTRA BL-106 BL1 BL2 BL3 BL5 BL6 BLFE116101 BLFE116501 BLFE128101 BLFE166101 BLFG200101 BLUE MAX 316 BM 1301 BM 1566 BM 1742 BM 212 BM 312 BM1 BM103 BM105 BM110 BM113 BM114 BM15 BM162 BM2 BM2+S BM34 BM35 BM35+S BM4 BM42 BM814 BM819 BM909 BM917 BM965 BMA04 BMA05 BMC270 BMC310 BMC340 BMC360 BMC37 BMC40 BMC45 BMC50 BML 01 BML 10 BML 13 BML 74 BMO BMS BMS 7-122 BMS 7-13 BMS 7-14 BMS 7-144 BMS 7-172 BMS 7-182 type2 BMS 7-186 BMS 7-188 BMS 7-194 BMS 7-223 BMS 7-240 BMS 7-247 BMS 7-249 BMS 7-25 BMS 7-250 BMS 7-26 cl.1 BMS 7-260 BMS 7-269 BMS 7-27 BMS 7-28 BMS 7-281 BMS 7-287 BMS 7-291 BMS 7-3 BMS 7-30 BMS 7-306 BMS 7-307 BMS 7-308 BMS 7-318 BMS 7-320 BMS 7-323 BMS 7-329 BMS 7-330 BMS 7-332 BMS 7-334 BMS 7-34 BMS 7-340 BMS 7-347 BMS 7-348 BMS 7-349 BMS 7-353 BMS 7-354 BMS 7-361 BMS 7-364 BMS 7-51 BMS 7-60 BMS 7-69 BMS 7-76 BMS 7-8 BMS 7-82 BMS 7-86 BMS5504W BMS7-59 BMS7-81 BMS7-85 BMS7-88 BMS7-89 BMV4 BMg-1 BMg-2 BMn3-12 BMo 9 BMo5 BMo9 BMo9V BN BN2 BNi-1 BNi-10 BNi-11 BNi-1a BNi-2 BNi-3 BNi-4 BNi-5 BNi-5a BNi-5b BNi-6 BNi-7 BNi-8 BNi-9 BO1 BO2 BOHLER A905 BOHLER S206 BOHLER V358 BOHMER GS-70 BOLTON 300 BOLTON 342 BOLTON 422 BOLTON 429 BOLTON 441 BOLTON 448 BOLTON 462 BOLTON 467 BOLTON 473 BOLTON 475 BOLTON 489 BOLTON AB21 BOLTON AB22 BOLTON AB23 BOLTON CA10 BOLTON HT1 BOLTON HT26 BOLTON HT3 BOLTON HT30 BOLTON W11 BOLTON W22 BOLTON W24 BOLTON X218 BOLTON X274 BOLTON X313 BOLTON X316 BOMET 4 BONDED CARBIDE BONPERTUIS X15TN BOSTRAND 20 BOSTRAND 200 BOSTRAND 231 BOSTRAND 241 BOSTRAND 281 BOSTRAND 286 BOSTRAND 2861 BOSTRAND 308LSi BOSTRAND 309LSi BOSTRAND 316LSi BOSTRAND 41 BOSTRAND 42 BOSTRAND AT210 BOSTRAND LW1 BOSTRAND MS65 BOZ BOZA BOZC BOZD BOZS BP-0025a BP-0030F BP-0050 BP-0072a BP-0104 BP-0106 BP-A761 BP-A774 BP-G190 BP-P179 BP-P996 BP16 BP18 BP20 BP28 BP30 BP30 BREMEN BP35 BP36 BP37 BP39 BP40 BP42 BP48N BP5 BP56 BP57 BP64 BPS BPS 2 BPS7 BPb12 BPb4 BPb4 UNI 1701-41 BPb50Sn183-216 BPb55Sn183-225 BPb60Sn183-240 BPb74SnSb183-270 BPb93SnAg308 BPb95Sn308-312 BPb97Ag305 BR-3 BR-4 BR-Ni 99.6 BR885 BRAKE DIE BRAZARGENT 1072 BRAZARGENT 1505 BRAZARGENT 1520SI BRAZARGENT 1544 BRAZARGENT 2020 BRAZARGENT 2025 BRAZARGENT 2030 BRAZARGENT 2040 BRAZARGENT 2045 BRAZARGENT 2550 BRAZARGENT 5025 BRAZARGENT 5030 BRAZARGENT 5034 BRAZARGENT 5040 BRAZARGENT 5045 BRAZARGENT 5050 BRAZE 252 BRAZE 255 BRAZE 300 BRAZE 351 BRAZE 380 BRAZE 401 BRAZE 402 BRAZE 403 BRAZE 450 BRAZE 452 BRAZE 495 BRAZE 501 BRAZE 505 BRAZE 541 BRAZE 604 BRAZE 630 BRAZE 650 BRAZE 700 BRAZE 852 BRAZE L18-31887 BRAZE TEC 1135 BRAZE TEC 1204 BRAZE TEC 5603 BRAZE TEC 88/12 BRAZE TEC4 BRAZING S21 BRAZING T25 BRAZING T38 BRAZING T40 BRAZING T45 BRAZING T50 BRAZING T520 BRAZING T600 BRAZING T70 BRAZING T75 BRAZING T77S BRAZING T88 BRAZING T96 BRAZING T98 BRAZING T99S BRC BRC-1 BRC-2 BRC-3 BRC3 BRCMO BRCMO2 BRCV BRF 40 BRF20 BRG BRICKMOLD BRIGHTRAY 35 BRIGHTRAY B BRIGHTRAY C BRIGHTRAY F BRIGHTRAY ICA BRIGHTRAY S BRINAR 400 BRINAR 400Cr BRINAR 500 BRINAR 500Cr BRM BRM1 BRM2 BRM3 BRM4 BRON CuAl BRONWITE BRONZAL 1 BRONZAL 6 BRONZAL 7 BRONZAL 7MM BRONZAL DURIMET BRONZAL GLASS BRONZE 10 BRONZE 12 BRONZE 14 BRONZE 154 BRONZE 155 BRONZE 156 BRONZE 158 BRONZE 303 BRONZE 304 BRONZE 314 BRONZE 3444 BRONZE 5% BRONZE 50 BRONZE 85/5/5/5 BRONZE A L'ETAIN BRONZE A L'ETAIN & NICKEL BRONZE A L'ETAIN LINGOT BRONZE A L'ETAIN MOULE BRONZE A L'ETAIN PHOSPHOREUX BRONZE A L'ETAIN-BISMUTH BRONZE A L'ETAIN-NICKEL BRONZE A L'ETAIN-NICKEL-ZINC BRONZE A L'ETAIN-PLOMB BRONZE A L'ETAIN-PLOMB MOULE BRONZE A L'ETAIN-Pb LINGOT BRONZE A L'ETAIN-ZINC BRONZE A L'ETAIN-ZINC LINGOT BRONZE A L'ETAIN-ZINC MOULE BRONZE AU MANGANESE BRONZE AU NICKEL BRONZE AU PLOMB BRONZE AU PLOMB LINGOT BRONZE AU PLOMB MOULE BRONZE AU PLOMB PHOSPHOREUX BRONZE AU PLOMB POUR PALIER BRONZE CHRYSO-PLOMB BRONZE CHRYSOCALE BRONZE DE DECOLLETAGE BRONZE ETAIN-NICKEL MOULE BRONZE ETAIN-PLOMB LINGOT BRONZE ETAIN-PLOMB MOULE BRONZE ETAIN-PLOMB-ZINC BRONZE ETAIN-ZINC-PLOMB BRONZE II BRONZE III BRONZE K-T120 BRONZE KT-60 BRONZE PHOSPHOREUX BRONZE PHOSPHOREUX AU PLOMB BRONZE PHOSPHOREUX BARRE BRONZE PHOSPHOREUX MOULE BRONZE PHOSPHOREUX TOLE BRONZE PLOMB-ZINC MOULE BRONZE SPECIAL BRONZE SPINODAL BRONZE ZINC-ETAIN-PLOMB BRONZE ZINC-PLOMB LINGOT BRU BRUGGER CuZn5 BRUGGER GA11 BRUGGER GA9 BRUGGER GL BRUGGER GL10 BRUGGER GMX BRUGGER GS BRUGGER GSN BRUGGER GSP BRUGGER MS33 BRUGGER MS37 BRUGGER SM25 BRUGGER SM34 BRUGGER SM40 BRUNO BRUSH 171 BRUSH 1915 BRUSH 60 BRUSH EQX20 BRUSHBRONZE 625 BRUSHBRONZE 642 BRUSHBRONZE 955 BRUSHCAST 165C BRUSHCAST 21C BRUSHCAST 245C BRUSHCAST 3C BRW BRW-2 BRW-3 BRW1 BRW2 BRZ BS 080A15 BS 10 BS 1004 BS 11 BS 1161 BS 1387 BS 1400 BS 1407 BS 1429 BS 1434 BS 1449.1 BS 1449.2 BS 1452 BS 1470 BS 1471 BS 1472 BS 1473 BS 1474 BS 1475 BS 1490 BS 1501 BS 1502 BS 1503 BS 1504 BS 1506 BS 1554 BS 1717 BS 1977 BS 20 BS 2056 BS 21 BS 219 BS 2772.2 BS 2786 BS 2789 BS 2803 BS 2870 BS 2871.1 BS 2871.2 BS 2871.3 BS 2872 BS 2873 BS 2874 BS 2875 BS 29 BS 2901.2 BS 2901.3 BS 2901.4 BS 2901.5 BS 2970 BS 3059 BS 3071 BS 3072 BS 3073 BS 3074 BS 3075 BS 3076 BS 309 BS 310 BS 3100 BS 3100/B2 BS 3111 BS 3111.1 BS 3111.1 0 BS 3111.1 0/1 BS 3111.1 0/2 BS 3111.1 0/3 BS 3111.1 0/4 BS 3111.1 1 BS 3111.1 1/1 BS 3111.1 1/2 BS 3111.1 1/3 BS 3111.1 10 BS 3111.1 10/1 BS 3111.1 10/2 BS 3111.1 2/1 BS 3111.1 2/2 BS 3111.1 3 BS 3111.1 3/1 BS 3111.1 3/2 BS 3111.1 4 BS 3111.1 5 BS 3111.1 5/1 BS 3111.1 5/2 BS 3111.1 6 BS 3111.1 7 BS 3111.1 8 BS 3111.1 9 BS 3111.1 9/0 BS 3111.1 9/1 BS 3111.1 9/2 BS 3111.1 9/3 BS 3146.1 BS 3146.2 BS 3333 BS 3370 BS 3468 BS 3601 BS 3602 BS 3603 BS 3604 BS 3605 BS 3606 BS 3799 BS 4300 BS 4360 BS 4449 BS 4577 BS 4659 BS 4670 BS 4844 BS 4848.2 BS 4S106 BS 5216 BS 5770.1 BS 5770.2 BS 5770.3 BS 5770.4 BS 5S82 BS 6017 BS 6258 BS 6323 BS 6362 BS 6678 BS 6681 BS 6744 BS 7191 BS 722M24 BS 7252.1 BS 7252.9 BS 778 BS 8010-2.8 BS 905M39 BS 970 BS 970.1 BS 970.2 BS 970.2/3 xxHxx serie BS 970.3 BS 970.4 BS 970.5 BS 980 BS CA104 BS HC106/17-4PH BS L119 BS S106 BS S131 BS S132 BS S132 ESR+VAR BS S156 BS S82 BS T64 BS1 BS12 BS1387 BS14 BS1400 G1 BS1400 LB2 BS1400-PB3-C BS1400/HTB1 BS1400/LB4 BS1400/LB4-C BS15 BS1504 245E BS1504 316C12 BS1504/3100 316C16 BS1504/317C12 BS1506 630-860 BS16 BS2 BS2056 31642 BS2506 305S11 BS2506 316S33 BS2506 904S14 BS2772/150M19 BS3 BS3100 302C25 BS3100 304C15 BS3100 309C35 BS3100 309C40 BS3100 310C40 BS3100 311C11 BS3100 316C12 BS3100 317C16 BS3100 331C40 BS3100 347C17 BS3100 420C28 BS3100 420C29 BS3100 425C12 BS3100 A2 BS3100 AW3 BS3100 B1 BS3100 BT3 BS3100-302C35 BS3100-310C45 BS3100-318C17 BS3100-330C11 BS3100-330C12 BS3100-331C60 BS3100-332C13 BS3100-332C15 BS3100-425C11 BS3100-452C12 BS3100-AM1 BS3100-AW1 BS3100-AW2 BS3100-BW2 BS3100-BWA BS3100/420C24 BS3100:91 A2 BS3104-Grade6 BS3111.1 2/1 BS3111.1 type 5/2 BS3146-ANC21 BS3146.1 CLA10 BS3146.1 CLA11 BS3146.1 CLA13 BS3146.1 CLA1A BS3146.1 CLA1B BS3146.1 CLA2 BS3146.1 CLA4 BS3146.1 CLA9 BS3146.2 ANC18A BS3146/2 ANC1 B BS3146PT2 ANC1A BS35 BS369 BS4 BS401 BS4360-86/43A BS4569 BA2 BS4659 BD2A BS4659 BH13 BS4659 BW1A BS5 BS6 BS7191 Gr355 BSC BSC 2 BSC 3 BSEM 501 BSEM 502 BSEM 506 BSEM 507 BSEM 508 BSEM 511 BSEM 512 BSEM 515 BSEM 517 BSEM 522 BSEM 527 BSEM 528 BSEM 535 BSEM 538 BSEM 544 BSEM 545 BSEM 549 BSEM 558 BSEM 564 BSEM 565 BSEM 578 BSEM 581 BSEM 587 BSEM 593 BSEM 630 BSEM 632 BSEM 633/14B BSEM 636 BSEM 645 BSEM 650 BSEM 653 BSEM 657 BSEM 666 BSEM 668 BSEM 698 BSEM 699 BSEM 731 BSEM 735 BSEM 741 BSEM 742 BSEM 748 BSEM 753 BSEM 761 BSEM 766 BSEM 785 BSEM 794 BSEM 827 BSEM 828 BSEM 833 BSPb15 BSPb30 BSPb7 BSn50PbCu183-215 BSn60Pb185-190 BSn60PbAg170/180 BSn60PbCu183-181 BSn62PbAg178-190 BSn63Pb178 BSn63Pb183 BSn70Pb183-195 BSn95Sb230-240 BSn95Sb233/240 BSn96Ag221 BSt22 IG BSt22/34 BSt42 IIIK BSt42 IIIU BSt42/50 BSt420-IIIs BSt420S BSt50 IVR BSt500S BSt550 BStE355TM BStE420TM BStE460TM BStE500TM BStE550TM BSx3 BT BT-14 BT1 BT1-0 BT100 BT102 BT15 BT2 BT20 BT200 BT21 BT3 BT300 BT350 BT4 BT42 BT5 BT5-1 BT6 BTR 2 BTR E6 BTStE355TM BTStE420TM BTStE460TM BU-CU-100 BUSBY C36500 BUSBY C38500 BUSBY C79200 BUSBY C79800 BVAg-18 BVAg-29 BVAg-30 BVAg-31 BVAg-32 BVAg-32 Gr1 BVAu-2 Gr1 BVAu-4 BVAu-7 Gr1 BVAu-8 Gr1 BW 30B BW10 BW11B BW12B BW16B BW1A BW1B BW1C BW2 BW28B BW3 BW320 BW39B BW4 BWS 1.1211 BWS 51CrV4 BXM BY44 BZ P310NB BZ1 BZ10CD5-05 BZ2 BZ4 BZ5 BZN2 BZn10-25 BZn12-25 BZn15-20 BZn15-21-1.8 BZn18-18 BZn18-20 BZn18-26 BZn2 BZn22-18 BZn25-18 BZn4 BZn6 BZn7 BZn8 BaCuAg10 BaCuAg15 BaCuAg16A BaCuAg18 BaCuAg19 BaCuAg20 BaCuAg21 BaCuP-1 BaCuP-2 BaCuP-3 BaCuP-4 BaCuP-5 Bc10 Bc5 Be-38Al BeCu25 BeCu33-25 Bearcat Bell bronze Bell metal Beryllium copper Beryllium copper 10C Beryllium copper 20C Beryllium-copper 50C Beta-C Beylos 2329 Beylos 2343 Beylos 2344 Beylos 2365 Beylos 2367 Beylos 2714 BiMax42+ BioDur 108 BioDur 22-13-5 BioDur 734 BioDur CCM BioDur CCM PLUS BioDur F75 Bioline 13C26 Bioline 1RK91 Bioline 316LVM Bioline 4C27A Bioline F1537 Bioline F562 Bioline HIGH-N Bioline Ti6Al4V ELI Biophase Birmal P.83 Bismuth alloy Bl1 Bl4 Bluewave U38A Bluewave U40 Bluewave U42 Bo10 Bo5 Boehmer 1.1176 Boehmer 1.4552 Boehmer 1.4581 Boehmer 1.4740 Boehmer 1.4823 Boehmer 1.4848 Boehmer 1.6570 Boehmer 1.6750 Boehmer 1.7379 Boehmer G-X30CrSi6 Boehmer GS-10Ni6 Boehmer GS-22Mo4 Boehmer GS-24Mn6 Boehmer GS-30Mn5 Bonaiti 15B2 Bonaiti 18B2 Bonaiti 23MnB4 Bonaiti 28B2 Bonaiti 30MnB4 Bonaiti 38B2 Bonaiti C4D Boro 302C25 Boro 304C15 Boro 309C35 Boro 309C40 Boro 310C40 Boro 311C11 Boro 316C16 Boro 316C16LT196 Boro 317C16 Boro 318C17 Boro 330C11 Boro 331C60 Boro 332C11 Boro 347C17 Boro 410C21 Boro 420C24 Boro 420C29 Boro 425C12 Boro 452C12 Boro A2 Boro AM1 Boro B1 Bostrand 20 Br14 Br88-12 Br90-10 BrAMc9-2 BrAZMc10-3-1.5 BrAl10Fe4Ni4 BrAl9Fe3 BrB2 BrBe BrC1 BrC2 BrC3 BrC4 BrC5 BrKMc3-1 BrKd1 BrO5Z5S5 BrOCS4-4-4 BrOF4-0,25 BrOF7-0,2 BrOF8,0-0,3 BrOF8-0,3 BrPb15Sn8 BrPb24Sn5 BrS30 BrSn10Pb10 BrSn10Pb10+Ni2 BrSn10Pb5P BrSn10Zn2 BrSn12 BrSn14 BrSn16 BrSn5Zn5Pb5 BrSn7Pb3Zn4 BrSn8P BrSn8Pb8 Brass 68A Bronze 260 Bronze 4% Bronze 65 Bronze 88/12 Brown 40NCD2 Brown metal BrushBronze 510 BrushBronze 544 BrushBronze 630 BrushCAST 20C BsC1 BsC2 BsC3 BsP2B BsPb10 BsPb20 BsPb30 BsPb7 BsPb8 BsTF2 BsTF3 BsZn10 BsZn4 BsZn5 Buderus 1.1014 Buderus 1.1015 Buderus 1.1248 Buderus 1.1520 Buderus 1.2002 Buderus 1.2008 Buderus 1.2018 Buderus 1.2235 Buderus 1.2419 Buderus 1.4021 Buderus 1.4110 Buderus 1.4122 Buderus 1.5026 Buderus 1.5527 Buderus 1.5634 Buderus 1.6948 Buderus 1.7189 Buderus 1.7225 Buderus 1.8159 Buderus 1.8161 Buderus 16MnCr5 Buderus 17Cr3 Buderus 4116 Buderus C100S Buderus C35E Buderus C55E Buderus C67S Buderus C70U Buderus C92D Butting 1.3964 Butting 1.4002 Butting 1.4003 Butting 1.4016 Butting 1.4162 Butting 1.4301 Butting 1.4306 Butting 1.4307 Butting 1.4311 Butting 1.4335 Butting 1.4361 Butting 1.4362 Butting 1.4401 Butting 1.4404 Butting 1.4406 Butting 1.4410 Butting 1.4429 Butting 1.4432 Butting 1.4435 Butting 1.4436 Butting 1.4438 Butting 1.4439 Butting 1.4462 Butting 1.4465 Butting 1.4501 Butting 1.4507 Butting 1.4509 Butting 1.4510 Butting 1.4512 Butting 1.4521 Butting 1.4529 Butting 1.4539 Butting 1.4541 Butting 1.4544.9 Butting 1.4546 Butting 1.4547 Butting 1.4550 Butting 1.4558 Butting 1.4562 Butting 1.4563 Butting 1.4571 Butting 1.4577 Butting 1.4580 Butting 1.4713 Butting 1.4724 Butting 1.4828 Butting 1.4833 Butting 1.4841 Butting 1.4845 Butting 1.4864 Butting 1.4876 Butting 1.4878 Butting 1.4910 Butting 1.4929 Butting 1.4948 Butting 1.4958 Butting 2.4068 Butting 2.4360 Butting 2.4610 Butting 2.4816 Butting 2.4819 Butting 2.4851 Butting 2.4858 Butting 904L Butting CW352H Butting CW354H Butting S32550 Bz 928 BzPb C C 1020 C 1030 C 1040 C 120 C 135 M C 16 C 265 C 3130 C 320 C 3230 C 3315 C 3330 C 4130 C 4140 C 424 C 5140 C 550 C metal C-0.5Mo C-05-1190 C-1011 C-1023 C-103 C-105 C-1050 C-1070 C-110 C-110M C-1110 C-1120 C-12 C-120 C-120-AV C-129Y C-130 AM C-135 AMO C-140 C-15 C-16 C-17 C-18 C-188 C-2 C-2000 alloy C-22 C-2620 C-263 C-263 ALLOY C-276 C-276 cast C-276 electrode C-3 C-3110 C-3130 C-3220 C-3320 C-3330 C-3520 C-38 C-4 C-4140 C-4220 C-4340 C-4C C-5 C-6 C-6135 C-6140 C-6163 C-6430 C-6435 C-6440 C-6450 C-65 C-7 C-7150 C-7160 C-75-13Cr C-75-9Cr C-7A C-8 C-80 C-8630 C-8A C-9 C-9210 C-9214 C-9232 C-9261 C-9420 C-9435 C-95 C-Cr steel C-M AM1 C-M AM3 C-M MAR-M-421 C-M RR 2000 C-Mo-240 C-Ni99,-HC C-NiCr15Fe C-NiCr16Mo16 C-NiCr18Mo18 C-NiCr21Mo14Fe4W3 C-NiCr22Fe20Mo7Cu2 C-NiCr22Mo9Nb4 C-NiCu30 C-NiCu30Nb2Si2 C-NiCu30Si C-NiCu30Si3 C-NiCu30Si4 C-NiFe30Cr20Mo3CuNb C-NiMo17Cr16Fe6W4 C-NiMo30Fe5 C-NiMo31 C-NiSi9Cu3 C-Stahl C-XB ALLOY C.16301 C.16302 C.16303 C.1941 C.1942 C.2135 C.2330 C.2331 C.3190 C.3840 C.41302 C.41331 C.4145 C.4150 C.4170 C.41701 C.4171 C.4172 C.4173 C.41731 C.4174 C.4175 C.4520 C.4570 C.45701 C.45702 C.45703 C.45704 C.45705 C.45706 C.45707 C.45708 C.45709 C.4571 C.4572 C.4573 C.4574 C.4577 C.4578 C.4579 C.4580 C.4582 C.4583 C.4586 C.4590 C.4731 C.4732 C.4733 C.4734 C.4770 C.47701 C.47702 C.4772 C.4790 C.4830 C.4843 C.4970 C.49701 C.49702 C.4972 C.4973 C.4974 C.5420 C.5742 C.9681 C.N.S C.N.S.Mo C.P Grade3 C.P Grade4 C.P.Ti C00 C01 C01/T01 C0110 C0130 C0146 C0147E C0147N C0147Su C0148 C0148E C01L-J C0210 C03 C0361 C0362 C0363 C0370 C0371 C04 C0451 C0452 C0453 C0461 C0462 C05 C0545 C0562 C0563 C05QAL C06 C0645 C07 C0745 C08QAL C1 C1-M-2 C10 C10 +C C10 KD C10-2 C10-3 C100 C1005 C1006 C1008 C1009 C100E3U C100KU C100S C100W1 C100W2 C101 C1010 C10100 C1011 C10110 C1012 C1013 C1015 C1016 C1017 C1018 C1019 C102 C102 Cu.FRHC C1020 C10200 C10200 f.metal C1020BB C1020P C1020R C1021 C1022 C1023 C1025 C1026 mild steel C1027 C1029 C103 C1030 C10300 C1031 C1032 C1033 C1034 C1035 C1036 C1037 C1038 C1039 C104 C104 Cu.FRTP C1040 C10400 C1041 C1042 C1043 C1045 C1049 C105 C1050 C10500 C1053 C1055 C105E2U C105U C105W1 C105W1VK C105W2 C106 C1060 C1061 C1062 C1064 C1065 C1069 C107 C1070 C10700 C1072 C1074 C1075 C1078 C108 C1080 C10800 C1084 C1085 C1086 C109 C1090 C10910 C10920 C10930 C10940 C1095 C10C C10D C10D D10-2 C10D-1.0310 C10D2 C10E C10E/1.1121 C10E/CK10 C10E2C C10G1 C10G2 C10GPb C10GPb/1.0302 C10Pb C10QAL C10R C10R +C C10RG2 C10W C10k C11 C110 C1100 C11000 C11000 f.metal C11010 C11020 C11030 C11040 C11045 C1108 C1109 C110U C110W C110W1 C110W2 C111 C1110 C11100 C1113 C1114 C1115 C1116 C1117 C1118 C1119 C112 C112 KU C112/50 C112/CW104C C1120 C1121 C1125 C1126 C113 C1130 C11300 C1132 C1137 C1138 C1139 C114 C1140 C11400 C1141 C1144 C1145 C1146 C1148 C11500 C1151 C11600 C11700 C118 C11904 C11G1C/1.0204 C11L17 C12 C120 C12000 C1201 C1202 C1203 C1204 C120AV C120E3U C120E3UCr4 C120KU C120U C120U/OSC12 C12100 C1211 C1212 C1216 C1220 C12200 C1221 C12210 C12220 C12300 C12500 C12510 C125S C125S-1.1224 C125U C125W C125W1 C125W2 C1271 C1281 C12900 C12A C12A/Grade 91 C12A/J84090 C12D C12D2 C12D2-1.1124 C12Fe C12L13 C12L14 C12L15 C13 C13000 C13100 C1330 C1331 C13311 C1332 C135MO C135U C135W C135W2 C14 C140 C1401 C1401PP C140E3U C140E3UCr4 C140KU C14180 C14181 C14200 C1430 C14300 C1431 C14310 C14343 C14410 C14415 C14420 C14500 C14510 C14520 C14530 C14700 C14710 C1480 C14G1C C14GAl C15 C15 +C C15 BORON C15 KD C15 bright bar C15 gradeC C1500 C15000 C151 C151 Zirconium C15100 C15150 C1524 C1530 C1531 C1540 C155 C15500 C15600 C15715 C15720 C15725 C15735 C15760 C1580 C15815 C1590 C15B C15C C15D C15D D15-2 C15D-1.0413 C15D2 C15D2-1.1126 C15E C15E tube C15E2C C15E4 C15HMn C15K-1 C15M2 C15MMn grade C C15Mn75 C15Pb C15PbK C15QAL C15R C15R+Pb C15k C16 C16-2 C16.8 C16/080M15 C16200 C1630 C1631 C1633 C16500 C1680 C16B C16E C16E 1.1148 C16E4 C16K-1 C16M2 C16R C16R-1.1208 C16S C16k C1700 C17000 C1720 C17200 C1720W C1730 C17300 C1731 C1733 C1740 C17400 C17410 C17450 C17455 C17460 C17465 C17500 C17500 f.metal C17510 C17530 C17600 C1780 C17C C18 C18 BORON C18000 C18020 C18030 C18040 C18045 C18050 C18070 C18080 C18090 C18100 C18135 C18140 C18145 C18150 C18200 C1832 C1837 C1840 C18400 C18500 C18600 C18610 C18661 C18665 C18700 C18835 C189 C18900 C18980 C18990 C18B C18D C18D2 C18D2-1.1129 C18M C19000 C19002 C19010 C19015 C19020 C19024 C19025 C19030 C19040 C19100 C19140 C19150 C19160 C19200 C19210 C19215 C19220 C1940 C19400 C19410 C1943 C1946 C1948 C19500 C19520 C19600 C197 alloy C19700 C19720 C199 C19900 C19QAL C1BV C1MK C1S C2 C20 C20 gradeC C20/C24 C200 C2000C C20500 C2051 C2051R C20C C20D C20D2 C20D2-1.1137 C20E2C C20E4 C20MMn A C20MMn B C20MMn C C20MnB5 C21 C21 KD C21/B C2100 C21000 C2119 C2130 C2131 C2132 C2133 C21B C21B KB C21C C21GAl/1.0470 C22 C22 forging C22.3 C22.8 C22.8-1.0460 C220 C2200 C22000 C22000 f.metal C22600 C22B C22B KD C22C C22E C22E/CK22 C22G2 C22R C22R+Pb C23 C23-45A C23-45AH C23-45B C23-45BH C23-45BL C23/B C230 C2300 C23000 C23030 C2332 C23400 C23B C23B1 C23B3 C23BCR C23QAL C24 C2400 C24000 C24080 C2410 C242 C2430 C245 C25 C25-1 C25-2 C25/C25E C250 C25000 C25600 C25E C25E4 C25M2 C25Mn75 C25R C25k C25k-1 C26 C26-52 C26-52H C26-52L C2600 C26000 C26100 C26130 C26200 C26380 C263[casting] C265 C2680 C26800 C26800 f.metal C26D C26D-1.0415 C26D2 C26D2-1.1139 C2700 C27000 C2720 C27200 C2720P C27400 C27450 C28 C280 C2800 C28000 C2801 C2801P C2801R C28B/27MnB4 C28B/28B2 C28H C28Mn C28Mn6 C2A C2B C2C C2D1 C2D1/1.1185 C2Mo C3 C30 C30 V C30 forging C30B KD C30BCR C30BCrMo C30E C30E strip C30E/CK30 C30E4 C30M2 C30MnB5 C30R C31 C3105 C3130 C3131 C3133 C3134 C3135 C31400 C3160 C31600 C31L C320 C32000 C322 C3230 C3240 C32CrB4 C32D C32D 1.0530 C32D2 C32D2-1.1143 C32H C32K C32k-1 C33 C33000 C33100 C33200 C3330 C33500 C33H C34000 C34200 C34400 C34500 C34900 C34AH C34BH C34BL C34CR4 C34CrMo4 C35 C35 B KB C35 B KD C35 KD C35+C C35-1 C35-1.0501 C35-2 C35-3 C35/B C350 C35000 C3501 C35100 C35200 C35300 C35330 C354 C355 C355.0 C355.2 C3560 C3560-P C3560-R C35600 C3561 C3561P C3561R C357.0 C35B C35B2 C35BH C35DF C35E C35E tube C35E-1.1181 C35E/1 C35E4 C35EC C35G C35GPb C35M2 C35Mn75 C35Pb C35Pb bright C35PbK C35R C35R+Pb C35R/1.1180 C35RC C35W3 C35k C35k1 C36 C36000 C3601 C3602 C3603 C3604 C3605 C3605-BD C3605-BE C36500 C36CrB4 C36D2 C36Mn6 C37000 C3710 C37100 C3710P C3712 C3712BD F C3713 C37700 C3771 C37710 C37Cr4 C37CrMo4 C37H C38000 C3830 C38500 C38510 C38D C38D-1.0516 C38D/1 C38D2 C38D2-1.1150 C38E4U C38H C38MnB5 C38k C38k-1 C3990 C39CH C39CNiH C39NiH C39NiL C3AV C3D1 C3D1Q C3D2 C4 C4-1 C4-2 C40 C40+Pb C40-1 C40-2 C40/080M40 C40500 C40810 C40820 C40850 C40860 C40D2 C40E C40E4 C40H C40M2 C40MnB C40Pb C40R C40R+Pb C41 C410 C41100 C41100 casting C41120 C4120 C4120.1 C4130 C41301 C4131 C4132 C4133 C4134 C4140 C4141 C4142 C4143 C4146 C4180 C4181 C4184 C41CR4 C41CRS4 C41CrS4 C42 C42-k1 C420 C42200 C4230 C4231 C4250 C42500 C4252 C42520 C42600 C4270 C42CrMo4 C42D C42D-1.0541 C42D/1 C42D2 C42D2-1.1154 C42E4U C42k C43 C4320 C4321 C4340 C43500 C43600 C4382 C43C1L C43E2aL C43E2bL C43L C43S C44250 C443.0 C443.1 C443.2 C4430 C44300 C44400 C44500 C45 C45 +C C45 KD C45+Pb C45-1 C45-2 C450 C4531 C455 C4561 C4565 C4570.4 C4575 C4580 C4581 C4582 C4585 C4588 C45B C45E C45E strip C45E tube C45E4 C45EC C45G C45M2 C45Pb C45Pb bright C45PbK C45R C45R+Pb C45RC C45RC-1.1061 C45U C45UVK C45W C45W3 C45k C45k-1 C46 C46200 C4621 C4621P C4621P-F C4622 C464 C4640 C46400 C4641 C4650 C46500 C46600 C46700 C46D2 C47 C470 C47000 C4720 C4721 C4725 C4730 C4738 C4739 C4740 C4742 C4750 C4751 C4752 C4753 C4754 C4755 C4756 C4757 C47703 C4782 C4783 C47A C47H C47L C48 C482 C48200 C4831 C4835 C4840 C4844 C4850 C48500 C4851 C48600 C4870 C48D C48D-1.0517 C48D2 C48D2-1.1164 C48E3 C48E4U C48H C48k C48k-1 C49080 C4961 C4970.1 C4A C4C C4CHS C4D C4D/1 C4D1 C4D1/1.1188 C4S C5 C50 C50+Pb C50100 C50200 C5050 C5050-P C5050-R C50500 C50580 C50700 C5071 C5071-P C5071-R C50710 C50715 C50725 C50780 C50D C50D NIA C50D2 C50D2-1.1171 C50E C50E-1.1206 C50E4 C50M2 C50Mn1 C50Pb C50R C50S C50T1033S1 C50T1081 C50T30 C50T39 C50T41 C50T53 C50T58 CLB C50T61 C50T67 C50T79 C50TF101 C50TF103 C50TF104 C50TF105 C50TF11 C50TF113 C50TF12 C50TF13 C50TF15 C50TF2 C50TF20 C50TF21 C50TF22 C50TF23 C50TF26 C50TF28 C50TF37 C50TF39 C50TF40 C50TF41 C50TF43 C50TF44 C50TF47 C50TF53A C50TF53B C50TF56 C50TF57 C50TF58A C50TF6 C50TF60 C50TF62 C50TF67 C50TF68 C50TF69 C50TF7 C50TF70 C50TF71 C50TF77 C50TF80 C50TF81 C50TF82 C50TF84 C50TF87 C50TF89 C50TF90 C50TF91 C50TF95 C50TF98 C51 C51000 C51000 f.metal C5102 C51080 C5110 C51100 C5111 C51180 C5120 C5160 C5161 C51800 C5190 C51900 C5191 C51980 C51S C5210 C52100 C52100 f.metal C5210P C5212 C5212P C52180 C52400 C52480 C52D C52D-1.0588 C52D2 C52D2-1.1202 C53 C53200 C53400 C5341 C53800 C53E C53G C53S C5421 C5426 C5427 C5430 C5431 C5432 C5434 C5438 C54400 C54400 casting C5441 C54600 C5480 C5481 C54E4 C54S C55 C55-1 C55-2 C55-3 C550 C55180 C55181 C55280 C55281 C55282 C55283 C55284 C55E C55E3 C55E4 C55E4U C55M2 C55Mn75 C55R C55R/1.1209 C55S C55W C55WS C55k C55k1 C56 C56D C56D-1.0518 C56D2 C56D2-1.1220 C56E2 C56S C57 C5732 C5741 C5743 C5750 C57S C5840 C58D C58D-1.0609 C58D2 C5D2 C6 C60 C60 K C60 classA C60 classB C60+C C60-1 C60-2 C60/1.0601 C60600 C60800 C60D C60D-1.0610 C60D2 C60D2-1.1228 C60E C60E4 C60GPb C60H C60M2 C60Nb C60Pb C60R C60S C60S/Ck60 C60W C60W3 C61 C61000 C61000 fm C6105 C6110 C6115 C612 C6120 C61200 C6128 C6130 C61300 C6137 C6140 C61400 C61550 C6161 C6161B C6161P C61800 C61800 f.metal C61900 C6191 C61LC C62200 C62300 C62400 C6241 C62500 C62700 C6280 C6280P C62D C62D-1.0611 C62D2 C62D2-1.1222 C63000 C6301 C6301P C63020 C632 C63200 C63280 C63380 C63400 C63600 C63800 C64 C64100 C64110 C6420 C64200 C64210 C6425 C64300 C6440 C6441 C6443 C6444 C6445 C6450 C6451 C64700 C64710 C64720 C64725 C64730 C64740 C64750 C6476 C64760 C64770 C65 C651 C65100 C653VA C65400 C655 C65500 C655CoH C65600 C65620 C65800 C658CoH C65E4U C65H C65S1 C661 C66100 C66300 C664 C66400 C66410 C6643 C66430 C66700 C668 C6680 C66800 C66950 C66D C66D-1.0612 C66D2 C66D2-1.1236 C67 C67 classA C67 classB C67000 C67100 C6711 C6711P C6711P-H C6712 C6712P C6712P-H C673 C67300 C674 C67400 C67410 C67420 C675 C67500 C676 C67600 C67620 C67800 C67810 C6782 C6783 C67S C67W C68 C68000 C6801 C6802 C6803 C6804 C681 C68100 C6840 C6842 C6850 C68600 C6870 C68700 C6871 C6871T C6872 C6872T C6880 C68800 C6881 C6882 C6883 C68D C68D-1.0613 C68D2 C68D2 to C92D2 C68D2-1.1232 C69100 C69300 C6931 C6932 C6932BD-F C6932BE-F C69400 C69430 C69700 C69710 C69750 C6980 C69800 C6981 C6982 C7 C70 C70-KU C70-RAVNE524 C70100 C70200 C70240 C7025 C70250 C70260 C70265 C70280 C70290 C70300 C70310 C70320 C70350 C70400 C70500 C7060 C70600 C70600 electrode C70600 tube C70610 C70620 C70690 C70700 C70800 C70900 C70D C70D-1.0615 C70D/1 C70D2 C70D2-1.1251 C70E2U C70E3 C70S6 C70U C70W1 C70W2 C7100 C71000 C71100 C71110 C712.0 C712.1 C7120 C71300 C715 C7150 C71500 C71500 bolt C71500 nut C71500 tube C71500 wrought C7150P-F C7150T-0 C71520 C71580 C71581 C71590 C7164 C71640 C71875 C72 SGB C72150 C72200 C72400 C72420 C72500 C72650 C72700 C72900 C72D C72D-1.0617 C72D2 C72D2-1.1242 C73100 C73500 C7351 C7400 C74000 C7401 C7420 C7421 C7422 C7431 C7432 C7435 C7450 C74500 C7451 C745CoH C7480 C7481 C75 C75200 C7521 C75400 C7541 C75700 C75900 C75S C75W C75W3 C76000 C76200 C76300 C76390 C76400 C76600 C7680 C76D C76D-1.0614 C76D2 C76D2-1.1253 C77000 C7701 C773 C77300 C77400 C78 C78200 C7880 C78D C78D-1.0620 C78D2 C78D2-1.1252 C79 C79200 C7930 C79300 C79400 C7941 C79600 C79620 C798 C79800 C79830 C79860 C7A-1 C7A-2 C7A-3 C7C C7D C7D/1 C8 C80 C80100 C80410 C80D C80D2 C80E2U C80KU C80U C80W1 C80W2 C81100 C81200 C8140 C81400 C81500 C81540 C81800 C82000 C82100 C8220 C82200 C82400 C82500 C82510 C82600 C82700 C82800 C82900 C82D C82D2 C83300 C83400 C83410 C83410A C83420 C83450 C83450 ingot C83520 C83600 C83600 ingot C83600A C83700 C83800 C83810 C83810A C84200 C84400 C84500 C84800 C85 C85 tool C85200 C85210 C85300 C85310 C85400 C85500 C85700 C85710 C85800 C85S C85U C85W C85W1 C85W1/1.1530 C85W2 C85WS C86100 C86200 C86300 C86300 ingot C8640 C86400 C86500 C86550 C86700 C86800 C86D C86D-1.0616 C86D2 C86D2-1.1265 C87200 C87300 C87400 C87500 C87600 C87610 C8780 C87800 C87800 ingot C87900 C88D C88D2 C88D2-1.1272 C89320 C89325 C89510 C89520 C89550 C89831 C89833 C89835 C89836 C89837 C89844 C8BS C8BV C8C C8D C8D2 C8G1W C9 C90 C90 KU C90200 C90250 C90300 C90500 C90700 C90710 C90800 C90800 ingot C90810 C90900 C90E2U C90S C90U C90W3 C91000 C91000 ingot C91100 C91300 C91500 C91600 C91700 C92200 C92300 C92310 C92410 C92410A C92410A ingot C92500 C9251 C9252 C92600 C92610 C92610/905C C92610A C92700 C92710 C92800 C92900 C92D C92D-1.0618 C92D2 C92D2-1.1282 C93100 C93200 C93400 C93400 ingot C93500 C93500 ingot C93600 C93700 C93700 ingot C93800 C93800 ingot C93900 C94000 C9410 CuSi3Mn1 C94100 C94100 ingot C94300 C94310 C94400 C94500 C94700 C94800 C95200 C95210 C95220 C95300 C95400 C95400HT C95410 C95420 C95500 C95510 C95520 C95600 C95700 C95710 C95800 C95800 ingot C95810 C95900 C96200 C96200 electrode C96300 C96400 C96600 C9682 C9683 C96900 C9692 C97 C97300 C97400 C9750 C97600 C9780 C97800 C9781 C98 C98 KU C98200 C98400 C98600 C98800 C98820 C98840 C99 C99300 C99500 C99600 C99700 C99750 C9AS C9AV C9D C9D/1 CA-15 CA-15F CA-15M CA-2 CA-25 CA-28MWV CA-40 CA-40/A-743 CA-40F CA-6N CA-6NM CA1 CA10 CA101 CA102 CA103 CA104 CA105 CA106 CA107 CA108 CA110 CA111 CA113 CA114 CA115 CA116 CA12 CA120 CA122 CA125 CA142 CA145 CA147 CA15 CA15-B CA15-C CA15-D CA150 CA151 CA155 CA15a CA162 CA17 CA170 CA172 CA173 CA175 CA176 CA18 CA18 X241 CA180 CA181 CA182 CA184 CA185 CA186 CA187 CA19 CA190 CA192 CA194 CA195 CA1S CA210 CA22 CA220 CA226 CA23 CA230 CA240 CA260 CA268 CA270 CA272 CA274 CA280 CA316 CA330 CA331 CA335 CA34 CA342 CA345 CA35 CA350 CA353 CA360 CA370 CA377 CA380 CA385 CA4 CA40 CA40/J91153 CA401 CA405 CA411 CA422 CA425 CA443 CA464 CA465 CA466 CA467 CA4M3 CA501 CA502 CA505 CA507 CA510 CA511 CA519 CA521 CA524 CA544 CA606 CA608 CA610 CA613 CA614 CA618 CA623 CA624 CA630 CA632 CA642 CA647 CA651 CA655 CA656 CA670 CA673 CA674 CA675 CA687 CA688 CA6NM CA7 CA702 CA704 CA706 CA710 CA713 CA715 CA725 CA727 CA735 CA740 CA745 CA752 CA757 CA760 CA762 CA770 CA833 CA836 CA838 CA844 CA848 CA852 CA854 CA857 CA858 CA862 CA863 CA865 CA872 CA874 CA875 CA878 CA879 CA903 CA905 CA907 CA910 CA917 CA922 CA923 CA925 CA927 CA929 CA932 CA934 CA935 CA937 CA938 CA939 CA941 CA943 CA947 CA948 CA952 CA953 CA954 CA955 CA957 CA958 CA962 CABOT 4-79S CABOT alloy 214 CABVALLOY VS-22 CAC101 CAC102 CAC103 CAC201 CAC202 CAC203 CAC301 CAC302 CAC303 CAC304 CAC401 CAC402 CAC403 CAC406 CAC407 CAC5 CAC502 CAC502A CAC502B CAC502C CAC503B CAC503C CAC58 CAC60 CAC602 CAC603 CAC604 CAC604C CAC605 CAC65 CAC701 CAC702 CAC703 CAC704 CAC801 CAC802 CAC803 CAC92 CACIn201 CACIn202 CACIn203 CACIn304 CACIn502 CACIn604 CADMIUM-COPPER CAF 80 CAF60 CAF90 CALDIE CALIBRO CALMAX CALMAX alt. 635 CALYPSO 25M CALYPSO 67B CALYPSO 67B1 CALYPSO 67N CALYPSO 67N1 CALYPSO 67XB CALYPSO 67XB1 CALYPSO 85R CALYPSO 87 P CALYPSO 87 P1 CALYPSO 92A CAM4-1 CANALISATION ET STRUCTURE CANNON AMS 5339 CANNON AMS 5358B CANNON AMS 5361 CANNON AMS 5362 CANNON AMS 5369 CANNON AMS5333C CANNON AMS5361 CANNON ASTM A297HP CANNON ASTM A447 CANNON IC CH-11 CANNON IC-302 CANNON IC310 CANNON IC316F CANNON IC4620 CANNON MAR-M-302 CANNON MAR-M-509 CANNON RENE N4 CANNON RENE N5 CANNON RENE N6 CARBENE 320WC CARBENE 340WC CARBENE 360WC CARBOCROM CARBOCROM 5 CARBODUR 15NiCr13 CARBODUR 16MnCr5 CARBODUR 16MnCrS5 CARBODUR 17CR3 CARBODUR 17CrNi6 CARBODUR 18CrNi8 CARBODUR 18CrNiMo7 CARBODUR 20MnCr5 CARBODUR 20MnCrS5 CARBODUR 20MoCr4 CARBODUR 20MoCrS4 CARBODUR 20NiCrMo2-2 CARBODUR 20NiCrMoS2 CARBODUR 20NiMoCrS CARBODUR 22CrMoS3 CARBODUR C15E CARBODUR C15R CARBOFIL 1 CARBOFIL 108 CARBOFIL 1A CARBOFIL 1Ni CARBOFIL 2Ni CARBOFIL 308L CARBOFIL 309LMo CARBOFIL 60 CARBOFIL CrMo1 CARBOFIL CrMo2 CARBOFIL HT CARBOFIL Mo CARBON CHROME CARBON MOLY CARBON-Mo STEEL CARBURE DE TUNGSTENE-COBALT CARLSON 317L4 CARLSON 317L4M CARMO CARO 444 CAROBRONZE CAROBRONZE M CAROCAST CC480K CAROCAST CC483K CARODUR 1 CARODUR 2 CARPENTER #10 CARPENTER #2 CARPENTER 158 CARPENTER 17Cr-4Ni CARPENTER 204Cu CARPENTER 20Cb3 CARPENTER 22-3 CARPENTER 310 CARPENTER 42 CARPENTER 420A CARPENTER 49 CARPENTER 50 CARPENTER 636 CARPENTER 7-Mo CARPENTER 925 CARPENTER C-276 CARPENTER CCM CARPENTER H-46 CARPENTER INVAR 36 CARPENTER INVAR36 CARPENTER JBK CARPENTER MP35N CARPENTER O1 CARPENTER O6 CARPENTER S7 CARPENTER SCF-19 CARRS 09B CARRS 20S CARRS 32S CARRS 65S CARVITE CASCADE CASCADE 17T CAST 14-14 CAST 304 CAST 316LN CAST 347 CAST CD3MWCuN CAST alloy 825 CASTADUR-50 CASTOLIN 6 CASTOR 32 CASTWELD 55 CATAMOLD 100Cr6 CATAMOLD FeSi3 CAVITEC CB CB CUPRON CB-30 CB040A CB1 CB101 CB10FF CB10FF KD CB10FS KD CB10FU KD CB140C CB15 CB15FF KD CB1S CB20FF CB20FF KD CB212E CB2FF CB3 CB308H CB330G CB331G CB332G CB333G CB334G CB35 CB381H CB382H CB383H CB4 CB480K CB481K CB482K CB483K CB484K CB490K CB491K CB492K CB493K CB494K CB495K CB495K/GB-CuPb10Sn CB496K CB497K CB499K CB4FF CB4FF KB CB4FF KD CB4FU KD CB5 CB6 CB60 CB60A CB63 CB750S CB751S CB752S CB753S CB754S CB755S CB760S CB761S CB762S CB763S CB764S CB765S CB766S CB767S CB7CU1/A747 CB7Cu CB7Cu-1 CB7Cu-2 CB7FF KD CB7FU KD CBC CBE2 CBS 1000M CBS-50 NiL VIM-VAR CBS-600 VIM-VAR CBS600 CBX CUPRON CC CC CHISEL CC-50 CC040A CC1-TF CC10 CC10-S CC101 CC102 CC11A CC11X CC12 CC140C CC15A CC15K CC15X CC1S CC212E CC21A CC21K CC330G CC331G CC332G CC333G CC334G CC35 CC380H CC380H-GS CC381H CC382H CC382H-GS CC383H CC401 CC45 CC480K CC481K CC482K CC483K CC484K CC490K CC491K CC492K CC493K CC494K CC494K-GM CC494K-GS CC495K CC496K CC497K CC497K-GC CC497K-GS CC498K CC499K CC4A CC4X CC55 CC75 CC750S CC751S CC752S CC753S CC754S CC755S CC760S CC761S CC762S CC763S CC764S CC765S CC765S/group2 CC766S CC767S CC8A CC8X CCA 3300 CCEM309-1.5537 CCRS CCS CCS HOT WORK CCV CCZ CCZr CD-17CrMo5-5 CD-17CrMoV5-11 CD-18CrMo9-10 CD-2 CD-3 CD-38 CD-38.3 CD-45 CD-45.3 CD-4MCu CD-5 CD-52 CD-52.3 CD-60 CD-60.3 CD-62 CD-62.3 CD-6MN CD-70 CD-7MCuN CD-X22Cr12Mo1V CD-X5Cr18Ni10MoNb CD-X8Cr12Ni CD10-1 CD10-3 CD1118 CD15-1 CD15-3 CD1S CD20-2 CD20-3 CD25-2 CD25-3 CD30-2 CD30-3 CD35-2 CD35-3 CD3MCuN CD3MCuN/J93373 CD3MN CD3MN[4A] CD3MWCuN CD40-2 CD40-3 CD45-2 CD45-3 CD4M CD4MCuN CD5-3 CD50-2 CD50-3 CD55-2 CD55-3 CD6-1 CD6-3 CD60-2 CD60-3 CD65-2 CD65-3 CD70-2 CD70-3 CD75-3 CD8-1 CD8-2 CD8-3 CD80-3 CD85-3 CD90-3 CD95 CD95-3 CDA #773 CDA 681 CDA C19410 CDA C40820 CDA C64730 CDA#110 CDA101 OFE CDA102 OF CDA103 CDA104 CDA105 CDA107 CDA108 OFLP CDA110 ETP CDA111 CDA113 CDA114 STP CDA115 CDA116 STP CDA117 CDA120 CDA121 CDA122 DHP CDA123 CDA125 FRTP CDA129 FRSTP CDA130 CDA131 CDA142 CDA143 CDA145 CDA147 CDA150 CDA151 CDA155 CDA162 CDA165 CDA170 CDA172 CDA173 CDA174 CDA175 CDA176 CDA180 CDA181 CDA182 CDA184 CDA185 CDA186 CDA187 CDA190 CDA191 CDA192 CDA194 CDA195 CDA196 CDA197 CDA199 CDA205 CDA210 CDA220 CDA226 CDA230 CDA230 Red brass CDA234 CDA240 CDA250 CDA260 CDA261 CDA262 CDA268 CDA270 CDA272 CDA274 CDA280 CDA314 CDA316 CDA320 CDA330 CDA331 CDA332 CDA335 CDA340 CDA342 CDA344 CDA345 CDA349 CDA350 CDA353 CDA356 CDA360 CDA360 FC brass CDA365 CDA370 CDA371 CDA377 CDA380 CDA385 CDA405 CDA411 CDA422 CDA425 CDA426 CDA435 CDA436 CDA443 CDA444 CDA445 CDA462 CDA464 CDA464 naval brass CDA465 CDA466 CDA467 CDA482 CDA485 CDA486 CDA501 CDA502 CDA505 CDA507 CDA510 CDA511 CDA518 CDA519 CDA521 CDA524 CDA532 CDA534 CDA538 CDA544 CDA546 CDA606 CDA608 CDA610 CDA612 CDA613 CDA614 CDA618 CDA619 CDA622 CDA623 CDA624 CDA625 CDA630 CDA632 CDA634 CDA636 CDA638 CDA642 CDA647 CDA651 CDA654 CDA655 CDA655 High silicon CDA656 CDA661 CDA663 CDA664 CDA667 CDA668 CDA670 CDA673 CDA674 CDA675 CDA676 CDA680 CDA681 CDA686 CDA687 Al-brass CDA688 CDA691 CDA693 CDA694 CDA697 CDA701 CDA702 CDA703 CDA704 CDA705 CDA706 CDA707 CDA708 CDA709 CDA710 CDA710 80-20 CDA711 CDA713 CDA715 CDA715 bolt CDA715 nut CDA715 tube CDA722 CDA724 CDA725 CDA727 CDA729 CDA731 CDA735 CDA740 CDA745 CDA752 CDA754 CDA757 CDA759 CDA760 CDA762 CDA763 CDA764 CDA766 CDA770 CDA773 CDA774 CDA782 CDA792 CDA794 CDA796 CDA798 CDA801 CDA811 CDA812 CDA814 CDA815 CDA818 CDA820 CDA821 CDA822 CDA824 CDA825 CDA826 CDA827 CDA828 CDA829 CDA833 CDA834 CDA836 CDA838 CDA842 CDA844 CDA845 CDA848 CDA852 CDA853 CDA854 CDA855 CDA857 CDA858 CDA861 CDA862 CDA863 CDA864 CDA865 CDA867 CDA868 CDA872 CDA873 CDA874 CDA875 CDA876 CDA878 CDA878 ingot CDA879 CDA902 CDA903 tin bronze CDA905 CDA907 CDA908 CDA908 ingot CDA909 CDA910 CDA910 ingot CDA911 CDA913 CDA915 CDA916 CDA917 CDA922 CDA923 CDA925 CDA926 CDA927 CDA928 CDA929 CDA931 CDA932 CDA934 CDA935 CDA936 CDA937 CDA938 CDA939 CDA940 CDA941 CDA943 CDA944 CDA945 CDA947 CDA948 CDA952 CDA953 CDA954 CDA955 CDA956 CDA957 CDA958 CDA959 CDA962 CDA963 CDA964 CDA966 CDA969 CDA973 CDA974 CDA976 CDA978 CDA982 CDA984 CDA986 CDA988 CDA993 CDA995 CDA996 CDA997 CDD CDS105 CDS107 CDS110 CDS15 CDS20 CDV5 bar CE CE 20 B G2 CE-0896 CE-0906 CE-20N CE-8MN CE10 CE15E4 CE16E4 CE2 CE20E4 CE28E4 CE30 CE35E4 CE3MN CE4 CE4 SPECIAL CE4 Special CE40E4 CE45E4 CE8MN CE9 CED CEI 60404.8.4 CELEX Mn CELEX Ni CELSA 37MnB5 CELSA K15C CELSIUS 275 CELSIUS 355 CERAMICAST CLA2 CERAMVAR CERRO AB20 CERRO AB24 CERRO AB25 CERRO AB26 CERRO AB29/AB30 CERRO CA18 CERRO CA2 CERRO CCS CERRO CF24 CERRO HT2 CERRO HT27 CERRO HT3 CERRO HT41 CERRO LPB1 CERRO N1 CERRO N2 CERRO N6 CERRO NC1 CERRO PB2 CERRO PB21 CERRO PB22 CERRO T1/T2 CERRO T5 CERRO W1 CERRO W13 CERRO W14 CERRO W2 CERRO W23 CERRO W4 CERRO W5 CERRO X215 CERROBEND CERROLOW CERROTRU CERTAL CERTAL SPC CERTILAS 1.4115 CERTILAS 309LMo CERTILAS E505-15 CERTILAS SF-Cu CEW1 CEW243 CEW245 CEW3 CEW320 CEW360 CEW4 CEW410LT50 CEW5 CEW620 CEW620-440 CEW620-460 CEW621 CEWELD 4853Kb CF 239 CF-10 CF-10M CF-10SMnN CF-12M CF-16F CF-16Fa CF-20 CF-3 CF-3M CF-3MA CF-3MA/A-351 CF-3MN CF-8 CF-8C+Ti CF-8M CF004A CF008A CF024A CF10 CF10M CF10MC CF10S20 CF10SPb20 CF116C CF132C CF133C CF15.1 CF17SMnPb10 CF22 CF222E CF228E CF229E CF237E CF239E CF25 CF3 CF301G CF305G CF309G CF310G CF35SMn10 CF35SMnPb10 CF3A CF3MA CF411J CF44SMn28 CF44SMnPb28 CF451K CF452K CF453K CF461K CF509LT196 CF724R CF725R CF726R CF727R CF728R CF729R CF730R CF731R CF732R CF733R CF734R CF735R CF736R CF737R CF738R CF739R CF740R CF741R CF742R CF743R CF744R CF8 CF8A CF8C CF8C-Plus CF8C/J92710 CF8M CF8M+Nb CF8MNb CF9S22 CF9SMn28 CF9SMn36 CF9SMnPb28 CF9SMnPb28+Bi+Te CF9SMnPb32 CF9SMnPb36 CF9SMnPb36+Bi+Te CFS CFS10 CFS11 CFS1250 CFS243 CFS245 CFS304S22 CFS304S25 CFS304S59 CFS316S24 CFS316S25 CFS316S29 CFS320 CFS347S17 CFS360 CFS40 CFS410LT50 CFS430 CFS50 CFS503LT100 CFS6 CFS60 CFS620 CFS620-440 CFS620-460 CFS621 CFS622 CFS625 CFS626 CFS629-470 CFS629-590 CFS660 CFS762 CFS8 CG-12 CG-27 CG-6MMN CG-8M all ASTM CG1 CG100A CG2 CG20 CG30 CG30A CG3M CG3M/J92999 CG42 CG42 Alclad CG42A CG6MMN CG8M CH CH 10 CH 10 KP CH 16V CH 2 V CH 20/FUN5105 CH-10 CH-12 CH-13 CH-20 CH-SPEZIAL CH16 CH160W CH165 CH16V CH17 CH17BMn CH17Co CH20 CH30BMn CH331G CH380H CH45 CH480K CH481K CH482K CH483K CH484K CH490K CH5M CH7 CH750S CH754S CH762S CH764S CH765S CH8 CH8Co CHAMPION EXTRA CHAR-PAC class1 CHAR-PAC class2 CHC 308 CHC508 CHCo CHCu107 CHCu302 CHE 758 CHE 858 CHE40 CHE425G CHE50 CHE501Fe16 CHE505Mo CHE56 CHE58-1 CHE606 CHEMAR L400 CHEMET A112 CHEMET AG-64 CHEMET AG-67 CHEMET AG-75 CHEMET AG-83 CHEMET AG-85 CHEMET Nr.4 CHEMET Nr.5 CHEMET Nr.7 CHEMET Nr.9 CHEMET P-I CHH 107 CHH307 CHIPPER CHIPPER KNIFE CHK CHLORIMET 2 CHLORIMET 3 CHN317 CHN347 CHOKER CHR CHRO-MOW CHROMALOY 0 CHROME 33K CHROME 9A CHROME N2 CHROME ZIRC COPPER CHROME-MANGANESE-NICKEL CHROME-MANGANESE-TITANE CHROME-MANGANESE-TUNGSTENE CHROME-NICKEL MOULE CHROME-NICKEL-MANGANESE CHROMEL 1 CHROMEL 126 CHROMEL 70/30 CHROMEL A CHROMEL AA CHROMEL B CHROMEL C CHROMEL D CHROMEL-P CHROMEL-P KPX CHROMESCO 1 CHROMESCO 3 CHROMESCO 4 CHROMEWEAR CHROMEX 40 CHROMFLEX 6C27 CHROMIC-A CHROMIC-C CHROMO 18 CHROMO 30 CHROMO 40 CHROMZIRC 328 CHRONIFER LABOR 13% CHRONIFER LABOR M+ CHRONIFER Labor M-13 CHRONIFER M-13 CHRONIFER M-17B CHRONIFER M-4057 CHRONIN 110Ti CHRONIN 625 CHRONIN C-276 CHRONIT SEZ CHRONIT-DUROMAX 400 CHRONITHERM 20 CHRONITHERM 30 CHRONITHERM 60 CHRONITHERM 70 CHRONITHERM 80 CHRONOS CHRONOS 17 CHRYSOCALE CHRYSOCALE 902 CHRYSOCALE AM CHS002 CHS042 CHS102 CHS107 CHS307 CHUMBALLOY CHV4 CHW CHW Extra CHW-50C6SM CHWV CI solf flow Ni CIRCLE C CIRCLE M CITODUR 400B CITORAIL CITORAPID CK-3MCuN CK15 CK20 CK35MN CK3M CK60 CKD1 CKD2 CKK CKW CL.0401 CL.0601 CL.3160 CL.3460 CL.4758 CL.4759 CL.7435 CL0301 CL04 CL0501 CL1330 CL3010 CL3134 CL4171 CL4270 CL4271 CL4272 CL4273 CL4274 CL4275 CL4530 CL4570 CL4576 CL4577 CL4578 CL4730 CL4731 CL4732 CL4736 CL4757 CL4775 CL7130 CL7400 CL7431 CL7434 CLA1 GrA CLA1 GrB CLA1 GrC CLA1-A CLA1-B CLA1-C CLA10 CLA11 CLA12 GrA CLA12 GrB CLA12 GrC CLA12-A CLA12-B CLA12-C CLA12C CLA13 CLA2 CLA3 CLA4 CLA5 GrA CLA5 GrB CLA5-A CLA5-B CLA7 CLA8 CLA9 CLAAS C92D CLARM HB3 CLARM HB7 CLARM HBR CLC 1.2316S CLC 17-12-2 CLC 17-12-2Ti CLC 17-12-3L CLC 18.10Nb CLC 18.9 CLC 4003 CLEVITE 1 CLEVITE 10 CLEVITE 112 CLEVITE 250 CLEVITE 35 CLEVITE 8 CLEVITE F-1 CLEVITE F-148 CLEVITE F-154 CLEVITE F-157 CLEVITE F-23 CLEVITE F-250 CLEVITE F-4 CLEVITE F-5 CLI 18-10L CLW CM 167 CM-2 CM-2 high carbon CM-247 LC CM-50 CM-52 CM-9 CM2 CM3 CM4 CM41 CM410 CM410C1 CM410C2 CM410C3 CM41A CM440 CM440C2 CM440C3 CM490 CM5 CM64 CM65 CM70 CM75 CMA-106 CMA-76 CMA-96 CMA1 CMB-83 CMC-EXTRA CMG1 CMI-C CMO CMO1E CMO3E CMR CMSX-10 CMSX-11B CMSX-11C CMSX-2 CMSX-3 CMSX-4 CMSX-6 CMV CMW 100 CMW 1000 CMW 2000 CMW 28 CMW 2925 CMW 3 CMW 3000 CMW 328 CMW 353 CMW 3925 CMW 3950 CMW 3970 CMW D50F CMW D54F CMW DSC CMW3 CMXA CMXB CMXBM CMXC CMo CMo3 CN CN 110 M CN 15 CN 35 CN-2MCuN CN-3MN CN-4MCu CN-7M CN-7MS CN1 CN101 CN102 CN102 tube CN103 CN104 CN105 CN106 CN107[bar] CN107[tube] CN108 CN2 CN35MX CN3M CN42 CN42A CN42C CN42D CN5 CN5A CN7M CN7M/J08007 CN8 CNB CNB2 CNB3 CNBD CNBV CNC1 CNDB1 CNDC1 CNF10 CNH SPEC. K CNH SPECIAL CNI CNL CNMO CNR CNS CNS 1468 CNS 2473 CNS 2869 CNS 2947 CNS 3229 CNS 3271 CNS 3333 CNS 3334 CNS 3696 CNS 3828 CNS 4004 CNS 8497 CNS 8499 CNS 8694 CNS 9268 CNS JC401.1 CNT1 CNTF3-0 CNV4 CNi40 CO-1 CO-111 CO-6 CO-B41601 CO-CH1401 CO-P92HT CO-P93HT CO-PH1402 CO-PH4101 CO-WH1401 CO-WH1402 CO-WH4001 CO-WH4101 CO-WH4102 CO101 COBALT 1 COBALT 12 COBALT 12 f.metal COBALT 1B COBALT 3 COBALT 31 COBALT 6B COBALT IMPLANTS CHIRURGICAUX COBALT-CHROME MOULE COBALT-CHROME MOULE <=1250C COBALT-CHROME-FER COBALT-CHROME-FER-NICKEL COBALT-CHROME-FER-NIOBIUM COBALT-CHROME-MOLYBDENE COBALT-CHROME-NICKEL COBALT-CHROME-NICKEL MOULE COBALT-CHROME-NICKEL-FER COBALT-CHROME-NICKEL-W COBALT-CHROME-TUNGSTENE COBALT-CHROME-TUNGSTENE-Ni COBALT-CHROME-W MOULE COBALT-FER COBALT-FER-VANADIUM COBALT-FER-VANADIUM-CHROME COBALT-MOLYBDENE MOULE COBALT-MOLYBDENE-CHROME COBALT-MOLYBDENE-Cr MOULE COBALT-NICKEL-CHROME COBALT-NICKEL-CHROME-FER COBALT-NICKEL-CHROME-Mo COBALT-NICKEL-CHROME-W COBALT-NICKEL-FER COBALT-NICKEL-FER-ALUMINIUM COBALT-NICKEL-VANADIUM COBALT-TUNGSTENE COBRAL COBRAL 11 COBRAL 17 COBRAL 24 COBRAL 30 COBRANOX 12 COBRANOX 35 COCROWNIBSI COCUMAN COGNE 201 COGNE 304K COGNE 304L/3 COGNE 304LN2 COGNE 304R COGNE 316 COGNE 316HT COGNE 316K COGNE 316R COGNE 316S COGNE 316THT COGNE 329HT COGNE 332N COGNE 350 COGNE 350-1.3964 COGNE 354 COGNE 354-1 COGNE 409Nb COGNE 409T COGNE 410L-2 COGNE 414A COGNE 420A/7 COGNE 420B COGNE 420RM COGNE 434 COGNE 444F COGNE 616C COGNE 616C2 COGNE 630/3 COGNE T347Z COIN SILVER COLBRONZE COLDUPLEX-CS COLFIT DZR COLLEX COLMONOY 4 COLMONOY 5 COLMONOY 56 COLMONOY 6 COLONIAL #4 COLPHOS-90 COLSIBRO COLSPEED 90 COLUMBIA 835 COLUMBIA A-16 COLUMBIA CZ114 COLUMBIA CZ131 COLUMBIA CZ137 COLUMBIA PB104 COLUMBIA S130 COLUMBIA S80 COLUMBUS 1.4482 COLUMBUS 304DDQ COMO COMPAX COMSOL CON-PAC M CONARC 51 CONARC 85SRP CONCRINOX 304HT CONCRINOX 316HT CONCRINOX 329HT CONCRINOX 354/1 CONGO CONICHROME CONICRO 4023W CONICRO 5010W CONICRO S4023 CONICRO S5010 CONSTANTAN CONSTANTAN 45 CONSTRUCTAL CONSTRUCTAL 1631 CONSTRUCTAL 1640 CONSTRUCTAL 1750 CONSTRUCTAL 1788 CONSUMET 316LS CONSUMET A286 CONTAL CONTAL AG396 CONTAL AG397 CONTAL AN360 CONTAL AN375 CONTAL AN385 COPALCOR 101 COPALCOR 103 COPALCOR 110 COPALCOR 202 COPALCOR 207 COPALCOR 210 COPALCOR 218 COPALCOR 303 COPALCOR 404 COPALCOR 506 COPALCOR 606 COPEL COPHYTHERM COPPER NI SI COPPER PHOSPORUS93/7 COPR-TRODE COPTUNS 60 COPTUNS 70 COPTUNS 75 COPTUNS 80 COQ2 COQ5 COQ75 COR FACE85MC COR FACE86MC COR-BALT 12FC COR-BALT 1FC COR-NICKEL N117FC COR-TEN A COR-TEN AF COR-TEN AJA AF COR-TEN B COR-TEN C CORACID 4985 CORALDUR 37 CORALDUR 38 CORALDUR 52 CORALDUR 52P CORFACE 84MC CORN 301 CORNICKEL ENiMo-7 CORNICKEL N22FC CORONA 5 CORRAX CORRODING LEAD CORROPLAST PHX FM CORROSALLOY CD4MCu CORSAIR CORSON alloy COST METAL 64 COVAN CP 5238 CP Grade 26 CP grade 12 CP-3MCu CP-Ti grade2 CP-Ti grade4 CP.Ti grade7 CP040A CP1 CP101 CP102 CP103 CP104 CP105 CP10E CP10V CP11 CP12 CP140C CP15 CP2 CP201 CP202 CP203 CP21 CP22 CP3 CP301 CP302 CP331G CP33800 CP4 CP401 CP480K CP481K CP483K CP5 CP5N CP5b CP6 CP70 CP75 CP751S CP752S CP753S CP754S CP755S CP761S CP762S CP763S CP764S CP765S CP766S CP78 CP80 CP82 CP85 CPCA15 CPF8M CPG CPH20 CPH8 CPK20 CPM 10V CPM 154 CPM 15V CPM 1V CPM 3V CPM 420V CPM 440V CPM 4V CPM 9V CPM M4 CPM MPL-1 CPM NU-DIE EZ CPM REX 121 CPM REX 121HS CPM REX 20 CPM REX 25 CPM REX 45 CPM REX 54 CPM REX 54HS CPM REX 66 CPM REX 76 CPM REX 86 CPM REX M35 CPM REX M4HC CPM REX M4HS CPM REX T15 CPM S110V CPM S125V CPM S30V CPM S35VN CPM S60V CPM S90V CPM T15 CPM T440V CPM VIM CRU 20 CPPK CPPU CPPUW CPR CPS4911 CPV 2 CPV-10M CPV4 CPW CPW 492 CPW 534 CPW 637 CPWC CQ 28 B CQ35 CQ51A CR CR 300 CR 400 CR 500 CR HG CR S31254 CR-40 CR-410NM CR-43 CR-43Cb CR0001 CR002A CR004A CR005A CR006A CR008A CR009A CR011A CR012A/CuAg0,07 CR016A CR020A CR021A CR022A CR023A CR024A CR025A CR1 CR1925 CR1E CR2 CR20CB CR2120 CR22 CR220 CR23 CR24 CR250 CR275D CR280 CR2E CR2KN CR2VE CR3 CR3/1.2008 CR3/FF CR304 CR304H CR309 CR30A CR3127 CR320 CR34/20 CR360 CR37/23 CR3VE CR4 CR400 CR46/40 CR4P CR5 CR5923 CR7V CR7V-L CRA CRB-7 CRC CRD CREUSABRO 32 CREUSABRO 4000 CREUSABRO 4800 CREUSABRO 500 CREUSABRO 5000 CREUSABRO 6000 CREUSABRO 8000 CREUSABRO M CREUSABRO ML CREUSELSO 34SS CREUSELSO 38 CREUSELSO 38C CREUSELSO 38E CREUSELSO 38FP CREUSELSO 38R CREUSELSO 38W CREUSELSO 42C CREUSELSO 42FP CREUSELSO 42R CREUSELSO 47C CREUSELSO 47E CREUSELSO 47FP CREUSELSO 47R CREUSEM E CRHB CRHB2 CRHC 2000 CRHC22 CRHC276 CRHC4 CRHG35 CRHN CRITERION CRL CRM CRM16 CRM21 CRMO CRMo312 CRNC CRNCI CRNIC CRNIC11 CRNICMC CRNL CRO 42 CRO 53 CRO280 CRO380 CROCAR CROFER 22APU CROFER 22H CROLOY 1 1/4 CROLOY 1/2 CROLOY 12 CROLOY 12-3W CROLOY 12A1 CROLOY 16-1 CROLOY 16-6PH CROLOY 18 CROLOY 2 CROLOY 2-1/4 CROLOY 27 CROLOY 299 CROLOY 304 CROLOY 310 CROLOY 316 CROLOY 3M CROLOY 5 CROLOY 5Si CROLOY 600 CROLOY 7 CROLOY 800 CROLOY 9 CROLOY 9M CROLOY 9V CROMA CROMANITE CROMAX CROMAX 037 CROMAX 280X CROMAX 482 CROMIUM IRON CROMO IR CROMOCORD 5 CROMOLOY CRONI 29/9S CRONIDUR 30 CRONIDUR 4910 CRONIDUR 4913 CRONIDUR 4922 CRONIDUR 4923 CRONIDUR 4926 CRONIDUR 4938 CRONIDUR 4941 CRONIDUR 4949 CRONIDUR 4961 CRONIDUR 4981 CRONIDUR 4988 CRONIFER 1208Ti CRONIFER 1505MoN CRONIFER 1525Ti CRONIFER 16-16Nb CRONIFER 1613Nb CRONIFER 1705MoN CRONIFER 1707 CRONIFER 1713 CRONIFER 1713LCN CRONIFER 1805LC CRONIFER 1809H CRONIFER 1809LCN CRONIFER 1809Nb CRONIFER 1809Ti CRONIFER 1809TiH CRONIFER 1810LCN CRONIFER 1810Nb CRONIFER 1810Ti CRONIFER 1811LC CRONIFER 1812 CRONIFER 1812H CRONIFER 1812LC CRONIFER 1812LCN CRONIFER 1815LCSi CRONIFER 1820Nb CRONIFER 1820Ti CRONIFER 1925LC CRONIFER 1925LCN CRONIFER 1925hMo CRONIFER 2111N CRONIFER 2205LCN CRONIFER 2328 CRONIFER 2413 CRONIFER 2419MoN CRONIFER 2504 CRONIFER 2520 CRONIFER 2520nv CRONIFER 2521LC CRONIFER 2521Nb CRONIFER 2522LCN CRONIFER 2525LCN CRONIFER 2525Ti CRONIFER 2803Mo CRONIFER 4 Extra CRONIFER 45 CRONIFER III CRONIFER IV CRONIX 70 CRONIX 70NS CRONIX 80 CRONIX 80 Extra CROW CRP01 CRS CRSS STEEL CRTP CRU-WEAR CRUCIBLE D-319 CRUSADER CRV CRV1 CRV2 CRV280 CRV3 CRV380 CRV45TM CRVM CRW3 CRYALSIM 285 CRYALSIM 355 CRYELSO SA203GrA CRYELSO SA203GrD CRYELSO SA203GrF CRYOGENIC TENELON CRZA CS CS 111 CS 114 CS 12 CS 17 CS 22 CS 61 CS 81 CS typeA CS typeB CS typeC CS typeD CS-1 CS-2 CS-3 CS-4 CS-5 CS-6 CS-7 CS040A CS1 CS10 CS1005 CS1006 CS1008 CS101 CS1010 CS1012 CS1017 CS1018 CS1020 CS1022 CS1023 CS1025 CS1030 CS1040 CS104A CS1116 CS140C CS2 CS2101 CS3 CS30 CS331G CS34/20 CS37/23 CS380H CS381H CS383H CS4 CS40 CS40/30 CS410S CS41A CS41C CS41N CS41N Alclad CS41P CS420 CS43A CS480K CS481K CS482K CS483K CS484K CS490K CS50 CS50/45 CS50F45 CS60 CS66A CS70 CS735M50 CS74A CS74A type CS750S CS760S CS763S CS765S CS80 CS95 CSA Z245.1 CSC 10B20 CSC 10B21 CSC 10B29 CSC 10B30 CSC 10B33 CSHT70 CSM 2 CSM 420XL CSM414 CSM6 CSN 17024 CSN 17241 CSN 17242 CSN 17249 CSN 17252 CSN 17348 CSN 17352 CSN 420251 CSN 425710 CSN 425711 CT CT 120 CT0001 CT0004 CT0006 CT0007 CT0010 CT0012 CT0013 CT0014 CT0015 CT0016 CT0017 CT0022 CT1 CT105 CT15C CT183 CT194 CT2 CT35 CT70 CT781 CT80 CT90 CTM CTX-3 CU-138 CU-NI715 CU-OF BE58/E CU-ROPHOS 15 CU-ROPHOS 18 CU-ROPHOS 2 CU-ROPHOS 5 CU-ROPHOS 86 CU-ROPHOS 92 CU-ROPHOS 93 CU-ROPHOS 94 CU0089 CU0090 CU0092 CU0104 CU0107 CU0108 CU0109 CU0111 CU0112 CU0113 CU0114 CU0115 CU0119 CU0122 CU0131 CU0150 CU0152 CU0153 CU0162 CU0167 CU0168 CU0169 CU0170 CU0172 CU0176 CU0179 CU0183 CU0184 CU0196 CU0200 CU0206 CU0207 CU0209 CU0213 CU0216 CU0220 CU02200 CU0221 CU0222 CU0223 CU0233 CU0235 CU0265 CU0266 CU0268 CU0274 CU0280 CU0281 CU0285 CU0288 CU0298 CU0299 CU0306 CU0307 CU0314 CU0317 CU0318 CU0319 CU0327 CU0329 CU0330 CU0332 CU0333 CU0338 CU0340 CU0341 CU0342 CU0344 CU0345 CU0346 CU0347 CU0349 CU0351 CU0354 CU0360 CU0361 CU0370 CU0371 CU0378 CU0380 CU0381 CU0385 CU0466 CU0467 CU0486 CU0501 CU0546 CU0608 CU0624 CU0632 CU0634 CU0664 CU0668 CU0673 CU0674 CU0675 CU0676 CU0688 CU0694 CU0697 CU0703 CU0705 CU0707 CU0708 CU0711 CU0715 CU0725 CU0754 CU0759 CU0760 CU0773 CU0774 CU0782 CU0801 CU0818 CU0821 CU0878 CU0908 CU0988 CU0993 CU0996 CU1 CU101 CU102 CU103 CU104 CU105 CU106 CU1147 CU1150 CU1151 CU1153 CU1154 CU1155 CU1156 CU1167 CU2 CU201 CU202 CU3 CU301 CU302 CU303 CU304 CU305 CU306 CU4 CU5 CU5MCuC CU6 CU7 CUAG 0.03P CUAG 0.1 CUAL10FE2-C CUAL6NI2 CUCR1 CUG 20MnCr5 CUIVRE CUIVRE A BAS PHOSPHORE CUIVRE A L'ARGENT CUIVRE A L'ETAIN CUIVRE AU BERYLLIUM-PLOMB CUIVRE AU CADMIUM CUIVRE AU CHROME CUIVRE AU CHROME MOULE CUIVRE AU COBALT CUIVRE AU MAGNESIUM CUIVRE AU MANGANESE CUIVRE AU PLOMB CUIVRE AU SILICIUM CUIVRE AU TELLURE CUIVRE AU ZIRCONIUM CUIVRE COMPLEXE CUIVRE DE DECOLLETAGE CUIVRE DESOXYDE AU PHOSPHORE CUIVRE DOPE ZIRCONIUM CUIVRE ELECTROLYTIQUE CUIVRE FAIBLEMENT ALLIE CUIVRE HAUTE CONDUCTIVITE CUIVRE HAUTE PURETE CUIVRE HAUTE PURETE MOULE CUIVRE MOULE CUIVRE PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE PHOSPHOREUX AU NICKEL CUIVRE POUR ANODE CUIVRE POUR BARRES DE ROTOR CUIVRE POUR CATHODE CUIVRE POUR CONNECTEUR CUIVRE POUR FONDERIE CUIVRE POUR THERMOCOUPLE CUIVRE PUR CUIVRE PUR MOULE CUIVRE SOUDAGE PAR POINTS CUIVRE SPINODAL CUIVRE THERMIQUE CUIVRE TOUGH PITCH CUIVRE USAGE ELECTRIQUE CUIVRE-ALUMINIUM CUIVRE-ALUMINIUM-FER CUIVRE-ARGENT CUIVRE-ARGENT PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE-ARSENIC PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE-BERYLLIUM CUIVRE-BERYLLIUM LINGOT CUIVRE-BERYLLIUM MOULE CUIVRE-BERYLLIUM-COBALT CUIVRE-BISMUTH CUIVRE-BORE-ALUMINIUM CUIVRE-CADMIUM CUIVRE-CADMIUM-CHROME CUIVRE-CADMIUM-ETAIN CUIVRE-CHROME CUIVRE-CHROME PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE-CHROME-ARGENT CUIVRE-CHROME-Be MOULE CUIVRE-CHROME-COBALT CUIVRE-CHROME-TELLURE CUIVRE-CHROME-ZINC CUIVRE-CHROME-ZIRCONIUM CUIVRE-COBALT CUIVRE-COBALT-ARGENT MOULE CUIVRE-COBALT-ARGENT-Be CUIVRE-COBALT-BERYLLIUM CUIVRE-COBALT-Be MOULE CUIVRE-COBALT-NICKEL MOULE CUIVRE-COBALT-NICKEL-Be CUIVRE-Cr-Zr POUR ELECTRODE CUIVRE-ETAIN CUIVRE-ETAIN LINGOT CUIVRE-ETAIN MOULE CUIVRE-ETAIN PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE-ETAIN-CADMIUM CUIVRE-ETAIN-CHROME CUIVRE-ETAIN-NICKEL CUIVRE-ETAIN-PHOSPHORE CUIVRE-ETAIN-PLOMB CUIVRE-ETAIN-PLOMB LINGOT CUIVRE-ETAIN-PLOMB MOULE CUIVRE-ETAIN-PLOMB-Fe MOULE CUIVRE-ETAIN-PLOMB-Zn LINGOT CUIVRE-ETAIN-PLOMB-Zn MOULE CUIVRE-ETAIN-TELLURE CUIVRE-ETAIN-ZINC MOULE CUIVRE-FER-ETAIN-BORE CUIVRE-FER-MAGNESIUM CUIVRE-FER-PHOSPHORE CUIVRE-MAGNESIUM CUIVRE-MANGANESE CUIVRE-MANGANESE MOULE CUIVRE-MANGANESE-ALUMINIUM CUIVRE-MANGANESE-Al MOULE CUIVRE-MANGANESE-FER CUIVRE-MANGANESE-NICKEL CUIVRE-MANGANESE-Ni MOULE CUIVRE-MANGANESE-ZINC CUIVRE-NICKEL CUIVRE-NICKEL MOULE CUIVRE-NICKEL PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE-NICKEL-ALUMINIUM CUIVRE-NICKEL-BERYLLIUM CUIVRE-NICKEL-Be MOULE CUIVRE-NICKEL-CHROME CUIVRE-NICKEL-COBALT CUIVRE-NICKEL-ETAIN CUIVRE-NICKEL-ETAIN-ZINC CUIVRE-NICKEL-FER CUIVRE-NICKEL-PHOSPHORE CUIVRE-NICKEL-PLOMB CUIVRE-NICKEL-SILICIUM CUIVRE-NICKEL-SILICIUM MOULE CUIVRE-NICKEL-ZINC CUIVRE-NICKEL-ZINC-ETAIN CUIVRE-OXYDE D'ALUMINIUM CUIVRE-PLOMB CUIVRE-PLOMB MOULE CUIVRE-PLOMB-ARGENT MOULE CUIVRE-PLOMB-ETAIN CUIVRE-PLOMB-ETAIN LINGOT CUIVRE-PLOMB-ETAIN MOULE CUIVRE-PLOMB-ETAIN REGULE CUIVRE-PLOMB-ETAIN-ZINC CUIVRE-PLOMB-FER CUIVRE-PLOMB-NICKEL CUIVRE-PLOMB-ZINC-Sn MOULE CUIVRE-SILICIUM CUIVRE-SILICIUM-ETAIN CUIVRE-SILICIUM-MANGANESE CUIVRE-SILICIUM-ZINC CUIVRE-TITANE CUIVRE-ZINC CUIVRE-ZINC FAIBLEMENT ALLIE CUIVRE-ZINC PHOSPHOREUX CUIVRE-ZINC-ALUMINIUM LINGOT CUIVRE-ZINC-ALUMINIUM-Mn CUIVRE-ZINC-BISMUTH-ETAIN CUIVRE-ZINC-ETAIN CUIVRE-ZINC-ETAIN MOULE CUIVRE-ZINC-ETAIN-FER CUIVRE-ZINC-ETAIN-PLOMB CUIVRE-ZINC-MANGANESE CUIVRE-ZINC-MANGANESE MOULE CUIVRE-ZINC-MANGANESE-NICKEL CUIVRE-ZINC-NICKEL CUIVRE-ZINC-NICKEL-ALUMINIUM CUIVRE-ZINC-NICKEL-MANGANESE CUIVRE-ZINC-PLOMB CUIVRE-ZINC-PLOMB MOULE CUIVRE-ZINC-PLOMB-ARSENIC CUIVRE-ZINC-PLOMB-Sn LINGOT CUIVRE-ZINC-PLOMB-Sn MOULE CUIVRE-ZINC-SILICIUM CUIVROGEL CUMG0,4 CUNI15 CUNI23MN CUNI2BE alliage 3 CUNI5 CUNI5FE CUNIFER 10 CUNIFER 30 CUNIFER 302 CUNIFER K7030 CUNIFER S7030 CUNIFER S7030-FM67 CUNIFER S9010 CUNISIL C64700 CUNITENE C102 CUNITENE D104 CUNITENE E119 CUNITENE F129 CUNITENE G139 CUO316 CUPRAL GrA CUPRAL GrC CUPRAL NF65 CUPRAL gradeB CUPRALINOX NC2 CUPRALINOX NC4 CUPRALINOX NCS CUPRALINOX NCV CUPRALINOX TM CUPRALINOX VNC CUPRO ALU POUR CRYOGENIE CUPRO ALU RESISTANT USURE CUPRO ALU-MANGANESE CUPRO ALUMINIUM CUPRO ALUMINIUM-FER CUPRO ALUMINIUM-FER-NICKEL CUPRO ALUMINIUM-Fe-Ni CUPRO ALUMINIUM-NICKEL CUPRO BERYLLIUM CUPRO BERYLLIUM MOULE CUPRO CHROME-TITANE CUPRO CHROME-ZIRCONIUM CUPRO COBALT-BERYLLIUM CUPRO COBALT-NICKEL-Be CUPRO FER CUPRO MANGANESE CUPRO MANGANESE-ALUMINIUM CUPRO MANGANESE-ETAIN CUPRO NICKEL CUPRO NICKEL 7% CUPRO NICKEL 90-10 CUPRO NICKEL BOULONNERIE CUPRO NICKEL EMBOUTISSAGE CUPRO NICKEL MOULE CUPRO NICKEL POUR CORROSION CUPRO NICKEL POUR DECOUPAGE CUPRO NICKEL POUR RESISTANCE CUPRO NICKEL-ALUMINIUM CUPRO NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-Mg CUPRO NICKEL-BERYLLIUM CUPRO NICKEL-CHROME CUPRO NICKEL-CHROME MOULE CUPRO NICKEL-CHROME-SILICIUM CUPRO NICKEL-ETAIN CUPRO NICKEL-FER CUPRO NICKEL-MANGANESE CUPRO NICKEL-PLOMB CUPRO NICKEL-SILICIUM CUPRO NICKEL-TITANE CUPRO NICKEL-ZINC D'USINAGE CUPRO NICKEL-ZINC-SILICIUM CUPRO SILICIUM CUPRO SILICIUM MOULE CUPRO-ALU TUBE ECHANGEUR CUPRO-ALUMINIUM CUPRO-ALUMINIUM AMAGNETIQUE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM AU MANGANESE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM DECOLLETAGE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM FORGE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM LINGOT CUPRO-ALUMINIUM MONOPHASE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-ARSENIC CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-FER CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-FER MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-FER-COBALT CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-FER-Mn CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Fe-Ni MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Mn LINGOT CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Mn MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-NICKEL CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-NICKEL MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-NICKEL-FER CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Ni CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Ni MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Ni-Fe LINGOT CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Ni-Fe MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-NiCKEL MOULE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-PHOSPHORE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-PLOMB CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-Si MOULE CUPRO-BERYLLIUM CUPRO-BERYLLIUM MOULE CUPRO-BERYLLIUM-COBALT MOULE CUPRO-BERYLLIUM-NICKEL MOULE CUPRO-MANGANESE NICKEL CUPRO-NICKEL CUPRO-NICKEL MOULE CUPRO-NICKEL POUR RESISTANCE CUPRO-NICKEL-BERYLLIUM CUPRO-NICKEL-CHROME MOULE CUPRO-NICKEL-CHROME-SILICIUM CUPRO-NICKEL-ETAIN CUPRO-NICKEL-ETAIN MOULE CUPRO-NICKEL-Fe-Mn LINGOT CUPRO-NICKEL-Fe-Mn MOULE CUPRO-NICKEL-NIOBIUM MOULE CUPRO-NICKEL-Nb-Mn-Fe MOULE CUPRO-Ni-Co-Be CUPRO-PLOMB-ETAIN MOULE CUPRO-PLOMB-PHOSPHORE MOULE CUPRO-SILICIUM CUPRODURO CUPROFOR CUPROGREEN 700/40 CUPROMET N30 CUPROMETAL B8 CUPRON CUPROSALDA CUPROSIL NS30 CUPROSIL NS5 CUPROSIL Si45Z CUPROTHAL 10 CUPROTHAL 30 CUPROX CUS CUSIL CUSILTIN 10 CUSN7PB6ZN4 CUSTOM 450 CUSTOM 455 CUSTOM 465 CUSTOM 475 CUSTOM 630 CUSTOM 631 CUSTOM AGE 625+ CUSTOM FLO 302HQ CUSTOM FLO-316HQ CUTENE 120WI CUTENE 125WI CUTENE 130WI CUTENE 140WI CUTENE 150WI CUVOIR CUZN25 CUZN9SN3 CV 06 CV-100 CV3 CV4 CV4340 CV52100 CV58Z CV6 CVL 10 CVL 10 V CVL 30 CVM CVM 9310 CVM-4340 CVM-Extra CVZ CW 11 CW-12M CW-12M-1 CW-12M-2 CW-2M CW-7M CW004A CW005A CW006A CW008A CW009A CW011A CW012A CW013A CW016A CW018A CW019A CW020A CW021A CW022A CW023A CW024A CW025A CW100C CW101C CW102C CW103C CW104C CW105C CW106C CW107C CW108C CW109C CW110C CW111C CW112C CW113C CW114C CW115C CW116C CW117C CW118C CW119C CW120C CW127C CW128C CW12MW CW20 CW2M CW300G CW301G CW302G CW303G CW304G CW305G CW306G CW307G CW308G CW350H CW351H CW352H CW352H tube CW353H CW354H CW354H flat CW354H tube CW354H[bar] CW400J CW401J CW402J CW403J CW404J CW405J CW406J CW407J CW408J CW409J CW410J CW450K CW451K CW452K CW453K CW454K CW455K CW456K CW457K CW458K CW459K CW460K CW500L CW501L CW502L CW503L CW504L CW505L CW506L CW507L CW508L CW509L CW509L 02 CW510L CW511L CW55 CW600N CW601N CW602N CW603N CW604N CW605N CW606N CW607N CW608N CW608N/CuZn38Pb2 CW609N CW610N CW611N CW612N CW613N CW614N CW615N CW616N CW617N CW618N CW619N CW620N CW621N CW622N CW623N CW624N CW625N CW626N CW67 CW68 CW6M CW6MC CW6Mo5Cr4V2 CW6Mo5Cr4V3 CW70 CW700R CW701R CW702R CW703R CW704R CW705R CW706R CW707R CW708R CW709R CW710R CW711R CW712R CW713R CW714R CW715R CW716R CW717R CW718R CW719R CW720R CW721R CW722R CW723R CW724R CW725R CW75 CW75 class11 CW78 CW80 CWL CX-2MW CX13VD CX13VDW CX2M CY CM 1 CY-40 CY-5SnBiM CY44A CYCAL B3 CYFONTE 105 CYFONTE 107 CYFONTE 109B CYMETA 17 CYPIPE 45 CYS26 CZ series CZ-100 CZ-LL CZ101 CZ102 CZ103 CZ104 CZ105 CZ106 CZ107 CZ107-1/2H CZ107-EH CZ107-H CZ108 CZ108/CW508 CZ109 CZ110 CZ111 CZ112 CZ112 casting CZ114 CZ114/CW721 CZ115 CZ116 CZ118 CZ119 CZ120 CZ121 CZ121 3Pb CZ121 4Pb CZ121Pb3 CZ121Pb4 CZ122 CZ122/CW617 CZ123 CZ124 CZ125 CZ126 CZ127 CZ128 CZ129 CZ130 CZ130/CW624 CZ131 CZ131/CW606 CZ132 CZ132/CW602 CZ133 CZ134 CZ135 CZ136 CZ137 CZ14 CZ15 CZ32 CZ6 CZ6A CZ7 CZ7A CZ8 CZA25 CZA26 Calypso 43X Calypso 67XB Calypso 67XB1 Cannon MAR-M-918 Cap copper CarElso 60/65 CarElso 60/65HIC CarElso 70 CarElso 70 HIC CarElso60/65HIC Carpenter 13-8 Carpenter 2-FM Carpenter L-605 Carpenter N-1 Cartridge brass 70% Cast 254 SMo Cast 316 Cast Steel-91 Cast alloy 255 Castadur-50 CastoWig 45657W Catamold FN50 Cb Cb-10W-10HF-0.1Y Cb-129Y Cb-132 Cb-132M Cb-752 Cd-50 Cd18A Cerro G1 Cerro NC2 Certified OFHCTM Cf35 Cf45 Cf53 Cf55 Cf70 Ch Ch12 Ch12F1 Ch12MF Ch12MF4 Ch12VM ChGS ChW4F ChWG ChWSGF Champaloy Charnley Chemical lead A Chemical-copper lead Chrome copper999 Chromet 1 Chromet 2 Chromet 9 Chromimphy 138 Chromimphy 155 Chromimphy 174 Chromimphy 3300 Chromimphy 439 Chromimphy 450 Chromium copper Ck10 Ck100 Ck101 Ck15 Ck22 Ck22.8 Ck22/1.1151 Ck25 Ck30 Ck34 Ck35 Ck38 Ck40 Ck45 Ck45 strip Ck45 tube Ck45/1.1191 Ck50 Ck50/1.1206 Ck53 Ck55 Ck6 Ck60 Ck60/1.1221 Ck60/H4 Ck67 Ck75 Ck85 Clad AL-P2014A Clad AL-P2017A Clad AL-P2024 Clad AL-P2618A Clad AL-P7075 Clad AL-P7475 Clad Al-CuMgMnSi Clad Al-CuMgNiFe Class 2.5S Class 4/2 Class 60 Class1 Class11 Class12 Class13 Class2 Class3 Class4 Class4/45C8 ClassII typeA-12%Cr Classe D1 Classe D3 Classe D4 Classe D5 Cm15 Cm22 Cm25 Cm30 Cm35 Cm40 Cm45 Cm50 Cm55 Cm60 Co ALLOY 19 Co alloy #12 Co alloy #19 Co alloy #21 Co alloy #23 Co alloy #27 Co alloy #3 Co alloy #30 Co alloy #31 Co alloy #36 Co alloy #4 Co alloy #400 Co alloy #6 Co alloy #800 Co alloy #93 Co alloy X-40 Co alloy X-45 Co-Cr-Fe-Ni Co-Cr-Ni Co-Cr-Ni-Fe Co-Cr-Ni-Mo Co-Cr-Ni-W Co-Cr-W N1 Co12 Co19 Co190 Co2 Co23 Co27 Co30 Co35Ni35Cr20Mo10 Co36 CoCr1 CoCr12 CoCr19Ni17Si8W4 CoCr20Ni15Mo CoCr20NiW CoCr20W15Ni CoCr22Ni22W15 CoCr22NiW CoCr22NiW f.metal CoCr25NiW CoCr26Ni11W CoCr26Ni11W8 CoCr26Ni9Mo5W CoCr28MoNi CoCr28Nb CoCr28W20Ni5V1 CoCr29W9 CoCr31W10 CoCr6 CoCrNi22W CoFe5 CoFe8 CoNiCr26-20 CoNiCr26.20 Cobalt comp 30 Cobalt comp.27 Cobalt comp.3 Cofrac 316 Cogne 347 Columbium Columbium 10W-2.5Zr Complex DZR brass Consumet H46 Contact metal Copper 165C Copper 20C Copper 245C Copper Silicon Copper nickel 10% Copper nickel 20% Copper nickel 30% Copper nickel 5% Copper tin phosphorus Copper zin alloy Copper-tin 10%Sn Coracid 1.4980 Coracid 13-4 Coracid 13-4 mod. Coracid 16-5 Coracid 24 Coracid 254SMo Coracid 28 Coracid 303 Coracid 304 Coracid 304L Coracid 31 Coracid 310L Coracid 316 Coracid 316L Coracid 316Ti Coracid 321 Coracid 33 Coracid 347 Coracid 410 Coracid 410-15 Coracid 4120 Coracid 4122 Coracid 420 Coracid 420-46 Coracid 431 Coracid 4311 Coracid 4361 Coracid 4406 Coracid 440B Coracid 4429 Coracid 4435 Coracid 4436 Coracid 4439 Coracid 4449 Coracid 4465 Coracid 4503 Coracid 4505 Coracid 4539 Coracid 4565 Coracid 4577 Coracid 4583 Coracid 4713 Coracid 4762 Coracid 4828 Coracid 4841 Coracid 4845 Coracid 4878 Coracid 4906 Coracid 4913 Coracid 4919 Coracid 4921 Coracid 4922 Coracid 4923 Coracid 4926 Coracid 4939 Coracid 4948 Coracid 4961 Coracid 4962 Coracid 4981 Coracid 630 Coracid 9.1 Coracid 926 Coracid D-22.05 Coracid D-27.06 Coracid Super D255 Coracid SuperD-100 Coracid SuperD-255 Coralloy 20 Coralloy 200 Coralloy 201 Coralloy 22 Coralloy 330 Coralloy 333 Coralloy 400 Coralloy 59 Coralloy 600 Coralloy 601 Coralloy 626 Coralloy 686 Coralloy 800 Coralloy 800H Coralloy 800HT Coralloy 825 Coralloy ALPHA36 Coralloy ALPHA42 Coralloy B-2 Coralloy B-4 Coralloy C-276 Coralloy C-4 Coralloy CPTi-3Pd Coralloy K-500 Coralloy PERM3914 Coralloy PERM3952 Coralloy PERM3964 Coralloy PERM3974 Coralloy Ti-6-4 Corfac 304 Corfac 9SMn28 Corroplast Corus 080M15 Corus 080M50 Corus 1.4923 Corus 1.6657 Corus 1.7025 Corus 1.7736 Corus 10S20 Corus 11SMn30 Corus 11SMnPb30 Corus 13-8PH Corus 150M19 Corus 15CDV6 Corus 15SMn13 Corus 212A37 Corus 212A42 Corus 214A15 Corus 21CrMoV5-7 Corus 230M07Pb Corus 27MnSiVS6 Corus 30NCD16 Corus 355D Corus 355EMZ Corus 35CD4 Corus 42CrMo4 Corus 4330V Corus 450 Corus 49MnVS3 Corus 606M36 Corus 708M40 Corus 709M40 Corus 722M24 Corus 832M13 Corus AMS6265 Corus AMS6414 Corus C10R Corus C35 Corus C35E Corus C70S6 Corus DC05 Corus DC06 Corus DD12 Corus DMS 127 Corus EN30B Corus En25 Corus HR14 Corus HR2 Corus P235S Corus P265GH Corus P265S Corus P275SL Corus P295GH Corus P355NL1 Corus RS138 Corus S130 Corus S155 Corus S157 Corus S235 Corus S235JR Corus S275M Corus S275ML Corus S275NL Corus S355G11 Corus S355G12 Corus S355G3+N Corus S355G4 Corus S355J0 Corus S355J0WP Corus S355J2 Corus S355J2W Corus S355J2WP Corus S355JR Corus S355K2G3 Corus S355K2W Corus S355M Corus S355NL Corus S420M Corus S420ML Corus S420N Corus S450J0 Corus S460M Corus S460ML Corus S460N Corus S460NL Corus S500Q Corus S500QL Corus S550Q Corus S550QL Corus S690Q Corus S80 Corus S890Q Corus S93 Corus S960Q Corus X22CrMoV12-1 Cost 20MnCr12S CpTi R50550 CpTi grade1 CpTi grade2 CpTi grade3 CpTi grade7 Cq10 Cq15 Cq15Mn Cq22 Cq35 Cq35/C35EC Cq45 Cr-131 Cr-Mo-V Cr-Permalloy Cr-V Cr-W Cr06 Cr11Si2Mo1 Cr12 Cr12Mo1V1 Cr12MoV Cr15 Cr15Ni60 Cr2 Cr20Ni30 Cr20Ni35 Cr20Ni80 Cr21Ni5Ti Cr27 Cr27HC Cr27LC Cr30Ni70 Cr35 Cr4Mo4V Cr4W2MoV Cr5Mo1V Cr8Mo2VSi CrAl14.3So CrAl14.4 CrAl20.5 CrAl22-5SE CrAl25-5 special CrAl25.5 CrMo CrMo 131 CrMo 15 3 CrMo 15/3 CrMo 20 1 CrMo 20/2/1 CrMo-218 CrMo-220 CrMo-225 CrMo-228 CrMo-335 CrMo-380 CrMo-515 CrMo1 CrMo1Si CrMo2 CrMo2Si CrMo5 CrMo5Si CrMo9 CrMoCu 20 2 1 CrMoV-709 CrMoV-779 CrNi25.20 CrV-159 CrWMn Crom-Hard CH8 CromElso 11 CromElso 22 CromElso 22V CromElso 91 CromElso A387Gr5 Cromo 2B Cromova 1.4540 Cronifer 1613NbN Cronifer 1713LCN Cronifer 18-10 Cronifer 1805 LC Cronifer 1809 LCN Cronifer 1809Nb Cronifer 1809TiH Cronifer 1810 Cronifer 1810LC Cronifer 1810Ti Cronifer 1815LCSi Cronifer 1925LC Cronifer 1925hMo Cronifer 20-12 Cronifer 2205LCN Cronifer 2520 Cronifer 2520nv Cronifer 2521LC Cronifer 40B Cronifer II Cronimo Ti Cronite HR15 Cronite HR15B Cronite HR17 Cronite HR17Nb Cronite HR18 Cronite HR19 Cronite HR23 Cronite HR25 Cronite HR29 Cronite HR32 Cronite HR33 Cronite HR33Nb Cronite HR5 Cronite HR6 Cronite HR7 Cronite HR7B Cronite HR9 Crovan Crown Max Cru temp 25 Cru-25 Crucible 15-5 Crucible 161 Crucible 20CbPLUS Crucible 303Se Crucible 403Cb Crucible 416R Crucible 420F Crucible 422 Crucible 431 Crucible 440A Crucible 440C Crucible 720 Crucible A9 Crucible CG-27 Crucible CPM 154 Crucible CPM 1V Crucible KAPSTAR Crucible M50 Crucible RENE 95 Crucible S7 Crucible S7XL CryElso 0.5 CryElso 2.25 CryElso 3.5 CryElso 5 CryElso 9N CryElso 9Q Cryodur 1520 Cryodur 1730 Cryodur 2002 Cryodur 2008 Cryodur 2067 Cryodur 2080 Cryodur 2101 Cryodur 2210 Cryodur 2235 Cryodur 2242 Cryodur 2243 Cryodur 2249 Cryodur 2327 Cryodur 2357 Cryodur 2360 Cryodur 2363 Cryodur 2381 Cryodur 2436 Cryodur 2709 Cryodur 2766 Cryodur 2767 Cryodur 2833 Cryodur 2990 Cu 715 Cu CATH Cu a1 Cu a2 Cu a3 Cu b Cu b1 Cu b2 Cu c2 Cu-15Ni-3Al Cu-4Be Cu-Ag-3 Cu-Ag0,03 Cu-Al6 Cu-C Cu-CATH-2 Cu-CRTP Cu-Cd Cu-Co-Be Cu-Cr Cu-Cr-Zr Cu-Cr1 Cu-DHP Cu-DHP/CW024A Cu-DLP Cu-DPA Cu-DXP Cu-ETP Cu-ETP-2 Cu-FRHC Cu-FRTP Cu-FRTP with silver Cu-G Cu-HCP Cu-LSTP Cu-Ni-Be Cu-Ni-Mn-Al-Nb Cu-Ni-P Cu-OF Cu-OF 101 cert. Cu-OF BE58 Cu-OF/102 Cu-OF/CW008A Cu-OFE Cu-OFHC typ1 Cu-OFLP Cu-P100 Cu-P20 Cu-P20 certified Cu-P500 Cu-PHC Cu-PHCE Cu-RHC Cu-SE Cu-STP Cu-Si Cu-Sn-P Cu-Sn7Zn3Pb3 Cu-Te Cu-ZHC Cu-Zr Cu-a1 Cu-b1 Cu-b2 Cu-c1 Cu-c1 BE58 Cu-c2 Cu.7C Cu02A Cu48ZnNi10 Cu60Sn Cu60Zn Cu8 Cu99,9 Cu99,9E Cu99,9R Cu99-Cr1 CuAg CuAg0,03 CuAg0,03P CuAg0,04 CuAg0,05 CuAg0,07 CuAg0,07-OF CuAg0,1 CuAg0,10 CuAg0,10-OF CuAg0,10P CuAg0,1P CuAg0.1 OF CuAg3,5 CuAg6 CuAl10Fe CuAl10Fe1 CuAl10Fe2-C CuAl10Fe3 CuAl10Fe3Mn2 CuAl10Fe3Ni5Mn2 CuAl10Fe4 CuAl10Fe4Ni4 CuAl10Fe5Ni5 CuAl10Fe5Ni5-B CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C CuAl10Fe5Ni5-Y20 CuAl10Mn7Fe2 CuAl10N CuAl10Ni CuAl10Ni3Fe2-C CuAl10Ni5Fe3 CuAl10Ni5Fe4 CuAl10Ni5Fe5 CuAl11Fe6Ni6 CuAl11Fe6Ni6-C CuAl11Ni CuAl11Ni5Fe5 CuAl11Ni6Fe5 CuAl12Fe5Ni5 CuAl14Fe5 CuAl15Fe4Ni CuAl2O3 CuAl3Si CuAl3Si1 CuAl5 CuAl5As CuAl5Ni5 CuAl6Ni2 CuAl6Si2Fe CuAl7 CuAl7Fe CuAl7Fe2 CuAl7Fe3Sn CuAl7Si2 CuAl7Si3 CuAl8 CuAl8-F37 CuAl8-F49 CuAl8Fe CuAl8Fe3 CuAl8Fe3/CW303G CuAl8Mn CuAl8Mn5 CuAl9 CuAl9-C CuAl9-C/CC330G CuAl9Fe3 CuAl9Fe4 CuAl9Fe4Ni CuAl9Fe4Ni4 CuAl9Mn CuAl9Mn2 CuAl9Mn2-F49 CuAl9Mn2-F59 CuAl9Mn2-P CuAl9Ni CuAl9Ni2 CuAl9Ni3Fe2 CuAl9Ni4Fe3Mn2 CuAl9Ni4Fe3Ni2 CuAl9Ni5Fe3 CuAl9Ni5Fe4 CuAl9Ni7 CuAl9Pb2 CuAs CuAs DHP CuAsP CuBe CuBe1,7 CuBe1,9 CuBe2 CuBe2CoNi CuBe2Pb CuC1 CuC2 CuC3 CuCd0,2 CuCd0,5 CuCd0,7 CuCd1 CuCd1,3 CuCdSn CuCo0,5Be CuCo1Ni1Be CuCo2Be CuCo2Be casting CuCoBe CuCoBe F80 CuCoNiBe CuCr CuCr1 CuCr1-C CuCr1Zr CuCrBe CuCrZr CuCrZr-F38 CuCrZr-F45 CuDHP CuDLP CuETP CuFe2P CuFe2Sn CuMg0,1 CuMg0,2 CuMg0,3 CuMg0,4 CuMg0,7 CuMn10Ni4 CuMn11Al8Fe3Ni3-C CuMn12Al7Ni3 CuMn12Al8Fe3Ni2 CuMn12Ni CuMn12NiAl CuMn13Al6Fe2Ni2 CuMn13Ni4 CuMn2 CuMn3 CuMn38Ni10 CuMn4 CuMn5 CuMnSi CuNI15 CuNi 55/45 CuNi 90-10 CuNi Ti CuNi1 CuNi1,5Si CuNi10 CuNi10Fe CuNi10Fe tube CuNi10Fe1 CuNi10Fe1,5Mn CuNi10Fe1Mn CuNi10Fe1Mn electrode CuNi10Fe1Mn tube CuNi10Fe1Mn1-B CuNi10Fe1Mn1-C CuNi10Fe1Mn1-C electrode CuNi10Zn25 CuNi10Zn27 CuNi10Zn28Pb1 CuNi10Zn42 CuNi10Zn42Pb CuNi10Zn42Pb2 CuNi12Zn24 CuNi12Zn25Pb1 CuNi12Zn29 CuNi12Zn29Pb1 CuNi12Zn30Pb1 CuNi12Zn38Mn5Pb2 CuNi13 CuNi13Zn23Pb1 CuNi13Zn24Pb CuNi13Zn24Pb1 CuNi14Al CuNi14Al2 CuNi14Al3 CuNi15 CuNi15Cr CuNi15Sn8 CuNi15Zn21 CuNi15Zn22 CuNi17Mn5Al2Fe CuNi18Zn10 CuNi18Zn19Pb1 CuNi18Zn20 CuNi18Zn22 CuNi18Zn27 CuNi19 CuNi1P CuNi1Pb1P CuNi1Si CuNi2 CuNi2,5Cr CuNi2,5Si CuNi20 CuNi20Fe CuNi20Mn1Fe CuNi23 CuNi23Mn CuNi25 CuNi25Zn10 CuNi25Zn12 CuNi25Zn15 CuNi25Zn18 CuNi25Zn20 CuNi25Zn8 CuNi2Be CuNi2BeCo CuNi2Si CuNi2Si/CW111C CuNi2SiCr CuNi3 CuNi30 CuNi30 cast CuNi30Cr2FeMnSi-C CuNi30Fe CuNi30Fe1Mn1-C CuNi30Fe1Mn1NbSi-C CuNi30Fe2Mn2 CuNi30Mn CuNi30Mn1Fe CuNi30Mn1Fe flat CuNi30Mn1Fe tube CuNi30Mn3 CuNi32Ti2 CuNi32Zn8 CuNi3Si CuNi3Si1 CuNi3Si1Mg CuNi3Sn1Si CuNi44 CuNi44Mn CuNi44Mn1 CuNi44Mn1-F35 CuNi44Mn3 CuNi45 CuNi45Mn CuNi5 CuNi5Fe CuNi5Fe1Mn CuNi5SiCr CuNi5Sn5Zn2 CuNi6 CuNi7,5Sn5Te CuNi70/30 CuNi7Si1,5Cr CuNi7Zn39Mn5Pb3 CuNi7Zn39Pb3Mn2 CuNi8 CuNi8Zn25Pb2 CuNi9Sn2 CuNi9Sn6 CuNi9Sn6Pb CuNiBe CuNiBe0,5 tr CuNiCrSi CuNiP CuNiPb0,5P CuNiSn CuNiTi CuOFS CuP7Sn CuP8 CuPP12 CuPb1 CuPb10Sn CuPb10Sn10 CuPb15Sn CuPb15Sn/2.1182 CuPb15Sn7 CuPb15Sn8 CuPb17Sn5 CuPb1P CuPb20Sn CuPb20Sn2 CuPb20Sn4 CuPb20Sn5 CuPb24Sn CuPb24Sn4 CuPb30 CuPb40 CuPb5Sn CuPb5Sn10 CuPb5Sn5Zn5 CuPb8Sn8 CuRD CuS CuS-P0,01 CuS-P0,03 CuSP CuSi1 CuSi2Mn CuSi3 CuSi3Fe2Zn3 CuSi3FeZn CuSi3Mn CuSi3Mn1 CuSi4Mn CuSi4Mn1 CuSn CuSn0,15 CuSn0,2 CuSn0,3 CuSn0,5Ni CuSn0,6 CuSn1 CuSn1,3 CuSn10 CuSn10-B CuSn10-C CuSn10-C-GZ CuSn10P CuSn10Pb10 CuSn10Pb10+Ni2 CuSn10Pb10-B CuSn10Pb10-C CuSn10Pb5 CuSn10Zn CuSn10Zn2 CuSn11P CuSn11P-C CuSn11Pb2-C CuSn12 CuSn12-B CuSn12-C CuSn12-C-GC CuSn12-C-GM CuSn12-C-GP CuSn12-C-GS CuSn12-C-GZ CuSn12N CuSn12Ni CuSn12Ni1 CuSn12Ni2 CuSn12Ni2-C CuSn12P CuSn12Pb CuSn12Zn1 CuSn12s CuSn13Pb0.5 CuSn14 CuSn16Ni2 CuSn16P CuSn16Si3,5 CuSn16Si4/CB761S CuSn19P-C CuSn1MnSi CuSn2 CuSn2 F26 CuSn2Ni1 CuSn2ZnPb CuSn35 CuSn3Zn8Pb5-C CuSn3Zn9 CuSn3Zn9Pb5 CuSn4 CuSn4+ CuSn4P CuSn4Pb2P CuSn4Pb4Zn3 CuSn4Pb4Zn4 CuSn4Te1P CuSn4Zn CuSn4Zn1 CuSn4Zn2 CuSn4Zn4 CuSn4Zn4Pb4 CuSn4Zn4Pb4P CuSn4ZnPb CuSn5 CuSn5/CW451K CuSn5Cd1 CuSn5P CuSn5Pb1 CuSn5Pb1P CuSn5Pb20 CuSn5Pb20-B CuSn5Pb20-C CuSn5Pb3 CuSn5Pb9-B CuSn5Pb9-C CuSn5PbP CuSn5Zn4 CuSn5Zn5Pb2-B CuSn5Zn5Pb2-C CuSn5Zn5Pb2-C-GC CuSn5Zn5Pb5 CuSn5Zn5Pb5-B CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C CuSn5ZnPb CuSn6 CuSn6F35 CuSn6P CuSn6Zn CuSn6Zn4Pb2-C CuSn6Zn6 CuSn6Zn6-F61 CuSn6Zn6-F76 CuSn6ZnNi CuSn7Ni5Zn3 CuSn7Pb15 CuSn7Pb15-B CuSn7Pb15-C CuSn7Pb3Zn3 CuSn7Pb6Zn3 CuSn7Pb6Zn4 CuSn7PbP CuSn7Zn2Pb3-B CuSn7Zn2Pb3-C CuSn7Zn4Pb7-B CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C CuSn7Zn5Pb4 CuSn8 CuSn8 Adv. CuSn8+ CuSn8/1 CuSn8Ni3P CuSn8P CuSn8PPb CuSn8Pb15 CuSn8Pb15Ni CuSn8Pb2 CuSn8Pb4Zn1 CuSn8PbP CuSn8Zn2 CuSn8s CuSn9,5P CuSn9P bar CuSn9P flats CuSn9P[bar] CuSn9P[flats] CuSnTe CuTe CuTeP CuW50 CuW55 CuW60 CuW65 CuW70 CuW75 CuW80 CuW85 CuW90 CuZn0,5 CuZn10 CuZn12Si4Y40 CuZn13 CuZn13Al1Ni1Si1 CuZn14Al5FeMnY40 CuZn14AlNiSi CuZn15 CuZn15As-C CuZn15Si4 CuZn16Si2Pb1 CuZn16Si4 CuZn16Si4-B CuZn16Si4-C CuZn17Si3 CuZn19Al6 CuZn19Al6MnFe CuZn19Pb1/CW611N CuZn19Sn CuZn2 CuZn20 CuZn20Al CuZn20Al1 CuZn20Al2 CuZn20Al2As CuZn20Pb CuZn21Al2As CuZn21Si3 CuZn21Si3P CuZn21Si3P/CW724R CuZn22Al2 CuZn23Al3Co CuZn23Al4 CuZn23Al4-F CuZn23Al4-M CuZn23Al4MnFeNi CuZn23Al6Mn4Fe3 CuZn23Al6Mn4Fe3-F78 CuZn23Al6Mn4Fe3Pb CuZn24Sn1 CuZn25 CuZn25Al5 CuZn25Al5Fe2Mn2Pb CuZn25Al5Fe3Mn2 CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3-C CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 CuZn25Pb3Sn2 CuZn26Al6Mn3Fe2Ni1,5 CuZn27Mn3Al2Y40 CuZn28 CuZn28Sn CuZn28Sn1 CuZn28Sn1As CuZn29As CuZn29Sn1 CuZn29Sn1As CuZn30 CuZn30Al CuZn30Al5FeMnNi CuZn30AlFeMn CuZn30Ar CuZn30As CuZn31Si1 CuZn31Si1 F49 CuZn32 CuZn32Al2Mn2Fe1-C CuZn32Pb1 CuZn32Pb2AsFeSi CuZn33 CuZn33Pb CuZn33Pb1,5AlAs CuZn33Pb1AlSiAs CuZn33Pb2-C CuZn33Pb2Si-C CuZn34Al2 CuZn34Mn3Al2Fe1-C CuZn34Pb2 CuZn34Si1-Y40 CuZn35 CuZn35Ag25 CuZn35Al1 CuZn35AlFeMn CuZn35Mn2Al1Fe1-C CuZn35Ni CuZn35Ni2 CuZn35Ni3Mn2AlPb CuZn35Pb1 CuZn35Pb1,5AlAs CuZn35Pb2 CuZn35Pb2/CW601N CuZn35Pb2Al-C CuZn36 CuZn36 F37 CuZn36 F70 CuZn36/CW507L CuZn36Ni2 CuZn36Ni2Mn CuZn36Ni3 CuZn36Pb CuZn36Pb1 CuZn36Pb1,5 CuZn36Pb2As CuZn36Pb2As/CW602N CuZn36Pb2Sn1 CuZn36Pb3 CuZn36Pb3/CW603N CuZn36Sn1Pb CuZn37 CuZn37Ag12 CuZn37Al CuZn37Al1 CuZn37Al1-C CuZn37Mn3Al2PbSi CuZn37Mn3Al2Si CuZn37Mn4Fe1Sn1 CuZn37Pb0,5 CuZn37Pb1 CuZn37Pb1Sn1 CuZn37Pb2 CuZn37Pb2/CW606N CuZn37Pb2Ni1AlFe-C CuZn37Si CuZn37Sn1Pb1 CuZn38Al CuZn38Al-B CuZn38Al-C CuZn38Al1Fe1Mn1 CuZn38AlFeNiPbSn CuZn38As CuZn38As/CW511L CuZn38Mn1Al CuZn38Mn2NiSi CuZn38Pb CuZn38Pb1 CuZn38Pb1 F35 CuZn38Pb1,5 CuZn38Pb2 CuZn38Pb4 CuZn38Sn1 CuZn38Sn1As CuZn38SnAl CuZn39,5 CuZn39AlFeMn CuZn39Fe1Sn1MnNiSi CuZn39Mn1AlPbSi CuZn39Mn1SiSn CuZn39Pb0 CuZn39Pb0,5 CuZn39Pb0,8 CuZn39Pb1 CuZn39Pb1/CW611N CuZn39Pb1Al-C CuZn39Pb1AlB-C CuZn39Pb2 CuZn39Pb2/CW608N CuZn39Pb2/CW612N CuZn39Pb2Sn CuZn39Pb3 CuZn39Pb3/CW614N CuZn39Pb3Sn CuZn39Sn CuZn39Sn1 CuZn40 CuZn40 02 CuZn40 423220 CuZn40 Y40 CuZn40/CW509L CuZn40Al1 CuZn40Al1 F44 CuZn40Al1 F51 CuZn40Al2 CuZn40Al2 F54 CuZn40AlMn1 CuZn40Fe CuZn40Fe1Sn1MnSi CuZn40FeSiSn CuZn40Mn CuZn40Mn1,5 CuZn40Mn1Pb CuZn40Mn1Pb-F39 CuZn40Mn1Pb-F44 CuZn40Mn1Pb1 CuZn40Mn1Pb1AlFeSn CuZn40Mn1Pb1FeSn CuZn40Mn2 CuZn40Mn2Fe1 CuZn40Mn3Al1 CuZn40MnPb CuZn40MnSi CuZn40MnSiSn CuZn40Pb CuZn40Pb1Al CuZn40Pb2 CuZn40Pb2/CW617N CuZn40Pb2Al CuZn40Pb2Sn CuZn40Pb2Sn/CW619N CuZn40Pb3 CuZn40Si CuZn40SiSn CuZn40Sn1 CuZn40Sn1MnNiSi CuZn40V CuZn40Y40 CuZn41Pb1Al CuZn41PbAl CuZn42 CuZn42/CW510L CuZn42Pb2 CuZn42PbAl CuZn43Mn4Pb3Fe CuZn43Pb1Al CuZn43Pb2 CuZn43Pb2Al CuZn44Pb2 CuZn45Mn4Pb3Fe1 CuZn4Sn1 CuZn5 CuZn50Mn3Fe CuZn6Si4 CuZn7Pb2Zn3-C CuZn9.5Sn2 CuZr CuZr-F35 CuZr/CW120C CuZr0,1 Cuivre "ELECTRO" Cunifer 20 Cuprasil-95 CyTemp CY-40 Cyclops 19-9-DL D D 61 D nickel D schiffbaustahl D-2 D-205 alloy D-2B D-2C D-2M D-3 D-3A D-5B D-5S D-9 D-979 D-CAV D-X40Ni38Cr18Si D00 D01 D05 D06 D06-1 D07 D08 D1 D10 D10-2 D102SC D12 D125 D12S D15-2 D15S D16 D16-8-2-15 D16-8-2-16 D16ch D18 D19S D1N1 D1N2 D1N3 D1Q1 D1Q2 D1Q3 D1S D1SS D1a D2 D2 mod. D20 D20-2 D220 D226 D230 D230 EXTRA D230/AC44300 D240 D25 AEF D25-2 D25T D2A D2M D2S D3 D3 casting D30 AEF D30-2 D302 D307-15 D307-16 D308-15 D308-16 D308L-15 D308L-16 D308MoL-15 D309-15 D309-16 D309L-15 D309L-16 D309Mo-15 D309Mo-16 D309MoL-16 D309Nb-15 D309Nb-16 D309NbL-15 D309NbL-16 D310 D310-15 D310-16 D310Mo-15 D310Mo-16 D312-15 D312-16 D316-15 D316-16 D316J1L-15 D316J1L-16 D316L-15 D316L-16 D317-15 D317-16 D317L-15 D317L-16 D318-15 D318-16 D319 D319L D32 D32 schiffbaustahl D320 D329J1-15 D329J1-16 D330 D33028-2 D330G D34 AEF D347-15 D347-16 D347L-15 D347L-16 D349-xx D35 D35-2 D357-T6 D357.0 D36 D36 schiffbaustahl D360-16 D38 D3A D3M D3S D3SS D4 D40 D40 AEF D40-2 D4018 D404 D406 D408 D410-15 D410-16 D410VNb-15 D410VNb-16 D43 D430-15 D430-16 D4301 D430Nb-15 D430Nb-16 D4311 D4313 D4324 D43A D45 D45-2 D4512 D470 D48 D4A D4S D5 D5 casting D5-2 D50 D50-2 D500 D5016 D502 D5026 D50400 D50500 D50600 D50850 D50950 D50A D50S D51150 D51250 D51350 D51450 D51500 D51501 D51800 D51801 D51M D52100 D52101 D53-2 D53-3 D5316 D54S D55 D55 AEF D55-2 D55-3 D5506 D56A D58 D58-2 D58-3 D5816 D5A D6 D6-2 D60-2 D60-3 D60A D612 D625 D63 D63-2 D63-3 D630-15 D65 D65-2 D65-3 D65S D68-2 D68-3 D68A D690 D6A D6AC D6NM D7 D70-2 D70-3 D7003 D712 D712.0 D712.2 D73-2 D73-3 D73.3 D74S D75 D75-2 D75-3 D78-2 D78-3 D8-2 D80 D80-2 D80-3 D8016 D80A D83 D83-2 D83-3 D85 D85-2 D85-3 D88-2 D88-3 D88A D9 D95-2 D95-3 D95A D9Ni-1 D9Ni-2 DA 6 DA 652 DA05 DA16 DA401 DA601 DAC DAG DAIRY METAL DAMASCUS DART DAUPHIN 80MO8 DAUPHIN DNH5 DAUPHIN DNH6 DAUPHIN DNH7 DAUPHIN DNH9 DAUPHIN DNO14 DAUPHIN DNO4 DB1S DBC DBL-3 DC01 DC01 AFCS DC01 LC DC01/CR4 DC01EK DC01EK AFCS DC03 DC03 AFCS DC03 LC DC03ED DC03ED TiVac DC03ED/1.0399 DC04 DC04 AFCS DC04 LC DC04ED DC04ED TiVac DC04ED/1.0394 DC04EK DC04EK AFCS DC05 DC05 AFCS DC05 LC DC06 DC06 AFCS DC06 LC DC06ED DC06EK DC06EK AFCS DC11 DC2 DC3 DC53 DCB1 DCB3 DCB3a fine grained DCM DCM-PREMIUM DCM44G DCMV58 DCV DCu DCuAl DCuAlNi DCuNi-1 DCuNi-3 DCuSiA DCuSiB DCuSnA DCuSnB DD DD11 DD11 EN 10111 DD12 DD12 EN 10111 DD12G1 DD13 DD13 AM FCE DD14 DD15 DD15 AFCS DD1S DDK-35.3 DDK-40.3 DDK-42 DDK-50 DDK-60 DDK-70 DDK-80 DDL-15 DDL-20 DDL-25 DDL-30 DDL-35 DDOK-Ni13Mn7 DDOK-Ni20Cr2 DDOK-Ni20Cr3 DDOK-Ni20Si5Cr2 DDOK-Ni22 DDOK-Ni23Mn4 DDOK-Ni30Cr1 DDOK-Ni30Cr3 DDOK-Ni30Si5Cr5 DDOK-Ni35 DDOK-Ni35Cr3 DDOL-Ni13Mn7 DDOL-Ni15Cu6Cr2 DDOL-Ni15Cu6Cr3 DDOL-Ni20Cr2 DDOL-Ni20Cr3 DDOL-Ni20Si5Cr3 DDOL-Ni30Cr3 DDOL-Ni30Si5Cr5 DDOL-Ni35 DDTB-35 DDTB-40 DDTB-45 DDTB-55 DDTB-65 DDTB-K38 DDTS-35 DDTS-45 DDTS-55 DDTS-65 DDTS-70 DE 420 DE 50 DE 51 DE 550 DE 56 DE 58 DE 59 DE 60 DE 65 DE 71 DE 76 DE-DMo5 DE1S DE53 DE54 DE57 DE61 DE63 DE64 DE68 DE70 DEAN ANC16 DEAN HTB1 DEAN N10 DEAN N12 DEAN N17 DECLAFOR 1015 DECO DECOLTAL 200 DECOLTAL 500 DEF STAN 01-8 GrU DEF STAN 01-8/1 NA DEF STAN 02-830.1 DEF STAN 02-833 DEF STAN 95-15/2 DEF-13-B Gr5G DEF-13-B Gr6C DEGUSSA 1203 DEHON 35 DEHON D30 DEHON D40 DELCROME 253 DELTA CA10 DELTA CA12 DELTA CA18 DELTA CA19 DELTA CA23 DELTA CA3 DELTALLOY 4032 DELTAMAX DENSALLOY DEV88 DEW 1.4028 DEW 1.4037 DEW 1.4546 DEW 1.4939 DEW 1.7160 DEX20 DEX40 DF 42N DF-2 DF-3 DF16CN DF20B DF25CrMo4 DF34Cr4 DF34CrMo4 DF34CrNiMo6 DF35 DF35B DF38B DF42CrMo4 DF45 DF47N DF8 DFCC1 DFCCI DFCFe DFCNi DFCNiCu DFCNiFe DFMB DFMC-S DFO110SVA DFO95 supervitac DG CLA7 DG-AlSi8Cu3Fe DGA DGS 320A DGS 8454 DGS1043 DGS1044 DGS129 DGS229 DGS348 DGS357 DGS361A DGS8452A DGS8453A DH DH11 DH13 high quality DH32 DH32 grade DH36 DH36 grade DH62 DH72 DHA1 DHE 229 DHE 304 DHE 310 DHE 311 DHE 312 DHP DHPS DHT3 DI 65-45-12 DI-MC 355B DI-MC 355T DI-MC 420B DI-MC 420T DI-MC 460B DI-MC 460T DIAMANT 14S DIAMANT 400 DIAMANT 700 DIEHL 356 DIEHL 362 DIEHL 451 DIEHL 452 DIEHL 453 DIEHL 456 DIEHL 457 DIEHL 466 DIEHL 469 DIEVAR DILATON 20-6 DILATON 28-21 DILATON 29-18 DILATON 36 DILATON 41 DILATON 41Ti DILATON 42 DILATON 46 DILATON 47 DILATON 48 DILATON 48Cr6 DILATON 50 DILATON 51 DILATON 51Cr1 DILATON 54 DILLIDUR 200U DILLIDUR 225U DILLIDUR 250L DILLIDUR 275SF DILLIDUR 275SFX DILLIDUR 275U DILLIDUR 280L DILLIDUR 325L DILLIDUR 400V DILLIDUR 450V DILLIDUR 500V DILLIMAX 1100 DILLIMAX 460B DILLIMAX 460E DILLIMAX 460T DILLIMAX 500B DILLIMAX 500E DILLIMAX 500T DILLIMAX 550B DILLIMAX 550E DILLIMAX 550T DILLIMAX 620B DILLIMAX 620E DILLIMAX 620T DILLIMAX 690E DILLIMAX 690T DILLIMAX 890B DILLIMAX 890E DILLIMAX 890T DILLIMAX 965B DILLIMAX 965T DILLINAL 32/26AT DILLINAL 37/26 DILLINAL 37/26E DILLINAL 37/26W DILLINAL 375 DILLINAL 40-29AT DILLINAL 40/29 DILLINAL 40/29E DILLINAL 40/29W DILLINAL 45-32AT DILLINAL 45-32W DILLINAL 45/32 DILLINAL 45/32E DILLINAL 50-36W DILLINAL 50/36 DILLINAL 50/36AT DILLINAL 50/36E DILLINAL 51-39 DILLINAL 51-39AT DILLINAL 51/39E DILLINAL 51/39W DILLINAL 55-43AT DILLINAL 55-43W DILLINAL 55/43 DILLINAL 55/43E DILLINAL 58-47AT DILLINAL 58-47W DILLINAL 58/47 DILLINAL 58/47E DILVER 0 DILVER O DILVER P DILVER P1 DIMARINE 36A DIMARINE 36D DIMARINE 36E DIMO 2311 DIMO 2738 DIN 1.4408 DIN 1.4849 DIN 1013.1 DIN 11850 DIN 12CrMo19.5/Z DIN 1614.1 DIN 1614.2 DIN 1615 DIN 1623.2 DIN 1623.3 DIN 1624 DIN 1626 DIN 1628 DIN 1629 DIN 1630 DIN 1651 DIN 1652.1 DIN 1652.3 DIN 1652.4 DIN 1654.1 DIN 1654.2 DIN 1654.3 DIN 1654.4 DIN 1654.5 DIN 1681 DIN 1691 DIN 1692 DIN 1693 DIN 1694 DIN 1695 DIN 1700 DIN 17006 DIN 17006.4 DIN 17007 DIN 17007.4 DIN 1702 DIN 1705 DIN 1706 DIN 1707 DIN 1709 DIN 17100 DIN 17102 DIN 17103 DIN 17111 DIN 17115 DIN 1712.1 DIN 1712.3 DIN 17120 DIN 17121 DIN 17123 DIN 17124 DIN 17125 DIN 17135 DIN 1714 DIN 17140 DIN 17145 DIN 1715.1 DIN 17155 DIN 1716 DIN 17172 DIN 17173 DIN 17174 DIN 17175 DIN 17176 DIN 17177 DIN 17178 DIN 17179 DIN 17182 DIN 17200 DIN 17201 DIN 17204 DIN 17205 DIN 17210 DIN 17211 DIN 17212 DIN 17221 DIN 17222 DIN 17223.1 DIN 17223.2 DIN 17224 DIN 17225 DIN 17230 DIN 17240 DIN 17243 DIN 17245 DIN 1725.1 DIN 1725.2 DIN 1725.3 DIN 1725.4 DIN 1725.5 DIN 17280 DIN 1729.1 DIN 1729.2 DIN 17350 DIN 1736.1 DIN 17405 DIN 1741 DIN 1742 DIN 1743.1 DIN 1743.2 DIN 17440 DIN 17441 DIN 17442 DIN 17443 DIN 17445 DIN 17455 DIN 17456 DIN 17457 DIN 17458 DIN 17459 DIN 17460 DIN 17465 DIN 17470 DIN 17471 DIN 17480 DIN 17655 DIN 17660 DIN 17662 DIN 17663 DIN 17664 DIN 17665 DIN 17666 DIN 17670 DIN 17671 DIN 17672 DIN 17674 DIN 17675 DIN 17677 DIN 17682 DIN 17730 DIN 17740 DIN 17741 DIN 17742 DIN 17743 DIN 17744 DIN 17745 DIN 17750 DIN 17751 DIN 17752 DIN 17753 DIN 17754 DIN 17770 DIN 17800 DIN 1784 DIN 1785 DIN 17850 DIN 17851 DIN 17860 DIN 17861 DIN 17862 DIN 17863 DIN 17864 DIN 17865 DIN 17866 DIN 1787 DIN 21544 DIN 226A DIN 226B DIN 230 DIN 230A DIN 230B DIN 231A DIN 231B DIN 233B DIN 235 DIN 235B DIN 2391 DIN 2393 DIN 2394 DIN 2395 DIN 239A DIN 239B DIN 242B DIN 243 DIN 243B DIN 244 DIN 2440 DIN 2441 DIN 2442 DIN 2448 DIN 244B DIN 245 DIN 2462 DIN 2462.2 DIN 2463 DIN 2464 DIN 2528 DIN 2605.1 DIN 28180 DIN 29783 DIN 32528 DIN 329 DIN 329B DIN 40500 DIN 41301 DIN 44759 DIN 46400.1 DIN 488 DIN 488.1 DIN 5512.1 DIN 5512.2 DIN 5512.3 DIN 5512.4 DIN 59130 DIN 59410 DIN 59470 DIN 59755 DIN 65021 DIN 65038.1 DIN 65038.2 DIN 671 DIN 8513 DIN 8556.1 DIN 8557 DIN EN 10111 DD11 DIN ISO5832.1 DIN ISO5832.9 DIN1654/4 42CrMo4 DIN17115/21Mn5 DIN17222/67SiCr5 DIN2391 DINC DIRO-100Cr6 DIRO-100CrMn6 DIRO-100CrMo73 DIRO-10CrMo9-10 DIRO-11CrMo9-10 DIRO-13CrMo44 DIRO-14NiCr14 DIRO-15CrMoV59 DIRO-15CrNi6 DIRO-15Mo3 DIRO-16MnCr5 DIRO-17CrNiMo6 DIRO-18CrNi8 DIRO-19Mn5 DIRO-20Mn5 DIRO-20Mn6 DIRO-20MnCr5 DIRO-21CrMoNiV4.7 DIRO-24CrMo5 DIRO-25CRMO4 DIRO-26CrMo4 DIRO-28NiCrMoV10 DIRO-30CrMoV9 DIRO-30CrNiMo8 DIRO-30Mn5 DIRO-32CrMo12 DIRO-34Cr4 DIRO-34CrAlNi7 DIRO-34CrMo4 DIRO-37Cr4 DIRO-37MnSi5 DIRO-41Cr4 DIRO-41CrMo4 DIRO-42CrMo4 DIRO-49CrMo4 DIRO-50CrMo4 DIRO-51CrV4 DIRO-55NiCrMoV6 DIRO-56NiCrMoV7 DIRO-58CrMoV4 DIRO-58CrV4 DIRO-ASt35 DIRO-ASt41 DIRO-C10 DIRO-C15 DIRO-C22 DIRO-C22.8 DIRO-C22E DIRO-C35 DIRO-C35E DIRO-C45 DIRO-C45E DIRO-C55 DIRO-C60 DIRO-C67 DIRO-CV58Z DIRO-Cf35 DIRO-Cf45 DIRO-Cf53 DIRO-Cf70 DIRO-Ck10 DIRO-Ck15 DIRO-Ck22 DIRO-Ck35 DIRO-Ck45 DIRO-Ck55 DIRO-Ck60 DIRO-P250GH DIRO-X46Cr13 DIRO18NiCrMo146 DIROS 355 DIROS 500 DISCALOY 16-25-6 DIWA 353 DIWA 373 DIWA 393 DIWETEN 235 DIWETEN 355 DJ1 DJ2 DJ5 DK 260 DK 340 DK 380 DK 420 DK-10 DK-3 DK4 DKS DL-L CuZn40 DL5016-6AP2 DL5026-6AP1 DLP DLPS DM DM1 DM3 DM3Co DM3X DM4 DM45 DM51 DM55Co DM7 DMA48 DMAT13 DMAT14 DMC-100 DMC-200 DMC-202 DMC-30 DMC-337 DMC-41 DMC-43 DMC-44 DMC-47 DMD 0113-20 DMD 0172-21 DMD 0174 DMD 0230 DMD 0401-32 DMD 041 DMD 0421-32 DMD 0423-32 DMD 0425-43B DMD 0429-32 DMD 0432-32 DMD 0437-32 DMD 0472-32 DMD 0532-27 DMD 0556 DMD 0574 DMD 111 DMD 119-20 DMD 175-20 DMD 180 DMD 200-45 DMD 222-23 DMD 226-20 DMD 229-21 DMD 235 DMD 241-44 DMD 258 DMD 258-45 DMD 274-22 DMD 275-23 DMD 276-22 DMD 276-45 DMD 276-45F DMD 277-23 DMD 280-20 DMD 284-20 DMD 285-23 DMD 285-44 DMD 287-20 DMD 408-23 DMD 415-22 DMD 422-23 DMD 422-44 DMD 424-22 DMD 426-22 DMD 436-23 DMD 442-22 DMD 442-45 DMD 446-44 DMD 491-22 DMD 491-23 DMD 536 DMD 576-26 DMD 605-28 DMD 675-22 DMD 677 DMD 677-28 DMD 679-28 DMD 703-25 DMD 776-24 DMD 9003 DMD 9013-32 DMM DMO-IG DMR 34.071 DMR34-070 DMR34-071C DMR35-302 DMR35-304 DMR35-305 DMR35-307 DMR35-322 DMS DMS 127 DMS 1536 DMS 1555 DMS 1570 DMS 1592 DMS 1841 DMS 1879 DMS 1887 DMS 1891 DMS 1935 DMS 2050 DMS 2098 DMS 2100 DMS 2116 DMS 2233 DMS 2237 DMS 2241 DMS 2257 DMS 2275 DMS 2284 DMV 18.5 DMV 200 DMV 201 DMV 22.5 DMV 23-4 DMV 25-22-2 DMV 25-7 DMV 25-7Cu DMV 25-7NCu DMV 25.7 N DMV 304 DMV 304 HCu DMV 304H DMV 304L DMV 304LN DMV 306Si DMV 309 DMV 310H DMV 310N DMV 310S DMV 316 DMV 316 LUG DMV 316H DMV 316L DMV 316LMoS DMV 316LN DMV 316MoS DMV 316Ti DMV 317L DMV 321 DMV 321 H DMV 321H DMV 347 DMV 347 HFG DMV 347H DMV 400 DMV 410 DMV 420 DMV 430 DMV 430/620R DMV 4439 DMV 446 DMV 4713 DMV 4724 DMV 4828 DMV 4835 DMV 4841 DMV 4910 DMV 4961 DMV 4981 DMV 4988 DMV 50 DMV 500 DMV 59 DMV 600H DMV 600L DMV 601 DMV 617 DMV 625 DMV 675 DMV 690 DMV 800 DMV 800H DMV 800HT DMV 800L DMV 8020 DMV 825 DMV 904 DMV 920 DMV 924 DMV 926 DMV 928 DMV 931 DMV 954 DMV AC66 DMV C-22 DMV C-276 DMV C4 DMV DS DMV G2 DMV G3 DMV G50 DMV HX DMV Ti1 DMV Ti2 DMV Ti3 DMV Zr702 DMV Zr704 DMV83 DMo 5 C DMo5 DMo5Co DMo5CoS DMo5V DN CUNI10 DN CUNI23 DN-CUNi6 DNH 6 DNH5 DNH6 DNH7 DNH7 Dauphin DNH9 DNI DNO14 DNO4 DNP-Cu DNi-1 DNiCrFe-1 DNiCrFe-2 DNiCrFe-3 DNiCrMo-2 DNiCrMo-3 DNiCrMo-4 DNiCrMo-5 DNiCu-1 DNiCu-7 DNiMo-1 DOA DOCOL 20MnB5 DOCOL 220BH DOCOL 220RP DOCOL 220YP DOCOL 260BH DOCOL 260LA DOCOL 260RP DOCOL 27MnCrB5 DOCOL 280YP DOCOL 300BH DOCOL 300LA DOCOL 300RP DOCOL 30MnB5 DOCOL 33MnCrB5 DOCOL 340LA DOCOL 380LA DOCOL 38MnB5 DOCOL 39MnCrB6 DOCOL 420LA DOCOL 490XP DOCOL 4D DOCOL Form 06 DOD-C-24676 DOD-C-24689 R30001 DOD-C-24689A comp.20 DOD-F-24669/1 DOD-F-24669/5 S30260 DOFASCOLOY DOMAZINC DOMEX 014 B DOMEX 014 BOR DOMEX 024 B DOMEX 024 BOR DOMEX 034BOR DOMEX 20MnB5 DOMEX 240YPB DOMEX 240YPC DOMEX 240YPD DOMEX 280YP DOMEX 280YPB DOMEX 280YPC DOMEX 280YPD DOMEX 310YP DOMEX 350W DOMEX 350YP DOMEX 350YPB DOMEX 350YPC DOMEX 350YPD DOMEX 390YP DOMEX 390YPB DOMEX 420YP DOMEX 460 DOMEX 550 DOMEX 590XP DOMEX 640XP DOMEX 690XP DOMINIAL Q10 DOMINIAL TQ1 DONA DORECO DORNACH CuAg0,1P DOSA DOUBLE SIX DOVE DOWA 194 DOWA C19720 DOWA C663 DP 155 DP 26 DP 56 DP-28W DP-3 DP-8 DP1 DP11A DP3 DP3W DP8 DP84 DPA DPTE DR DR 34 DR 44 DR-Al99,5 DR-Al99,5Ti DR-Al99,8 DR-AlBz8 DR-AlBz8Ni2 DR-AlMg3 DR-AlMg4,5Mn DR-AlMg4,5MnZr DR-CuAg DR-CuNi30Fe DR-CuSi3 DR-CuSn DR-CuSn12 DR-CuSn6 DR-DRAHPOLLIT 12 DR-DRAHPOLLIT 6 DR-E 4620 B DR-E ALBRO DR-E ALBRO Mn S DR-E AR 11 160 DR-E B 12 160 DR-E CrMo1 B DR-E CrMo1 T DR-E CrMo2 B DR-E DRAHPOLLOY C DR-E NiMo 60 DR-E4459MoT DR-E4502B DR-E4551T DR-E4648B DR-E4653B DR-E4829T DR-E4842T DR-EAl99,5 DR-EAlMn DR-EAlSi12 DR-EAlSi5 DR-EB DR-ENi100 DR-ENiCu DR-ENiFe55/45 DR-ER DR-GI DR-GII DR-GIII DR-GIV DR-GV DR-LAg12Cd DR-LAg18P DR-LAg2P DR-LCuNi10Zn42 DR-LCuSnP7 DR-LCuZn39Sn DR-LCuZn40 DR-S1 DR-S2Ni2 DR-S3Mo DR-SD 0323 DR-SD 4403 DR-SG 4502 DR-SG1 DR-SG2 DR-SG2Ni DR-SG3 DR-SG4155 DR-SG4351 DR-SG4440 DR-SG4626 DR-SG4656 DR-SG4820 DR-SG600 DR-SGCrMo1 DR-SGCrMo2 DR-SGCrMo5 DR-SGCrMo9 DR-SGMo DR-SGNi2,5 DR-WOLFRAM WC20 DR-WOLFRAM WL10 DR-WOLFRAM WL20 DR-WOLFRAM WP DR-WOLFRAM WT10 DR-WOLFRAM WT20 DR-WOLFRAM WT30 DR-WOLFRAM WT40 DR-WOLFRAM WZ8 DRA DRAHPO 1.0414 DRAHPO 1.0502 DRAHPO 1.0504 DRAHPO D10-2 DRAHPO Ni6012 DRAHPO Ni6052 DRB DRU 1308 DRU 1437 DRU 1438 DRU 1507 DRU 1508 DRU 1580 DRU 1587 DRU1323 DRZ brass DS DS 11301 DS 11303 DS 3002 DS 4162 DS 4163 DS 4244 DS 4251 DS 4253 DS 4254 DS 4261 DS 4438 DS 5112 DS 5140 DS 5144 DS 5165 DS 5167 DS 5253 DS 5428 DS 5445 DS 5465-15 DS 5640 DS 7020 DS 7030 DS Nickel DS typeA DS typeB DS95 DSA-Spezial DSC-3N DSTU 2484 DSTU 2651 DSTU 3474 DSW DT-1.4115 DT-1.4459 DT-2.0837 DT-2.0873 DT-CuAg DT-CuAl8 DT-CuSn6 DT-CuZn40 DT-GV DT-NiFe DT-NiMo DT-S1 DT-SG CrMo5 DT1216 DT2316 DT2318 DT2418 DT2516 DT29 DT36 DT5005A DTC-W DTC/ARK DTCARW DTCB DTD 306 DTD 5076 DTD M239 DTD1 DTD100 DTD10D DTD113 DTD118 DTD12 DTD124A DTD126A DTD130B DTD131B DTD137A DTD138A DTD141 DTD142 DTD144 DTD150 DTD150A DTD156 DTD161A DTD164A DTD166 DTD167 DTD167A DTD171 DTD174A DTD176 DTD18 DTD187A DTD188A DTD189A DTD19 DTD196A DTD197 DTD197A DTD197A/CA104 DTD2 DTD200B DTD207 DTD21 DTD211 DTD215A DTD22 DTD233 DTD239 DTD246B DTD246C DTD247 DTD253 DTD254 DTD255 DTD259A DTD265 DTD265A DTD281 DTD285 DTD289 DTD293 DTD297 DTD297A DTD299 DTD3 DTD319 DTD324A DTD328A DTD331 DTD364 DTD364B DTD372B DTD4 DTD410 DTD412 DTD42 DTD43 S130 DTD463 DTD473 DTD4732A DTD4733A DTD4734A DTD4735A DTD4782A DTD4795A DTD4797 DTD480 DTD4805 DTD485 DTD4865 DTD490 DTD493 DTD498 DTD49B DTD500 DTD5002 DTD5003 DTD5004A DTD5005 DTD5005A DTD5006 DTD5007 DTD5008B DTD5010 DTD5012 DTD5013 DTD5014 DTD5014A DTD5015 DTD5015 ingot DTD5015A DTD5015A ingot DTD5016 DTD5017 DTD5018A DTD5019 DTD5020 DTD5021 DTD5022 DTD5023 DTD5024 DTD5025 DTD5025A DTD5026 DTD5027 DTD5028 DTD5030A DTD5031 DTD5035 DTD5035A DTD5036 DTD5037 DTD504 DTD5040A DTD5041 DTD5041A DTD5042 DTD5043 DTD5043B DTD5044 DTD5045 DTD5046 DTD5047 DTD5050 DTD5055 DTD5057 DTD5060 DTD5063 DTD5066 DTD5067 DTD5070 DTD5073 DTD5074 DTD5077 DTD5080 DTD5081 DTD5082 DTD5084A DTD5086 DTD5087 DTD5090 DTD5091 DTD5094 DTD5100A DTD5101 DTD5103 DTD5104A DTD5110 DTD5111 DTD5114 DTD5120 DTD5122 DTD5122A DTD5123 DTD5124 DTD5130 DTD5133 DTD5153 DTD5163 DTD5172 DTD5173 DTD5183 DTD519 DTD5192 DTD5193 DTD5203 DTD5212 DTD5213 DTD5222 DTD5223 DTD5232 DTD5233 DTD525 DTD5269 DTD5273 DTD5279 DTD5283 DTD529 DTD529/S.126 DTD5293 DTD5299 DTD5303 DTD5309 DTD5313 DTD5323 DTD5343 DTD5363 DTD546 DTD549 DTD5636 DTD5638 DTD5639 DTD57 DTD59 DTD5B DTD600 DTD603 DTD606 DTD610 DTD619 DTD650 DTD703B DTD708 DTD715 DTD716B DTD717A DTD721A DTD722B DTD725 DTD727B DTD730 DTD731 DTD731B DTD735B DTD736 DTD737 DTD743 DTD745A DTD747 DTD748 DTD76 DTD78A DTD8 DTD82A DTD88 DTD89 DTD91 DTP 2214 DU3 DUAL PHASE DUCTISAFE 38C2FF DUMET DUMET 42 DUMET 42/24 DUMET wires DUPLEX DUPLEX 19-05 DUPLEX 2202 DUPLEX 2205 DUPLEX 2304 DUPLEX 25-05 DUPLEX 25-06 DUPLEX 2507 DUPLEX 255 DUPLEX 27-05 DUPLEX Gr4A DUPLINOS 1905 DUPLINOS 2205 DUPLINOS 2506 DUR 325L DUR 400V DUR 50 DUR 500V DURA-FORM DURACON 17A DURAKAPP DURAKUT H10W DURAKUT H15W DURAKUT H20S DURAKUT H30W DURAL DURALCAN DURALINOX DURALINOX 5056 DURALLOY H100M DURALLOY H100W DURALLOY H10TC DURALLOY H10W DURALLOY H15W DURALLOY H1W DURALLOY H20TC DURALLOY H20W DURALLOY H30W DURALLOY H3W DURALLOY H5TC DURALOY DURALUMIN DURAMOLD B DURAMOLD NiCr DURAMOLD-C DURANICKEL 301 DURATHERM 418 DURATHERM 477 DURATHERM 600 DURAX DURCILIUM-B DURCILIUM-C DURCILIUM-E DURCILIUM-FD DURCILIUM-FJ DURCILIUM-J DURCILIUM-K DURCILIUM-L DURCILIUM-Q DURCILIUM-T DURCILIUM-T99.0 DURCILIUM-T99.5 DURCILIUM-TA 99.8 DURCILIUM-WT DURCILIUM-Y DURCO CD-4MCu DURCO CF-8 DURCO CW-6M DURCO D DURCO DCI DURCO M-35 DURCO N-7M DURCOMET 100 DURCOMET 5 DUREHETE 1055 DUREHETE 900 DUREHETE 950 DURICHLOR 51 DURIMET 20 DURIMET 5 DURIMPHY DURINOX DURINVAL C DURIRON DURITE DURNICO ESR DUROMAX 400 DUROSTEL 21 E DURPHYNOX 17 DURSTEEL 310 DURSTEEL 410 DURSTEEL 510 DURSTEEL Mn DV2-A DV2-B DVP1-Cu DWK DX1 DX20 DX2202 DX2F DX45 DX50 DX51D AFCS+Z DX51D+Z DX51D+ZA DX51D+ZF DX52D+Z DX52D+ZF DX53D+Z DX53D+ZF DX54D AFCS +Z DX54D+F DX54D+Z DX54D+ZA DX54D+ZF DX56D+Z DX56D+ZF DY1 DY5MO DYCAST-VAR DYNACUT DYNAFLEX VAC-ARC DYNAMET 3Al-2.5V DYNAVAN DZR1 DZR2 Datalloy2 ESR Dauphinox A3T Dauphinox T1 Dauphinox T10MO Dauphinox T1MO Dauphinox TPMo Deoxidised copper Diamalloy 3001 Dilaton 36 Dillinger 1.5680 Dillinger 1.8965 Dillinger 690B Dillinger DT29 Dillinger P235S Dillinger P265GH Dillinger P295GH Dillinger P355GH Dillinger S275M Dillinger S355JR Dillinger S420N Dillinger S460N Dillinger S460NL Dillinger S500 Dillinger StE500 Discalloy Discaloy Discaloy 24 Docol 200 Docol Form 03 Docol Form 04 Docol Form 05 Drapho 1.0626 DuPont FA-20 Ductile Ni-resist Ductile iron classA Dumet Core Rod Dunaferr 16Mo3 Dunaferr KL1 Dunaferr KL1C Dunaferr KL1D Dunaferr KL2 Dunaferr KL2C Dunaferr KL2D Dunaferr KL3 Dunaferr KL3C Dunaferr KL3D Dunaferr KL7 Dunaferr KL7C Dunaferr KL7D Dunaferr KL8 Dunaferr P235GH Dunaferr P235S Dunaferr P265S Dunaferr P275N Dunaferr P275NH Dunaferr P295GH Dunaferr P310NB Dunaferr P420M Dunaferr P420ML1 Dunaferr S275JR Dunaferr S275NL Dunaferr S355K2G3 Dunaferr S355NL Dunaferr S420M Dunaferr S420NC Dunaferr S550MC Dunaferr SPA-H Duplex 22-5 Duplex 6A Duplex Cr22 Duplex Gr1A Duplex Gr2A Duplex Gr3A Duplex Gr5A DuraTech 20CV DuraTech 30 DuraTech A11 DuraTech M4 DuraTech M48 DuraTech NINE Duracorr 300 Duracorr 40 Duracorr 50 Duralite LDX 2101 Duratherm 2602 Durichlor 51M Durinox F18MS Dycast 1 Dynamax E E 1-UM-250 E 1-UM-300 E 1-UM-300-P E 1-UM-400 E 10-UM-60-GR E 10-UM-60-GRPZ E 10-UM-60-GRZ E 10-UM-65-G E 10-UM-65-GR E 13 1 B 20+ E 13 1 R E 13 4 B 20+ E 13 4 B 22 E 13 4 R E 13 B E 13 R E 16 8 2 B E 16 8 2 B 20 E 16 8 2 R E 17 B E 17 B 20+ E 17 B 22 E 17 Mo B 20+ E 17 Mo R E 17 R E 18 15 3 L B E 18 15 3 L R E 18 16 5 L B 20+ E 18 16 5 L B 22 E 18 16 5 L R 23 E 18 16 5 L R 32 E 18 16 5 N L B E 18 16 5 N L R E 18 36 B E 18 36 R E 18 8 Mn B 20+ E 18 8 Mn B 22 E 18 8 Mn R 12 E 18 8 Mn R 26 E 18 9 MnMo B E 18 9 MnMo R E 19 12 2 B E 19 12 2 B 20 E 19 12 2 LR 140.36 E 19 12 2 Nb R 26 E 19 12 2 R E 19 12 3 B E 19 12 3 L B 20+ E 19 12 3 L B 22 E 19 12 3 L R 12 E 19 12 3 L R 22 E 19 12 3 L R 23 E 19 12 3 L R 63 E 19 12 3 LR 23 E 19 12 3 Nb B E 19 12 3 Nb B 20+ E 19 12 3 Nb R 12 E 19 12 3 Nb R 23 E 19 12 3 Nb R 26 E 19 12 3 R E 19 13 4 N L B E 19 13 4 N L R E 19 13 4 N L R 32 E 19 9 3 Nb R 26 E 19 9 B 20 E 19 9 B 20+ E 19 9 B 20X E 19 9 B 42 E 19 9 H B 22 E 19 9 H R E 19 9 L B 20+ E 19 9 L B 22 E 19 9 L R 12 E 19 9 L R 140.36 E 19 9 L R 22 E 19 9 L R 23 E 19 9 L R 63 E 19 9 Nb B 20 E 19 9 Nb B 20+ E 19 9 Nb B 22 E 19 9 Nb R 12 E 19 9 Nb R 23 E 19 9 Nb R 26 E 19 9 R E 19 9 R 23 E 19.9 R 16 E 2 E 2-UM-55 E 2-UM-60 E 20 10 3 E 20 10 3 B E 20 10 3 B 20+ E 20 10 3 R E 20 10 3 R 23 E 20 16 13 Mn L B 20+ E 20 16 3 Mn L B E 20 16 3 Mn N L B E 20 16 3 Mn N L B22 E 20 25 5 Cu N L B E 20 25 5 Cu N L R E 20 25 5 L Cu B E 20 25 5 L Cu R E 20-UM-300-CKZT E 20-UM-40-CTZ E 20-UM-50-CTZ E 20-UM-55-CTZ E 22 12 E 22 9 3 N L B 22 E 22 9 3 N L R 12 E 22 9 3 N L R 32 E 23 12 2 L B E 23 12 2 L R E 23 12 2 L R 32 E 23 12 2 R 23 E 23 12 B 20 E 23 12 L B 20+ E 23 12 L B 22 E 23 12 L R 12 E 23 12 L R 140.36 E 23 12 L R 23 E 23 12 L R 26 E 23 12 L R 63 E 23 12 Nb E 23 12 Nb B E 23 12 Nb B 22 E 23 12 Nb R E 23 12 Nb R 12 E 23 12 R 26 E 23 13 2 B E 23 13 2 R E 23 13 B 20 E 23-UM-200-CKNTZ E 25 20 2 R 26 E 25 20 B 20 E 25 20 B 20+ E 25 20 B 22 E 25 20 CB 20 E 25 20 H E 25 20 H B E 25 20 H R E 25 20 R 12 E 25 20 R 26 E 25 22 2 N L E 25 4 E 25 7 2 N L B E 25 7 2 N L R E 25 9 3 Cu N L E 25 9 3 Cu N L B E 25 9 3 Cu N L R E 25 9 4 N L E 25.20 R 16 E 27 31 4 Cu L R 12 E 27 31 4 Cu L R 23 E 29 9 E 29 9 B E 29 9 R E 29 9 R 12 E 29 9 R 23 E 29 9 R 26 E 3-UM-350-T E 3-UM-40-PT E 3-UM-40-T E 3-UM-45-T E 3-UM-50-CRTZ E 3-UM-50-T E 3-UM-55-ST E 3-UM-60-ST E 31-UM-200-CN E 35 0 R E 35 2 R E 35 3 A E 35 3 C E 35 3 R E 35 Z A E 38 A Mo B E 4-UM-60-S E 4-UM-60-ST E 4-UM-60-T E 42 0 RR 32 E 42 2 B E 42 2 B 32 H10 E 42 3 B E 42 4 B 42 E 42 5 B 12 H5 E 42 5 B 32 H5 E 43-32-RR E 46 5 B 32 E 46 6 1Ni B 42 H5 E 46 6 2Ni B E 46 6 3Ni B E 50 4 1Ni B E 50 4 Mo B 42 E 50 5 MnMo B E 51 43 B E 51 54 B10 E 51 55 B 10 E 55 5 1,5NiMo B E 55 5 MnMo B E 5CrMo B 26 E 6-UM-55 E 6-UM-60 E 6-UM-60S E 62 5 Mn2NiMo B E 69 5 Mn2NiMo B E 69 Mn2NiCrMo B E 7-UM-200-KP E 7-UM-250-KP E 7-UM-250-KPR E 79 5 Mn2NiCrMo B E 9-UM-200-RZ E CrMo0,5 E CrMo0,5 R E CrMo1 E CrMo1 B 20+ E CrMo1 B 26 E CrMo1 B 42 E CrMo1 R E CrMo1 R 12 E CrMo1 R 22 E CrMo1L R E CrMo2 B E CrMo2 B 20+ E CrMo2 B 26 E CrMo2 B 42 E CrMo2 B 42 H5 E CrMo2L E CrMo2L B E CrMo5 B 20+ E CrMo5 B 42 E CrMo9 E CrMo9 B E CrMo9 B 42 E CrMo9 R E DUR 250 E DUR 300 E DUR 400 E DUR 600 E Fe1 E Fe14 E Fe15 E Fe2 E Fe3 E Fe4 E Fe5 E Fe6 E Fe9 E M3:2 E M50 E Mo B E Mo B 42 H5 E Mo R E Mo R 11 E Mo R 12 E Mo R 22 E MoV B 20+ E MoV B 42 E Z13 B E Z13 R E Z16 8 2 B E Z16 8 2 R E Z17 4 1 B E Z17 4 1 R E Z17 B E Z17 R E Z18 8 Mn B E Z18 8 Mn R E Z19 12 2 B E Z19 12 2 L B E Z19 12 2 L R 23 E Z19 12 2 Nb B E Z19 12 2 Nb R E Z19 12 2 R E Z19 12 3 E Z19 12 3 L E Z19 12 3 Nb E Z19 12 3 R E Z19 13 4 E Z19 9 B E Z19 9 L B E Z19 9 L R E Z19 9 LR 23 E Z19 9 Nb B E Z19 9 Nb R 32 E Z19 9 R E Z20 25 5 L Cu B E Z20 25 5 L Cu R E Z22 12 E Z23 12 2 B E Z23 12 2 R E Z23 12 2 R 23 E Z23 12 B E Z23 12 L B E Z23 12 Nb B E Z23 12 Nb R E Z23 12 R 26 E Z25 20 2 B E Z25 20 2 R 26 E Z25 20 B E Z25 20 C E Z25 20 R E Z25 35 Nb B 32 E Z29 9 E schiffbaustahl E-15CDV6 E-16NCD13 E-20NCD13 E-316Ti E-35NCD16 E-35NCD16H E-4 E-40CDV12 E-40CDV20 E-40CDV20 [bar] E-40CDV20 [plate] E-40NSCD7 E-4340 mod. vac. E-4620 E-6150 E-80DCV40 E-8740 E-942 E-945 E-Al E-Al99,5 E-Al99,7 E-AlMgSi E-AlMgSi-b E-AlMgSi0,5 E-AlMn1-S E-BRITE E-BRITE 26-1 E-Brite E-Cu E-Cu57 E-Cu58 E-EV4 E-KUPFER E-M2 E-M33 E-M35 E-M3:1 E-M3:2 E-M4 E-M42 E-M52 E-M7 E-MATII E-MONEL E-NiCr16FeMn E-T1 E-Z100CD17 E-Z10CKD10 E-Z12CNDV12 E-Z1CND12-09 E-Z2CND17-13 E-Z2CND18-14-03 E-Z2NKD18 E-Z2NKD18 f.m E-Z3CNDA13-08 E-Z3NCT25 E-Z3NCTDV25-15 E-Z4CNMD21-09-04 E-Z5CNU15-04 E-Z5CNU15-05 E-Z5CNU17-04 E-Z6CNU15-05 E-Z6NCT25 E-Z6NCTDV25-15 E-Z7CNU15-05 E-Z85WDCV6 E.#5 E.#7 E.COBALT XL E.DYNACUT E.N1 E.N19 E.VANADIUM E0 19 10-15 E0-19.10Nb-16 E00 E05 E1 E1-2313-16 E10 E10016-G E10018-G E10018-M E100C6 E105 E108 E108SA E11 E110 E1100 E11018-G E11018-M E11018M E116 E12.02.95.0 E120 E12018-G E12018-M E12018-M1 E12CrMoV E155 E16-8-2-15 E16-8-2-16 E17 E185 E18Co10 E18Co15 E18Co5 E190 E195 E1B E1C E1E E1S E2 E20-40-M E200 E202 E209 / NITRONIC 50 E209-xx E21 E215 E219-NITRONIC40 E219-xx E220 E2209 E2209-15 E2209-16 E2209-17 E23-45-M E230 E230-400-M E235 E235A E235B E235BNF E235C E235D E24 E24-1 E24-2 E24-2NE E24-3 E24-4 E24-4P E240-NITRONIC35 E240-xx E240C E240SP E24LN E24Pb E24W2 E24W3 E24W4 E25 9 3 Cu NL E25 9 4 NL E250Kb E2512 E2517 E2517H E252 5040 E255 E2553-15 E2553-16 E2553-xx E2593-xx E2594-xx E2595-xx E26-1 E26-2 E26-2NE E26-3 E26-3NE E26-4 E26-52-M E260C E270SP E275 E275D E275K2 E28-2 E28-3 E28-4 E28-4P E280C E285R E295 E295GC E3 E30 E30-2 E30-3 E30-4 E30-57-M E300 E3003 E304 E307-15 E307-16 E307-17 E308 E308-15 E308-16 E308H-15 E308H-16 E308L-15 E308L-16 E308L-17 E308L-26 E308Mo-15 E308Mo-16 E308Mo-xx E308MoL-xx E309-15 E309-16 E309Cb-15 E309Cb-16 E309L-15 E309L-16 E309L-17 E309L-26 E309Mo E309Mo-15 E309Mo-16 E309Mo-17 E309MoL-15 E309MoL-16 E309MoL-17 E310-15 E310-16 E310Cb-15 E310Cb-16 E310H-15 E310H-16 E310H-xx E310Mo-15 E310Mo-16 E312-15 E312-16 E312-17 E315 E3155-xx E315C E315D E316 E316-15 E316-16 E316-17 E316H-15 E316H-16 E316L-15 E316L-16 E316L-17 E316L-26 E317-15 E317-16 E317L-15 E317L-16 E317L-17 E318 E318-15 E318-16 E318-17 E318-xx E32 schiffbaustahl E320-15 E320-16 E320LR-15 E320LR-16 E320SP E32CDV13 E33-31-xx E330-15 E330-16 E330H-15 E330H-16 E3310 E3310H E3316 E335 E335D E335GC E347-15 E347-16 E347-17 E349-xx E355 E355C E355D E355FP E355FP1 typeII E355FP2 typeII E355K2 E355R E355R typeI E355R typeII E357.0 E36 schiffbaustahl E36-2 E36-3 E36-3 bar E36-4 E360 E360SP E36WA3 E36WA4 E36WB3 E36WB4 E375FP1 E375FP1 typeI E375FP2 typeI E375R typeI E375R typeII E383-16 E385-15 E385-16 E38K E390 E390D E390SP E4 E400 E4012 E4043 E4047 E409Nb-15 E409Nb-16 E410 E410-15 E410-16 E410NiMo-15 E410NiMo-16 E4130 E4140 E415/5 E420C typeII E420D E420FP E420FP typeII E420FP1 typeI E420FP2 typeI E420FP2 typeII E420R E420R typeII E420T I K2 E420T I K4 E420T II K2 E420T II K4 E420T R I E420T R II E420TR typeI E420TR typeII E430-15 E430-16 E4301 E430D E430Nb-15 E430Nb-16 E430SP E4311 E4313 E4318 E4320 E4322 E4322C E4327 E4330 VAR E4335 E4337 E4340 E4340H E43S E460 E460-DD01 E460C typeII E460FP E460FP typeI E460FP typeII E460R typeI E460R typeII E460T I K2 E460T I K4 E460T II K2 E460T II K4 E460TFP E470 E490D E4914 E4915 E4916 E4916-1 E4918-1 E4918-A1 E4918M E4924 E4924-1 E4927 E4928 E4948 E4S E5 E500R typeII E500T I K2 E500T I K4 E500T II K2 E500T II K4 E500TFP E5010-A1 E50100 E5015 E5015-A1 E5015-G E5016 E5016-1 E5016-G E5018-A1 E502-15 E502-16 E5024 E5027-A1 E5048 E505-15 E505-16 E51100 E515B26 E52100 E52100 VAR E53S E54S E550T I K2 E550T I K4 E550T II K2 E550T II K4 E550TFP E5515-B2 E5515-B2L E5516-B1 E5516-B2 E5516-C3 E5516-G E5518-B1 E5518-C3 E560D E580 E6 E6010 E6011 E6012 E6013 E6015-B3 E6016-B3 E6016-G E6018 E6018-B3L E6018-M E6019 E6020 E6022 E6027 E620D E620T I K2 E620T I K4 E620T II K2 E620T II K4 E630-15 E630-16 E65 E690D E690FP E690R E690T II K2 E690T II K4 E690TR E7010-A1 E7010-G E7011-A1 E7011-G E7014 E7015 E7015-A1 E7015-G E7016 E7016-1 E7016-A1 E7016-G E7018 E7018-1 E7018-A1 E7018-A1 H4R E7018-G E7018-M E7018M E7020-A1 E7020-G E7024 E7024-1 E7027 E7027-G E7028 E7048 E71-T1 E7140 E71400 E72 E75 E7518-M E7Cr-xx E8010-G E8013-G E8015-B2 E8015-B8 E8016-B1 E8016-B2 E8016-B8 E8016-C1 E8016-C3 E8016-G E8018-B1 E8018-B2 E8018-B2L E8018-B3L E8018-B6 E8018-B8 E8018-C1 E8018-C2 E8018-C3 E8018-G E8018-W2 E801x-B7 E801x-B7L E81S E85 E8518-M E8620 E90 E9015-B3 E9015-B3L E9016-B3 E9016-G E9018 E9018-B3 E9018-B3L E9018-D1 E9018-G E9018-M E911 E91E E9310 E9314 E9315 E9317 E95 E960T II K2 EA EA A-S7G EA1 EA4 EA401 EASY-FLO EASY-FLO 2 EASY-FLO 25 EASY-FLO 25HC EASY-FLO 3 EASY-FLO 30 EASY-FLO 45 EATONITE EATONITE 2 EATONITE 3 EATONITE 5 EATONITE 6 EATONITE 8 EAl99,5-A EAlMgSi EAlMgSi0,7 EB-5324H2 EB16 EB18 EB20 EB6H EB6HN EB6N EBRO-2311 EBRO-2312 EBRO-2738 EBRO-C45 EBRO-P20 EBh EBw EBz EC EC 1CrMo B 26 BH EC 2CrMo B 26 BH EC 5CrMo B 20 EC-0 EC-10 EC-5 EC-7 EC-7/EC-8 EC-80 EC10 EC100 EC100B EC2 EC30 EC4 EC5 EC6 EC60 EC80 EC80B EC80PbS ECMO80 ECMo100 ECMo80 ECN15 ECN150 ECN20 ECN200 ECN25 ECN35 ECN45 ECN4M ECNK ECNL ECNi-CI ECNiFe-CI ECNiFeMn-CI ECOBRASS ECOVAL 180 ECOVAL 80 ECY 718 ECo3 ECoCr-A ECoCr-B ECoCr-C ECoCr-E ECu ECu7158 ECuAl-A2 ECuAl-B ECuAl-B2 ECuAl-C ECuAl-D ECuAl-E ECuAlNi ECuMnAlNi ECuMnNiAl ECuNi ECuNi-A ECuNi-B ECuNiAl ECuSi ECuSi-A ECuSi-B ECuSn-A ECuSn-B ECuSn-C ECuSn2B2 ECuSnA ED-A60 ED-Cu ED-ER80S-Ni1 ED-FK1 ED-FK1000 ED-SGCrMo2 ED1S ED3 ED4 EDCoCr-A-03 EDCoCr-B-03 EDCoCr-C-03 EDD EEV EF20.70NiCrFeB20BH EF2070NiCrFeMoB20 EF2070NiCrMnFeB20BH EF4 EFI 50 EFI Cobalt 50 EFI alloy 79 EFTEC-23Z EFTEC-3 EFTEC-45 EFTEC-64T EFTEC-7025 EFW EFe1 EFe2 EFe3 EFe4 EFe5 EFe5-B EFeMn-A EG EG1 EG15 EG2 EG3 EG4 EG405 EG5 EGCC1 EGCCI EGCFe EGCNi EGCNiCu EGCNiFe EH 00 EH 000 EH 0000 EH 0018 EH21 EH24 EH26Ti EH32 EH32 grade EH36 EH36 grade EHV EHW #1 EHZ EIBM EK EK2 EK30A EK4 EK41A EKD EKL EKL Spezial EKP EL 50 S EL-Al99,5 EL-AlMn1 EL-AlSi12 EL-AlSi5 EL-CuAl9 EL-CuMn14Al EL-CuMn2 EL-CuNi10Mn EL-CuNi30Mn EL-CuSi3 EL-CuSn7 EL-NiCr15FeMn EL-NiCr15FeNb EL-NiCr15MoNb EL-NiCr16FeMn EL-NiCr19Mo15 EL-NiCr19Nb EL-NiCr20Fe14Mo11WN EL-NiCr20Mo9Nb EL-NiCr21Co12Mo EL-NiCr21Mo14W EL-NiCr22Mo16 EL-NiCr23Mo16Cu EL-NiCr25Fe10Al EL-NiCr25Fe10Al3YC EL-NiCr26Mo EL-NiCr28Fe9Nb mod. EL-NiCr28Mo EL-NiCu30Mn EL-NiMo15Cr15Ti EL-NiMo15Cr15W EL-NiMo24Cr mod. EL-NiMo28Cr mod. EL-NiMo29 EL-NiTi3 EL12 EL40 EL45 EL50 EL55 EL65 EL8 ELA-Ferrit ELASTIC ELASTIC 2 ELASTOCHROM ELB ELB 1 ELB 3 ELB Spezial ELBEBRONZE LB5 ELBEBRONZE LBU ELBRODUR B ELBRODUR D ELBRODUR HF ELBRODUR L ELBRODUR N ELBRODUR N4 ELBRODUR NIB ELBRODUR RS ELC ELCO1 ELD470-50A ELD530-50A ELD530-65A ELD600-50 ELD600-65A ELD700-50 ELD700-65A ELD800-50A ELD800-65A ELECTRAL CB4 ELECTRAL CBE2 ELECTRAL CRM16 ELECTRAL NB4 ELECTRALLOY A-286 ELECTRICAL IRON ELECTRITE UBXL ELECTRODE ELECTRODE DE RECHARGEMENT ELECTRODE DE REVETEMENT DUR ELECTRODE DE SOUDAGE ELECTROFORMED NICKEL ELEFANT MITTEL ELEKTRON W4 ELEKTRON W6 ELGILOY ELI-T 18-2 ELINVAR ELISENTAL 3.1655 ELISENTAL 3.3207 ELIT 1803MoNb ELKALOY 00 ELKALOY 05 ELKALOY 30 ELKALOY 38 ELKALOY 45 ELKALOY 56 ELKALOY A ELKALOY D ELKANITE 100M ELKANITE 100W ELKANITE 20K3 ELKANITE 20S ELKANITE 20W3 ELKANITE 35S ELKANITE 3W3 ELKANITE 5W3 ELKON 100M ELKON 100W ELKONITE 10W3 ELKONITE 1W3 ELKONITE 2050C ELKONITE 3042 ELKONITE 30W3 ELKONITE 3150 ELKONITE 3W3 ELKONITE 40W3 ELKONITE 50S ELKONITE 5W3 ELKONITE G-13 ELKONITE G-14 ELKONITE G-17 ELKONITE TC-5 ELKONITE TC10 ELKONITE TC20 ELKONIUM 1 ELKONIUM 18 ELKONIUM 217 ELKONIUM 22 ELKONIUM 23 ELKONIUM 28 ELKONIUM 30 ELKONIUM 36 ELKONIUM 40 ELKONIUM 42 ELKONIUM 45 ELKONIUM 46 ELKONIUM 71 ELKONIUM 72 ELKONIUM 76 ELKONIUM22 ELMAX ELMAX SUPERCLEAN ELMEDUR DG ELMEDUR TUCO80-20 ELMET E ELONGAL ELOX36F ELRO 25 ELRO K40 ELRO W EM 11 EM 20 EM 7 P EM-C10B2 EM-C40A2 EM-C50A2 EM-GS1 EM-HS01 EM-HS1 EM-HS2 EM-N40 EM-S20B2 EM-S27B2 EM-S30A2 EM-S40A2 EM-S50A2 EM1 EM10 EM12 EM12K EM18 EM2 EM29 EM7 EMCM-001-1013 EME EMES EMJ 86L20 EMS 35 EMS 44101 EMS 44300 EMS 50290 EMS 52432 classXV EMS 54752 typeXIII EMS 54752-III EMS 55079 EMS 55089 EMS 55371 EMS 55380 EMS 55422 EMS 55431 EMS 55437 EMS 55444 EMS 55445 EMS 55447 EMS 55447H EMS 55448 EMS 55451 EMS 55462 EMS 56200 EMS 56510 EMS 56515 EMS 56620 EMS 56623 EMS 56625 EMS 56701 EMS 59030 EMS 59034 EMS 59035 EMS 59501 EMS 59502 EMS 59503 EMS 59504 EMS 59965 EMS 73618 EMS 73632 EMS 73635 EMS 73638 EMS 73646 EMS 73648 EMS 73649 EMS 73651 EMS 73654 EMS 73657 EMS 73661 EMS 73665 EMS 73669 EMS 73680 EMS 73683 EMS 73685 EMS 73700 EMS 73725 EMS 73735 EMS 96242 EMS-44504 EMS-50290 EMS-54700 EMS-55443 EMS-56713 EMS-581 EMS-581c EMS-60035 EMS-630A EMS-64500 EMS-648A EMS-65002 EMS-70798 EMS-70799 EMS-70804 EMS-70806 EMS-72613 EMS-72757 EMS-72790 EMS-73101 EMS-73103 EMS-73105 EMS-73108 EMS-73165 EMS-73684 EMS-73687 EMS-73688 EMS-73730 EMS-73735 EMS5 4752 typeXI EMS54752 typeXII EMn14 EMo5Co5 EMo5V3 EMo9Co5 EMo9Co8 EMs5750 EN 1.4162/LDX 2101 EN 1.4301-TP304 EN 1.4306-TP304L EN 1.4307-TP304L EN 1.4311-TP304LN EN 1.4311/TP304LN EN 1.4401-TP316 EN 1.4404-TP316L EN 1.4410-S32750 EN 1.4432-TP316L EN 1.4435-TP316L EN 1.4436/TP316 EN 1.4438-TP317L EN 1.4462-S31803 EN 1.4529-1925HMO EN 1.4547-254SMO EN 1.4571-TP316Ti EN 1.4828-TP309 EN 1.4833-TP309S EN 1.4845-TP310S EN 10016.1 EN 10016.2 EN 10016.4 EN 10020 EN 10025 EN 10027.1 EN 10027.2 EN 10028.1 EN 10028.2 EN 10028.3 EN 10028.4 EN 10028.5 EN 10028.6 EN 10028.7 EN 10060 EN 10080 EN 10083 51CrV4 EN 10083.1 EN 10083.2 EN 10083.3 EN 10084 EN 10085 EN 10087 EN 10088.1 EN 10088.2 EN 10088.3 EN 10089 EN 10089 51CrV4 EN 10090 EN 10095 EN 10106 EN 10107 EN 10111 EN 10113.1 EN 10113.2 EN 10113.3 EN 10120 EN 10130 EN 10132.1 EN 10132.2 EN 10132.3 EN 10132.4 EN 10137.1 EN 10137.2 EN 10137.3 EN 10139 EN 10140 EN 10142 EN 10143 EN 10147 EN 10149.1 EN 10149.2 EN 10149.3 EN 10151 EN 10155 EN 10164 EN 10205 EN 10207 EN 10208.1 EN 10208.2 EN 10209 EN 10210.1 EN 10213.1 EN 10213.2 EN 10213.3 EN 10213.4 EN 10216.1 EN 10216.2 EN 10216.3 EN 10216.4 EN 10216.5 EN 10217.1 EN 10217.2 EN 10217.3 EN 10217.4 EN 10217.5 EN 10217.6 EN 10217.7 EN 10219.1 EN 10222.1 EN 10222.1 .2 .3 .4 .5 EN 10222.2 EN 10222.3 EN 10222.4 EN 10222.5 EN 10225 EN 10248 EN 10249 EN 10250.1 EN 10250.2 EN 10250.3 EN 10250.4 EN 10253.1 EN 10253.2 EN 10263 C20E2C EN 10263.1 EN 10263.2 EN 10263.3 EN 10263.4 EN 10263.5 EN 10267 EN 10268 EN 10269 EN 10270.1 EN 10270.2 EN 10270.3 EN 10271 EN 10272 EN 10273 EN 10277.1 EN 10277.2 EN 10277.3 EN 10277.4 EN 10277.5 EN 10283 EN 10293 EN 10294.1 EN 10295 EN 10297.1 EN 10297.2 EN 10302 EN 10304 EN 10305.1 EN 10305.2 EN 10305.3 EN 10305.4 EN 10305.5 EN 1044 EN 1057 EN 1092.1 EN 1172 EN 1179 EN 12070 EN 12072 EN 12163 EN 12163 C45EC EN 12164 EN 12165 EN 12166 EN 12167 EN 12168 EN 12392 EN 12420 EN 12421 EN 12438 EN 12449 EN 12451 EN 12452 EN 12513 EN 12588 EN 12735 EN 12844 EN 13148 EN 133/16 EN 133/52 EN 133/62 EN 13347 EN 13599 EN 13601 EN 13605 EN 13835 EN 1412 EN 14436 EN 1451-TP321 EN 1503.4 EN 1560 EN 1561 EN 1562 EN 1563 EN 1564 EN 1652 EN 1653 EN 1654 EN 1676 EN 1706 EN 1715.4 EN 1753 EN 1774 EN 1976 EN 1977 EN 1978 EN 1982 EN 2.4605 EN 2.4858-A825 EN 2076.2 EN 26848 EN 2725 EN 29453 EN 440 EN 485.2 EN 499 EN 573.2 EN 573.3 EN 576 EN 5832-2 EN 5832-5 EN 601 EN 755 EN 755.3 EN 755.4 EN 755.5 EN 755.6 EN 756 EN 988 EN AB 42000 EN AB 44100 EN AB 45000 EN AB 45300 EN AB 46000 EN AB 46100 EN AB 46300 EN AB 46400 EN AB 47000 EN AC 42200 EN AC 45000 EN AC-21100 EN AC-42000 EN AC-42100 EN AC-43100 EN AC-43200 EN AC-43300 EN AC-44100 EN AC-44300 EN AC-44400 EN AC-46100 EN AC-46300 EN AC-46500 EN AC-51100 EN AC-51200 EN AW-1098 EN AW-1350A EN AW-2014 EN AW-2015 EN AW-3207 EN AW-4004 EN AW-4104 EN AW-6262A EN AW-7020 EN AW-8112 EN ISO14172 EN ISO18273 EN ISO18274 EN ISO24034 EN ISO4957 EN ISO7153.1 EN-AW-6120-T4 EN-GJL-100 EN-GJL-150 EN-GJL-200 EN-GJL-250 EN-GJL-300 EN-GJL-350 EN-GJL-HB155 EN-GJL-HB175 EN-GJL-HB195 EN-GJL-HB215 EN-GJL-HB235 EN-GJL-HB255 EN-GJL300 EN-GJLA-XNiCuCr15-6-2 EN-GJLA-XNiMn13-7 EN-GJMB-300-6 EN-GJMB-350-10 EN-GJMB-450-6 EN-GJMB-500-5 EN-GJMB-550-4 EN-GJMB-600-3 EN-GJMB-650-2 EN-GJMB-700-2 EN-GJMB-800-1 EN-GJMW-300-12S EN-GJMW-350-4 EN-GJMW-360-12 EN-GJMW-400-5 EN-GJMW-450-7 EN-GJMW-550-4 EN-GJN-HV350 EN-GJN-HV520 EN-GJN-HV550 EN-GJN-HV600 EN-GJN-HV600-XCr11 EN-GJN-HV600-XCr14 EN-GJN-HV600-XCr18 EN-GJN-HV600-XCr23 EN-GJS-1000-5 EN-GJS-1200-2 EN-GJS-1400-1 EN-GJS-350-22 EN-GJS-350-22-LT EN-GJS-350-22-RT EN-GJS-400-15 EN-GJS-400-18 EN-GJS-400-18-LT EN-GJS-400-18-RT EN-GJS-450-10 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3 EN-GJS-700-2 EN-GJS-800-2 EN-GJS-800-8 EN-GJS-900-2 EN-GJS-HB130 EN-GJS-HB150 EN-GJS-HB155 EN-GJS-HB185 EN-GJS-HB200 EN-GJS-HB230 EN-GJS-HB265 EN-GJS-HB300 EN-GJS-HB330 EN-GJS-XSiMo4-0.5 EN-GJS-XSiMo5-1 EN-GJS-XSiMo5-10 EN-GJSA-XNi22 EN-GJSA-XNi35 EN-GJSA-XNiCr20-2 EN-GJSA-XNiCr30-3 EN-GJSA-XNiCr35-3 EN-GJSA-XNiCrNb20-2 EN-GJSA-XNiMn13-7 EN-GJSA-XNiMn23-4 EN-GJSA-XNiSiCr30-5-5 EN-GJSA-XNiSiCr35-5-2 EN-GJSF-XSiMo4,8-0,6 EN-GJSF-XSiMo4-0,6 EN-GJSF-XSiMo4-10 EN-GJV-250 EN-GJV-300 EN-GJV-350 EN-GJV-400 EN-GJV-450 EN-GJV-500 EN-JL1010 EN-JL1020 EN-JL1030 EN-JL1040 EN-JL1050 EN-JL1060 EN-JL2010 EN-JL2020 EN-JL2030 EN-JL2040 EN-JL2050 EN-JL2060 EN-JL3011 EN-JL3021 EN-JM1010 EN-JM1020 EN-JM1030 EN-JM1040 EN-JM1050 EN-JM1110 EN-JM1130 EN-JM1140 EN-JM1150 EN-JM1160 EN-JM1170 EN-JM1180 EN-JM1190 EN-JM1200 EN-JN2019 EN-JN2029 EN-JN2039 EN-JN2040 EN-JN2049 EN-JN2080 EN-JN3029 EN-JN3039 C1,8-2,4 EN-JN3039 C2,4-3,2 EN-JN3039 C3,2-3,6 EN-JN3049 C1,8-2,4 EN-JN3049 C2,4-3,2 EN-JN3049 C3,2-3,6 EN-JS1010 EN-JS1014 EN-JS1015 EN-JS1020 EN-JS1024 EN-JS1025 EN-JS1030 EN-JS1040 EN-JS1050 EN-JS1060 EN-JS1070 EN-JS1080 EN-JS1090 EN-JS1100 EN-JS1110 EN-JS1120 EN-JS1130 EN-JS2010 EN-JS2020 EN-JS2030 EN-JS2040 EN-JS2050 EN-JS2060 EN-JS2070 EN-JS2080 EN-JS2090 EN-JS3010 EN-JS3011 EN-JS3020 EN-JS3021 EN-JS3030 EN-JS3031 EN-JS3041 EN-JS3051 EN-JS3061 EN-JS3071 EN-JS3081 EN-JS3091 EN-JS3101 EN-MB21110 EN-MB21120 EN-MB21121 EN-MB21130 EN-MB21140 EN-MB21150 EN-MB21210 EN-MB21220 EN-MB21230 EN-MB21310 EN-MB21320 EN-MB32110 EN-MB35110 EN-MB40010 EN-MB40020 EN-MB65120 EN-MB65210 EN-MB65220 EN-MB95310 EN-MB95320 EN-MBMgAl2Mn EN-MBMgAl2Si EN-MBMgAl3Zn1 EN-MBMgAl4Si EN-MBMgAl5Mn EN-MBMgAl6Mn EN-MBMgAl6Zn1 EN-MBMgAl6Zn3 EN-MBMgAl8Zn1 EN-MBMgAl9Zn1 EN-MBMgAl9Zn1-a EN-MBMgMn1 EN-MBMgMn2 EN-MBMgRE2Ag1Zr EN-MBMgRE2Ag2Zr EN-MBMgRE3Zn2Zr EN-MBMgY4RE3Zr EN-MBMgY5RE4Zr EN-MBMgZn4RE1Zr EN-MBMgZn6Cu3Mn EN-MC21110 EN-MC21120 EN-MC21121 EN-MC21210 EN-MC21220 EN-MC21230 EN-MC21240 EN-MC21310 EN-MC21320 EN-MC32110 EN-MC35110 EN-MC65120 EN-MC65210 EN-MC65220 EN-MC95310 EN-MC95320 EN-MCMgAl2Mn EN-MCMgAl2Si EN-MCMgAl4Si EN-MCMgAl5Mn EN-MCMgAl6Mn EN-MCMgAl7Mn EN-MCMgAl8Zn1 EN-MCMgAl9Zn1 EN-MCMgAl9Zn1-A EN-MCMgRE2Ag1Zr EN-MCMgRE2Ag2Zr EN-MCMgRE3Zn2Zr EN-MCMgY4RE3Zr EN-MCMgY5RE4Zr EN-MCMgZn4RE1Zr EN-MCMgZn6Cu3Mn EN1.4410-S32750 EN1.4462-S31803 EN1.4571-TP316Ti EN10085 24CrMo13-6 EN10132 part4 125Cr2 EN10216-5/1.4435 EN10222.2-1.0352 EN10222.2-1.0426 EN10222.2-1.7366 EN10222.2/1.4903 EN10222.4-1.0477 EN10222.4-1.0478 EN10222.4-1.0565 EN10222.4-1.0571 EN10222.4-1.8932 EN10222.4-P420QH EN10263 16MnCr5 EN10263-2/C10C EN10269-1.7390 EN2030 EN2031 EN2072 EN2073 EN2085 EN2086 EN2087 EN2088 EN2089 EN2090 EN2091 EN2092 EN2093 EN2094 EN2099 EN2100 EN2114 EN2115 EN2116 EN2117 EN2119 EN2120 EN2123 EN2124 EN2125 EN2126 EN2127 EN2128 EN2135 EN2137 EN2148 EN2149 EN2159 EN2161 EN2171 EN2172 EN2173 EN2174 EN2175 EN2176 EN2177 EN2178 EN2179 EN2180 EN2181 EN2182 EN2183 EN2184 EN2185 EN2187 EN2188 EN2189 EN2190 EN2191 EN2192 EN2193 EN2194 EN2195 EN2197 EN2198 EN2199 EN2200 EN2201 EN2202 EN2203 EN2204 EN2205 EN2207 EN2209 EN2210 EN2211 EN2212 EN2213 EN2218 EN2219 EN2220 EN2221 EN2222 EN2223 EN2224 EN2225 EN2226 EN2227 EN2228 EN2233 EN2246 EN2247 EN2249 EN2250 EN2251 EN2252 EN2256 EN2268 EN2269 EN2271 EN2278 EN2279 EN2280 EN2293 EN2294 EN2295 EN2296 EN2297 EN2298 EN2299 EN2300 EN2301 EN2302 EN2304 EN2305 EN2306 EN2307 EN2308 EN2315 EN2316 EN2317 EN2318 EN2319 EN2320 EN2321 EN2323 EN2324 EN2325 EN2326 EN2327 EN2381 EN2382 EN2383 EN2384 EN2385 EN2386 EN2387 EN2388 EN2389 EN2390 EN2391 EN2392 EN2393 EN2394 EN2395 EN2396 EN2397 EN2398 EN2399 EN2400 EN2401 EN2402 EN2403 EN2404 EN2405 EN2406 EN2407 EN2408 EN2411 EN2412 EN2417 EN2418 EN2419 EN2420 EN2421 EN2422 EN2438 EN2439 EN2440 EN2441 EN2445 EN2446 EN2447 EN2448 EN2449 EN2450 EN2451 EN2455 EN2460 EN2461 EN2465 EN2466 EN2467 EN2468 EN2469 EN2470 EN2475 EN2477 EN2478 EN2479 EN2480 EN2485 EN2486 EN2487 EN2488 EN2493 EN2494 EN2502 EN2503 EN2504 EN2505 EN2506 EN2507 EN2508 EN2509 EN2510 EN2511 EN2512 EN2513 EN2514 EN2518 EN2519 EN2525 EN2526 EN2527 EN2529 EN2538 EN2539 EN2540 EN2541 EN2555 EN2556 EN2573 EN2583 EN2626 EN2627 EN2628 EN2629 EN2630 EN2631 EN2632 EN2633 EN2634 EN2635 EN2636 EN2637 EN2638 EN2639 EN2640 EN2655 EN2657 EN2660-P1 EN2661 EN2662 EN2663 EN2668 EN2669 EN2670 EN2681 EN2684 EN2687 EN2688 EN2689 EN2690 EN2691 EN2692 EN2693 EN2694 EN2695 EN2696 EN2697 EN2698 EN2699 EN2700 EN2701 EN2702 EN2703 EN2704 EN2705 EN2706 EN2707 EN2708 EN2709 EN2710 EN2711 EN2721 EN2722 EN2723 EN2724 EN2726 EN2727 EN2728 EN2729 EN2730 EN2731 EN2732 EN2733 EN2734 EN2735 EN2736 EN2737 EN2738 EN2739 EN2740 EN2758 EN2759 EN2760 EN2761 EN2762 EN2763 EN2764 EN2765 EN2766 EN2767 EN2768 EN2772 EN2773 EN2774 EN2775 EN2776 EN2777 EN2778 EN2802 EN2803 EN2804 EN2805 EN2806 EN2807 EN2813 EN2814 EN2815 EN2816 EN2817 EN2818 EN2821 EN2927 EN2928 EN2929 EN2930 EN2933 EN2934 EN2935 EN2936 EN2942 EN2944 EN2947 EN2952 EN2959 EN2960 EN2961 EN3018 EN3120 EN3122 EN3123 EN3124 EN3125 EN3135 EN3139 EN3158 EN3160 EN3161 EN3162 EN3163 EN3187 EN3188 EN32/080M15 EN3200 EN3219 EN3220 EN32B bright EN3301 EN3302 EN3310 EN3311 EN3312 EN3321 EN3322 EN3323 EN3329 EN3330 EN3331 EN3332 EN3333 EN3334 EN3335 EN3336 EN3337 EN3338 EN3340 EN3341 EN3342 EN3343 EN3344 EN3345 EN3346 EN3347 EN3348 EN3349 EN3351 EN3352 EN3353 EN3354 EN3355 EN3356 EN3357 EN3358 EN3359 EN3360 EN3361 EN3363 EN3364 EN3365 EN3366 EN3441 EN3442 EN3443 EN3451 EN3452 EN3453 EN3454 EN3455 EN3456 EN3459 EN3460 EN3461 EN3462 EN3463 EN3464 EN3465 EN3466 EN3468 EN3469 EN3471 EN3474 EN3476 EN3477 EN3478 EN3479 EN3480 EN3481 EN3482 EN3483 EN3484 EN3485 EN3486 EN3487 EN3488 EN3490 EN3491 EN3492 EN3493 EN3494 EN3495 EN3496 EN3497 EN3498 EN3499 EN3507 EN3508 EN3509 EN3510 EN3511 EN3512 EN3513 EN3514 EN3515 EN3516 EN3517 EN3518 EN3519 EN3520 EN3521 EN3522 EN3523 EN3524 EN3525 EN3526 EN3527 EN3528 EN3529 EN3530 EN3531 EN3532 EN3542 EN3546 EN3547 EN3548 EN3549 EN3550 EN3551 EN3552 EN3553 EN3555 EN3558 EN3619 EN3620 EN3621 EN3622 EN3623 EN3638 EN3639 EN3666 EN3668 EN3671 EN3677 EN3678 EN3679 EN3680 EN3734 EN3735 EN3761 EN3762 EN3772 EN3816 EN3828 EN3829 EN3831 EN3849 EN3850 EN3859 EN3860 EN3870 EN3871 EN3872 EN3880 EN3881 EN3882 EN3883 EN3884 EN3885 EN3886 EN3887 EN3888 EN3889 EN3890 EN3892 EN3893 EN3894 EN3895 EN3896 EN3897 EN3899 EN3906 EN3920 EN3921 EN3923 EN3925 EN3926 EN3927 EN3930 EN3932 EN3933 EN3934 EN3935 EN3936 EN3937 EN3938 EN3939 EN3940 EN3941 EN3942 EN3943 EN3944 EN3945 EN3946 EN3952 EN3953 EN3954 EN3955 EN3956 EN3957 EN3958 EN3959 EN3960 EN3961 EN3962 EN3965 EN3969 EN3971 EN3973 EN3979 EN3980 EN3981 EN3982 EN3983 EN3989 EN3990 EN3991 EN3992 EN3993 EN3996 EN3997 EN3998 EN3999 EN4001 EN4002 EN4003 EN4004 EN4005 EN4006 EN4007 EN4085 EN4092 EN4093 EN4094 EN4095 EN4096 EN4097 EN4098 EN4099 EN4100 EN4101 EN4102 EN4103 EN4104 EN4105 EN4202 EN4203 EN4204 EN4205 EN4206 EN4207 EN4209 EN4211 EN4212 EN4213 EN4214 EN4215 EN4216 EN4220 EN4221 EN4244 EN4245 EN4246 EN4247 EN4250 EN4262 EN4263 EN4264 EN4272 EN4273 EN4274 EN4279 EN4280 EN4282 EN4283 EN4284 EN4285 EN4286 EN4287 EN4290 EN4291 EN4292 EN4293 EN4313 EN4314 EN4318 EN4325 EN4326 EN4327 EN4328 EN4329 EN4330 EN4331 EN4332 EN4333 EN4334 EN4335 EN4336 EN4337 EN4338 EN4339 EN4341 EN4342 EN4343 EN4344 EN4346 EN4347 EN4368 EN4369 EN4370 EN4372 EN4374 EN4375 EN4376 EN4377 EN4378 EN4379 EN4380 EN4381 EN4382 EN4384 EN4420 EN4449 EN4450 EN4457 EN4461 EN4462 EN4463 EN4467 EN4468 EN4469 EN4470 EN4471 EN4472 EN4511 EN4528 EN4545 EN4566 EN4567 EN4568 EN4569 EN4627 EN4628 EN4629 EN4630 EN4631 ENACOATIP1 ENDUR-AL ENDURAMET 32 ENDURAMET 33 ENPAR alloy G ENSACOR ENSACOR A ENSACOR D ENVIROBRASS ENZIDOR ENi ENi-1 ENi-BG12 ENi-C1 ENi-CI ENi1001 ENi1004 ENi1008 ENi1009 ENi1062 ENi1066 ENi1067 ENi1069 ENi2 ENi2061 ENi4060 ENi4061 ENi6002 ENi6022 ENi6025 ENi6030 ENi6059 ENi6062 ENi6082 ENi6092 ENi6093 ENi6094 ENi6095 ENi6133 ENi6152 ENi6182 ENi6200 ENi6205 ENi6231 ENi6275 ENi6276 ENi6333 ENi6452 ENi6455 ENi6617 ENi6620 ENi6625 ENi6627 ENi6650 ENi6686 ENi6701 ENi6702 ENi6704 ENi6985 ENi8025 ENi8165 ENiBG11 ENiC1-A ENiCI-A ENiCr-4 ENiCr-A ENiCr-B ENiCr-C ENiCrCoMo-1 ENiCrFe-1 ENiCrFe-10 ENiCrFe-12 ENiCrFe-2 ENiCrFe-3 ENiCrFe-4 ENiCrFe-7 ENiCrFe-9 ENiCrFeCo ENiCrFeSi-1 ENiCrMo-1 ENiCrMo-10 ENiCrMo-11 ENiCrMo-12 ENiCrMo-13 ENiCrMo-14 ENiCrMo-17 ENiCrMo-18 ENiCrMo-19 ENiCrMo-2 ENiCrMo-3 ENiCrMo-4 ENiCrMo-5 ENiCrMo-5A ENiCrMo-6 ENiCrMo-7 ENiCrMo-9 ENiCrWMo-1 ENiCu-7 ENiCu-A ENiCu-B ENiCuBG36 ENiFe-C1 ENiFe-C1-A ENiFe-CI ENiFe-CI-A ENiFe-CI1 ENiFe-G2 ENiFeBG1 ENiFeBG13 ENiFeMn-CI ENiFeT3-CI ENiMo-1 ENiMo-10 ENiMo-11 ENiMo-2 ENiMo-3 ENiMo-7 ENiMo-8 ENiMo-9 EP EPD EPDMo EPM EPM2 EPS EPS 33 EPS 35 EPS 45 EPS 51 EPS 51 V EPS 52 EPS 53 EPS 62 EPS 69 EPS-10483 EPS25 EPS71 EPSK 2 EPSW51 EPV EQ21 EQ21A ER-AZ101A ER-AZ61A ER-AZ92A ER-EZ33A ER-Zr2 ER100S-1 ER100S-1/ALY1580 ER100S-G ER1100 ER110S-1 ER110S-G ER1188 ER120S-1 ER120S-1/ALY1587 ER120S-G ER16-8-2 ER19-10H ER209 ER218 ER219 ER2209 ER2319 ER240 ER2553 ER2594 ER26-1 ER307 ER307Si ER308 ER308H ER308L ER308LMo ER308LSi ER308Mo ER308MoL ER308Si ER309 ER309L ER309LMo ER309LSi ER309Mo ER309MoL ER309MoSi-L ER309Si ER310 ER3103 ER310LMo ER312 ER316 ER316H ER316L ER316LSi ER316Si ER317 ER317L ER318 ER318/ER318Si ER318Si ER320 ER320LR ER321 ER32E ER32S ER32SS ER33-31 ER330 ER347 ER347Si ER348 ER349 ER3556 ER36E ER36S ER36SS ER383 ER385 ER4008 ER4009 ER4010 ER4043 ER4045 ER4047 ER409 ER409Cb ER410 ER410NiMo ER4145 ER420 ER4211 ER430 ER4343 ER446LMo ER446LR ER4643 ER480S-2 ER49-1 ER49-G ER502 ER502Si ER505 ER5180 ER5183 ER5356 ER5554 ER5556 ER5654 ER5754 ER630 ER70S-2 ER70S-3 ER70S-4 ER70S-5 ER70S-6 ER70S-7 ER70S-A1 ER70S-B2L ER70S-G ER80S-B2 ER80S-B3L ER80S-B6 ER80S-B8 ER80S-D2 ER80S-G ER80S-Ni1 ER80S-Ni2 ER80S-Ni3 ER90S-B3 ER90S-B9 ER90S-D2 ER90S-G ERCCoCr-B ERCoCr-B ERCoCr-E ERCoCr-G ERCu ERCuAl-A1 ERCuAl-A2 ERCuAl-A3 ERCuMnNiAl ERCuNi ERCuNiAl ERCuSi-A ERCuSn-A ERCuSn-C ERGAL 7003 ERGAL 7020 ERGAL 7049 ERGAL 7050 ERGSTE 1.4370WA ERGSTE 1.4427UA ERGSTE 1.4435PM ERGSTE 1.4567LC ERGSTE 4510IT ERN ERNIO ERNi-1 ERNi-C1 ERNi-CI ERNiCoCrSi-1 ERNiCr-3 ERNiCr-4 ERNiCr-6 ERNiCr-7 ERNiCrCoMo-1 ERNiCrFe-11 ERNiCrFe-12 ERNiCrFe-13 ERNiCrFe-14 ERNiCrFe-3 ERNiCrFe-5 ERNiCrFe-6 ERNiCrFe-7 ERNiCrFe-7A ERNiCrFe-8 ERNiCrFeAl-1 ERNiCrFeSi-1 ERNiCrMo-1 ERNiCrMo-10 ERNiCrMo-11 ERNiCrMo-12 ERNiCrMo-13 ERNiCrMo-14 ERNiCrMo-15 ERNiCrMo-16 ERNiCrMo-17 ERNiCrMo-18 ERNiCrMo-19 ERNiCrMo-2 ERNiCrMo-20 ERNiCrMo-21 ERNiCrMo-22 ERNiCrMo-3 ERNiCrMo-4 ERNiCrMo-7 ERNiCrMo-7 mod. ERNiCrMo-8 ERNiCrMo-9 ERNiCrMo-B ERNiCrWMo-1 ERNiCu-7 ERNiCu-8 ERNiFe-C1 ERNiFe-CI ERNiFeCr-1 ERNiFeCr-2 ERNiFeMn-C1 ERNiFeMn-CI ERNiMo-1 ERNiMo-10 ERNiMo-11 ERNiMo-12 ERNiMo-2 ERNiMo-3 ERNiMo-4 ERNiMo-6 ERNiMo-7 ERNiMo-8 ERNiMo-9 ERR5222XJ ERTi-0.2Pd ERTi-1 ERTi-12 ERTi-13V-11Cr-3Al ERTi-15 ERTi-2 ERTi-3 ERTi-3Al2,5V ERTi-4 ERTi-5 ERTi-5ELI ERTi-6 ERTi-6 ELI ERTi-6Al-V-1 ERTi-6Al4V ERTi-7 ERTi-9 ERTi-9ELI ERTi0.8Ni0.3Mo ERTi3Al2.5V1 ERTi5Al2,5Sn ERTi5Al2.5Sn1 ERTi6Al2Cb1Ta1Mo ERW 3 ERW1 ERW2 ERW243 ERW245 ERW3 ERW320 ERW360 ERW4 ERW410LT50 ERW430 ERW5 ERW620 ERW620-440 ERW620-460 ERW621 ERWC1 ERZr3 ERZr4 ES ES 100K ES 2205 ES 275K ES 4122 ES 50S ES 65 S ES Multiform SL ES PRIMUS SL ES ULW65 ES-Nickel ES430Nb-15 ES430Nb-16 ES90 ESAB 308Mo ESAB 6010 ESARC 180AR ESARC 2007 ESARC 2209 ESARC 308LS ESARC 309Mo ESARC 316L-16 ESARC 316LS ESARC 318-16 ESARC 5645 ESARC 818 ESARC 919 ESARC B Mo 5 ESARC B MoCr2 ESARC B MoCr5 ESARC NICROMO ESARC Ni2 ESARC RD 280 ESARC RD600 ESB-38MnSi4 ESC ESCOLOY 45D ESH ESH1 ESK ESMo ESMo 2 ESP65 ESS ESS 1 ESS Spezial ESSAR CB767S ESSHETE 1250 ESSHETE 17CR4NI ESSHETTE 15CR5NI ESSW ESV 2 ESW EStE255 EStE285 EStE285 tube EStE315 EStE355 EStE355 tube EStE380 EStE420 EStE460 EStE460 tube EStE460V EStE500 EStE500V EStE550V EStE620V EStE690V EStE790V EStE890V ET 00 ET 1 ET15 ET4 ET50N ET6 ETAD3 ETAIN-ANTIMOINE-CUIVRE ETANO ETD150 ETG 100 ETG 25 ETG 88 ETIAL-110 ETIAL-120 ETIAL-140 ETIAL-141 ETIAL-145 ETIAL-147 ETIAL-150 ETIAL-160 ETIAL-171 ETIAL-175 ETIAL-180 ETIAL-221 ETIAL-30 ETIAL-31 ETIAL-35 ETIAL-43 ETIAL-50 ETIAL-51 ETIAL-53 ETIAL-6 ETIAL-60 ETIAL-61 ETIAL-64 ETIAL-7 ETP ETP C11045 ETP-Copper EU 106 EU 107 EU 111 EU 119 EU 120 EU 129 EU 132 EU 133 EU 137 EU 141 EU 143 EU 144 EU 149 EU 150 EU 151.1 EU 151.2 EU 155 EU 156 EU 16 EU 18 EU 20 EU 25 EU 27 EU 28 EU 30 EU 46 EU 60 EU 65 EU 80 EU 83 EU 84 EU 85 EU 86 EU 87 EU 88 EU 89 EU 90 EU 92 EU 94 EU 95 EU 96 EUCARO 10 EURONORM 106 EURONORM 107 EURONORM 111 EURONORM 119 EURONORM 120 EURONORM 129 EURONORM 132 EURONORM 133 EURONORM 137 EURONORM 141 EURONORM 143 EURONORM 144 EURONORM 149 EURONORM 150 EURONORM 151.1 EURONORM 151.2 EURONORM 155 EURONORM 156 EURONORM 16 EURONORM 18 EURONORM 20 EURONORM 25 EURONORM 27 EURONORM 28 EURONORM 30 EURONORM 46 EURONORM 60 EURONORM 65 EURONORM 80 EURONORM 83 EURONORM 84 EURONORM 85 EURONORM 86 EURONORM 87 EURONORM 88 EURONORM 89 EURONORM 90 EURONORM 92 EURONORM 94 EURONORM 95 EURONORM 96 EUROX 355M EUROX 355N EUZ. G60 EV 13 EV-1 EV-10 EV-14 EV-2 EV11 EV12 EV15 EV16 EV17 EV3 EV31A EV31A-T6 EV4 EV4Co EV5 EV6 EV7 EV8 EV9 EVANOHM R EVANOHM R alloy EVANOHM S EVANOHM S alloy EVB 100 EVB CuNi EVB MoV EVERDUR EVERDUR 6421 EVERDUR 655 EVERDUR C65100 EVERDUR C65600 EVM11 EVRAZ 15217 EW9Co10 EW9Co12 EWCe-2 EWLa-1 EWLa-1.5 EWLa-2 EWP EWTh-1 EWTh-2 EWTh-3 EWZr EWZr-1 EX-TEN 42 EX-TEN 50 EX-TEN 60 EX-TEN 65 EX23-12-M2SB6 EXCALIBAR 6013 EXCELO EXHAUST F1 430LNb EXIUM AM EXLO36F EXOCUT EXOHARD EXTENDO-DIE EXTRA EXTRA #45 EXTRA L-1 EXTRA L-5 EXTRA Nr.12 EXTRA TENACE DUR EXTRA V2 EXTRUDAL-043 EY 42 52 Mn B EY 42 87 1Ni B EY 42 87 2Ni B EZ33 EZ33A EZ33A ingot EZH SPECIAL EZM 23MnNiCrMo5-3 EZNi-1 EZNiCu-1 EZNiFe-1 Efi Core Iron Elco 3 Elcobronze 3 Electrical Iron Electrolytic copper Elektro Elektron 21 Elektron A8 Elektron AE42 Elektron AM60 Elektron AZ91 Elektron AZ91C Elektron AZ91D Elektron AZG Elektron C Elektron EQ21 Elektron LA141 Elektron LA91 Elektron QE22 Elektron RZ5 Elektron WE43 Elektron WE54 Elektron Z5Z Elektron ZA Elektron ZC63 Elektron ZRE1 Elmedur B2 Elmedur HA Elmedur HC Elmedur NCS Elmedur X Elmedur XS Elmedur Z Elmet-K10 Elmet-K20N Elmet-K20VS Elmet-K33 Elmet-K50 Elmet-Mo30Cu Elmet-S20 Elmet-WCAg Elmet-k40 En10 En100 En100 cond.V En100A En100B En100C En100D En100E En11 En110 En111 En111A En12 En12A En12B En12C En13 En14A En14A/1 En14B En15 En15A En15AM En15B En16 En160 En160A En1630 GrA En1631 GrA En1631 GrD En1632 GrC En1632 GrD En1648 GrC En1648 GrE En1648 GrG En16A En16B En16C En16M En16MT En16T En17 En18 En18A En18B En18C En18D En19 En19A En19B En19C En19T En1A En1A leaded En1A leaded+Te En1A-L En1APb En1B En2 En201 En202 En206 En207 En20A En20B En21 En21A En22 En23 En24 En24T En25 En26 En2659 En27 En28 En29A En29B En2A En2A/1 En2B En2C En2D En2E En3 En30A En30B En31 En31M En325 En32A En32B En32C En32M En33 En34 En34 casting En3489 En35 En351 En352 En353 En354 En355 En35A En35B En361 En362 En363 En36A En36B En36C En37 En38 En39A En39B En3A En3B En3C En3D En4 En40A En40B En40BT En40C En41/905M31 En41A En41B En42 En42B En42C En42D En42E En42F En42G En42J En43 En43A En43B En43C En43D En43E En43G En43J En44 En44B En44C En44D En44E En45 En45A En46 En47 En48 En48A En49A En49B En49C En49D En4A En5 En50 En51 En52 En53 En54 En54A En55 En56A En56AM En56B En56BM En56C En56CM En56D En56DM En57 En58A En58AM En58B En58BM En58C En58D En58E En58F En58G En58H En58J En59 En5A En5B En5C En5D En5K En6 En60 En61 En6A En6K En7 En7A En8 En8-GC1 En8-NGC1 En801 En8A En8AM En8B En8BM En8C En8CM En8D En8DM En8E En8K En8M En9 En9K EnduraMet 2205 EnduraMet 304LN EnduraMet 316LN EnduraMet 33 Ensacero M5 Ensacero M8 EnviroBrass I EnviroBrass II Equiax B1900 Equiax C 1023 Equiax GMR 235 Equiax GTD 222 Equiax IN 713 LC Equiax IN 738C Equiax IN 738LC Equiax IN 792 Equiax IN713C Equiax MAR M 002 Equiax MAR-M-004 Equiax MAR-M247 Equiax Mar M 246 Equiax RENE 125 Equiax RENE 220 Equiax RENE 77 Equiax RENE 80 Equiax RENE 95 Equiax U 500 ErCoCr-G Ergiloy Ergiloy 1.3912HP Ergiloy 2.4610HH Ergiloy 2.4665 Ergiloy 2.4669 Ergiloy 2.4851 Ergiloy 2.4969HM Ergiloy 4617HH Ergiloy 4851HI Ergiloy 4952HN Ergste 1.2243 Ergste 1.4034YK Ergste 1.4105IM Ergste 1.4114IU Ergste 1.4120YT Ergste 1.4301PA Ergste 1.4310 Ergste 1.4511IA Ergste 1.4512IT Ergste 1.4961PW Eschmann 2108 Eschmann 2709 Eschmann 2826 Eschmann 2888 Eschmann 8519 Escoloy Eskylos 2001 Eskylos 2083 Eskylos 2343 Eskylos 2344 Eskylos 2365 Eskylos 2367 Eskylos 4542 Eskylos 6959 Esterer 1.4540 Eural 2011 Eural 2017 Eural 2017A Eural 2030 Eural 6005 Eural 6012 Eural 6026 Eural 6060 Eural 6061 Eural 6063 Eural 6064A Eural 6082 Eural 6262 Eural 6262A Eural 7003 Eural 7075 EutecTrode 307-17 Exhaust XT Extra E Extra Hart Extra sehr zah Extra zah Extrudal-050 F F 128 F alloy F+S pure nickel F-04.12.23 F-04.12.35 F-04.12.44 F-04.12.45 F-111 F-1110 F-1115 F-112 F-1120 F-1125 F-113 F-1130 F-1131 F-1132 F-1133 F-1135 F-1136 F-114 F-1140 F-1141 F-1142 F-1145 F-1146 F-1147 F-114A F-115 F-1150 F-1155 F-1200 F-1201 F-1202 F-1203 36Mn6 F-1204 F-1205 F-1206 F-1207 F-1208 F-1209 F-120D F-120I F-120L F-121 F-1210 F-1211 F-122 F-122/32 F-123 F-124 F-124A F-125 F-1250 F-1251 F-1252 F-1253 F-1254 F-1257 F-125B F-126 F-1260 F-1262 F-127 F-1270 F-1272 F-128 F-1280 F-1282 F-129 F-1291 F-1292 F-1293 F-1294 F-1295 F-1296 F-1297 F-130F F-131 F-1310 F-1311 F-1312 F-1314 F-134 F-1351 F-1352 F-140C F-140E F-1410 F-143 F-1430 F-1431 55Cr3 F-143A F-144 F-1440 F-1441 60Si7 F-1442 F-144B F-1450 F-1451 46Si7 F-145A F-145B F-1460 52CrMoV4 F-150B F-150D F-150E F-150F F-150G F-150H F-150I F-150J F-150K F-151 F-1510 F-1511 F-1513 F-1515 F-1516 F-1517 F-151A F-1522 F-1523 F-1524 F-1525 F-1526 F-1527 F-1529 F-153 F-1532 F-1534 F-154 F-1540 F-155 F-1550 F-1551 F-1555 F-1559 F-156 F-1560 F-1580 F-1581 F-1582 F-1711 F-1712 F-1721 F-1740 F-1741 F-210C F-210D F-210F F-210G F-210H F-210I F-210M F-211 F-2111 F-2112 F-2113 F-2114 F-212 F-2121 F-2122 F-2131 F-2132 F-2133 F-221 F-222 F-223 F-240A F-2601 F-2602 F-2611 F-2621 F-2631 F-2632 12CrMo9-10 F-2641 F-2643 F-2645 X8Ni09 F-3110 F-3111 F-3113 F-3114 F-3115 F-3116 F-3117 F-3121 X2CrTi12 F-3122 F-3123 F-3151 F-3152 X10CrAl13 F-3153 F-3154 F-3159 F-3162 X10CrSi13 F-3169 X18CrN28 F-3210 F-3211 F-3214 F-3215 F-3216 F-3217 F-3218 F-3220 F-3221 F-3222 F-3223 F-3308 F-331 F-3310 F-3311 F-3312 F-3313 F-3314 F-3401 X10Cr13 F-3402 F-3403 F-3404 F-3405 X46Cr13 F-3406 F-3415 X15Cr13 F-3423 F-3427 F-3503 F-3504 F-3507 F-3508 F-3513 F-3517 F-3523 F-3524 F-3533 F-3534 F-3535 F-3536 F-3538 F-3539 F-3541 F-3542 F-3543 F-3544 F-3545 F-3551 F-3552 F-5103 F-5107 F-511 F-5113 F-5117 F-5118 F-512 F-5123 F-5124 F-5125 F-5127 F-5128 F-513 F-514 F-515 F-516 F-517 F-520-S F-520A F-520B F-521 F-521 casting F-5211 F-5212 F-5213 F-5214 F-522 F-5220 F-5227 X100CrMoV5 F-5229 90MnCrV8 F-523 F-5230 F-5233 F-524 F-5242 F-5246 F-5247 F-5263 F-5267 F-5307 55NiCrMoV7 F-5313 F-5317 F-5318 F-5319 F-532 F-5323 F-552 F-5520 F-553 F-5530 F-5540 F-5553 F-5563 F-5603 F-5605 F-5607 F-5615 F-5617 F-642 X120Mn12 F-6501 F-6502 F-6504 F-6505 F-7301 F-7302 F-7305 F-7307 8Q16 F-7309 6Q16 F-7502 8E-DF F-7503 F-7504 F-7505 F-7511 F-7512 8KA-DF F-7513 F-7515 F-7517 F-80 F-8104 F-8106 F-8108 F-8211 30Mn5 F-8212 F-8213 F-8221 35Cr4 F-8231 F-8251 F-8310 F-8311 F-8330 F-8331 F-8332 F-8351 F-8372 F-8380 F-8381 F-8382 F-8383 F-8384 F-8385 F-8386 F-8387 F-8401 F-8402 F-8403 F-8404 F-8411 F-8413 F-8414 F-8416 F-8417 F-8450 F-8451 F-8452 F-8453 F-8454 F-8455 F-8456 F-BRONZE F-Cu F-SW21 F-SW32 F.A.D.C F.S.T F0000-10 F0000-15 F0000-20 F0005-20 F0005-25 F1 F1 Gr1 F1 Gr2 F1 Gr3 F1 N03300 F10 F100 F10004 F10005 F10006 F10007 F10008 F10009 F10010 F10011 F10012 F1002S F10090 F10091 F10092 F101 F105 F1058 Gr1 F1058 Gr2 F1058 R30003 F1058 R30008 F1091 F11 F11 class1 F11 class2 F11 class3 F1108 R56406 F1137 C38k-1 F11401 F114Pb F11701 F11A F11B F12 F12 class1 F12 class2 F12/CB F12101 F122 F12401 F126 F1295 F12N F12T F12U F13 F13101 F1314 F132 F1341 Gr1 F1341 Gr2 F1341 Gr3 F1341 Gr4 F1350 F13501 F136 F1377 R30075 F138 F138 GrA F138 GrB F13801 F139 F139 GrA F139 GrB F13NM F13P F13S F14 F14101 F1466 K94620 F1466 K94630 F1472 F14Nb F14PH F15 F1537 R31537 F1537 R31538 F1537 R31539 F1580 F1586 F15NM F1684 K93050 F1684 K93500 F1684 K93603 F16PH F17 F17/K30 F1713 F17L F17M F17MNb F17MS F17MT F17N F17T F17TNb F17U F17U1 F180 F1813 F18AL F18MS F18MT F18S F18T F18TNb F2 F2 Gr1 F2 Gr3 F2 N02205 F20 F2063 F2066 F20NbCu F20T F21 F214 F2146 F22 F22 class1 F22 class3 F22000 F22200 F2229 F22400 F2257 F22830 F22A F23 F23130 F23131 F23530 F239 N02220 F239 N02225 F239 N02230 F239 N02270 F24 F24130 F24830 F25 F25-35W F2527 R30003 F2527 R30008 F2527 R30035 F2527 R30605 F2527 R31537 F25530 F256 K91800 F256 K92801 F256 type I F256 type II F26 F26230 F2642 15NiMn6 F288 type1A F288 type1B F288 type2A F288 type2B F29 F29 K94101 F290 N02211 F290 N03300 F290 N10001 F2K F2KH F3 F3 Gr1 F3 Gr2 F3 Gr3 F3 Gr4 F30 F30 42 alloy F30 alloy 36 F30 alloy 46 F30 alloy 48 F30 alloy 51 F30 alloy 52 F304 F304H F304L F304LN F304N F30C F30M F31 F310 F310H F310MoLN F316 F316H F316L F316LN F316N F317 F32 F321 F321H F32800 F32900 F330T35 F330T50 F33100 F33101 F332 F332.0 F332.1 F332.2 F33800 F34100 F3411 X12CrS13 F3413 X14CrMoS17 F3425 X100CrMo17 F347 F347H F348 F34800 F348H F357 F357.0 F36 F36200 F3H F3V F3VCb F41000 F41001 F41002 F41003 F41004 F41005 F41006 F41007 F42 F429 F430 F43000 F43001 F43002 F43003 F43004 F43005 F43006 F43007 F43010 F43020 F43021 F43030 F44 F45 F45000 F45001 F45002 F45003 F45004 F45005 F45006 F45007 F45008 F45009 F46 F467 110 F467 2024 F467 270 F467 276 F467 335 F467 336 F467 400 F467 405 F467 462 F467 464 F467 500 F467 510 F467 511 F467 6061 F467 614 F467 6262 F467 630 F467 642 F467 651 F467 655 F467 661 F467 675 F467 686 F467 710 F467 715 F467 Gr23 F467 N06650 F467 R50250 F467R F468 110 F468 2024 F468 270 F468 335 F468 336 F468 400 F468 405 F468 462 F468 464 F468 500 F468 510 F468 511 F468 6061 F468 614 F468 630 F468 642 F468 651 F468 655 F468 661 F468 675 F468 7075 F468 710 F468 715 F468 Gr23 F468 N06650 F468 R50250 F468R F47 F47001 F47003 F47006 F48 F49 F4H F4K F5 F50 F50TF45 F51 F51 duplex F510 F514.1 F514.2 F52 F52S F53 F530T65 F54 F54S F55 F55 typeA F55 typeB F550 F56 F56 typeA F56 typeB F560 R05200 F560 R05400 F562 F563 F57 F58 F59 F593 18-9LW F593 302HQ F593 Gr304 F593 Gr316 F593 Gr316L F593 Gr321 F593 Gr384 F593 Gr410 F593 Gr416 F593 Gr416Se F593 Gr430F F593 Gr431 F593 GrXM7 F593 XM-1 F593 XM7 F593 alloy 347 F594 18-9LW F594 302HQ F594 416Se F594 Gr303Se F594 Gr304 F594 Gr304L F594 Gr305 F594 Gr316 F594 Gr316L F594 Gr321 F594 Gr384 F594 Gr410 F594 Gr416 F594 Gr430F F594 Gr431 F594 XM-1 F594 XM7 F594 alloy 347 F5a F6 F60 F600T65 F61 F62 F620 R56400 F620 R56401 F620 R56700 F621 R56320 F621 S20910 F621 S29108 F621 S31673 F621 S31675 F65 F66 F66J F66S F66SS F67 Gr1 F67 Gr2 F67 Gr3 F67 Gr4 F68 C10100 F688 F6NM F6NM casting F6NM-1 F6NM-2 F6a F7 F700T65 F745 F75 F7501 4E-DF F799 R31537 F799 R31538 F799 R31539 F8 F800T65 F8213 46Mn4 F8232 42CrMo4 F8321 AM-35Cr4 F836 A4 Gr316 F836 Gr303 F836M 416e F836M Gr416 F836M Gr430F F837 Gr303 F8412 F8415 F899 Gr410 F899 Gr440A F899 S15500 F899 S17400 F899 S45500 F899 S46500 F899 type 420C F8c F8m F8t F9 F9 185 F9 N02205 F90 F904L F91 F911 F92 F96 alloy 1 F96 alloy 2 F96 alloy 3 F96 alloy 4 F96 alloy 5 F961 F977 Gr5 FA-IG FA-M FAD FADCW FADH FADHW FADS FAFER 15NiCuMoNb5 FAFER 2C30 FAFER 314 FAFER 316/2 FAFER 316L/3 FAFER 316Nb FAFER 317LM FAFER 323 FAFER 325 FAFER 4003 FAFER 409 FAFER 420 FAFER 4313 FAFER 439 FAFER E36Nb FAFER S315NC FAI-9 FALC 100 FALK 233 FAM FARBO 10 FARBO 100 FARBO 206 FARBO 350 FAS-680 FASTINOX 304 FASTINOX 316/2 FASTINOX 316L/2 FASTINOX 316L/3 FATIGUEPROOF FAVP FAVZ FAX38 FAX55 FB-Cr12MoNi FB-Cr15MoNi FB-Cr26MoNi FB-Cr9Ni5 FB-M FB-Ni3Cr FB-Ni4Cr2BC FB-Ni4Cr2HC FB1-M FB10 FB15 FB18 FB1S FB5 FB8 FBA FBCr15MoNi FBCr20MoNi FBO FC FC-M FC1 FC1-M FC10 FC10 64 FC10 68 FC10 72 FC100 FC15 FC150 cl.2 FC1S FC2-1-M FC2-M FC20 FC200 Cl.3 FC25 FC250 cl4 FC3-M FC30 FC300 class5 FC35 FC350 cl6 FC50 64 FC50 68 FC70 FCAD 1000-5 FCAD 1000A FCAD 1200-2 FCAD 1200A FCAD 1400-1 FCAD 900-4 FCAD 900-8 FCAD 900A FCB FCD350-22 FCD370 cl.0 FCD40 FCD400-15 FCD400-18 FCD400-18L FCD45 FCD450-10 FCD50 FCD500 cl.3 FCD500-7 FCD60 FCD600-3 FCD70 FCD700 cl.5 FCD700-2 FCD80 FCD800 FCD800 cl.6 FCD800-2 FCH1 FCH2 FCHR1 FCHR2 FCHW1 FCHW2 FCMB27-05 FCMB270 FCMB28 FCMB30-06 FCMB31-08 FCMB310 FCMB32 FCMB32-12 FCMB34-10 FCMB340 FCMB35 FCMB35-10 FCMB35-10S FCMB360 FCMB37 FCMP44-06 FCMP45 FCMP45-06 FCMP49-04 FCMP50 FCMP50-05 FCMP54-03 FCMP55 FCMP55-04 FCMP59-03 FCMP60 FCMP60-03 FCMP65-02 FCMP70 FCMP70-02 FCMP80-01 FCMW330 FCMW34 FCMW34-04 FCMW35-04 FCMW370 FCMW38 FCMW38-07 FCMW38-12 FCMW40-05 FCMW440 FCMW45 FCMW45-07 FCZ-M FD FD A35.555 FD A35.570 FD-54SiCr6-STATO FD-C FDC FDCrSi FDCrV FDCrV-A FDCrV-B FDG FDGW FDHM FDM FDMA FDSiCr FDSiMn FE 38012 FE 38017 FE 38017-RI FE 42012 FE 50007 FE 60003 FE 70002 FE 80002 FE-CA14 FE-CA3701 FE-CM1501 FE-CM3801 FE-CM3901 FE-CM61 FE-CM68 FE-P11 FE-PA11 FE-PA12 FE-PA13 FE-PA14 FE-PA18 FE-PA2501 FE-PA2601 FE-PA2602 FE-PA2801 FE-PA3004 FE-PA3601 FE-PA3701 FE-PA3901 FE-PA3902 FE-PA3903 FE-PA4901 FE-PA91HT FE-PA92HT FE-PA93HT FE-PA95 FE-PA99HT FE-PL10 FE-PL1501 FE-PL1502 FE-PL1503 FE-PL1504 FE-PL1505 FE-PL1506 FE-PL1507 FE-PL1801 FE-PL1802 FE-PL2101 FE-PL2102 FE-PL2103 FE-PL2104 FE-PL2105 FE-PL2106 FE-PL2107 FE-PL2108 FE-PL2109 FE-PL2110 FE-PL2111 FE-PL31 FE-PL32 FE-PL43S FE-PL45 FE-PL48 FE-PL51 FE-PL52S FE-PL52S tube FE-PL53S FE-PL56 FE-PL61 FE-PL62 FE-PL71 FE-PL711 FE-PL72 FE-PL73 FE-PL74 FE-PL75 FE-PL76 FE-PL78 FE-PL79 FE-PL80 FE-PL8201 FE-PL8901 FE-PM13S [bar] FE-PM13S [plate] FE-PM14S [bar] FE-PM14S [plate] FE-PM1501 [bar] FE-PM1501 [plate] FE-PM1502 FE-PM1503 FE-PM1505 FE-PM1506 FE-PM1708 FE-PM1801 FE-PM1802 FE-PM1901 FE-PM2701 FE-PM32 FE-PM33 FE-PM35 FE-PM3501 FE-PM3502 FE-PM3503 FE-PM3504 FE-PM3603 FE-PM37 FE-PM38 FE-PM3801 FE-PM3803 FE-PM3901 FE-PM3902 FE-PM42 FE-PM43 FE-PM44 FE-PM61 FE-PM62 FE-PM63 FE-PM64 FE-PM65 FE-PM66 FE-PM67 FE-PX1001 FE-WA2602 FE-WA3801 FE-WA4801 FE-WA4802 FE-WL1804 FE-WL1805 FE-WL1806 FE-WM1001 FE-WM1002 FE-WM1501 FE-WM1601 FE-WM3801 FE0011 FE0015 FE0018 FE0020 FE0053 FE0054 FE0055 FE0056 FE0057 FE0058 FE0059 FE0060 FE0065 FE0066 FE0068 FE0094 FE0095 FE0096 FE0097 FE0099 FE0100 FE0101 FE0103 FE0105 FE0110 FE0112 FE0119 FE0169 FE235C FE355D FE37D FE45012 FE510D1KI FE510DD2 FECRALLOY FECRALLOY 135 FECRALLOY 145 FECRONI-1400 FED I-836 FED III-932 FED-STD-66 FED-STD-66 1013 FED-STD-66 1018 FED-STD-66 1023 FED-STD-66 1029 FED-STD-66 1038 FED-STD-66 1040 FED-STD-66 1045 FED-STD-66 1050 FED-STD-66 1059 FED-STD-66 1060 FED-STD-66 1064 FED-STD-66 1075 FED-STD-66 1078 FED-STD-66 1085 FED-STD-66 1116 FED-STD-66 1117 FED-STD-66 1118 FED-STD-66 1139 FED-STD-66 1141 FED-STD-66 1144 FED-STD-66 12L13 FED-STD-66 1330H FED-STD-66 1335 FED-STD-66 1335H FED-STD-66 1340 FED-STD-66 1340H FED-STD-66 1345H FED-STD-66 1346 FED-STD-66 301 FED-STD-66 3140 FED-STD-66 347 FED-STD-66 4028 FED-STD-66 4028H FED-STD-66 4037H FED-STD-66 4042H FED-STD-66 4047 FED-STD-66 4047H FED-STD-66 4063 FED-STD-66 4063H FED-STD-66 4118H FED-STD-66 4130H FED-STD-66 4135 FED-STD-66 4135H FED-STD-66 4137H FED-STD-66 4140H FED-STD-66 4142H FED-STD-66 4145H FED-STD-66 4147H FED-STD-66 4150H FED-STD-66 416 FED-STD-66 4161H FED-STD-66 420 FED-STD-66 420F FED-STD-66 430F FED-STD-66 4320H FED-STD-66 4337 FED-STD-66 4340H FED-STD-66 440B FED-STD-66 440F FED-STD-66 4419H FED-STD-66 446 FED-STD-66 4617 FED-STD-66 4620 FED-STD-66 4620H FED-STD-66 4621 FED-STD-66 4621H FED-STD-66 4626H FED-STD-66 4720H FED-STD-66 4815H FED-STD-66 4817H FED-STD-66 4820H FED-STD-66 5046 FED-STD-66 50B46H FED-STD-66 50B50 FED-STD-66 50B50H FED-STD-66 50B60 FED-STD-66 5120 FED-STD-66 5120H FED-STD-66 5130H FED-STD-66 5132H FED-STD-66 5135H FED-STD-66 5140H FED-STD-66 5145 FED-STD-66 5145H FED-STD-66 5147 FED-STD-66 5147H FED-STD-66 5150H FED-STD-66 5155 FED-STD-66 5160H FED-STD-66 6120 FED-STD-66 6150H FED-STD-66 8115 FED-STD-66 8367 FED-STD-66 8615 FED-STD-66 8617H FED-STD-66 8620H FED-STD-66 8625 FED-STD-66 8630H FED-STD-66 8640 FED-STD-66 8640H FED-STD-66 8645 FED-STD-66 8645H FED-STD-66 8650H FED-STD-66 8655 FED-STD-66 8655H FED-STD-66 8660 FED-STD-66 8660H FED-STD-66 86B45H FED-STD-66 8720H FED-STD-66 8740H FED-STD-66 8742 FED-STD-66 9260H FED-STD-66 9262 FED-STD-66 9310H FED-STD-66 94B17 FED-STD-66 94B17H FED-STD-66 9840H FED-STD-66 9850 FED-STD-66 B1010 FED-STD-66 C1113 FED-STD-66 E3310 FED-STD-66 E4337 FED-STD-66 E4340 FED-STD-66 E4340H FED-STD-66 G50986 FED-STD-66 Gr8650 FED-STD-66 M1015 FED-STD-66 M1020 FED-STD-66 MT1015 FED-STD-66 MTX1015 FED-STD-66 NV-3 FEDERALLOY I FEDERALLOY I-836 FEDERALLOY I-844 FEDERALLOY III-932 FEDERALLOY III-937 FEDERALOY F-2 FEDERALOY H-24 FEDERALOY H-35 FEDERALOY HF-16 FEDERALOY HF-2 FEDERALOY HF-3 FEDERALOY RS-21 FEF000 FELDER 3.0516 FELDER AG101 FELDER AG102 FELDER AG104 FELDER AG105 FELDER AG106 FELDER AG107 FELDER AG108 FELDER AG202 FELDER AG203 FELDER AG204 FELDER AG205 FELDER AG206 FELDER AG207 FELDER AG208 FELDER AG301 FELDER AG304 FELDER AG305 FELDER AG307 FELDER AG309 FELDER AG351 FELDER AG401 FELDER AG403 FELDER AG502 FELDER AG503 FELDER CU305 FELDER CU306 FELDER L-Ag30Cd FELDER L-Ag64 FELDER PbSb15Sn10 FELDER S-CuNi30Fe FELDER S-CuSn6 FELDER S-PB65SN35 FELDER S-PB70SN30 FELDER S-PB93SN5AG2 FELDER S-PB95AG5 FELDER S-PB98AG2 FELDER S-Pb50Sn50Sb FELDER S-SN63PB37E FELDER S-SN97CU3 FELDER S-Sn60Pb40E FELDER S-Sn60Pb40Sb FELDER S-Sn99,9 FELIS CL.0601 FELIS CL.3160 FELIS CL.3460 FELIS GS-Ck16 FELIS GS22Mo4 FENIX 28NiCrMo4 FENIX 60S20 FER A HAUTE PERMEABILITE FER ARMCO FER DOUX MAGNETIQUE FER DOUX RFe60 FER DOUX RFe80 FER MAGNETIQUE BAS CARBONE FER NICKEL-CHROME FER PUR FER-CHROME-ALUMINIUM FER-CHROME-ALUMINIUM-Nb FER-CHROME-COBALT-NICKEL FER-COBALT FER-COBALT-NICKEL-ALUMINIUM FER-COBALT-NICKEL-CHROME FER-COBALT-VANADIUM FER-NICKEL FER-NICKEL MAGNETIQUE DOUX FER-NICKEL POUR THERMOSTAT FER-NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-COBALT FER-NICKEL-CHROME FER-NICKEL-CHROME-Mo FER-NICKEL-CHROME-TUNGSTENE FER-NICKEL-COBALT FER-NICKEL-COBALT-ALUMINIUM FER-NICKEL-MANGANESE FER-NICKEL-TITANE FER-SILICIUM-ALUMINIUM FERALCOR 235 FERALCOR 355 typeII FERALCOR 355typeI FERALPI C10D2 FERALPI C5D2 FERALPI C7D FERALSIM E26 FERALSIM E28 FERALSIM E28Nb FERALSIM E28NbNi FERALSIM E29 FERALSIM E29BT FERALSIM E32 FERALSIM E36 FERALSIM E36BT FERALSIM E36NbNi FERALSIM E40 FERALSIM E43 FERALSIM E43BT FERALSIM E47 FERALSIM E47BT FERALSIM E47Nb FERALSIM E47NbNi FERALSIM E490 FERALSIN E32 FERHOLZER FERLAT 1.5531 FERLAT 100CD7 FERLAT 18NCD5 FERMANAL F1 FERMANAL F2 FERMANAL F3 FERMANEL FERMONIC 50 FEROXY 1045 FEROXY 2083 FEROXY 2162 FEROXY 2311 FEROXY 2312 FEROXY 2316 FEROXY 2394 FEROXY 2714 FEROXY 2738 FERR 2552SC FERRALIUM 255 FERRALIUM 255 cast FERRALIUM 255-3SC FERRALIUM 255-SD40 FERRIUM C61 FERRIUM C64 FERRIUM M54 FERRIUM PH48S FERRIUM S53 FERRO-CHROME FERRO-COBALT FERRO-COBALT-NICKEL FERRO-NICKEL FERRO-NICKEL DE DECOLLETAGE FERRO-NICKEL FORTE EXPANSION FERRO-NICKEL MOULE FERRO-NICKEL POUR DILATATION FERRO-NICKEL POUR THERMOSTAT FERRO-NICKEL-COBALT FERRO-SILICIUM FERROCHRONIN 600 FERROCHRONIN 601 FERROCHRONIN 690 FERROCHRONIN 810 FERROCHRONIN 825 FERROCHRONIN25/21 FERROCHRONIN25/35 FERROCHRONIN29/38 FERROTHERM 4713 FERROTHERM 4720 FERROTHERM 4722 FERROTHERM 4724 FERROTHERM 4735 FERROTHERM 4742 FERROTHERM 4762 FERROTHERM 4821 FERROTHERM 4828 FERROTHERM 4833 FERROTHERM 4841 FERROTHERM 4845 FERROTHERM 4864 FERROTHERM 4872 FERROTHERM 4878 FERROTHERM 5310 FERRY FEUILLARD ACIER A RESSORT FEUILLARD ACIER AU BORE FEUILLARD ACIER AU CARBONE FEUILLARD ACIER AU CHROME FEUILLARD ACIER Cr-Mo FEUILLARD ACIER Mn-Cr FEUILLARD INOX FERRITIQUE FEUILLARD INOX MARTENSITIQUE FEUILLARD INOX POUR RESSORT FEUILLARD LAITON BINAIRE FEUILLARD LAMINE A CHAUD FEUILLARD LAMINE A FROID FEUILLARD POUR CEMENTATION FEUILLARD POUR TRAITEMENT FEUILLE ET FEUILLARD ACIER FEX FF-N-105 5056 FF42 FFC2 FG FG-H.C FG10 FG15 FG150 FG20 FG200 FG220 FG25 FG26 FG260 FG26E FG26T FG26W FG29 FG29E FG29T FG29W FG30 FG300 FG32 FG32E FG32T FG32W FG35 FG350 FG36 FG36E FG36L FG36Nb FG36T FG36W FG39 FG39E FG39T FG39W FG400 FG43 FG43E FG43T FG43W FG47C/FG47 FG47CE FG47CT FG47CW FG47E FG47T FG47W FG51 FG51E FG51T FG51W FGE38/17 FGE42-12 FGE50-7 FGE70-2 FGE80-2 FGF-CAST-23-R FGF-CAST-27 FGF-CAST-30 FGF-CAST-34-Co FGF-CAST-34-R-Co FGG10 FGG15 FGG20 FGG25 FGG30 FGL-Ni13Mn7 FGL-Ni15Cu6Cr2 FGL-Ni15Cu6Cr3 FGL-Ni20Cr2 FGL-Ni20Si5Cr3 FGL-Ni30Cr3 FGL-Ni30Si5Cr5 FGL-Ni35 FGL.Ni30Si5Cr5 FGL150 FGL200 FGL250 FGL300 FGL350 FGL400 FGP28W FGP36 FGP63V FGP70CVW FGS FGS Ni22 FGS NiCr20-2 FGS-NI35 FGS-Ni13Mn7 FGS-Ni20Cr2 FGS-Ni20Cr3 FGS-Ni20Si5Cr2 FGS-Ni22 FGS-Ni23Mn4 FGS-Ni30Cr1 FGS-Ni30Cr3 FGS-Ni30Si5Cr5 FGS-Ni35 FGS-Ni35Cr3 FGS-Ni35Si5Cr2 FGS.Ni13Mn7 FGS.Ni35Si5Cr2 FGS350-22 FGS370-17 FGS38-17 FGS40-15 FGS400-12 FGS400-15 FGS400-18 FGS42-12 FGS450-10 FGS50-7 FGS500-7 FGS60-2 FGS600-3 FGS63V FGS70-2 FGS700-2 FGS70CV FGS70CVT FGS78V e<=20mm FGS800-2 FGS80V e<=20mm FGS900-2 FGS90CV FH32 FH49 FH55 FI FIB FIBRAL FIBRAPLAN FICAST NiFe FID FIDUR 1/300 FIDUR 10/60 FIDUR 10/65 FIDUR 2/55 FIDUR 3/50 FIDUR 4/60 FIDUR 6/55 FIL ACIER AU BORE FIL ACIER INOX AUSTENITIQUE FIL ACIER INOXYDABLE FIL ACIER RESSORT FIL FOURRE DE SOUDAGE FIL INOX AUSTENITIQUE FIL INOX FERRITIQUE FIL INOX MARTENSITIQUE FIL INOX POUR FRAPPE A FROID FIL INOX POUR RESSORT FIL INOX POUR RESSORTS FIL LAITON BINAIRE FIL MACHINE INOX FERRITIQUE FIL POUR ELECTRODE ENROBEE FIL POUR METAL D'APPORT FIL POUR RESSORT MECANIQUE FIL ROND INOXYDABLE FILARC BM310Mo-L FILIT 6 FINE SILVER FINE alloy X750 FINORV FINOX 4842B FINOX Ni9 FIP 091 FIRECHROME FIRINIT 6023 FIRINIT 781-8 FIRINIT 781.7 FIRTH 1.4197 FIS145 FISHER CF-3A FISHER CN-3M FJ1 FJ2 FL-LA 2557.1 SX FL4-4 FL9-10 FLB FLC 25 FLC 45 FLC 60 FLC 70 FLD 165 FLD 17 FLD 22 FLD 34 FLEETWELD 22 FLEETWELD 35 FLEETWELD 37 FLEETWELD 47 FLEETWELD 7 FLEXNAMEL FLG 25 FLGG40 FLGG70 FLI 50 FLNH 2 FLNH 4 FLOWFORGE 2014 FLOWFORGE 2017 FLOWFORGE 2618 FLOWFORGE 3103 FLOWFORGE 5083 FLOWFORGE 5754 FLOWFORGE 6060 FLOWFORGE 6061 FLOWFORGE 6082 FLOWFORGE 7020 FLOWFORGE 7075 FLOWSERVE Ti FLOWSERVE TiP FLR 06 FLR 13 FLR 20 FLR 25 FLR 27 FLR 29 FLR 29 2 FLR 29C FLR 36 FLR 45 FLR 47 FLR 48 FLUGINARC N65 FLUGINOX 124 FLUGINOX 126 FLUGINOX 130 FLUGINOX 150 FLUGINOX 51 FLUGINOX 60 FLUGINOX 61 FLUGINOX 62 FLUGINOX 65 FLUGINOX 71 FLUGINOX C35 FLUGINOX N40 FLUGINOX N45 FLX 130 FM 188 FM 25 FM 263 FM 276 FM 28 FM 31 FM 33 FM 59 FM 60 FM 601 FM 602 FM 61 FM 617 FM 62 FM 622 FM 625 FM 626 FM 65 FM 67 FM 69 FM 718 FM 82 FM B10 FM B2 FM B4 FM C-276 FM C4 FM X FM-160 FM10-2 FM10-3 FM12/17Si FM15-1 FM15C FM18-3 FM1B FM20-3 FM26-1 FM26-3 FM30C FM30CMO FM32-3 FM36-3 FM38 FM38 qualit3 FM38-3 FM40 FM40-3 FM42-3 FM45-1 FM48-3 FM5 qualite 2 FM5 qualite 3 FM5-2 FM5-3 FM50 FM50-3 FM52-3 FM55 qualite 1 FM55 qualite 3 FM55-1 FM55-3 FM56-3 FM58-3 FM6-2 FM6-3 FM60-3 FM62-3 FM65 qualite 1 FM65 qualite 3 FM65-1 FM65-3 FM66-3 FM68-3 FM70-3 FM72-3 FM75-3 FM76-3 FM78-3 FM8-1 FM8-3 FM80 qualite 3 FM80-3 FM82 qualite 3 FM82-3 FM85-3 FM86-3 FMA FMB1 FMB2 FME8/5 FML FML OTS58 FMM FMP X78W18KU FMS1012 FMX FN 55 FND FNDW FNDYW FNG38-17 FNG42-12 FNG50-7 FNG60-2 FNG70-2 FNG80-2 FO90 Supervitac FO95 FO95 supervitac A FO95SVA FONTE A GRAPHITE LAMELLAIRE FONTE A GRAPHITE SPHEROIDAL FONTE ALLIEE FONTE AUSFERRITIQUE FONTE AUSFERRITIQUE ALLIEE FONTE AUSTENITIQUE FONTE AUSTENITIQUE AU NICKEL FONTE BLANCHE ALLIEE FONTE BLANCHE NON ALLIEE FONTE DUCTILE FONTE DUCTILE NODULAIRE FONTE GRISE FONTE GRISE POUR AUTOMOBILE FONTE MALLEABLE FONTE MALLEABLE COEUR BLANC FONTE MALLEABLE COEUR NOIR FONTE MALLEABLE PERLITIQUE FONTE RESISTANT A L'ABRASION FONTE VERMICULAIRE FOR 510 FORA 360BC FORA 400 FORA 500 FORM 400C FORM 500C FORM300C FORM400C FORMALIGHT 125 FORMALIGHT 126 FORMAX FORMOLD FORMSTABIL FORTAL HR FORTAL STS FORTIWELD FORTIWELD D FOS-FLO 5 FOS-FLO 7 FOUR STAR FOX CN 13/4 SUPRA FOX CN 18/11 FOX DMV83Kb FOX EV85 FOX SKWAM FOX WIRE 302S26 FOX WIRE 316S42 FP1 FP11 FP12 FP2 FP21 FP22 FP3b FP5 FP52 FP7 FP9 FP91 FPB FPG FR10 FR12 FR15 FR15B FR18 FR20 FR22 FR28 FR32 FR36 FR38 FR5 FR8 FRA 110/1 FRA 110/2 FRA 140 FRA 220 FRA 223 FRA 240 FRA 240/1 FRA 241 FRA 250 FRA 255 FRA 261 FRA 275 FRA 302 FRA 320 FRA 415 FRA 622 FRA 625 FRAM DIE FRAPIMPHY 1 FRAPIMPHY M FRASER 673 FRASER AB2 FRASER LB2 FRAZER alloy 352 FREE-CUT INVAR36 FREMAX 15 FREMAX 45 FRHC FRHC C11020 FRIDUCTIL 5680 FRITENAR 315 FRITENAR 355 FRITENAR 390 FRITENAR 420 FRSTP FRSTP C12510 FRTP FRW CuNi14Al2 FS FS-006 FS-4016-430 FS-446 FS-85 FS-H12 FS-M2 FS-M34 FS-S1 FS-S5 FS1 FS10 FS1018 FS1040 FS1045 FS1050 FS1060 FS1075 FS1117 FS1118 FS1141 FS2-5 FS50 FS60 FSD 5335 FSD 5408E FSD 5509 FSD 5923 FSL FSR FSX-414 FSX414-LC FT FT10D FT15D FT20D FT25D FT30D FT35D FT40D FT750DC FUN 38Mo3 FUN 5102 FUN 5330 FUN 5404 FUN 5504 FUN 5505 FUN 5510 FUN 5622 FUN 5625 FUN 5626 FUN 5628 FUN 5635 FUN5522/38CrB1 FUNDIA 16MnCr5 FUSANOR 144 FUSANOR 190 FUSANOR 44 FUSANOR D12 FV13-4 FV13/4 FV17/4 FV22/6Mo FV25/20 FV25/8Mo FV254 FV27/5HC FV28/10 FV28/3 FV317 FV448 FV458 FV507 FV520 FV520B S143 FV520B S144 FV520B S145 FV520S FV535 FV535 VR FV539 FV548 FV555 FV559 FV566 FV607 FV904 FWF A5 FWF A6 FWF B1 FWF BT1 FWM 1058 FX9 FXM-11 FXM-19 FXM-27Cb Falck 38MnB5 Falck 55Si7 Falck S235JR Fc300 Fd2 Fd3 Fd4 Fe-22Cr-.5Mn Fe-23Mn-21Cr-1Mo-1N Fe-27Ni-25Co Fe-3Cr-3W Fe-Cr-Ni POUR THERMOSTAT Fe-Ni-Mn POUR THERMOSTAT Fe-Ni18Co Fe-Ni20AlCo Fe-Ni29Co17 Fe-Ni30 Fe-Ni36 Fe-Ni40 Fe-Ni42 Fe-Ni42Cr6 Fe-Ni47 Fe-Ni47Cr5 Fe-Ni48 Fe-Ni50 Fe-Ni50,5 Fe-Ni50Cr1 Fe-Ni51,5 Fe-Ni54 Fe-S1 Fe-S2 Fe0102 Fe0107 Fe0109 Fe255KG Fe280 Fe290 Fe310 Fe310-0 Fe315KG Fe315KT Fe315KW Fe320 Fe33 Fe330 Fe330B Fe330BFU Fe335B Fe34 Fe340D Fe34A Fe34B Fe34GZ Fe35-1 Fe35-2 Fe360 Fe360 CKQ Fe360 D1QK Fe360-1KG Fe360-1KW Fe360-2KG Fe360-2KW Fe360-A Fe360-B Fe360-C Fe360B Fe360BFN Fe360BFU Fe360C Fe360CKI Fe360D Fe360D1 Fe360D2 Fe360D2-KQ Fe360D2KZ Fe360DKI Fe37 Fe37-1 Fe37-2 Fe37-B Fe370 Fe37A Fe37B Fe37C Fe37D Fe37GZ Fe410 Fe410-1KG Fe410-1KW Fe410-2KG Fe410-2KW Fe410D FF Fe415 Fe42-1 Fe42-2 Fe42A Fe42B Fe42C Fe42D Fe430B Fe430BKQ Fe430C Fe430D Fe430D1 Fe430D2 Fe44B Fe44D Fe45-1 Fe45-2 Fe460-1KG Fe460-1KW Fe460-2KG Fe460-2KW Fe47-1 Fe47-2 Fe480 Fe49-Co49-V2 Fe490 Fe490-1 Fe490-2 Fe50 Fe50-1 Fe50-2 Fe500 Fe510 Fe510-1KG Fe510-2KW Fe510B Fe510C Fe510C1K1 Fe510C1KI Fe510C2KI Fe510D Fe510D1 Fe510D2 Fe510D2-KQ Fe510D2KI Fe510DD Fe510DD1 Fe510DD2 Fe52-1 Fe52-2 Fe52-Ni36-Cr12 Fe52B Fe52C Fe52D Fe52Ni48 Fe540 Fe55-1 Fe55-2 Fe580 Fe590-1 Fe590-2 Fe60 Fe60-1 Fe60-2 Fe620 Fe650 Fe690 Fe690-2 Fe70-2 Fe770 Fe870 Fe99,4 Fe99,7 Fe99,9 FeB22 FeB40 FeB400 FeB50 FeB500 FeCo18 FeCo49 FeCo49V2 FeCo52V FeCrAl13-4 FeCrAl17/3 FeCrAl22/5 FeD3 FeD4 FeD6 FeE215 FeE22 FeE220 FeE220G FeE230 FeE235 FeE235B FeE235C FeE235D FeE235KR FeE24 FeE24KR FeE250 FeE250G FeE255KG FeE255KT FeE255KW FeE265KR FeE270 FeE275B FeE275C FeE275D FeE275HF FeE275KGN FeE275KGTM FeE275KTN FeE275KTTM FeE275TM FeE27KR FeE280G FeE285KG FeE285KT FeE285KW FeE285Ni14 FeE285Ni2 FeE285Ni6 FeE310 FeE310KR FeE315KG FeE31KR FeE320G FeE34 FeE345KR FeE350G FeE355-DD FeE355B FeE355C FeE355D FeE355KG FeE355KGN FeE355KGTM FeE355KT FeE355KTN FeE355KTTM FeE355KW FeE355Ni14 FeE355Ni2 FeE355Ni6 FeE355TD FeE355TM FeE370 FeE38 FeE390KG FeE390KT FeE390KW FeE390Ni30 FeE40 FeE400 FeE420HF FeE420KGN FeE420KGTM FeE420KTN FeE420KTTM FeE420KW FeE420TD FeE420TM FeE460 FeE460KG FeE460KGN FeE460KGTM FeE460KT FeE460KTN FeE460KTTM FeE460KW FeE460V FeE460VKG FeE460VKT FeE460VKW FeE490Ni36 FeE490TD FeE490TM FeE50 FeE500 FeE500KG FeE500V FeE500VKG FeE500VKT FeE500VKW FeE520 FeE550G FeE550TM FeE550V FeE550VKG FeE550VKT FeE550VKW FeE580 FeE585Ni36 FeE620V FeE620VKT FeE650 FeE690V KG FeE690V KT FeE690V KW FeE690VKT FeF11 FeF22 FeF33 FeF44 FeG 38 FeG 400 FeG 45 FeG 450 FeG 52 FeG 520 FeG45VR FeG55 FeH20 FeH30 FeH40 FeK1 FeK4 FeK6 FeKPGZ FeNi20Cr20 FeNi28Co21 FeNi31Cr27Mo4Cu1 FeNi32Cr20Ti FeNi32Cr21AlTi FeNi32Cr21AlTi-HC FeNi32Cr21AlTi-HT FeNi35Cr20Cu4Mo2 FeNi41 FeNi42 FeNi45Cr23 FeNi48,5Mn FeNi77CuMo FeNi80Mo FeNiCr-1.4876 FeP01 FeP01G FeP01GZ FeP02 FeP02GZ FeP02S FeP03 FeP03GZ FeP04 FeP04S FeP05 FeP05GZ FeP06 FeP06GZ FeP07GZ FeP11 FeP12 FeP13 FeSi1 FeSi2 FeSi3 FeSi3P FeSi4 FeV330-50HA FeV470-50HA FeV530-50HA FeV530-65HA FeV600-50HA FeV600-65HA FeV700-50HA FeV700-65HA FeV800-50HA FeV800-65HA Federstahldraht A Federstahldraht B Federstahldraht C Federstahldraht D Ferritic Ductile FineTubes FV607 Fioretti GB L Fioretti GB O Fioretti GBCr20 Fioretti GBCr25 Fomas F347 Fondinox 1.4439 Fondinox 1.4500 Fondinox 1.4515 Fondinox 1.4517 Fondinox 1.4710 Fondinox 1.4740 Fondinox 2RK65 Fondinox 329 Fondinox 420 Fondinox 431 Fondinox 825CP Fondinox A297HC Fondinox A297HI Fondinox A297HK40 Fondinox A297HL Fondinox A297HN Fondinox A297HP35 Fondinox A297HT Fondinox A297HW Fondinox A297HX Fondinox C2000C Fondinox CA-15 Fondinox CA-15M Fondinox CA-6NM Fondinox CD3MWCuN Fondinox CF16F Fondinox CF20 Fondinox CF3A Fondinox CF3M Fondinox CF8A Fondinox CK20 Fondinox CN-3MN Fondinox CN7MS Fondinox CW-12MW Fondinox CW-2M Fondinox CX2M Fondinox CX2MW Fondinox CY-40 Fondinox CZ-100 Fondinox G30 Fondinox M-30-H Fondinox M-35-1 Fondinox M-35-2 Fondinox M25S Fondinox N-12MV Fondinox N-7M Fondinox S34565 Fonte 370-17 Fonte SNC20-2 Fonte-Ni Formadur 2083 Formadur 2085 Formadur 2162 Formadur 2190 Formadur 2190 Superclean Formadur 2311 Formadur 2312 Formadur 2316 Formadur 2361 Formadur 2711 Formadur 2738 Formadur 2764 Formadur 2891 Formadur 320 Formadur PH 42 Formadur PH 42 Superclean Formadur PH X Formadur PH X Superclean Formenstahl 1.2085 Fortrec NQ1 Forty-Two-N Fuchs 2162 Fuchs 2164 Fuchs 2172 Fuchs 2195 Fuchs 2201 Fuchs 2202 Fuchs 2203 Fuchs 2220 Fuchs 2231 Fuchs 2361 Fuchs WE54 G G 10 G 13 G 13 4 G 13 L G 16 8 2 G 17 G 18 15 3 L G 18 16 5 L G 18 16 5 N L G 18 36 H G 18 8 Mn G 19 12 3 H G 19 12 3 L G 19 12 3 Nb G 19 13 4 L G 19 9 H G 19 9 L G 19 9 L Si G 19 9 Nb Si G 20 10 3 G 20 16 3 Mn L G 20 25 5 Cu L G 22 12 H G 22 9 3 N L G 23 12 2 L G 23 12 L G 23 12 L Si G 23 12 Nb G 23 12 Si G 25 20 G 25 20 H G 25 20 Mn G 25 22 2 N L G 25 4 G 25 7 2 L G 25 9 3 Cu N L G 25 9 3 Cu NL G 25 9 4 L G 25 9 4 N L G 27 31 4 Cu L G 29 9 G 3967 G 4008 G 4011 G 4027 G 4034 G 4059 G 4085 G 4086 G 4088 G 4107 G 4122 G 4138 G 4306 G 4308 G 4309 G 4312 G 4313 G 4317 G 4340 G 4347 G 4404 G 4405 G 4408 G 4409 G 4410 G 4460 G 4463 G 4464 G 4468 G 4469 G 4470 G 4539 G 4581 G 4779 G 4826 G 4827 G 4828 G 4837 G 4848 G 4852 G 4855 G 4857 G 4859 G 4868 G 4879 G CrMo1Si G CrMo2 G CrMo2Si G CrMo5Si G CrMo9 G Mn3Ni1,5Mo G Mn4Ni2CrMo G MnMo G Mo G N-155 G Z 17 Ti G bronze G- GK-AlSi9Cu3 G-12Ni14 G-16CrMo9-9 04 G-17-4PH G-17CrMo5-5 04 G-2 G-20-40 G-20Mn5 SFS365 G-20Mn5-01 SFS365 G-20NiCr10 G-23-45 G-23-45 01 G-23-45-04 G-25CrMo4 G-25CrMo4-08 G-26-52 G-3 G-30 G-30-57 G-30-57-01 G-31 PLus G-31Mn4 G-34CrMo4 G-40CrMo4 G-41Mn5 G-41Mn5 07 G-45CrNiMo4.2 G-50 G-A3FeGN G-A3Z1 G-A6SU G-A6Z1 G-A6Z1 f.metal G-A7Z1 G-A8Z G-A9 G-A9Z G-A9Z1 G-AC10FeG G-AC10NSG G-AC12 G-AC4NG G-AC5 G-AC8 G-AG10 G-AG3 G-AG5 G-AG7 G-AN2M2 G-AS10CGN G-AS12,7NGC G-AS12C2M G-AS12MG G-AS13CM G-AS21CNK G-AS2MG G-AS4,5MG G-AS5,5C G-AS5C3,5G G-AS7GM G-AS7GT G-AS9MG G-ASn6SC G-AZ5G G-Ag3TR2Zr G-AgTR2Zr G-Al12,7NiMgCu G-Al99,5 G-AlCu10FeMg G-AlCu10NiSiMg G-AlCu12 G-AlCu3FeMgNi G-AlCu4,5 G-AlCu4NiMg G-AlCu4Ti G-AlCu4TiMg G-AlCu5Ti G-AlCu8 G-AlCuTi G-AlMg10 G-AlMg3 G-AlMg3Si G-AlMg5 G-AlMg5Si G-AlMg5Si1 G-AlMg7 G-AlNi2Mn2 G-AlSi10CuMgNi G-AlSi10Mg G-AlSi11 G-AlSi12 G-AlSi12Cu G-AlSi12Cu2Mn G-AlSi12CuNiMg G-AlSi12MnMg G-AlSi12g G-AlSi13 G-AlSi13Cu G-AlSi21CuNiCo G-AlSi2MnMg G-AlSi3Cu1 G-AlSi4,5MnMg G-AlSi5,5Cu G-AlSi5Cu1Mg G-AlSi5Cu3,5Mg G-AlSi5CuMg G-AlSi5Mg G-AlSi6Cu4 G-AlSi6MgTi G-AlSi7Cu3 G-AlSi7Mg G-AlSi7Mg0,3 G-AlSi7MgFe G-AlSi7MgFe0,2 G-AlSi7MgMn G-AlSi7MgTi G-AlSi8,5Cu G-AlSi8Cu3 G-AlSi8Cu3Fe G-AlSi9 G-AlSi9Cu3 G-AlSi9Cu3Fe G-AlSi9Mg G-AlSi9MnMg G-AlSiCu3 G-AlSn6SiCu G-AlZn10Si8Mg G-AlZn5Mg G-AlZn5MgFe G-CiCr28 G-CoCr25NiW G-CoCr27W12C G-CoCr28 G-CoCr28Nb G-CoCr28Nb/2.4779 G-CoCr29Mo G-CuAl10Fe G-CuAl10Fe5Ni5 G-CuAl10Ni G-CuAl11Fe4Ni4 G-CuAl11Ni G-CuAl6Si2Fe G-CuAl7Si3 G-CuAl8Mn G-CuAl8Mn8 G-CuAl9Fe G-CuAl9Fe3 G-CuAl9Ni G-CuAl9Ni7 G-CuCo2Be G-CuCrF35 G-CuL35 G-CuL45 G-CuL50 G-CuMn10Zn8Al6Ni2Fe2 G-CuMn9Al6Zn4Ni2Fe2 G-CuNi10 G-CuNi30 G-CuPb10Sn G-CuPb10Sn10 G-CuPb15Sn G-CuPb15Sn8 G-CuPb17Sn5 G-CuPb20Sn G-CuPb20Sn5 G-CuPb21Sn4 G-CuPb22Sn G-CuPb24Sn G-CuPb5Sn G-CuPb5Sn5Zn5 G-CuSn10 G-CuSn10PbP G-CuSn10Zn G-CuSn11P G-CuSn12 G-CuSn12Ni G-CuSn12Pb G-CuSn14 G-CuSn20 G-CuSn2ZnPb G-CuSn4ZnPb G-CuSn5ZnPb G-CuSn6ZnNi G-CuSn7Ni5Zn3 G-CuSn7Pb6Zn4 G-CuSn7PbP G-CuSn7ZnPb G-CuSn8Pb15 G-CuSn8Pb4Zn1 G-CuSn8Zn4Pb G-CuZn10Sn G-CuZn15 G-CuZn15Si4 G-CuZn17Si3 G-CuZn25Al5 G-CuZn25Pb3Sn2 G-CuZn30Pb3 G-CuZn33Pb G-CuZn34Al2 G-CuZn34Al2FeMn G-CuZn35Al1 G-CuZn36Al4FeMn G-CuZn36Sn G-CuZn37Al1 G-CuZn37Pb G-CuZn38Al G-CuZn38Al1Fe1Mn1 G-CuZn39Al2Mn2Fe1 G-CuZn40Fe G-Cual8Mn G-FeAlBz F50 G-FeAlBzF70 G-H3Z G-MgAg3SE2Zr1 G-MgAl4Si1 G-MgAl6 G-MgAl6Zn3 G-MgAl8Zn1 G-MgAl9Zn1 G-MgSE3Zn2Zr1 G-MgTh3Zn2Zr1 G-MgZn4SE1Zr1 G-MnAlBz F42 G-Ms60 G-Ms65 G-Ni90Si G-Ni93C G-Ni95 G-NiAlBz F50 G-NiAlBz F68 G-NiAlBzF70 G-NiCo10W10CrAlNb G-NiCo15Cr10AlTiMo G-NiCr12Al6MoNb G-NiCr13Al6MoNb G-NiCr15 G-NiCr20Co20MoTi G-NiCr21Mo G-NiCr21Mo14W G-NiCr22Mo7Cu G-NiCr23Fe G-NiCr23Mo16 G-NiCr28W G-NiCr30 G-NiCr50Nb G-NiCrMo15 G-NiCu30Nb G-NiCu30Si3 G-NiCu30Si4 G-NiMo16Cr G-NiMo16Cr16Ti G-NiMo17Cr G-NiMo28 G-NiMo30 G-OTS59 G-PbBz10 G-PbBz15 G-PbBz20 G-PbBz25 G-SCuL50 G-SnBz10 G-SnBz12 G-SnBz14 G-SnPbBz10 G-SnPbBz10+Ni2 G-SnPbBz15 G-SnPbBz22 G-SnPbBz5 G-SoMsF30 G-SoMsF45 G-SoMsF60 G-SoMsF75 G-TR3Z2Zr G-TR3Z2Zr f.metal G-Th3Z2 G-Ti II G-Ti99,2 G-TiAl6V4 G-Tr3Z G-X100CrMoV5.1 G-X102CrMo17 G-X10CrNi18.10 G-X10CrNi18.8 G-X10CrNiMo18.9 G-X10CrNiMo26-6 G-X110Mn14 G-X120Cr29 G-X120CrMo29.2 G-X120Mn12 G-X120Mn13 G-X120Mn13-06 SFS394 G-X120MnCr12.2 G-X120MnMo12.2 G-X12Cr13 G-X12Cr13-07/SFS385 G-X12CrMo10.1 G-X12CrNi18.11 G-X12CrNiMo26.5 G-X12CrNiMo26.5-06 G-X130CrSi29 G-X15CrNi25.20 G-X15CrNiCo21.20.20 G-X15CrNiSi20.12 G-X15CrNiSi25.20 G-X160CrSi18 G-X165CrMoV12 G-X170Cr18 G-X170Cr25 G-X170CrMo25 G-X180CrNiW20.1 G-X1NiCrMoN25.20.5 G-X200Cr13 G-X20Cr14 G-X20CrNiW23.12.3 G-X210Cr12 G-X22CrMoV12.1 G-X22CrNi17 G-X25CrNiMo25.9 G-X25CrNiSi18.9 G-X25CrNiSi20.14 G-X25MnCrNi8.8.6 G-X260Cr27 G-X260CrMoNi20.2.1 G-X260NiCr4.2 G-X2CrNi18.9 G-X2CrNiMnMoNNb21.15.4.3 G-X2CrNiMnMoNNb21.16.5.3 SEW G-X2CrNiMoN18.10 G-X2CrNiMoN18.14 G-X2CrNiMoN25-7-4 G-X2CrNiN18.13 G-X2CrNiN19.11 G-X2NiCoMo18.9.5 G-X2NiCoMoTi17.10 G-X2NiCrMoCu25-20 G-X2NiCrMoCuN20.18 G-X2NiCrMoCuN25.20 G-X300CrMo15.3 G-X300CrMo27.1 G-X300CrMoNi15.2.1 G-X300CrNiSi9.5.2 G-X300NiMo3Mg G-X30Cr13 G-X30CrNi27-5 G-X30CrNiSiNb24.24 G-X30CrSi6 G-X32CrNi28.10 G-X330NiCr4.2 G-X35CrMo17 G-X38CrMoV5.1 G-X3CrNiMnMoNbN23.17.5.3 G-X3CrNiMo16.5 G-X3CrNiMoCuN26.6.3 G-X3CrNiMoN17.13.5 G-X3CrNiMoN26.6.3 G-X40CrMoV5.1 G-X40CrNi24.5 G-X40CrNi25-20 G-X40CrNi27.4 G-X40CrNiMo27.5 G-X40CrNiSi22.9 G-X40CrNiSi25.12 G-X40CrNiSi25.20 G-X40CrNiSi27.4 G-X40CrSi13 G-X40CrSi17 G-X40CrSi23 G-X40CrSi29 G-X40NiCrSi35.25 G-X40NiCrSi38-18 G-X40NiCrSiNb35.25 G-X40NiCrSiNb38.18 G-X46Cr13 G-X4CrNiMo13.4 G-X50CrNi30-30 G-X5CrMo29.2 G-X5CrNi13.4 G-X5CrNiMo13.4 G-X5CrNiMo16-5-1 G-X5CrNiMo16.5 G-X5CrNiMoNb18.10 G-X5CrNiNb18.9 G-X5NiCrMoCu25.20 G-X6CrNi13-4 G-X6CrNi18.10 G-X6CrNi18.9 G-X6CrNiMo17.13 G-X6CrNiMo18-12 G-X6CrNiMo18.10 G-X6CrNiMo24.8.2 G-X70Cr29 G-X70CrMo29.2 G-X70Si15 G-X7CrNiNb18.10 G-X7CrNiNb18.9 G-X7NiCrMoCuNb25.20 G-X8CrNi12 G-X8CrNi13 G-X8CrNi18.10 G-X8CrNi19-9 06 G-X8CrNi19.10 G-X8CrNiMo19-11-4 06 G-X8CrNiMo27.5 G-X8CrNiMoCu18.18 G-X8CrNiN26.7 G-X8CrNiNb18.10 G-X8CrNiNb19.10 G-X8Ni9 G-X8NiCrMoCuNb25-20-3-2 G-Y4TR3Zr G-Z4TRZr G-Z4Tr G-Z5Zr G-Z6H G-Z6Th2Zr G-ZnAl4 G-ZnAl4Cu1 G-ZnAl4Cu3 G-ZnAl6Cu1 G.H 4 G.K 5 G.K.H G03 G04 G05 G07 G1 G10 G10050 G10060 G10080 G10080 wire G10090 G10100 G10100 casting G10100 wire G10104 G10110 G10120 G10120 wire G10124 G10130 G10150 G10150 casting G10150 tube G10150 wire G10151 G10154 G10160 G10160 c.d G10160 drawn G10160 tube G10160 wire G10161 G10170 G10170 wire G101700 G10180 G10180 wire G10181 G10184 G10190 G10190 tubing G10190 wire G10191 G10200 G10200 tube G10200 wire G10201 G10210 G10210 wire G10211 G10220 G10220 wire G10221 G10230 G10230 wire G10231 G10241 G10250 G10251 G10254 G10260 G10260 wire G10290 G10291 G10294 G10300 G10300 wire G10301 G10330 G10331 G10340 G10340 tube G10340 wire G10350 G10350 wire G10351 G10354 G10361 G10370 G10380 G10380 wire G10381 G10390 G10400 G10400 tube G10401 G10411 G10420 G10420 wire G10430 G10431 G10440 G10450 G10450 tube G10451 G10454 G10460 G10490 G10500 G10501 G10504 G10530 G10550 G10590 G105WCr6 G10600 G10600 casting G10620 G10624 G10640 G10640 wire G10650 G10690 G10690 wire G10700 G10710 G10740 G10740 wire G10750 G10750 wire G10780 G10780 wire G10800 G10800 wire G10800 wire rod G10840 G10850 G10860 G10900 G10900 casting G10900 wire G10950 G10A G10CrNi3Mo G10MnMoV6 G10MnMoV6-3 G10Ni6 G110 G11080 G11090 G11094 G110S G11100 G11130 G11140 G11150 G11160 G11170 G11174 G11180 G11181 G11184 G11190 G11200 G11260 G11320 G11370 G11374 G11380 G11390 G11400 G11410 G11440 G11444 G11450 G11460 G11510 G12 G12/CuSn6Zn6 G12110 G12120 G12130 G12134 G12144 G12150 G12154 G12CrMo9.10 G12CrMoV5-2 G12MnMo7.4 G12MoCrV5-2 G13200 G13300 G13350 G13400 G13450 G13450 casting G14 G14CrMo9-10 G14S G15 G15116 G15130 G15180 G15181 G15216 G15216 VAR G15220 G15240 G15240 wire G15241 G15250 G15251 G15260 G15261 G15270 G15270 tube G15331 G15360 G15361 G15410 G15410 tube G15410 wire G15411 G15470 G15480 G15480 mod. G15481 G15510 G15520 G15610 G15660 G15720 G15CrMo5-5 G15CrMo9.10 G15CrMoV6 G15CrMoV6-9 G15NiCr6 G16Mn5 G17CrMo5-5 G17CrMo9-10 G17CrMo9-10+QT G17CrMoV5-10 G17Mn5 G17NiCrMo13-6 G1800 G18B G18CrMnMo5.5 G18Mo5 G19 12 3 L Si G19 9 Nb G190 G1A G1B G2 G20 G20 12 3 NbSi G20-UM-45-CTZ G20-UM-50-CTZ G20-UM-55-CTZ G20Cr2Mn2Mo G20Cr2Ni4 G20CrMnMo5 G20CrMo G20CrMo5-2 G20CrNi2Mo G20CrNi2MoA G20CrNiMo G20Mn5 G20Mn5 +N G20Mn6 G20Mo5 G20Mo5+QT G20NiCrMo4 G20NiMoCr3.7 G21 G21NiCrMo2 G22 G22Mn3 G22Mo5 G22Ni10 G22NiMoCr5-6 G23150 G23170 G23200 G23300 G23350 G23400 G23450 G24Mn6 G24Mn6+QT G25 G2500 G2500a G25120 G25170 G25CrMo4 G26CrMo4 G28Mn6 G2Al G2CrNi19-11+AT G2Mo G2Ni2 G2Si G2Si1 G2Ti G3 G30 G3000 G30C G30CrMoV6-4 G30CrNiMo14 G30Mn6 G30NiCrMo14 G30NiCrMo8 G31150 G31200 G31200 casting G31250 G31300 G31350 G31400 G31410 G31450 G32150 G32200 G32300 G32400 G32NiCrMo8-5-4 G33106 G33160 G33200 G34CrMo4 G35 G3500 G3500b G3500c G35C G35CrMo4 G35CrNiMo6-6 G35NiCrMo16 G35NiCrMo6 G36Mn5 G36Mn5/1.1176 G375 G3953 G3C G3Ni1 G3Ni2 G3Si1 G3Si2 G3V15 G3V20 G3V25 G3V30 G3V35 G3V4 G3V40 G3V45 G3V50 G3V55 G3V6 G3V60 G3V65 G3V70 G3V75 G3V8 G3V80 G3V82 G4 G40 G4000 G4000d G40120 G40230 G40240 G40270 G40270 tube G40280 G40320 G40370 G40420 G40470 G40530 G40630 G40680 G40CrV5-2 G41180 G41190 G41200 G41210 G41250 G41300 G41300 tube G41350 G41370 G41400 G41400 tube G41420 G41450 G41454 G41470 G41500 G41610 G42CrMo4 G4306 G4313 G43170 G43200 G43370 G43376 G43400 G43400 bolting G43406 G4404 G44190 G44220 G44270 G4435 G4456 G4457 G4462 G45200 G46080 G46121 G46150 G46170 G46200 G46210 G46260 G47150 G47180 G47200 G47CrMn6 G48120 G48150 G48170 G48200 G4A G4Mo G4Si1 G5 G50150 G50401 G50441 G50460 G50461 G50501 G50600 G50601 G50986 G51150 G51151 G51170 G51200 G51200 wire G51300 G51320 G51350 G51400 G51400 casting G51450 G51470 G51500 G51520 G51550 G51600 G51601 G51650 G51986 G52986 G52Mn3 G563/CZ32 G6 G61180 G61200 G61250 G61400 G61450 G61500 G61580 G61950 G67 G68 G71406 G72600 G8/80 G80CrVW4-3 G81150 G81451 G86150 G86170 G86200 G86200 tube G86220 G86250 G86270 G86300 G86320 G86350 G86370 G86400 G86410 G86420 G86450 G86451 G86500 G86530 G86550 G86600 G87200 G87350 G87400 G87420 G87450 G88220 G8A G8Cr15 G8Mn7 G9 G91 G92540 G92550 G92590 G92600 G92620 G92AP G93106 G93140 G93150 G94151 G94171 G94301 G94370 G94400 G94401 G94420 G96 G97470 G98400 G98500 G9Ni10 G9Ni14 GA 5030 GA 5050 GA 5051 GA 5090 GA 5520 GA 5583 GA 6201 GA 6503 GA 6505 GA 6508 GA 6510 GA 6511 GA 6950 GA1 GA10 GA46 GA5 GA50 GA50H GA6 GA7 GA8 GA9 GADS GAF10 GALFAN GALFAN DX54D+ZA GALFLO 13 GALFLO 17 GALFLO 20 GALFLO 21 GALFLO 23 GALFLO 38 GALFLO 45 GALL-TOUGH GALL-TOUGH PLUS GALSI13CU GAM MM02 GAM MM03 GAM MM05 GAM MM06 GAM MM11 GAM MM12 GAM MM13 GAM MM22 GAM08 GAM09 GAMMA C93900 GAMMALOY GAN10 GARANT 75 GARBA 177PH GARBA 1812Mo GARBA 188 GARBA 904L GARMCO 1145 GARMCO 1150 GARMCO 1235 GARMCO 8011 GARMCO 8150 GAp110 GB 1117 GB 1173 GB 1175 GB 1176 GB 1177 GB 1196 GB 1220 GB 1221 GB 1222 GB 1234 GB 12773 GB 1298 GB 1299 GB 1301 GB 13304 GB 1348 GB 13808 GB 13809 GB 13821 GB 14408 GB 1470 GB 14846 GB 14865 GB 14975 GB 14976 GB 1499 GB 15007 GB 15073 GB 16501 GB 16598 GB 18033 GB 18254 GB 18983 GB 2072 GB 20878 GB 2521 GB 2528 GB 2581 GB 2965 GB 3077 GB 3086 GB 3120 GB 3190 GB 3197 GB 3198 GB 3203 GB 3207 GB 3273 GB 3280 GB 3414 GB 3426 GB 3499 GB 3531 GB 3620.1 GB 3621 GB 3622 GB 3623 GB 3624 GB 3625 GB 4232 GB 4237 GB 4238 GB 4239 GB 4356 GB 4423 GB 4435 GB 466 GB 467 GB 470 GB 5153 GB 5154 GB 5155 GB 5156 GB 5216 GB 5231 GB 5232 GB 5234 GB 5310 GB 5953 GB 6478 GB 6479 GB 6614 GB 6653 GB 6654 GB 6887 GB 699 GB 700 GB 701 GB 702 GB 710 GB 711 GB 713 GB 7659 GB 8492 GB 8731 GB 8732 GB 8733 GB 8737 GB 8738 GB 8890 GB 9439 GB 9711.1 GB 9943 GB Cr20 GB CrMoNi 20 2 1 GB L GB O GB-AlMg3 GB-AlMg3Si GB-AlMg5 GB-AlSi10Mg GB-AlSi10Mg-Cu GB-AlSi12 GB-AlSi12-Cu GB-AlSi5Mg GB-AlSi9Cu3 GB-AlZn10Si8Mg GB-Cr12 GB-CrMo15.3 GB-CrMoNi20-2-1 GB-CrNi9.5 GB-CuAl10 GB-CuAl10Fe GB-CuAl11Ni GB-CuAl8Mn GB-CuAl9Ni GB-CuPb10Sn GB-CuPb15Sn GB-CuPb20Sn GB-CuPb5Sn GB-CuSn10 GB-CuSn10Zn GB-CuSn12 GB-CuSn12Ni GB-CuSn12Pb GB-CuSn2ZnPb GB-CuSn5ZnPb GB-CuSn6ZnNi GB-CuSn7ZnPb GB-CuZn15Si4 GB-CuZn25Al5 GB-CuZn33Pb GB-CuZn34Al2 GB-CuZn35Al1 GB-CuZn37Al1 GB-CuZn37Pb GB-CuZn38Al GB-CuZn39Pb GB-CuZn40Fe GB-Ms65A GB-NiCr4.2AC GB-NiCr4.2BC GB-Rg5 GB-SnBz10 GB-SnBz12 GB-SnPbBz15 GB-SnPbBz5 GB/T 1117 GB/T 1173 GB/T 1175 GB/T 1176 GB/T 1177 GB/T 1196 GB/T 1220 GB/T 1221 GB/T 1222 GB/T 1234 GB/T 12773 GB/T 1298 GB/T 1299 GB/T 1301 GB/T 13304 GB/T 1348 GB/T 13808 GB/T 13809 GB/T 13821 GB/T 14164 GB/T 14408 GB/T 1470 GB/T 14846 GB/T 14865 GB/T 14975 GB/T 14976 GB/T 15007 GB/T 15073 GB/T 16501 GB/T 16598 GB/T 17616 GB/T 18033 GB/T 18254 GB/T 18983 GB/T 2072 GB/T 20878 GB/T 2521 GB/T 2528 GB/T 2581 GB/T 2965 GB/T 3077 GB/T 3086 GB/T 3120 GB/T 3190 GB/T 3197 GB/T 3198 GB/T 3203 GB/T 3207 GB/T 3273 GB/T 3280 GB/T 3414 GB/T 3426 GB/T 3499 GB/T 3531 GB/T 3620.1 GB/T 3621 GB/T 3622 GB/T 3623 GB/T 3624 GB/T 3625 GB/T 4232 GB/T 4237 GB/T 4238 GB/T 4239 GB/T 4356 GB/T 4423 GB/T 4435 GB/T 466 GB/T 467 GB/T 470 GB/T 5153 GB/T 5154 GB/T 5155 GB/T 5156 GB/T 5216 GB/T 5231 GB/T 5232 GB/T 5234 GB/T 5310 GB/T 5953 GB/T 6478 GB/T 6479 GB/T 6614 GB/T 6653 GB/T 6654 GB/T 6887 GB/T 699 GB/T 700 GB/T 701 GB/T 702 GB/T 710 GB/T 711 GB/T 713 GB/T 7659 GB/T 8492 GB/T 8731 GB/T 8732 GB/T 8733 GB/T 8737 GB/T 8738 GB/T 8890 GB/T 9439 GB/T 9711.1 GB/T 9943 GB1 GB14S GB3 GB5 GBCr12 GBCr25 GBCrMo15-3 GBD-AlMg9 GBD-AlSi10Mg GBD-AlSi12 GBD-AlSi9Cu3 GBN GBNiCr4-2AC GBNiCr4-2BC GBV GBV 6 GBz 12 GBz10 GBz12 GBz12Ni GBz12Pb GBz14 GBz20 GC GC 15 GC-CuAl10Ni GC-CuPb10Sn GC-CuPb15Sn GC-CuPb20Sn GC-CuSn10Zn GC-CuSn12 GC-CuSn12Ni GC-CuSn12Pb GC-CuSn7ZnPb GC-CuZn34Al2 GC-CuZn35Al1 GC-CuZn40Fe GC-NiAlBzF70 GC-Rg7 GC-SnBz12 GC120 GC120N GC150 GC20 GC200 GC25 GC250 GC30 GC300 GC35 GC45 GC9 GCD400 GCD45 GCD450 GCD500 GCD600 GCK GCK45 GCM GCRg10 GCr15 GCr15SiMn GCr15SiMo GCr18Mo GCr4 GCr6 GCr9 GCr9SiMn GCuSn10 GCuSn10Zn2 GCuSn10Zn2Ni2 GCuSn12 GCuSn3Zn10Pb7 GCuSn5Pb20 GCuSn5Zn5Pb5 GCuSn7Zn4Pb6 GD-AlMg9 GD-AlSi10Mg GD-AlSi10Mg-Cu GD-AlSi11Cu5 GD-AlSi12 GD-AlSi12-Cu GD-AlSi12Cu GD-AlSi12Cu2Fe GD-AlSi13Fe GD-AlSi6Cu3 GD-AlSi8,5Cu3,5Fe GD-AlSi8Cu3 GD-AlSi9Cu3 GD-AlSiCuNi GD-AlSiMg GD-CuZn37Pb GD-MgAl4Si1 GD-MgAl6 GD-MgAl6Zn1 GD-MgAl8Zn1 GD-MgAl9Zn1 GD-ZnAl11Cu1 GD-ZnAl27Cu2 GD-ZnAl4 GD-ZnAl4Cu1 GD-ZnAl4Cu3 GD-ZnAl4Cu3Mg2 GD1 GD223 GD31Mo GDM GDM1 GE GE200 GE230 GE240 GE260 GE280 GE300 GE320 GE370 GEANT 101 GEANT 301 GEANT 50 GEANT M5Co GEANT M5V GEANT M9 GEMET-503B GEN 41-06 GES GF-AlSi5Cu1,2Mg GF-AlSi7Mg0,6 GF-TiAl6Sn2Zr4Mo2 GG 3964 GG-13 GG-150HB GG-170HB GG-190HB GG-20 GG-220HB GG-240HB GG-260HB GG-30 GG10 GG11 GG12 GG15 GG20 GG200 GG25 GG250 GG30 GG300 GG35 GG40 GGG-Ni22 GGG-Ni35 GGG-NiCr20.2 GGG-NiCr20.3 GGG-NiCr30.1 GGG-NiCr30.3 GGG-NiCr35.3 GGG-NiMn13.7 GGG-NiMn23.4 GGG-NiSiCr20.5.2 GGG-NiSiCr30.5.5 GGG-NiSiCr35.5.2 GGG-SiMo3.08 GGG-SiMo4.05 GGG-SiMo4.10 GGG-SiMo5.10 GGG100B GGG120B GGG140B GGG150B GGG35.3 GGG38 GGG40 GGG40.3 GGG42 GGG45 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70 GGG80 GGG80B GGG90B GGL-NiCr20.2 GGL-NiCr20.3 GGL-NiCr30.3 GGL-NiCuCr15.6.2 GGL-NiCuCr15.6.3 GGL-NiMn13.7 GGL-NiSiCr20.5.3 GGL-NiSiCr30.5.5 GGT-615 GGT-620 GGV25 GGV30 GGV35 GGV40 GGV50 GH1015 GH1016 GH1040 GH1131 GH131 GH132 GH15 GH16 GH2132 GH4 GH40 GH4080A GH4751 GHC 134 GHC 23 GHM GHM EXTRA GI GIANTAL GIB GIBSON 825 GII GIII GILDING 90-10 GIN-1 GIN4Mo GIN5 GIN6 GIV GJV-250 GJV-300 GJV-350 GJV-400 GJV-450 GJV-500 GK-AlMg3Si GK-AlSi10Mg GK-AlSi12 GK-AlSi12g GK-AlSi9Cu3 GK-CuAl10Fe3 GK-CuAl10Ni GK-CuAl11Ni GK-CuAl8Mn GK-CuAl9Ni GK-CuL35 GK-CuL45 GK-CuL50 GK-CuZn17Si3 GK-CuZn25Al5 GK-CuZn37Al1 GK-CuZn38Al GK-MgAl8Zn1 GK-MgAl9Zn1 GK-SCuL50 GK-ZnAl6Cu1 GK10 GK10Mo GK3 GK5 GK5S GKD13 GKP GKPW GKPYW GKS GKS SUPRA GKS Spezial GL AW-5059 GL AW-5083 GL AW-5086 GL AW-5383 GL AW-5454 GL AW-5754 GL AW-6005-A GL AW-6061 GL AW-6082 GL AW-6106 GL-A GL005 GL1 GL1A GL2 GL3 GL4 GL5 GL6 GLAH-X GLASS SEAL 52CR GLASS SEALING 18 GLASS SEALING 27 GLASS SEALING 42 GLASS SEALING 42-6 GLASS SEALING 52 GLHA GLIDCOP AL-15 GLIDCOP AL-25 GLIDCOP AL-35 GLIDCOP AL-60 GLIDCOP C15720 GM GM 1012 GM 3550M GM-8440 GM1 GM11 GM2 GM20/LG1 GM21 GM21 LG2 GM22 GM23 GM31A GM31N GM40 GM40A GM41 GM41A GM44 GM5 GM50A GM50P GM50R GM51 GM51A GM7 GM70B GM8 GMA 602P GMB35 GMB40 GMB45 GMB50 GMB55 GMB70 GMCM GME GMES GMF GMH 1.5919 GMN35 GMN37 GMN45 GMN50 GMN55 GMN65 GMN70 GMP GMR 235 GMR-235 GMR-235D GMTC 403Cb GMn3Ni1,5Mo GMn3Ni2,5CrMo GMn4Ni2CrMo GMoSi GN 10 GN3 GN38 GN42 GN50 GNiCr22Mo7Cu GO3 GO4 GOA GOA31 GOC 276 GOLD GOLD 14K GOLD STAR GOODWIN 309C32 GOODWIN BT1 GOODWIN CH10 GOODWIN HY100 GOODWIN HY80 GOST 1050 GOST 10533 GOST 1066 GOST 10702 GOST 1071 GOST 10885 GOST 11069 GOST 1412 GOST 1414 GOST 1435 GOST 14959 GOST 1577 GOST 1583 GOST 16523 GOST 17066 GOST 18968 GOST 19265 GOST 19281 GOST 19807 GOST 20072 GOST 21357 GOST 21427 GOST 21427.2 GOST 2176 GOST 21945 GOST 22178 GOST 22897 GOST 23755 GOST 24890 GOST 26492 GOST 27265 GOST 371 GOST 380 GOST 4041 GOST 4121 GOST 4543 GOST 4784 GOST 5058 GOST 5520 GOST 5521 GOST 5582 GOST 5632 GOST 5781 GOST 5949 GOST 5950 GOST 613 GOST 614 GOST 7293 GOST 7350 GOST 801 GOST 9045 GOST 9389 GOST 977 GOST 9940 GOST 9941 GP GP010 GP015 GP020 GP16 GP16XR GP20 GP240GH GP240GR GP280GH GP5 GP5M Spezial GPCNP GPH GPM 4 GPM 60 GPM 7 GPM D 2 GPm110 GPm205 GR14-W307 GR20 GR20A GR20B GR28MW GR40 GR40A GR40B GR5 GRADE 11 GRADE 12 GRADE 124 GRADE 16 GRADE 17 GRADE 7 GRADE 9 GRADE I GRADE II GRADE III GRANE GRAPH-AIR GRAPH-Mo GRE3 GREEK GREEK ASCOLOY GREEK ASCOLOY cast GRIDUR 18 GRIDUR 36 GRIDUR 50 GRILUMIN 1 GRILUMIN 2 GRINDAMAX V3 GRISET CuSn0,15 GRISET CuZn33 GRITHERM G-5 GRITHERM S-49 GRP370 GRP400 GRP500 GRP600 GRP700 GRS100 GRS15 GRS150 GRS20 GRS200 GRS25 GRS250 GRS30 GRS300 GRS350 GS 125 GS-100Cr6 GS-105WCr6 GS-10Ni14 GS-10Ni19 GS-10Ni6 GS-12CrMo19.5 GS-12CrMo9.10 GS-12CrMo9.10P GS-12MnCrNiMo5.3 GS-12MnMo7.4 GS-13CrMo4.4 GS-13MnMo7 4 GS-13MnNi6.4 GS-14NiCrMo10.6 GS-15CrNi6 GS-16Mn5 GS-16Mn5N GS-16MnCr5 GS-17CrMnMo5.5 GS-17CrMo5.5 GS-17CrMo9.10 GS-17CrMoV5.11 GS-17CrNiMo6 GS-18CrMnMo5 GS-18CrMnMo5.5 GS-18CrMo9.10 GS-18NiCrMo12.6 GS-18NiMoCr3 6 GS-18NiMoCr3.6 GS-19CrMo9.10 GS-19NiCrMo12.6 GS-20-38 GS-20CoCrWMo19.9 GS-20Cr4 GS-20Mn5 GS-20Mn5N GS-20Mn5V GS-20Mn6 GS-20MnCr5 GS-20MnMo5.3 GS-20MnMoNi5.5 GS-20MnNb5 GS-20MnTi5.3 GS-20Mo5 GS-20MoCr4 GS-20MoNi33.13 GS-20MoV8.4 GS-20NiCrMo3.7 GS-21Mn5 GS-21Mn5p GS-21NiCrMo2 GS-22CrMo5.4 GS-22MnNi5 GS-22Mo4 GS-22NiMoCr5.6 GS-240 GS-24CrNiMo3.2.5 GS-24Mn4 GS-24Mn6 GS-24Ni8 GS-25CrMo4 GS-25CrMo4/1.7218 GS-25CrNiMo4 GS-26-52 GS-26CrMo4 GS-30-60 GS-30CrMoV6.4 GS-30Mn5 GS-30NiCrMo8.5 GS-33NiCrMo7.4.4 GS-34CoCrMoV19.12 GS-34CrMo4 GS-34CrMo4.4 GS-34CrNiMo6 GS-35CrMoV10 4V GS-35CrMoV10.4 GS-35CrMoV10.4V GS-35NiCrMo14V GS-36CrMoV10.4 GS-36Mn5 GS-36Mn5N GS-37MnSi5 GS-38 GS-38.3 GS-38MnSi4 GS-38NiCrMo8.4.4 GS-40CrMnMo7 GS-40Mn5 GS-40NiCrMo6.5.6 GS-42CrMo4 GS-42CrMo4V GS-45 GS-45 R GS-45.3 GS-45CrNiMo4.2 GS-46Mn4 GS-46Mn4N GS-46MnSi4 GS-46MnSi4v GS-48CrMoV6.7 GS-50CrMo4 GS-50CrMo4V GS-50CrV4 GS-52 GS-52.3 GS-55NiCrMoV6 GS-55Si7 GS-60 GS-60 1.0553 GS-60.3 GS-60CrMoV18-5 GS-62 GS-62.3 GS-70 GS-80CrVW4.3 GS-821 GS-8Mn7 GS-8MnMo7.4 GS-C25 GS-C35 GS-C45 GS-CK45 GS-Ck16 GS-Ck24 GS-Ck25 GS-Ck25 I GS-Ck25 II GS-Ck25/1.1155 GS-Ck45 GS/13 GS/16MNCR5 GS/22 GS/25CD4 GS/38M GS/42M GS/61M GS/73 GS010 GS012 GS1 GS10 GS10A GS10B GS10Ni6 GS11A GS11B GS11N GS11P GS12CrMo910P GS17CrMoV5.11 GS2 GS200 GS21Mn5 GS22CrMoV12.1 GS240 GS24Mn6V GS26CrMo4 GS30Mn5 GS30NiCrMo8.5 GS31A GS33NiCrMo7.4.4V GS34CrMo4 GS350-22 GS370-17 GS3D GS3S GS3V GS4 GS400-12 GS41 GS42 GS42/10 GS42/15 GS42A GS44 GS47CrMn6 GS5 GS50/5 GS500-7 GS55/2 GS6 GS60.3 GS600-3 GS700-2 GS800-2 GSA GSB 1.4110 GSCo12 GSF GSL 201 GSL 206 GSL 225 GSL 301 GSL 303 GSL 401 GSL 402 GSL 405 GSL 406 GSL 407 GSL 408 GSL 410 GSL 411 GSL 412 GSL 413 GSL 414 GSL 417 GSL 418 GSL 421 GSL 602 GSL 703 GSL 713 GSL 806 GSL 812 GSM GSN GSN+Mo GSNi GSO GSW 1.0715 GSW 1.0762 GSW 1.7102 GSW 1.7176 GSW 1.8152 GSW 1.8153 GSW 11SMn37 GSW 11SMnPb37 GSW 36SMnPb14 GSW 46S20 GSW 46SPb20 GSnBz20 GT1000 GT750 GTD 222 GTD111 GTD450 GTS-35-10 GTS45-06 GTS55-04 GTS65-02 GTS70-02 GTV GTW-35-04 GTW-38-12 GTW-40-05 GTW-45-07 GTW-55-04 GTW-S-38-12 GTW-S38 GTX GTp10 GTp110 GV GV3 GVDD GVR GVZ GWP GWP4 GWP5 GWP5V GWP5X GWP7V GWS2 GWS4 GWV 112B GWV132 RAPID GWV145 RECORD GX-120Mn12 GX100Mn13 GX10Cr13/1.4006 GX10NiCrNb32-20 GX10NiCrNb50-50 GX10NiCrSiNb32-20 GX110MnMo13-1 GX120Mn12 GX120Mn13 GX120MnCr12-02 GX120MnCr12.2 GX120MnCr13-2 GX120MnCr17-2 GX120MnMo7-1 GX12Cr12 GX12Cr13 GX12CrMoVNbN9-1 GX12CrNi18-11 GX130CrSi29 GX155CrCoMoV12.3.1 GX15CrMo5 GX15CrMo9 GX160CrSi18 GX16CrNi20-10 GX16CrNi24-14 GX16CrNi25-21 GX23CrMoV12-1 GX25Cr19 GX25CrNiSi18-9 GX25CrNiSi20-14 GX260NiCr4-2 GX2CrNi18-10 GX2CrNi19-10 GX2CrNi19-11 GX2CrNiMo17-13-4 GX2CrNiMo19-11 GX2CrNiMo19-11-2 GX2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3-3 GX2CrNiMoCuN26.6.3 GX2CrNiMoN18-14-3 GX2CrNiMoN20-18-6 GX2CrNiMoN22-5-3 GX2CrNiMoN25-6-3 GX2CrNiMoN25-7-3 GX2CrNiMoN26-6-3 GX2CrNiMoN26-7-4 GX2NiCrMo28-20 GX2NiCrMo28-20-2 GX2NiCrMoCu25-20-5 GX2NiCrMoCuN25-20-6 GX2NiCrMoCuN29-25-5 GX2NiCrMoN25-20-5 GX300NiMo3Mg GX30Cr13 GX30CrNi20-10 GX30CrSi7 GX35Cr13 GX35Cr17 GX35Cr28 GX35CrNi25-12 GX35CrNi28-05 GX35CrNi28-09 GX35CrNi28-16 GX35NiCr25-21 GX35NiCrSi25-21 GX3CrNi13-4 GX40Cr28 GX40CrNi26-20 GX40CrNi30-20 GX40CrNiSi22-10 GX40CrNiSi25-12 GX40CrNiSi25-20 GX40CrNiSi25.20 GX40CrNiSi27-4 GX40CrNiSiNb24-24 GX40CrSi13 GX40CrSi17 GX40CrSi23 GX40CrSi24 GX40CrSi28 GX40NiCrCo20-20-20 GX40NiCrNb45-35 GX40NiCrSi35-17 GX40NiCrSi35-26 GX40NiCrSi35.25 GX40NiCrSi38-19 GX40NiCrSiNb35-18 GX40NiCrSiNb35-25 GX40NiCrSiNb35-26 GX40NiCrSiNb38-19 GX45NiCrW48-28 GX45NiCrWSi48-28-5 GX4CrNi12-4 GX4CrNi13-4 GX4CrNi16-4 GX4CrNi16-4+GT GX4CrNiCuNb16.4 GX4CrNiMo16-5-1 GX4CrNiMo16-5-1+QT GX4CrNiMo16-5-2 GX4NiCrCuMo30-20-4 GX50NiCr18-28 GX50NiCr35-15 GX50NiCr35-25 GX50NiCr39-19 GX50NiCrCo20-20-20 GX50NiCrCoW35-25-15-5 GX55NiCr60-12 GX55NiCr66-17 GX5CrNi13.4 GX5CrNi17-04 GX5CrNi19-10 GX5CrNi19-9 GX5CrNiCu16-4 GX5CrNiCuNb16-4 GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 GX5CrNiMo19-11-2+AT GX5CrNiMo19-11-3 GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2 GX5CrNiNb18.9 GX5CrNiNb18.9 +AT GX5CrNiNb19-11 GX5NiCrCuMo29-21 GX5NiCrSiMoCu24-19 GX6CrNi13-01 GX6CrNi13-04 GX6CrNi20-10 GX6CrNiMo18-10 GX6CrNiMo20-11 GX6CrNiMo20-11-03 GX6CrNiMoNb20-11 GX6CrNiN26-7 GX6CrNiNb19-10 GX6CrNiNb20-11 GX70NiCrW55-30-7 GX7CrNiMo12-1 GX8CrNi12 GX8CrNi12 QT2 GX8CrNiMo12-1 GX8CrNiMo19-10-2 06 GX8CrNiMoVNb16.13 GX90Si14 GX90SiCr14-4 GX95SiCrMo14-4 GX9Ni5 GZ-CuAl10Fe3 GZ-CuAl10Ni GZ-CuAl11Ni GZ-CuAl9Ni GZ-CuPb10Sn GZ-CuPb15Sn GZ-CuSn10Zn GZ-CuSn12 GZ-CuSn12Ni GZ-CuSn12Pb GZ-CuSn7ZnPb GZ-CuZn25Al5 GZ-CuZn34Al2 GZ-CuZn35Al1 GZ-CuZn40Fe GZ-NiAlBzF70 GZ-Rg5 GZ-Rg7 GZ-SnBz12 GZ3 GZ42A GZ5 GZ6 GZCuAg GZCuAl8 GZCuNi10Fe GZCuNi30Fe GZCuSi3 GZCuSn6 GZCuZn40Si GZRg10 Gaman H Gb12 Gear bronze Gerdau 1.2376 Gerdau 100Cr6 Gerdau 100CrMn6 Gerdau 10SPb20 Gerdau 14NiCrMo13 Gerdau 16MnCr5 Gerdau 16Mo3 Gerdau 20NiCrMo2 Gerdau 25CrMo12 Gerdau 25CrMoS4 Gerdau 30CrMo4 Gerdau 30CrNiMo8 Gerdau 31CrMo12 Gerdau 32CrMo12 Gerdau 34Cr4 Gerdau 35CrAlMo5 Gerdau 38Cr2 Gerdau 41CrAlMo7 Gerdau 420C Gerdau 42CrMo4 Gerdau 46Si7 Gerdau 50CrV4 Gerdau 51CrMoV4 Gerdau 51CrV4 Gerdau 51Si7 Gerdau 55Cr3 Gerdau 55Si7 Gerdau 60Si7 Gerdau 60SiCr7 Gerdau 8630 Gerdau 9SMn36 Gerdau 9SMnPb36 Gerdau C35 Gerdau C60 Geweke 1.4011 Geweke 1.4416 Geweke 1.4421 Geweke 1.4446 Geweke 1.4538 Geweke 1.4805 Geweke 1.4806 Geweke 1.4807 Geweke 1.4827 Geweke 1.4849 Geweke 1.4852 Geweke 1.4865 Geweke 1.4869 Geweke 1.4874 Geweke 1.4889 Geweke 1.6982 Geweke 2.4778 Geweke 2.4815 Gigant 77 Gilding 80/20 Gilding metal 95% Gilphal 135 Gilphy 20 Gilphy 30 Gilphy 36 Gilphy 45 Gilphy 60 Gilphy 70 Gilphy 80 Giroud EN-JN3049 Giroud EN-JS3061 Giroud JS3010 Giroud JS3020 Giroud JS3030 Glass sealing 46 Gp-ZnAl4Cu1 Gp-ZnAl4Cu3 Gr1 Gr10 Gr11 Gr12 Gr13 Gr14 Gr15 Gr150 Gr16 Gr16H Gr17 Gr18 Gr19 Gr2 Gr20 Gr200 Gr21 Gr23 Gr24 Gr25 Gr250 Gr26 Gr26H Gr27 Gr28 Gr29 Gr2H Gr3 Gr30 Gr300 Gr31 Gr32 Gr33 Gr34 Gr35 Gr350 Gr36 Gr37 Gr38 Gr4 Gr5 Gr6 Gr6ELI Gr7 Gr7H Gr9 Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 10 Grade 100 Grade 10N Grade 11 Grade 12 Grade 13 Grade 14 Grade 15 Grade 150 Grade 16 Grade 17 Grade 172 Grade 18 Grade 180 Grade 19N Grade 19a Grade 19aN Grade 1A Grade 1B Grade 1C Grade 1D Grade 1S Grade 2 Grade 20 Grade 200 Grade 207 Grade 21 Grade 220 Grade 23 Grade 24 Grade 241 Grade 25 Grade 250 Grade 26 Grade 27 Grade 28 Grade 29 Grade 2D Grade 2S Grade 3 Grade 30 Grade 300 Grade 301 Grade 32 Grade 350 Grade 3A Grade 4 Grade 41 Grade 410 Grade 414 Grade 43 Grade 44 Grade 448 Grade 483 Grade 5 Grade 550 Grade 5B Grade 5F Grade 5S Grade 6 Grade 600 Grade 62S Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 80/CS Grade 8a Grade 8b Grade 9 Grade 95A Grade 96S Grade 9a Grade 9b Grade A Grade A lead Grade A-2 Grade A-4 Grade A32 Grade A36 Grade AP Grade B Grade B-1 Grade B-2 Grade B-4 Grade C Grade C bronze Grade D Grade DH36 Grade E Grade E-1 Grade E-2 Grade EC2 Grade EH36 Grade F Grade G Grade H Grade H replace B Grade I Grade I Cu-Cd Grade I Cu-Zr Grade IA Grade IB Grade II Grade II Cu-Cr Grade II CuCrZr Grade IIA Grade IIB Grade III Grade III Cu-Co-Be Grade III Cu-Ni-P Grade III CuNiBe Grade J Grade K Grade KP Grade L Grade M Grade N Grade P Grade R Grade V Grade W Grade1 Grade18 Green Cut Grimm 1.2327 Grimm 1.4418 Grimm 1.4542 Grimm 1.5732/ECN35 Grimm 40NiCrMo8.4 Grimm C22.8 Grimm CK22 Grimm ECN35 Grimm T11 Grimm T5 Griset G5 Gs-CuSn10Pb10 Gun Metal H H 13 H 18 H 520 H I H II H III H IV H MONEL H&B 1.0727 H-1 GrA H-1 GrB H-1 GrC H-116 H-13 casting H-24 H-35 H-35 LT H-40 H-46 H-9M H-Al99,5 H-Mg99,95 H.R CROWN MAX H00Cr19Ni12Mo2 H00Cr19Ni13Mo3 H00Cr21Ni10 H0Cr18Ni11Nb H0Cr19Ni12Mo2 H0Cr19Ni14Mo3 H0Cr21Ni10 H0Cr21Ni10Mn6 H0Cr24Ni13 H1 H10 H10 mod. H10 modified H100 H10380 H10450 H10A H10Cr4Mo4Ni4V H10S2M H11 H11 VAR H11 casting H11 low Si H11 mod. H11+ H11+S H11A H12 H12-1-4-5 H120G H12A H12F1 H12VM H13 H13 [plate] H13 mod. H13+ H13++ H13-FM H130 H13300 H13350 H13400 H13450 H13A H13JS H13N4G9 H13S H13Si H14 H15 H15 [for tool] H150 H15211 H15220 H15240 H15260 H15281 H15301 H15351 H15371 H15410 H15411 H15481 H155 H15621 H16 H160 H160G H16N36S2 H17 H17N13M2T H17N2 H18 H18-1-2-5 H180B H185 H18JS H18N9S H19 H19A H1A H1B H1Cr13 H1Cr24Ni13 H1Cr24Ni13Mo2 H1Cr26Ni21 H2 H20 H200 H20A H20N12S2 H20S H21 H21A H22 H220B H220P H23 H230 H23N13 H23N18 H24 H240LA H24JS H25 H25 mod. H25N20S2 H25T H26 H260 H260B H260P H264 H265 H26N4 H27YU5T H280LA H2A H3 H30 H300 H300B H300P H320LA H330 H340 H35A H35B H35S H36 H360LA H380 H39W H39WM H3A H3B H3BM H3C H4 H400LA H40270 H40280 H40320 H40370 H40420 H40470 H40A H40Sb2A H41 H4113 H41180 H41200 H41300 H41350 H41370 H41400 H41420 H41450 H41470 H41500 H41610 H42 H420 H43 H43200 H43400 H43406 H44190 H45A H46 H46200 H46210 H46260 H47180 H47200 H48150 H48170 H48200 H4923 H4A H5 H500 H50401 H50461 H50501 H50A H50Cu1A H50S H51200 H51300 H51320 H51350 H51351 H51400 H51450 H51470 H51500 H51600 H520 H522SB H525 H53 H550 H59 H5A H5BM H5C H5M H6 H60 H60A H60Ag4A H60SbA H61500 H62 H62F H63 H63A H65 H68 H68A H68A-M H68A-Y2 H6A H6B H6S2 H7 H7-4-2-5 H70 H700 H70A H732 H734 H7A H7B H7Ni H8 H80 H800 H840 H85 H850 H851 H854 H85A H860 H86170 H86200 H86300 H86370 H86400 H86450 H86451 H86500 H86550 H86600 H87200 H87400 H8A H8B H8E-2 H8F H8G H9 H90 H92600 H93100 H94171 H96 H9A H9S2 HA HA 105011 HA 120011 HA 300516 HA 310515 HA 310516 HA 500511 HA 505016 HA 8116 HA-152 HA-188 HA-7146 HABA 2316-S HABA Alu-50 HADFIELD HALCOMB 236 HALCOMB 425 HALCOMB SS tool HALCOR 562 HALCOR 582 HALCOR 583 HALCOR 583/583A HALCOR 591 HALCOR 5920 HALCOR 600K HALCOR 602 HALCOR 602K HALCOR 6130 HALCOR 6320 HALCOR CW510L HALGRAPH HALVAN HAMPDEN HANRESCO 10B43 HAP40 HARDOX 400 HARDOX 500 HARDTEM HARLOTE CU102 HARTLOT CP-1 HARTLOT CP-7 HAS 59 HAS C22 HAS C276 HAS-C HASC HAST B HAST B-2 HAST C-276 HAST C22 HAST G HAST G-30 HAST G3 HAST N HAST W HAST X HASTELLOY 231 HASTELLOY A HASTELLOY B HASTELLOY B casting HASTELLOY B electr. HASTELLOY B f.metal HASTELLOY B mod. HASTELLOY B-2 HASTELLOY B-2 cast HASTELLOY B-3 HASTELLOY B-3 cast HASTELLOY B-3 f.m HASTELLOY B-4 HASTELLOY B2 HASTELLOY C HASTELLOY C electr. HASTELLOY C mod. HASTELLOY C-2000 HASTELLOY C-22 HASTELLOY C-22 cast HASTELLOY C-276 HASTELLOY C-276 el. HASTELLOY C-4 HASTELLOY C-4C HASTELLOY C2000 HASTELLOY C22 HASTELLOY C22-HS HASTELLOY C276 cast HASTELLOY C[casting] HASTELLOY D HASTELLOY D-205 HASTELLOY F HASTELLOY G HASTELLOY G f.metal HASTELLOY G tube HASTELLOY G-3 HASTELLOY G-30 HASTELLOY G-30 el HASTELLOY G-35 HASTELLOY G-50 HASTELLOY G2 HASTELLOY G30 cast HASTELLOY H-9M HASTELLOY N HASTELLOY N electr. HASTELLOY N f.metal HASTELLOY R HASTELLOY R-235 HASTELLOY S HASTELLOY S f.metal HASTELLOY W HASTELLOY W el. HASTELLOY X HASTELLOY X casting HAVAR HAYNES 188 HAYNES 230W HAYNES 242 HAYNES 31 HAYNES 36 HAYNES 535 HAYNES 556 f.metal HAYNES 617 electrode HAYNES HR-160 HAZLETON 105-85 HAZLETON 120-95 HAZLETON 150-125 HAZLETON 80-50 HAZLETON CB30 HAZLETON CE30 HAZLETON CF-20 HAZLETON CF3A HAZLETON CW12M HAZLETON LC2 HAZLETON LCA HAZLETON LCC HAZLETON M-35 HAZLETON N-12M HAZLETON WC1 HAZLETON WCB HAZLETON WCC HAg HAl59-3-2 HAl60-1-1 HAl61-4-3-1 HAl66-6-3-2 HAl67-2.5 HAl77-2 HB 200 HB 470 AR HB36 HB404 HB50Co HB61B HB61R HBN12 HBS1 HBS2 HBS36 HBW340/Cr02 HBW400/Cr02 HBW480/Cr02 HBW500/Cr09 HBW510/Cr02 HBW555/Cr09 HBW555/Cr13 HBW555/Cr16 HBW555/Cr21 HBW555/Cr27 HBW600/Cr35 HBW630/Cr09 HBsB HBsC1 HBsC2 HBsC3 HBsC4 HC HC-J92605-446 HC.4.TJ80-521 HC.4.Z30-260 HC.4.Z34 HC.4.ZP341 HC.6 HC.7.NF201 HC.9.TN55P-SC HC101 HC102 HC103 HC104 HC105 HC106 HC15 HC17M HC1S HC202 HC203 HC204 HC205 HC206 HC207 HC208 HC209 HC210 HC211 HC250 HC260LA HC260LA AFCS HC30 HC300LA HC300LA AFCS HC301 HC340LA HC340LA AFCS HC380LA HC380LA AFCS HC4 NZ1817 HC401 HC402 HC403 HC420LA HC420LA AFCS HC4ZP352 HC50 HC501 HC502 HC7 HCA HCC1 HCCS HCL-12S HCM 20 HCM12 HCM12A HCM2S HCM3 HCTP HD HD 15 HD-J93005-347 HD20 HD50 HDC HDV HDV1 HDZ HE HE 1 HE-J93403-312 HE100 HE15 HE20 HE30 HE35 HE9 HEC SI.N19 HECNUM HECORROS 71 HECORROS 76 HEDDAL-1210 HEDDENAL 1510 HEDDENAL 1521 HEDDENAL 1530 HEDDENAL 1532 HEDDENAL 1550 HEDDENAL 1570 HEDDOXAL 1526 HEDDUR 1840 HEDDUR 1858 HEGI 1.4500 HEGI 105WCr6 HEGI 21NiCrMo2 HEGI 3.2381 HEGI AC-41000 HEGI AC-51300 HEGI EN AC-44000 HEGI EN AC-47000 HEGI EN AC-48000 HEGI GS-20MnCr5 HEKU HERCULOY HEV 5 HEV-1 HEV2 HEV3 HEV4 HEV6 HEV7 HEV8 HF HF-1 HF-16 HF-3 HF30 HF32 60/38 HF509LT196 HF620-440 HFL 1020 HFL 1030 HFL 2205 HFL 60-40-18 HFL 8615 HFL CF8C HFL CG-3M HFL CH-11 HFL CH-12 HFL FERRALIUM 255 HFL LC4 HFL SC8620 HFL THERMAX 70 HFL WC6 HFL65-45-12 HFRAP+ HFRAP1 HFS3 HFS320 HFS360 HFS410LT50 HFS430 HFS503LT100 HFS620-460 HFS621 HFS622 HFS625 HFS629-470 HFS629-590 HFS660 HFS762 HFS8 HFW3 HFX 6356 HFX 6358 HFX 6926 HFX 6928 HFe58-1-1 HFe59-1-1 HG-13 HG-14 HG-17 HG10MnN HG32 HG34 HG35 HG38 HG39 HH HH-2 HH-90 HH-J93503-309 HH30 HH33 HI HI-35 HI-50C HI-CU YELLOW BRASS HI/1.0345 HIDALGO I HIDUMINIUM 1BE HIDUMINIUM 350 HIDUMINIUM RR59 HIDUMINIUM-1C HIDUMINIUM-33 HIDUMINIUM-350 HIDUMINIUM-43 HIDUMINIUM-45 HIDUMINIUM-56 HIDUMINIUM-58 HIDUMINIUM-66 HIDUMINIUM-99.5% HIDUMINIUM-RR58 HIDURAX 1 HIDURAX 2 HIDURAX 7 HIDURAX SPECIAL HIDUREL 5 HIDUREL 6 HIDUREL 640 HIDURON 102 HIDURON 107 HIDURON 130 HIDURON 191 HIDURON 501 HIDURON 824 HIGH EXPANSION 19-2 HIGH EXPANSION 22-3 HIGH EXPANSION 25-8 HIGH EXPANSION 72 HIGH EXPANSION22-3 HIGH PERM 49 HIGH PERMEABILITY45 HIGH TENSILE HIII-1.0435 HIL070M20 HIL070M55 HIL080M40 HIL1018/1020 HIL150M19 HIL17-4 HIL230M07 HIL4130mod HIL4140mod HIL4145mod HIL420Mmod HIL4330Vmod HIL50D HIL535A99 HIL605M36 HIL635M15 HIL665M13 HIL665M17 HIL709M40 HIL722M24 HIL817M40 HIL826M40 HIL835M15 HIL835M30 HIL8620 HILCHROME 307R HILCHROME 308R HILCHROME 309MoR HILCHROME 316R HIPERCO 27 HIPERCO 50 HIPERCO 50A HIPERCO 50B HIPERCO 50HS HIPERNOM ALLOY HISTAR 355TZOS HISTAR 460TZKOS HISTAR 500KG HITEN 570U2 HITENSPEED 45A HITENSPEED 55T HITENSPEED 65 HK HK 2379 PM HK-40 high Si HK-50 HK1 HK30 HK30[A608] HK31 HK31A HK31A casting HK31A f.metal HK31A-T6 HK31B HK34 HK40 HKW kupfer HL HL-30 HL-40 HL30 HL302 HL4 HL40 HLB 17 mod. HLB 20 mod. HLB 22 HLB 27 HLB 30 mod. HLB 37 HLB 37 mod. HLB 42 HLB 44 HLB 8 HM 05 HM 1000 HM 1100 HM 3000 HM 3050 HM 3750 HM1150 HM21A HM3 HM31 HM31A HM42 HM50 HM7 HM75 HMC 1.1269 HMDM 0009 HMDM 0017 HMDM 0085 HMS 5163 HMT En353 HMn55-3-1 HMn57-3-1 HMn58-2 HMn62-3-3-0.7 HMoD HN HN A-297 HN alloy HN40 HN60 HN62 HN6A HN75 HNM HNS 60 HNS 80 HNV 3 HNV-1 HNV-2 HNV-4 HNV-5 HNV-6 HNV-7 HNV8 HNi56-3 HNi65-5 HOCHL 1000 HOCHL.DIAMANT HOESCH 1.3965 HOESCH 1.4919 HOESCH 125Cr1 HOESCH 140Cr3 HOESCH 16MnCr5 HOESCH 42CrMo4 HOESCH 45CrMoV6-7 HOESCH 51CrV4 HOESCH 75Ni8 HOESCH 80CrV2 HOESCH 95Cr1 HOESCH C10 HOESCH C22 HOESCH C35 HOESCH C45 HOESCH C60 HOESCH C67 HOESCH C75 HOESCH DD13 HOESCH S235JRW HOGAL 3572 HOGAL 5558 HOKOTOL HOLDAX HONSEL 3.1841 HONSEL 3.2161 HONSEL 3.2371 HOR EXTRA HOT PRESS HOTFORM V HOTVAR HOVADUR CB HOVADUR CB2 HOVADUR CCNB HOVADUR CCNB eh HOVADUR CCZ HOVADUR CNB HOVADUR CNBsp HOVADUR CNCS HOVADUR CNP HOVADUR CZ HOVADUR CZZ HOVADUR CuCoBe HOVADUR K190 HOVADUR K220 HOVADUR K230 HOVADUR K250 HOVADUR K265 HOVADUR K350 HOVADUR NB HOWMEDICA TMZF HOWMET F357 HP HP 9-4-20 HP 9-4-25 HP 9-4-30 HP W mod. HP mod. low C HP+Nb low carbon HP-45 HP1 HP160 HP45 HPM HPM 233 HPM 270 HPM 455 HPM 718 HPM C16200 HPM C4 HPM Constantan HPM NI 52 HPM Nickel 201 HPM RENE 41 HPS HPb58-2 HPb58-3 HPb59-1 HPb59-2 HPb59-3 HPb60-1 HPb60-2 HPb60-3 HPb61-1 HPb62-0,8 HPb62-2 HPb62-3 HPb63-0.1 HPb63-3 HPb66-0,5 HPb89-2 HQ 286 HQ 400 HQ317L HQ4016 HQ4113 HQ913 HR 33 HR 619 HR-120 alloy HR-160 alloy HR-594 HR1 HR10 HR11 HR13 HR14 HR2 HR201 HR202 HR203 HR204 HR205 HR206 HR207 HR208 HR209 HR21 HR240 HR251 HR254 HR275D HR3 HR34/20 HR37/23 HR3C HR3ELM HR4 HR40 HR40/30 HR401 HR402 HR403 HR404 HR40F30 HR423 HR45 HR46/40 HR5 HR50 HR50/45 HR501 HR502 HR503 HR504 HR505 HR506 HR50F45 HR51 HR52 HR53 HR54 HR55 HR6 HR60 HR601 HR650 HR6W HR7 HR70 HR7H-N08811 HR7TA HR8 HR8C HR8N HRB400 HRB500 HRC1 HRCMAX HRCS 12/25 HRCS 20/25 HRCS 24/24Nb HRCS 25/20 HRCS 32/20Nb HRCS 35/15 HRCS 35/25Nb HRCS 39/19 HRCS 50/50Nb HRCS 66/17 HRCS 9/19 HRE HRO 1243 HRS1 HRS2 HRS3 HRS4 HRSC1 HRSC11 HRSC12 HRSC13 HRSC15 HRSC16 HRSC19 HRSC2 HRSC21 HRSC22 HS HS 1.4308 HS 1.4408 HS 1.4588 HS 1.6982 HS 105 HS 12 HS 17 HS 2.4686 HS 2.4778 HS 2.4883 HS 22 HS 220-18 HS 30 HS 40 HS 50Cr50Ni HS 63 HS 67 HS 74 HS 78 HS GX15CrMo5 HS GX8CrNi12 HS alloy HS-12 HS-1233 HS-188 HS-19 HS-21 HS-214 HS-220 HS-230 HS-242 HS-243 HS-247 HS-27 HS-29XL HS-3 HS-30 HS-31 HS-342 HS-343 HS-355 HS-556 HS-6 HS-R235 HS0-4-1 HS1 HS1-4-2 HS1-5-1-8 HS1-8-1 HS10 HS10 40/60 HS10-2-5-8 HS10-4-3-10 HS11-5-6-16 HS12-1-4 HS12-1-5-5 HS12M HS15 HS18-0-1 HS18-0-1-10 HS18-0-2-9 HS18-1-1-5 HS18-1-2-15 HS18-6-6-5-4 HS2 HS2-2-2 HS2-5-1-2 HS2-9-1 HS2-9-1-8 HS2-9-2 HS220-07 HS25 HS3 HS3-3-1-8 HS3-3-2 HS30 HS34/20 HS37/23 HS4-3-8 HS4-8-3 HS40 HS40/30 HS50/45 HS50F45 HS55T HS6-5-2 HS6-5-2-2 HS6-5-2-5 HS6-5-2-5HC HS6-5-2-5HC+S HS6-5-2-8 HS6-5-2C HS6-5-2HC HS6-5-2HC+S HS6-5-3 HS6-5-3-8 HS6-5-3C HS6-5-4 HS6-5-4-2 type HS6-6-2 HS6-7-6-10 HS62 HS64 HS65 HS68 HS7-4-2-5 HS7-5-3 HS7-6-3-12 HS70 HS8 HS8-6-3-2 HS80 HS9-4-4-11 HSB55C HSC6-5-3 HSCu HSF355 HSF420 HSF490 HSF560 HSLA 50W HSLA-100 HSLA-80 HSLA50 HSM 260 HSM 260N HSM 300 HSM 315 HSM 340 HSM 340N HSM 380 HSM 380N HSM 420 HSM 420N HSM 460 HSM 500 HSM 550 HSM 600 HSM 650 HSM 700 HSS HSWR27 HSWR32 HSWR37 HSWR42A HSWR42B HSWR47A HSWR47B HSWR52A HSWR52B HSWR57A HSWR57B HSWR62A HSWR62B HSWR67A HSWR67B HSWR72A HSWR72B HSWR77A HSWR77B HSWR82A HSWR82B HSX 110 HSX 130 HSX Z12 HSi80-3 HSn60-1 HSn62-1 HSn70-1 HSn90-1 HT HT 200 HT 201 HT 205 HT 22 HT 276 HT 286 HT 301 HT 330 HT 330Cb HT 35N HT 600 HT 601 HT 625 HT 718 HT 80 HT 811 HT 825 HT 845 HT 90 HT 926 HT X750 HT-3 HT1 HT150 HT2 HT20 HT200 HT21 HT250 HT26 HT3 HT30 HT30 stainless HT300 HT31 HT32/X133 HT33 HT35 HT350 HT36 HT37 HT50 HT50C HT9 HTB-1A HTB1 HTB1-C HTB10 HTB2 HTB3 HTB8 HTB9 HTH 190 HTH 316 HTH 321 HTH 347 HTM 30 HTN1 HTN12 HTN1a HTN2 HTN3 HTN4 HTN5 HTN6 HTN7 HTN8 HTN9 HU HU50 HUBCO 110 HUBCO 115 HUBCO 120 HUBCO 124 HUBCO 125 HUBCO 126 HUBCO 129 HUBCO 130 HUBCO 135 HUBCO 140 HUBCO 200 HUBCO 205 HUBCO 210 HUBCO 220 HUBCO 230 HUFNAGEL 17 HV HV-9A HW HW 19384 HW 19581 HW alloy HW-108 HW-50 HW-8 HW-N08001 HW/25 HWD HWF HWG HWP HX HX alloy HX-50 HY-130 HY-140 HY-140 forging HY-180 HY-TEN IMPACT HY-TEN M-TEMPER HY-TUF HY-TUF filler metal HY-TUFF HY0,5 HY100 HY100 casting HY80 HY80 casting HY80/MIL-S-16216 HYBRID BC1 HYCC HYCV HYDRO AS21X1 HYDRO AW-1050A HYDROLOY 913 HYDROLOY 914 HYDROLOY HQ913 HYFORM 409 HYLITE 50 HYLITE 51 HYMU 80 HYMU 80 MarkII HYMU 800 HYMU 800A HYPERM 50 HYPROOF 304L HYPROOF 316L HZ32 HZ32A HZ32A ingot HZ32A-T5 HZ32XA HZM100 Halcomb 218 Hast.C22 Hast.C276 Hast.C4 Havar Haynes 150 Haynes 151 Haynes 152 Haynes 188 Haynes 20 mod. Haynes 214 Haynes 230 Haynes 230 casting Haynes 242 Haynes 25 Haynes 255 Haynes 263 Haynes 282 Haynes 31 Haynes 556 Haynes 589 Haynes 617 Haynes 625 Haynes 625SQ Haynes 6B Haynes 718 Haynes 75 Haynes HR-120 Haynes HR-160 Haynes R-41 Haynes STELLITE F Haynes Ti15-3 Haynes WASPALOY Haynes X-750 Herkal HK34 Hero Premium Casting Hi 1 Hi 10 Hi 2 Hi 20 Hi 21 Hi 22 Hi 23 Hi 24 Hi 3 Hi 4 Hi Con Cu Hi-ten nickel gear HiC M-2 Hidalgo 2 High silicon bronzeA High tensile brass Hillfoot BD3 Hillfoot BH21 Hillfoot BM1 Hillfoot BM42 Hillfoot BS1 Hillfoot BT4 Hillfoot L1 Hochl K3 Hochl. Silber Hotform 2 Hs-B Hy-Ra "49" HyFab 3/12 HyMu "77" HyMu "80" HyResist 22/5 HyResist 317LM HyResist 94L Hydraulic bronze Hydro IMS 4432 Hydro IMS 4517 Hydro IMS 4521 Hykro Hypercut Hyperthermos 190 Hyperthermos 316 Hyperthermos 321 Hyperthermos 347 I-600 I-601 I-690 I-8 I-909 I/HR60 I47 cat.01bis I47 cat.02 I47 cat.03 I47 cat.04bis I47 cat.04bis N-STA I47 cat.05bis I47 cat.05ter I47 cat.20 I47 cat.22 I47 cat.25 I47 cat.28bis I47 cat.42 I47 cat.50 I47 cat.51 I47 cat.51N STA I95 nuance1 I95 nuance2 IA-NiCr-HC IB-NiCr-LC IC C1-M-2 IC CA-15 IC CA-2 IC CA-6 IC CA15 IC CA40 IC CD-2 IC CD-3 IC CF-16F IC CF-20 IC CF-3M IC CF-8 IC CF-8M IC CF3 IC CF8C IC CH-11 IC CH-12 IC CH-13 IC CH-20 IC CK-20 IC CM-2 IC CO-1 IC CS-5 IC CS-7 IC-17-4 IC-221M IC-302 IC-316 IC-4 IC-410 IC-4130 IC-420 IC-NiCr-GB IC1 IC1010 IC1015 IC1020 IC1030 IC1040 IC1045 IC1050 IC1060 IC1090 IC135 IC15-5PH IC17-4PH IC1722AS IC2 IC2345 IC3 IC303 IC304 IC304L IC310 IC3120 IC316 IC316F IC321 IC322a IC330A IC330B IC347 IC4020 IC4130 IC4140 IC416 IC431 IC4330 IC4335M IC4340 IC440A IC440C IC440F IC4620 IC52100 IC5P IC6120 IC6150 IC7 IC8620 IC8630 IC8635 IC8640 IC8730 IC8735 ICL 001 ICL 004BC ICL 164 ICL 164 fluage ICL 164BC ICL 164HE ICL 164Nb ICL 164T ICL 165URSt ICL 166 ICL 166BC ICL 167CN ICL 167SPH ICL 168 ICL 168BC ICL 168HE ICL 472 ICL 472 special ICL 472BC ICL 472HE ICL 472Nb ICL 472T ICL 472T special ICL 473BC ICL 473Nb ICL 742U ICRALLOY 20 ICRALLOY 25 ICRONIBSI-13 ID-Ni-HiCr IEC 60404.8.4 IF IF18 IGS-CHRONIN 110 IGS-CHRONIN 617 IGS-CHRONIN 625 IGS-CHRONIN 82 IGS-CHRONIN A IGS-CHRONIN C-4 IGS-CHRONIN C276 IGS-CuNi10Fe IGS-CuNi30Fe IGS-NICKEL IGS-SILVERIN IHA 321 II D II E II40 IIA-12%Cr IIB-15%Cr-Mo IIB-15%CrMo-LC IIB/F45005 IIC-15%CrMo-HC IID-20%Cr-Mo-LC IID/F45007 IIIA-25%Cr ILLIUM 21 ILLIUM 3 ILLIUM 6 ILLIUM 98 ILLIUM B ILLIUM F ILLIUM G ILLIUM GX ILLIUM P ILLIUM PD ILTA 1.4845 ILTA 4301 ILTA 4306 ILTA 4307 ILTA 4401 ILTA 4404 ILTA 4432 ILTA 4435 ILTA 4462 ILTA 4541 ILTA 4571 ILTA 4828 ILZRO 12 ILZRO 16 IM 164Nb IM15 IM2 IM3 IM42 IMCO 303/1 IMCO 303K IMCO 304 IMCO 316LM/2 IMCO 316T/1 IMCO 321/3 IMCO 329 IMCO 410/6 IMCO 416/1 IMCO 420A IMCO 420C/4 IMCO 430F IMCO 430F/3 IMCO 430F/6 IMCO F304 IMCO F304L IMCO F316 IMCO F316L IMCO420BF IMEX 390 IMEX 391L IMEX 490 IMEX 501 IMEX 700 IMEX 701 IMEX 701KVS IMI 115 IMI 125 IMI 130 IMI 155 IMI 160 IMI 230 IMI 260 IMI 262 IMI 315 IMI 317 IMI 318 IMI 318ELI IMI 325 IMI 367 IMI 417 IMI 550 IMI 551 IMI 624 IMI 646 IMI 662 IMI 679 IMI 680 IMI 685 IMI 700 IMI 747 IMI 811 IMI 829 IMI 834 IML AMS 6473 IMPAX Hi Hard IMPAX SUPREME IMPHY NiW4 IMPHYSIL IMPOL A20 IMPOL A21 IMPOL A30 IMPOL A31 IMPOL A40 IMPOL A50 IMPOL AC10 IMPOL AC30 IMPOL AC40 IMPOL AC41 IMPOL AC42 IMPOL AF40 IMPOL AF42 IMPOL AF43 IMPOL AF51 IMPOL D30 IMPOL D31 IMPOL D40 IMPOL D50 IMPOL D60 IMPOL M10 IMPOL M11 IMPOL M12 IMPOL M13 IMPOL M14 IMPOL M16 IMPOL P10 IMPOL P12 IMPOL P21 IMPOL P23 IMPOL P24 IMPOL P25 IMPOL P27 IMPOL P30 IMPOL P32 IMPOL P34 IMPOL P35 IMPOL P36 IMPOL P37 IMPOL P38 IMPOL P50 IMPOL P53 IMPOL PD16 IMPOL PD33 IMPULS IMRE IMS 1.4713 IMS 100CD7 IMS 30NiCrMo12 IMS 34NiCrMo16 IMS 40NiCrMo7 IMS 700T IN 792 IN 792 MOD 5A IN-00E IN-00K IN-10 IN-100 IN-102 IN-14B IN-16 IN-18 IN-2 IN-3 IN-4 IN-5 IN-519 IN-591 IN-5B IN-6 IN-600 IN-601 IN-617 IN-625 IN-657 IN-671 IN-690 IN-6B IN-6B/17MnB4 IN-706 IN-713 IN-713C IN-713LC IN-718 IN-722 IN-738 IN-738LC IN-792 IN-793 IN-800 IN-825 IN-862 IN-905XL IN-939 IN-MA6000 IN-MA754 IN502 IN515 IN521 IN610 IN713LC+Hf IN718 IN792 5A INALLOY 40 INALLOY 60 INALLOY 80 INC 600 INC 601 INC600 INC625 INC800 INC825 INCO 25-6Mo INCO 300M INCO 330 INCO 42 INCO 600 INCO 62 INCO 625 INCO 69 INCO 713LC INCO 718 INCO 901 INCO 92 INCO C-276 INCO FM69 INCO FMC276 INCO G-3 INCO HX INCO NX-188 INCO alloy 032 INCO alloy 20 INCO-WELD 686CPT INCO-WELD 725NDUR INCO-WELD A INCO-WELD B INCO-WELD C INCO-WELD HX INCOLOY 020 INCOLOY 028 INCOLOY 135 INCOLOY 25-6HN INCOLOY 25-6MO INCOLOY 25-6Mo INCOLOY 27-7MO INCOLOY 330 INCOLOY 330Cb INCOLOY 65 INCOLOY 725 wrought INCOLOY 800 INCOLOY 800H INCOLOY 800HT INCOLOY 800LG INCOLOY 801 INCOLOY 802 INCOLOY 803 INCOLOY 825 INCOLOY 832 INCOLOY 840 INCOLOY 864 INCOLOY 865 INCOLOY 88 INCOLOY 890 INCOLOY 901 INCOLOY 902 INCOLOY 903 INCOLOY 907 INCOLOY 908 INCOLOY 909 INCOLOY 925 INCOLOY 945 INCOLOY 945X INCOLOY A-286 INCOLOY A286 INCOLOY DS INCOLOY FM65 INCOLOY MA956 INCONEL 050 INCONEL 100 INCONEL 112 INCONEL 117 INCONEL 122 INCONEL 132 INCONEL 152 INCONEL 182 INCONEL 22 INCONEL 230 INCONEL 42 INCONEL 52 INCONEL 52M INCONEL 591 INCONEL 600 INCONEL 600L INCONEL 601 INCONEL 601 casting INCONEL 601GC INCONEL 601f.m INCONEL 603XL INCONEL 604 INCONEL 606 INCONEL 617 INCONEL 62 INCONEL 622 INCONEL 625 INCONEL 625 casting INCONEL 625 f.m INCONEL 625LCF INCONEL 671 INCONEL 686 INCONEL 690 INCONEL 693 INCONEL 700 INCONEL 702 INCONEL 706 INCONEL 713C INCONEL 713LC INCONEL 718 INCONEL 718 casting INCONEL 718SPF INCONEL 72 INCONEL 721 INCONEL 722 INCONEL 725 INCONEL 738LC INCONEL 740 INCONEL 751 INCONEL 783 INCONEL 792 INCONEL 82 INCONEL 901 INCONEL 92 INCONEL 939 INCONEL C-276 INCONEL FM52 INCONEL FM52MSS INCONEL FM617 INCONEL FM62 INCONEL FM622 INCONEL FM718 INCONEL FM72M INCONEL FM82 INCONEL FM92 INCONEL G-3 INCONEL HX INCONEL MA6000 INCONEL MA754 INCONEL MA758 INCONEL MA760 INCONEL N06230 INCONEL W INCONEL WE132 INCONEL X-750 INCOTHERM TC INCOTHERM TD INCUSIL 15 INDAL 8079 INDAL AA8011 INDALLOY 117 INDALLOY 158 INDALLOY 281 INDATEN 355A INDATEN 355A3 INDATEN 355B INDUCPHY INERFIL 22 12 INERMET INC INERMET IND INMs1 INMs2 INMs3 INOVAR INOX 1-42 INOX 1.4546 INOX 16 INOX 1F INOX 304HH INOX 304L INOX 316 INOX 4550-347 INOX 4845-310S INOX 4878-321H INOX ABRASION ET CORROSION INOX APPLICATION MAGNETIQUE INOX EXPLOITATION PETROLIERE INOX IMPLANTS CHIRURGICAUX INOX POUR CAVITATION-EROSION INOX POUR CORROSION SEVERE INOX USINABILITE AMELIOREE INOX-1-50 INOX-1-MOVA INOX-304H INOX-316H INOX-4 INOX-4301-304 INOX-4306-304L INOX-4401-316 INOX-4404-316L INOX-4541-321 INOX-4571-316Ti INOX1-MOVA-60 INTHERMA 310B INVAR INVAR 36 INVAR 36FM INVAR 42 INVAR CBH INVAR FM INVAR M36 INVAR M93 IP1 IP2 IPARGAMA F-1550 IPARGAMA F1140 IPERNITON IR1 IR2 IR3 IRATI-11 IRATI-8 IRECA IRIMO 3-50-Cr8 IRIMO-3 IRO 743 IRON COPPER 192 IS 10343 IS 10774 IS 11169.1 table1 IS 11169.1 table1 to 3 IS 11169.1 table2 IS 11169.1 table3 IS 11169.2 IS 11758 IS 11890 IS 12145 IS 12791 IS 1285 IS 14331 IS 1545 IS 1570.1 IS 1570.2 IS 1570.3 IS 1570.4 IS 1570.5 IS 1570.6 IS 1570.7 IS 1762 IS 1786 IS 1812 IS 1870.2 IS 1871.1 IS 1871.3 IS 1875 IS 20 IS 2004 IS 23 IS 2590 IS 2611 IS 2704 IS 2749 IS 276 IS 2927 IS 318 IS 319 IS 3195 IS 3261 IS 3436 IS 3444 IS 3445 IS 3748 IS 3749 IS 3930 IS 4368 IS 4398 IS 4431 IS 4432 IS 4454.1 IS 4454.2 IS 4454.3 IS 4454.4 IS 5082 IS 513 IS 5517 IS 5522 IS 617 IS 6240 IS 6392 IS 6527 IS 6528 IS 6529 IS 6603 IS 6911 IS 713 IS 7291 IS 733 IS 734 IS 737 IS 742 IS 7494 IS 7598 IS 7882 IS 8964 IS 9294 IS 9485 IS 9516 IS 963 IS1239.1 IS407 alloy 2 IS4522 Gr9 IS4522 Gr12 IS4522 Gr3 IS4522 Gr4 IS4522 Gr5 IS4522 Gr7 IS963 ISA 13 ISA 50 ISA-CHROM 30 ISA-CHROM 60 ISA-CHROM 80 ISA-NICKEL ISAL 231D ISAOHM ISAZIN ISO 1035.1 ISO 1083 ISO 1127 ISO 1129 ISO 115 ISO 11692 ISO 1187 ISO 1190.1 ISO 12725 ISO 1336 ISO 1337 ISO 1338 ISO 13521 ISO 14172 ISO 15510 ISO 16112 ISO 16143.1 ISO 16143.2 ISO 16143.3 ISO 16220 ISO 1634.1 ISO 1634.2 ISO 1634.3 ISO 1635.2 ISO 1637 ISO 1638 ISO 1639 ISO 1640 ISO 16468 ISO 17804 ISO 18273 ISO 18274 ISO 185 ISO 209.1 ISO 2092 ISO 2147 ISO 24034 ISO 2604 ISO 2604.1 ISO 2604.2 ISO 2604.3 ISO 2604.4 ISO 2604.7 ISO 2604.8 ISO 2892 ISO 2938 ISO 301 ISO 3116 ISO 3183 ISO 3419 ISO 3522 ISO 3677 ISO 3755 ISO 426.1 ISO 426.2 ISO 427 ISO 428 ISO 429 ISO 430 ISO 431 ISO 4382.1 ISO 4382.2 ISO 4383 ISO 4948.1 ISO 4952 ISO 4954 ISO 4955 ISO 4956 ISO 4957 ISO 4990 ISO 4991 ISO 4998 ISO 5001 ISO 5182 ISO 5832-1 comp.D ISO 5832-1 comp.E ISO 5832-10 ISO 5832-11 ISO 5832-12 ISO 5832-2 Gr1 ISO 5832-2 Gr4A ISO 5832-2 Gr4B ISO 5832-3 ISO 5832-4 ISO 5832-5 ISO 5832-6 ISO 5832-7 ISO 5832-8 ISO 5832-9 ISO 5832.1 ISO 5832.2 ISO 5832.9 ISO 5922 ISO 6207 ISO 6208 ISO 630 ISO 6361 ISO 6362.3 ISO 6362.4 ISO 6372.3 ISO 65 ISO 683-13 ISO 683.1 ISO 683.10 ISO 683.11 ISO 683.13 ISO 683.14 ISO 683.15 ISO 683.17 ISO 683.18 ISO 683.8 ISO 683.9 ISO 6848 ISO 6931.1 ISO 6931.2 ISO 6935.1 ISO 6935.2 ISO 7153.1 ISO 722 ISO 7271 ISO 752 ISO 7598 ISO 7722 ISO 8457.2 ISO 8458.1 ISO 8458.2 ISO 8458.3 ISO 9327.2 ISO 9327.3 ISO 9327.4 ISO 9327.5 ISO 9328.1 ISO 9328.2 ISO 9328.3 ISO 9328.4 ISO 9328.5 ISO 9328.6 ISO 9328.7 ISO 9329.1 ISO 9329.2 ISO 9329.3 ISO 9329.4 ISO 9330.2 ISO 9330.3 ISO 9330.4 ISO 9330.5 ISO 9453 ISO 9722 ISO 9723 ISO 9724 ISO 9725 ISO-MB21220 ISO-MB21230 ISO-MB32110 ISO-MB35110 ISO-MB65210 ISO-MC21120 ISO-MC21220 ISO-MC21230 ISO-MC32110 ISO-MC35110 ISO-MC65210 ISO-MgAg2RE2Zr ISO-MgAl5Mn ISO-MgAl6Mn ISO-MgZn4RE1Zr ISO-MgZn6Cu3Mn ISO/CD 16455.2 ISO/R 115 ISO/R 2147 ISO/R164 ISO/R208 ISO/TR 15608 ISO/TR 20172 ISO/TR 20173 ISO/TR 4949 ISO/TR 4956 ISO/TR 7003 ISO/TS 15510 ISO1083/JS320-22/S ISO1083/JS350-22LT/S ISO1083/JS350-22RT/S ISO1083/JS400-15/S ISO1083/JS400-18/S ISO1083/JS400-18LT/S ISO1083/JS400-18RT/S ISO1083/JS450-10/S ISO1083/JS500-7/S ISO1083/JS550-5/S ISO1083/JS600-3/S ISO1083/JS700-2/S ISO1083/JS800-2/S ISO1083/JS900-2/S ISO1704/JS/1050-6 ISO1704/JS/1200-3 ISO1704/JS/800-10 ISO1704/JS/800-10RT ISO17804/JS/1400-1 ISO17804/JS/900-8 ISO17804/JS/HBW400 ISO17804/JS/HBW450 ISOLALU ISOPROFIL 58CrMoV4 ISOTAN ISOXAL ISS 201 ISS 201A ISS 202 ISS 302 ISS 304 ISS 304S1 ISS 310 ISS 430 IT108 CuNi10Fe1Mn IT134 C322 IT47 cat.14 IX-750 Imacro M Imacro NIT Imaform Imanite M Imatra 1.7709 Imatra 19MNVS6 Imatra 31CrMoV9 Imatra 38MNVS6 Imatra 4 M Imatra 46MNVS6 Imatra 520 Imatra C35E Imatra MC 608 Imphy 15CDV6 Imphy 16NCD13 Imphy 300M Imphy 35NCD16 Imphy 40CDV12 Imphy 4130 Imphynox 304L Imphynox 316L Improved HARDTEM Inco MS250 Inco WASPALOY Incramet 800 Incramute 1 Inofo 10Ti Inoxium 18-10T Inoxyda 10Ni Inoxyda 154 Inoxyda 17 Inoxyda 18 Inoxyda 272R Inoxyda 3 Inoxyda 3CRYO Inoxyda 3P Inoxyda 53 Inoxyda 53AMA Inoxyda 53H Inoxyda 72 Inoxyda 72M Inoxyda 76 Inoxyda 7AL Inoxyda 90 Inoxyda 91 Inoxyda 92 Invar Invar 36 FC Invar 36 FM Invar FC Irrubigo 16H Irrubigo 16H-B Irrubigo 16MP Irrubigo 3964 Irrubigo 4021 Irrubigo 4136 Irrubigo 4418 Irrubigo G4552 J 1570 J-1500 J-1610 J-301 J-304 J-304H J-304L J-304LN J-309 J-309S J-316Ti J-317 J-317L J-317LN J-347 J-405 J-410 J-410S J-415 J-420 J-430 J-430Ti J-436 J-439 J-55 J-STD-006 J02002 J02003 J02100 J02500 J02501 J02502 J02503 J02504 J02505 J02508 J03000 J03001 J03002 J03003 J03006 J03007 J03011 J03012 J03500 J03501 J03502 J03503 J04002 J04003 J04020 J04500 J04502 J05000 J05002 J06040 J10 J11442 J11522 J11547 J11562 J11697 J11872 J11875 J12048 J12070 J12072 J12073 J12080 J12082 J12084 J12092 J12094 J12095 J12521 J12522 J12523 J12524 J12540 J12545 J12582 J12595 J13002 J13005 J13025 J13045 J13047 J13048 J13051 J13052 J13080 J13345 J13502 J13512 J13855 J14046 J14047 J14048 J14049 J15047 J15048 J15580 J19965 J19966 J201 J21610 J21880 J21890 J22000 J22090 J22091 J22092 J22500 J22501 J23015 J23055 J24025 J24030 J24053 J24054 J24055 J24056 J24130 J24135 J26022 J26055 J26455 J26625 J30002 J30007 J30012 J30107 J31200 J31300 J31500 J31545 J31550 J31575 J31670 J32075 J32550 J41500 J41501 J42015 J42045 J42065 J42215 J42220 J42240 J51545 J51S J57S J80490 J82090 J84090 J91109 J91119 J91129 J91139 J91149 J91150 J91151 J91152 J91153 J91154 J91161 J91171 J91201 J91249 J91261 J91309 J91339 J91340 J91422 J91459 J91540 J91550 J91601 J91606 J91631 J91639 J91650 J91651 J91803 J91804 J92001 J92110 J92170 J92180 J92200 J92205 J92240 J92500 J92501 J92502 J92511 J92512 J92590 J92600 J92602 J92603 J92604 J92605 J92610 J92613 J92615 J92620 J92630 J92640 J92641 J92700 J92701 J92710 J92711 J92800 J92802 J92803 J92804 J92810 J92811 J92843 J92900 J92901 J92950 J92951 J92971 J92972 J92999 J93000 J93001 J93001 casting J93005 J93010 J93015 J93072 J93150 J93254 J93303 J93345 J93370 J93371 J93372 J93373 J93380 J93400 J93401 J93402 J93403 J93404 J93413 J93423 J93503 J93513 J93633 J93790 J93900 J94003 J94013 J94202 J94203 J94204 J94204 casting J94211 J94213 J94214 J94224 J94302 J94603 J94604 J94605 J94613 J94614 J94650 J94651 J94652 J95150 J95370 J95404 J95405 J95705 JACOL 9 JANUS EXTRA JANUS V3 JANUS ZAHHART JANUSIT BS JANUSIT CA JB 6403 JB/T 4403 JB/T 6403 JC1S JCS 300 JD19 JEKOR 235 JEKOR 350 JEKOR 350P JESSOP 319 JESSOP 319L JESSOP AL20 JESSOP AL255 JESSOP AL50 JESSOP G 81 JET 152 JETALLOY JETHETE 448 JETHETE M-152 JETHETE M-152 ESR JETHETE M-160 JETHETE M-448 JETHETE M190 JETHETE X20 JETWELD 1 JETWELD 2 JETWELD 3 JFE S25C JFE S50CM JFE S60CM JFE SCr420TK JFE-CCUP JFE-CPE JFE443CT JIS C2520 JIS C2531 JIS C2532 JIS C2552 JIS E1101 JIS G3101 JIS G3103 JIS G3106 JIS G3108 JIS G3112 JIS G3113 JIS G3114 JIS G3115 JIS G3116 JIS G3118 JIS G3119 JIS G3120 JIS G3125 JIS G3126 JIS G3127 JIS G3128 JIS G3132 JIS G3191 JIS G3201 JIS G3202 JIS G3203 JIS G3205 JIS G3302 JIS G3311 JIS G3441 JIS G3445 JIS G3446 JIS G3454 JIS G3455 JIS G3456 JIS G3458 JIS G3459 JIS G3460 JIS G3461 JIS G3462 JIS G3463 JIS G3466 JIS G3468 JIS G3472 JIS G3503 JIS G3505 JIS G3506 JIS G3507 JIS G3507.1 JIS G3507.2 JIS G3508.1 JIS G3508.2 JIS G3509.1 JIS G3509.2 JIS G3560 JIS G3566 JIS G4051 JIS G4051 S12C JIS G4052 JIS G4053 JIS G4102 JIS G4103 JIS G4104 JIS G4105 JIS G4106 JIS G4107 JIS G4108 JIS G4109 JIS G4202 JIS G4303 JIS G4304 JIS G4305 JIS G4306 JIS G4307 JIS G4308 JIS G4309 JIS G4311 JIS G4312 JIS G4313 JIS G4314 JIS G4315 JIS G4321 JIS G4401 JIS G4403 JIS G4404 JIS G4410 JIS G4804 JIS G4805 JIS G4901 JIS G4902 JIS G5101 JIS G5102 JIS G5102 SCW620 JIS G5111 JIS G5121 JIS G5122 JIS G5122 SCH13 JIS G5131 JIS G5151 JIS G5152 JIS G5501 JIS G5502 JIS G5503 JIS G5510 JIS G5702 JIS G5703 JIS G5724 JIS G7401 JIS G7604 JIS H1012 JIS H1270 JIS H1551 JIS H2118 JIS H2201 JIS H2211 JIS H2221 JIS H2222 JIS H3100 JIS H3110 JIS H3130 JIS H3250 JIS H3260 JIS H3270 JIS H3300 JIS H4000 JIS H4040 JIS H4080 JIS H4090 JIS H4100 JIS H4140 JIS H4160 JIS H4170 JIS H4201 JIS H4301 JIS H4551 JIS H4552 JIS H4553 JIS H4554 JIS H4600 JIS H4630 JIS H4631 JIS H4650 JIS H4657 JIS H4670 JIS H5101 JIS H5111 JIS H5120 JIS H5202 JIS H5203 JIS H5302 JIS H5403 JIS H8601 JIS SCH13 JIS SWRCH12K JIS T7401.1 JIS Z3224 JIS Z3232 JIS Z3233 JIS Z3234 JIS Z3282 JIS Z3321 JIS Z3331 JIS Z3334 JK GS-60 JK117 JK7117 JM 1-03 JM 3-15 JM 4-03 JM 5 JM 5-15 JM 7-15 JM3 JM5-03/-15 JN/HBW340 JN/HBW400 JN/HBW480Cr2 JN/HBW500Cr9 JN/HBW510Cr2 JN/HBW555Cr9 JN/HBW555XCr13 JN/HBW555XCr16 JN/HBW555XCr21 JN/HBW555XCr27 JN/HBW600XCr20Mo2Cu JN/HBW600XCr35 JN/HBW630Cr9 JN/HBWXCr20Mo2Cu JNC1MoV JS 700 JS/1050-6 JS/1200-3 JS/1400-1 JS/350-22-LT/S JS/350-22-RT/S JS/350-22/S JS/400-15/S JS/400-18-LT/S JS/400-18-RT/S JS/400-18/S JS/450-10/S JS/500-7/S JS/550-5/S JS/600-3/S JS/700-2/S JS/800-10 JS/800-10RT JS/800-2/S JS/900-2/S JS/900-8 JS/HBW130 JS/HBW150 JS/HBW155 JS/HBW185 JS/HBW200 JS/HBW215 JS/HBW230 JS/HBW265 JS/HBW300 JS/HBW330 JS/HBW400 JS/HBW450 JUNGO 307 JUNGO 316L JUNGO 347 JUNGO 4455 JUNGO 4462 JUNGO 4465 JUNGO 4500 JUNGO ZERON 100X JUNKER B2C JUNKER G-NiCr15 JUNKERALLOY 59C JUNKERALLOY B JUNKERALLOY B1 JUNKERALLOY B2C JUNKERALLOY C1 JUNKERALLOY C4C JUS C.B0.502 JUS C.B0.505 JUS C.B0.506 JUS C.B0.507 JUS C.B0.551 JUS C.B0.600 JUS C.B0.601 JUS C.B3.021 JUS C.B4.014 JUS C.B5.222 JUS C.B5.225 JUS C.B9.020 JUS C.B9.020/C.1121 JUS C.B9.021 JUS C.B9.022 JUS C.C2.300 JUS C.D1.006 JUS C.D2.303 JUS C.J2.020 JUS C.J2.022 JUS C.J3.011 JUS C.J3.013 JUS C.J3.014 JUS C.J3.015 JUS C.J6.040 JUS EURONORM 65 JUS M.E2.231 JY HYDRAULIC56 Janus V Jetalloy 1570 Jethete M152 Jethete M190 Jethete X19 Jewelry bronze Journal bronze Junkeralloy C K 15 K 18 K 202 K 353 K 354 K 5 K 5 W K 90 L K-10018M K-11018M K-12018M K-1MnSi/MT7 K-205 K-207 K-295 K-301 K-325 K-401 K-402 K-404 K-405 K-42-B K-500 K-501 K-502 K-502-15 K-504 K-505-15 K-507 K-55 K-6012 K-6022 K-603 K-605 K-701 K-7010A1 K-7010G K-7014 K-7016A1 K-7018 K-7018A1 K-7024 K-703 K-705 K-71T K-8010G K-8016B1 K-8016B2 K-8016C2 K-8018 K-8018C1 K-8018C2 K-8018C3 K-9016B3 K-9018M K-A750 EXTRA K-C21W11Nb K-D28CS K-M K-MONEL 500 K-SnBz2 K-W alloy K0/0 K0/1 K0/2 K0/3 K00040 K0006 K00095 K00100 K00400 K00600 K00606 K00801 K00802 K01 K01012 K01200 K01201 K01313 K01501 K01504 K01601 K01700 K01701 K01800 K01801 K01802 K01804 K01807 K01900 K01907 K01937 tube K02001 K02002 K02006 K02007 K02009 K02100 K02101 K02102 K02200 K02201 K02202 K02203 K02204 K02300 K02301 K02303 K02304 K02305 K02306 K02400 K02401 K02402 K02403 K02404 K02501 K02502 K02503 K02504 K02505 K02507 K02508 K02600 K02600 bar K02601 K02700 K02701 K02702 K02704 K02705 K02707 K02741 K02800 K02801 K02803 K02900 K03 K03000 K03002 K03005 K03006 K03008 K03009 K03011 K03014 K03017 K03101 K03103 K03120 K03200 K03300 K03501 K03502 K03503 K03504 K03506 K03810 K03S K04001 K04801 K05 K05001 K05501 K06 K06-400B K06501 K06701 K07001 K08 K08500 K09 K09MV K1 K10 K100 K100-M1 K1008 K1011 K1016 K102 K1020 K1022 K1026 K103 K1030 K1035 K1037 K1040 K1042 K1045 K1046 K105 K1050 K1055 K1058 K1060 K107 K1070 K1070S K10726 K1080 K1082S K1084 K10882 K1095 K10X K110 K11022 K11125 K11132 K11140 K112 K11235 K11260 K11267 K11357 K11365 K11365 f.m K11422 K11424 K11430 K11464 K115 K11510 K11511 K11522 K11535 K11538 K11542 K11546 K11547 K11552 K11562 K11564 K11572 K11576 K11578 K11591 K11597 K11598 K116 K11625 K11630 K11640 K11646 K11662 K11742 K11757 K11789 K11797 K11804 K11820 K11831 K11846 K11852 K11856 K11914 K11918 K11940 K12 K12000 K12001 K12020 K12021 K12022 K12023 K12031 K12037 K12039 K12042 K12042 casting K12043 K12045 K12047 K12048 K12054 K12062 K12122 K12143 K12202 K12211 K12249 K12320 K12437 K12447 K12520 K12521 K12524 K12529 K12539 K12542 K12554 K12766 K12822 K13 K13047 K13050 K13051 K13147 K13148 K13247 K13502 K13521 K13547 K13548 K13550 K136 K13C K13C20N16Fe15D07 K13C20N16Fe15D7 K13K K14 K14072 K14073 K14248 K14394 K14508 K14520 K14675 K15 K15047 K15048 K15590 K15747 K15C K15SC K17145 K17700 K18 K183 K18597 K186 K18C K190 Microclean K19145 K19195 K19526 K19667 K19965 K19990 K1A K20/K21 K200 K20500 K20622 K20747 K20900 K20934 K20C K21001 K21010 K21015 K21028 K21030 K211-T3 K21240 K21509 K21590 K21650 K21703 K21903 K21940 K22033 K22035 K22036 K22097 K22103 K22375 K22440 K22573 K22720 K22770 K22925 K22950 K23015 K23015 casting K23015 f.m K23080 K23080 f.m K23205 K23280 K23477 K23510 K23545 K23550 K23725 K23745 K24055 K24064 K24065 K24070 K24336 K24340 K244 K245 K247 K24728 K24729 K28 K294 Microclean K2D K3 K30 K300 K305 K30560 K306 K30736 K30960 K30D K310 K310V K31240 K31390 K31509 K31545 K31718 K31820 K31830 K31835 K31835 plate K31918 K31DB K32 K32018 K32025 K32045 K32550 K32550 f.m K32718 K32723 K32800 K329 K32D K32Nb K33 K33020 K33125 K33517 K33517 f.m K33585 K34 K340 ECOSTAR K340 ISODUR K34035 K34378 K350 K35C K35D LSI6 K35L K36 K38 K39 K39C K39M K39MD K4 K40 K400 K401 K403 K405 K40712 K40C K41 K410 K4122 K41245 K41545 K41583 K41650 K42 K42247 K42338 K42339 K42343 K42365 K42544 K42598 K42885 K44 K44045 K44210 K44220 K44414 K44910 K45 K450 K455 K45C K460 K465 K48 K4828 K4903 K5 K50 K50280 K50480 K50482 K505 K507 K508 K510 K51255 K51545 K5160HS K52 K52355 K52440 K53 K55 K58 K6 K60 K600 K6040 K605 K614 K61595 K61650 K63 K630 K63005 K63007 K63008 K63011 K63012 K63014 K63015 K63016 K63017 K63198 K63199 K64005 K64006 K64152 K65 K65006 K65007 K65770 K66009 K66220 K66286 K66545 K68 K70 K700 K71040 K712 K71340 K71350 K720 K722 K73 K74015 K746 K75 K761 K765 K78 K8 K80 K81 K81340 K81340 casting K81590 K83 K85 K8550 K88 K88165 K9 K90901 K90941 K91002 K91061 K91094 K91122 K91151 K91161 K91209 K91271 K91283 K91313 K91342 K91352 K91456 K91461 K91470 K91472 K91505 K91555 K91560 K91560 casting K91670 K91800 K91870 K91890 K91930 K91940 K91955 K91970 K91971 K92150 K92350 K92400 K92460 K92500 K92510 K92571 K92580 K92580 tool steel K92613 K92650 K92801 K92803 K92810 K92820 K92890 K92890 f.metal K92890 tool steel K92930 K92940 K93050 K93120 K93130 K93160 K93500 K93540 K93600 K93600 casting K93601 K93602 K93603 K93800 K94000 K94100 K94101 K94200 K94200 casting K94490 K945 K94500 K946 K94600 K94610 K94620 K94630 K947 K94760 K94800 K94840 K95000 K95050 K960 K96800 K970 K980 K985 K990 K992 K996 K997 KA1 KA62 KA9 KAD 442 KAISER 6041 KAISER 6064 KAISER 7064 KAISER alloy 4026 KALKOS KAM-1A KAM-1B KANTHAL 52 KANTHAL 70 KANTHAL 8176 KANTHAL A-1 KAPSTAR KAPTOR C KARA K45 KATO2 KATO3 KAYEM 1 KAYEM 2 KB03 KB30 KB58 KBI-10 KBI-40 KBI-6 KBW Mg ZT1 KBX alloy QE22A KC-80S-D2 KC1 KC15 KC20WN KC22NW KC25NW KC25NWx KC25W KC27DN KC28D KC28DN KC28WN KC30Fe20Nb02 KC30W KC31W14 KC35N KC55 KC60 KC65 KC70 KCF-50 KCL-10 KCL-11 KCN22W KCP25 KCR12N KCR13CA KCR13CB KCR8NA KCR8NMC KD11S KD2 KD2S KD5 KDA1 KDYNIUM 42 2942 KDYNIUM 422603 KDYNIUM 422992 KE-Cu KE672 KEA162 KELVAN KEMPER C76400 KEMPER CuNi18Zn20 KEMPER CuNi9Sn2 KES 18-2 KES 310Si KES 317 KES 321 KES 329 KES 329C KES 410Ti KES 443 KES 800C KES C40T KES U1 KES U2 KES XM-8 KES304LN KES309S KES310ELC KES316 KES316L KES316LA KES317L KES329J3L KES329J4L KES329W KES329WB KES405 KES409L KES410 KES430 KES446 KETOS KF-25 KF-300LF KF-34 KF-60 KFC KFN-50 KFP KH-500LF KH-500VLF KH12 KH8F KHA30 KHD KHGS KHP 10 KHP 102 KHP 105 KHP 109 KHP 15 KHP 194 KHP 7026 KHR12N KHR40/30 KHR43/35 KHR46/40 KHR48NCo KHS KHSO KHSV KHV4 KHV4F KI-101LF KIA KIN600 KIN800AT KIN800H KING COBALT KIRKSITE A KIRKSITE B KIRKSITE I KIRKSITE II KJ1 KJ2 KJ3 KK KK 1.4312 KK-50B KK-55 KK-60 KK-70 KL KL-100 KL1 KL1C KL1D KL2 KL2C KL2D KL3 KL3C KL3D KL7 KL7C KL7D KL8 KLD KLF 194 KLF-1 KLF-125 KLF-5 KLF5Z KLS KLZ KM11 KM12 KMCVA KME 100 KME 158 KME 160 KME 165 KME 301 KME 305 KME 310 KME 315 KME 320 KME 330 KME 333 KME 336 KME 337 KME 515 KME 540 KME 550 KME 560 KME 580-CuSn8 KME 810 KME 811 KME 812 KME N11 KMSA1 KMT110 KMT110 UGIPLUS KMT85 KMT95 KMT95 UGIPLUS KN KN0 KN26FeD KN9 KNA KNAS KNDMO KNH D KNHMA KNIGHT C90S KNMO KNO KNi15 KO1 KO12 KO13 KO16 KO36S KO4Ti KOBALT 10 KOBALT 105M KOBALT 5 KOBALT 54V KOBALT 55M KOBALT 55M ESX KOBALT 810M KOBE ALLOY KOBE C1220 KOBE C2600 KOBE C2680 KOBE C2801 KOBELCO 304L KOBELCO B-17 KODUR 260MC KODUR 315MC KODUR 420MC KODUR 550MC KONCOR KONSTANTAN KOR KORV KOSMALT 180IF KOSMALT 190 KOSMALT 240 KOTHERM KN KOTHERM KP KOVAR KOVOHUTE 42 3415 KP KP Extra KP6 KPN KPN SPEZIAL KR-3000 KRO 1 KRONIFER 10 KRUPP 115MA KRUPP 21MnSi5 KRUPP 253MA KRUPP 30Mn4 KRUPP 32NiCrMo10.4 KRUPP 45CrMoV6-7 KRUPP WL 1.1144 KRUPP WL 1.4314 KRUPP WX69 KRYTENAR 315 KRYTENAR 355 KRYTENAR 390 KS KS 10-2-3 KS 100 KS 120SI KS 13-11-3 KS 15-3-3-3 KS 15-5-3 KS 19210 KS 2811 KS 3-2.5 KS 40 KS 40LF KS 40PdA KS 5-2,5 KS 5-2,5 ELI KS 5-2-1 KS 5-2-2-4-4 KS 50PdA KS 50Ta KS 6-2-4-2 KS 6-2-5-6 KS 6-4 KS 6-4ELI KS 6-6-2 KS 60 KS 60AKOT KS 70 KS 70PdA KS 8-1-1 KS C IEC 60404.8.4 KS D2311 KS D2331 KS D3051 KS D3508 KS D3515 KS D3517 KS D3519 KS D3521 KS D3522 KS D3523 KS D3525 KS D3526 KS D3529 KS D3534 KS D3535 KS D3536 KS D3538 KS D3539 KS D3540 KS D3542 KS D3543 KS D3554 KS D3555 KS D3559 KS D3560 KS D3562 KS D3563 KS D3564 KS D3567 KS D3569 KS D3570 KS D3574 KS D3576 KS D3577 KS D3579 KS D3588 KS D3592 KS D3624 KS D3697 KS D3698 KS D3699 KS D3702 KS D3703 KS D3705 KS D3706 KS D3707 KS D3708 KS D3709 KS D3710 KS D3711 KS D3724 KS D3731 KS D3732 KS D3752 KS D3753 KS D3754 KS D3755 KS D3802 KS D4102 KS D4103 KS D4104 KS D4301 KS D4302 KS D4303 KS D4304 KS D4305 KS D5101 KS D5102 KS D5103 KS D5201 KS D5301 KS D5512 KS D5574 KS D5575 KS D5576 KS D5579 KS D5590 KS D5591 KS D5604 KS D6000 KS D6002 KS D6006 KS D6008 KS D6601 KS D6701 KS D6704 KS D6710 KS D6713 KS D6755 KS D6759 KS D6760 KS D6763 KS D6770 KS D7021 KS D7028 KS D7030 KS D7033 KS D7045 KS DISO115 KS DISO4954 KS DISO8458.1 KS DISO8458.2 KS DISO8458.3 KS DISO9330.4 KS DISO9330.5 KS EL-F KS G12 KS G12S KS TI-1.5AL KS TI-9 KS1275 KS15V KS21 KS24D KS28 KS50 KS62 KS69 KS70 KS80 KS85 KSA KSB 062 KSB 080 KSB 100 KSM 420 TM KSM355TM KSM460TM KSM500TM KSN-100 KSP KST KST 303Se KST-307-15 KST-308 KST-308-15 KST-308L KST-308L-15 KST-308Mo KST-309 KST-309-15 KST-309L KST-309L-15 KST-309Mo KST-309Mo-15 KST-309MoL KST-310 KST-316 KST-316-15 KST-316L KST-317 KST-317L KST-318 KST-347 KST-347L KST-410L KST-430 KSTB12 KSTB22 KSTB23 KSTB24 KSTPA12 KSTPA13 KSTPA22 KSTPA24 KSTPG38 KSTPG42 KSTPT38 KSTPT42 KSTPT49 KSTSW KSV KSt KSt37.2 KSt37.3 KSt44-2 KSt44.2 KSt44.3 KSt52.3 KT22 KT276 KTA Ni KTB350-04 KTB380-12 KTB400-5 KTB450-07 KTD KTH300-6 KTH330-08 KTH350-10 KTH370-12 KTS KTW KTW-Ni KTZ450-06 KTZ550-04 KTZ650-02 KTZ700-02 KU 80 KU80G KUBOTA CF3MA KUBOTA HK50 KUBOTA HN KUBOTA HT KUBOTA HW KUBOTA IN-657 KUBOTA SCS14 KUMANAL KUMANIC KUMIUM KUMUD 50% KUMUD 55Sn KUMUD 56 KUMUD 60 KUMUD 60% KUMUD 72% KUMUD 80% KUNIFER 30 KUPFER 100 KUPFER 915 KUPFER KT-8 KUPFER SILBERHALTIG KUPRODUR 80 KUPRODUR A KUPRODUR B KUPRODUR S KV1 KV10 KV15 KV20 KV30 KV40 KV50 KW 003 KW 003A KW 004 KW 010 KW 016 KW 150 KW 151 KW 240 KW 241 KW 348 KW 353 KW 356 KW 361 KW 361M KW 362 KW 366A KW 371 KW 433 KW 440 KW 441 KW 510 KW 530 KW 570 KW 576 KW-TCuNi KWK KWS 45 KWS 55 KZR Kemper CuSn10 Kemper CuSn4 Kemper CuSn6Zn6 Kennblatt 9677.00 Key steel KeyLos 2002 KeyLos On KeyLos Plus KeyLos Up Kh12F1 Kh12VM KmTBCr13 KmTBCr15Mo2-DT KmTBCr15Mo2-GT KmTBCr15Mo2-dt KmTBCr20MO2Cu1 KmTBCr20Mo2 KmTBCr20Mo2Cu1 KmTBCr26 KmTBCr2Mo1Cu1 KmTBCr9Ni5Si2 KmTBMn5W3 KmTBNi4Cr2-DT KmTBNi4Cr2-GT KmTBW5Cr4 Ko8242 Kobalt 10 spezial Kobalt 15 Kobalt 18 Kobalt 3 Kobalt 5 Kobalt 5 W Konstantan Krupp Kuhn 1.2378 Kuhn 1.3967 Kuhn 1.4011 Kuhn 1.4136 Kuhn 1.4412 Kuhn 1.4437 Kuhn 1.4500 Kuhn 1.4540 Kuhn 1.4822 Kuhn 1.4855 Kuhn 1.4859 Kuhn 2.4778 Kuhn 2.4779 Kuhn 2.4879 Kunial L 2260 L 2300 L 2310 L 2330 L 2390 L 2420 L 2700 L 2703 L+S 0.9645 L-100 L-200 L-2051 L-2110 L-2130 L-2140 L-2150 L-2310 L-2331 L-2332 L-2341 L-2520 L-2521 L-2530 L-2550 L-2551 L-2560 L-2561 L-2562 L-2570 L-2571 L-2610 L-2620 L-2630 L-2640 L-2651 L-2653 L-2710 L-2910 L-300 L-3001 L-3002 L-3051 L-3052 L-3071 L-3081 L-3120 L-3121 L-3122 L-3130 L-3140 Al-4Cu1Mg L-3160 L-3171 L-3180 L-3191 L-3192 L-3320 Al-5Mg L-3321 L-3322 Al-4Mg L-3350 L-3360 Al-2,5Mg L-3361 L-3380 L-3390 L-3391 L-3392 L-3394 L-3420 L-3431 L-3441 L-3442 L-3451 L-3452 L-3453 L-3454 L-3541 L-3710 L-3741 L-3751 L-3810 L-3811 L-3820 L-605 L-7001 L-7002 L-7004 L-7301 L-80-13Cr L-80-9Cr L-Ag12 L-Ag12Cd L-Ag15P L-Ag18P L-Ag20 L-Ag20Cd L-Ag25 L-Ag25Cd L-Ag25Sn L-Ag27 L-Ag2P L-Ag30 L-Ag30Cd L-Ag30Sn L-Ag34Cd L-Ag34Sn L-Ag40Cd L-Ag40Sn L-Ag42Cd L-Ag44 L-Ag45Cd L-Ag45Sn L-Ag49 L-Ag5 L-Ag50Cd L-Ag50CdNi L-Ag55Sn L-Ag56InNi L-Ag5P L-Ag60 L-Ag60Sn L-Ag64 L-Ag67 L-Ag67Cd L-Ag72 L-Ag75 L-Ag83 L-Ag85 L-AlSi12 L-AlSi13 L-CdAg5 L-CdZn20 L-CdZnAg10 L-CdZnAg2 L-CdZnAg5 L-Cu L-CuNi10Zn42 L-CuP6 L-CuP7 L-CuP8 L-CuSn12 L-CuSn6 L-CuSnP7 L-CuZn39Sn L-CuZn40 L-CuZn40Si L-CuZn46 L-CuZnNi10 L-Ms42 L-Ms54 L-Ms60 L-NC20.3 L-NSC20-5-3 L-Ni1 L-Ni1a L-Ni2 L-Ni3 L-Ni4 L-Ni5 L-Ni6 L-Ni7 L-NiCr20.3 L-NiCr30-3 L-NiCr30.3 L-NiCuCr15-6-3 L-NiMn13 7 L-NiSiCr20-5-3 L-Ns L-PbAg2Sn2 L-PbAg3 L-PbAg5 L-PbSn10 L-PbSn12Sb L-PbSn2 L-PbSn20Sb L-PbSn20Sb3 L-PbSn25Sb L-PbSn30 L-PbSn30Sb L-PbSn35 L-PbSn35Sb L-PbSn40 L-PbSn40Sb L-PbSn5 L-PbSn8 L-SCu L-SFCu L-Sn50Pb L-Sn50PbAg L-Sn50PbCu L-Sn50PbP L-Sn50PbSb L-Sn60Pb L-Sn60PbAg L-Sn60PbCu L-Sn60PbCu2 L-Sn60PbCuP L-Sn60PbP L-Sn63Pb L-Sn63PbAg L-Sn63PbP L-Sn70Pb L-Sn80 L-Sn80Pb L-Sn89 L-Sn90Pb L-SnAg3 L-SnAg5 L-SnBz6 L-SnCu3 L-SnPbCd18 L-SnSb5 L-SoMs L-ZnCu42 L.C.N-155 L.K 5 L.NC20-2 L.NC30-3 L.NM13-7 L.NSC30-5-5 L.NUC15-6-2 L.NUC15-6-3 L.NiCr20-2 L.NiCuCr15-6-2 L.NiMn13-7 L.NiSiCr30-5-5 L004 L022 L05070 L05090 L05120 L05153 L05180 L05237 L0605 L07 L08 L080A L09 L090 L0H12N4M L1 L10 L102 L103 L104 L105 L108 L109 L10As L11 L11/ANC22A L11/ANC22B L11/ANC22C L110 L111 L112 L113 L114 L115 L116 L117 L118 L119 L12 L120G13 L120G13H L121 L12150 L122 L124 L125 L126 L127 L128 L13 L135 VMR L13630 L13650 L13820 L13840 L13870 L13890 L13910 L13950 L13965 L13967 L13969 L14 L15 L150 L151 L152 L153 L154 L155 L156 L157 L158 L159 L15HMF L16 L160 L161 L162 L163 L164 L165 L166 L167 L168 L169 L16M L17 L170 L171 L172 L173 L174 L17HM L17HMF L18 L18H2M L18HM L19 L1A L1B L2 L20 L200 L20158 L20166 L20G L20HM L20M L21 L210 L210GA L214 L21HMF L22 L235GA L245 L245GA L245MB L245NB L25 L25HM L25N19S2 L263 L276 L290GA L290MB L290NB L2A L2B L3 L301 L302 L303 L306 VMR L307 L308 L309 L30GS L311 L312 VMR L314 L315 VMR L317 L318 L319 L321 L322 L323 VMR L324 L325GA L326 VMR L327 L328 L329 L330 L331 L333 L334 VMR L335 L34 L35H17N2M L35HGS L35HM L35HNM L36 L360GA L360MB L360NB L360QB L37 L38 L39 L3A L4 L40 L400-I L400-II L40H L40HF L40HM L415MB L415NB L415QB L43 L44 L450-I L450-II L450MB L450QB L45G L45HN2MF L47 L48 L485MB L485QB L49 L4A L4B L5 L5-1 L5-B1 L500-I L500-II L50042 L50050 L501 L50113 L50131 L50132 L50134 L50172 L50180 L503 L504 L505 L506 L508 L509 L50G2 L51 L51 casting L51121 L51180 L512 L513 L514 L514.0 L514.2 L515 L51510 L52 L52350 L531 L53105 L53131 L53340 L53346 L53560 L53565 L53585 L53620 L54 L54250 L54320 L54321 L54370 L54510 L54520 L54525 L54555 L54610 L54710 L54711 L54815 L54820 L54821 L54822 L54905 L54915 L54940 L54950 L55030 L55031 L555MB L555QB L56 L58 L59 L5A-2 L5B L5B-1 L5B-2 L5C L5D L5E L5F L5G L5H L6 L60 L600-I L600-II L61 L617 L62 L625 L63 L64 L65 L650-I L65HMN L67 L68 L69 L6A L6A-2 L7 L70 L70H2GNM L71 L718 L72 L73 L76 L77 L78 L7A L7B L7C L80 L80 13 Cr L81 L82 L83 L85 L86 L87 L88 L89 L8S L90 L901 L91 L93 L95 L96 L97 L98 L99 LA LA 0570 LA 2162 LA 2379 LA 261 LA 2738 LA 2767 LA 300 LA 400 LA141A LA2311 LA2842 LA300 LA7225/42CD4T LA77-2 LA88 LA91 LA91A LAB 72-1 LAB 75 LAB75 LAB75-1 LABELLE 2-70 LABELLE HEAT TREAT LABELLE HT LABELLE SILICON#2 LABOR Pb LAC 4180 LAC 4181 LAC 4184 LAC 4185 LAC 4189 LAC 4190 LAC 4191 LAC 4246 LAC 4350 LAC 4395 LAC 4396 LAC 4951 LAC 4954 LAC 4956 LAC 5385 LAC 5656 LAC 5675 LAC 5679 LAC 5680 LAC 5763 LAC 5774 LAC 5776 LAC 5778 LAC 5780 LAC 5782 LAC 5784 LAC 5786 LAC 5789 LAC 5794 LAC 5796 LAC 5798 LAC 5801 LAC 5804 LAC 5823 LAC 5824 LAC 5828 LAC 5829 LAC 5832 LAC 5838 LAC 5840 LAC 5872 LAC 6458 LAC 6461 LAC A105 LAC A106 LAC M107 LAC N100 LAC S104 LAC04 LAC08 LACOMO LADISH D-6-A LAF LAF M4 LAFILI LA/S4U LAFM4 LAG296 LAITON LAITON 1er TITRE LAITON 20 LAITON 2eme TITRE LAITON 5 LAITON 60/40 LAITON A L'ALUMINIUM LAITON A L'ALUMINIUM MOULE LAITON A L'ARSENIC LAITON A L'ARSENIC MOULE LAITON A L'ETAIN LAITON A L'ETAIN MOULE LAITON ALUMINIUM MOULE LAITON AMIRAUTE LAITON AMIRAUTE ANTIMOINE LAITON AMIRAUTE ANTIMONIEUX LAITON AMIRAUTE PHOSPHORE LAITON AMIRAUTE PHOSPHOREUX LAITON ARCHITECTURAL LAITON ARTILLERIE LAITON AU MANGANESE LAITON AU MANGANESE MOULE LAITON AU PLOMB LAITON AU PLOMB FORGE LAITON AU PLOMB MOULE LAITON AU PLOMB-ARSENIC LAITON AU PLOMB-ETAIN LAITON AU SILICIUM LAITON AU SILICIUM LINGOT LAITON AU SILICIUM MOULE LAITON BINAIRE LAITON COMPLEXE LAITON COMPLEXE MOULE LAITON COMPLEXE POUR TUBE LAITON DE DECOLLETAGE LAITON DE JOAILLERIE LAITON DE PLOMBERIE LAITON DEFORMATION A FROID LAITON ETAIN-FER LAITON ETAIN-PLOMB LAITON ETAIN-PLOMB MOULE LAITON H.R MOULE LAITON HAUTE CONDUCTIVITE LAITON HAUTE RESISTANCE LAITON HR LAITON HR MOULE LAITON HR SPECIAL LAITON LINGOT LAITON MANGANESE-ALUMINIUM LAITON MANGANESE-SILICIUM LAITON MARINE MOULE LAITON MOULE LAITON MOULE EN MATRICE LAITON NAVAL LAITON NAVAL A L'ARSENIC LAITON NAVAL AU PLOMB LAITON NAVAL MOULE LAITON POUR CONDENSEUR LAITON POUR ECHANGEURS LAITON POUR EMBOUTISSAGE LAITON POUR FORGEAGE LAITON POUR GRAVAGE LAITON POUR PROFILE MINCE LAITON POUR PROFILES LAITON POUR PROFILS LAITON SPECIAL LAITON SPECIAL AU PLOMB LAITON SPECIAL MOULE LAITON SPECIAL SANS PLOMB LAITON TOMBAC LAITON TOMBAC 1er TITRE LAITON TOMBAC POUR EMAILLAGE LAITON-ALUMINIUM-ETAIN LAJOINIE 100C6 LAJOINIE 101 LAJOINIE 15CDV6 LAJOINIE 20M6 LAJOINIE 25CD4 LAJOINIE 290 LAJOINIE 309 LAJOINIE 30NCD8 LAJOINIE 310 LAJOINIE 330 LAJOINIE 35CD4 LAJOINIE 35NC6 LAJOINIE 436 LAJOINIE 506 LAJOINIE 519 LAJOINIE 528 LAJOINIE 536 LAJOINIE 540 LAJOINIE 545 LAJOINIE 550 LAJOINIE 570 LAJOINIE 749 LAJOINIE 753 LAJOINIE XC42 LAMINIUM+ 5005 LAMINIUM+ 5754 LAN59-3-2 LANARK LANCASTER BNi-4 LANCASTER ERTi-12 LANCASTER ERTi-7 LANCASTER ERTi-9 LANGALLOY 400 LANGALLOY 5R LANGALLOY 6R LANGALLOY 7R LANGALLOY K-500 LANOX LAP LAPELLOY LAPELLOY C LARIANA 34Cr4 LARIANA 37Cr4 LARIANA C10 LARIANA C15 LARIANA CB20FF LARIANA CB4FF LAS 904-002-010 LASER 250C LASER 355MC LASER 420MC LAT 1-9042 LAT 1.9043 LAT08 LAT82 LAW11 LAZ60-1-1 LAZ933 LAg 600W LAg 670M LB-52NS LB-62 LB0160-131 LB0170-122 LB1 LB1-C LB10 LB15 LB2 LB2+Ni2 LB2-C/CC495K LB20 LB25 LB3 LB4 LB4-C LB5 LB5-C LB55 LB66 LB68 LBA3 LBB 80 LBB 85 LBB80 LBB82 LBB85 LBC2 LBC3 LBC4 LBC4C LBC5 LBCIn4 LBU LC 1 LC 1 C LC 120 LC 13/14 LC 160 LC 5 LC 50 LC 6 LC-05-1190 LC-NICKEL 99,6 LC-NICKEL 99.2 LC-NICORROS LC-Ni LC-Ni99,6 LC-NiCu30Fe LC-Nickel 99.2 LC-Nickel 99.6 LC-SILVERIN 400 LC-Spezial LC-alloy 400 LC.Ni99 LC.Ni99 tube LC.NiCr15Fe LC0 LC1 LC10 LC2 LC2-1 LC3 LC4 LC6 LC7 LC8 LC9 LCA LCB LCC LCCW LCN 35 E LCN 45 LCN Extra LCR 570 LCST LCU1 LCU4 LCU7 LD10 LD11 LD2 LD2-2 LD30 LD31 LD5 LD7 LD7-1 LD8 LD9 LDC CW625N LDC CW626N LDH LDH3 special LDHD LDHN LDHT LDM 3920 LDM C485 LDM CZ12 LDX 2101 LDX 2404 LEADED MANGANESE LEAN DUPLEX 2101 LEAN NITRONIC19D LEDA LEDLOY 8620 LEDLOY A LEEDS PB3 LEGIERUNG 30 LEGIERUNG 60 LEHIGH-L LES46Zn LES58Zn LES60 LES64 LES67 LES67Cd LES75 LES83 LES8P LESCALLOY 4335+V LESCALLOY UT-18 LESCO 19 LESCO 43 LESCO 53 VIM-VAR LESCO A6 LESCO O7 LESCOWEAR LESSSn12Sb LESSSn20Sb LESSSn35Sb LESSn50Ag LESSn63Ag LF LF1 LF16 LF2 LF21 LF3 LF4 LF5 LF5-1 LF787 LF844 LF9 LFB LFD LFN LG1 LG1-C LG2 LG2-C LG3 LG4 LG4-C LG4-C/CC492K LG5 LH LH-D80 SRP LH14 LH14N LH15 LH15SG LH18N10M2 LH18N9 LH18N9T LH18S2 LH23N18 LH26 LH26N4S2 LH29S2G LH6 LH9 LHX LIMAROSTA 312 LINBRAZE AGS1,4Pb LINBRAZE AGS5 LINBRAZE EC34Sn LITHOBRAZE 720 LITHOBRAZE 925 LK3 LK80-3 LLOYDS T30 LLOYDS T46 LLOYDS T47 LLOYDS T47P LLOYDS T48 LLOYDS T50 LLOYDS T52 LLOYDS T63W LLOYDS T64 LLOYDS T64MA LLOYDS T85 LM 5716-15 LM 5716-20 LM THERMIT LM0 LM0-M LM1 LM10 LM10A LM11 LM12 LM13 LM13-TF LM14 LM15 LM16 LM16-TB LM16-TF LM18 LM18-M LM2 LM20 LM20-M LM21 LM21-M LM22 LM22-TB LM23 LM24 LM24-M LM25 LM26 LM27 LM28 LM29 LM29-TE LM29-TF LM3 LM30 LM31 LM4 LM5 LM6 LM7 LM8 LM9 LMM low carbon LMO LMS 200 LMS125 LMSKR LMc58-2 LMcA57-3-1 LN LNC LNCR LND LNGI LNGII LNGIII LNGIV LNM 25 LNM CuSn LNM Ni1 LNM NiCro31/27 LNM NiFe LNT 12 LNT 25 LNT 26 LNT 28 LNT 304LSi LNT 309LHF LNT 309LSi LNT 310 LNT 316L LNT 316LSi LNT 502 LNT AlMg4,5Mn LNT AlMg5 LNT AlSi12 LNT AlSi5 LNT CuSi3 LNT Ni2.5 LNT NiCro60/20 LNT NiCroMo 59/23 LNT NiTi LO-K 2542 LO-K 2833 LO-K1545 LO-K1730 LO-K2067 LO-K2080 LO-K2201 LO-K2235 LO-K2241 LO-K2357 LO-K2363 LO-K2379 LO-K2395 LO-K2419 LO-K2436 LO-K2510 LO-K2519 LO-K2550 LO-K2601 LO-K2690 LO-K2695 LO-K2709 LO-K2721 LO-K2767 LO-K2842 LO-QPM 23 LO-QPM 2380 LO-QPM 30 LO-QPM 9,75 LO-QPM A11 LO-QPM M4 LO-QPM M48 LO-QPM T15 LO-QPM23 LO-R4034 LO-R4112 LO-R4122 LO-R4125 LO-R4153 LO-R4528 LO-S 3247 LO-S 3346 LO-S 3348 LO-S2369 LO-S2895 LO-S3202 LO-S3207 LO-S3243 LO-S3245 LO-S3255 LO-S3265 LO-S3302 LO-S3333 LO-S3342 LO-S3343 LO-S3344 LO-S3355 LO-W2006 LO-W2343SFS LO-W2344SFS LO-W2365 LO-W2367SFS LO-W2581 LO-W2714 LO-W2885 LO-W2888 LO44 LO60-1 LO62-1 LO67 LO70-1 LO90-1 LOBRODUR 18 LOCKALLOY LOH13 LOH17N8G LOK 2018 LONMET 45 LONMET 55 LOP LOSIL 200 LOSTA LOW CARBON STEEL LOW EXPANSION 39 LOW EXPANSION 42 LOW EXPANSION 43PH LOW EXPANSION 45 LOW EXPANSION 49 LOZIL 400 LPB1 LPD LRK LS LS 120 S LS-63 LS12 LS141 LS141A LS141A casting LS25 LS45 AgCu30Zn25 LS50 LS59-1 LS63-2 LS63-3 LS64-2 LS70 LS72 LSD LSH LSI00 LSM22 LSM24 LSM27 LSS 2367 LSS 410 SS LSS 440C LSS A2 LSS A6 LSS A9 LSS CHIPPER KNIFE LSS D2 LSS D3 LSS D5 LSS D7 LSS H10 LSS H11 LSS H12 LSS HW-108 LSS L6 LSS MGR LSS MP159 LSS O1 LSS S1 LSS S5 LSS S7 LSt45.8 LStE355 LStE36 LT LT 26 LT1 LT17 LT2 LT3Av LT58Al1Fe1Mn1 LT64Al6Fe3Mn4 LT65 LT98 LTB-1 LTB-10 LTB-19 LTB-20 LTB-21 LTB-22 LTB-24 LTB-25 LTB-26 LTB-8a LTB1 LTB1a LTB2 LTB3 LTB4 LTB5 LTB6 LTB7 LUBALLOY X LUBALOY LUBRONZE LUCAS CDA110 LUGAND 2099 LUMDIE LUVATA C50715 LUVATA C50725 LUVATA C6643 LUVATA CAC5 LVC 50 LW 1.1654 LW 1.4014 LW 1.4544 LW 1.5815 LW 1.6657 LW 1.6746 LW 1.6747 LW 1.7734 LW 3.6254 LW SUPERIMPHY 286 LW-1.4044 LW12 LW13 LW14 LW15 LW16 LW17 LW18 LWBC304S22 LWBC304S25 LWBC316S24 LWBC316S25 LWBC316S30 LWBC347S17 LWCF13 LWCF14 LWCF15 LWCF16 LWCF17 LWCF18 LWCF304S22 LWCF304S25 LWCF316S24 LWCF316S29 LWCF316S30 LWCF347S17 LWHT304S22 LWHT304S25 LWHT316S24 LWHT316S25 LWHT316S29 LWHT316S30 LWHT347S17 LXM4 LXM5 LY1 LY10 LY11 LY12 LY16 LY16-1 LY17 LY8 LYMALLOY LZ145A LZ145A casting Laiton 1er titre Laiton 205 Latrobe MP35N Leaded 80-20 brass Leaded G bronze Leaded Navy G Leaded gear bronze Leaded gunmetal Leaded muntz metal Leaded naval brass Leaded red brass Lean Duplex 2003 Lean Duplex 2101 Lean Duplex 2304 Led108 Ledloy T1018 Lescalloy 16NCD13 Lescalloy 300M Lescalloy 35NCD16 Lescalloy 410Cb Lescalloy 4330+V Lescalloy 4340VAC Lescalloy 52100 Lescalloy 9310 Lescalloy BG42 Lescalloy D6AC VAC Lescalloy HY-180 Lg-Sn80 LgPbSn9Cd LgSn85CuNi LgSn89 Lincolnweld L-60 Lkey 375 Lonmet 55 Looser 72 Looser 78 Looser 85 Looser BRONZE 50 Looser Caro Bronze Looser CuCo2Be Looser CuCrZr Low Carbon Low carbon 080A15 Low fuming bronze Low silicon bronze B Low-Carbon-Steel-Tube Lucefin 1.6580 Lucefin 10SPb20 Lucefin 16NiCr11 Lucefin 30NiCrMo12 Lucefin 34NiCrMo16 Lucefin 35NiCrMo15 Lucefin 36SMn14 Lucefin 39NiCrMo3 Lucefin 52SiCrNi5 Lucefin 58SiMo8KU Lucefin SAE1018 Lucefin SAE1045 Lucefin SAE1116 Lucefin SAE1117 Lucefin SAE1141 M 3603 M LEGO D7 M VCL135 M VCL140 M-252 M-35 M-35-B M-4 M-400 M-4019 M-50 NIL M-64 M-8663 M-CHROME M-CuZn35Al M-K500 M-M M-Number 34 M-Number 35 M-Z19.12.2LSi M-Z19.12.2NbSi M-Z19.9LSi M-Z23.12L M-Z25.20 M.E.P M.M.R 1 M.U.V M.Z18-8Mn M00 M002CC M002DS M01 M0100 M05 M058 M058B M059 M062 M063 M0B M0b M1 M10 M10 high C M10 high carbon M10 regular C M100 M10030 M1008 M1010 M10100 M10101 M10102 M1012 M1015 M1017 M1020 M1023 M1025 M1030 M1031 M10410 M10411 M10412 M10413 M1044 M10500 M10501 M10512 M10600 M10601 M10602 M10603 M10800 M10900 M11 M11100 M11101 M11125 M11210 M11310 M11311 M11311 f.metal M11312 M11313 M11610 M11611 M11630 M11631 M11632 M11634 M11636 M11800 M11810 M11810 PM cast M11811 M11900 M11910 M11912 M11913 M11914 M11915 M11916 M11917 M11918 M11919 M11920 M11921 M11922 M12 M120 M12300 M12310 M12330 M12331 M12410 M130 M13210 M13310 M13310 casting M13310 f.metal M13311 M13312 M13320 M13320 f.metal M13321 M13N M13NTT M14 M14141 M14142 M14142 casting M14145 M14145 casting M14S M15 M150 M15100 M15101 M15102 M152 M160 M16100 M16210 M16331 M16331 ingot M16400 M16410 M16411 M16510 M16511 M16600 M16601 M16610 M16611 M16620 M16621 M16630 M16630 f.metal M16631 M16710 M16710 f.m M16N M16NTT M18 M18010 M18011 M18210 M18220 M18220 f.metal M18221 M18330 M18410 M18410 cast M18410 ingot M18430 M18431 M18432 M18433 M18540 M19001 M19980 M19981 M19990 M19995 M19998 M1A M1B M1C M1E M1P M1R M1f M2 M2 ALLOY M2 EUR M2 HC M2 casting M2 high carbon M2 mod. M2+S M20 M200 M201 M21 M21Z M220C M238 M25 M250 M250-35A M25S M25W M261 EXTRA M27 M27200 M28 M2A-8 M2G M2M M3 cl2 M3 class1 M3 class2 M3 class2 +Co M3 type1 M3 type2 M3 typeI M3 typeII M3-1 M3-2 M30 M300 M30C M30H M30NW M31 M310 ISOPLAST M314 EXTRA M315 M32 M3210 M33 M330-35A M330-50A M333 ISOPLAST M34 M35 M35-1 M35-1/N24135 M35-2 M35-2/N04020 M3504D M35A M35W M36 M3610 D M3612H M38 M390 M4 M4 HC M4 high carbon M4 high carbon +S M4 high carbon mod. M4 high sulfur mod. M41 M41A M42 M42A M43 M44 M45 M46 M46A M47 M470-50A M48 M5 M50 M50 mod. M51S M52 M530-50A M530-65A M54 M57 M57S M6 M60 M600-50A M600-65A M61 M62 M63 M64BC M65 M67 M7 M7 + nitrogen M70 M700-50A M700-65A M75 M7A M7N M8 M80 M800-50A M800-65A M85 M90 M95 M9V M9V3 MA MA 3 MA 350 MA-B MA-B2 MA-G MA-G tube MA-Rekord MA-Supra MA1 MA14 MA2 MA20Nb3 MA25 MA276 MA29 MA3 MA30 MA3377 MA350 MA3574 MA3M MA4 MA5MV MA6000 MA62 MA625 MA64 MA754 MA758 MA760 MA77 MA8 steel MA80A MA825 MA84 MA956 alloy MAC 302C25 MAC 303 Se MAC 304C15 MAC 316C12 MAC 316C16 MAC 316Se MAC 318C17 MAC 416Se MAC 416Se/416S41 MAC AW1 MAC B1 MAC P20 MAC SG2 MAC SG7 MAC25SH MAC4028 MAC4057 MAC431Se MAC4441 MAC4472 MAC64BC MACH 17-12-2-2 MACH 17-12-3 MACH 17.12Mo2.2 MACH 18-10 MACNIFREE MACONEL MACROFER 2515MoN MACROSIL MAFERITE 25N2 MAFERITE 28N MAG-E-101 MAG-E-111 MAG-E-121 MAG-E-131 MAG-E-141 MAG-E-151 MAG-E-161 MAG-F-121 MAG-F-131 MAG-F-151 MAG-S-101 MAG-S-111 MAG-S-131 MAG-S-141 MAG-S-151 MAG1 MAG12 MAG12 ingot MAG13 MAG14 MAG2 MAG3 MAG4 MAG5 MAG6 MAG7 MAG8 MAG9 MAGIVAL MG1 MAGIVAL MG2 MAGIVAL MG3 MAGIVAL MG4 MAGIVAL MGT MAGNAL 10 MAGNAL 15 MAGNAL 20 MAGNAL 25 MAGNAL 29 MAGNAL 35 MAGNAL 40 MAGNAL 50 MAGNAL-30 MAGNAL-45 MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM CORROYE ALLIE MAGNESIUM PUR MAGNESIUM PUR 99.90% MAGNESIUM PUR 99.95% MAGNESIUM PUR LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ALUMINIUM MAGNESIUM-ALUMINIUM LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ALUMINIUM MOULE MAGNESIUM-ALUMINIUM-CALCIUM MAGNESIUM-ALUMINIUM-ZINC MAGNESIUM-ARGENT-THORIUM MAGNESIUM-ARGENT-TR MOULE MAGNESIUM-Ag-RE-Zr LINGOT MAGNESIUM-Ag-RE-Zr MOULE MAGNESIUM-CERIUM MOULE MAGNESIUM-LITHIUM MAGNESIUM-LITHIUM MOULE MAGNESIUM-LITHIUM-ALUMINIUM MAGNESIUM-MANGANESE MAGNESIUM-MANGANESE CORROYE MAGNESIUM-MANGANESE LINGOT MAGNESIUM-NEODYME-GADOLINIUM MAGNESIUM-RE-ZINC-Zr LINGOT MAGNESIUM-RE-Zn-Zr MOULE MAGNESIUM-SILICIUM MAGNESIUM-TERRE RARE MAGNESIUM-TERRE RARE MOULE MAGNESIUM-TERRE RARE-Zr MAGNESIUM-THORIUM MAGNESIUM-THORIUM MOULE MAGNESIUM-THORIUM-MANGANESE MAGNESIUM-THORIUM-ZINC-Zr MAGNESIUM-THORIUM-ZIRCONIUM MAGNESIUM-THORIUM-Zn LINGOT MAGNESIUM-THORIUM-Zn MOULE MAGNESIUM-YTTRIUM MOULE MAGNESIUM-YTTRIUM-Nd MAGNESIUM-YTTRIUM-Nd-RE MAGNESIUM-YTTRIUM-RE LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ZINC MAGNESIUM-ZINC LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ZINC MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-ARGENT MAGNESIUM-ZINC-CUIVRE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-CUIVRE LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ZINC-CUIVRE MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-MANGANESE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-Mn MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-RE-Zr LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ZINC-RE-Zr MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-Th MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-Th-Zr LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ZINC-Th-Zr MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZINC-ZIRCONIUM MAGNESIUM-ZINC-Zr LINGOT MAGNESIUM-ZINC-Zr MOULE MAGNESIUM-ZIRCONIUM MOULE MAGNESIUM-Zn-RE-Zr LINGOT MAGNESIUM-Zn-RE-Zr MOULE MAGNIFER 36K MD1 MAGNIFER 36K MD1a MAGNIFER 36W MD3 MAGNIFER 36W MD5 MAGNIFER 36W MH24 MAGNIFER 4008 MAGNIFER 50 MAGNIFER 53 MAGNIFER 75 MAGNIFER 7754 MAGNIFER 7904 MAGNIFER 7904hMo MAGNIFER 7904nMo MAGNIFER 8105 MAGNIFER 8105So MAGNO MAGYARMET 1.4828 MAHER NES780 MAILEX 25/12-15 MAILLECHORT MAILLECHORT AU PLOMB MAILLECHORT DE DECOLLETAGE MAILLECHORT MOULE MAK MALLORY 00 MALLORY 100 MALLORY 1000 MALLORY 100M MALLORY 100W MALLORY 10W3 MALLORY 1925 MALLORY 1W3 MALLORY 20K3 MALLORY 20S MALLORY 20W3 MALLORY 30 MALLORY 3000 MALLORY 30W3 MALLORY 328 MALLORY 35S MALLORY 3W3 MALLORY 50S MALLORY 55 MALLORY 5W3 MALLORY 73 MALLORY G12 MALLORY G13 MALLORY G14 MALLOY MAM/N02-MAS/62A MAM4131 MAM4141 MAM4208 MAM4209 MAM4247 MAM4427 MAM4778 MAM5401 MAM5536 MAM5598 MAM5599 MAM5706 MAM5822 MAM5914 MAM6304 MAM6415 MANAURE 1 MANAURE 2 MANAURITE 10 MANAURITE 12 MANAURITE 15 MANAURITE 20 MANAURITE 24/24Nb MANAURITE 25-35W MANAURITE 30-20 MANAURITE 35 MANAURITE 35-25W MANAURITE 35K MANAURITE 36X MANAURITE 38 MANAURITE 40X MANAURITE 50-50Nb MANAURITE 5050 MANAURITE 50W MANAURITE 50WK MANAURITE 60 MANAURITE 65 MANAURITE 75 MANAURITE 8 MANAURITE 800 MANAURITE 900 MANAURITE 900B MANAURITE XA MANAURITE XM MANAURITE XO MANAURITE XOR MANAURITE XT MANAURITE XTM MANAURITE XTM low C MANBRO MANGAN/6901 MANGANESE-NICKEL-FER MANGANIN MANGANIN 130 MANGANO MANGJET MANIFLEX-FM MANIFLEX-II MANOFORT 160 MANOFORT 180 MANOIR NIHARD4 MANOIR Z5CN12-01 MANOUTIL 1 MANOUTIL 6 MAR 250 MAR 300 MAR 350 MAR-M002 MAR-M004 MAR-M200 MAR-M246 MAR-M247 MAR-M247 Low Carbon MAR-M247 mod. MAR-M247LC MAR-M302 MAR-M322 MAR-M421 MAR-M432 MAR-M509 MAR-M905 MAR-M918 MAR300 MARAGE 200 MARAGE 250 MARAGE 300 MARAGE 350 MARAGING 250 MARAGING C350 MARINE BABBITT MARINEL + MARINEL 220 MARINOX 16 MARINOX 17 MARINOX 19 MARINOX 20 MARINOX 21 MARINOX 22 MARINOX 25 MARKER 3952 MARKER 3964 MARKER 3974 MARKER 3980 MARKER 4112 MARKER 4320 MARKER 4565 MARKER 4828 MARKER 4903 MARKER 4913 MARS240 MARVAC 250 MARVAC 300 MARVAC 350 MARVAL 13X MARVAL 18 MARVAL 18H MARVAL M1 MARVAL X12 MARVAL X12H MAS MAST 18Ni-250 MAST 18Ni-300 MAST 18Ni-350 MASTERCRAT MAT MAT 102 MAT 122 MAT 135 MAT 137 MAT 154 MAT 155 MAT 156 MAT 2001 MAT 2007 MAT 2014 MAT 2020 MAT 2032 MAT 226 MAT 238 MAT 248 MAT 2512 MAT 2513 MAT 2516 MAT 2517 MAT 2518 MAT 252 MAT 266 MAT21 MATERIAU DE SCELLEMENT MATRIX 2 MATRIX II MATTHEY IC431 MATTIBRAZE 34 MAURI 11SMn37 MAURI 11SMnPb37 MAURI 40CrV4 MAURI C25 MAUSTINOX A MAUSTINOX AS MAUSTINOX ATBC MAUSTINOX B MAUSTINOX BND MAUSTINOX BS MAUSTINOX BT MAUSTINOX BTBC MAUSTINOX C MAUSTINOX XD MAUSTINOX YD MAUSTINOX YN MAX 18 MAX 22 MAX 251 MAX 251C MAX 400 MAXEL 2000 MAXEL 3-1/2 MAXEL2000 MAXEX42 MAXIMUM MO MAXITE MAXIVAL 304 MAXIVAL 304L MAXIVAL 316L MAXORB MAXSP MAXSP45 MAXSP55 MAXSP55M MAXSP75D MAXSP75MO MAXSPGEX MAXSPMO5 MAXSPMO5H MAXSPMO5S MAXXALOY structure MAXXALOY ultra MAXXALOY-59 MAZAK 8 MAZEMAN MB05 MB1 MB10 MB15 MB2 MB20 MB21140 MB25 MB28 MB3 MB30 MB32110 MB33 MB340-5 MB35110 MB36 MB37 MB38 MB4 MB400-5 MB40020 MB4004 MB5 MB6 MB6-H112 MB6-T5 MB65120 MB7 MB80 MB80P MB83 MB85 MB90 MB95310 MBF 15 MBF 50 MBF 51 MBF 55 MBF 60 MBF 80 MBMgAl6Zn1 MBMgMn2 MBMgZn4RE1Zr MBMgZn6Cu3Mn MBS-26 MC MC 110 M MC 13 E MC 212 M MC-21110 MC-MgAl8Zn1 MC-NG MC-NG 544 MC1 MC10 MC100 MC2 MC21120 MC2A MC2B MC3 MC32110 MC35110 MC4 MC5 MC6 MC608 MC62 MC7 MC70 MC8 MC9 MCI9 MCL 3 MCL 4 MCL S MCM MCM E MCM23 MCMN MCMS MCMgAl7Mn MCMgZn4RE1Zr MCMgZn6Cu3Mn MCW14 MCWV MD series MD05 MD13 MD15 MD1A MD1B MD1D MD20 MD2B MD30 MD33 MD36 MDC MDC1A MDC1D MDC2A MDC2B MDC3A MDC4 MDN 174 MDN 250 MDN 904L MDS D46 rev1 MDS D56 rev2 MDS N02 rev.1 MDS R16 rev1 MDS Y01 rev1 MDS Y02 MDS Y03 MDS-D56 MDS-T02 MEB MEBG MECAMAX 303 MECAMAX 304L MECAMAX 316L MED. TENSILE MEDIUM CARBON STEEL MEEHANITE GA350 MEEHANITE GB300 MEEHANITE GD250 MEEHANITE GE200 MEEHANITE GF150 MEEHANITE GM400 MEEHANITE K-295 MEEHANITE K-325 MEEHANITE K-405 MEEHANITE SF400 MEEHANITE SFF350 MEEHANITE SFF400 MEEHANITE SH1000 MEEHANITE SH800 MEEHANITE SP700 MEEHANITE SPF500 MEEHANITE SPF600 MEK3 MEK4 MEL RR50 MELLON XMDR-2 MELRAM 072 MELRAM 072TS MELTOLIT #1 MELTOLIT #2 MELTOLIT #850 MELTOLIT 15 MELTOLIT 18P MELTOLIT 20 MELTOLIT 20Cd MELTOLIT 25Sn MELTOLIT 2P MELTOLIT 30Cd MELTOLIT 30Sn MELTOLIT 34Sn MELTOLIT 40Cd MELTOLIT 40Sn MELTOLIT 44 MELTOLIT 45Sn MELTOLIT 49 MELTOLIT 5 MELTOLIT 50/50 MELTOLIT 50CdNi MELTOLIT 55Sn MELTOLIT 56In MELTOLIT 56Sn MELTOLIT 5P MELTOLIT 60/40 MELTOLIT 600 MELTOLIT 63/37 MELTOLIT 720 MELTOLIT 85Mn MELTOLIT 8812 MELTOLIT 900C MELTOLIT 99,9 MELTOLIT AlMn MELTOLIT AlSi12 MELTOLIT AlSi5 MELTOLIT Co21 MELTOLIT CuNi10Fe MELTOLIT CuNi30 MELTOLIT CuSn6 MELTOLIT G4 MELTOLIT GII MELTOLIT P30 95/5 MELTOLIT SCP1 MELTOLIT SCP2 MELTOLIT SCP3 MELTOLIT SG3 MELTOLIT SGCrMo1 MELTOLIT SGCrMo2 MELTOLIT SGCrMo5 MELTOLIT SGCrMo9 MELTOLIT SGMo MELTOLIT SMP1 MELTOLIT TITANgr1 MEM PB MEM PC1 MEM PC2 MEN PD MENZICAL 003 MENZIKEN 1500 MENZIKEN 1510 MENZIKEN 2102 MENZIKEN 2118 MENZIKEN 2152 MENZIKEN 2500 MENZIKEN 2662 MENZIKEN 3100 MENZIKEN 5253 MENZIKEN 5300 MENZIKEN 5412 MENZIKEN 5462 MENZIKEN 6041 MENZIKEN 6043 MENZIKEN 6050 MENZIKEN 6062 MENZIKEN 6082 MENZIKEN 6100 MENZIKEN 6107 MENZIKEN 6109 MENZIKEN 7102 MENZIKEN 7205 MENZIKEN 7215 MERILO MERILOEX MERILOSP MERL-72 MERL-76 MERTL 1.4749 MERTL 1.4841 MERTL 1.4878 MES MES 103 MES 103A MES 104 MES 105 MES 106 MES 107 MES 108 MES 109 MES 111 MES 112 MES 113 MES 115 MES 115A MES 116 MES 117 MES 118 MES 119 MES 16 MES 1802 MES 2053 MES 23 MES 30 MES 31 MES 32 MES 35 MES 35A MESSING 100 MESSING 60 MESSINGHARTLOT-UF MET HARD 750TS META 11 META 11D META 14 META 14D META 15 META 17 META 18 META 21WD META 27 META 28 META 30VHCW META 34 META 37 META 4 META 42 META 43 K META 44 META 44NW META 60/40 META 77 META 8 META 9 METAL ANTIFRICTION METAL D'APPORT METAL D'APPORT KCV -29C METAL D'APPORT MAGNESIUM METAL D'APPORT MARAGING METAL D'APPORT POUR BRASAGE METAL D'APPORT POUR CHALEUR METAL DE RECHARGEMENT METAL FRITTE METALARC 23BN METALARC 32Nb METALARC 39 METALARC 42D METALARC 44ST METALARC 6WV METALBA 6056 METASAFE 1000 METASAFE 800 METASAFE 900 METASAFE S800 METASAFE U1000 METASAFE U1000S METASAFE U1000SPb METASCO MC METCO 71VF-NS-1 METCO 935 METCOLOY 33 METIZI C12D METIZI C18D METIZI C48D2 METIZI C52D2 METIZI C56D METIZI C58D2 METIZI C60D METIZI C62D2 METIZI C70D METIZI C72D METIZI C72D2 METIZI C9D METIZI CD50 METONIC METRODE 309Mo METRODE 318S96 METRODE E11018-M METRODE E316H-16 METRODE E9018-DI METRODE ER110S-G MEWE MF202 MFL2 MFR MFR05 MG-95 MG-C 51 MG-C 81 MG-C-61 MG-C-91 MG-C18001 MG-C41 MG-C43 MG-C46001 MG-C46001-T6 MG-C51 MG-C58001 MG-C58002 MG-C64001 MG-C76002 MG-C76002-T6 MG-C83001 MG-C85001 MG-C85002 MG-C96001 MG-C96002 MG-P-43 MG-P-61 MG-P-62 MG-P-63 MG0009 MG0016 MG0019 MG0020 MG0029 MG0031 MG0037 MG0047 MG0048 MG0053 MG007 MG1 MG11A MG20 MG4 MG50-3 MG50-4 MG50-6 MGAL9ZN1 MGR MGR-MQ MGS-NIM-T Y78 MH 02 MH 03 MH 04 MH 05 MH 06 MH 07 MH 10 MH 14 MH 16 MH 31 MH1 MH2 MH51 MH52 MH55 MH85 MHP 102 MHP 194 MHP100 MHP101 MHZ 260 MHZ 300 MHZ 340 MHZ 380 MHZ 420 MI-1 MI-A4 MI-A6 MI-N10 MIA MIBA 1.1202 MIBA 1.7030 MIBA 2.1010 MIBA 2.1570 MIBA 2.2510 MIBA 2.2530 MIBA 3.1230 MIBA 3.2020 MIBA 3.2511 MIBA 3.4010 MIBA 3.6200 MIC A01 MIC A02 MIC ANC17 MIC ANC18-A MIC ANC18A MIC ANC6A MIC ANC6B MIC ANC6C MIC C04 MIC6 MICRAL 550 MICRAL 620 MICRAL 690 MICRAL 890 MICRAL 960 MICRO 1000 MICRO 800 MICRO 850 MICRO-MELT 9 MICRO-MELT A11 MICRO-MELT A11-LVC MICRO-MELT F75 MICRO-MELT HS-76 MICRO-MELT M3cl2 MICRO-MELT M4 MICRO-MELT M48 MICRO-MELT M62 MICRO-MELT T15 MICROFOND 20MnCr5 MICROMELT HS30 MICROMELT HS76 MICRON A5 MICRON A6 MICRON BT1 MICRON BT3 MICRON BW4 MICRONAL ISOPLAN MICROTEC 4M90 MIDOHM 180 MIG CuNi90.10 MIG-AlMg4.5MnZr MIG4370 MIL 1450 MIL-10018-M MIL-100S-1 MIL-11018-M MIL-140S MIL-1N12 MIL-3N12 MIL-3N1B MIL-3N1C MIL-3N1L MIL-3N1N MIL-4N11 MIL-4N1A MIL-4N1W MIL-7010-A1 MIL-7011-A1 MIL-7018-A1 MIL-7020-A1 MIL-70S-3 MIL-70S-6 MIL-8015-B2 MIL-8016-B2 MIL-8016-C3 MIL-8018-B2 MIL-8018-B2L MIL-8018-C3 MIL-8N12 MIL-9015-B3 MIL-9015-B3L MIL-9016-B3 MIL-9018-B3 MIL-9018-M MIL-9N10 MIL-A-11257 8280 MIL-A-11356 J13025 MIL-A-12545 2014 MIL-A-12545 2S MIL-A-12545 6011 MIL-A-12545 6061 MIL-A-12545 6070 MIL-A-12545 7075 MIL-A-12560 K11918 MIL-A-13259 K91209 MIL-A-15153 class10 MIL-A-15939 comp5 MIL-A-17129 class1 MIL-A-17129 class2 MIL-A-17129 class4 MIL-A-17129 class5 MIL-A-17357 MIL-A-17358 MIL-A-18593 63S MIL-A-19005 K183 MIL-A-19070 K186 MIL-A-21180 359 MIL-A-21180 A357 MIL-A-21180 C354 MIL-A-21180 C355 MIL-A-21180 class12 MIL-A-21180D 354.0 MIL-A-21180D 359.0 MIL-A-21180D A201.0 MIL-A-21180D A356.0 MIL-A-21180D C355.0 MIL-A-21579 5086 MIL-A-22771 2014 MIL-A-22771 2219 MIL-A-22771 2618 MIL-A-22771 6061 MIL-A-22771 6151 MIL-A-22771 7049 MIL-A-22771 7050 MIL-A-22771 7075 MIL-A-22771 7149 MIL-A-22771 7175 MIL-A-46027 5083 MIL-A-46063 MIL-A-46100 MIL-A-46104 6070 MIL-A-46104 7001 MIL-A-46118 2219 MIL-A-46192 2519 MIL-A-47182 alloy50 MIL-A-52242 7001 MIL-A-882A MIL-A-8920 2219 MIL-A-8923 7079 MIL-A-9180 7178 MIL-A-9186 7178 MIL-B-1083 1018 MIL-B-1083 440B MIL-B-1083 comp.2 MIL-B-1083 comp.3 MIL-B-1083C comp.1 MIL-B-11553 comp.1 MIL-B-11553 comp.11 MIL-B-11553 comp.12 MIL-B-11553 comp.16 MIL-B-11553 comp.17 MIL-B-11553 comp.18 MIL-B-11553 comp.2 MIL-B-11553 comp.21 MIL-B-11553 comp.22 MIL-B-11553 comp.23 MIL-B-11553 comp.3 MIL-B-11553 comp.5 MIL-B-11553 comp.6 MIL-B-11553 comp.8 MIL-B-11553 comp.9 MIL-B-13501 510 MIL-B-13501 534 MIL-B-13501 546 MIL-B-13501 GrA MIL-B-13501 GrB MIL-B-13506 770F1 MIL-B-13506 A1 MIL-B-13506 A2 MIL-B-13506 A3 MIL-B-13506 B1 MIL-B-13506 B2 MIL-B-13506 B3 MIL-B-13506 C1 MIL-B-13506 C2 MIL-B-13506 C3 MIL-B-13506 C98400 MIL-B-13506 L54520 MIL-B-15395 class1 MIL-B-15894 class1 MIL-B-15894 class2 MIL-B-15894 class3 MIL-B-15939 comp.4 MIL-B-16033 class1 MIL-B-16033 class2 MIL-B-16033 class4 MIL-B-16166 C62300 MIL-B-16166 C63000 MIL-B-16166 comp.1 MIL-B-16166 comp.2 MIL-B-16261 Gr2 MIL-B-16261 Gr3 MIL-B-16261 Gr4 MIL-B-16261 Gr5 MIL-B-16261 Gr6 MIL-B-16261 GrII MIL-B-16261 GrIV MIL-B-16261 GrV MIL-B-16443 Gr1 MIL-B-16444 GrA MIL-B-16522 class1 MIL-B-16522 class2 MIL-B-16522 classB MIL-B-16540 GrA MIL-B-16540 GrB MIL-B-16540 GrC MIL-B-16540 GrIII MIL-B-16541 922 MIL-B-17511 GrA MIL-B-17528 Gr1 MIL-B-17528 Gr2 MIL-B-17668 comp.1 MIL-B-17668 comp.2 MIL-B-18343 MIL-B-18907 101 MIL-B-19231 107 MIL-B-19231 116 MIL-B-19708 868 MIL-B-20148 class8 MIL-B-20292 104 MIL-B-20292 108 MIL-B-20292 116 MIL-B-20292 121 MIL-B-20292 129 MIL-B-20295 834 MIL-B-21230 Gr1 MIL-B-21230 comp.2 MIL-B-23921 958 MIL-B-24059 MIL-B-24480 957 MIL-B-24480 C95800 MIL-B-46066 834 MIL-B-7883 BAg-1 MIL-B-7883 BAg-13 MIL-B-7883 BAg-19 MIL-B-7883 BAg-1a MIL-B-7883 BAg-2 MIL-B-7883 BAg-23 MIL-B-7883 BAg-3 MIL-B-7883 BCuP-3 MIL-B-7883 BCuP-5 MIL-B-7883 BNi-1 MIL-B-7883 BNi-1a MIL-B-7883 BNi-2 MIL-B-7883 BNi-3 MIL-B-7883 BNi-4 MIL-B-7883 BNi-5 MIL-B-8964 MIL-B-994 classD MIL-C-10375 260 MIL-C-10375 261 MIL-C-10387 356 MIL-C-10387 6151 MIL-C-11866 214 MIL-C-11866 355 MIL-C-11866 356 MIL-C-11866 40E MIL-C-11866 43 MIL-C-11866 874 MIL-C-11866 954 MIL-C-11866 comp.13 MIL-C-11866 comp.17 MIL-C-11866 comp.19 MIL-C-11866 comp.21 MIL-C-11866 comp.25 MIL-C-11866 comp.26 MIL-C-11866 comp.27 MIL-C-11866 comp.4 MIL-C-11866 comp.5 MIL-C-11866 comp.6 MIL-C-11866 comp.7 MIL-C-11866 comp.8 MIL-C-11866 comp22 MIL-C-11866 comp23 MIL-C-11866B comp.14 MIL-C-11866C AZ92A MIL-C-11866C HZ32XA MIL-C-11866C ZH62A MIL-C-11866C comp.10 MIL-C-11866C comp.16 MIL-C-12168 110 MIL-C-13351 377 MIL-C-15345 Gr1 MIL-C-15345 Gr10 MIL-C-15345 Gr12 MIL-C-15345 Gr13 MIL-C-15345 Gr14 MIL-C-15345 Gr15 MIL-C-15345 Gr16 MIL-C-15345 Gr17 MIL-C-15345 Gr18 MIL-C-15345 Gr19 MIL-C-15345 Gr2 MIL-C-15345 Gr21 MIL-C-15345 Gr23 MIL-C-15345 Gr24 MIL-C-15345 Gr25 MIL-C-15345 Gr28 MIL-C-15345 Gr3 MIL-C-15345 Gr4 MIL-C-15345 Gr5 MIL-C-15345 Gr6 MIL-C-15345 Gr7 MIL-C-15345 Gr8 MIL-C-15345 Gr9 MIL-C-15345 alloy 11 MIL-C-15345 alloy 26 MIL-C-15345G comp.20 MIL-C-15726 715 MIL-C-15726 90-10 MIL-C-16033 class3 MIL-C-17112 976 MIL-C-17324 825 MIL-C-17516 651 MIL-C-19163 AZ36A MIL-C-19163 AZ92A MIL-C-19311 182 MIL-C-19311 184 MIL-C-19311 185 MIL-C-19311 C18150 MIL-C-19464 class1 MIL-C-19464 class2 MIL-C-19464 class3 MIL-C-19464 class4 MIL-C-19944 8632 MIL-C-20152 Gr1 MIL-C-20152 Gr2 MIL-C-20159B type1 MIL-C-20159B type2 MIL-C-20159C C96200 MIL-C-20159C C96400 MIL-C-21657 172 MIL-C-21657 173 MIL-C-22087 MIL-C-22087 861 MIL-C-22087 903 MIL-C-22087 Gr8 MIL-C-22087 GrC MIL-C-22087 GrD MIL-C-22087 comp.1 MIL-C-22087 comp.2 MIL-C-22087 comp.9 MIL-C-22087 comp10 MIL-C-22087 comp4 MIL-C-22229 836 MIL-C-22229 861 MIL-C-22229 862 MIL-C-22229 863 MIL-C-22229 865 MIL-C-22229 872 MIL-C-22229 903 MIL-C-22229 936 MIL-C-22229 943 MIL-C-22229 952 MIL-C-22229 955 MIL-C-22229 958 MIL-C-22229 Gr1 MIL-C-22229 Gr10 MIL-C-22229 Gr2 MIL-C-22229 Gr4 MIL-C-22229 Gr5 MIL-C-22229 Gr6 MIL-C-22229 Gr7 MIL-C-22229 Gr8 MIL-C-22229 Gr9 MIL-C-22229 comp.3 MIL-C-24248 R30006 MIL-C-24248 R30012 MIL-C-24248 comp.III MIL-C-24248 comp.IV MIL-C-24252 R30006 MIL-C-24252 R30605 MIL-C-24615 MIL-C-24679 706 MIL-C-24679 715 MIL-C-24689B comp.20 MIL-C-24707/2 WC1 MIL-C-24723 M-25S MIL-C-24723 M30C MIL-C-24723 M30H MIL-C-46087 175 MIL-C-50 MIL-C-6021 355 MIL-C-6021 A357 MIL-C-6021 C355 MIL-C-6941 172 MIL-C-7438 7050 MIL-C-81021 175 MIL-C-81021 C17510 MIL-C-915 5056 MIL-CuNi MIL-CuNiAl MIL-DTL-45225 5083 MIL-DTL-45225 5456 MIL-DTL-45225 7039 MIL-DTL-46027 5083 MIL-DTL-46027 5456 MIL-DTL-46063 7039 MIL-DTL-46083 2219 MIL-DTL-46083 5083 MIL-DTL-46083 5456 MIL-DTL-46083 7039 MIL-DTL-46118 MIL-DTL-46192 2519 MIL-E-13080 MIL-308 MIL-E-15597 3003 MIL-E-16053 2319 MIL-E-17496 MIL-E-19933 MIL-349 MIL-E-19933 S30884 MIL-E-19933 S31780 MIL-E-19933 S31980 MIL-E-19933 S32180 MIL-E-19933 S41080 MIL-E-21562 MIL-E-21562 EN6N MIL-E-21562 MIL-EN60 MIL-E-21562 MIL-EN61 MIL-E-21562 MIL-EN67 MIL-E-21562 MIL-EN82 MIL-E-21562 MIL-RN60 MIL-E-21562 MIL-RN61 MIL-E-21562 MIL-RN67 MIL-E-21562 MIL-RN69 MIL-E-21562 MIL-RN82 MIL-E-21562 RN65 MIL-E-21562 RN6N MIL-E-22200/1 MIL-10018-M MIL-E-22200/1 MIL-7018 MIL-E-22200/1 MIL-8018-C3 MIL-E-22200/1 MIL-9018-M MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-309Cb MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-309L MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-310 MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-312 MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-317 MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-318 MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-330 MIL-E-22200/2 MIL-349 MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-1N12 MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-3N12 MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-3N1B MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-3N1C MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-3N1L MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-3N1N MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-4N11 MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-4N1A MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-4N1W MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-8N12 MIL-E-22200/3 MIL-9N10 MIL-E-22200/3 RN6A MIL-E-22200/4 MIL-CuNi MIL-E-22200/6 MIL-8016-C3 MIL-E-22200/7 MIL-7010-A1 MIL-E-22200/7 MIL-7011-A1 MIL-E-22200/7 MIL-7018-A1 MIL-E-22200/7 MIL-7020-A1 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-410 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-505 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-8015-B2 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-8016-B2 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-8018-B2 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-8018-B2L MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-9015-B3 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-9015-B3L MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-9016-B3 MIL-E-22200/8 MIL-9018-B3 MIL-E-23765 521 MIL-E-23765 MIL-100S-1 MIL-E-23765 MIL-70S-6 MIL-E-23765 MIL100S-1 MIL-E-23765 MIL120S-1 MIL-E-23765/1 MIL-70S-3 MIL-E-23765/3 MIL-E-23765/3 C51800 MIL-E-23765/3 MIL-CuNiAl MIL-E-23765/3 MIL-CuSi MIL-E-45829 189 MIL-E-46065 comp.A MIL-E-46065 comp.B MIL-E-46065 comp.C MIL-E-46065 comp.D MIL-E-46065 comp.E MIL-E-46065 comp.F MIL-E-6843 10013 MIL-E-6843 class E6013 MIL-E-6844 class7 MIL-E-6844 classB MIL-E22200/1 MIL-11018-M MIL-EN60 MIL-F-1183 836 MIL-F-1183 922 MIL-F-14072 M252 MIL-F-20042 922 MIL-F-20670 G10260 MIL-F-22606 HY80 MIL-F-23999 K-500 MIL-F-24227 922 MIL-F-3922 208.0 MIL-F-3922 295.0 MIL-F-3922 355.0 MIL-F-3922 356.0 MIL-F-3922 518.0 MIL-F-3922 6061 MIL-F-3922 711.0 MIL-F-3922 A360.0 MIL-F-3922 D712.0 MIL-F-46037 ZE10A MIL-F-46048 AZ31B MIL-F-7190 4130 MIL-F-7190 4340 MIL-F-83142 MIL-F-83142 R54550 MIL-F-83142 R58820 MIL-F-83142 comp.1 MIL-F-83142 comp.10 MIL-F-83142 comp.11 MIL-F-83142 comp.12 MIL-F-83142 comp.13 MIL-F-83142 comp.14 MIL-F-83142 comp.2 MIL-F-83142 comp.3 MIL-F-83142 comp.4 MIL-F-83142 comp.5 MIL-F-83142 comp.6 MIL-F-83142 comp.7 MIL-F-83142 comp.8 MIL-F-83142 comp.9 MIL-G-14243 107 MIL-G-858 type1 MIL-G-858 type2 MIL-H-8916 HM31A MIL-HDBK-270A C67500 MIL-HDBK-270A S30260 MIL-HDBK-698 C67500 MIL-I-11444 class1 MIL-I-11444 class2 MIL-I-11444 class3 MIL-I-11444 class4 MIL-I-11444 class5 MIL-I-11444 class6 MIL-I-11444 class7 MIL-I-11444 class8 MIL-I-11466 D4512 cl.5 MIL-I-23011 class1 MIL-I-23011 class2 MIL-I-23011 class3 MIL-I-23011 class4 MIL-I-23011 class5 MIL-I-23011 class6 MIL-I-23011 class7 MIL-I-24137 GrA MIL-I-24137 GrB MIL-I-24137 GrC MIL-M-16576 GrA MIL-M-26075 MIL-M-26696 ZK60B MIL-M-45207 K1A MIL-M-46039 ZK21A MIL-M-46062 AM100A-T6 MIL-M-46062C AZ91C-T6 MIL-M-46062C AZ92A-T6 MIL-M-46062C HK31A-T6 MIL-M-46062C QE22A-T6 MIL-M-46062C ZE41A-T5 MIL-M-46062C ZE63A-T6 MIL-M-46062C ZH62A-T5 MIL-M-46062C ZK51A-T5 MIL-M-46062C ZK61A-T6 MIL-M-46130 LA141A MIL-M-46130 LS141A MIL-M-46130 LZ145A MIL-M-46143 LS141A MIL-M-46143 LZ145A MIL-M-8917 HM21A MIL-N-14411 comp.1 MIL-N-14411 comp.2 MIL-N-14411 comp.3 MIL-N-14411 comp.4 MIL-N-14411 comp.5 MIL-N-15721 N06600 MIL-N-17506 K-500 MIL-N-22986 N06600 MIL-N-22987 cond. C MIL-N-23228 cond. AG MIL-N-23229 MIL-N-24106 MIL-N-24114 MIL-N-24390 MIL-N-24469 not.1 MIL-N-24549 MIL-N-46025 205 MIL-N-6710 MIL-N-6840A N06600 MIL-N-7786 MIL-N-8550 MIL-N-894 classB MIL-P-25995 3003 MIL-P-25995 6061 MIL-P-25995 6063 MIL-P-83348 type1 N MIL-PNiCr-C-2 MIL-R-12221 7277 MIL-R-1223 1116 MIL-R-1223 1117 MIL-R-1223 1118 MIL-R-1223 1139 MIL-R-1223 1141 MIL-R-1223 1144 MIL-R-17131 MILRCoCr-A MIL-R-17131 MILRCoCr-C MIL-R-17131 MILRNiCr-B MIL-R-17131 MILRNiCr-C MIL-R-19631 175 MIL-R-19631 189 MIL-R-19631 RBCuZn-C MIL-R-19631 RCuZn-D MIL-R-19631B RCuZn-A MIL-R-5031 304ELC MIL-R-5031 class1 MIL-R-5031 class10 MIL-R-5031 class11 MIL-R-5031 class12 MIL-R-5031 class13 MIL-R-5031 class14 MIL-R-5031 class15 MIL-R-5031 class16 MIL-R-5031 class17 MIL-R-5031 class3 MIL-R-5031 class4 MIL-R-5031 class5 MIL-R-5031 class5A MIL-R-5031 class6 MIL-R-5031 class7 MIL-R-5031 class8 MIL-R-5031 class8A MIL-R-5031 class9 MIL-R-5632 typeI MIL-R-5632 typeIII MIL-R-5632 typeVI MIL-R-5632 typeVII MIL-R-5632 typeVIII MIL-R-5674 17S MIL-R-5674 56S MIL-R-6944 AZ31B MIL-R-6944 AZ61A MIL-R-6944 AZ63A MIL-R-6944 AZ92A MIL-R-6944 EZ33A MIL-R-6944 HK31A MIL-R-6944 LA141A MIL-R-6944 M1A MIL-R-81558 ERTi-1 MIL-R-81558 ERTi-2 MIL-R-81588 R54810 MIL-R-8814 5056 MIL-RCoCr-C MIL-RCoCr-C-1 MIL-RN60 MIL-S-10520 Gr1 MIL-S-10520 comp.3 MIL-S-11310 CS1005 MIL-S-11310 CS1006 MIL-S-11310 CS1008 MIL-S-11310 CS1010 MIL-S-11310 CS1012 MIL-S-11310 CS1017 MIL-S-11310 CS1018 MIL-S-11310 CS1020 MIL-S-11310 CS1022 MIL-S-11310 CS1025 MIL-S-11310 CS1030 MIL-S-11310 CS1040 MIL-S-11415 1018 MIL-S-11415 1029 MIL-S-11415 1038 MIL-S-11415 1045 MIL-S-11415 1050 MIL-S-11415 1117 MIL-S-11415 1118 MIL-S-11415 1141 MIL-S-11415 1144 MIL-S-11415 1330H MIL-S-11415 1335H MIL-S-11415 1340H MIL-S-11415 1345 MIL-S-11415 3140H MIL-S-11415 4032H MIL-S-11415 4037H MIL-S-11415 4042H MIL-S-11415 4047H MIL-S-11415 4063H MIL-S-11415 4130H MIL-S-11415 4137H MIL-S-11415 4140H MIL-S-11415 4142H MIL-S-11415 4145H MIL-S-11415 4147H MIL-S-11415 4150H MIL-S-11415 4340H MIL-S-11415 50B46H MIL-S-11415 50B50H MIL-S-11415 5130H MIL-S-11415 5132H MIL-S-11415 5135H MIL-S-11415 5140H MIL-S-11415 5145H MIL-S-11415 5147H MIL-S-11415 5150H MIL-S-11415 5155 MIL-S-11415 5160H MIL-S-11415 6150H MIL-S-11415 8630H MIL-S-11415 8640H MIL-S-11415 8645H MIL-S-11415 8650H MIL-S-11415 8655H MIL-S-11415 8660H MIL-S-11415 86B45H MIL-S-11415 8740H MIL-S-11415 9260H MIL-S-11415 9262H MIL-S-11415 E4340H MIL-S-11486 1013 MIL-S-11486 1018 MIL-S-11486 1050 MIL-S-11486 FS1045 MIL-S-11486 FS1118 MIL-S-11595 4150 MIL-S-11713 1069 MIL-S-11713 1070 MIL-S-1222 B16 MIL-S-1222 B7 MIL-S-12504 1070 MIL-S-12504 4150 MIL-S-12504 K15747 MIL-S-12504 K17145 MIL-S-12504 Mn-Cr-Mo MIL-S-12504 Mn-Mo MIL-S-12875 3003 MIL-S-12875 5052 MIL-S-13048 1018 MIL-S-13048 1141 MIL-S-13282 GrA MIL-S-13282 P07015 MIL-S-13502 1050 MIL-S-13881 type2 cl.1 MIL-S-15046 M34 MIL-S-15046 T5 MIL-S-15046 T6 MIL-S-15046 T7 MIL-S-15083 105-85 MIL-S-15083 120-95 MIL-S-15083 150-125 MIL-S-15083 65-35 MIL-S-15083 70-36 MIL-S-15083 80-40 MIL-S-15083 80-50 MIL-S-15083 90-60 MIL-S-15083 A-80 MIL-S-15083 J03007 MIL-S-15083 J32075 MIL-S-15083 classB MIL-S-15464 class1 MIL-S-15464B J11875 MIL-S-15464B J12070 MIL-S-15464B J21880 MIL-S-15464B class1 MIL-S-15464B class2 MIL-S-15464B class3 MIL-S-15715 8630 MIL-S-15730 8735 MIL-S-16124 comp.1A MIL-S-16124 comp.2 MIL-S-16216 HY-100 MIL-S-16216 HY-80 MIL-S-16216 HY100 MIL-S-16216 HY80 MIL-S-16410 comp.4 MIL-S-16598A MIL-S-16598B MIL-S-16768 C4 MIL-S-16788 C5 MIL-S-16788 C6 MIL-S-16974 1010 MIL-S-16974 1015 MIL-S-16974 1030 MIL-S-16974 1040-1 MIL-S-16974 1040-2 MIL-S-16974 1060 MIL-S-16974 1090 MIL-S-16974 1320 MIL-S-16974 1335 MIL-S-16974 1340 MIL-S-16974 3140 MIL-S-16974 4130 MIL-S-16974 4135 MIL-S-16974 4140 MIL-S-16974 4340 MIL-S-16974 4640 MIL-S-16974 6145 MIL-S-16974 8615 MIL-S-16974 8620 MIL-S-16974 8625 MIL-S-16974 8630 MIL-S-16974 8640 MIL-S-16974 8645 MIL-S-16993 CL II MIL-S-16993 classI MIL-S-16993 classII MIL-S-17509 classI MIL-S-17509 classII MIL-S-17509 classIII MIL-S-18262 class1 MIL-S-18411 1018 MIL-S-18411 1117 MIL-S-18411 1120 MIL-S-18411 11L17 MIL-S-18411 1211 MIL-S-18411 12L13 MIL-S-18411 class1 MIL-S-18728 MIL-S-18729 MIL-S-18731 6150 MIL-S-18732 MIL-S-18733 4135 MIL-S-18733 8735 MIL-S-19434 9850 MIL-S-20145 2330 MIL-S-20145 GrU MIL-S-20145 GrV MIL-S-20145 GrZ MIL-S-20150 cl.A MIL-S-20166 CS1116 MIL-S-21952 HY100 MIL-S-21952 HY80 MIL-S-22141 MIL-S-22141 IC-4130 MIL-S-22141 IC1020 MIL-S-22141 IC1030 MIL-S-22141 IC1040 MIL-S-22141 IC1050 MIL-S-22141 IC135 MIL-S-22141 IC4140 MIL-S-22141 IC4335M MIL-S-22141 IC4340 MIL-S-22141 IC4620 MIL-S-22141 IC52100 MIL-S-22141 IC6150 MIL-S-22141 IC8620 MIL-S-22141 IC8630 MIL-S-22141 IC8635 MIL-S-22141 IC8640 MIL-S-22141 IC8730 MIL-S-22141 IC8735 MIL-S-22141/1 52100 MIL-S-22216 MIL-S-22216 440C MIL-S-22216 IC-302 MIL-S-22216 IC-420 MIL-S-22216 IC440A MIL-S-22664 HY100 MIL-S-22664 HY80 MIL-S-22698 AH36 MIL-S-22698 EH36T MIL-S-22698 G10260 MIL-S-22698 GrA MIL-S-22698 GrB MIL-S-23008 HY100 MIL-S-23008 HY80 MIL-S-23009 HY100 MIL-S-23009 HY80 MIL-S-23192 MIL-S-23193 comp.A MIL-S-23193 comp.B MIL-S-23193 comp.C MIL-S-23194 MIL-S-23195 348 MIL-S-23196 348 MIL-S-24093 comp.I MIL-S-24093 comp.II MIL-S-24093 comp.V MIL-S-24093 compIV MIL-S-24113 GrN MIL-S-24113 K02006 MIL-S-24238 MIL-S-24287 4340 MIL-S-24287 K14675 MIL-S-24371 HY-130 MIL-S-24502 K14675 MIL-S-24512 HY-130 MIL-S-24528 4340 MIL-S-24538 S44002 MIL-S-24550 MIL-S-24645 HSLA-100 MIL-S-24645 HSLA-80 MIL-S-25043 17-7PH MIL-S-25043 632 MIL-S-27419 347 MIL-S-4043 MIL-S-4043 304ELC MIL-S-46033 6150 MIL-S-46033 8660 MIL-S-46033 9262 MIL-S-46850 350 MIL-S-46850 Gr250 MIL-S-46850 Gr300 MIL-S-46850 K92810 MIL-S-46850 K92820 MIL-S-46850 K92890 MIL-S-46889 S30115 MIL-S-47086 K74015 MIL-S-47262 H11 mod MIL-S-47319A typeI MIL-S-47319A typeI class1 MIL-S-47319A typeI class2 MIL-S-5000 MIL-S-5059 301 MIL-S-5059 302 MIL-S-5059 304 MIL-S-5059 304L MIL-S-5059 316 MIL-S-50783 HF-1 MIL-S-5626 4140 MIL-S-6049 MIL-S-6050 amd2 MIL-S-6098 not1 MIL-S-6709 comp.A MIL-S-6721 321 MIL-S-6721 347 MIL-S-6721 348 MIL-S-6758 4130 MIL-S-7097 1018 MIL-S-7097 1020 MIL-S-7097 comp.3 MIL-S-7108 MIL-S-7220 316L MIL-S-7393C 3316 MIL-S-7393C 9310 MIL-S-7393C comp.I MIL-S-7393C comp.II MIL-S-7393C comp.III MIL-S-7420B MIL-S-7493 4615 MIL-S-7493 4617 MIL-S-7493 4620 MIL-S-7720 302 MIL-S-7720 303 MIL-S-7720 303S MIL-S-7720 303Se MIL-S-7720 316 MIL-S-7947 not2 MIL-S-7952 1020 MIL-S-7952 1025 MIL-S-81506 MIL-S-81591 MIL-S-81591 IC-17-4 MIL-S-81591 IC-302 MIL-S-81591 IC-303 MIL-S-81591 IC-316 MIL-S-81591 IC-410 MIL-S-81591 IC-420 MIL-S-81591 IC1020 MIL-S-81591 IC1030 MIL-S-81591 IC1040 MIL-S-81591 IC1050 MIL-S-81591 IC15-5PH MIL-S-81591 IC303 MIL-S-81591 IC304 MIL-S-81591 IC304L MIL-S-81591 IC310 MIL-S-81591 IC316 MIL-S-81591 IC321 MIL-S-81591 IC330A MIL-S-81591 IC330B MIL-S-81591 IC347 MIL-S-81591 IC4140 MIL-S-81591 IC416 MIL-S-81591 IC431 MIL-S-81591 IC440A MIL-S-81591 IC440C MIL-S-81591 IC440F MIL-S-81591 J92511 MIL-S-83030A 3310 MIL-S-83030A 3316 MIL-S-83030A 9310 MIL-S-83030A comp.I MIL-S-83030A comp.II MIL-S-83030A comp.III MIL-S-83135 4340M MIL-S-83311 MIL-S-8503 MIL-S-853 class5 MIL-S-853 class6 MIL-S-8559 MIL-S-861 422 MIL-S-862 303 MIL-S-862 347 MIL-S-862 403 MIL-S-862 410 MIL-S-862 416 MIL-S-862 420 MIL-S-862 430F MIL-S-862 431 MIL-S-862 440B MIL-S-862 440C MIL-S-862 440F MIL-S-862 440FSe MIL-S-862 446 MIL-S-866 1016 MIL-S-866 3115 MIL-S-866 4615 MIL-S-866 8615 MIL-S-867 J92800 MIL-S-867 classI MIL-S-867 classII MIL-S-867 classIII MIL-S-8690 8620 MIL-S-8695 MIL-S-8696 MIL-S-8699 MIL-S-8707 MIL-S-870B MIL-S-8840 AM350 MIL-S-8840 S35500 MIL-S-8844 cl2/3 MIL-S-8844 class1 MIL-S-8844 class3 MIL-S-8949 D6AC MIL-STD-1276 comp.A MIL-STD-1276 comp.B MIL-STD-1276 comp.C MIL-STD-1276 comp.D MIL-STD-1276 comp.E MIL-STD-1276 comp.F MIL-STD-1276 comp.G MIL-STD-1276 comp.H MIL-STD-1276 comp.J MIL-STD-1276 comp.K MIL-STD-1276 comp.L MIL-STD-40002 J91152 MIL-STD-40002 J92200 MIL-STD-40002 K52355 MIL-STD-455 353 MIL-STD-455 C33000 MIL-STD-455 C33200 MIL-STD-455 C34000 MIL-STD-455 C37000 MIL-STD-455 C75200 MIL-STD-455 C76400 MIL-STD-455 C76600 MIL-STD-455 C79400 MIL-STD-455 C86800 MIL-STD-455B C17500 MIL-STD-455B C67000 MIL-STD-455B C67500 MIL-STD-455B C91000 MIL-STD-455B C91500 MIL-STD-455B C93400 MIL-T-10794 MIL-T-1368 MIL-T-15005 706 MIL-T-15005 715 MIL-T-16243 828 MIL-T-16343 1018 MIL-T-16343 1023 MIL-T-16420 706 MIL-T-16420 715 MIL-T-16690 8640 MIL-T-19081 class01 MIL-T-19081 class02 MIL-T-20157 1018 MIL-T-20157 1023 MIL-T-20168 230 MIL-T-20219 261 MIL-T-21014 class1 MIL-T-21014 class2 MIL-T-21014 class3 MIL-T-21014 class4 MIL-T-21494 5086 MIL-T-22214 706 MIL-T-22214 715 MIL-T-23227 MIL-T-23299 MIL-T-23520 MIL-T-24107 101 MIL-T-24107 103 MIL-T-24107 108 MIL-T-24107 120 MIL-T-24107 122 MIL-T-24107 142 MIL-T-3235 103 MIL-T-3235 120 MIL-T-3520 1015 MIL-T-3520 1016 MIL-T-3520 1017 MIL-T-3520 1018 MIL-T-3520 1019 MIL-T-3520 1020 MIL-T-3520 1025 MIL-T-3595 510 MIL-T-38749 AZ31B MIL-T-38749 ZE10A MIL-T-46072 330 MIL-T-46072 331 MIL-T-46072 332 MIL-T-46072 370 MIL-T-46072 class3 MIL-T-5066 not2 MIL-T-50777 2024 MIL-T-5695 MIL-T-6732 8630 MIL-T-6733 8735 MIL-T-6734 8630 MIL-T-6735 4135 MIL-T-6736 MIL-T-6736 8630 MIL-T-6737 321 MIL-T-6845 MIL-T-7081 not1 MIL-T-7993 MIL-T-81556 MIL-T-81556 7Al4Mo MIL-T-81556 AB-1 MIL-T-81556 AB-2 MIL-T-81556 AB-3 MIL-T-81556 AB-4 MIL-T-81915 MIL-T-8231 655 MIL-T-8504 MIL-T-8506 MIL-T-8606 304L MIL-T-8606 321 MIL-T-8606 347 MIL-T-8808 MIL-T-8808 347 MIL-T-8973 304L MIL-T-8973 316L MIL-T-8973 321 MIL-T-9046 MIL-T-9046 A-1 MIL-T-9046 A-2 MIL-T-9046 A-3 MIL-T-9046 A-4 MIL-T-9046 AB-1 MIL-T-9046 AB-2 MIL-T-9046 AB-3 MIL-T-9046 AB-4 MIL-T-9046 AB-5 MIL-T-9046 AB-6 MIL-T-9046 B-1 MIL-T-9046 B-3 MIL-T-9046 B-4 MIL-T-9046 B2 MIL-T-9046 CP-1 MIL-T-9046 CP-2 MIL-T-9046 CP-3 MIL-T-9046 CP-4 MIL-T-9046 R54560 MIL-T-9046 typeI-A MIL-T-9046 typeI-B MIL-T-9046 typeI-C MIL-T-9046 typeII-A MIL-T-9046 typeII-B MIL-T-9046 typeII-C MIL-T-9046 typeII-D MIL-T-9046 typeII-E MIL-T-9046 typeII-F MIL-T-9046 typeII-G MIL-T-9046 typeIII-A MIL-T-9046 typeIII-C MIL-T-9046 typeIII-D MIL-T-9046 typeIII-E MIL-T-9046 typeIII-F MIL-T-9046 typeIII-G MIL-T-9046 typeIV-A MIL-T-9046 typeIV-B MIL-T-9046 typeIV-C MIL-T-9046 typeIV-D MIL-T-9047 MIL-T-9047 3Al2,5V MIL-T-9047 4Al-3Mo-1V MIL-T-9047 5Al-5Zr-5Sn MIL-T-9047 5Al2,5SnELI MIL-T-9047 6Al-2Cb-1Ta-0.8Mo MIL-T-9047 8Mo8V2Fe3Al MIL-T-9047 R54560 MIL-T-9047 class 6 MIL-T-9047 class7 MIL-T-9047 comp.10 MIL-T-9047 comp.11 MIL-T-9047 comp.12 MIL-T-9047 comp.13 MIL-T-9047 comp.14 MIL-T-9047 comp.2 MIL-T-9047 comp.3 MIL-T-9047 comp.4 MIL-T-9047 comp.5 MIL-T-9047 comp.6 MIL-T-9047 comp.7 MIL-T-9047 comp.8 MIL-T-9047 comp.9 MIL-T-9047 typeII-A MIL-T-9047 typeII-B MIL-T-9047 typeII-C MIL-T-9047 typeII-D MIL-T-9047 typeIII-A MIL-T-9047 typeIII-B MIL-T-9047 typeIII-C MIL-T-9047 typeIII-D MIL-T-9047 typeIII-E MIL-T-9047 typeIII-F MIL-T-9047 typeIII-G MIL-T-9047 typeIII-H MIL-T-9047 typeIII-I MIL-T-9047 typeIV-A MIL-T-9047D typeI-A MIL-T-9047E comp.1 MIL-T-9047G CP-70 MIL-T-9047G CP-B MIL-T-9821 MIL-V-17547 922 MIL-V-18436 314 MIL-V-18436 316 MIL-V-18436 962 MIL-V-18436 976 MIL-V-18436 978 MIL-W-22759/2 107 MIL-W-22759/2 111 MIL-W-22759/6 107 MIL-W-22759/6 111 MIL-W-22826 MIL-W-22826 6150 MIL-W-23068 6063 MIL-W-23351 6063 MIL-W-3318 101 MIL-W-3318 104 MIL-W-3318 107 MIL-W-3861 101 MIL-W-3861 107 MIL-W-4471 K-500 MIL-W-52263 203EZ MIL-W-52263 303 MIL-W-52263 303Cu MIL-W-52263 303Ma MIL-W-52263 303Pb MIL-W-52263 303Se MIL-W-52263 303plusX MIL-W-52263 416 MIL-W-52263 416Se MIL-W-52263 416plusX MIL-W-52263 430F MIL-W-52263 430FSe MIL-W-5846 MIL-W-5846 ALUMEL MIL-W-6712 102 MIL-W-6712 110 MIL-W-6712 1100 MIL-W-6712 220 MIL-W-6712 268 MIL-W-6712 4043 MIL-W-6712 510 MIL-W-6712 618 MIL-W-6712 C46400 MIL-W-6944 AZ92A MIL-W-7986 17S MIL-W-7986 56S MIL-W-82598 162 MIL-W-85 101 MIL-W-85 102 MIL-W-85 1100 MIL-W-85 120 MIL-W-85 220 MIL-W-85 6061 MIL-W-85 6063 MIL-Z-19859 Zircaloy2 MIL-Z-7068 class I MIL-Z-7068 class II MIL-Z-7068 classI MIL100S-1 MIL120S-1 MIL70S-2 MINIMISER 304 MINIMISER 304L MINIMISER 316 MINIMISER 316L MINOX 10 MINOX 124D MINOX 17-4PH MINOX 18-20 MINOX 20 MINOX 30 MIRRAX ESR MIRROR MOLD MISTAL L360QB MITTAL 735A54 MK MK31A MK68 MK80 MKM 370 MKSt MKZ ML04Al ML08 ML08Al ML10 ML10Al ML12 ML15 ML15Al ML15Cr ML15Mn ML15MnB ML15MnVB ML18Mn ML20 ML20Al ML20Cr ML20MnTiB ML22Mn ML23 ML25 ML25Mn ML30 ML30CrMo ML30Mn ML35 ML35CrMo ML35CrMoA ML35Mn ML37Cr ML38 ML39 ML4 ML40 ML40Cr ML40Mn ML42CrMo ML42CrMoA ML45 ML45Mn ML5 ML6 ML8 MLX17 MM MM 0011 MM47 MM54 MM55 MM58 MMC/080A15 MMG C95800 MMG CC331G MMG CC333G MMG CuAl8Mn MMG CuSn12-C-GZ MMG G1 MMPDS-04 CN-1 MMR0 MMR1 MMR1PC MMR3 MMS 1203 MMS 1420 MMS 149 MMS159 MMS217 MN 1 MN0001 MN16 MN19 MN25 MN35-10 MN350-10 MN450-6 MN550-4 MN650-3 MN700-2 MNC MNC15-20 MNC92 MNLA MNLC MNLD MNLE MNM441 MNZ101 MNZM3022 MO MO18 MO1P MO25 MO35 MO40GV MO5 ESX MO58 MO58B MO59 MO6.7 MO60 MO61 MO62 MO6ACW MOC 510 MOC2 MOC2J MOC3J MOCV2 MOHAWK MOLDAX MOLDMAX HH MOLDMAX LH MOLDMAX XL MOLDTEM MOLY ASCOLOY MOLY PERMALLOY MOLYBDENE POUR ELECTRODE MOLYBDENE PUR POUR ELECTRODE MOLYBDENE-ARGENT MOLYBDENE-CUIVRE MOLYBDENE-TITANE-ZIRCONIUM MOLYBDENE-TUNGSTENE MOLYBDENUM TZM MOLYBESCO 1 MOMARC MOMARC VM MONEL 187 MONEL 190 MONEL 400 MONEL 400 casting MONEL 401 MONEL 404 MONEL 410 MONEL 411 MONEL 450 MONEL 500 MONEL 502 MONEL 60 MONEL 67 MONEL A MONEL E MONEL FM60 MONEL FM67 MONEL K-500 MONEL K-502 MONEL R-405 MONEL S MONEL-H MONIT MONIX 15 MONIX 30 MONIX 3K MONIX 4 MONTANA MOP 110NR MOP A5 MOP115 VITAC MOP115-SVA MOP140 VITAC MOP16 MOP82 MOP84 MORAVIA C26D MORE 1 MORE 2 MORE 2A MOSIL MOTEMP RSP MOTUNG 0.65C MOULREX MOULREX 14 MP-159 MP-2 MP-35-N MP-35N MP1 MP159 MP20 MP35N MP4 MP5 MP50-5 MP60-3 MP7 MP70-2 MPL-1 MPR MPYV MQTMn6 MQTMn7 MQTMn8 MRI-153 MRS-30 MRS1 MRS3 MS MS 01 MS 102 MS 115 MS 152 MS 169 MS 177 MS 188 MS 261 MS 278 MS 286 MS 287 MS 288 MS 293 MS 300 MS 370 MS 371 MS 372 MS 405 MS 414 MS 416 MS 437 MS 439 MS 445 MS 446 MS 450 MS 48 MS 505 MS 517 MS 522 MS 524 MS 549 MS 551 MS 557 MS 560 MS 561 S/NMC MS 562 S/CMV MS 567 MS 575 MS 584 MS 585 MS-021 MS-034 MS-057 MS-104 MS-112 MS-122 MS-125 MS-301 MS-418 MS-528 MS-903 MS-905 MS-913 MS-922 MS-923 MS-938 MS037 MS1 MS2 MS250 MS3 MS4 MS5 MS586 MS6 MS6-H112 MS6-T5 MS60Pb MS63Pb1 MS95 MSDS C02 rev1 MSG 22-GF-50-CGRZ MSG 22-GF-55-CGT MSG 6-60-GZ MSM40 MSP1 MSPb2 MSR MSR-A MSR-B MSRR 50 MSRR 6001 MSRR 6002 MSRR 6004 MSRR 6009 MSRR 6010 MSRR 6011 MSRR 6012 MSRR 6013 MSRR 6015 MSRR 6017 MSRR 6018 MSRR 6024 MSRR 6025 MSRR 6027 MSRR 6033 MSRR 6034 MSRR 6038 MSRR 6043 MSRR 6046 MSRR 6047 MSRR 6049 MSRR 6050 MSRR 6051 MSRR 6053 MSRR 6055 MSRR 6057 MSRR 6058 MSRR 6061 MSRR 6064 MSRR 6065 MSRR 6069 MSRR 6074 MSRR 6075 MSRR 6078 MSRR 6082 MSRR 6083 MSRR 6091 MSRR 6093 MSRR 6102 MSRR 6113 MSRR 6501 MSRR 6502 MSRR 6503 MSRR 6504 MSRR 6505 MSRR 6506 MSRR 6507 MSRR 6508 MSRR 6509 MSRR 6510 MSRR 6511 MSRR 6513 MSRR 6514 MSRR 6515 MSRR 6517 MSRR 6518 MSRR 6519 MSRR 6520 MSRR 6522 MSRR 6524 MSRR 6525 MSRR 6526 MSRR 6527 MSRR 6531 MSRR 6532 MSRR 6536 MSRR 6537 MSRR 6544 MSRR 6545 MSRR 6551 MSRR 6556 MSRR 6558 MSRR 6559 MSRR 6561 MSRR 6562 MSRR 6563 MSRR 6565 MSRR 6570 MSRR 6573 MSRR 6574 MSRR 6578 MSRR 6579/S531 MSRR 6591 MSRR 6592 MSRR 6593 MSRR 6594 MSRR 6595 MSRR 6596 MSRR 6597 MSRR 6601 MSRR 6602 MSRR 6603 MSRR 6608 MSRR 6612 MSRR 6616 MSRR 6629 MSRR 6630 MSRR 6631 MSRR 6633 MSRR 6639 MSRR 6644 MSRR 6645 MSRR 6646 MSRR 6647 MSRR 6683 MSRR 6905 MSRR 6907 MSRR 6916 MSRR 6920 MSRR 7001 MSRR 7004 MSRR 7006 MSRR 7007 MSRR 7008 MSRR 7011 MSRR 7012 MSRR 7013 MSRR 7014 MSRR 7015 MSRR 7016 MSRR 7017 MSRR 7022 MSRR 7031 MSRR 7034 MSRR 7035 MSRR 7036 MSRR 7037 MSRR 7038 MSRR 7040 MSRR 7044 MSRR 7046 MSRR 7047 MSRR 7048 MSRR 7049 MSRR 7052 MSRR 7053 MSRR 7061 MSRR 7063 MSRR 7067 MSRR 7070 MSRR 7073 MSRR 7074 MSRR 7076 MSRR 7077 MSRR 7078 MSRR 7079 MSRR 7080 MSRR 7083 MSRR 7084 MSRR 7086 MSRR 7087 MSRR 7090 MSRR 7091 MSRR 7095 MSRR 7101 MSRR 7104 MSRR 7106 MSRR 7112 MSRR 7114 MSRR 7115 MSRR 7116 MSRR 7125 MSRR 7127 MSRR 7129 MSRR 7130 MSRR 7132 MSRR 7133 MSRR 7135 MSRR 7137 MSRR 7140 MSRR 7141 MSRR 7142 MSRR 7143 MSRR 7146 MSRR 7150 MSRR 7152 MSRR 7156 MSRR 7157 MSRR 7162 MSRR 7166 MSRR 7167 MSRR 7168 MSRR 7169 MSRR 7173 MSRR 7177 MSRR 7178 MSRR 7180 MSRR 7181 MSRR 7182 MSRR 7183 MSRR 7184 MSRR 7185 MSRR 7188 MSRR 7189 MSRR 7190 MSRR 7192 MSRR 7193 MSRR 7194 MSRR 7195 MSRR 7196 MSRR 7197 MSRR 7198 MSRR 7199 MSRR 7210 MSRR 7220 MSRR 7225 MSRR 7228 MSRR 7233 MSRR 7238 MSRR 7248 MSRR 7250 MSRR 7252 MSRR 7257 MSRR 7260 MSRR 7952 MSRR 8004 MSRR 8007 MSRR 8008 MSRR 8009 MSRR 8010 MSRR 8011 MSRR 8012 MSRR 8013 MSRR 8014 MSRR 8015 MSRR 8016 MSRR 8018 MSRR 8019 MSRR 8021 MSRR 8028 MSRR 8029 MSRR 8030 MSRR 8041 MSRR 8052 MSRR 8058 MSRR 8059 MSRR 8060 MSRR 8061 MSRR 8062 MSRR 8063 MSRR 8064 MSRR 8065 MSRR 8071 MSRR 8074 MSRR 8077 MSRR 8078 MSRR 8082 MSRR 8085 MSRR 8102 MSRR 8501 MSRR 8503 MSRR 8506 MSRR 8602 MSRR 8603 MSRR 8605 MSRR 8606 MSRR 8607 MSRR 8608 MSRR 8610 MSRR 8612 MSRR 8613 MSRR 8614 MSRR 8616 MSRR 8620 MSRR 8626 MSRR 8627 MSRR 8632 MSRR 8633 MSRR 8634 MSRR 8636 MSRR 8637 MSRR 8642 MSRR 8648 comp MSRR 8652 MSRR 8663 MSRR 8679 MSRR 8681 MSRR 8684 MSRR 8688 MSRR 9500/10 MSRR 9500/100 MSRR 9500/103 MSRR 9500/105 MSRR 9500/106 MSRR 9500/109 MSRR 9500/11 MSRR 9500/114 MSRR 9500/116 MSRR 9500/118 MSRR 9500/15 MSRR 9500/16 MSRR 9500/17 MSRR 9500/19 MSRR 9500/2 MSRR 9500/200 MSRR 9500/201 MSRR 9500/202 MSRR 9500/205 MSRR 9500/206 MSRR 9500/207 MSRR 9500/208 MSRR 9500/209 MSRR 9500/21 MSRR 9500/210 MSRR 9500/211 MSRR 9500/212 MSRR 9500/213 MSRR 9500/214 MSRR 9500/215 MSRR 9500/216 MSRR 9500/217 MSRR 9500/218 MSRR 9500/219 MSRR 9500/22 MSRR 9500/220 MSRR 9500/226 MSRR 9500/227 MSRR 9500/228 MSRR 9500/23 MSRR 9500/232 MSRR 9500/233 MSRR 9500/237 MSRR 9500/239 MSRR 9500/24 MSRR 9500/240 MSRR 9500/246 MSRR 9500/25 MSRR 9500/27 MSRR 9500/28 MSRR 9500/29 MSRR 9500/3 MSRR 9500/31 MSRR 9500/32 MSRR 9500/33 MSRR 9500/34 MSRR 9500/35 MSRR 9500/38 MSRR 9500/4 MSRR 9500/41 MSRR 9500/43 MSRR 9500/44 MSRR 9500/45 MSRR 9500/46 MSRR 9500/47 MSRR 9500/50 MSRR 9500/51 MSRR 9500/52 MSRR 9500/53 MSRR 9500/54 MSRR 9500/55 MSRR 9500/56 MSRR 9500/57 MSRR 9500/6 MSRR 9500/70 MSRR 9500/700 MSRR 9500/703 MSRR 9500/705 MSRR 9500/707 MSRR 9500/708 MSRR 9500/715 MSRR 9500/719 MSRR 9500/72 MSRR 9500/722 MSRR 9500/73 MSRR 9500/74 MSRR 9500/75 MSRR 9500/76 MSRR 9500/9 MSRR 9500/91 MSRR 9500/94 MSRR 9500/97 MSRR 9530 MSRR 9544 MSRR 9549 MSS15 MST MST 7AL4MO MSU CB495K MSU CB499K MSU CB761S MSU CB767S MSU CC380H MSU CC481K MSU CC483K MSU CC498K MSU CC499K MSU CC761S MSU CC767S MSVE MSWR10 MSWR12 MSWR15 MSWR17 MSWR20 MSWR22 MSWR6 MSWR8 MSZ 120/1 MSZ 120/2 MSZ 2666 MSZ 2898.1 MSZ 2898.2 MSZ 4747 MSnBz4 MSnBz4Pb MSnBz6 MSt MT 410 MT GTD 222 MT RENE 77 MT-182 MT-182K MT-300B MT-301 MT-302 MT-307L MT-309 MT-309LMo MT-309Mo MT-309S-Cb MT-310 MT-310B MT-318B MT-330 MT-410HL MT-430Ti MT-4653 MT-4820 MT-600B MT-600HB MT-ALBRO 300 MT-ALBRO Mn MT-ALBRO T MT-B70 MT-Cromo1 MT-Cromo2 MT-CuAl8 MT-CuAl8Mn MT-CuAl8Ni2 MT-CuAl8Ni5 MT-CuNi MT-CuSn MT-Dur59 MT-F Cobalt 12 MT-GI MT-GII MT-GIII MT-KUPFER RK MT-Mo MT-Ni MT-NiCu30 MT-NiFe MT-NiMoCr MT-NiTi3 MT-RRC6 MT-W 45 MT-W 60T MT-Zibro 6T MT-alloy Co MT1 MT1010 MT1015 MT1020 MT2 MT302 MT303Se MT304 MT304L MT305 MT309S MT310S MT316 MT316L MT317 MT321 MT347 MT4 MT403 MT405 MT410 MT414 MT416Se MT429 MT430 MT431 MT440A MT443 MT446-1 MT446-2 MTC MTC-AlSi12 MTC-CuAl8 MTD MTD3 MTEK 102-N MTEK 12%Ni 410 MTEK 125 MTEK 150 MTEK 175 MTEK 175 low iron MTEK 175-B MTEK 20%Ni 412 MTEK 20-32Nb MTEK 2205 MTEK 230 MTEK 230-N MTEK 2507 MTEK 275 MTEK 304L MTEK 309 MTEK 316 MTEK 35-15 MTEK 65 MTEK 65+Ni MTEK 76-6-18 MTEK 78-7-15 MTEK 79-6-15HL MTEK 80-10-10 MTEK 83-7-7-3 MTEK 85-5-5-5 MTEK 87-11-1-0-1 MTEK A MTEK D2 MTEK N-12MV MTEK T90813 MTL 1050 MTL 1080 MTL 1450 MTL 4047/4047A MTL 5018 MTL 5087 MTL 5556/5556A MTL-1201 MTL-1203 MTL-1302 MTL5018 MTS 5013 MTS1348 MTV MTX1015 MTX1020 MULTIMET N-155 MULTIMET N-155 cast MULTIMET electrode MULTIMET f.metal MUMETAL MUREX 308LSi MUREX 316LSi MUREX 6012 MUSTANG MV4 MVD MVMA MVS434L MW 2242 MW 2832 MW AF22 MW Cr13 MW GRS550TM MW1560Mo MW2550 MWAF 25 MWE MX-2 MX455 MX466 MY18 MY19 MYM1 MZ20N18 MZN101 MZN12 MZN15 MZN18 Macalloy 3M MagneSHIELD 24 Magsimal-59 Mallory 328 Mangan 72 Manganese Bronze A Manganese brass Manganese bronze #1 Manoir PM17 Mar M300 Mar-X Marage 300 Maraging 300 Marinemessing Marlock C1650 Marly FBA Marly FBCr20MoNi Marly FBO Marly FGL-Ni15Cu6Cr3 Marly FGS-Ni35Cr3 Marly FGS350-22 Marly FGS450-10 Marly G35CrMo4 Marly NC50-M Marly Z12C13-M Marly Z25C13-M Marly Z25CN20-10-M Marly Z270C27-M Marly Z280CD20-2-M Marly Z2CND18-12M Marly Z30C13-M Marly Z30CN26-05-M Marly Z40CN25-12-M Marly Z40NC35-15M Marly Z4CN13-4M Marly Z50NC60-15-M Marly Z5CNU16-4M Marphy 17 Marphy 19 Marshallcrat Medium leaded brass MetalTech 14-4PH Metalba 2031 Metco 68F-NS-1 Metover GX12Cr13 Mg-9Li-1Al Mg-Al-RE Mg-Al9Zn Mg-C92 Mg-Mn Mg1 Mg85-Li9-Al3-Zn3 Mg99,00 Mg99,50 Mg99,8 Mg99,80 Mg99,9 Mg99,90 Mg99,95 Mg99,96 MgAg3SE2Zr1 MgAl10Zn MgAl2Mn MgAl2Si MgAl3Zn MgAl3Zn1 MgAl4Si MgAl4Si1 MgAl6 MgAl6Zn MgAl6Zn1 MgAl6Zn3 MgAl8Zn MgAl8Zn F31 MgAl8Zn-T5 MgAl8Zn1 MgAl8ZnMn MgAl9Zn MgAl9Zn1 MgAl9Zn1-a MgCr15SiMn MgMn2 MgMn2Ce MgRE2Ag1Zr MgRE3Zn2Zr MgRE3Zr-GRE3 MgSE3Zn2Zr1 MgTh3Zn2Zr MgY4RE3Zr MgY5RE4Zr MgZn2Mn1 MgZn4RE1Zr MgZn4SE1Zr1 MgZn5Zr MgZn6Cu3Mn MgZn6Th2Zr MgZn6Zr-T5 MgZr RZ5 Micro 1000 Micro 1150 Micro 650 Micro 700 Micro 800 Micro 850 Micro 900 Micro-Melt M42 MicroTec 2W60 MicroTec 2W75 MicroTec 4M85 Minovar Mk101 Mk3 Mk58 Mk75 Mn bronze A Mn-401 Mn-Cu-Ni POUR THERMOSTAT Mn-Hartstahl Mn-Mo Mn16 Mn315 Mn3Ni1,5Mo Mn3Ni2,5CrMo MnCrWV MnCu18Ni10 MnCuNi MnMo MnMo415 MnNi15Fe MnNi15Fe10 Mo Mo 42 Mo 5 Mo-30W Mo-415 Mo-TZM Mo-Ti-Zr Mo.B Mo1 Mo100 Mo14 Mo30Cu Mo40 Mo53V Mo55 Mo55E Mo58A MoC 210 M MoC 310 M MoC 410 M MoCN 212 M MoCN 216 MoCN 216 M MoCN 315 M MoCN 320 M MoCN206M MoV-707 MoVC 30 MoVC 50.13 MoVC50.13 MoWC53 Moballoy Mod. 98BV40 Modified 51100 Modified 98B37 Modified 98BV40 MoldStar 150 MoldStar 18 MoldStar 21 MoldStar 22 MoldStar 90 Moly Permalloy Molycut 562 Monix E Motung CV Ms56 Ms56N Ms56Pb Ms57W Ms58 Ms58R Ms58W/Ms58S Ms60 Ms60K/Ms60N Ms60P Ms60Pb Ms60Pb35 Ms60S Ms60V DORECO Ms62Pb Ms63 Ms63FS Ms63N Ms63NZ Ms63Pb Ms63S Ms67 Ms70 Ms72 Ms75 Ms80 Ms85 Ms89Pb Ms90 Ms95 Ms98 Mu metal Multisteel Muntz metal 60% Music wire N 4534 N 475 N 48 N 485 N 511 N 52 N 82 N-1 N-12M N-12M-1 N-12M-2 N-135 N-155 N-201 N-263 N-301 N-4 N-7M N-80A N-A-XTRA N-A-XTRA 620 N-A-XTRA 63 N-A-XTRA M550 N-A-XTRA M56 N-A-XTRA M620 N-A-XTRA M63 N-A-XTRA M70 N-A-XTRA M700 N-C13KT N-C20KTA N-C21FeDU N-C22KDA N-C8WTaAKTi N-C8WTaAKTiHf N-K17CDAT N-K9CTaWARe N-KW10CATa N-U30 N-U30 tube N-W10C8AK5Ta3T2 N.B N.C.A.V2 N00 N00002 N00007 N00012 N01 N01555 N02016 N02061 N02100 N02200 N02200 tube N02201 N02201 tube N02205 N02205 low carbon N02211 N02212 N02215 N02216 N02220 N02225 N02230 N02233 N02253 N02270 N02290 N03 N03220 N03260 N03300 N03301 N03360 N04019 N04020 N04060 N04400 N04400 casting N04400 tube N04400[casting] N04401 N04402 N04404 N04405 N05500 N05500 f.metal N05500 tube N05502 N06 N06001 N06002 N06002 casting N06002 f.metal N06002 tube N06003 N06003 electrode N06003 f.metal N06004 N06005 N06006 N06007 N06007 casting N06007 f.metal N06007 tube N06008 N06009 N06010 N06013 N06015 N06022 N06022 casting N06022 f.metal N06025 N06025 electrode N06025 f.metal N06030 N06030 casting N06030 f.metal N06031 N06035 N06035 casting N06035 f.metal N06040 N06043 N06045 N06045 f.metal N06050 N06052 N06054 N06055 N06058 N06059 N06059 casting N06059 f.metal N06059 tube N06060 N06062 N06072 N06073 N06075 N06075 casting N06075 f.metal N06082 N06102 N06110 N06110 f.metal N06132 N06200 N06200 casting N06200 f.metal N06210 N06210 casting N06219 N06230 N06230 casting N06230 f.metal N06231 N06250 N06255 N06333 N06333 electrode N06455 N06455 f.metal N06455 tube N06464 N06600 N06600 casting N06600 f.metal N06600 tube N06601 N06601 casting N06601 f.metal N06601 tube N06602 N06603 N06604 N06617 N06617 f.metal N06617 tube N06621 N06625 N06625 casting N06625 f.metal N06625 tube N06626 N06635 N06635 f.metal N06650 N06650 f.metal N06660 N06674 N06686 N06686 casting N06686 f.metal N06690 N06690 f.metal N06690 tube N06693 N06693 bar N06693 f.metal N06696 N06782 N06920 N06950 N06952 N06975 N06975 f.metal N06985 N06985 casting N06985 f.metal N07 N07001 N07001 f.metal N07002 N07012 N07013 N07031 N07032 N07041 N07048 N07069 N07080 N07080 casting N07080 tube N07090 N07090 casting N07090 f.metal N07092 N07214 N07252 N07263 N07263 casting N07263 f.metal N07500 N07500 casting N07520 N07626 N07702 N07713 N07716 N07718 N07718 casting N07718 f.metal N07719 N07720 N07722 N07725 N07725 f.metal N07750 N07750 electrode N07750 tube N07751 N07752 N07752 type1 N07752 type2 N07754 N07773 N07776 N07818 N07818 f.metal N07924 N08 N08001 N08002 N08004 N08005 N08006 N08007 N08008 N08020 N08020 f.metal N08020 tube N08021 N08022 N08024 N08026 N08028 N08028 f.metal N08028 tube N08030 N08031 N08031 f.m N08031 tube N08032 N08036 N08042 N08050 N08065 N08120 N08135 N08151 N08221 N08245 N08310 N08320 N08330 N08331 N08332 N08332 f.m N08354 N08366 N08367 N08367 casting N08367 tube N08535 N08603 N08604 N08605 N08613 N08614 N08700 N08705 N08800 N08800 casting N08800 tube N08801 N08802 N08810 N08810 tube N08811 N08811 tube N08821 N08825 N08825 casting N08825 mod. N08825 tube N08825/2.4858 N08826 N08890 N08904 N08904 casting N08904 f.metal N08904 tube N08925 N08926 N08926 casting N08926 tube N08932 N08936 N09 N09/N9D N09027 N09706 N09777 N09901 N09901 f.m N09902 N09908 N09911 N09925 N09935 N09945 N09945 tube N09979 N10 N100 N100-M N10001 N10001 f.metal N10001 tube N10002 N10002 casting N10003 N10003 electrode N10003 f.metal N10004 N10004 f.metal N10242 N10242 f.metal N10276 N10276 f.metal N10276 tube N102FC N10624 N10624 tube N10629 N10629 casting N10629 f.metal N10665 N10665 casting N10665 f.metal N10675 N10675 casting N10675 f.metal N10E N11 N114 EXTRA N11E N12 N12160 N12160 f.metal N12E N12MV N13 N13009 N13017 N13020 N13021 N13100 N13E N14 N14052 N14076 N14080 N16/HN N17 N18 N182 N19903 N19907 N19909 N2 N20 N200 N205 N21 N22 N23 N24025 N24030 N24130 N24135 N244 N26022 N26055 N26059 N26455 N26625 N2711M N28820 N2888IM N29 N3 N3/Ni99 N30002 N30007 N30012 N30107 N31 N310 N31254 N32 N320 N320SC N335 N35 N350 N352 N352S1 N360 N37 N4 N400 Dominial N400 EXTRA N404 N408 N408/T1100 N408/T900 N41 N42 N42 CB N42 Dumet N426 N4301 N4418 N4462 N45 N47 Dumet N4718C N4873 N4955 N5 N5.6 N5/6 N50 N51 N52 N530 N53528 N540 N545SA N557 N6 N60 N61 N678 N679 N680 N685 N685 ISO EXTRA N690 N695 N695 EXTRA N7 N700 N701 N709 N710 N717 N718 N75 N750 N752 N7E N7M N8 N800 N8E N9 N90 N99600 N99610 N99612 N99620 N99622 N99624 N99630 N99640 N99644 N99645 N99646 N99650 N99651 N99700 N99710 N99800 N9D N9E NA 224 NA02 NA11 NA12 NA12 tube NA13 NA13 tube NA13CDTa NA13CKDTaRe NA14 NA15 NA15H NA16 NA17 NA18 NA19 NA20 NA204 NA21 NA32 NA33 NA34 NA35 NA36 NA37 NA38 NA39 NA40 NA41 NA42 NA43 NA44 NA45 NA46 NA47 NA48 NA49 NA50 NA51 NAB NADCA section 3 NAG 18/10L NAK80 NAMO1 NAMO2 NAMO3 NAO3 NAR-20-25LMCu NAR-20-25MTi NAR-20-3 NAR-25-50MTi NAR-301L HS1 NAR-305B NAR-403 2D-Q NAR-600 NAR-601 NAR-625 NAR-66 NEL NAR-800 NAR-800H NAR-825 NAR-A NAR-AC-3 NAR-AH-4 NAR-B NAR-DP-12 NAR-DP-28W NAR-DP-3 NAR-DP-3W NAR-DP-8 NAR-F NAR-HC-276 NAR-N200 NAR-N201 NARLOY A NAS 124L NAS 125 NAS 144M NAS 144MLK NAS 155N NAS 185N NAS 206MN NAS 21-6 NAS 22-3 NAS 224N NAS 254N NAS 254NM NAS 255 NAS 255NM NAS 28 NAS 29CO NAS 301J1 NAS 301L NAS 302B NAS 303AM NAS 304AW NAS 304DJ NAS 304N2 NAS 310ELC NAS 316J1 NAS 316L NAS 316Ti NAS 317 NAS 317L NAS 329J1 NAS 329J3L NAS 347 NAS 35 NAS 354N NAS 36 NAS 409L NAS 410L NAS 410S NAS 42 NAS 42-6 NAS 430A NAS 430B NAS 430LM NAS 430LX NAS 436J1L NAS 436LX NAS 445AM NAS 46 NAS 47-6 NAS 49 NAS 52 NAS 56 NAS 60 NAS 600 NAS 601 NAS 625 NAS 630 NAS 631 NAS 64 NAS 65 NAS 660 NAS 690 NAS 74N NAS 750 NAS 75N NAS 800 NAS 800H NAS 800T NAS 825 NAS 86D NAS 86L NAS 8R10 NAS H22 NAS H840 NAS HX NAS NM15 NAS NM15M NAS NW22 NAS NW276 NAS NW400 NAS Ni201 NAS PB-N NAS PC NAS PC-2 NAS XM7 NAT3 NATB NAUTINOX NAVAIR 01-1A-9 NAVAL A NAVAL B NAVAL BRONZE NAVAL D NAVAL E NAVINIC 10 NAVINIC 30 NAVINOX NAVINIC 10 NAVINOX NAVINIC 30 NAVY 46-B-29 NAVY 49-B-3 NAVY G NAVY G 1% LEAD NAVY M NAX-9115-AC NAXAC9115 NB 10 NB 30 NB-105 NB-109 NB-115 NB-164 NB-1SJ NB-2 NB1 NB10 NB12 NB14 NB15 NB16 NB17 NB18 NB1ZR NB4 NBA-52F NBM C65620 NBM C67410 NBM C67420 NBN 253.02 NBN 253.03 NBN 253.04 NBN 253.05 NBN 253.06 NBN 293 NBN 523 NBN 629 NBN 631 NBN A21-221 NBN A21-228 NBN A21.101 NBN A24-401 NBN A24-402 NBR 119 NBR 5603 NBR 6313 NBR 6321 NC-16H NC-30 NC-32 NC-36 NC-36CuL NC-37L NC-38H NC-39MoL NC-Ni NC010 NC0107 NC012 NC050 NC10 NC11 NC11LV NC12 NC12AD NC13AD NC15Fe NC15Fe low carbon NC15Fe7TA NC15FeT NC15FeTNbA NC15K10DAT NC16 NC16D15 NC16D16-M NC16Fe11-M NC17D NC17DW NC18 NC18K15TDA NC19FeNb NC19FeNb casting NC19FeNbDT NC19KDT NC19KDu/v NC2 NC2000 NC20K14 NC20K14 low carbon NC20M NC20Nb NC20NbDW NC20T NC20T-M NC20TA NC2100 NC21DK10 NC22D13 NC22D9Nb4-M NC22DNb NC22DNb tube NC22FeD NC22FeD casting NC22FeDU NC23FeA NC24D6TU NC30 NC30Fe NC310YW NC35A NC4 NC4020 NC40M NC40SW NC4130 NC4135 NC5 NC50-M NC50E NC50M NC6 NC60-15 NC6022 NC6040 NC6455 NC6625 NC6985 NC70-30 NC80-20 NC80/20 NC8825 NC8ADWTa NCA NCAL NCAV NCAV4 NCAV5 NCF 3015 NCF600 NCF600TB NCF600TP NCF601 NCF625 NCF625TB NCF690 NCF709 NCF718 NCF750 NCF751 NCF800 NCF800H NCF800HTB NCF800HTF NCF800HTP NCF800TB NCF800TP NCF80A NCF825 NCF825TB NCF825TP NCG NCH1 NCH2 NCH3 NCHR1 NCHR2 NCHW1 NCHW2 NCK15ATD NCK18TDA NCK19DAT NCK20D NCK20DTA NCK20TA NCKTAWTaNb NCLV NCM NCM 3 NCM1 NCM2 NCM4 NCMS NCMV NCMo NCMo5 NCS NCS35-20 NCT3/12A NCV NCV1 NCu28-2.5-1.5 NCu30 NCu40-2-1 NCuAT B NCuB NCuP NCuT ND 250 ND 300 ND 400 ND08 ND1/ND3 ND10 ND11 ND12 ND16C15 ND18 ND24FeC ND28Fe-M ND3 ND31-M NDZ-S bronze NE 35 NE 45 NE 8150 NE4 NE5 NE8 NEATRO NEN 3650 NERTALIC 20 NERTALIC 40 NERTALIC 46 NES736 part1 NES747-1 NES747-2 NES747-3 NES747-4 NES749-3 NES779 NES780 part2 NES780 part3 NES824 NES830 NES833.2 NES834 NES835 NES838 part1 NES838 part2 NES838-1 NES838-2 NES849-1 typeG NEU 2 NEUSILBER NEUSILBER 4711Pb NEUSILBER 5712Pb NEUSILBER 6218 NEUSILBER 6218Pb NEUSILBER 6512 NEYORO 28 NEYORO 69 NEYORO G NF A02.004 NF A02.005 NF A02.005-1 NF A02.005-2 NF A02.025 NF A02.104 NF A03.111 NF A32.013 NF A32.050 NF A32.051 NF A32.052 NF A32.053 NF A32.054 NF A32.055 NF A32.056 NF A32.057 NF A32.058 NF A32.059 NF A32.060 NF A32.071 NF A32.101 NF A32.160 NF A32.201 NF A32.202 NF A32.211 NF A32.301 NF A32.401 NF A32.501 NF A32.701 NF A32.702 NF A32.703 NF A33.101 NF A33.111 NF A33.200 NF A35.016 NF A35.017 NF A35.049 NF A35.051 NF A35.053 NF A35.054 NF A35.055 NF A35.057 NF A35.500 NF A35.501 NF A35.502 NF A35.503 NF A35.504 NF A35.520 NF A35.551 NF A35.552 NF A35.552-2 NF A35.552-3 NF A35.553 NF A35.554 NF A35.555 NF A35.556 NF A35.557 NF A35.558 NF A35.559 NF A35.561 NF A35.562 NF A35.563 NF A35.564 NF A35.565 NF A35.566 NF A35.567 NF A35.571 NF A35.572 NF A35.573 NF A35.574 NF A35.575 NF A35.576 NF A35.577 NF A35.578 NF A35.579 NF A35.580 NF A35.581 NF A35.582 NF A35.583 NF A35.584 NF A35.585 NF A35.586 NF A35.590 NF A35.595 NF A35.596 NF A36-205.1 NF A36.101 NF A36.102 NF A36.201 NF A36.203 NF A36.204-1 NF A36.204-2 NF A36.204-3 NF A36.205 NF A36.205-2 NF A36.205-3 NF A36.205-4 NF A36.206 NF A36.207 NF A36.208 NF A36.209 NF A36.210 NF A36.211 NF A36.212 NF A36.220 NF A36.231-1 NF A36.231-2 NF A36.232 NF A36.301 NF A36.332 NF A36.401 NF A36.601 NF A36.602 NF A36.603 NF A36.605 NF A36.607 NF A36.612 NF A36.613 NF A36.711 NF A37-401.1 NF A37-401.2 NF A37-401.3 NF A37-401.4 NF A37-401.5 NF A37.201 NF A37.501 NF A37.502 NF A37.503 NF A37.504 NF A37.505-2 NF A45.003 NF A45.075 NF A47.301 NF A49.111 NF A49.112 NF A49.115 NF A49.117 NF A49.141 NF A49.147 NF A49.148 NF A49.150 NF A49.207 NF A49.210 NF A49.211 NF A49.212 NF A49.213 NF A49.214 NF A49.215 NF A49.217 NF A49.218 NF A49.219 NF A49.230 NF A49.242 NF A49.243 NF A49.244 NF A49.245 NF A49.247 NF A49.249 NF A49.250 NF A49.253 NF A49.310 NF A49.311 NF A49.312 NF A49.317 NF A49.323 NF A49.330 NF A49.341 NF A49.401 NF A49.501 NF A49.502 NF A49.540-1 NF A49.811 NF A50.411 NF A50.702 NF A50.703 NF A50.704 NF A50.705 NF A51.050 NF A51.101 NF A51.102 NF A51.103 NF A51.104 NF A51.105 NF A51.106 NF A51.107 NF A51.108 NF A51.109 NF A51.111 NF A51.112 NF A51.113 NF A51.115 NF A51.116 NF A51.117 NF A51.302 NF A51.306 NF A53.012 NF A53.013 NF A53.100 NF A53.104 NF A53.303 NF A53.305 NF A53.503 NF A53.603 NF A53.607 NF A53.667 NF A53.703 NF A53.705 NF A53.707 NF A53.709 NF A53.715 NF A54.101 NF A54.401 NF A55.102 NF A55.110 NF A57.101 NF A57.220 NF A57.702 NF A57.703 NF A57.711 NF A81.011 NF A81.361 NF A81.362 NF A82.100 NF C28.900 NF E29.204 NF F52.523 NF F52.539 NF F80.107 NF L14708 NF L15.130 NF M87.508 NF S90.403 NF S94-051 NF S94-052 NF S94-471 NF S94.057 NF XP A35.014 NF XP A49.646 NF616 NF63 NF709 NF709R NF88 NFA36208 5Ni390 NFA36208 9Ni490 NFA36208 9Ni585 NFK NFe30C20DU-M NFe38C16Nb NG2 NG21 NG3 NG6 NG61 NGK 165 NGK 25 NGK 33-25 NGK 440 NGK 7 NGK C17410 NGK C52100 NGK C70250 NGK C72400 NGK alloy 10 NH 18 V Ruhrlit NH 260 Ruhrlit NH1 NH4 NHC NHD NHE NHF NHH1 NI 36 NI-122 NI-510 NI-67 NI-912 NI-AL-BRZ NI-B13001 NI-B15701 NI-B21001 NI-B31001 NI-B40001 NI-B40002 NI-B41001 NI-B41202 NI-B41203 NI-B41204 NI-B44101 NI-B46001 NI-B48801 NI-C100HT NI-C103HT NI-C104HT NI-C105-HT NI-C98HT NI-C99HT NI-CD1401 NI-CD1701 NI-CD7301 NI-CH1303 NI-CH1305 NI-CH2601 NI-CH6301 NI-P101HT NI-P102HT NI-P105HT NI-P106HT NI-P61HT NI-P91HT NI-P93HT NI-P94HT NI-P95HT NI-P96HT NI-P97HT NI-P97HT tube NI-PD1301 NI-PD9001 NI-PH1201 NI-PH1301 NI-PH1302 NI-PH1303 NI-PH1304 NI-PH1701 NI-PH1801 NI-PH2301 NI-PH2601 NI-PH2801 NI-PH3601 NI-PH3601 tube NI-PH3901 NI-PH8701 NI-RESIST 2 NI-RESIST 2b NI-RESIST 3 NI-RESIST D-2B NI-RESIST D-4 NI-RESIST D-5 NI-RESIST D2 NI-RESIST1 NI-RESIST4 NI-ROD NI-ROD 44 NI-ROD 55 NI-ROD 99 NI-ROD FC55 NI-ROD FM44 NI-SILVER NI-SPAN 902 NI-SPAN C-902 NI-SPAN-C NI-TI high nickel NI-WD3201 NI-WH0001 NI-WH1302 NI-WH1303 NI-WH1801 NI-WH2301 NI-WH2601 NI-WH3601 NI-WH3901 NI-WH3902 NI-WH8901 NI101 NI102 NI103 NI104 NI105 NI106 NI107 NI108 NI109 NI1A1 NI2 NI200 NI201 NI40 NIAL ALLOY NIBAS 70/20IG NIBRO NIBRODAL 116 NIBRODAL 158 NIBROFOR I NIBROFOR II NIBRON SPECIAL NIC 25 NIC 42M NIC 52 NIC-1S NIC-70E/NIC-70S NICHROME 60 NICHROME 70 NICHROME V NICKEL NICKEL 132 NICKEL 141 NICKEL 200 NICKEL 200 ALLOY NICKEL 200 casting NICKEL 201 NICKEL 201 ALLOY NICKEL 205 NICKEL 205low carbon NICKEL 206 NICKEL 211 NICKEL 212 NICKEL 213 NICKEL 220 NICKEL 222 NICKEL 225 NICKEL 230 NICKEL 233 NICKEL 240 NICKEL 243 NICKEL 270 NICKEL 271 NICKEL 272 NICKEL 290 NICKEL 2Ti NICKEL 300 NICKEL 301 NICKEL 400 NICKEL 405 NICKEL 50Cr50Ni NICKEL 5900 NICKEL 600 NICKEL 61 NICKEL 62 NICKEL 625 NICKEL 686 NICKEL 702 NICKEL 718 NICKEL 800 NICKEL 82 NICKEL 825 NICKEL 86 NICKEL 901 NICKEL 909 NICKEL 92 NICKEL 96 NICKEL 99,6K NICKEL 99.2 NICKEL 99.6R C2 NICKEL A EXPANSION CONTROLEE NICKEL ALLIE MOULE NICKEL ALLOY 206 NICKEL ALLOY 211 NICKEL AU TUNGSTENE NICKEL B NICKEL C22 NICKEL COPPER 405 NICKEL FM61 NICKEL HAUTE PURETE NICKEL K-500 NICKEL K9703 NICKEL K9902 NICKEL M NICKEL MOULE NICKEL POUR EXPANSION NICKEL POUR FORTE EXPANSION NICKEL POUR THERMOCOUPLE NICKEL PUR NICKEL PUR FEUILLARD NICKEL S9604-FM61 NICKEL SILVER NICKEL SILVER 10% NICKEL SILVER 18% NICKEL SPEZIAL NICKEL USAGE ELECTRIQUE NICKEL alloy 205 NICKEL alloy 206 NICKEL alloy404 NICKEL alloy702 NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-FER NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-TITANE NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-TUNGSTENE NICKEL-ALUMINIUM-W MOULE NICKEL-BERYLLIUM NICKEL-BERYLLIUM MOULE NICKEL-BERYLLIUM-TITANE NICKEL-CHROME NICKEL-CHROME <=1165C NICKEL-CHROME MOULE NICKEL-CHROME MOULE <=1250C NICKEL-CHROME MOULE CHALEUR NICKEL-CHROME-ALUMINIUM NICKEL-CHROME-Al MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-Al-Mn-Cu NICKEL-CHROME-Al-Mo MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-BISMUTH MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-Bi MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT-Al NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT-FER NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT-Mo NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT-Nb NICKEL-CHROME-COBALT-Ti NICKEL-CHROME-Co MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-FER NICKEL-CHROME-FER < 1150C NICKEL-CHROME-FER MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-FER-ALUMINIUM NICKEL-CHROME-FER-MOLYBDENE NICKEL-CHROME-FER-Mo NICKEL-CHROME-FER-Mo MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-FER-Mo-Nb NICKEL-CHROME-FER-TITANE NICKEL-CHROME-FER-TUNGSTENE NICKEL-CHROME-FER-W NICKEL-CHROME-MANGANESE NICKEL-CHROME-MOLYBDENE NICKEL-CHROME-Mo MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-SILICIUM NICKEL-CHROME-SILICIUM-Nb NICKEL-CHROME-TANTALE NICKEL-CHROME-THORIUM NICKEL-CHROME-TITANE NICKEL-CHROME-TUNGSTENE NICKEL-CHROME-Ta MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-W MOULE NICKEL-CHROME-W-Co MOULE NICKEL-COBALT MOULE NICKEL-COBALT-CHROME NICKEL-COBALT-CHROME MOULE NICKEL-COBALT-CHROME-Mo NICKEL-COBALT-RHENIUM NICKEL-COBALT-TANTALE MOULE NICKEL-COBALT-TUNGSTENE NICKEL-COBALT-Ta MOULE NICKEL-COBALT-W MOULE NICKEL-COPPER 400 NICKEL-CUIVRE NICKEL-CUIVRE MOULE NICKEL-CUIVRE-ALUMINIUM NICKEL-CUIVRE-CHROME-FER NICKEL-CUIVRE-FER NICKEL-CUIVRE-MANGANESE NICKEL-CUIVRE-NIOBIUM MOULE NICKEL-CUIVRE-SILICIUM NICKEL-CUIVRE-SILICIUM MOULE NICKEL-Cr-Cu-Mo-Fe-W MOULE NICKEL-Cr-Fe-Mo-Co NICKEL-Cr-Fe-W NICKEL-Cr-Mo MOULE NICKEL-Cr-Mo-Cu-Fe MOULE NICKEL-Cr-Mo-Ta MOULE NICKEL-Cr-Mo-W MOULE NICKEL-ETAIN-ZINC MOULE NICKEL-FER NICKEL-FER MAGNETIQUE DOUX NICKEL-FER-CHROME NICKEL-FER-CHROME MOULE NICKEL-FER-CHROME-MOLYBDENE NICKEL-FER-CHROME-Mo NICKEL-FER-CHROME-NIOBIUM NICKEL-FER-CHROME-SILICIUM NICKEL-FER-COBALT MOULE NICKEL-FER-CUIVRE NICKEL-FER-CUIVRE-Mo NICKEL-FER-MOLYBDENE NICKEL-IRON S6040 NICKEL-MAGNESIUM NICKEL-MAGNESIUM-TITANE NICKEL-MANGANESE NICKEL-MANGANESE-ALUMINIUM NICKEL-MANGANESE-CHROME NICKEL-MANGANESE-SILICIUM NICKEL-MO-Cr-Fe-W MOULE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE MOULE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-Al MOULE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-CHROME NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-Cr MOULE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-FER NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-FER MOULE NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-FER-CHROME NICKEL-MOLYBDENE-W MOULE NICKEL-SILICIUM MOULE NICKEL-SILICIUM-COBALT-Fe NICKEL-SILICIUM-CUIVRE MOULE NICKEL-SILICIUM-MAGNESIUM NICKEL-SPEZIALANODE NICKEL-TANTALE-CHROME MOULE NICKEL-TANTALE-Re MOULE NICKEL-THORIUM NICKEL-TITANE NICKEL-TUNGSTENE MOULE NICKEL-TUNGSTENE-Al-Cr MOULE NICKEL-TUNGSTENE-Co MOULE NICKEL-W-Co MOULE NICKEL-W-Co-Cr-Al-Ta MOULE NICKELEISEN 36 NICKELEISEN 42 NICKELIN NICKELIN-W NICKELMANGAN 1 NICKELMANGAN 1C NICKELMANGAN 2RoLC NICKELMANGAN 5Ro NICKELVAC 13-8Mo NICKELVAC 17-4 NICKELVAC 188 NICKELVAC 200 NICKELVAC 201 NICKELVAC 22 NICKELVAC 23 NICKELVAC 263 NICKELVAC 276 NICKELVAC 400 NICKELVAC 422 NICKELVAC 4340 NICKELVAC 450 NICKELVAC 600 NICKELVAC 601 NICKELVAC 617 NICKELVAC 625 NICKELVAC 690 NICKELVAC 800 NICKELVAC 800H NICKELVAC 80A NICKELVAC 825 NICKELVAC 901 NICKELVAC 925 NICKELVAC 9310 NICKELVAC A-286 NICKELVAC C-263 NICKELVAC H-46 NICKELVAC H-N NICKELVAC H-W NICKELVAC H-X NICKELVAC HB NICKELVAC HB-2 NICKELVAC HG NICKELVAC HG3 NICKELVAC K-500 NICKELVAC K-502 NICKELVAC L-605 NICKELVAC M-250 NICKELVAC M-300 NICKELVAC N-80A NICKELVAC N-90 NICKELVAC P-31 NICKELVAC R-26 NICKELVAC S-28 NICKELVAC W-722 NICKELVAC X-2M NICKELVAC X-750 NICKELVAC X-751 NICKELVAC XM-19 NICKRALEX K5 NICKREL NICKREL K NICLAFOR 1000 NICLAL 02 NICLAL 05 NICLAL 06 NICLAL 08 NICLAL 10 NICLAL 100 NICLAL 101 NICLAL 103 NICLAL 10Fe NICLAL 120 NICLAL 125 NICLAL 13 NICLAL 1300 NICLAL 15 NICLAL 150 NICLAL 180 NICLAL 1800 NICLAL 181 NICLAL 20 NICLAL 230 NICLAL 25 NICLAL 250 NICLAL 260 NICLAL 30 NICLAL 30Fe NICLAL 320 NICLAL 32Ti NICLAL 3444 NICLAL 38 NICLAL 400 NICLAL 42 NICLAL 48 NICLAL 725 NICOLOY 9 NICOMET 1 NICOMET 2 NICORE 55 NICORO NICORROS S NICORROS S6530-FM60 NICORROS alloy 400 NICRAL C NICRAL D NICRAL H NICRAL T NICREX E312 NICRO 60/20 NICRO 70/15 Mn NICRO 70/19 NICROBRAZ 10 NICROBRAZ 130 NICROBRAZ 170 NICROBRAZ 171 NICRODUR 250 NICRODUR 300 NICRODUR 400 NICRODUR 500 NICROFER 2020 NICROFER 2509Si7 NICROFER 3033 NICROFER 3127LC NICROFER 3127hMo NICROFER 3220 NICROFER 3220H NICROFER 3220HP NICROFER 3220LC NICROFER 3228NbCe NICROFER 3320 NICROFER 3519Nb NICROFER 3620Nb NICROFER 3718 NICROFER 3718So NICROFER 4221 NICROFER 4221hMo NICROFER 4320Ti NICROFER 45 NICROFER 4520hmo NICROFER 45TM NICROFER 4626MoW NICROFER 4722Co NICROFER 4823hMo NICROFER 5020hMo NICROFER 5020hmo NICROFER 5120CoTi NICROFER 5219Nb NICROFER 5520Co NICROFER 5621hMoW NICROFER 5716hMoW NICROFER 5821hMoN NICROFER 5923hMo NICROFER 6009 AL 10 NICROFER 6020hMo NICROFER 6023 NICROFER 6023H NICROFER 6025HT NICROFER 6030 NICROFER 6125GT NICROFER 6219Si NICROFER 6325Ta NICROFER 6616hMo NICROFER 6630Ti NICROFER 6928 NICROFER 7016TiAl NICROFER 7016TiNb NICROFER 7216 NICROFER 7216H NICROFER 7216LC NICROFER 7520 NICROFER 7520Ti NICROFER K5520 NICROFER K5716 NICROFER K6020 NICROFER S3028 NICROFER S3033 NICROFER S3127 NICROFER S4225 NICROFER S5020 NICROFER S5923 NICROFER S6025 NICROFER S6030 NICROFER S6219 NICROFER S7020-FM82 NICROMO 59/23 NICROSIL ALLOY NICROSILAL NICROTUNG NICROX 49C1 NICUMAN 37 NICUSIL 3 NICUSIL 8 NICUSILTIN 6 NICUSIM 65 NIDA NIET-LEGIERUNG 1810 NIFEMAX NIFEMAX 48 NIHARD 1 NIHARD 4 NIKKEL-CHROOM 068HH NIKRO M NIKROTHAL 35/19Cb NIKROTHAL 40 NIKROTHAL 40B NIKROTHAL 6 NIKROTHAL 60 NIKROTHAL 70 NIKROTHAL 8 NIKROTHAL 80 NIKROTHAL 80/20Cb NIKROTHAL LX NILO 36 NILO 365 NILO 42 NILO 475 NILO 48 NILO 55 NILO K NILO alloy 55 NILOMAG 36 NILOMAG 77 NILVAR NIMAR 110 NIMAR 125 NIMAR 90 NIMARK 200 NIMARK 250 NIMARK 300 NIMAX NIMN2 NIMOCAST 242 NIMOCAST 257 NIMOCAST 713 NIMOCAST 713LC NIMOCAST 75 NIMOCAST 80 NIMOCAST 90 NIMOCAST PD16 NIMOCAST PD21 NIMOCAST PE10 NIMOCAST PK24 NIMOFER 6224 NIMOFER 6629 NIMOFER 6928 NIMOFER S6224 NIMOFER S6629 NIMOFER S6928-FMB2 NIMOL 460 NIMOLOY PK37 NIMONIC 100 NIMONIC 101 NIMONIC 1023 NIMONIC 105 NIMONIC 108 NIMONIC 115 NIMONIC 155 NIMONIC 155 casting NIMONIC 155 f.metal NIMONIC 263 NIMONIC 70 NIMONIC 75 NIMONIC 75 f.metal NIMONIC 80 NIMONIC 80A NIMONIC 81 NIMONIC 86 NIMONIC 90 NIMONIC 90 mod. NIMONIC 901 NIMONIC 91 NIMONIC 95 NIMONIC AP1 NIMONIC B NIMONIC C NIMONIC C263 NIMONIC C75 NIMONIC CB NIMONIC CC NIMONIC DS NIMONIC PE11 NIMONIC PE13 NIMONIC PE16 NIMONIC PK25 NIMONIC PK31 NIMONIC PK33 NIMONIC PK33 f.m NIMONIC PK50 NIMROD 59KS NIMROD AKS NIOBIUM PUR NIOBIUM-HAFNIUM-TITANE NIOBIUM-HAFNIUM-TUNGSTENE NIOBIUM-MOLYBDENE-VANADIUM NIOBIUM-TANTALE-TUNGSTENE NIOBIUM-TITANE-TUNGSTENE NIOBIUM-TUNGSTENE-HAFNIUM NIOBIUM-TUNGSTENE-ZIRCONIUM NIOBIUM-ZIRCONIUM NIOMOL 460 NIOMOL 490 NIORO NIOTHERM NN NIOTHERM NP NIROCUT 4301 NIROCUT 4305 NIROCUT 4307 NIROCUT 4404 NIROSTA 1.4607 NIROSTA 1.4618 NIROSTA 1.4640 NIROSTA 4000 NIROSTA 4002 NIROSTA 4003 NIROSTA 4005 NIROSTA 4006 NIROSTA 4016 NIROSTA 4021 NIROSTA 4024 NIROSTA 4028 NIROSTA 4031 NIROSTA 4034 NIROSTA 4057 NIROSTA 409Nb NIROSTA 4104 NIROSTA 4105 NIROSTA 4112 NIROSTA 4113 NIROSTA 4116 NIROSTA 4117 NIROSTA 4120 NIROSTA 4122 NIROSTA 4125 NIROSTA 4301 NIROSTA 4303 NIROSTA 4305 NIROSTA 4306 NIROSTA 4307 NIROSTA 4310 NIROSTA 4311 NIROSTA 4313 NIROSTA 4315 NIROSTA 4318 NIROSTA 4321 NIROSTA 4401 NIROSTA 4404 NIROSTA 4406 NIROSTA 4418 NIROSTA 4427 NIROSTA 4429 NIROSTA 4432 NIROSTA 4435 NIROSTA 4438 NIROSTA 4439 NIROSTA 4441 ESU NIROSTA 4460 NIROSTA 4462 NIROSTA 4465 NIROSTA 4501 NIROSTA 4509 NIROSTA 4510 NIROSTA 4511 NIROSTA 4512 NIROSTA 4513 NIROSTA 4520 NIROSTA 4521 NIROSTA 4535 NIROSTA 4539 NIROSTA 4541 NIROSTA 4550 NIROSTA 4561 NIROSTA 4563 NIROSTA 4565 NIROSTA 4565S NIROSTA 4567 NIROSTA 4568 NIROSTA 4571 NIROSTA 4586 NIROSTA 4589 NIROSTA 4713 NIROSTA 4718 NIROSTA H400 NISIL ALLOY NISIUM NISSHIN S60CM NISSHIN SCM440M NISSHIN SNCM220M NISTELLE 208PM NISTELLE 625 NISTELLE B NISTELLE B-2C NISTELLE C NISTELLE C-22 NISTELLE C-4C NISTELLE D NIT-135 NIT-KD NIT2 NITINOL NITINOL SE508 NITINOL SM495 NITON 10 NITON 20 NITON 30 NITR 135 NITRAL 3 NITRALLOY 135 NITRALLOY 135 mod. NITRALLOY 135M NITRALLOY 135M cast NITRALLOY 4330 mod. NITRALLOY 4337 NITRALLOY EZ NITRALLOY G NITRALLOY N VAC-ARC NITRALOY 40B NITRIDING #135 NITRIDING #3 NITRIDING NTR NITRINOX 1.4456 NITRINOX CROMANITE NITRIX 71 NITRIX 72 NITRIX 73 NITRIX 75 NITRIX 76 NITRIX 80 NITRIX V NITRIX-I NITRO-100 NITRONIC 19D NITRONIC 20 NITRONIC 30 NITRONIC 32 NITRONIC 33 NITRONIC 35W NITRONIC 40 NITRONIC 40W NITRONIC 50 NITRONIC 50 casting NITRONIC 50W NITRONIC 60 NITRONIC 60 cast NITRONIC 60W NITRONIX 1.3816 NITROY 40B NK NK-Cr22 NK120 NK15CATD NK18CDAT NK2 NK202 NK20CDA NKFS NL0005 NL0018 NL0020 NL0026 NL0030 NL0033 NL0034 NL0035 NL0036 NL0043 NL0044 NL0046 NL0048 NL0049 NL0052 NL0055 NL0058 NL0062 NL0063 NL0066 NL0083 NL0089 NL0090 NL0090 CHROMEL C NL0091 NL0096 NL0097 NL0098 NL0099 NL0100 NL0101 NL0102 NL0103 NL0121 NL370-17 NL400-12 NL500-7 NL600-3 NLB000 NLB000 CHROMEL AA NLB000 CHROMEL-P NLCP NLKD NLP33K NLP77B NLP82B NM05 NM15M NM1B NM2 NM2/NM3 NM3 NM6 NMC NMCrP NMS-100 NMV NMWV NN3C NNCP NO470-50 NO530-50 NO530-65 NO600-50 NO600-65 NO700-50 NO700-65 NO800-50 NO800-65 NOM-153-SSA1 NONICM2 NORANDA AJ50X NORANDA N NOREM powder NOREM wire NORILIUM NORINOX NORMAPERM NORTON L119 NOVELIS B57S NOWAK 35CD4 NOWAK 35NCD6 NOWAK 50CV4 NP35E NP45E NP6 NPW NR-1 NR-2 NR-NI 99.6 NR-NICKEL 99,6 NR-Ni 99 NRS NRSU NS NS 11100 NS 11301 NS 11338 NS 11342 NS 11350 NS 11360 NS 11370 NS 11645 NS 11650 NS 11660 NS 12120 NS 12122 NS 12123 NS 12124 NS 12142 NS 12143 NS 12153 NS 13860 NS 13882 NS 14210 NS 14230 NS 14240 NS 14310 NS 14325 NS 14330 NS 14350 NS 14355 NS 14360 NS 14450 NS 14455 NS 14460 NS 14485 NS 16011 NS 16015 NS 16106 NS 16108 NS 16110 NS 16150 NS 16210 NS 16220 NS 16304 NS 16306 NS 16355 NS 16424 NS 16506 NS 16508 NS 16510 NS 16512 NS 16520 NS 16525 NS 16530 NS 16540 NS 16550 NS 16554 NS 16565 NS 16570-15 NS 16570-20 NS 16575 NS 16920 NS 16930 NS 1699 NS 17005 NS 17010 NS 17011 NS 17015 NS 17105 NS 17110 NS 17205 NS 17210 NS 17215 NS 17220 NS 17305 NS 17310 NS 17405 NS 17410 NS 17510 NS 17512 NS 17520 NS 17525 NS 17540 NS 17552 NS 17570 NS 17750 NS 190 NS 23 NS 2377 NS 2387 NS101 NS103 NS104 NS105 NS106 NS107 NS109 NS111 NS112 NS113 NS12 NS13 NS131 NS141 NS142 NS143 NS20C NS20P NS21A NS21AS NS21C NS21CH NS21T NS22I NS22S NS22S1 NS24 NS3 NS30 NS311 NS312 NS313 NS314 NS315 NS321 NS322 NS331 NS332 NS335 NS336 NS3Cu NS4 NS41 NS5 NS54 NS6 NS7 NS8 NSB NSB 6 NSB4 NSCD NSG2 NSK NSM NSM 21 NSM21B NSM21S NSM21X5 NSM22 NSM22F3 NSM22S NSM22SF NSMC NSOH NSS 445M2 NSSCM SWRH82B NSSMC 1118 NSSMC 28 NSSMC 304L NSSMC 317CU NSSMC 321H NSSMC 347 NSSMC 405 NSSMC 444 NSSMC 696 NSSMC 800 NSSMC 825 NSSMC SWRCH17R NSSMC SWRCH8R NSSMC SWRH82A NSSMC SWRY11 NSSMC SWRY21 NSU NSU-X NSUX NSZ NT-DX NT4 NTR20 NTR50 NTR50IMP NTR60 NU MONIT NU-DIE EZ NU-DIE V NU-DIE XL Premium NU30-M NU30AT NU30AT tube NU30Fe NU30Si-M NUCL 167 SPH NUCL 18.10 NUCL 18.10B NUCL 18.10Nb NUCLEAR SA299 NUCLEAR SA302B NUCLEAR SA533B NUTEC 42 NV NV-3 NV1 NV1-0 NV1-1 NV1-2 NV2 NV2-0 NV2-4 NV2-4L NV20-0 NV20-1 NV20-2 NV3-0 NV3-1 NV4 NV4-4 NV4-4L NV45 NV5 NV6 NV6-2 NV7 NV7-1 NV7-3 NV8 NVA NVA32 NVA36 NVB NVD NVD32 NVD36 NVD420 NVD500 NVD690 NVE NVE32 NVE36 NVE460 NVE500 NVE690 NVF420 NVF500 NVF690 NVR20-1 NVR7-1 NVR7-2 NVR7-3 NW0001 NW0276 NW0665 NW1 NW10CAK NW11AC NW2200 NW2201 NW3021 NW4400 NW4400 NiCu30 NW4402 NW5500 NW6002 NW6002 tube NW6007 NW6022 NW6333 NW6455 NW6600 NW6601 NW6601 tube NW6602 NW6617 NW6621 NW6625 NW6690 NW6985 NW7001 NW7080 NW7090 NW7263 NW7718 NW7750 NW8020 NW8028 NW8800 NW8801 NW8810 NW8811 NW8825 NW9 NW9911 NWC NWP NX-188 NX08 NX13 NY 330 NY 330Cb NY 600 NY 601 NY 625 NY 810 NY 811 NY 845 NY B66 NY08 NY1 NY12 NY2 NY276 NY286 NY3 NY32760 NY690 NY800 NY925 NYLOID 2 SRP NZ2 NZ207-SC NZ3 NZS 1573 Naval brass Naval brass arsenical Naval brass-leaded Navy G bronze Navy M bronze Nb Nb C-103 Nb-1.0Zr Nb-10Hf-1.0Ti Nb-10W-2.5Zr Nb-28Ta-10W-1Zr Nb-30Hf-9W Nb-Hf30W9 Nb-Ta28W10Zr1 Nb-Ti30W20 NeutroSorb PLUS Neutrosorb PLUS Ni Ni 48 Ni C Ni Cr 235 Ni Cr 322 Ni Hard IV Ni N02200 Ni alloy 210 Ni alloy 213 Ni alloy 305 Ni alloy 611 Ni alloy 657 Ni alloy B Ni alloy C Ni alloy D Ni alloy F Ni alloy G Ni alloy N Ni alloy X Ni-117 Ni-141 Ni-20Cr Cb stabilized Ni-2ThO2 Ni-352 Ni-45Ti Ni-4Al ALLOY Ni-555 Ni-686 Ni-69 Ni-A Ni-Al bronze Ni-Cr alloy 610 Ni-Cr alloy 88 Ni-Cr alloy N-155 Ni-Cr-W valve Ni-Cu classA Ni-Cu classB Ni-Cu-Al Ni-Fe-Cr-Si alloy Ni-Mn-Br Ni-Mo Ni-Mo-Cr Ni-Mo16Cr15 Ni-Mo16Cr15C Ni-Mo28 Ni-P100HT Ni-P11 Ni-RESIST 1b Ni-Resist F47001 Ni-Ti alloy Ni-W ALLOY Ni-X Ni01 Ni02 Ni05 Ni1001 Ni1003 Ni1004 Ni1008 Ni1009 Ni105 Ni1062 Ni1066 Ni1067 Ni1069 Ni115 Ni2061 Ni2MV Ni30 Ni30Cr resistance Ni36 Ni38 Ni40 Ni4060 Ni4061 Ni42 Ni45 Ni46 Ni47 Ni48 Ni49 Ni50 Ni51 Ni52 Ni54 Ni5504 Ni6002 Ni6012 Ni6022 Ni6025 Ni6030 Ni6052 Ni6057 Ni6058 Ni6059 Ni6062 Ni6072 Ni6076 Ni6082 Ni61 Ni6160 Ni6176 Ni6200 Ni6205 Ni6231 Ni6276 Ni6452 Ni6455 Ni6601 Ni6617 Ni6625 Ni6650 Ni6686 Ni6701 Ni6704 Ni6975 Ni6985 Ni7069 Ni7090 Ni7092 Ni7263 Ni75 Ni7718 Ni7725 Ni8025 Ni8065 Ni80A Ni80FeMo Ni8125 Ni90 Ni99,2 Ni99,2 wire Ni99,4Fe Ni99,5 Ni99,6 Ni99,7 Ni99,7Mg0,05 Ni99,7Mg0,07 Ni99,9 Ni99,98 Ni99.0 Ni99.0-LC Ni99.6 Ni99/N3 Ni99CSi NiAl13Cr7Co6Mo4Ta3Re NiAl13Cr8Mo5Ta3 NiAlBz NiAlBzF60 NiAp210 NiBe2 ALLIAGE 360 NiCo alloy maraging NiCo10W10Cr9Al6Ta3 NiCo15Cr10Al6Ti5Mo3 NiCo15Cr15MoAlTi NiCo20Cr15Mo5Al5Ti NiCo20Cr15MoAlTi NiCo20Cr20Mo5Ti2Al NiCo20Cr20MoTi NiCo20Si5B3 NiCo28.21 NiCo28.23 NiCo28/21 NiCo29.18 NiCo29/18 NiCo29Cr28Si NiCo38.13 NiCr-752 NiCr1-550 NiCr10 NiCr11 NiCr13Al6Mo5Nb NiCr13Mo6Ti3 NiCr13Si NiCr13Si4B3 NiCr14Fe4NbMo NiCr14Fe5Si5B3 NiCr14Mo7Fe NiCr15B4 NiCr15Fe NiCr15Fe6Mn NiCr15Fe7Nb NiCr15Fe7Ti2Al5 NiCr15Fe7TiAl NiCr15Fe7TiAl electrode NiCr15Fe7TiAl tube NiCr15Fe8 NiCr15Fe8-LC NiCr15Fe8Nb NiCr15Fe8NbMo NiCr15Fe8NbMoW NiCr15Mo15Fe6W4 NiCr15Mo16Fe5W3 NiCr15MoTi NiCr15Ti3Mn NiCr16Al NiCr16Co10Mo8Al4Ti4 NiCr16Fe12NbMo NiCr16Fe6 NiCr16Fe7TiAlNb NiCr16Fe8Nb NiCr16Mo15 NiCr16Mo15Ti NiCr16Mo16Ti NiCr16Ti3Mn2 NiCr18Co NiCr18CoMo NiCr19Co11MoTi NiCr19Co18Mo4Ti3Al3 NiCr19CoMo NiCr19Fe18Nb5Mo NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 NiCr19FeNb NiCr19Mo15 NiCr19Mo9Si NiCr19Nb5Mo3Ti NiCr19NbMo NiCr19Si10 NiCr19Si7B NiCr2-500 NiCr20 NiCr20AlSi NiCr20Co13Mo4Ti3Al NiCr20Co13Mo4TiAl NiCr20Co14 NiCr20Co18Ti NiCr20Co18Ti casting NiCr20Co18Ti f.metal NiCr20Co18Ti3 NiCr20Co18Ti3Al2 NiCr20Co20Mo6Ti2 NiCr20CoMo NiCr20CuMo NiCr20CuMo tube NiCr20Fe14Mo11WN NiCr20FeMo3TiCuAl NiCr20Mn3Nb NiCr20Mo NiCr20Mo15 NiCr20Nb7Mo6W NiCr20Ti NiCr20Ti casting NiCr20Ti f.metal NiCr20Ti2Al NiCr20TiAl NiCr21Fe18Mo NiCr21Fe18Mo9 NiCr21Mo NiCr21Mo f.metal NiCr21Mo tube NiCr21Mo13Fe4W3 NiCr21Mo13W3 NiCr21Mo14W NiCr21Mo16W3 NiCr21Mo16W4 NiCr21Mo3Cu2 NiCr21Mo6Cu NiCr21Mo8Nb3Ti NiCr21MoFeNb NiCr22.3 NiCr22Co12Mo NiCr22Co12Mo9 NiCr22Fe18Mo NiCr22Fe18Mo tube NiCr22Fe19Mo9Co2 NiCr22Fe20Mo6Cu2Nb NiCr22Fe20Mo7Cu2 NiCr22Mo NiCr22Mo6Cu NiCr22Mo6Cu casting NiCr22Mo6Cu tube NiCr22Mo7Cu NiCr22Mo7Cu f.metal NiCr22Mo7Fe19 NiCr22Mo9 NiCr22Mo9Nb NiCr22Mo9Nb casting NiCr22Mo9Nb tube NiCr22Mo9Nb4 NiCr22W12Fe NiCr22W14Mo NiCr22W14Mo casting NiCr22W14Mo2 NiCr23Co12Mo NiCr23Co12Mo tube NiCr23Fe NiCr23Fe15Al NiCr23Fe15Al tube NiCr23Mo16 NiCr23Mo16Al NiCr23Mo16Cu NiCr23Mo16Cu2 NiCr25Fe10Al3YC NiCr25Fe10AlY NiCr25Fe16CoNbW NiCr25FeAl3YC NiCr25FeAlY NiCr25FeAlYC NiCr25Mo10 NiCr25Mo10C NiCr25Mo16 NiCr25Mo6 NiCr26Fe20Co3Mo3W3 NiCr26MoW NiCr26MoW electrode NiCr28Co30Si3 NiCr28Fe6W NiCr28FeSiCe NiCr29Fe NiCr29Fe f.metal NiCr29Fe9 NiCr29Mo5Fe15W2 NiCr2Mn NiCr2Mn 522 NiCr2MnSi NiCr30.20 NiCr30Fe15Mo5W NiCr30Fe9 NiCr30Fe9Nb NiCr30FeMo NiCr30FeMo f.metal NiCr30Mo11 NiCr30TiAl NiCr33Mo8 NiCr36Fe7Nb NiCr4-500 NiCr4-600 NiCr4-630 NiCr42.6 NiCr44Ti NiCr45.23 NiCr4Mn NiCr5MnSi NiCr60 15 NiCr70 30 NiCr70.30 NiCr7Si5B3Fe3 NiCr80 20 NiCr80.20 NiCr9 NiCr9010 NiCrMo-958 NiCrMo16W NiCrMo16W casting NiCrMoV-952 NiCro 31/27 NiCu NiCu25Al3Ti NiCu27Mn3NbTi NiCu30 NiCu30-LC NiCu30Al NiCu30Al3Ti NiCu30Fe NiCu30Fe tube NiCu30Mn3Nb NiCu30Mn3Ti NiCu31 NiCu32Fe1,5Mn NiCu40SnSi NiCu45 NiCuTi NiFe 55:45 NiFe 60:40 NiFe K 6040 NiFe K6040 NiFe S 6040 NiFe13CuMo NiFe15Mo NiFe16CuCr NiFe16CuMo NiFe17CuCr NiFe19Cr19Nb5Mo3 NiFe22 NiFe25Cr20NbTi NiFe26Cr25Mo NiFe30Cr21Mo3 NiFe30Cr25Mo NiFe30Cr29Mo NiFe33Cr17Mo NiFe33Cr25Co NiFe44 NiFe45 NiFe46 NiFe46/2.4475 NiFe47 NiFe47Cr NiFe47Cr6 NiFe48 NiFe48Cr NiFe49 NiFe63 NiFeCr12Mo NiFeCr17MoTiAl NiHard 2 NiMark 250 NCO NiMn1 NiMn1,5 NiMn19Si6Cu4B NiMn1C NiMn2 NiMn2,0 NiMn2,5 NiMn2-212 NiMn20.6 NiMn2ROE NiMn3Al NiMn3Si NiMn3SiMg NiMn4Si NiMn4Si 667 NiMn5 NiMn5ROE NiMo-580 NiMo-582 NiMo-587 NiMo16Cr15Fe6W4 NiMo16Cr15W NiMo16Cr15W tube NiMo16Cr16Ti NiMo17Cr7 NiMo19WCr NiMo20WCu NiMo23Cr8Fe NiMo24Cr8Fe6 NiMo25Cr3Fe5 NiMo25Cr5Fe5 NiMo25Fe6Cr5 NiMo28 NiMo28Fe NiMo28Fe4Cr NiMo28Fe5 NiMo28Fe5Cr NiMo29Cr NiMo29Cr casting NiMo29Cr f.metal NiMo30 NiMo30 tube NiMo30Cr NiMo30Fe5 NiMo59 NiP11 NiPd34Au30 NiResist D5B NiResist D5S NiSi10Cu NiSi4B2 NiSi5B3 NiTi3 NiW12Cr10Si4Fe3B3 NiW4 Nickel 99,2 Nickel B Nickel C276 Nickel G-30 Nickel Silver 62/18 Nickel Silver 65-15 Nickel alloy 700 Nickel alloy214 Nickel gear bronze Nickel gunmetal Nickel silver 20% Nickel silver 55-18 Nickel silver 59-12 Nickel silver 65-18 Nickel silver 72-18 Nickel tin bronze Nickel-686 Nickel-Arc 99 NickelAlloy 52 NickelAlloy 60 NickelAlloy 72 NickelAlloy 725 Nickelvac Greek Ascoloy Niclal 150 Nicorros Al Nicrimphy 2205 Nicrimphy 25-7N Nicrimphy 2506 Nicrimphy 276 Nicrimphy 3255 Nicrimphy 3276 Nicrimphy 600 Nicrimphy 601 Nicrimphy 690 Nicrimphy 800 Nicrimphy 810 Nicrimphy 811 Nicrimphy 825 Nicrimphy 840 Nicrimphy 845 Nicrimphy 904L Nicrimphy 920 Nicrimphy 925 Nicrimphy 928 Nicrimphy F44 Nicrimphy R40 Nicrofer 3127LC Nicrofer 4221 Nicrosilal Nicrosilal spheronic Nifethal 36 Nifethal 42 Nifethal 52 Nimrod 190 Nimrod 617KS Nimrod 657 Nimrod NC19Mo Niobium C129Y Niresist D5B Nirosta 4436 Nitin NHU Nitrodur 1.8509 Nitrodur 1.8515 Nitrodur 1.8519 Nitrodur 1.8521 Nitrodur 1.8523 Nitrodur 34 Nitrodur 34CrAlMo5 Nitrodur 34CrAlNi7 Nk1 Nk13 Nk19 Nk2 Nk3 Nk4 Nk5 Nk6 Nk8 Nk9 Normaperm Novonite 4820 Nr 95 Ns10Pb Ns12MnPb Ns18Pb Ns4711Pb Ns5712Pb Ns6025 Ns61/18 Ns6218 Ns6218Pb Ns6512 Ns7Mn2Pb Nuance D N1 yellow brass N111 O O02 O1 O1 casting O18 O1A O2 O2A O3 O3A-2 O6 O6 ALLOY O7 O80 OA2 OC100 OC100ES OC120 OC70 OCP110 OCP135 OCR OCR1 OCR12 OCR12EX OCR12SP OCR12V2 OCR12VM OCR2 OCR3 OCR4ES OCR4EX OCR5 OCR5MO OCR6 OCR8VMS OE-GIV OE-S1 OE-SD2 3Ni OEDERLIN 1.7379 OEKOTAL OEKOTAL-Bi OF OF 2285 OF 2291 OF-CU102 OF-Cu OFE OFE-CU101 OFHC 101 OFHC 102 OFHC CERTIFIE OFHC Gr1 OFHC Gr2 OFHC REGULAR OFHC copper OFLP OFS OFS 105 OFS C10700 OFS-CU104 OFS-CU105 OFS/C10700 OFXLP OFXLP-CU103 OGEL D4 OGEL SO1 OGUSSA 2700 OGUSSA 3476 OGUSSA 4404 OGUSSA 4505 OGUSSA 4900 OGUSSA Sn60Pb38Cu2 OH236 OH237 OH239 OH246 OH248 OH250 OH251 OH252 OH253 OH255 OH257 OH260 OH842 OHIO DIE OHMALOY 30 OHMALOY 40 OHV3 OHV4 OHV5 OI OII OIII OILCRAT OILDIE OIV OK 13.28 OK 16.10 OK 16.54 OK 16.86 OK 18.01 OK 18.11 OK 18.13 OK 18.16 OK 18.17 OK 18.19 OK 19.12 OK 19.20 OK 19.30 OK 19.40 OK 19.41 OK 19.49 OK 19.81 OK 19.82 OK 19.85 OK 46.16 OK 48.00 OK 48.08 OK 53.00 OK 53.35 OK 53.68 OK 55.00 OK 61.10 OK 61.25 OK 61.35 OK 61.41 OK 61.80 OK 61.81 OK 61.85 OK 62.53 OK 63.30 OK 63.35 OK 63.41 OK 63.80 OK 64.30 OK 64.63 OK 67.13 OK 67.43 OK 67.50 OK 67.53 OK 67.55 OK 67.60 OK 67.66 OK 67.70 OK 67.75 OK 68.25 OK 68.37 OK 68.60 OK 68.81 OK 69.33 OK 73.08 OK 73.68 OK 74.46 OK 74.78 OK 75.75 OK 76.05 OK 76.12 OK 76.18 OK 76.28 OK 76.35 OK 78.16 OK 83.28/83.29 OK 83.50 OK 83.53 OK 83.65 OK 85.65 OK 86.28 OK 92.05 BASIC OK 92.15 OK 92.18 OK 92.26 OK 92.35 OK 92.45 OK 92.55 OK 92.58 OK 92.59 OK 92.78 OK 92.82 OK 92.86 OK 93.01 OK 93.06 OK 93.07 OK 93.12 OK 94.25 OK 94.55 OK 96.10 OK 96.20 OK 96.40 OK Autrod 12.34 OK Autrod 12.51 OK Autrod 12.58 OK Autrod 12.64 OK Autrod 13.09 OK Autrod 13.13 OK Autrod 13.22 OK Autrod 13.27 OK Autrod 13.31 OK Autrod 16.12 OK Autrod 16.32 OK Autrod 16.38 OK Autrod 16.53 OK Autrod 16.54 OK Autrod 16.70 OK Autrod 16.81 OK Autrod 18.04 OK Autrod 18.15 OK Autrod 19.20 OK Autrod 19.43 OK Autrod 19.92 OK Autrod 19.93 OK Femax 33.60 OK Femax 38.48 OK Femax 39.50 OK Femax 39.52 OK Rapid 23.50 OK Tigrod 16.11 OK Tigrod 16.30 OK Tigrod 16.53 OK Tigrod 16.55 OK Tigrod 19.64 OK Tigrod 19.65 OK Tigrod 19.66 OK autrod 12.10 OK autrod 16.80 OL2SP OL37-2 OL37-3 OL44-2 OL50 OL52-3 OL60 OL70 OLC10 OLC10X OLC10q OLC15 OLC15X OLC15XS OLC15q OLC20 OLC20X OLC20XS OLC22Bq OLC25 OLC25X OLC25XS OLC30 OLC30X OLC30XS OLC35 OLC35X OLC35XS OLC35q OLC40 OLC40X OLC40XS OLC45 OLC45S OLC45X OLC45XS OLC45q OLC50 OLC50X OLC50XS OLC55 OLC55X OLC55XS OLC60 OLC60X OLC60XS OLC75A OLC8 OLC8S OLC8X OLC8XS OLIN 102 OLIN 1093 OLIN 110 OLIN 122 OLIN 151 OLIN 170 OLIN 172 OLIN 175 OLIN 17510 OLIN 18080 OLIN 19020 OLIN 19025 OLIN 194 OLIN 195 OLIN 197 OLIN 1972 OLIN 210 OLIN 220 OLIN 226 OLIN 230 OLIN 240 OLIN 260 OLIN 268 OLIN 350 OLIN 353 OLIN 411 OLIN 422 OLIN 425 OLIN 4252 OLIN 510 OLIN 511 OLIN 5118 OLIN 521 OLIN 5218 OLIN 544 OLIN 638 OLIN 654 OLIN 688 OLIN 7025 OLIN 7035 OLIN 706 OLIN 715 OLIN 725 OLIN 752 OLIN 762 OLIN 770 OLIN C18600 OLIN C4252 OLIN C663 OLIN C664 OLKUSIL OLSA 1.4021 OLSA 1.4370 OLSA 1.4435 OLSA 304NCU OLSA 304RH1 OLSA 316NCU OLSA 329 OLSA 4122 OLSA 4122C OLSA 420A OLSA 420B OLSA 420C OLSA 430F OLT35 OLT35K OLT45 OLYMPIC OM 732 OMAT 2/203A OMAT 2/203C OMAT 253 OMAT 3/117B OMAT 3/127 OMAT 3/127A OMAT 3/163 OMAT 3/167A OMAT 3/168 OMAT 3/169 OMAT 3/170A OMAT 3/203 OMAT 3/212 OMAT 3/217 OMAT 3/220 OMAT 3/256 OMAT 3/265 OMAT 3/308 OMAT 3/361 OMAT 3/54 OMAT 3/58 OMAT 3/62 OMAT 3/64A OMAT 3/82 OMAT 3/89 OMAT 3/89A OMAT 3/96 OMAT 3/99A OMAT 305B OMAT 310A OMAT 312A OMAT 314A OMAT 319F OMAT 333A OMAT 335A OMAT 343 OMCL1 OML 006 ONE FIVE ONE ONORM K2080 ONTARIO low C OPTIM 500MC OPTIM 550MC OPTIM 600MC OPTIM 650MC OPTIM 700MC OPTIM RAEX 240 C OPTIMAX OR OR 12 CARATS OR 14 CARATS OR 18 CARATS OR 24 CARATS OR PUR 99,90% OR PUR 99,95% OR-ARGENT OR-ARGENT-CUIVRE OR-ARGENT-NICKEL OR-ARGENT-PLATINE OR-CUIVRE OR-CUIVRE-PLATINE-ARGENT OR-NICKEL OR-PALLADIUM OR-PALLADIUM-ARGENT ORDIX ORDIX SPECIAL ORION 26-1 ORVAR SUPREME ORVAR2 microdized OS1332 GrB OSBORN T45 OSBORN T64 OSC10 OSC11 OSC12 OSC13 OSC7 OSC8 OSC8M OSIKRO2 OSIKRO4 OSIKROSP OSNA 30 OSNA-Cu58S OSNA-Cu58Te OSPREY HTN4 OSSA 30VCrW85 OSSA 40VMoCr11AS OSSA 55VMoCrNi17 OSSA 57VMoCrNi17 OSSA Rp3 OSTP 1.4307 OSTP 1.4432 OSTP 1.4435 OSTP 1.4541 OSTP 153MA OSTP 2205 OSTP 2304 OSTP 2507 OSTP 253MA OSTP 254 SMO OSTP 254SMO OSTP 4003 OSTP 4016 OSTP 4301 OSTP 4306 OSTP 4401 OSTP 4404 OSTP 4436 OSTP 4438 OSTP 4509 OSTP 4510 OSTP 4512 OSTP 4526 OSTP 4571 OSTP 4828 OSTP 4833 OSTP 4845 OSTP 4878 OSTP 4948 OSTP 904L OSTP SAF2304 OSTP SAF2507 OSt37.3 OSt52.3 OT4-0 OT4-1 OT450-2 OT450-3 OT58 OT59Pb OT60 OT60/40 OT600-2 OT600-3 OT63 OT63Pb OT65 OT67 OT70 OT72 OT80 OT85 OT90 OT95 OTA10NbMoNiCr170 OTEVA 31 OTEVA 60 SC OTEVA 70 SC OTS OTS D OTS1 OTS2 OTS3 OTS58 OTS60 OTS65 OTS68 OTS70 OTS71Sn OTS76 OTS77Al OV OV266 OV268 OVACO 047A OVAKO S1 OVATEC 277L OVATEC 277T OVATEC 677 OVATEC 677L OVATEC 677Q OVh OW1 OW3 OW4 OW5 OWSP OX 802 E OX1002E OX506 OX520F OX520H OX520S OX520W OX524 OX812E OXC34 OXFORD 0.2Pd OXFORD 10018M OXFORD 12 BARE OXFORD 17-22AS OXFORD 3Al-2.5V OXFORD 4182 OXFORD 4953 OXFORD 4955 OXFORD 9016-B3 OXFORD 99 OXFORD AMS 5029 OXFORD E11018M OXFORD E12018M OXFORD E12018M1 OXFORD E308MoL OXFORD E317 OXFORD E320 OXFORD E320LR OXFORD E330H OXFORD E349 OXFORD E7015-A1 OXFORD E7016-A1 OXFORD E7Cr OXFORD E8015-B8 OXFORD E8016-B1 OXFORD E8016-B2 OXFORD E8016-C1 OXFORD E8016-C3 OXFORD E8018-B1 OXFORD E8018-B2L OXFORD E8018-B3L OXFORD E8018-B6 OXFORD E8018-B8 OXFORD E8018-C2 OXFORD E8018-W2 OXFORD E9015-B3 OXFORD E9015-B3L OXFORD E9018-D1 OXFORD E9018M OXFORD ECuMnNiAl OXFORD ECuSn-A OXFORD ENiCrMo-12 OXFORD ER1188 OXFORD ER19-10H OXFORD ER218 OXFORD ER240 OXFORD ER2553 OXFORD ER308Si OXFORD ER309LMo OXFORD ER316Si OXFORD ER317 OXFORD ER3556 OXFORD ER446LMo OXFORD ER5554 OXFORD ER80S-B6 OXFORD ER80S-B8 OXFORD ER80S-Ni3 OXFORD ER90S-B9 OXFORD ERCuAl-A3 OXFORD R-A356.0 OXFORD alloy 52 OXFORD alloy 59 OXFORD alloy 65 OXFORD alloy 686 OXFORD alloy 72 OXFORD alloy B OXFORD alloy B-3 OXFORD alloy C OXFORD alloy C-2000 OXFORD alloy C-4 OXFORD alloy G OXFORD alloy G-3 OXFORD alloy G-30 OXFORD alloy G2 OXFORD alloy N OXFORD alloy X OZZ 755 OZZ 804 OZZ 805 OZZ 841/845 Omat 3/98 Oshalloy-1 Ossa 35MoCr165 Ossa OSC12 Ossenberg 1.2304 Ossenberg 1.2345 Ossenberg 1.2353 Ossenberg 1.2357 Ossenberg 1.2358 Ossenberg 1.2360 Ossenberg 1.2390 Ossenberg 1.2442 Ossenberg 1.2510 Ossenberg 1.2678 Ossenberg 1.2709 Ossenberg 1.2726 Ossenberg 1.2746 Ossenberg 1.2747 Ossenberg 1.2782 Ossenberg 1.2786 Ossenberg 1.2886 Ossenberg 1.2888 Ossenberg 1.3245 Ossenberg 1.3246 Ossenberg 1.3247 Ossenberg 1.4000 Ossenberg 1.4110 Ossenberg 1.4136 Ossenberg 1.4721 Ossenberg 1.4842 Ossenberg 1.5122 Ossenberg 1.5662 Ossenberg 1.6545 Ossenberg 1.6742 Ossenberg 1.6926 Ossenberg 1.6958 Ossenberg 1.7006 Ossenberg 1.7325 Ossenberg 1.7362 Ossenberg 1.8161 Ossenberg DMo5 Ossenberg K10 Ounce metal Outokumpu 3964 Outokumpu 4000 Outokumpu 4003 Outokumpu 4005 Outokumpu 4006 Outokumpu 4016 Outokumpu 4021 Outokumpu 4028 Outokumpu 4031 Outokumpu 4104 Outokumpu 4301 Outokumpu 4303 Outokumpu 4305 Outokumpu 4306 Outokumpu 4307 Outokumpu 430F Outokumpu 4310 Outokumpu 4318 Outokumpu 4372 Outokumpu 4376 Outokumpu 4401 Outokumpu 4406 Outokumpu 4427 Outokumpu 4429 Outokumpu 4432 Outokumpu 4434 Outokumpu 4435 Outokumpu 4436 Outokumpu 4438 Outokumpu 4439 Outokumpu 4501 Outokumpu 4509 Outokumpu 4510 Outokumpu 4513 Outokumpu 4520 Outokumpu 4521 Outokumpu 4529 Outokumpu 4541 Outokumpu 4548 Outokumpu 4550 Outokumpu 4565 Outokumpu 4567 Outokumpu 4568 Outokumpu 4571 Outokumpu 4600 Outokumpu 4607 Outokumpu 4618 Outokumpu 4622 Outokumpu 4640 Outokumpu 4713 Outokumpu 4724 Outokumpu 4742 Outokumpu 4762 Outokumpu 4828 Outokumpu 4833 Outokumpu 4841 Outokumpu 4845 Outokumpu 4878 Outokumpu 4919 Outokumpu 4941 Outokumpu 4948 Outokumpu 4950 Outokumpu 4951 Outokumpu 904L Outokumpu XM-19 Outokumpu alloy20 Ovahyd 600 Ovahyd 650 Ovahyd 700 Ovako 047 Ovako 056K Ovako 057F Ovako 1.6216 Ovako 124 Ovako 126 Ovako 146 Ovako 152 Ovako 152G Ovako 156 Ovako 157 Ovako 157C Ovako 159 Ovako 16MnCr5 Ovako 20NiCrMo2 Ovako 234 Ovako 245 Ovako 245S Ovako 253 Ovako 255G Ovako 277L Ovako 277Q Ovako 280 Ovako 280T Ovako 280X Ovako 281 Ovako 285/520 Ovako 30MNVS6 Ovako 322 Ovako 323 Ovako 326 Ovako 326/327 Ovako 356 Ovako 382P Ovako 420 Ovako 420G Ovako 46MNVS3 Ovako 482A Ovako 498H Ovako 528 Ovako 52CrMoV4 Ovako 56Si7 Ovako 593 Ovako 593B Ovako 59CrV4 Ovako 61CrSiV5 Ovako 73MoV5.2 Ovako 803 Ovako 803D Ovako 803J Ovako 803Q Ovako 824 Ovako 824B Ovako 825 Ovako 826 Ovako 827 Ovako 831 Ovako 832 Ovako 837 Ovako C70W2 Ovako S1 Ovdm MP35N Ovdm WASPALOY Oxygene free copper P 10 P 120 P 85 P&B 97Ag-3C P-12R P-31 P-6 ALLOY P-AG0,8 P-AG3,5 P-AG4,4 P-AG5 P-AGS P-AM1,2 P-AP0 P-AP5 P-AP7 P-AP8 P-AS0,5G P-AS1G P-Al99,0 P-Al99,5 P-Al99,7 P-Al99,8 P-AlCu2,3Mg1,5FeNi P-AlCu2,5MgSi P-AlCu2,6Mg P-AlCu4,4SiMnMg P-AlCu4,5MgMn P-AlCu4Mg1Pb P-AlCu4MgMn P-AlCu4PbMg P-AlCu5,5PbBi P-AlFe0,6Si0,4 P-AlFe1Si0,2 P-AlMg0,5 P-AlMg0,6Si0,7MnCr P-AlMg0,8 P-AlMg0,9 P-AlMg1,4 P-AlMg1SiCu P-AlMg2,5 P-AlMg2,7Mn P-AlMg2Mn P-AlMg3 P-AlMg3,5 P-AlMg3Mn P-AlMg4,4 P-AlMg4,5 P-AlMg5 P-AlMgSi P-AlMgSiCu P-AlMgSiPb P-AlMn1,2 P-AlMn1,2Cu P-AlMn1,2Mg P-AlMn1,2Mg0,4 P-AlSi0,5Mg P-AlSi12MgCuNi P-AlSi1MgMn P-AlZn4,5Mg P-AlZn5,8Mg0,8Zr P-AlZn5,8MgCu P-AlZn6,2Mg2,3Cu1,8Zr P-AlZn6Mg2CuZr P-AlZn7,8MgCu P-CuAl10Fe5Ni5 P-CuAl5 P-CuAl8Fe P-CuNi10Mn1Fe P-CuNi12Zn24 P-CuNi18Zn20 P-CuNi25 P-CuNi2Si P-CuNi30 P-CuNi30Mn1Fe P-CuPb10Sn10 P-CuPb24Sn P-CuPb24Sn4 P-CuPb30 P-CuSi3Mn1 P-CuSn4 P-CuSn8 P-CuZn05 P-CuZn10 P-CuZn15 P-CuZn20 P-CuZn28 P-CuZn30 P-CuZn33 P-CuZn35 P-CuZn37 P-CuZn39Pb2 P-CuZn39Pb3 P-CuZn40 P-CuZn40Pb2 P-OT65 P.E.R 7 H P/M 625M P/M M2 P00016 P00020 P00300 P00350 P00375 P00507 P00580 P00700 P00800 P00820 P00927 P0206 P03300 P03980 P03995 P04995 P05 P07010 P07015 P07020 P0704 P07200 P07250 P07251 P07252 P07300 P07301 P07350 P07380 P07400 P07401 P07450 P07453 P07490 P07500 P07501 P07503 P07505 P07540 P07547 P07560 P07563 P07587 P07600 P07607 P07627 P07630 P07650 P07687 P07700 P07720 P07723 P07850 P07900 P07925 P08 P0M2SF10 P1 P10 basic P1008ESR P1009 P1024 P1025 P1026 P1034 P1035 P10A P10F5K5 P11 P12 P12-0Nb P12-R P12/T12 P120 P122 P12F3 P12F4 P12F4K5 P12F5K5 P12U P13 P15 P16 basic P170 P18 P180 P195GH P195TR1 P195TR2 P2 P20 P20 Mod. P20 modified P20+Ni P20/1.2311 P2000 P201F P20A P20N P20S P21 P215NL P21A P22 P23 P235G1T1 P235G1TH P235G2TH P235GH P235GH AFCS P235S P235S AFCS P235TR1 P235TR2 P24 P245GH P245NB P250GH P255QL P26 P264 P265GH P265GH AFCS P265GH tube P265NB P265NL P265S P265S AFCS P265TR1 P265TR2 P275N P275NH P275NH AFCS P275NH [h.r bar] P275NH/1.0487 P275NL1 P275NL1 AFCS P275NL1 tube P275NL2 P275NL2 tube P275SL P275SL AFCS P275T1 P275T2 P27A P28 P280GH P285NH P285QH P28A P295GH P295GH 17Mn4 P295GH AFCS P295NH P298A P3 P301A P301F P304H P304N P305GH P31 P310NB P315N P316A P33 P347A P35 P355GH P355GH AFCS P355M P355ML1 P355ML2 P355N P355N AFCS P355N tube P355NB P355NH P355NH tube P355NL1 P355NL1 AFCS P355NL1 tube P355NL2 P355NL2 tube P355Q P355QH P355QH-1.8867 P355QL1 P355QL2 P36 P36A P36D P38L P398A P399B P4 P4 HTM P40 P400 P42 W P420A P420M P420ML1 P420ML2 P420NH P420QH P42H P430 P43V P43VF P440/7 P45-06 P45A P46 P460M P460ML1 P460ML2 P460N P460N tube P460NH P460NH AFCS P460NH tube P460NL1 P460NL1 AFCS P460NL1 tube P460NL1/1.8915 P460NL2 P460NL2 tube P460N[StE460] P460Q P460QH P460QL1 P460QL2 P47 P47A P48 P49 P49BV P4M P5 P50 P50-05 P500Q P500QH P500QL1 P500QL2 P501 P503 EXTRA P504 VMR P510/4 P512 P518 P52 P53 P530 P540/5 P55 P55-04 P550 EXTRA P550M P550Q P550QH P550QL P552 P553 SA EXTRA P558 P56 P57 P570/3 P572 P576 P58 P5M P5b P5c P6 P60 P60-03 P604 P61 P620Q tube P620QH tube P620QL1 tube P625 basic P63 P65 P65-02 P67 P69 P690 basic P690/2 P690Q P690QH P690QL1 P690QL2 P6A P6AM5 P6M5 P6M5F3 P6M5F3K8 P6M5K5 P7 P70-02 P75 P80 P80-01 P802 P810 P822 P9 P900 P91 P91 mod. P911 P92 P95 PA0 PA1 PA11 PA13 PA15 PA16 PA2 PA20 PA21 PA23 PA24 PA25 PA29 PA30 PA31 PA317A PA33 PA38 PA4 PA43 PA45 PA47 PA5 PA6 PA7 PA9 PAC 1218 PAC 1226 PAC 1300 PAC 1442 PAC 1446 PAC 1448 PAE250 PAE270 PAE320 PAE360 PAE390 PAE420 PAGLIOTTI BsPb8 PALCUSIL 10 PALCUSIL 15 PALCUSIL 25 PALCUSIL 5 PALINEY #7 "W" PALINEY 5 PALINEY 6 PALINEY 7 PALINEY 9 PALLABRAZE 1010 PALLABRAZE 1090 PALLABRAZE 1225 PALLABRAZE 1237 PALLABRAZE 810 PALLABRAZE 840 PALLABRAZE 850 PALLABRAZE 880 PALLABRAZE 900 PALLABRAZE 950 PALLADIUM PALLADIUM PUR PALLADIUM-ARGENT PALLADIUM-ARGENT-CUIVRE PALLADIUM-ARGENT-NICKEL PALLADIUM-ARGENT-OR-PLATINE PALLADIUM-CUIVRE PALLADIUM-NICKEL PALNI PALNIRO-1 PALNIRO-4 PALNIRO-7 PALORO PALPLANCHE PALPLANCHE ACIER NON ALLIE PALPLANCHE LAMINE A FROID PAN-Pb15 PANTAL 1430 PANTAL X1426 PANTANAX 3401 PARADISE 96Ag-4C PARAGON PARALLOY H21 PARALLOY H24WM PARIKH 2511 PAS 18 PAS 22 PAS 315 PAS 355 PAS 380 PAS 420 PAS 460 PAS 500 PAS 550 PAS 600 PAS 650 PAS 700 PAS 940 PATINAX 37 PATINAX 37-3 PB PB-01 PB-02 PB-15 PB-21 PB-23 PB-8 PB0052 PB0053 PB0054 PB0055 PB1 PB1-C PB1-C/CC481K PB1/PB24 PB10 PB101 PB102 PB102/CW451K PB103 PB104 PB19/PB20 PB2 PB20 PB23 PB27 PB28 PB2C PB3 PB30 PB4 PB43904 PBC2 PBC2A PBC2B PBC2C PBC3B PBC3C PBCIn2 PC PC 130 PC60 PCB1 PCLW-BPX ALLOY PCLW-SNX ALLOY PCV PCuAl10Fe PCuAl10Ni5Fe5 PCuPb10Sn10 PCuPb15Sn8 PCuSn10 PCuSn10Zn2 PCuSn12 PCuSn14 PCuSn5Pb5Zn5 PCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn PCuZn35AlFeMn PCuZn40Fe PD PD1 PD101 PD102 PD103 PD104 PD105 PD106 PD14 PD14V PD16 PD1V PD2 PD201 PD203 PD204 PD21 PD2V PD3 PD3V PD6V PD9 PDO PDS 10705 AJ PDS 10705 Z2 PDS 15102QS PE PE 60% PE Mn BRONZE PE SILICON BRONZE PE10 PE11 PE13 PE16 PE45%-Cd PEERLESS 56 PEERLESS A PEERLESS LCT PEERLESS LCT-2 PEERLESS LLCT PEGASE 30CD4 GF PEGASE 38C4 GU PEGASE XC35 GR PENGG SM/DM PENNCAST P25 PENTHOR 111 PENTHOR 142 PENTHOR 164 PENTHOR 511 PENTHOR 543 PENTHOR 564 PENTHOR 811 PENTHOR 842 PENTHOR 864 PER 1 PER 20N PER 263F PER 2U PER 625 PER 706 PER 718 PER 72 PER 75 PER1 PER2X PER3 PER5 PERALUMAN 050 PERALUMAN 57 PERALUMAN 843 PERALUMAN-100 PERALUMAN-150 PERALUMAN-250 PERALUMAN-260 PERALUMAN-30 PERALUMAN-300 PERALUMAN-34 PERALUMAN-36 PERALUMAN-401 PERALUMAN-410 PERALUMAN-460 PERALUMAN-462/F27 PERALUMAN-50 PERALUMAN-500 PERALUMAN-5005 PERALUMAN-502 PERALUMAN-5052 PERALUMAN-5086 PERALUMAN-5154 PERALUMAN-56 PERALUMAN-708 PERALUMAN-845 PERALUMAN-853 PERALUMAN-860 PERALUMAN-875 PERCON 24 PERFEKT PERM 45 PERM 77 PERM 78 PERM NI300 PERMANICKEL 300 PERMENDUR 24 PERMENDUR 2V PERMENDUR 49 PERMENDUR V PERMENORM 3601 K5 PERMENORM 5000H2 PERMIMPHY PERNIFER 1407 PERNIFER 2006 PERNIFER 2203 PERNIFER 25-8 PERNIFER 2918 PERNIFER 39 PERNIFER 40 PERNIFER 42 PERNIFER 4206 PERNIFER 42Ti PERNIFER 42TiNb PERNIFER 46 PERNIFER 4706 PERNIFER 48 PERNIFER 50 PERNIFER 51 PERNIFER 5101 PERNIMA 75 PERUNAL-205 PERUNAL-215 PERUNAL-232 PERUNAL-300 PERUNAL-302/F18 PF0 PF1/15CD2 PF3 PF5 PF6 PFINODAL PFV55 PGK PGS PH BRONZ A PH Bronz C PH-354 PH-358 PH13-8/AMS5929 PH13-8Mo PH14-8MO PH15-5 PH15-7Mo PH28 PH3 PH35 PH42FM PH42SUPRA PH48S PH50Nb PH7 PHB 0.9650 PHB 0.9655 PHB 1.0558 GS-60 PHB 1.3802 PHB 1.4008 PHB 1.4107 PHB 1.4306 PHB 1.4313 PHB 1.4404 PHB 1.4469 PHB 1.4517 PHB 1.4569 PHB 1.4581 PHB 1.4740 PHB 1.4743 PHB 1.4815 PHB 1.4823 PHB 1.4825 PHB 1.4827 PHB 1.4832 PHB 1.4837 PHB 1.4840 PHB 1.4848 PHB 1.4849 PHB 1.4859 PHB 1.4865 PHB 1.4931 PHB 1.6982 PHB 1.7218 PHB 1.7357 PHB 1.7365 PHB 1.7379 PHB 2.4813 PHB 2.4879 PHB G-CoCr28 PHB G-X165CrMoV12 PHB G-X25MnCrNi8.8.6 PHB G-X2CrNiN18 13 PHB G-X40CrNiMo27.5 PHB G-X50CrNi30 30 PHB G-X70Cr29 PHB G18Mo5 PHB G20Mo5 PHB G9Ni10 PHB GS-10Ni6 PHB GS-12CrMo19 5 PHB GS-12CrMo9 10 PHB GS-12MnMo7.4 PHB GS-20MnMoNi5.5 PHB GS-22NiMoCr5.6 PHB GS-24Mn6 PHB GS-25CrNiMo4 PHB GS-30CrMoV6.4 PHB GS-36Mn5 PHB GS-46Mn4 PHB GS-50CrMo4 PHB GS-50CrV4 PHB GS-55NiCrMoV6 PHB GS-60 PHB GS-8Mn7 PHB GS-8MnMo7.4 PHB GX12CrMoVNbN9-1 PHB GX30CrSi6 PHB GX40CrSi29 PHI82 PHI84 PHM PHOENIX Blau Mo PHOENIX GRN PHOENIX K50 PHOENIX K50R PHOENIX NiCu30Mn PHOENIX NiTi3 PHOENIX ROT AR 160 PHOENIX ROT BR 160 PHOENIX ROT R 160S PHOENIX SH Chromo2KS PHOSBRAZ 675Sn PHOSBRAZ 750 PHOSBRAZ AG10 PHOSBRAZ AG150 PHOSBRAZ AG20 PHOSBRAZ AG20+ PHOSBRAZ AG50 PHOSBRAZ AG50+ PHOSBRAZ M70 PHOSBRAZ V6 PHOSPHOR BRONZE E PHX FM CORROPLAST PHX FM THYROPLAST PHY 1716 PHY 218 PHY 301 PHY 304LHP PHY 316LHP PHY 400 PHY 4455 PHY 904LN PHY A307 PHY A308 PHY A308L PHY A308LSi PHY A309 PHY A309L PHY A310 PHY A312 PHY A316M PHY A318 PHY A347 PHY Co Fe PHYMAX PHYNOX PHYTHERM 30/90 PHYTIME PHYWELD 16 Mo PHYWELD 182 PHYWELD 200 PHYWELD 22 PHYWELD 25-9-4 PHYWELD 276 PHYWELD 314 PHYWELD 413 PHYWELD 418 PHYWELD 55 PHYWELD 55 M PHYWELD 61 PHYWELD 617 PHYWELD 62 PHYWELD 625 PHYWELD 718 PHYWELD 82 PHYWELD 82S PHYWELD 92 PHYWELD M413 PHYWELD NCW PHYWELD W PHYWELD X PI ANC3B PI CLA9 PI HTB1 PI alloy B PI alloy C PIECE FORGEE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM PILOT 2365 PITTARC G3 PITTARC G6 PITTARC G9 PITTARC GB2 PITTARC GD2 PITTARC GH2 PITTARC GMo PITTARC GS2 PITTARC GT1 PITTARC GT2 PITTARC GTE PITTARC S1 PITTARC S3Mo PJ337 PK PK1 PK10 PK11 sp PK11EX PK11S PK11VZ PK12 Nb PK12SP PK13 PK15 PK17 PK19 PK2 PK20 PK24 PK25 PK2SP PK3 PK31 PK320 PK323 PK324 PK327 PK328 PK329 PK33 PK330 PK331 PK332 PK333 PK335 PK336 PK338 PK339 PK340 PK343 PK346 PK348 PK37 PK3NI PK4 PK4EX PK5 PK50 PK6 PK8 PK9 PK924 PK925 PK939 PK941 PK942 PK946 PKAS PKR PKT-117 PLANAL 2017A PLANAL 2024 PLANAL 5083 PLANAL 7075 PLANCHER XC38Pb PLANOXAL 50 PLANOXAL 60 PLANOXAL 70 PLANSEE WL15 PLAQUE INOX AUSTENITIQUE PLASTAL PLASTALLOY PLASTINOX PLASTUM PLATEX AG-120 PLATEX AG-120Cd PLATEX AG-250 PLATINE PLATINE-IRIDIUM POUR CONTACT PLATINO M25W PLATINUM 390 PLEISSNER 1.4409 PLEISSNER 1.6982 PLH PLOMB PLOMB ALLIE PLOMB PUR PLOMB-ANTIMOINE PLOMB-ANTIMOINE-ARGENT PLOMB-ANTIMOINE-ETAIN PLOMB-CUIVRE MOULE PLOMB-ETAIN PLOMB-ETAIN-CUIVRE PLOMB-INDIUM PLP PLUMBSOL PM PM 300 PM 618 PM M48 PM-083 PM-311 PM-312 PM-316 PM-64 PM-738 PM-764 PM-787 PM1 PM1000 PM17 PM2 PM3 PM35 PM35 casting PM35D PM400 Nimax PM61 PM90 PMC PMC 102 PMC 102M PMNV 125Cr2 PMX 110 PMX 151 PMX 19015 PMX 19210 PMX 210 PMX 230 PMX 422 PMX 425 PMX 510 PMX 521 PMX 70260 PMX 706 PMX 715 PMX 752 PMX C50725 PMX MSP1 PMet 620 PMet 622 PMet 660 PMet 662 PMet 663 PMet 665 PMet 667 PMet 694 PMet 722 PMet 777 PMet 800 PMet 802 PMet 808 PMet 820 PMet 838 PMet 839 PMet 842 PMet 843 PMet 847 PMet 880 PMet 901 PMet 906 PMet 909 PMet 912 PMet 914 PMet 918 PMet 921 PMet 931 PMet 940 PMet 972 PMet 980 PMet 988 PN 227 PN H-74252 PN H-84030/04 PN H-85023 PN H74240 PN H74252 PN H83101 PN H83123 PN H83152 PN H84017 PN H84018 PN H84019 PN H84020 PN H84023 PN H84023/08 PN H84024 PN H84030/02 PN H84030/04 PN H84032 PN H84041 PN H88050 PN H92147 PN H93028 PN H93215 PN-85/H-74242 PN-85/H-74252 PN-91/H-74240 PN6 PNA 202 PNA 203 PNA 209 PNA 210 PNA 211 PNA 212 PNA 214 PNA 215 PNA 216 PNA 217 PNA 218 PNA 219 PNA 221 PNA 222 PNA 223 PNA 224 PNA 225 PNA 226 PNA 227 PNA 231 PNA 243 PNA 244 PNA 248 PNA 250 PNA 251 PNA 253 PNA 254 PNA 259 PNA 260 PNA 262 PNA 263 PNA 272 PNA 273 PNA 282 PNA 283 PNA 284 PNA 285 PNA 288 PNA 290 PNA 293 PNA 294 PNA 296 PNA 297 PNA 298 PNA 299 PNA232 PNA233 PNE 38375 PNE38351 PNE38352 PNEUMO PNG2712 PNG5202 PO 2 PO 3 PO102 PO186 PO209 PO210 PO704 PO731 PO735 PO766 PO768 PO775 PO795 PO799 PO954 POL POLARIT 710 POLARIT 711 POLARIT 720 POLARIT 721 POLARIT 725 POLARIT 731 POLARIT 750 POLARIT 751 POLARIT 752 POLARIT 753 POLARIT 755 POLARIT 757 POLARIT 761 POLARIT 770 POLARIT 772 POLARIT 773 POLARIT 774 POLARIT 778 POLARIT 811 POLARIT 853 POLDI 2514 POLDI 6 POLOX 700 POLYBRONZE 4010 POLYBRONZE 4046 POLYBRONZE 4160 POLYBRONZE 4200 POLYBRONZE 4250 POLYBRONZE 4300 POLYFACE 601 POLYFACE 620C POLYFACE 621 POLYFACE 639 POLYFACE 640 POLYFACE 641 POLYFACE 670C POLYFACE 676C POLYFACE 685C POLYROD 56B POLYSTAIN 305 POLYSTAIN 330 POMPEY D6 POMPEY PM35 POSCO SUP9 POSSu8-3 POTOMAC M POUR APPLICATION MAGNETIQUE POUR CORROSION CAVERNEUSE POUR ELEMENT CHAUFFANT POUR FORTE EXPANSION POUR MATERIEL SOUS PRESSION POUR RESISTANCE ELECTRIQUE POUR UTILISATION NUCLEAIRE PP 94 PP1 PP10 PP100 PP105 PP106 PP107 PP108 PP109 PP113 PP12 PP121 PP122 PP123 PP127 PP130 PP139 PP14 PP2 PP23 PP24 PP26 PP27 PP28 PP29 PP3 PP30 PP31 PP32 PP33 PP34 PP35 PP36 PP37 PP38 PP4 PP42 PP43 PP44 PP45 PP48 PP49 PP5 PP50 PP56 PP6 PP64 PP69 PP72 PP73 PP74 PP76 PP77 PP8 PP86 PP87 PP92 PP94 PP95 PP98 PP99 PPT 322A PR-CQ15 PR.ST. PR38 PR4 PR5B PR5BT - 22B2 PR60 PR6B PR7 PR80 PRECIBRONZE BE10 PRECIBRONZE BE5 PRECISION C PREGA PREMABRAZE 131 PREMABRAZE 500 PREMABRAZE 540 PREMABRAZE 616 PREMABRAZE 920 PREMIUM 2990 PREMO PLASTUM PRESCO O-1 PRESSURE DIE1 PRESTEM PRESTO CHROME BEAR. PREXI PRODAX 89 PROFILAR 340 PROFILAR 550 PROJECT 70+ 304 PROJECT 70-347 PROJECT70 182-FM PROJECT70+ 303 PROJECT70-203 PROJECT70-316FM PROMET 10 PROMET 1010 PROMET 12 PROMET 420 PROMET 5 PROMET 715 PROTHERM PROTOLOY PRP 188 PRP 35N PRV 12ST PRV 13 PRV 18 PRYM 210 PRYM 220 PRYM 233 PS PS STUB PS113 PS113/Telyx PS2 PS930 PSD-3 PSD-5 PSHB PSQ 26 PSQ 70 PSQ46 PSX80/L555MB PSr15 PSr25 PSr40 PSr45 PSt37.3 PSt44.2 PSt44.3 PSt50.2 PSt52.3 PT PT 18 PT1010-SC PT110G PT110N PT140KG PT181 PT3V PT759 PT929 PT950 PTC TP409 PTC TP439 PTCA-21-6-9 PTE PULSIMPHY PURE GOLD PURE NICKEL PV 15 PV6 PW PW15 PW4 PW75 PWA 1002 PWA 1003 PWA 1005 PWA 1006 PWA 1007 PWA 1009 PWA 1010 PWA 1013 PWA 1015 PWA 1022 PWA 1030 PWA 1033 PWA 1038 PWA 1042 PWA 1064 PWA 1065 PWA 1066 PWA 1069 PWA 1072 PWA 1085 PWA 1087 PWA 1091 PWA 1162 PWA 1168 PWA 1179 PWA 1181 PWA 1185B PWA 1198 PWA 1199 PWA 1207 PWA 1208 PWA 1209 PWA 1210 PWA 1211 PWA 1212 PWA 1213 PWA 1215 PWA 1216 PWA 1218 PWA 1219 PWA 1220 PWA 1222 PWA 1223 PWA 1224 PWA 1225 PWA 1228 PWA 1260 PWA 1262 PWA 1422 PWA 1447 PWA 1451 PWA 1455 PWA 1467 PWA 1468 PWA 1469 PWA 1472 PWA 1473 PWA 1474 PWA 1480 PWA 1483 PWA 1484 PWA 1489 PWA 1490 PWA 1494 PWA 1495 PWA 36090 PWA 36099 PWA 36100 PWA 36140 PWA 36935 PWA 4928 PWA 5384 PWA 5399 PWA 643 PWA 647 PWA 649 PWA 653 PWA 655 PWA 656 PWA 657 PWA 658 PWA 659 PWA 663 PWA 686 PWA 687 PWA 693 PWA 694 PWA 698 PWA 706 PWA 713 PWA 716 PWA 718 PWA 736 PWA 772 PWA 795 PWA 996 PWA-SP 1042 PWA-SP 1130 PWA-SP 1155 PWA-SP 1161 PWA-SP1105 PWA-SP1132 PWA-SP1134 PWA-SP1146 PWA-SP1490 PWA-SP96 PWA1281 PWA1282 PWC PWC2 PWH PWM PWU PX PY1815A PY400 PYGMALION PYO PYRAD 44D PYRAD 49D PYRAD 53NW PYRAL PYRO 19 PYRO 24 PYROMET 102 PYROMET 31 PYROMET 31V PYROMET 350 PYROMET 355 PYROMET 41 PYROMET 600 PYROMET 601 PYROMET 625 PYROMET 680 PYROMET 706 PYROMET 718 PYROMET 720 PYROMET 751 PYROMET 80-20 PYROMET 800 PYROMET 80A PYROMET 860 PYROMET 882 PYROMET 901 PYROMET 903 PYROMET 907 PYROMET 95 PYROMET A-286 PYROMET CTX-1 PYROMET CTX-3 PYROMET CTX-909 PYROMET V-57 PYROMET X-750 PYRON 10Al PYRON 12AL PYRON 20-10 PYRON 36-16 PYRON 8AL PYRON 9AL PYROTOOL 7 PYROTOOL A PYROTOOL V PYROTOOL W PYROTOUGH 78 PYROWEAR 53 PYROWEAR 675 PZ105 PZ2 PZ4 PZ5 Par Exc Paralloy 3C Paralloy 3FL Paralloy 3K Paralloy 3KLC Paralloy 3LS Paralloy 3W Paralloy 4K Paralloy 4KLC Paralloy 5NLC Paralloy 6MO Paralloy CR32W Paralloy CR39W Paralloy H11 Paralloy H12 Paralloy H12N Paralloy H18 Paralloy H20 Paralloy H24W Paralloy H34CT Paralloy H38 Paralloy H39 Paralloy H39W Paralloy H39WM Paralloy H40 Paralloy H46M Paralloy H48T Paralloy H6 Paralloy H8 Paralloy H9 Paralloy HF1 Paralloy HF2 Paralloy HF3 Paralloy HTN625 Paralloy M15 Paralloy M2 Paralloy ML Paralloy MM1 Paralloy MPHW Paralloy N50W Paralloy O Paralloy OLC Paralloy OS Paralloy OW Paralloy P20 Paralloy P40 Part9 Implant Pb-45Sn Pb22 Pb37A Pb40A Pb58A Pb6 Pb63A Pb68A Pb74A Pb88B Pb99,9-117 Pb99,90 Pb99,94 Pb99,95 Pb99,97 Pb99,9Cu PbBrC2 PbBrC3 PbBrC4 PbBrC5 PbBsx PbBsx14 PbBz10 PbBz15 PbIn7 PbSb10Sn6 PbSb14Sn9CuAs PbSb15Sn10 PbSb15SnAs PbSn10 PbSn10Cu2 PbSn10Sb14Cu2As PbSn16Sb16Cu2 PbSn18Cu2 PbSn50 PbSn60 PbSn6Sb14CuAs PbSn6Sb6 Pd50-Ag50 Pd7B Peiron 1.4740 Peiron 1.4745 Peiron 1.4805 Peiron 1.4806 Peiron 1.4848 Peiron 1.4865 Peiron 1.6982 Peiron G-23-45-01 Peiron G-23-45-04 Peiron G-41Mn5 Peiron GE200 Peiron GE300 Peiron SFS369 Peiron SFS387 Peiron SFS388 Penny bronze Peraluman-302 Peraluman-50 Peraluman-56 Permalloy 80 Permalloy A Permalloy B Permalloy C Permalloy D Permalloy F Permaloy 30%Ni Permina 72 Pernifer 36 Pernima 72 Perunal-249 Phos-Bronze C Phosphor Bronze C 8% Phosphor bronze Phosphor bronze 10% D Phosphor bronze 4% Phosphor bronze 5% Phosphor bronze 6% Phosphor bronze A Phosphor bronze B-1 Phosphor bronze B-2 Phosphor bronze C Phyweld 200 Phyweld 25-9-4 Phyweld 309LMo Phyweld 309LSi Phyweld 312 Phyweld 45N Phyweld 52N Phyweld 55 Phyweld 920SLR Polarit 774 Polmax Polycast AB1 Polycast ANC1A Polycast ANC5B Polycast LB1 Polycast LB5 Polycast LG1 Polycast LG2 Polycast PB1 Polycast PB2 Posco SWRH82B Powderit K190 Powderit K294 Pragnant PreMar 410 PreMar 440C Precedent 71A Precicast 1.2419 Precicast C 263 Prima sehr zah Prima weich Prima zah ProCu CW008A ProCu CW016A ProCu Cu-OFE ProMoly Prodax Prokron A1 Prokron A2 Prokron A3 Prokron A4 Prokron A5 Protasul-1 Protasul-10 Protasul-100 Protasul-2 Protasul-20 Protasul-64 Protasul-S Protasul-S30 Protasul-Ti Prgnant Pt-CuNi10Fe1Mn Pyron 25-20 Pyroval 12ST Pyroval 18 Q/BQB 110 Q/BQB 513 Q10 Q17 Q195 Q1N Q215A Q215B Q235 Q235A Q235B Q235C Q235D Q235NH Q245R Q255A Q255B Q275 Q345R Q370R Q96 QA18 QA2 QA2D QAl10-3-1.5 QAl5 QAl7 QAl9-2 QB/T 2022 QBe0.4-1.8 QBe0.6-2.5 QBe2 QC-7 QCV QCd1 QCr1 QE22 QE22 alloy QE22A QE22A ingot QE22A-T6 QE22S QFe2,5 QGY-25CL QGY-45A QGY-49A QGY-5A QH21 QH21-T6 QH21A QJY-18BE QJY-25B QMn1.5 QMn5 QQ-A-1876 1100 QQ-A-1876 1145 QQ-A-1876 1235 QQ-A-200 QQ-A-200/1 QQ-A-200/10 QQ-A-200/11 QQ-A-200/13 QQ-A-200/14 QQ-A-200/15 QQ-A-200/16 QQ-A-200/17 QQ-A-200/2 QQ-A-200/3 QQ-A-200/4 QQ-A-200/5 QQ-A-200/6 QQ-A-200/7 QQ-A-200/8 QQ-A-200/8 6062 QQ-A-200/9 QQ-A-225 QQ-A-225/1 QQ-A-225/10 QQ-A-225/2 QQ-A-225/3 QQ-A-225/4 QQ-A-225/5 QQ-A-225/6 QQ-A-225/7 QQ-A-225/8 QQ-A-225/9 QQ-A-250 QQ-A-250/1 QQ-A-250/10 QQ-A-250/11 QQ-A-250/12 QQ-A-250/13 QQ-A-250/14 QQ-A-250/15 QQ-A-250/16,16C QQ-A-250/17 QQ-A-250/18 QQ-A-250/19 QQ-A-250/2 QQ-A-250/20 QQ-A-250/21 QQ-A-250/22 QQ-A-250/23 QQ-A-250/24 QQ-A-250/25 QQ-A-250/26 QQ-A-250/28 QQ-A-250/29 QQ-A-250/3 QQ-A-250/30 QQ-A-250/4 QQ-A-250/5 QQ-A-250/6 QQ-A-250/7 QQ-A-250/8 QQ-A-250/9 QQ-A-274 6063 QQ-A-365 2011 QQ-A-367 QQ-A-367 2014 QQ-A-367 2018 QQ-A-367 2218 QQ-A-367 2219 QQ-A-367 25S QQ-A-367 2618 QQ-A-367 32S QQ-A-367 4032 QQ-A-367 5083 QQ-A-367 6061 QQ-A-367 6066 QQ-A-367 6151 QQ-A-367 7049 QQ-A-367 7075 QQ-A-367 7076 QQ-A-367 7079 QQ-A-367 B18S QQ-A-367 comp.6 QQ-A-371 QQ-A-371 not.2 QQ-A-371E 108 QQ-A-371E 113 QQ-A-371E 122 QQ-A-371E 13 QQ-A-371E 138 QQ-A-371E 142 QQ-A-371E 195 QQ-A-371E 214 QQ-A-371E 218 QQ-A-371E 220 QQ-A-371E 319 QQ-A-371E 324 QQ-A-371E 333 QQ-A-371E 354 QQ-A-371E 355 QQ-A-371E 356 QQ-A-371E 357 QQ-A-371E 359 QQ-A-371E 360 QQ-A-371E 364 QQ-A-371E 380 QQ-A-371E 384 QQ-A-371E 390 QQ-A-371E 40E QQ-A-371E 43 QQ-A-371E 750 QQ-A-371E A108 QQ-A-371E A13 QQ-A-371E A132 QQ-A-371E A140 QQ-A-371E A142 QQ-A-371E A214 QQ-A-371E A218 QQ-A-371E A344 QQ-A-371E A356 QQ-A-371E A357 QQ-A-371E A360 QQ-A-371E A380 QQ-A-371E A390 QQ-A-371E A43 QQ-A-371E A612 QQ-A-371E A750 QQ-A-371E ALMAG35 QQ-A-371E B195 QQ-A-371E B214 QQ-A-371E B218 QQ-A-371E B750 QQ-A-371E C355 QQ-A-371E C612 QQ-A-371E F214 QQ-A-371E F332 QQ-A-371E L124 QQ-A-371E Precedent 71A QQ-A-371E RED X8 QQ-A-371E TENZALOY QQ-A-371E TERNALLOY5 QQ-A-371E TERNALLOY7 QQ-A-371E Tens-50 QQ-A-371F 208.1 QQ-A-371F 208.2 QQ-A-371F 213.1 QQ-A-371F 222.1 QQ-A-371F 238.1 QQ-A-371F 238.2 QQ-A-371F 242.2 QQ-A-371F 295.1 QQ-A-371F 295.2 QQ-A-371F 308.1 QQ-A-371F 308.2 QQ-A-371F 319.1 QQ-A-371F 319.2 QQ-A-371F 324.1 QQ-A-371F 328.1 QQ-A-371F 333.1 QQ-A-371F 354.1 QQ-A-371F 355.1 QQ-A-371F 355.2 QQ-A-371F 356.1 QQ-A-371F 356.2 QQ-A-371F 357.1 QQ-A-371F 359.2 QQ-A-371F 360.2 QQ-A-371F 364.2 QQ-A-371F 380.2 QQ-A-371F 384.1 QQ-A-371F 384.2 QQ-A-371F 390.2 QQ-A-371F 413.2 QQ-A-371F 443.1 QQ-A-371F 443.2 QQ-A-371F 514.1 QQ-A-371F 514.2 QQ-A-371F 518.2 QQ-A-371F 520.2 QQ-A-371F 535.2 QQ-A-371F 705.1 QQ-A-371F 707.1 QQ-A-371F 713.1 QQ-A-371F 771.2 QQ-A-371F 850.1 QQ-A-371F A240.1 QQ-A-371F A242.1 QQ-A-371F A242.2 QQ-A-371F A332.1 QQ-A-371F A332.2 QQ-A-371F A356.2 QQ-A-371F A357.2 QQ-A-371F A360.1 QQ-A-371F A360.2 QQ-A-371F A380.1 QQ-A-371F A380.2 QQ-A-371F A390.1 QQ-A-371F A413.1 QQ-A-371F A413.2 QQ-A-371F A444.2 QQ-A-371F A514.2 QQ-A-371F A535.1 QQ-A-371F A712.1 QQ-A-371F A850.1 QQ-A-371F B295.1 QQ-A-371F B295.2 QQ-A-371F B358.2 QQ-A-371F B514.2 QQ-A-371F B535.2 QQ-A-371F B850.1 QQ-A-371F C355.2 QQ-A-371F C443.1 QQ-A-371F C443.2 QQ-A-371F C712.1 QQ-A-371F D712.2 QQ-A-371F F332.1 QQ-A-371F F332.2 QQ-A-371F F514.1 QQ-A-371F F514.2 QQ-A-371F L514.2 QQ-A-411 1100 QQ-A-430 QQ-A-430 1100 QQ-A-430 2017 QQ-A-430 2024 QQ-A-430 2117 QQ-A-430 2219 QQ-A-430 3003 QQ-A-430 5005 QQ-A-430 5052 QQ-A-430 5056 QQ-A-430 6053 QQ-A-430 6061 QQ-A-430 6063 QQ-A-430 7050 QQ-A-430 7075 QQ-A-430 7178 QQ-A-561 1100 QQ-A-591 13 QQ-A-591 360 QQ-A-591 380 QQ-A-591 380.0 QQ-A-591 383.0 QQ-A-591 384.0 QQ-A-591 43 QQ-A-591 518.0 QQ-A-591 A13 QQ-A-591 A360.0 QQ-A-591 A380 QQ-A-591 A413.0 QQ-A-591 C443.0 QQ-A-591 SC114A QQ-A-596 113 QQ-A-596 122 cl.2 QQ-A-596 142 QQ-A-596 195 QQ-A-596 214 QQ-A-596 220 QQ-A-596 319 QQ-A-596 333 QQ-A-596 355 QQ-A-596 356 QQ-A-596 357 QQ-A-596 40E QQ-A-596 43 QQ-A-596 613 QQ-A-596 750 QQ-A-596 A108 QQ-A-596 A132 QQ-A-596 A214 QQ-A-596 A356 QQ-A-596 A612 QQ-A-596 A750 QQ-A-596 B195 QQ-A-596 B214 QQ-A-596 B750 QQ-A-596 C355 QQ-A-596 F132 QQ-A-596 class 12 QQ-A-596 class18 QQ-A-596 class4 QQ-A-596 class9 QQ-A-601 108 QQ-A-601 113 QQ-A-601 122 QQ-A-601 142 QQ-A-601 195 QQ-A-601 214 QQ-A-601 220 QQ-A-601 22M QQ-A-601 319 QQ-A-601 333 QQ-A-601 355 QQ-A-601 356 QQ-A-601 357 QQ-A-601 40E QQ-A-601 43 QQ-A-601 750 QQ-A-601 A108 QQ-A-601 A132 QQ-A-601 A356.0 QQ-A-601 A357 QQ-A-601 A612 QQ-A-601 A750 QQ-A-601 ALMAG 35 QQ-A-601 B195 QQ-A-601 B214 QQ-A-601 B750 QQ-A-601 C355 QQ-A-601 D712.0 QQ-A-601 F132 QQ-A-601 Precedent71A QQ-A-601 Red X-8 QQ-A-601 TENZALOY QQ-A-601 comp.8 QQ-A-620 comp.3 QQ-A-620 comp.4 QQ-A-620 comp5 QQ-A-630 comp.3 QQ-A-630 comp5 QQ-A-673 typeII QQ-A371E 319 QQ-A371F 518.1 QQ-B-1005 comp.1 QQ-B-1005 comp.11 QQ-B-1005 comp.12 QQ-B-1005 comp.16 QQ-B-1005 comp.17 QQ-B-1005 comp.18 QQ-B-1005 comp.19 QQ-B-1005 comp.2 QQ-B-1005 comp.3 QQ-B-1005 comp.6 QQ-B-1005 comp.7 QQ-B-1005 comp.8 QQ-B-1005 comp.9 QQ-B-566 1100 QQ-B-566 2319 QQ-B-566 4043 QQ-B-566 4047 QQ-B-566 4145 QQ-B-566 5183 QQ-B-566 5356 QQ-B-566 5554 QQ-B-566 5556 QQ-B-575 101 QQ-B-575 116 QQ-B-611 272 QQ-B-611 274 QQ-B-611 280 QQ-B-611 331 QQ-B-611 332 QQ-B-611 340 QQ-B-611 344 QQ-B-611 345 QQ-B-611 353 QQ-B-611 360 QQ-B-611 370 QQ-B-611 377 QQ-B-611 462 QQ-B-611 466 QQ-B-611 467 QQ-B-613 230 QQ-B-613 240 QQ-B-613 260 QQ-B-613 268 QQ-B-613 272 QQ-B-613 274 QQ-B-613 280 QQ-B-613 331 QQ-B-613 332 QQ-B-613 340 QQ-B-613 342 QQ-B-613 344 QQ-B-613 345 QQ-B-613 353 QQ-B-613 356 QQ-B-613 360 QQ-B-613 370 QQ-B-613 comp.11 QQ-B-621 classA QQ-B-621 classB QQ-B-621 classC QQ-B-626 272 QQ-B-626 274 QQ-B-626 280 QQ-B-626 331 QQ-B-626 332 QQ-B-626 340 QQ-B-626 344 QQ-B-626 345 QQ-B-626 370 QQ-B-626 462 QQ-B-626 466 QQ-B-626 467 QQ-B-626 comp.11 QQ-B-626D 230 QQ-B-626D 240 QQ-B-626D 260 QQ-B-626D 268 QQ-B-626D 342 QQ-B-626D 353 QQ-B-626D 360 QQ-B-626D 377 QQ-B-626D comp.11 QQ-B-636 268 QQ-B-636 comp4 QQ-B-637 464 QQ-B-637 482 QQ-B-637 485 QQ-B-637 Gr4 QQ-B-638 class4 QQ-B-639 464 QQ-B-639 465 QQ-B-639 482 QQ-B-639 485 QQ-B-639 Gr4 QQ-B-639B 462 QQ-B-650 104 QQ-B-650 108 QQ-B-650 111 QQ-B-650 115 QQ-B-650 116 QQ-B-650 117 QQ-B-650 121 QQ-B-650 123 QQ-B-650 BCuP-2 QQ-B-650 BCuP-3 QQ-B-650 BCuP-4 QQ-B-650 BCuP-5 QQ-B-650 BCuP-6 QQ-B-650 C10920 QQ-B-650 C10930 QQ-B-650 C10940 QQ-B-650 C11010 QQ-B-650 C11030 QQ-B-650 C11100 QQ-B-650 C14300 QQ-B-654A BAg-10 QQ-B-654A BAg-13a QQ-B-654A BAg-18 QQ-B-654A BAg-20 QQ-B-654A BAg-22 QQ-B-654A BAg-23 QQ-B-654A BAg-3 QQ-B-654A BAg-5 QQ-B-654A BAg-7 QQ-B-654A BAg-8a QQ-B-654A BAg-9 QQ-B-654A BCuP-5 QQ-B-654A Bag-4 QQ-B-654A class1 QQ-B-654A class2 QQ-B-654A class3 QQ-B-654A class4 QQ-B-654A class7 QQ-B-654A classI QQ-B-654A classII QQ-B-654A classIII QQ-B-654A classIV QQ-B-654A classV QQ-B-654A classVII QQ-B-654A classVIII QQ-B-655 QQ-B-655 4045 QQ-B-655 4047 QQ-B-655 4145 QQ-B-655 4343 QQ-B-655 FS-BAlSi-4 QQ-B-663 comp.3 QQ-B-663 comp5 QQ-B-671 class1 QQ-B-671 class2 QQ-B-671 class3 QQ-B-671 class4 QQ-B-675 957 QQ-B-675 958 QQ-B-675 class2 QQ-B-679 comp5 QQ-B-691 comp.1 QQ-B-691 comp.12 QQ-B-691 comp.2 QQ-B-691 comp.5 QQ-B-691 comp.8 QQ-B-691 comp.9 QQ-B-701 comp.12 QQ-B-701 comp.2 QQ-B-701 comp.7 QQ-B-701 comp.8 QQ-B-701 comp.9 QQ-B-721 classA QQ-B-721 classB QQ-B-726 classA QQ-B-726 classB QQ-B-726 classC QQ-B-726 classD QQ-B-728 675 QQ-B-728 classA QQ-B-728 classB QQ-B-746 comp.A QQ-B-746 comp.D QQ-B-750 510 QQ-B-750 524 QQ-B-750 534 QQ-B-750 544 QQ-B-750 comp.A QQ-B-750 comp.B QQ-B-750 comp.D QQ-B-825 101 QQ-B-825 107 QQ-B-825 110 QQ-B-825 6101 QQ-C-00465 632M QQ-C-390 820 QQ-C-390 824 QQ-C-390 825 QQ-C-390 826 QQ-C-390 827 QQ-C-390 828 QQ-C-390 836 QQ-C-390 838 QQ-C-390 842 QQ-C-390 844 QQ-C-390 848 QQ-C-390 852 QQ-C-390 854 QQ-C-390 855 QQ-C-390 857 QQ-C-390 861 QQ-C-390 862 QQ-C-390 863 QQ-C-390 864 QQ-C-390 865 QQ-C-390 868 QQ-C-390 872 QQ-C-390 874 QQ-C-390 903 QQ-C-390 905 QQ-C-390 907 QQ-C-390 910 QQ-C-390 913 QQ-C-390 915 QQ-C-390 916 QQ-C-390 922 QQ-C-390 923 QQ-C-390 925 QQ-C-390 927 QQ-C-390 932 QQ-C-390 934 QQ-C-390 935 QQ-C-390 937 QQ-C-390 938 QQ-C-390 939 QQ-C-390 940 QQ-C-390 941 QQ-C-390 943 QQ-C-390 947 QQ-C-390 948 QQ-C-390 952 QQ-C-390 953 QQ-C-390 954 QQ-C-390 955 QQ-C-390 957 QQ-C-390 958 QQ-C-390 962 QQ-C-390 964 QQ-C-390 A-2 QQ-C-390 A-3 QQ-C-390 A-4 QQ-C-390 A1 QQ-C-390 A5 QQ-C-390 B-1 QQ-C-390 B-2 QQ-C-390 B-4 QQ-C-390 B-5 QQ-C-390 B6 QQ-C-390 C1 QQ-C-390 C2 QQ-C-390 C3 QQ-C-390 C4 QQ-C-390 C5 QQ-C-390 C6 QQ-C-390 C7 QQ-C-390 C95420 QQ-C-390 C95510 QQ-C-390 C95520 QQ-C-390 D1 QQ-C-390 D2 QQ-C-390 D3 QQ-C-390 D4 QQ-C-390 D5 QQ-C-390 D6 QQ-C-390 E1 QQ-C-390 E10 QQ-C-390 E2 QQ-C-390 E3 QQ-C-390 E4 QQ-C-390 E5 QQ-C-390 E6 QQ-C-390 E7 QQ-C-390 E8 QQ-C-390 E9 QQ-C-390 F-1 QQ-C-390 F2 QQ-C-390 F3 QQ-C-390 G1 QQ-C-390 G2 QQ-C-390 G3 QQ-C-390 G4 QQ-C-390 G5 QQ-C-390 G6 QQ-C-390 G7 QQ-C-390 G8 QQ-C-390 X1 QQ-C-390 X2 QQ-C-390 X3 QQ-C-390 X5 QQ-C-390 X6 QQ-C-390 X7 QQ-C-390 X8 QQ-C-390 X9 QQ-C-450 606 QQ-C-450 610 QQ-C-450 612 QQ-C-450 613 QQ-C-450 614 QQ-C-450 630 QQ-C-465 606 QQ-C-465 614 QQ-C-465 623 QQ-C-465 630 QQ-C-465 642 QQ-C-501 110 QQ-C-502 101 QQ-C-502 102 QQ-C-502 107 QQ-C-502 110 QQ-C-502 111 QQ-C-502 116 QQ-C-502 C11100 QQ-C-521 801 QQ-C-523 861 QQ-C-523 865 QQ-C-523 C QQ-C-523 D QQ-C-525 comp.12 QQ-C-525 comp.2 QQ-C-525 comp.7 QQ-C-525 comp.8 QQ-C-525 comp.9 QQ-C-530 170 QQ-C-530 172 QQ-C-530 173 QQ-C-533 170 QQ-C-533 172 QQ-C-533 173 QQ-C-576 107 QQ-C-576 110 QQ-C-585 735 QQ-C-585 762 QQ-C-585 766 QQ-C-585 comp.1 QQ-C-585 comp.2 QQ-C-585 comp.3 QQ-C-585 comp.5 QQ-C-585 comp.6 QQ-C-585 comp.7 QQ-C-586 794 QQ-C-586 C79200 QQ-C-586 comp.1 QQ-C-586 comp.2 QQ-C-586 comp.3 QQ-C-586 comp.4 QQ-C-586 comp.5 QQ-C-591 647 QQ-C-591 651 QQ-C-591 655 QQ-C-591 661 QQ-C-645 606 QQ-E-450 type 6013 QQ-I-666 Gr1 QQ-I-666 Gr2 QQ-L-171 GrC QQ-L-171 Grade A QQ-L-225 comp.1 QQ-L-225 comp.12 QQ-L-225 comp.16 QQ-L-225 comp.18 QQ-L-225 comp.19 QQ-L-225 comp.2 QQ-L-225 comp.3 QQ-L-225 comp.6 QQ-L-225 comp.7 QQ-L-225 comp.8 QQ-L-225 comp.9 QQ-M-161 Gr1 QQ-M-161 Gr2 QQ-M-161 Gr7 QQ-M-31 QQ-M-31 AZ10 QQ-M-31 AZ31B QQ-M-31 AZ61A QQ-M-31 AZ80A QQ-M-31 M1A QQ-M-31 ZK60A QQ-M-38 QQ-M-38 AZ91A QQ-M-38 AZ91B QQ-M-40 QQ-M-40 AZ31B QQ-M-40 AZ31C QQ-M-40 AZ61A QQ-M-40 AZ80A QQ-M-40 HM21A QQ-M-40 M1A QQ-M-40 TA54A QQ-M-40 ZK60A QQ-M-44 QQ-M-44 AZ31A QQ-M-44 AZ31B QQ-M-44 M1A QQ-M-55 QQ-M-55 AM100A QQ-M-55 AZ63A QQ-M-55 AZ81A QQ-M-55 AZ91A QQ-M-55 AZ91C QQ-M-55 AZ92A QQ-M-55 EK41A QQ-M-55 EZ33A QQ-M-55 HK31A QQ-M-55 HZ32A QQ-M-55 QE22A QQ-M-56 QQ-M-56 AM100A QQ-M-56 AZ63A QQ-M-56 AZ81A QQ-M-56 AZ91C QQ-M-56 AZ92A QQ-M-56 EK30A QQ-M-56 EK41A QQ-M-56 EZ33A QQ-M-56 HK31A QQ-M-56 HZ32A QQ-M-56 K1A QQ-M-56 QE22A QQ-M-56 ZE41A QQ-M-56 ZH62A QQ-M-56 ZK51A QQ-M-56 ZK61A QQ-M-80 classA QQ-M-80 classB QQ-N-281 classA QQ-N-281 classB QQ-N-281 tableI QQ-N-286 classA QQ-N-286 classB QQ-N-288 comp.A QQ-N-288 comp.B QQ-N-288 comp.C QQ-N-288 comp.D QQ-N-288 comp.E QQ-N-288 comp.F QQ-N-321 GrA QQ-N-35 class4 QQ-P-330 comp.A QQ-P-330 comp.D QQ-R-175 comp.C QQ-R-175 comp.D QQ-R-566 QQ-R-566 1100 QQ-R-566 1260 QQ-R-566 295.0 QQ-R-566 5356 QQ-R-566 5657 QQ-R-571 QQ-R-571 518 QQ-R-571 RCU-2 QQ-R-571 RCuSn-C QQ-R-571C RCuZn-A QQ-S-00778 FS-S1 QQ-S-00778 FS-S5 QQ-S-00780 FS-M2 QQ-S-00780 FS-M34 QQ-S-571 88/10/2 QQ-S-571 Sn50Pb50 QQ-S-571 Sn60 QQ-S-571 Sn96 QQ-S-624 1320 QQ-S-624 1330H QQ-S-624 1335 QQ-S-624 1335H QQ-S-624 1340 QQ-S-624 1340H QQ-S-624 1345 QQ-S-624 2317 QQ-S-624 2330 QQ-S-624 2340 QQ-S-624 2345 QQ-S-624 2515 QQ-S-624 2517H QQ-S-624 3115 QQ-S-624 3140 QQ-S-624 3140H QQ-S-624 3150 QQ-S-624 4028 QQ-S-624 4028H QQ-S-624 4032 QQ-S-624 4032H QQ-S-624 4037 QQ-S-624 4037H QQ-S-624 4042H QQ-S-624 4047 QQ-S-624 4047H QQ-S-624 4053 QQ-S-624 4063 QQ-S-624 4063H QQ-S-624 4068 QQ-S-624 4068H QQ-S-624 4118H QQ-S-624 4130 QQ-S-624 4130H QQ-S-624 4132 QQ-S-624 4135 QQ-S-624 4137H QQ-S-624 4140 QQ-S-624 4140H QQ-S-624 4142H QQ-S-624 4145H QQ-S-624 4147H QQ-S-624 4150 QQ-S-624 4150H QQ-S-624 4320H QQ-S-624 4337 QQ-S-624 4340 QQ-S-624 4340 mod QQ-S-624 4340H QQ-S-624 43BV12 QQ-S-624 4608 QQ-S-624 4615 QQ-S-624 4617 QQ-S-624 4620 QQ-S-624 4621 QQ-S-624 4621H QQ-S-624 4640 QQ-S-624 4640H QQ-S-624 46B12 QQ-S-624 4720H QQ-S-624 4812 QQ-S-624 4817H QQ-S-624 4820H QQ-S-624 5045 QQ-S-624 5046 QQ-S-624 50B30 QQ-S-624 50B40 QQ-S-624 50B46H QQ-S-624 50B50 QQ-S-624 50B60 QQ-S-624 5120 QQ-S-624 5120H QQ-S-624 5130H QQ-S-624 5132 QQ-S-624 5132H QQ-S-624 5135H QQ-S-624 5140H QQ-S-624 5145 QQ-S-624 5145H QQ-S-624 5147 QQ-S-624 5147H QQ-S-624 5150H QQ-S-624 5152 QQ-S-624 5160H QQ-S-624 6120 QQ-S-624 6150 QQ-S-624 6150H QQ-S-624 8115 QQ-S-624 8150 QQ-S-624 81B40 QQ-S-624 8615 QQ-S-624 8617 QQ-S-624 8617H QQ-S-624 8620 QQ-S-624 8620H QQ-S-624 8622 QQ-S-624 8625 QQ-S-624 8627 QQ-S-624 8630 QQ-S-624 8630H QQ-S-624 8632 QQ-S-624 8635 QQ-S-624 8637 QQ-S-624 8640 QQ-S-624 8640H QQ-S-624 8641 QQ-S-624 8645 QQ-S-624 8645H QQ-S-624 8647 QQ-S-624 8650 QQ-S-624 8650H QQ-S-624 8653 QQ-S-624 8655 QQ-S-624 8655H QQ-S-624 8660 QQ-S-624 8660H QQ-S-624 86B45 QQ-S-624 86B45H QQ-S-624 8720H QQ-S-624 8735 QQ-S-624 8740 QQ-S-624 8740H QQ-S-624 8742 QQ-S-624 8745 QQ-S-624 8750 QQ-S-624 9260H QQ-S-624 9261 QQ-S-624 9262 QQ-S-624 9262H QQ-S-624 9310H QQ-S-624 9440 QQ-S-624 9445 QQ-S-624 94B15 QQ-S-624 94B17 QQ-S-624 94B17H QQ-S-624 94B40 QQ-S-624 9840 QQ-S-624 9840H QQ-S-624 9850 QQ-S-624 E2517 QQ-S-624 E3310 QQ-S-624 E4337 QQ-S-624 E4340 QQ-S-624 E4340H QQ-S-624 G50986 QQ-S-624 X4620 QQ-S-624 X4620H QQ-S-624C 3310 QQ-S-626 1345 QQ-S-626 4130 QQ-S-626 4140 QQ-S-626 4620 QQ-S-626 8620 QQ-S-626 8630 QQ-S-626 8640 QQ-S-626 8740 QQ-S-626 9440 QQ-S-626 9445 QQ-S-627 4130 QQ-S-627 4135 QQ-S-627 41L45 QQ-S-627 4340 QQ-S-627 6150 QQ-S-627 8615 QQ-S-627 8617 QQ-S-627 8620 QQ-S-627 8630 QQ-S-627 8640 QQ-S-627 8735 QQ-S-627 9262 QQ-S-629 2330 QQ-S-629 2340 QQ-S-629 4032 QQ-S-629 4135 QQ-S-629 81B40 QQ-S-629 8635 QQ-S-629 8640 QQ-S-629 8750 QQ-S-630 B1010 QQ-S-630 M1015 QQ-S-630 M1020 QQ-S-630 M1023 QQ-S-630 M1031 QQ-S-631 1018 QQ-S-631 1023 QQ-S-631 1029 QQ-S-631 1035 QQ-S-631 1038 QQ-S-631 1040 QQ-S-631 1045 QQ-S-631 1050 QQ-S-631 1060 QQ-S-633 1018 QQ-S-633 1029 QQ-S-633 1035 QQ-S-633 1038 QQ-S-633 1040 QQ-S-633 1045 QQ-S-633 1060 QQ-S-633 1078 QQ-S-633 1116 QQ-S-633 1117 QQ-S-633 1118 QQ-S-633 1141 QQ-S-633 1144 QQ-S-633 C1015 QQ-S-633 C1023 QQ-S-633 C1041 QQ-S-633 C1085 QQ-S-633 C1090 QQ-S-633 C1115 QQ-S-633 C1120 QQ-S-633 C1126 QQ-S-633 C1139 QQ-S-633 C1211 QQ-S-633 C12L13 QQ-S-634 1018 QQ-S-634 1035 QQ-S-634 1040 QQ-S-634 1050 QQ-S-634 3135 QQ-S-634 4815H QQ-S-635 1035 QQ-S-635 1040 QQ-S-635 1045 QQ-S-635 1050 QQ-S-637 1116 QQ-S-637 1117 QQ-S-637 1118 QQ-S-637 1139 QQ-S-637 1141 QQ-S-637 1144 QQ-S-637 C1008 QQ-S-637 C1137 QQ-S-637 C1211 QQ-S-637 C1215 QQ-S-640 1035 QQ-S-640 1075 QQ-S-640 FS1060 QQ-S-643 1035 QQ-S-643 1040 QQ-S-643 1045 QQ-S-643 1050 QQ-S-643 1118 QQ-S-643 MT1015 QQ-S-643 MTX1015 QQ-S-671 1035 QQ-S-671 1050 QQ-S-671 1060 QQ-S-671 1075 QQ-S-671 1085 QQ-S-671 1115 QQ-S-671 1335 QQ-S-671 1340 QQ-S-671 1345 QQ-S-671 2315 QQ-S-671 3140 QQ-S-671 3240 QQ-S-671 3250 QQ-S-671 3312 QQ-S-671 4640 QQ-S-671 8615 QQ-S-671 8635 QQ-S-671 8640 QQ-S-671 8645 QQ-S-671 8650 QQ-S-671 8745 QQ-S-671 8750 QQ-S-671 9440 QQ-S-671 9445 QQ-S-671 9840 QQ-S-671 9850 QQ-S-681 1020 QQ-S-681 105-85 QQ-S-681 120-95 QQ-S-681 150-125 QQ-S-681 175-145 QQ-S-681 60-30 QQ-S-681 65-35 QQ-S-681 70-36 QQ-S-681 80-40 QQ-S-681 80-50 QQ-S-681 90-60 QQ-S-681 IC8730 QQ-S-681 U-60-30 QQ-S-681 class2 QQ-S-681 class3 QQ-S-682 301 QQ-S-682 347 QQ-S-684 5155 QQ-S-698 C1008 QQ-S-700 1025 QQ-S-700 1030 QQ-S-700 1035 QQ-S-700 1045 QQ-S-700 1050 QQ-S-700 1055 QQ-S-700 1065 QQ-S-700 1074 QQ-S-700 1080 QQ-S-700 1084 QQ-S-700 1085 QQ-S-700 1086 QQ-S-700 1095 QQ-S-763 17-4PH QQ-S-763 202 QQ-S-763 302 QQ-S-763 303 QQ-S-763 303S QQ-S-763 303Se QQ-S-763 304 QQ-S-763 304L QQ-S-763 305 QQ-S-763 309 QQ-S-763 310 QQ-S-763 310S QQ-S-763 316 QQ-S-763 316L QQ-S-763 317 QQ-S-763 321 QQ-S-763 347 QQ-S-763 350 QQ-S-763 384 QQ-S-763 403 QQ-S-763 405 QQ-S-763 410 QQ-S-763 414 QQ-S-763 416 QQ-S-763 420 QQ-S-763 430 QQ-S-763 430F QQ-S-763 431 QQ-S-763 440A QQ-S-763 440B QQ-S-763 440C QQ-S-763 440F QQ-S-763 440FSe QQ-S-763 442 QQ-S-763 446 QQ-S-763 633 QQ-S-763 634 QQ-S-763 8A QQ-S-763 S30430 QQ-S-764 203EZ QQ-S-764 303 QQ-S-764 303Ma QQ-S-764 303Se QQ-S-764 303plusX QQ-S-764 416 QQ-S-764 416Se QQ-S-764 416plusX QQ-S-764 420F QQ-S-764 420FSe QQ-S-764 430F QQ-S-764 430FSe QQ-S-764 440F QQ-S-764 440FSe QQ-S-764 S30345 QQ-S-766 17-4PH QQ-S-766 17-7PH QQ-S-766 301 QQ-S-766 302 QQ-S-766 304 QQ-S-766 304L QQ-S-766 309S QQ-S-766 310S QQ-S-766 316 QQ-S-766 321 QQ-S-766 347 QQ-S-766 348 QQ-S-766 420 QQ-S-766 446 QQ-S-766 S20100 QQ-S-777 1045 QQ-S-777 1050 QQ-S-777 1075 QQ-S-780 M1 QQ-S-780 M2 QQ-S-780 M3 class2 QQ-S-780 T4 QQ-S-780 T5 QQ-S-780 T6 QQ-S-780 T7 QQ-T-00778 FS-H12 QQ-T-390 Gr2 QQ-T-390 Gr7 QQ-T-390A Gr1 QQ-T-390A Gr10 QQ-T-390A Gr11 QQ-T-390A Gr13 QQ-T-390A Gr3 QQ-T-390A Gr4 QQ-T-390A Gr5 QQ-T-390A Gr6 QQ-T-570 A10 QQ-T-570 A2 QQ-T-570 A3 QQ-T-570 A4 QQ-T-570 A5 QQ-T-570 A6 QQ-T-570 A7 QQ-T-570 A8 QQ-T-570 A9 QQ-T-570 D1 QQ-T-570 D2 QQ-T-570 D3 QQ-T-570 D4 QQ-T-570 D5 QQ-T-570 D7 QQ-T-570 F1 QQ-T-570 F2 QQ-T-570 F3 QQ-T-570 H10 QQ-T-570 H11 QQ-T-570 H12 QQ-T-570 H13 QQ-T-570 H14 QQ-T-570 H16 QQ-T-570 H19 QQ-T-570 H20 QQ-T-570 H21 QQ-T-570 H22 QQ-T-570 H23 QQ-T-570 H24 QQ-T-570 H25 QQ-T-570 H26 QQ-T-570 H41 QQ-T-570 H42 QQ-T-570 H43 QQ-T-570 L1 QQ-T-570 L2 QQ-T-570 L3 QQ-T-570 L6 QQ-T-570 L7 QQ-T-570 O1 QQ-T-570 O2 QQ-T-570 O6 QQ-T-570 O7 QQ-T-570 P2 QQ-T-570 P20 QQ-T-570 P5 QQ-T-570 P6 QQ-T-570 S1 QQ-T-570 S2 QQ-T-570 S4 QQ-T-570 S5 QQ-T-570 S6 QQ-T-570 S7 QQ-T-570 W4 QQ-T-580 W1-10 QQ-T-580 W1-12 QQ-T-580 W5 QQ-T-590 M1 QQ-T-590 M10 QQ-T-590 M15 QQ-T-590 M2 QQ-T-590 M3 class2 QQ-T-590 M30 QQ-T-590 M33 QQ-T-590 M34 QQ-T-590 M36 QQ-T-590 M4 QQ-T-590 M41 QQ-T-590 M42 QQ-T-590 M43 QQ-T-590 M44 QQ-T-590 M46 QQ-T-590 M6 QQ-T-590 M7 QQ-T-590 T1 QQ-T-590 T15 QQ-T-590 T2 QQ-T-590 T3 QQ-T-590 T4 QQ-T-590 T5 QQ-T-590 T6 QQ-T-590 T7 QQ-T-590 T8 QQ-T-825 4032 QQ-T-825 4032H QQ-T-825 4130H QQ-T-825 4135 QQ-T-825 4140H QQ-T-825 4150H QQ-T-825 5130H QQ-T-825 6150H QQ-T-825 8630H QQ-T-825 8640 QQ-T-825 8720H QQ-T-825 8740H QQ-T-830 1035 QQ-T-830 1040 QQ-T-830 1045 QQ-T-830 1050 QQ-T-830 1118 QQ-T-830 MT1015 QQ-T-830 MTX1015 QQ-T-835 8640H QQ-W-00426 QQ-W-321 210 QQ-W-321 230 QQ-W-321 240 QQ-W-321 260 QQ-W-321 270 QQ-W-321 510 QQ-W-321 745 QQ-W-321 752 QQ-W-321 757 QQ-W-321 764 QQ-W-321 770 QQ-W-321 class2 QQ-W-321 class8 QQ-W-340 comp.4 QQ-W-343 101 QQ-W-343 104 QQ-W-343 107 QQ-W-343 113 QQ-W-343 115 QQ-W-343 116 QQ-W-390 QQ-W-396 classB QQ-W-401 510 QQ-W-405 QQ-W-405 1006 QQ-W-405 1008 QQ-W-405 1010 QQ-W-405 1012 QQ-W-405 1013 QQ-W-405 1015 QQ-W-405 1016 QQ-W-405 1017 QQ-W-405 1019 QQ-W-405 1020 QQ-W-405 1023 QQ-W-405 1024 QQ-W-405 1025 QQ-W-405 1027 QQ-W-405 1030 QQ-W-405 1033 QQ-W-405 1034 QQ-W-405 1035 QQ-W-405 1038 QQ-W-405 1040 QQ-W-405 1041 QQ-W-405 1108 QQ-W-405 1109 QQ-W-405 1110 QQ-W-405 1330 QQ-W-405 1335 QQ-W-405 1340 QQ-W-405 2317 QQ-W-405 2330 QQ-W-405 2340 QQ-W-405 2515 QQ-W-405 3115 QQ-W-405 3120 QQ-W-405 3130 QQ-W-405 3135 QQ-W-405 3140 QQ-W-405 4023 QQ-W-405 4027 QQ-W-405 4037 QQ-W-405 4042 QQ-W-405 4130 QQ-W-405 4135 QQ-W-405 4137 QQ-W-405 4140 QQ-W-405 4142 QQ-W-405 4337 QQ-W-405 4340 QQ-W-405 4615 QQ-W-405 4620 QQ-W-405 4640 QQ-W-405 5120 QQ-W-405 5130 QQ-W-405 5132 QQ-W-405 5135 QQ-W-405 5140 QQ-W-405 6120 QQ-W-405 8615 QQ-W-405 8617 QQ-W-405 8620 QQ-W-405 8630 QQ-W-405 8637 QQ-W-405 8640 QQ-W-405 8720 QQ-W-405 8735 QQ-W-405 8740 QQ-W-409 QQ-W-409 1013 QQ-W-409 1018 QQ-W-409 1038 QQ-W-409 1040 QQ-W-412 classII QQ-W-412 comp1 typeI QQ-W-423 302 QQ-W-423 303 QQ-W-423 304 QQ-W-423 305 QQ-W-423 310 QQ-W-423 316 QQ-W-423 420 QQ-W-428 9262 QQ-W-428 comp.D QQ-W-450 4620 QQ-W-461 1006 QQ-W-461 1018 QQ-W-461 1020 QQ-W-461 1045 QQ-Z-363 AG40A QQ-Z-363 AG41A QQB QRO90 SUPREME QSi1-3 QSi1.0-3.0 QSi3-1 QSi3.5-1-1.5 QSn1,5-0,2 QSn4-0,3 QSn4-3 QSn4-4-2.5 QSn4-4-4 QSn4.0-3.0 QSn6,5-0,1 QSn6.5-0.4 QSn7-2 QSn7.0-0.2 QSn8-0.3 QSt32-3 QSt34-3 QSt36-3 QSt37.3 QSt37.3N QSt37.3U QSt38-3 QSt44-2 QSt44.2 QSt44.3 QSt52.3 QSt52.3N QStE260N QStE260TM QStE300TM QStE340N QStE340TM QStE360TM QStE380N QStE380TM QStE420N QStE420TM QStE460N QStE460TM QStE500N QStE500TM QStE550TM QStE600TM QStE650TM QStE690TM QT400-15 QT400-18 QT400-18L QT450-10 QT500-7 QT600-3 QT700-2 QT800-2 QT900-2 QT900-8 QTD HBW400 QTD HBW450 QTD1050-6 QTD1200-3 QTD1400-1 QTD800-10 QTD800-10R QTe0,5 QV33029 QWY-10 R R 206 R 77 R 806 R+V 2.1093.01 R+V G-CuSn4ZnPb R-17 R-206.0 R-235 R-357.0 R-A356.0 R-A357.0 R-AZ101A R-AZ61A R-Al R-AlSi12-a R-C355.0 R-NICKEL 99,2 R.A 4 R.A6 R.D.S ALLOY R03600 R03630 R03640 R04210 R04211 R04251 R04271 R04295 R05200 R05210 R05240 R05252 R05255 R05400 R07005 R07006 R07900 R07911 R07912 R07913 R07920 R07932 R07941 R07942 R07943 R0M2SF10 R1 R100 R109.11 R10F5K5 R10S R10S10 R11 R1100 R1188 R12 R12F3 R12F4 R12F4K5 R12F5K5 R12M6F5 R13 R14 R1450 R17 R17WS R17X R18 R18So R19801 R2 R20-12 R20033 R20033 f.metal R20500 R20501 R20600 R220 R23 R2319 R23HC R24-13S R242.0 R2449 R249 R25 R25-20S R250 R250.17 R28 R290 R295.0 R2C R2M10K8F R3 R3-4 R30 R30001 R30001 f.metal R30002 R30003 R30004 R30005 R30006 R30006 f.metal R30007 R30008 R30012 R30012 f.metal R30014 R30016 R30021 R30021 electrode R30021 f.metal R30023 R30027 R30030 R30031 R30031 f.metal R30035 R30036 R30075 R30100 R30103 R30155 R30155 casting R30155 f.m R30159 R30188 R30188 f.metal R30260 R30400 R30404 R30477 R30556 R30556 f.metal R30563 R30590 R306 R30600 R30605 R30605 f.metal R30605 surgical R30605 tube R30783 R308 R30816 R308L R30918 R309L R30S R31001 R31233 R31233/ULTIMET R31537 R31538 R31539 R316L R32 R320.14 R323 R33 R33Nb R34 R35 R350 R350.10/T304 R353 R355.0 R358 R359 R360 R361 R365 R367 R39 R390 R390.21 R39001 R399 R4 R4/5-T4/5 R40 R4008 R4009 R4010 R4011 R4043 R4043A R4046 R4047 R4047A R405 R40S R41 R4145 R42 R420 R425 R429 R43TI R440 R440 mod. R440-10 R440.10 R442 R45 R4643 R467 R470 R471 R48TI R5 R50 R50100 R50120 R50125 R50130 R50250 R50400 R50500 R50550 R50550 f.m R50700 R5087 R5183 R522 R52250 R52250 casting R52252 R52252[casting] R52254 R52400 R52401 R52402 R52402[casting] R52404 R52550 R52700 R52815 R53400 R53401 R53413 R53414 R53415 R53442 R53445 R53530 R53532 R5356 R54250 R54251 R545.11 R54520 R54520[casting] R54521 R54522 R54523 R54550 R54560 R54620 R54620 f.metal R54620 mod. R54621 R54790 R54810 R54810 f.m R55111 R5554 R5556 R5556A R56080 R56210 R56210 f.metal R56260 R56320 R56320 f.metal R56321 R56322 R56322[casting] R56323 R56340 R56400 R56400 casting R56400 f.metal R56400 surgical R56401 R56402 R56403 R56404 R56405 R56406 R56407 R56410 R56430 R5654 R56620 R56700 R56740 R575.11 R575.11/T302HQ R5754 R58010 R58010 f.metal R58030 R58120 R58130 R58150 R58153 R58153 f.metal R58210 R58210 f.metal R58350 R58450 R58640 R58645 R58650 R58820 R6 R60 R60701 R60702 R60704 R60705 R60706 R60802 R60804 R60901 R6110 R640 R647 R65 R65G R69 R6AM5 R6M5 R6M5F3 R6M5F3K8 R6M5K5 R70 R78 R8 R80 R806 R820 R83 R840 R840.70 R88 R9 R91 R995 RA RA 316 RA 600 RA 601 RA 602 CA RA 625 RA 718 RA 800AT RA L-605 RA RENE 41 RA alloy 36 RA-153MA RA-188 RA-2205 RA-253MA RA-321 RA-333 RA-353MA RA-446 RA17-4 RA303 RA309 RA330 RA330 f.metal RA330-04 RA330-TX RA333 RA416 RA4W RA50YW RA5W RA601 RA6W RA800AT RA85H RA85H ALLOY RA904L RABW RABWX3 RACCORD ACIER A SOUDER RACCORDERIE POUR CHALEUR RACOLD 01F RACOLD 03F RACOLD 04F RACOLD 05F RACOLD 06F RACOLD 240HSF RACOLD 300HSF RACOLD 320HSF RACOLD 360HSF RACOLD 400HSF RAD RADECO C RADECO M10 RADIO ALLOY 180 RADIO ALLOY 30 RADIO ALLOY 60 RADIO ALLOY 90 RADIONOX 1.4696 RADIONOX A 18-1 RADIONOX A 18-4 RAE1 RAE3 RAEX 265P RAEX 266P Artic RAEX 305P RAEX 306P Artic RAEX 315MC RAEX 345P RAEX 346P Artic RAEX 384P RAEX 385P RAEX 386P Artic RAEX 424P RAEX 425P RAEX 460MC RAEX 700MC RAEX B27 RAEX S355K2G3C RAEX S355K2G4C RAFFINAL RAFFMETAL 5079 RAGAL 220S RAGAL 250S RAGAL 280S RAGAL 320S RAGAL 350S RAGAL 51FZ RAGAL 51FZA RAGAL 52FZ RAGAL 53FZ RAGAL 54FZ RAGAL 54FZA RAGAL 550S RAGAL 56FZ RAICOUP RAINIER 3A RAINIER 4A RAINIER 5A RAINIER 6A RAITAN RAMAX HH RAMAX HSM RAMAX LH RAMAX-S RAN 1 H RANP RANSHOFEN 5040 RANSHOFFEN 6951 RAPIDE B RAPIDE J RAPIDUR 3202 RAPIDUR 3207 RAS RAS EXTRA RASIMA 303 RASIMA 304 RASIMA 304L RASIMA 316L RASIMA 430F RATH 2205 RATH 27-7MO RATH 310S RATH 316L RATH 347 RATH 439 RATH 444 RATH 59 RATH 686 RATH 7Mo+ RATH 825 RATH 904L RAVNAL2 RAVNEX DC RAZ M RAZD RAZU RAl99,5 RAl99,5Ti RAlMg3 RAlMg4,5MnZr RAlMg5Cr-a RAlMg5Mn RAlSi5-a RB0170-101 RB0170-201 RB0170-218 RB0170-284 RB0170-39 RB1 RB2 RB3 RB4 RB400W RB500W RBCuZn-A RBCuZn-B RBCuZn-C RBCuZn-D RBD RBN82 RC0 RC2 RCC 0 RCC EXTRA RCC SUPRA RCC-M M5110 Z6CND16-04 RCC0 RCCO RCI RCI-A RCI-B RCK10 RCK5 RCoCr-A RCoCr-B RCoCr-C RCoCr-E RCu RCuAl-A2 RCuNi RCuSi-A RCuSn-C RCuSn-D RCuZn-A RCuZn-B RCuZn-C RCuZn-D RD4 RD6 RDC12 ISOTEN RDC2 V ISOTEN RDC2 micro900GB RDC5 micro 900GB RDC6 RDCV2 micro900BG RDN 241 RDN 243 RDN 244 RDN 245 RDN 280 RE 39 RE375 REAL 096 RECIDAL 11 RECLOY 10 RECLOY 12 RECTIMPHY RED BARON 316-VMR RED CUT COBALT RED CUT SUPERIOR RED CUT SuperiorJ RED DIAMOND 14H ! RED DIAMOND 14S !! RED DIAMOND 20H RED DIAMOND 20S RED DIAMOND 21 RED INDIAN RED X8 REFLECTAL 050 REFLECTAL 100 REFRACTALLOY 26 REFRACTALOY 26 REFRACTALOY26 REFRAL 50 REGENT REGIN 3 REGULIT REINSTNICKEL REM REM Spezial REMANIT 3CR12 REMANIT 4000 REMANIT 4005 REMANIT 4006 REMANIT 4016 REMANIT 4021 REMANIT 4021 IM REMANIT 4028 REMANIT 4034 REMANIT 4057 REMANIT 4104 REMANIT 4112 REMANIT 4113 REMANIT 4116 REMANIT 4120 REMANIT 4122 REMANIT 4125 REMANIT 4301 REMANIT 4301SupIM REMANIT 4303 REMANIT 4305 REMANIT 4305 SupIM REMANIT 4306 REMANIT 4306SupIM REMANIT 4307 REMANIT 4310 REMANIT 4313 REMANIT 4401 REMANIT 4401SupIM REMANIT 4404 REMANIT 4404SupIM REMANIT 4406 REMANIT 4409 REMANIT 4418 REMANIT 4429 REMANIT 4435 REMANIT 4435SupIM REMANIT 4436 REMANIT 4436SupIM REMANIT 4438 REMANIT 4439 REMANIT 4460 REMANIT 4462 REMANIT 4501 REMANIT 4505 REMANIT 4509 REMANIT 4510 REMANIT 4511 REMANIT 4512 REMANIT 4522 REMANIT 4539 REMANIT 4541 REMANIT 4541 IM REMANIT 4542 REMANIT 4550 REMANIT 4563 REMANIT 4565 REMANIT 4571 REMANIT 4571 IM REMANIT 4575 REMANIT 4582 REMANIT 4589 REMIRAL 050 REMIRAL 100 REMYSTAHL 1.3813 REMYSTAHL 1.3965 REMYSTAHL 1.3980 REMYSTAHL 1.4861 REMYSTAHL 1.4885 REMYSTAHL 1.6772 REMYSTAHL 1.6907 REMYSTAHL 1.6926 REMYSTAHL 1.6958 RENE 100 RENE 108 RENE 125 RENE 220 RENE 41 RENE 62 RENE 63 RENE 77 RENE 80 RENE 88DT RENE 95 RENE N4 RENE N5 RENE N6 REPTEC 7 REPTEC CAST 1 REPTEC CAST 3 REPTEC Cu8 RESCAL CuNi44 RESCO 36 RESCOLOY 182 RESCOLOY 195M RESILIENCE A -20C RESIMA 430F RESIST 440 RESISTANCE HAUTE TEMPERATURE RESISTANT A LA CHALEUR RESISTANT A LA CORROSION RESISTANT AU FLUAGE RESISTANT CHALEUR RESISTANT CHALEUR < 1050C RESISTANT CHALEUR < 1175C RESISTANT CHALEUR < 1200C RESISTANT CHALEUR < 1300C RESISTANT CHALEUR < 1350C RESISTANT CHALEUR < 760C RESISTANT CHALEUR < 899C RESISTANT CHALEUR <1200C RESISTANT CHALEUR <= 1050C RESISTANT CHALEUR <= 1100C RESISTANT CHALEUR <= 1150C RESISTANT CHALEUR <= 1250C RESISTANT CHALEUR <= 800C RESISTANT CHALEUR <=1200C RESISTANT CHALEUR-OXYDATION RESISTANT HAUTE TEMPERATURE RESISTHERM RESISTIN RESISTOHM 125 RESISTOHM 135 RESISTOHM 140 RESISTOHM 145 RESISTOHM 30 RESISTOHM 40 RESISTOHM 60 RESISTOHM 70 RESISTOHM 80 RESISTOHM CU/NI10 RESISTOHM CU/NI2 RESISTOHM CU/NI23 RESISTOHM CU/NI6 RESISTOHM Y REVAL 1.4301 REVAL 1.4436 REVAL 1.4462 REX 121 REX 121HS REX 440 REX 49 REX 4V REX 559 REX 688 REX 724 REX 734 REX 78 REX 939 REX 95 REX AA REX AAA REX CHAMPION REX M-15 REX M2 REX M2S REX M3-1 REX M3-2 REX M3S-1 REX M3S-2 REX M4HC REX M4HS REX M7N REX SUPERVAN REX TMO REX TMO-8 REX VM PX REX-AA PX TEMPER REX-LA REX-M2 PX TEMPER REX-M33 REX-M4 REX-TMO5 REX-VM REX-VM low carbon REX1 REX3 REYNOLDS 725 RF RF 17S RF 4 RF SPEZIAL RF00 RF1 RF10 RF15 RF2 RF20 RF20C RF20Mo RF3 RF40 RF4313 RF90 RFA RFC RFCo RFE RFK RFMo RFNi RFS RFS Extra RFSH7 RFSMo RFSh 1 RFSh 3 RFSh 4 RFSh2 RFSh5 RFW RFe100 RFe12 RFe120 RFe160 RFe20 RFe40 RFe40-1.1016 RFe60 RFe80 RG RG2 RG45 RG5Ni RG60 RG65 RGA 20 RGA 36 RGCr15 RGM17 RGS3 RGS4 RGS6 RH02 RH20 RH388 RH40 RHC RHENIUM PUR RHENIUM-MOLYBDENE RHENIUM-TUNGSTENE RIGOR RIM 215 RIM 291 RIM 295 RIPTIDE RJ216 RJ235 RJ255 RJ294 RJ343 RJ392 RK 3 RK0S RK1 RK4 RKCM RKS RKS15 RKS20 RKS21B RKSt37.2 RKV RL 200 RLH2 RM 17 RM 189 RM 195 RM10 Co RM10Mo RM16 RM174 RM2 RM20 RM42 RMG CB495K RMG CB499K RMG CB767S RMH735 RMH765 RMI 0,2Pd RMI 16V-2.5Al RMI 25 RMI 40 RMI 55 RMI 6Al-6V-2Sn RMI 6Al4V RMI 70 RMI 8Al-1V-1Mo RMK5 RN0 RN0Pb RN2 RN3 RNC3 RNO MoV RNOX RNi12 RNi12/1.3926 RNi2 RNi24 RNi24/1.3911 RNi5 RNi8 RNiCr-A RNiCr-B RNiCr-C RNiCrB/C RO 346 RO 653 RO 7155 RO 752 RO 8155 RO 952 ROBERT 04 ROBERTS LB1 ROBERTS LB3 ROBERTS LB5 ROC 300 ROC 400 ROC 500 ROC Mn ROC250 ROCOLOY RODACCIAI 1.0715 RODACCIAI 10SPb20 RODACCIAI 35S20 RODACCIAI 434 RODACCIAI 45S20 RODAR RODINOX ROL ROLDAMAX 1.4436 ROLDAN 1.4301 ROLDAN 1.4311 ROLDAN 1.4401 ROLDAN 1.4404 ROLDAN 1.4429 ROLDAN 1.4462 ROLDAN 1.4571 ROLDAN 1.4597 ROLDAN 141 ROLDAN 244 ROLDAN 315 ROLDAN 600 ROLN ROLOY N2 RONI 4N RONI2 ROP 21 ROP 57 ROTELLOY 3 ROTELLOY 5 ROTELLOY 8 ROTOREN-Al99,5R RP RP 1152 RP 4462 RP04 RP06 RP2 RP2NS RP2S RP4 RP4460 RP4S RP4X RP5 RPCo RPCo 5 RPG3 micro900BG RPMoH RPSt37.2 RPU RQSt37.2 RR 2000 RR-2100 RR-2101 RR-3000 RR250 RR350 RR50 RR50 f.metal RR56 RR58 RR59 RRS 316 RRSD10 RRSt13 RRSt23 RRSt3 RRStE210.7 RRStW23 RRoSt37.2 RS RS 40 RS 74 RS-135 RS-21 RS138 RS3 RS3K RS4 RS72 RS73 RS77 RSD7 RSKD RST 1000 RST 1100 RST 5600 RST 5850 RST 8200 RST 9400FX RSi RSi12 RSi24 RSi48 RSt28 RSt34.2 RSt35.2 RSt360B RSt37.2 RSt42.2 RT 1733 RT 60 RT18Pd RT4Si RTC 14 RTI Ti-10-2-3 RTI Ti-13-11-3 RTI Ti-3-2.5 RTI Ti-6-4ELI RTO 912 RTS RTT RTWK RUS RUS 3 RV4 RV5K RW RW 307 RW 308 RW 308L RW 308LSi RW 310 RW 312 RW 316 RW 316LSi RW 347 RW 420B RW 45 RW2209 RW307 RW307Si RW309LMo RW317L RW318Si RW347Si RW409Cb RW430 RWL 34 RWMA 16 class2 RWMA class 3 RWMA class1 RWMA class10 RWMA class11 RWMA class12 RWMA class13 RWMA class14 RWMA class2 RWMA class20 RWMA class3 RWW 10 RWW 100 RWW 110 RWW 120 RWW 130 RWW 140 RWW 20 RWW 30 RWW 35 RWW 40 RWW 50 RWW 60 RWW 70 RWW 80 RWW 90 RZ1 RZ5 RZSt37.2 RZW Ramada F10 Range 2 Rapidur 3243 Rapidur 3247 Rapidur 3333 Rapidur 3343 Rapidur 3344 Ravne 108 Ravne 115 Ravne 117 Ravne 123 Ravne 126 Ravne 127 Ravne 23 Ravne 247/CRV3 Ravne 30 Ravne 397 Ravne 447 Ravne 448 Ravne 513 Ravne 515 Ravne 516 Ravne 517 Ravne 519 Ravne 522 Ravne 523 Ravne 544 Ravne 562 Ravne 583 Ravne 586 Ravne 593 Ravne 605 Ravne 614 Ravne 615 Ravne 616 Ravne 618 Ravne 620 Ravne 624 Ravne 625 Ravne 636 Ravne 637 Ravne 638 Ravne 712 Ravne 716 Ravne 718/EC80 Ravne 719 Ravne 721 Ravne 722 Ravne 739 Ravne 740 Ravne 745 Ravne 746 Ravne 762 Ravne 770 Ravne 774 Ravne 776 Ravne 778 Ravne 783 Ravne 785 Ravne 788 Ravne 789 Ravne 790 Ravne 791 Ravne 793 Ravne 798 Ravne 846 Ravne 937 Ravne 949 Ravne 953 Re75-W25 Red Cut Cobalt Red X-8 Red brass 85% Red brass 85-15 Reflectal 05 Rene N6 Resistalloy 134 Resistalloy134 Resistalloy3718 Resistalloy6015 Resistalloy8020 Resistohm 40 Resistohm 60 Rex M42 Rg 6 Rg10 Rg2 Rg4 Rg5 Rg5 Pbarm Rg5Ni Rg6 Rg7 Ring metal RoSt37.3 RoSt44.2 RoSt44.3 RoSt52-3 Rodacciai 420c Roldamax 134 Roldamax 135 Roldamax 143 Roldamax 155 Roldamax 165 Roldamax 195 Roldamax 254 Roldamax 274 Roldamax 277 Roldamax 278 Roldamax 284 Roldamax 314 Roldamax 494 Roldamax 510 Roldamax 520 Roldamax 550 Rotguss 5 RoyAlloy Rp1 Rp10 Rp11 Rp2 Rp3 Rp4 Rp5 Rp9 RuT260 RuT300 RuT340 RuT380 RuT420 Ruetom Special 420 Ruhrlit BMo 9 Ruhrlit Kobalt5 Ruhrlit Mo 2 Ruhrlit SS20 Rul1 Rul1v Rul1v REZ Rul2 Rul2V Rul2V REZ Rul3V Ruukki 16Mo3 Ruukki P265S Ruukki P275N Ruukki P420M Ruukki P420ML1 Ruukki P460M Ruukki S355K2W Ruukki S420M S S 1 R S 13 S 13 4 S 13 L S 16 8 2 S 17 S 18 15 3 L S 18 16 5 N L S 18 36 H S 19 12 3 H S 19 12 3 L S 19 9 H S 20 10 3 S 20 16 3 Mn L S 22 12 H S 22 9 3 N L S 23 12 2 L S 23 12 L S 23 12 Nb S 25 20 H S 25 20 Mn S 25 22 2 N L S 25 4 S 25 7 2 L S 25 9 3 Cu N L S 25 9 4 N L S 27 31 4 Cu L S 29 9 S CI 4003 S CI 6002 S CrMo5Si S CrMo9 S Cu 1897 S Cu 1898 S Cu 5180 S Cu 6100 S Cu 6560 S Cu 7061 S Cu 7158 S MnMo S Mo S+C 1.7363 S+C GS-34CrMo4 S+C GX3CrNiMo16-5 S+D 1.3980 S+D 1.6907 S-10016.G S-11018M S-200C S-309.16N S-310.15 S-590 S-7 casting S-7010A1 S-7024F S-7048.V S-8016.B1 S-8016.B2 S-8016.C1 S-8016.G S-8018.G S-9016.B3 S-9016.G S-9018.M S-Al99,5 S-Al99,5Ti S-Al99,8 S-Al99,98R S-AlBz6 S-AlBz8 S-AlMg3 S-AlMg3Si S-AlMg4,5Mn S-AlMg5 S-AlMn S-AlSi12 S-AlSi5 S-B367 C-3 S-B367 C-6 S-CoCr29W5 S-CoCr29W8 S-CoCr30W12 S-Cu S-Cu99,9 S-Cu99,9% S-CuAg S-CuNi10Fe S-CuNi30Fe S-CuSi3 S-CuSn S-CuSn12 S-CuSn6 S-CuZn39Sn S-CuZn40Si S-FCF S-Monel S-Ms60 S-N22 S-N35 S-NC30.1 S-NC30.3 S-NC35 S-NSC20-5-2 S-NSC30-5-5 S-Ni35 S-Ni99,2 S-NiCo20Cr20MoTi S-NiCr15FeNb S-NiCr15FeTi S-NiCr20 S-NiCr20-5-2 S-NiCr20.2 S-NiCr20.3 S-NiCr20CuMo S-NiCr21Fe18Mo S-NiCr21Mo9Nb S-NiCr30.1 S-NiCr30.3 S-NiCr35-3 S-NiCu30Al S-NiFe40 S-NiMn13.7 S-NiMn23.4 S-NiMo15Cr15 S-NiMo16Cr16Ti S-NiMo16Cr16W S-NiMo27 S-NiMo28 S-NiMo30 S-NiSiCr30-5-5 S-PB74SN25SB1 S-Pb50Sn50 S-Pb50Sn50E S-Pb50Sn50Sb S-Pb55Sn45 S-Pb58Sn40Sb2 S-Pb60Sn40 S-Pb65Sn35 S-Pb69Sn30Sb1 S-Pb70Sn30 S-Pb74Sn25Sb1 S-Pb78Sn20Sb2 S-Pb90Sn10 S-Pb92Sn8 S-Pb93Sn5Ag2 S-Pb95Ag5 S-Pb98Ag2 S-Pb98Sn2 S-Sn50Pb32Cd18 S-Sn50Pb48Ag2 S-Sn50Pb49Cu1 S-Sn60Pb36Ag4 S-Sn60Pb38Cu2 S-Sn60Pb40E S-Sn60Pb40Sb S-Sn62Pb36Ag2 S-Sn63Pb37 S-Sn63Pb37E S-Sn63Pb37Sb S-Sn95Sb5 S-Sn96Ag4 S-Sn97Ag3 S-Sn97Cu3 S-Sn99,9 S-Sn99Cu1 S-SnBz12 S-SnBz6 S-SoMs S-X2CrNi24.12 S.M.V 3 S.NC20-2 S.NC20-3 S.Ni22 S.NiCr20-2 S/W 13 Cr S0100 S01815 S0300 S0340 S0350 S04 S0600 S09CK S1 S1 243 S1 622-440 S1 622-490 S1 629-470 S1 629-590 S1-360 S1-620 S10 S10-4-2-12 S10-4-3-10 S1010 S102 S103 S105 S10500 S1058 S106 S106 casting S106B S106D S107 S108 S1082 S109 S10C S110 S1100Q S1100QL S111 S111/S112 S112 S113 S11306 S114 S115 S116 S117 S11770 S119 S11900 S11972 S12 S12-1-2 S12-1-2-3 S12-1-4 S12-1-4-5 S120 S121 S121/S122 S1214 S122 S124 S124M S125 S126 S127 S128 S129 S12A S12A-B S12B S12C S130 S131 S131/S132 S132 S132/897M39 S132D S133 S134 S134M S135 S136 S136 ESR S137 S138 S13800 S13889 S139 S14 S140 S140/826M31/En25 S141 S142 S143 S144 S145 S146 S147 S148 S14800 S149 S15 S150 S151 S152 S153 S154 S155 S15500 S15500 casting S15500 f.m S156 S156/S82 S156B S156D S157 S157/16NCD13 S15700 S15780 S15789 S158 S159 S15C S15CK S160 S161 S162 S163 S164 S165M S16600 S16800 S16880 S17400 S17400 forging S17480 S17600 S17700 S17700 f.metal S17700 high Ni S17780 S17C S18-0-1 S18-0-2 S18-1-2-10 S18-1-2-15 S18-1-2-5 S18-12-18 S18200 S18235 S185 S19 S19 12 3 Nb S19 9 Nb S195T S1A S1B S1C S2 S2 243 S2 622-440 S2 622-490 S2 629-470 S2 629-590 S2-10-1-8 S2-360 S2-620 S2-9-1 S2-9-2 S2-9-2-5 S2-9-2-8 S2-9-3 S200 S200FH S201 S20100 S20100 [tube] S20100 class 1 S20100 class 2 S20100[flat] S20103 S20153 S20153 tube S20161 S20162 S202 S20200 S20200 tube S203 S20300 S204 S20400 S20403 S20430 S20431 S20432 S20433 S205 S20500 S20500 tube S205G2T S206 S207 S20910 S20910 casting S20910 surgical S20910 tube S20980 S20C S20CK S21 S21000 S21300 S21400 S21460 S21500 S215GAlT S215GSiT S21600 S21603 S21640 S21800 S21800 casting S21880 S21900 S21900/21904 f.metal S21903 S21904 S21904 electrode S21953 S21980 S220GD+Z S220GD+ZF S22C S23 S235 S235G2T S235J0 S235J0C S235J0C-QSt35.U S235J0W S235J2 S235J2C S235J2G3 S235J2G3C S235J2G4 S235J2G4C S235J2W S235J2W AFCS S235JR S235JRC S235JRG1 S235JRG2 S235JRG2 +C S235JRG2C S235JRH S235JRW S23980 S240 S240 LASER S24000 S24000 tube S24040 S24080 S240GP S24100 S24565 S24565 casting S24565 tube S24585 S250 S250GD+Z S250GD+ZF S250Pb S250Pb bright bar S250Pb+Bi+Te S250Pb+Te S250Pb+Te+Bi S250Si S255GT S255N S25700 S25C S25CL S260MC S260NC S270GP S275J0 S275J0H S275J2 S275J2C S275J2G3 S275J2G3C S275J2G4 S275J2G4C S275J2H S275JR S275JR/43B S275JRC S275M S275M AFCS S275MH S275ML S275ML AFCS S275MLH S275N S275N-1.0490 S275NH S275NL S275NL 1.0491 S275NL AFCS S275NLH S28 S280GD+Z S280GD+ZF S28200 S28300 S28C S290 S29108 S2Ni2 S2Ni3 S3 S3-3-2 S3-3-2Si S300 S300Pb S300Pb+Bi+Te S300Si S30100 S30100 tube S30103 S30110 S30115 S30153 S30200 S30200 rivet steel S30200 tube S30210 S30215 S30260 S30300 S30310 S30317 S30323 S30327 S30330 S30345 S30360 S30400 S30400 bar S30400 bolts S30400 casting S30400 flat S30400 for concrete S30400 nuts S30400 tube S30400 wire S30403 S30403 tube S30408 S30409 S30409 tube S30415 S30415 tube S30430 S30430 [bolts] S30430 [nuts] S30430 bolting S30430 valve S30430/302HQ S30431 S30432 S30433 S30434 S30435 S30451 S30451 tube S30452 S30453 S30453 tube S30454 S30458 S30460 S30461 S30462 S30463 S30464 S30465 S30466 S30467 S30480 S305 S30500 S30500 tube S30530 S30600 S30600 tube S30601 S30615 S307 S30780 S308 S30800 S30815 S30815 casting S30815 f.metal S30815 tube S30880 S30881 S30882 S30883 S30884 S30886 S30888 S30900 S30900 tube S30908 S30908 tube S30909 S30909 tube S30925 S30940 S30940 [tube] S30941 S30941 [tube] S30942 S30980 S30981 S30982 S30983 S30986 S30988 S30989 S30C S30CM S31 S31000 S31000 tube S31002 S31002[tube] S31008 S31008 mod. S31008 tube S31009 S31009 tube S31025 S31035 S31040 S31040 tube S31041 S31041 casting S31041 tube S31042 S31050 S31050 tube S31060 S31080 S31100 S31200 S31200 tube S31254 S31254 casting S31254 tube sml S31254 tube wld S31254[fitting] S31260 S31260 tube S31266 S31272 S31277 S31277 tube S31380 S31400 S31400 tube S315 S31500 S31500 tube S315MC S315MC EN10149-2 S315NC S31600 S31600 fasteners S31600 tube S31603 S31603 tube S31608 S31609 S31609 tube S31620 S31620 casting S31635 S31635 fc S31635 tube S31640 S31640 tube S31651 S31651 tube S31653 S31653 casting S31653 tube S31654 S31673 S31675 S31680 S31681 S31683 S31688 S31700 S31700 tube S31703 S31703 casting S31703 tube S31725 S31726 S31726 tube S31727 S31727 tube S31753 S31780 S31783 S31800 S31803 S31803 concrete S31803 tube S31980 S32001 S32003 S32050 S32050 casting S32050 tube S32053 S32053 tube S320GD+Z S320GD+ZF S320GP S320MC laser AFCS S32100 S32100 tube S32101 S32101 tube S32109 S32109 tube S32180 S32200 S32202 S32205 S32205 tube S32304 S32304 tube S32404 S32404 casting S32500 S32506 S32520 S32520 tube S32550 S32550 casting S32550 tube S32615 S32615 tube S32654 S32654 tube S32700 S32707 S32716 S32740 S32740 [tube] S32750 S32750 casting S32750 tube S32760 S32760 casting S32760 tube S32803 S32808 S32808 tube S32900 S32900 casting S32900 tube S32906 S32906 tube S32950 S32950 tube S33100 S33200 S33207 S33228 S33400 S33425 S33C S33C/S35C S34565 S34565 casting S34565 tube S34700 S34700 tube S34700[bolting] S34700[nuts] S34705 S34709 S34709 tube S34710 S34720 S34723 S34740 S34751 S34780 S34781 S34788 S34800 S34800 tube S34809 S34809 tube S35 S35000 S35000 electrode S35000 f.metal S35045 S35080 S350GD AFCS+Z S350GD+Z S350GD+ZF S35115 S35125 S35135 S35140 S35315 S35315 tube S35350 S35450 S35500 S35500 electrode S35500 f.metal S35580 S355G1 S355G11 S355G11+M S355G12 S355G12+M S355G3+N S355G3S S355G4 S355G4+M S355G6+M S355GP S355GT S355J0 S355J0C S355J0H S355J0W S355J0WP S355J2 S355J2 AFCS S355J2C S355J2G1W S355J2G2W S355J2G3 S355J2G3C S355J2G4 S355J2G4C S355J2H S355J2W S355J2W AFCS S355J2W+N S355J2WP S355J2WP AFCS S355JR S355K2 S355K2C S355K2G1W S355K2G2W S355K2G3 S355K2G3C S355K2G4 S355K2G4C S355K2H S355K2W S355K2W AFCS S355K2W+N S355M S355M AFCS S355M1 S355M2 S355M3 S355M3Z S355MC S355MH S355ML S355MLH S355N S355N-1.0545 S355N1 S355N2 S355N3/Q3 S355N3Z S355NC S355NH S355NL S355NL AFCS S355NLH S35C S35CM S360 S360-235 S360MC laser S36200 S37 S37000 S38031 S380MC S380N S38100 S38400 S385 S38500 S38660 S38815 S38926 S38C S39 S390 S390 microclean S390GP S39209 S39215 S39226 S39230 S39240 S39255 S39274 S39274 tube S39275 S39275 tube S39276 S39276 casting S39276 tube S39277 S39277 tube S39295 S39553 S3Mo S4 S40 S400 S400G S401 S401 P30 95/5 S40300 S404 S405 S40500 S40500 tube S40800 S40900 S40900 f.m S40900 tube S40910 S40920 S40930 S40940 S40940 f.metal S40945 S40975 S40976 S40977 S40977[flat] S40C S41 S41000 S41000 [A837] S41000 [bolting] S41000 high carbon S41000 low carbon S41000 tube S41001 S41003 S41003 Gr40 S41003 Gr50 S41005 S41008 S41025 S41026 S41040 S41041 S41045 S41050 S41050 casting S41080 S41081 S41086 S41400 S41400 casting S41425 S41426 S41427 S41428 S415 S41500 S41500 tube S41600 S41603 S41610 S41623 S41780 S41780 f.m S41800 S41800 casting S41800 tube S41880 S420 S42000 S42000 tube S42010 S42020 S42020 [old] S42020 casting S42023 S42025 S42026 S42035 S42080 S420LC laser S420M S420M AFCS S420MC S420MH S420ML S420ML AFCS S420MLH S420N S420N AFCS S420NC S420NH S420NL S420NL AFCS S420NLH S42100 S42200 S42200 casting S42201 S42225 S42300 S42400 S42500 S42670 S42700 S42800 S42900 S42900 tube S430 S430-255 S430-265 S430-275 S43000 S43000 tube S43020 S43023 S43035 S43035 bar S43035 flat S43035 tube S43036 S43036 tube S43040 S43040 for concrete S43080 S430GP S43100 S43100 [flats] S43100 [forging] S43100 [wire] S43100 for tool S43400 S43400 tube S43600 S43600 low carbon S43900 S43903 S43932 S43940 S43C S44002 S44003 S44004 S44020 S44023 S44025 S44100 S44200 S44300 S44300 tube S44330 S44400 S44400 tube S44401 S44500 S44535 S44536 S44600 S44600 tube S44625 S44625 f.metal S44626 S44627 S44627 tube S44635 S44660 S44687 S44700 S44735 S44735 tube S44736 S44800 S45 S450 S45000 S450J0 S450MG2 S45110 S45500 S45503 S458 S45850 S45C S45C-E S45CL S45CM S460AP S460M S460M AFCS S460MC S460MH S460ML S460ML AFCS S460MLH S460N S460N AFCS S460NH S460NL S460NL AFCS S460NLH S460Q S460QL S460QL1 S46500 S46800 S46910 S470M S4722-FMX S480 S48C S5 S5 ALLOY S5 casting S500 S500A S500AL S500M S500MC S500ML S500N S500NL S500Q S500QL S500QL1 S500s S50100 S50100 casting S50180 S50181 S50200 S50280 S50281 S50288 S50300 S50400 S50460 S50480 S50C S50CM S510 S511 S5120-FM263 S513 S514 S514/S515/EN14A S515 S516 S517 S518 S520 S521 S5219-FM718 S522 S5220 S523 S524 S525 S526 S527 S527/W.L 1.4516 S528 S529 S53 S530 S531 S532 S533 S534 S535 S536 S537 S538 S53C S550A S550AL S550G+Z S550GD+Z S550GD+ZF S550MC S550Q S550QL S550QL1 S5520-FM617 S55C S55CM S5621-FM22 S58C S590 ISOMATRIX S592 ISOMATRIX S5923-FM59 S5A S5B S5B2 0,3Cu S5C S6 S6-3-2 S6-5-2 S6-5-2 casting S6-5-2+S S6-5-2-5 S6-5-2-5S S6-5-2-8 S6-5-2S S6-5-3 S6-7-6-10 S60 S600 S600MC S600MC AFCS S601 S6013 S6020-FM625 S6023-FM601 S604 S607 S60C-CSP S60CM S61 S610 S62 S620A S620AL S620Q S620QL S620QL1 S63005 S63007 S63008 S63011 S63012 S63013 S63014 S63015 S63016 S63017 S63018 S63019 S63197 S63198 S63199 S64004 S64005 S64006 S64152 S64299 S64607 S65 S65006 S65007 S65007 f.metal S650MC S650MG2 S65770 S65C S65CM S66009 S6616-FMC4 S66220 S66286 S66286 bolting S66286 f.m S66286 for tool S66315 S66545 S67956 S68000 S690 S690A S690AL S690G1QL S690G2QL S690G4QL S690Q S690QL S690QL/1.8928 S690QL1 S7 S7+ S7-4-2-5 S7-6-3-12 S7-MQ S700 S70003 S70003 tube S700MC S705 S70CM S71 S72 S75C S75C-E S75CM S770QL e<=20mm S790 ISOMATRIX S790QL1 e<=20mm S7A S7XL S80 S80 casting S8016.C3 S81 S816 S81921 S82 S82/S156 S82011 S82441 S84 S8490 S86 S890Q S890QL S890QL1 S8949 S9-1-2 S9-4-3-11 S90 S91 S92 S93 S95 S96 S960Q S960QL S960QL1 S97 S98 S98/S99 S99 SA-167 Gr317L SA-203 GrA SA-203 GrB SA-203 GrD SA-203 GrE SA-203 GrF SA-204 GrA SA-204 GrB SA-204 GrC SA-213 S31002 SA-217 WC4 SA-225 GrC SA-225 GrD SA-231M SA-232M SA-240 Gr201 SA-240 Gr201LN SA-240 Gr317L SA-240 Gr439 SA-240 Gr444 SA-240 S31753 SA-240 type316LN SA-268 TP446-1 SA-268 TP446-2 SA-302 GrC SA-302 GrD SA-311 Gr1050 SA-312 S31002 SA-320 L43 SA-335 P5b SA-335 P5c SA-350 LF5 SA-351 CF3MA SA-351 CF8C SA-351 CG3M SA-351 CG6MMN SA-369 FP5 SA-387 Gr21 SA-387 Gr7 SA-387 Gr9 SA-387Gr91 SA-426 CPCA15 SA-453 Gr660 classC SA-455 SA-479 Gr439 SA-479 Gr444 SA-479 XM-19 SA-516 Gr70 SA-542 D-4a SA-542 typeD class4a SA-556 GrA2 SA-556 GrB2 SA-556 GrC2 SA-564 XM-13 SA-666 Gr201 SA-705 XM-13 SA-724 GrA SA-724 GrB SA-724 GrC SA-789 S31260 SA-790 S31260 SA1 SA2-W502 SA204GrC SA2Ni2 SA50Ni SA64XA SA718 SA747 CB7Cu-1 SA8 SAARFORM 800 SAARFORM 850 SAARFORM 900 SAARSTAHL 1.0485 SAARSTAHL 1.0719 SAARSTAHL 1.0738 SAARSTAHL 1.0739 SAARSTAHL 1.2125 SAARSTAHL 1.7541 SABS 1303.1 SABS 1431 SABS 1656 SACAL GD-AlSi13 SACM1 SACM645 SACM645QT SACN645 SACO 21 SADEVINOX 420C SADEVINOX 430F SADEVINOX 430Nb SAE 201 SAE 4130mod. SAE 4132 SAE 4330mod. SAE 86L20 SAE E4340 SAE E52100 SAE EX15 SAE EX24 SAE EX30 SAE J1086 SAE J113 SAE J125 SAE J1268 SAE J132 SAE J157 SAE J158 SAE J172 SAE J178 SAE J1887 SAE J217 SAE J230 SAE J2477 SAE J271 SAE J316-A SAE J316-B SAE J351 SAE J403 SAE J404 SAE J405 SAE J407 SAE J438 SAE J453 SAE J460 SAE J461 SAE J462 SAE J463 SAE J465 SAE J466 SAE J468 SAE J528 SAE J775 SAE J776 SAE M-64 SAE NV-3 SAE/AISI15B36 SAE0000 SAE0022 SAE0105 SAE0120 SAE0150 SAE030 SAE080 SAE10 SAE1005 SAE1006 SAE1008 SAE1008CHQ SAE1009 SAE1010 SAE1012 SAE1013 SAE1015 SAE1016 SAE1017 SAE1018 SAE1019 SAE1020 SAE1021 SAE1022 SAE1023 SAE1025 SAE1026 SAE1027 SAE1029 SAE1030 SAE1033 SAE1035 SAE1037 SAE1038 SAE1039 SAE1040 SAE1042 SAE1043 SAE1044 SAE1045 SAE1046 SAE1049 SAE1050 SAE1053 SAE1055 SAE1060 SAE1064 SAE1065 SAE1070 SAE1074 SAE1075 SAE1078 SAE1080 SAE1084 SAE1085 SAE1086 SAE1090 SAE1095 SAE10B25 SAE10B35 SAE10B36 SAE10B40 SAE10L25 SAE11 SAE1111 SAE1116 SAE1117 SAE1118 SAE1126 SAE1132 SAE1137 SAE1137Pb SAE1138 SAE1140 SAE1141 SAE1144 SAE1144Pb SAE1146 SAE1151 SAE12 SAE1212 SAE1213 SAE1215 SAE12L14 SAE13 SAE1330 SAE1335 SAE1340 SAE1345 SAE14 SAE15 SAE1518 SAE1522 SAE1524 SAE1526 SAE1527 SAE1536 SAE1541 SAE1547 SAE1548 SAE1548 mod. A/C SAE1552 SAE1566 SAE15B36 SAE16 SAE17 SAE19 SAE190 SAE191 SAE192 SAE193 SAE194 SAE202 SAE203 SAE207 SAE208 SAE209 SAE212 SAE215 SAE24 SAE240 SAE241 SAE244 SAE245 SAE246 SAE25 SAE26 SAE260 SAE280 SAE281 SAE29 SAE300 SAE303 SAE304 SAE305 SAE306 SAE308 SAE309 SAE310 SAE311 SAE312 SAE313 SAE314 SAE315 SAE320 SAE321 SAE322 SAE323 SAE324 SAE326 SAE327 SAE329 SAE33 SAE330 SAE331 SAE332 SAE334 SAE335 SAE336 SAE34 SAE35 SAE356 SAE38 SAE380 SAE382 SAE383 SAE39 SAE40 SAE4023 SAE4027 SAE4037 SAE4047 SAE41 SAE4118 SAE4120 SAE4120H SAE413 SAE4130 SAE4135 SAE4135H SAE4137 SAE4137H SAE4140 SAE4140 mod. SAE4142 SAE4145 SAE4150 SAE43 SAE430A SAE430B SAE4320 SAE4340 SAE4615 SAE4617 SAE4620 SAE4718H SAE48 SAE480 SAE481 SAE482 SAE4820 SAE484 SAE485 SAE49 SAE50 SAE500 SAE501 SAE50100 SAE501A SAE502 SAE504 SAE505 SAE506 SAE507 SAE508 SAE509 SAE50B40H SAE50B46 SAE510 SAE5115 SAE5120 SAE513 SAE5130 SAE5132 SAE5140 SAE51420 SAE5150 SAE5160 SAE5165 SAE51B60 SAE52 SAE520 SAE52100 SAE522 SAE523 SAE524 SAE53 SAE534 SAE550 SAE607 SAE610b #14 SAE6135 SAE6150 SAE62 SAE620 SAE621 SAE622 SAE63 SAE637 SAE639 SAE64 SAE64+Ni3 SAE640 SAE65 SAE65+Ni SAE66 SAE660 SAE67 SAE68 SAE68A SAE68B SAE68C SAE701B SAE701C SAE701D SAE70A SAE70C SAE71 SAE72 SAE725 SAE73 SAE74B SAE74C SAE74D SAE75 SAE770 SAE77A SAE77C SAE780 SAE781 SAE782 SAE783 SAE784 SAE785 SAE786 SAE787 SAE788 SAE791 SAE792 SAE793 SAE794 SAE795 SAE797 SAE798 SAE799 SAE79A SAE79B SAE80A SAE80B SAE81 SAE830 SAE8615 SAE8617 SAE8620 SAE8622 SAE8625 SAE8627 SAE8630 SAE8630 mod. SAE8637 SAE8637H SAE8640 SAE8645 SAE8655 SAE8720 SAE8740 SAE8742 SAE88 SAE8822 SAE903 SAE921 SAE925 SAE9254 SAE9259 SAE9260 SAE9262 SAF 2205 SAF 2304 SAF 2507 SAF 2507 casting SAF 2707HD SAF 2906 SAFETAIN 60/60R SAFETY SILV40Ni2 SAFETY SILV40T SAFETY SILV56 SAFETY-SILV 30 SAFETY-SILV 35 SAFETY-SILV 45 SAFETY-SILV 45T SAFETY-SILV 50 SAFETY-SILV 60T SAFETY-SILV38T SAFETY-SILV50N SAFETY-SILV54 SAFETY-SILV72 SAFFIRE 18/8-308L SAFFIRE 18/8/3Mo316L SAFFIRE 23/12-309 SAFFIRE ARGOFIL SAFFIRE COPPERSILVER SAFFIRE Mn BRONZE SAFFIRE SUPER STEEL SAFFIRE Si BRONZE SAFINOX BCN347 SAFINOX R312 SAFINOX R347 SAFRA 5556A SAFRA AL99,5TI SAFRA Al99,8 SAFRA AlMg3,5 SAFRA AlMg4,5MnZr SAFRA SF-CuMn13Al7 SAFRA SF-CuSn SAFRA SF-CuSn6 SAGAMORE SAGAMORE V SALAMANDRE A2 SAMSON EXTRA SANCY SANCY 2 SANDVIK 120C SANDVIK 12C27 SANDVIK 12C27 mod. SANDVIK 13.HC SANDVIK 13C26 SANDVIK 18.8.Mn SANDVIK 1802 SANDVIK 19-9-LSi SANDVIK 19.12.3L SANDVIK 19.12.3LSi SANDVIK 19.13.4L SANDVIK 19.9.L SANDVIK 19.9.Nb SANDVIK 19.9.NbSi SANDVIK 20C SANDVIK 21.6.9 SANDVIK 22.12.HT SANDVIK 24-13-L SANDVIK 24.13.LSi SANDVIK 24.13.Si SANDVIK 25.20.B SANDVIK 25.22.2LMn SANDVIK 29.9 SANDVIK 2RE69 SANDVIK 316 SANDVIK E308H-15 SANDVIK SX SANICRO 31H SANICRO 60 SANICRO 71 SANICRO 72 SANMAC 303 SANMAC 304 SANMAC 304L SANMAC 316 SANMAC 316L SANMAC 4305 SANMAC 4435 SANMAC 4571 SANS 1303.1 SAR 8001 SARATOGA SARTID T-70A SASCOLOY SAT5 SATIMPHY SAVE12 SAVE25 SAW SAW430-255 SAXMAN 6R remelted SAlCrMo1 SB SB 21 SB 26Q SB 9 SB-150 630 SB-152 107 SB-271 654 SB-367 C-2 SB-367 C-7 SB-367 C-8 SB-584 C91700 SB-625 N08031 SB-649 N08031 SB-668 N08028 SB-Cu SB01 SB02 SB07 SB10 SB111 608 SB111 715 SB12 SB150 623 SB16 SB163 N08825 SB171 365 SB171 466 SB171 467 SB21 SB22 SB221 6064 SB23 SB23M12B SB24 SB26 SB27M12B SB27M12CB SB28M13CB SB3 SB32 SB32Q SB33M13B SB35 SB359 608 SB366 N10003 SB36Q SB395 608 SB410 SB42 SB425 N08825 SB434 N10003 SB436 N06001 SB450 SB450M SB46 SB46M SB480 SB480M SB49 SB49 cl4 SB49M SB523 R60704 SB564 N06045 SB573 N10003 SB69 SB92 SBA SBER A500 SBER A610 SBER A750 SBER A915 SBER T250 SBH 21 SBH 22 SBH 23 SBH 24 SBNH75 SBR 22 SBR 23 SBS A100 SBS A120 SBS A200 SBS A220HM SBS A300 SBS A350 SBS A405 SBS A422 SBS A500 SBS A600 SBS A700 SBS A750 SBS A903 SBS A962 SBS A965 SBS H500 SBS H500H6 SBS H520 SBS H522 SBS H525 SBS L314 SBS N530 SBS P505 SBS T275 SBV1A SBV1B SBV2 SBV3 SC SC 180 SC 2104 SC-1 SC-SC SC10 SC1020 SC1025 SC102A SC1030 SC103A SC1040 SC1045 SC114A SC15 SC16 SC174A SC174B SC20 SC2104 SC2109 SC2118 SC25 SC30 SC30Pb SC35 SC360 SC37 SC37Pb SC40 SC410 SC4130 SC4140 SC42 SC4330 SC4340 SC450 SC46 SC480 SC49 SC51A SC51B SC51C SC6 SC6-5-2 SC6-5-2-5 SC6-5-2S SC620Pb+ SC64A SC64D SC67 SC70B SC70C SC8 SC82 SC82A SC84A SC84A-B SC84B SC84C SC84N SC84R SC8620 SC8625 SC8630 SC9 SC92A SC94A SCB1 SCB2 SCB3 SCB4 SCB5 SCB6 SCC3 SCC5 SCCrM1 SCCrM3 SCD SCELLEMENT VERRE-METAL SCF-19 SCF23 SCH SCH1 SCH11 SCH12 SCH13 SCH13A SCH15 SCH16 SCH17 SCH18 SCH19 SCH2 SCH20 SCH21 SCH22 SCH23 SCH24 SCH3 SCH4 SCHENK 2.4858 SCHLENK CuNi6 SCHLENK CuNi8 SCHMOLZ 1.4436 SCM1 SCM2 SCM21 SCM21H SCM22 SCM22/6122 SCM22H SCM23 SCM24 SCM24H SCM3 SCM3H SCM4 SCM415 SCM415H SCM415M SCM415TK SCM418 SCM418H SCM418TK SCM420 SCM420H SCM420TK SCM421 SCM425H SCM430 SCM430H SCM430M SCM430TK SCM432 SCM435 SCM435H SCM435M SCM435TK SCM440 SCM440H SCM440K SCM440M SCM440TK SCM445 SCM445H SCM4H SCM5 SCM5H SCM822 SCM822H SCMV1 class1 SCMV1 class2 SCMV2 class1 SCMV2 class2 SCMV3 class1 SCMV3 class2 SCMV4 class1 SCMV4 class2 SCMV5 class1 SCMV5 class2 SCMV6 class1 SCMV6 class2 SCMn1 SCMn1A SCMn1B SCMn2 SCMn2A SCMn2B SCMn3 SCMn3A SCMn3B SCMn5 SCMn5A SCMn5B SCMnCr2 SCMnCr2A SCMnCr2B SCMnCr3 SCMnCr3A SCMnCr3B SCMnCr4 SCMnCr4A SCMnCr4B SCMnCrM2 SCMnCrM2A SCMnCrM2B SCMnCrM3 SCMnCrM3A SCMnCrM3B SCMnH1 SCMnH11 SCMnH2 SCMnH21 SCMnH2X2 SCMnH3 SCMnM3 SCMnM3A SCMnM3B SCN1 SCNCrM2 SCNCrM2A SCNCrM2B SCNi-CI SCNiFeMn-CI SCP1 SCP2 SCP3 SCP3N SCP4 SCP5 SCP6 SCP7 SCPH1 SCPH11 SCPH11-CF SCPH2 SCPH21 SCPH21-CF SCPH22 SCPH23 SCPH32 SCPH32-CF SCPH61 SCPL1 SCPL11 SCPL21 SCPL31 SCS SCS1 SCS10 SCS11 SCS12 SCS13 SCS13A SCS14 SCS14A SCS15 SCS16 SCS16A SCS17 SCS17-CF SCS18 SCS18-CF SCS19 SCS19A SCS2 SCS20 SCS21 SCS22 SCS23 SCS24 SCS2A SCS3 SCS4 SCS5 SCS6 SCSiMn2 SCSiMn2A SCSiMn2B SCV SCW 20 H SCW410 SCW42 SCW450 SCW46 SCW480 SCW49 SCW550 SCW56 SCW620 SCW63 SCr2 SCr21 SCr21H SCr22 SCr22H SCr2H SCr3 SCr3H SCr4 SCr415 SCr415H SCr420 SCr420H SCr420M SCr420TK SCr430 SCr430H SCr435 SCr435H SCr435M SCr440 SCr440H SCr440M SCr445 SCr4H SCr5 SD01 SD02 SD03 SD04 SD390 SD40 SD50 SD92 SDW SE 500 SE-Cu SE-Cu57 SE-Cu58 SE-P31 SE2M/6007 SEA-CURE SEA-FAST SEACOL-760 SEAFAST 50 SEAL 46 SEALIUM SEALMET 4 SEALMET 485 SEBIR 32CrB4 SEBIR 34CrMo4 SEBIR 37Cr4 SEBIR 38B2 SEBIR C15C SEBIR C45RC SECOSAR 36SMnPb14 SECOSAR S235JRG2C SECOSAR XC38Pb SEL 1.1169 SEL 7223 SELECT-B SELECTARC 309HR SELECTARC HB60 SELECTARC Ni182 SEMI-MANAX SEMINOLE HARD SES SEVEN STAR SEW 028 SEW 087 SEW 089 SEW 092 SEW 093 SEW 095 SEW 101 SEW 150 SEW 200 SEW 250 SEW 320 SEW 350 SEW 385 SEW 390 SEW 395 SEW 400 SEW 401 SEW 402 SEW 403 SEW 404 SEW 410 SEW 470 SEW 471 SEW 490 SEW 510 SEW 515 SEW 520 SEW 550 SEW 555 SEW 590 SEW 595 SEW 610 SEW 640 SEW 670 SEW 680 SEW 685 SEW 830 SEW 835 SEW 850 SEW395-1.3964 SEW410 1.4515 SEW410-1.4138 SEW471/2.4779 SEW595/2.4879 SEW685-1.1138 SF 15/5 SF 16/5/1 SF 448 SF 535 SF&E CA15/J91150 SF&E CD-2 SF&E CE3MN SF&E CF3 SF&E CF8 SF&E CN3M SF&E CW12MW SF&E CW6M SF&E HK40 SF&E IC SF&E IID SF&E J11872 SF&E J12524 SF&E M25S SF&E M30H SF&E N12MV SF&E WC6 SF&E WC9-J21890 SF-Cu SF-CuTe SF1 SF13/2/5 SF17/4 SF2570 SF286 SF420.12 SF45 SF450 SF50 SF520B SF520B S143 SF520B S144 SF520B S145 SF60 SFA 810 SFC 713R SFE SFK SFL2 SFL3 SFS 1215 SFS 2113 SFS 2203 SFS 2204 SFS 2205 SFS 2207 SFS 2208 SFS 2209 SFS 2211 SFS 2212 SFS 2213 SFS 2214 SFS 2215 SFS 2216 SFS 2560 SFS 2564 SFS 2565 SFS 2566 SFS 2567 SFS 2568 SFS 2569 SFS 2571 SFS 2572 SFS 2573 SFS 2574 SFS 2580 SFS 2581 SFS 2582 SFS 2583 SFS 2584 SFS 2585 SFS 2586 SFS 2587 SFS 2588 SFS 2589 SFS 2591 SFS 2592 SFS 2593 SFS 2595 SFS 2596 SFS 2898 SFS 2905 SFS 2907 SFS 2908 Cu-ETP SFS 2908 FRHC SFS 2908 FRTP SFS 2915 SFS 2916 SFS 2917 SFS 2918 SFS 2922 SFS 2936 SFS 3091 SFS 3092 SFS 350 SFS 355 SFS 356 SFS 357 SFS 358 SFS 360 SFS 365 SFS 366 SFS 367 SFS 368 SFS 369 SFS 370 SFS 385 SFS 386 SFS 387 SFS 388 SFS 389 SFS 390 SFS 391 SFS 392 SFS 393 SFS 394 SFS 455 SFS 456 SFS 457 SFS 458 SFS 459 SFS 460 SFS 461 SFS 4855 SFS 505 SFS 506 SFS 509 SFS 510 SFS 511 SFS 916 SFS 917 SFS 918 SFV40 SFVA F1 SFVA F11A SFVA F11B SFVA F12 SFVA F2 SFVA F21A SFVA F21B SFVA F22A SFVA F22B SFVA F5A SFVA F5B SFVA F5C SFVA F5D SFVA F9 SFVC 1 SFVC 2A SFVC 2B SFVCM F22B SFVCM F22V SFVQ 1A SFVQ 1B SFVQ 2A SFVQ 2B SFVQ 3 SFe34-2 SG 22 SG 420/12 SG-1 SG-AS12C2 SG-Al99,5 SG-Al99,5Ti SG-Al99,8 SG-AlCu5Ni SG-AlMg3 SG-AlMg4,5Mn SG-AlMg4,5MnZr SG-AlMg5 SG-AlSi12 SG-AlSi12Cu1 SG-AlSi12Cu2 SG-AlSi5 SG-AlSi6 SG-AlSi6Cu4Zn3 SG-AlSi7 SG-AlSi9Cu1 SG-CoCr25NiW SG-CrMo1 SG-CrMo2 SG-CrMo2B SG-CrMo5 SG-CrMo9 SG-CrMoVNb9.1 SG-CuAg SG-CuAl10Fe1 SG-CuAl8 SG-CuAl8Ni2 SG-CuAl8Ni6 SG-CuMn13Al7 SG-CuNi10Fe SG-CuNi30Fe SG-CuSi3 SG-CuSn SG-CuSn12 SG-CuSn6 SG-CuZn39Si SG-CuZn40Si SG-EXTRA SG-Mo SG-NiCr13Mo6Ti3 SG-NiCr19MoSi SG-NiCr19NbMoTi SG-NiCr20 SG-NiCr20Fe14Mo11WN SG-NiCr20Mo15 SG-NiCr20Nb SG-NiCr21Fe18Mo SG-NiCr21Mo14W SG-NiCr21Mo16 SG-NiCr21Mo9Nb SG-NiCr22Co12Mo SG-NiCr22Mo10W3 SG-NiCr23Al SG-NiCr23Mo16 SG-NiCr23Mo16Cu SG-NiCr25FeAl mod. SG-NiCr25FeAlY SG-NiCr27Mo SG-NiCr29Fe SG-NiCr29Mo SG-NiCu30Al SG-NiCu30MnTi SG-NiMo16Cr16Ti SG-NiMo16Cr16W SG-NiMo24Cr8Fe SG-NiMo27 SG-NiMo28Cr SG-NiTi4 SG-X10CrNi30.9 SG-X10CrNiCoMoW22.20.18 SG-X10CrNiSiN21.11 SG-X12CrCoNi21.10 SG-X12CrNi22.12 SG-X12CrNi25.20 SG-X12CrNi25.4 SG-X12CrNiMo19.10 SG-X15CrMo13.1 SG-X15CrNiMn18.8 SG-X1NiCrMoCuN31.27.4 SG-X20CrMo17.1 SG-X20NiCr36.18 SG-X24CrMoV12.1 SG-X2CrNNb24.12 SG-X2CrNi19.9 SG-X2CrNi24.12 SG-X2CrNiMnMoN20.16 SG-X2CrNiMo18-14 SG-X2CrNiMo18.15 SG-X2CrNiMo18.16 SG-X2CrNiMo19.12 SG-X2CrNiMoN23.9.3 SG-X2NiCoMoTi18.12.4 SG-X2NiCrMoCu25.20.5 SG-X3CrNi13.4 SG-X40CrNi25.21 SG-X40NiCrNb35.25 SG-X45NiCrNb45.35 SG-X5CrNi19.9 SG-X5CrNiMo19.11 SG-X5CrNiMoCuNb14.5.2 SG-X5CrNiMoNb19.12 SG-X5CrNiNb19.9 SG-X8Cr14 SG-X8Cr18 SG-X8Cr30 SG-X8Cr9 SG-X8CrNi13.1 SG-X8CrNiMo23.13 SG-X8CrTi18 SG1 SG100A SG100A-B SG100B SG100C SG11A SG11P SG121 SG121A SG2 SG22 SG25 SG255 SG26 SG27 SG295 SG3 SG3 galva SG32 SG325 SG34 SG350/22 SG365 SG370/17 SG38 SG4 SG400/12 SG400/15 SG41 SG42 SG450/10 SG5 SG50 SG500/7 SG60 SG600/3 SG7 SG70 SG700/2 SG70A SG70B SG71A SG80 SG800/2 SG900/2 SG91A SGAlSi2 SGC340 SGC35 SGC400 SGC41 SGC440 SGC45 SGC570 SGC58 SGCC SGCD1 SGCD2 SGCD3 SGM4 SGP SGS-30-55 SGS-75 SGS-R18-09 SGS-R25-20 SGS-R26-52 SGS-X13 SGS-X2324 SGT SGV410 SGV42 SGV450 SGV46 SGV480 SGV49 SGW SH SH Gelb SH Grn K70W SH Kupfer 1TR SH MULTIFER 200 SH Ni2 K 130 SH Ni2 K 70 SH Ni2 K 90 SH Schwarz 3K SH Schwarz 3T SH V 370 SH100 SH1000 SH15SG SH4 SH6 SH800 SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY SHIELD ARC 80 SHIELDARC 85 SHIELDARC HYP SHKh15 SHM SHORALSIM 355 SHORALSIM 420 SHORALSIM 460 SHORALSIM 500 SHORALSIM 550 SHORALSIM 620 SHORALSIM 690 SHORALSIM 890 SHORALSIM 960 SHORALSIN 500 SHP1 SHP2 SHP3 SHY685 SHY685N SHY685NS SHY70 SHY70N SHY70NS SIBERLOT KF-45-UF SIBERLOT Nr.3 SIBRO SICLANIC M SICLANIC S SICRO 10 SICRO 11 SICRO 12 SICRO 8 SICRO 9 SICROMAL 10 SICROMAL 11 SICROMAL 12 SICROMAL 8 SICROMAL 9 SIDCA D-3 SIDCA D-4 SIDCA D-5 SIDCA DSE-180 SIDCA DSE-220 SIDCA DSE-260 SIDCA DSE-300 SIDCA M-300 SIDCA M-340 SIDIN 23 SIDIN 26 SIDIN 30 SIDIN 36 SIDMAR P355N SIF #27 SIF 10 SIF 17-4PH SIF 308H SIF 308L SIF 308Mn SIF 309L SIF 309LSi SIF 316H SIF 317L SIF 318Si SIF 347 SIF 410 SIF 45 SIF 55 SIF 60 SIF 601 SIF 625 SIF 65 SIF 67 SIF 718 SIF 80/20 SIF 82 SIF SILVER SOLDER #43 SIF X750 SIF22.9.3L SIF308LSi SIF308MnSi SIF318 SIF347Si SIF409Nb SIF410NiMo SIF420 SIF430 SIF904L SIFALBRONZE #32 SIFALUMIN #16 SIFBRONZE #1 SIFBRONZE #2 SIFMIG 1050 SIFMIG 328 SIFMIG 44 SIFMIG 8 SIFMIG 925 SIFMIG 968 SIFMIG 985 SIFMIG A15 SIFMIG A18 SIFSILCOPPER 985 SIFSTEEL #19 SIFSTEEL A17 SIFSTEEL A31 SIFSTEEL A32 SIFSTEEL A33 SIFSTEEL N11 SIFSTEEL N22 SIGILIP SIGMA kupfer SIL 1 SIL 10N SIL 746 SIL F SIL N1 Alloy SIL XB SIL-FOS 2 SIL-FOS 5 SIL-FOS 6 SIL-TRODE SIL10 SIL2 SILAFONT-09 SILAFONT-13 SILAFONT-14 SILAFONT-20 SILAFONT-21 SILAFONT-30 SILAFONT-34 SILAFONT-35 SILAFONT-70 SILBERLOT AG-27 SILBERLOT AG-49 SILBERLOT KF-30 SILBERLOT KF-40-UF SILBERLOT KF-55 SILBITZ 1.2333 SILCHROME 1 SILCHROME XB SILIZIUMBRONZE 2 SILMAN SILOX 180 SILOX 200 SILOX 260 SILOX S7A SILVALOY 18M SILVALOY 2 SILVALOY 25 SILVALOY 25L SILVALOY 30 SILVALOY 35 SILVALOY 5 SILVALOY 50N SILVALOY 5F SILVALOY 6F SILVALOY A-25T SILVALOY A-30 SILVALOY A-35 SILVALOY A-45 SILVALOY A-45T SILVALOY A-49NM SILVALOY A-50 SILVALOY A-70 SILVALOY A38T SILVALOY A40T SILVALOY A50N SILVALOY A56T SILVALOY B-56N SILVALOY B72 SILVALOY Z-85M SILVER SILVER 15 SILVER 2210 SILVER 25 SILVER 27 SILVER 35 SILVER 38 SILVER 45 SILVER 49 SILVER 50 SILVER COPPER SILVER-FLO 12 SILVER-FLO 20 SILVER-FLO 25 SILVER-FLO 30 SILVER-FLO 34 SILVER-FLO 40 SILVER-FLO 43 SILVER-FLO 44 SILVER-FLO 55 SILVER-FLO 56 SILVER-FLO 60 SILVER-FLO302 SILVERCORD 310 SILVERIN 400 SILVERIN 404 SILVERIN 405 SILVERIN 500 SIMAGAL 05 SIMAGAL 51 SIMAGAL 60 SIMAGAL 61 SIMAGAL 62 SIMAGAL 63 SIMAGAL 65 SIMAGAL 81 SIMAGAL 82 SIMALLOY 600 SIMALLOY 625 SIMO SINOX 1.4016 SINOX 1.4162 SINOX 1.4301 SINOX 1.4306 SINOX 1.4307 SINOX 1.4376 SINOX 1.4401 SINOX 1.4432 SINOX 1.4435 SINOX 1.4436 SINOX 1.4439 SINOX 1.4462 SINOX 1.4509 SINOX 1.4510 SINOX 1.4520 SINOX 1.4521 SINOX 1.4541 SINOX 1.4550 SINOX 1.4571 SINOX 1.4828 SINOX 1.4878 SINOX 2.4856 SINOX 2.4858 SINOX TP304 SINTER 23 SINTER 30 SIO SIPI C89510 SIRIUS 3 SIRIUS 309S SIRIUS 310S SIRIUS 314 SIRIUS 345 SIRIUS 35 SIRIUS 36 SIRIUS 4828 SIRIUS 4835 SIRIUS 600 SIRIUS 800 SIRIUS 800H SIRIUS 800H+ SIRIUS S12 SIRIUS S15 SIS 1606-02 SIS 2343-12 SIS14 2324-12 SISA 9840R SIXLEDA SIZIN 12 SIZIN 27 SIZIN 8 SJK400 SJK400.3 SJK500 SJK600 SJK700 SK GRN K50W SK GRN K52W SK1 SK105 SK105M SK10V SK120 SK120M SK140 SK2 SK2M SK3 SK3M SK4 SK4M SK5 SK5M SK5MC SK5V SK6 SK60 SK65 SK65M SK6M SK7 SK70 SK75 SK75M SK7M SK80 SK85 SK85M SK8M SK90 SK95 SK95M SKC11 SKC24 SKC3 SKC31 SKD1 SKD10 SKD11 SKD12 SKD2 SKD4 SKD5 SKD6 SKD61 SKD62 SKD7 SKD8 SKF24 SKF25 SKF3 SKH10 SKH2 SKH3 SKH4 SKH40 SKH4A SKH4B SKH5 SKH50 SKH51 SKH52 SKH53 SKH54 SKH55 SKH56 SKH57 SKH58 SKH59 SKH9 SKODA 16CrMo93 SKPL C5210 SKPL C5212 SKR-4 SKR-LF SKR-NF SKS1 SKS11 SKS2 SKS21 SKS2M SKS3 SKS31 SKS4 SKS41 SKS42 SKS43 SKS44 SKS5 SKS51 SKS51M SKS5M SKS7 SKS7M SKS8 SKS81 SKS81M SKS93 SKS94 SKS95 SKS95M SKT2 SKT3 SKT4 SKT5 SKT6 SL SL 15 SL 22 G SRP SL Extra SL-SPECIAL SL150 SL17 SL18 SL200 SL250 SL2N255 SL2N26 SL300 SL3N255 SL3N26 SL3N275 SL3N28 SL3N440 SL3N45 SL5N590 SL6 SL9N520 SL9N53 SL9N590 SL9N60 SLA235A SLA235B SLA2A type1A SLA2B type1B SLA325A SLA325B SLA360 SLA37 type3 SLA410 SLD SLEIPNER SLR SLR-NF SM SM 117N SM 128N SM 154N SM 158N SM 159N SM 163N SM 184N SM 185N SM 195N SM 200J SM 201J SM 203J SM 204J SM 205J SM 275H SM 304L SM 4 SM 405A SM 467C SM 471B SM 474C SM 500Cr SM 5578 SM 723G SM 800K SM 801K SM 802K SM 828K SM 88N SM 900R SM 903R SM 904R SM 907R SM 933R SM ARC 45N SM ARC B6N SM ARC52N SM NY 330Nb SM NY 601 SM NY 800 SM NY 845 SM NY286 SM NY845 SM R4571 SM SUPRA SM SY750 SM-ARC-C40 SM101N SM10C SM114N SM115N SM117N SM12C SM13CR SM13CR-80 SM13CR-85 SM13CR-95 SM13XT SM152N SM158N SM15C SM15CK SM160N SM17C SM181N SM2035 SM2050 SM2060Mo SM20C SM20CK SM220J SM2242 SM225J SM22C SM22CR SM22Cr SM2535 SM2550 SM25C SM25CR-125 SM25CrW SM28C SM2G SM2M SM3 SM30C SM33C SM35C SM38C SM400A SM400B SM400C SM40C SM41A SM41B SM41B cl1 SM41C SM43C SM45C SM48C SM490A SM490B SM490C SM490YA SM490YB SM4F SM50A SM50B SM50C SM50PSI Ag50-Mo50 SM50YA SM50YB SM520B SM520C SM53B SM53C SM55C SM570 SM58C SM600G SM601G SM60PSI Ag40-Mo60 SM62 SM65PSI Ag35-Mo65 SM7 SM7Cr SM827K SM9 SM901R SM909R SM9CK SM9CR SMA 1.4370 SMA 308H SMA 308LM SMA 308LT SMA 309.1 SMA 309LM SMA 312 SMA 316LT SMA310.2 SMA316LM SMA318M SMA347M SMA35 SMA400AP SMA400AW SMA400BP SMA400BW SMA400CP SMA400CW SMA409Nb SMA490AP SMA490BP SMA490BW SMA490CP SMA490CW SMA490W SMA50AP SMA50BP SMA50BW SMA50CP SMA50CW SMA50W SMA570P SMA570W SMALANDS SS2324 SMAW4370 SMBG SMBh SMBm SMC276 SMF 314 SMF 316Ti SMF 431 SMF 4434 SMF 446 SMF 4462 SMF 4511 SMH SMH 4303 SMH4567 SMHW SMI SMITHS NS106 SMM 416 SMNY920S SMOB SMP3 SMR SMR 317 SMR 35MF6 SMR AD37Pb SMR4 SMR7 SMS 301PH SMS3 SMV SMV3 SMV4S SMV5 SMV5W SMn1 SMn1H SMn2 SMn21 SMn21H SMn2H SMn3 SMn3H SMn420 SMn420H SMn433 SMn433H SMn438 SMn438H SMn438M SMn443 SMn443H SMn443M SMnC21 SMnC21H SMnC3 SMnC3H SMnC420 SMnC420H SMnC443 SMnC443H SN SN 211602 SN II SN0007 SN0010 SN0013 SN006 SN1 SN122 SN122A SNAR C61 SNB16 SNB21-1-5 SNB22-1-5 SNB23-1-5 SNB24-1-5 SNB5 SNB7 SNC1 SNC2 SNC21 SNC21H SNC22 SNC22H SNC236 SNC2H SNC3 SNC415 SNC415H SNC415M SNC631 SNC631H SNC631M SNC815 SNC815H SNC836 SNC836M SNCM1 SNCM2 SNCM21 SNCM21H SNCM22 SNCM220 SNCM220H SNCM220M SNCM23 SNCM23H SNCM240 SNCM25 SNCM26 SNCM415 SNCM415M SNCM420 SNCM420H SNCM431 SNCM439 SNCM447 SNCM5 SNCM6 SNCM616 SNCM625 SNCM630 SNCM7 SNCM8 SNCM815 SNCM9 SNG 27/12 SNG 420/12 SNG24-17 SNG32/7 SNG350-22 SNG370-17 SNG42/2 SNG500/7 SNG600/3 SNG700/2 SNG800-2 SNI6276 SNR-4 SNV 056507 SNV 211602 SNi SNi1001 SNi1003 SNi1004 SNi1008 SNi1009 SNi1066 SNi1067 SNi1069 SNi2061 SNi4060 SNi4061 SNi6002 SNi6012 SNi6022 SNi6025 SNi6030 SNi6043 SNi6052 SNi6057 SNi6058 SNi6059 SNi6062 SNi6072 SNi6073 SNi6076 SNi6082 SNi6160 SNi6176 SNi6200 SNi6231 SNi6276 SNi6452 SNi6455 SNi6601 SNi6617 SNi6625 SNi6650 SNi6660 SNi6686 SNi6693 SNi6701 SNi6704 SNi6975 SNi6985 SNi7069 SNi7090 SNi7092 SNi7263 SNi7718 SNi7725 SNi8025 SNi8065 SNi8125 SNiCr22Mo9 SNiFe-CI SO60PA SO60SA SO63XA SO65XA SO72XA SO80XA SO90XA SO95XA SOLAR SOLAR ALLOY SOLBOR 1500 SOLBOR 1700 SOLBOR 30MnB5 SOLDAMOLL 145 SOLDAMOLL 235 SOLDAMOLL 265 SOLDUR 280 SOLDUR 355 SOLDUR 355 Hi-Fi SOLDUR 420 HI-FI SOLDUR 500 Hi-Ten SOLDUR 550 HI-TEN SOLDUR 560 SOLDUR 650 Hi-Ten SOLDUR 700HI-TEN SOLEIL A1 SOLEIL A2 SOLEIL A21M SOLEIL A2U SOLEIL A3 SOLEIL A4 SOLEIL A4M SOLEIL A5 SOLEIL A5U SOLEIL A6 SOLEIL A8 SOLEIL B2 SOLEIL B3 SOLEIL B4 SOLEIL B4DT SOLEIL B4U SOLEIL C1 SOLEIL C3 SOLEIL C4 SOLEIL C5 SOLEIL C5 cast SOLEIL D9 SOLFORM 450 SOLFORM 550 SOLFORM 600 SOLFORM HR45 SOLFORM HR55 SOLFORM HR60 SOLLASER DD11 SOLLASER DD12 SOLLASER S235 SOLLASER S275J2G3 SOLLASER S275J2G4 SOLLASER S355 SOLSTAMP 25 SOLSTAMP 30 SOLSTAMP 33 SOLSTAMP 37 SONDERMESSING 39 SONDERMESSING 930 SONDERWEICHLOT 108 SONDERWEICHLOT 116 SONDERWEICHLOT 224 SONDERWEICHLOT 225 SOS3 SOUDINOX 1330 SOUDINOX 308L SOUDINOX 308W SOUDINOX 309 SOUDINOX 309L SOUDINOX 310 SOUDINOX 312 SOUDINOX 316LTM SOUDINOX 410 SOUDINOX 65 SOUDINOX A SOUDINOX B6 SOUDINOX SD SOUDOCROM A308L SOUDOCROM F347 SOUDOCROM S28 SOUDOCROM S4462 SOUDOCROM S6 SOUDOTENAX 41 SOUDOTENAX 44 SOUDOTENAX 52 SOUDOTENAX 56 SOUPLALU SP SP 2 SP 510 SP 7027 SP 7056 SP-700 SP300 SP400 SP700 SP80 SPA-C SPA-H SPACECAST 1.2601 SPARKAL S SPARKAL X SPARTAN 5 SPB-T2 SPB-T3 SPB-T4 SPB-T5 SPB1 SPB2 SPB3 SPCC SPCD SPCE SPCEN SPCR SPECIAL 000 SPECIAL 400 SPECIAL 462 SPECIAL BLOC SPECIAL D SPECIAL FA SPECIAL FA71 SPECIAL FA82 SPECIAL FA84 SPECIAL FA93 SPECIAL HUBBING IRON SPECIAL K SPECIAL K5 SPECIAL KC3 SPECIAL KN SPECIAL KNL SPECIAL KR SPECIAL KRS SPECIAL M SPECIAL MC SPECIAL MC3K SPECIAL MD SPECIAL MOV SPECIAL P SPECIAL PRESSE SPECIAL RG SPECIAL U1 SPECIAL U3 SPECIAL X SPECIAL ZX SPECIALOY C14520 SPEED STAR SPEEDICUT 14 SPERRE 17520 SPEZIAL SPEZIAL CU304 SPEZIAL ZAH SPF600 SPH235 SPH265 SPHC SPHD SPHE SPHINX SPHL275 SPHT1 SPHT2 SPHT3 SPHT4 SPHT480 SPHT49 SPINODAL NP6 SPLITASCO 70 SPLT39 SPLT46 SPM-S-646 SPOOLARC 120 SPOOLARC 83 SPOOLARC 85 SPOOLARC 87HP SPOOLARC 95 SPP SPPC SPPD SPPE SPPH370 SPPH38 SPPH410 SPPH42 SPPS38 SPPS42 SPPV235 SPPV315 SPPV355 SPPV450 SPPV490 SPRINOX SPS-M-118 SPS-M-175 SPS-M-250 SPS-M-275 SPS-M-637 SPS-M-663 SPS1 SPS290 SPS3 SPS4 SPS400 SPS5 SPS5A SPS6 SPS7 SPS8 SPS9 SPUNCAST CD-5 SPV235 SPV24 SPV315 SPV32 SPV355 SPV36 class3 SPV410 SPV450 SPV490 SPZ1 SPZ2 SQ 1 SQ2 SQ3 SQA A725 SR-3MO SR-4DX SR-50A SR-50A casting SR24 SRR99 SRSE SRV2 SS 1030 SS 1401 SS 143504 SS 150 SS 1606-2 SS 17-7 SS 18-2 SS 2172-21 SS 219716 SS 219717 SS 219718 SS 2343-12 SS 2377-12 SS 2387 SS 3001 SS 3002 SS 304 SS 32 SS 347 SS 403Cb SS 420 SS 44 SS 50 SS 511 SS 5640-15 SS 60 SS 60 Ti SS-13 SS-14 SS-15 SS-16 SS-17 SS-18 SS-20/1 SS-206 SS-208 SS-22/2 SS-22/4 SS-238 SS-242 SS-295 SS-296 SS-30 SS-30Mm SS-31 SS-32 SS-40 SS-41 SS-50 SS-51 SS-60 SS-66 SS-67 SS-68 AR SS-71 SS-72 SS-73 SS-73MoV SS-74 SS-75AC SS-76 SS-77 SS-80 SS-81 SS-82B/Cr SS-83 Bc SS-83Ac SS-83Bc SS-84 Ac SS-84 Bc SS-84Ac SS-84Bc SS-85 SS-86 SS-87 SS-88 SS-89 SS-A242 SS0466 SS1 SS105 SS11 SS116 SS120 SS1232 SS1265 SS1305 SS1306 SS131 SS1313 SS1330 SS1331 SS1332 SS1350 SS1357 SS1411 SS1412 SS1414 SS142346 SS1430 SS1450 SS15-7 SS1505 SS1550 SS1572 SS1660 SS1665 SS1672 SS1674 SS1678 SS17-4 SS1770 SS1774 SS1778 SS1870 SS1880 SS1912-00 SS1912-04 SS1914 SS1922 SS1926 SS1957 SS1973 SS2 SS20 SS202 SS2085 SS2090 SS2102 SS2120 SS2120 bored SS2127 SS2130 SS2131 SS2132 SS2136 SS2140 SS2144 SS2145 SS2172 casting SS2173 SS2183 SS2216 SS2223 SS2224 SS2225 SS2230 SS2233 SS2234 SS2240 SS2242 SS2244 SS2245 SS2258 SS2260 SS2301 SS2304 SS2310 SS2312 SS2317 SS2320 SS2322 SS2324 SS2324 casting SS2325 SS2326 SS2327 SS2328 SS2328 tube SS2332 SS2333 SS2337 SS2338 SS2340 SS2343 SS2346 SS2347 SS2350 SS2353 SS2364-12 SS2366 SS2366-12 SS2367 SS2368-12 SS2375 SS2376 SS2376 tube SS2377 SS2377 casting SS2378 SS2380 SS2382 SS2383 SS2387 SS2387 [plate] SS2387 casting SS2387cast SS2388 SS2395 SS2506 SS2511 SS2512 SS2514 SS2523 SS2534 SS2541 SS2550 SS2562 SS2564 SS25L SS2625 SS2710 SS2715 SS2716 SS2722 SS2723 SS2724 SS2725 SS2726 SS2730 SS2736 SS2750 SS2754 SS2782 SS2912 SS2912[tube] SS2940 SS3 SS304 SS309 SS315 SS330 SS34 SS4 SS400 SS4007 SS4008 SS4010 SS4020 SS409 SS409Nb SS41 SS4102 SS4107 SS410S SS4125 SS4133 SS4212 SS4250 SS4252 SS4252-00 SS4253 SS4253[ingot] SS4255 SS4260 SS430 SS440C SS4425 SS460 SS4635 SS490 SS5 SS50 SS5010 SS5011 SS5013 SS5055 SS5150 SS5165 SS5168 SS5170 SS5173 SS5204 SS5246 SS53 SS540 SS5458 SS5465 SS5465-03 SS5465-15 SS5475 SS55 SS5640 SS5682 SS5710 SS5V SS6 SS8010 SS8012 SS8013 SS8014 SS8016 SS8028 SS8456 SS9700 SS9702 SS9703 SS9705 SS9706 SSA SSA Doux SSB 120 SSC INVAR 36 SSC-6MO SSC10 SSC11 SSC13 SSC13A SSC14 SSC14A SSC15 SSC16 SSC16A SSC18-CF SSC20 SSC21 SSC22 SSC23 SSC24 SSC2A SSC3 SSC4 SSCV SSLB 50 SSM SSS SSVB 50 SSWL 50 ST ST 174 ST 190 ST 25 ST 290 ST 390 ST 4028 ST 60 ST 630 ST 630-20 ST 647 ST 656 ST 955 ST-40 ST-40P ST-40Pd ST-50PC ST-60 ST-60Pd ST-70 ST-70PC ST-70Pd ST-80 ST0026 ST0030 ST0038 ST0047 ST0049 ST0064 ST0079 ST0085 ST0092 ST0094 ST0099 ST0100 ST0101 ST0105 ST0108 ST0110 ST0119 ST0122 ST0137 ST0140 ST0146 ST0150 ST0153 ST0163 ST0168 ST0176 ST0179 ST0187 ST0194 ST0195 ST0196 ST0197 ST0198 ST0200 ST0203 ST0204 ST0205 ST0206 ST0208 ST0209 ST0210 ST0211 ST0212 ST0214 ST0216 ST0217 ST0218 ST0230 ST0232 ST0233 ST0241 ST0246 ST0254 ST0285 ST0291 ST0292 ST0303 ST0312 ST0313 ST0315 ST0318 ST0319 ST0325 ST0327 ST0328 ST0330 ST0331 ST0332 ST0333 ST0336 ST0337 ST0341 ST0343 ST0352 ST0391 ST0397 ST0400 ST0405 ST0407 ST0409 ST0410 ST0412 ST0414 ST0420 ST0422 ST0423 ST0425 ST0426 ST0428 ST0430 ST0434 ST0435 ST0436 ST0437 ST0438 ST0445 ST0446 ST0448 ST0476 ST0477 ST0478 ST0481 ST0482 ST0488 ST0490 ST0491 ST0503 ST0504 ST0511 ST0512 ST0513 ST0514 ST0515 ST0516 ST0517 ST0518 ST0520 ST0532 ST0533 ST0539 ST0551 ST0552 ST0553 ST0555 ST0557 ST0558 ST0567 ST0568 ST0570 ST0591 ST0592 ST0593 ST0597 ST0599 ST0600 ST0605 ST0615 ST0621 ST0622 ST0626 ST0631 ST0632 ST0653 ST0663 ST0664 ST0665 ST0666 ST0689 ST0690 ST0691 ST0692 ST0698 ST0700 ST0707 ST0710 ST0714 ST0717 ST10 ST1006 ST1013 ST1014 ST1016 ST1023 ST1026 ST1029 ST1033 ST1035 ST1038 ST1040 ST1044 ST1045 ST1047 ST1049 ST1050 ST1055 ST1059 ST1060 ST1064 ST1074 ST1075 ST1078 ST1079 ST1089 ST1091 ST1095 ST1096 ST1107 ST1114 ST1116 ST1117 ST1118 ST1121 ST1123 ST1124 ST1127 ST1128 ST1130 ST1138 ST1141 ST1169 ST1172 ST1176 ST1177 ST1178 ST1183 ST1185 ST1186 ST1187 ST1188 ST1189 ST1190 ST1192 ST1197 ST1198 ST1199 ST12 ST1204 ST1205 ST1206 ST1208 ST1210 ST1211 ST1217 ST1218 ST1227 ST1240 ST1245 ST1256 ST1268 ST1295 ST1296 ST1311 ST1325 ST1370 ST1374 ST1391 ST1410 ST1412 ST1413 ST1415 ST1417 ST1419 ST1421 ST1424 ST1426 ST1428 ST1432 ST1447 ST1448 ST1449 ST1452 ST1454 ST1455 ST1457 ST1462 ST1465 ST1479 ST1480 ST1481 ST1486 ST1491 ST1495 ST1497 ST1518 ST1522 ST1523 ST1529 ST1538 ST1539 ST1541 ST1543 ST1546 ST1547 ST1550 ST1553 ST1556 ST1558 ST1560 ST1564 ST1565 ST1570 ST1572 ST1573 ST1574 ST1582 ST1583 ST1584 ST1585 ST1586 ST1587 ST1598 ST165A ST1734 ST1746 ST1747 ST1752 ST1757 ST1761 ST1762 ST1763 ST1764 ST1768 ST1770 ST1776 ST1777 ST1779 ST1789 ST1836 ST1840 ST1841 ST1842 ST1917 ST1929 ST1930 ST2 ST204L spec. ST21 ST2315 ST2707 ST3 ST31 ST3140 ST3220 ST3230 ST3240 ST3312 ST3435 ST3WD ST4023 ST4028 ST4037 ST4042 ST4053 ST4068 ST4119 ST4125 ST4130 ST4140 ST4337 ST4608 ST4617 ST4620 ST4621 ST4812 ST4W ST5045 ST5046 ST5060 ST50PSI Ag50/W50 ST5117 ST5120 ST5130 ST5132 ST5145 ST5147 ST5155 ST5160 ST58PA ST58Pb ST6135 ST6140 ST6150 ST65PSI Ag35/W65 ST75PSI Ag25/W75 ST8115 ST8150 ST8165 ST8620 ST8632 ST8635 ST8641 ST8647 ST8653 ST8715 ST8717 ST8719 ST8740 ST8742 ST8745 ST8750 ST9250 ST9254 ST9261 ST9262 ST9316 ST9318 ST9437 ST9440 ST9442 ST9445 ST9447 ST9763 ST9845 ST9851 STA000 CHROMEL D STABALLOY STABALLOY AG17 STABALLOY AG17HS STABIL STABIL EXTRA STABIL K STABIL SP STABLOHM 650 STABLOHM 812 STAINLESS 20T STAINLESS 400Cb STAINLESS 420 STAINLESS 435 mod. STAINLESS 80 STAINLESS DB STAINLESS G STAINLESS J STAINLESS UN14A2 STAINLESS W STAINLESS type410 STALOY-2D STAM290G STAM500G STAMINAL STAN 8.4162 STAN 8.4163 STAN 8.4178 STAN-8.4179 STANAL 32 STANAL 40A STANCO G STANCO HC STANCO HD STANCO HF STANCOLITE 6 STANCOLITE3 STAR 4 LAMIN. STAR DIESEL 88 STAR DIESEL L STAR DIESEL S STAR J STAR MRS STAR OH AVIATION STAR TM STAR WM80 STAR ZENITH LC STAR-MAX STARK STARLI 63/37 STAS 10321 STAS 10358 STAS 11500 STAS 11523 STAS 12443 STAS 1700 STAS 3583 STAS 3611 STAS 438/1 STAS 500/2 STAS 6925.1 STAS 7382 STAS 7450 STAS 791 STAS 8183 STAS 880 STAS 8949 STAS 9382.3 STATO 31 STATO 70 STAVAX STAVAX ESR STAVAX ESU STAY-BRITE STAY-SILV 2 STAY-SILV 5HP STAY-SILV 6HP STB1 STB2 STB3 STB340 STB35 STB4 STB410 STB42 STB5 STB510 STB52 STBA12 STBA13 STBA20 STBA22 STBA23 STBA24 STBA25 STBA26 STBA28 STBA29 STBL450 STC1 STC2 STC3 STC4 STC5 STC50PSI Ag50/WC50 STC6 STC65PSI Ag35/WC65 STC7 STD 514010 STD1 STD11 STD114107 STD12 STD4 STD5 STD6 STD61 STD62 STEADINOX STEEL 91 STEELREC 60S20 STEELTEC C35 STEFANA Fe42 STEFANA SC25 STEFANA SC32 STEFANA SC35 STEFANA SC38 STEFANA SC42 STEFANA SC45 STEFANA SC48 STEFANA SC50 STEFANA SC52 STEFANA SC56 STEFANA SC58 STEFANA SC60 STEFANA SC62 STEFANA SC66 STEFANA SC68 STEFANA SC70 STEFANA SC72 STEFANA SC76 STEFANA SC78 STEFANA SC80 STEFANA SC85 STELLA CuAl8 STELLA CuAl8Ni2 STELLA CuNi30Fe STELLA CuP8 STELLA CuSn6 STELLITE 1 STELLITE 100 STELLITE 12 STELLITE 152 STELLITE 19 STELLITE 21 STELLITE 23 STELLITE 25 STELLITE 250 STELLITE 251 STELLITE 27 STELLITE 3 STELLITE 30 STELLITE 31 STELLITE 33 STELLITE 3PM STELLITE 4 STELLITE 6 STELLITE 6B STELLITE 6H STELLITE 6PM STELLITE 8 STELLITE 93 STELLITE 98M2PM STELLITE F STELLITE STAR J STELLITE W-31 STELOY 00000B3 STELOY 1.4849 STELOY 1.4852 STELOY 1.4859 STELOY 1.4869 STELOY 13 STELOY 2.4680 STELOY 2.4879 STELOY 2802 STELOY CPCA15 STELOY HK40 STELOY HP45 STELOY-13 STELOY-90 STENTOR STF2 STF3 STF4 STF5 STF6 STF7 STF8 STILMA 36CrMn4 STILMA 36CrMn5 STILMA C15 STILMA C25 STK290 STK400 STKM11A STKM12A STLT380 STLT39 STLT450 STLT46 STLT690 STLT70 STM05-602 STM25 STOL 194 STOL 76 STOL 76M STOL 77 STOL 78 STOL 79 STOL 80 STOL 92 STOL 93 STOL 94 STOODITE 12-M STOODITE 21 STOOSS 15CrNi6 STOOSS 23CrNiCr747 STOOSS 4021 STORA 16 STORA 364 STORA 62 STORA 67 STORA 85 STP STP C11300 STP C11400 STP C11600 STPA12 STPA20 STPA22 STPA23-S-C STPA23-S-H STPA24 STPA25 STPA26 STPA28 STPA29 STPG370 STPG38 STPG410 STPG42 STPL380 STPL450 STPL690 STPL70 STPT370 STPT38 STPT410 STPT42 STPT480 STPT49 STR 12 STR 18 STR1 STR11 STR21 STR3 STR309 STR31 STR310 STR330 STR35 STR36 STR37 STR38 STR4 STR409L STR446 STR600 STR616 STR660 STR661 STRESSPROOF STRUKTURAL 1315 STRUKTURAL 1331 STS XM-27 STS XM15J1 STS XM7 STS1 STS11 STS2 STS201 STS202 STS202M STS21 STS3 STS301 STS301J1 STS301L STS302 STS302B STS303 STS303Cu STS303Se STS304 STS304HC STS304HTB STS304HTP STS304J1 STS304J2 STS304J3 STS304L STS304LN STS304LTB STS304LTP STS304M STS304N1 STS304N2 STS304TB STS304TKA STS304TKC STS304TP STS304TPY STS305 STS305J1 STS309S STS309TB STS309TP STS31 STS310S STS310STB STS310STP STS310TB STS310TP STS310TPY STS316 STS316HTB STS316HTP STS316J1 STS316J1L STS316L STS316LN STS316LTB STS316LTP STS316N STS316TB STS316TKA STS316TKC STS316TP STS316TPY STS316Ti STS317 STS317J1 STS317J2 STS317J3L STS317J4L STS317J5L STS317L STS317LN STS317LTB STS317LTP STS317TB STS317TP STS321 STS321HTB STS321HTP STS321TB STS321TKA STS321TP STS321TPY STS329J1 STS329J1TB STS329J2 STS329J2L STS329J3L STS329J4L STS329J4LTP STS347 STS347HTB STS347HTP STS347TB STS347TKA STS347TP STS347TPY STS350 STS350 casting STS370 STS38 STS384 STS4 STS403 STS405 STS405TB STS405TP STS409L STS409LTB STS409LTP STS41 STS410 STS410F2 STS410J1 STS410L STS410S STS410TB STS410TKA STS410TKC STS416 STS42 STS420F STS420F2 STS420J1 STS420J1TKA STS420J2 STS429 STS429J1 STS43 STS430 STS430F STS430J1L STS430LX STS430TB STS430TKA STS430TKC STS430TP STS431 STS434 STS434A STS436J1L STS436L STS44 STS440A STS440B STS440C STS440F STS444 STS447J1 STS5 STS51 STS630 STS631 STS631J1 STS7 STS8 STS836L STS93 STS94 STS95 STUB AU CARBONE STUB AU TUNGSTENE-CHROME STUB CHROME-VANADIUM SUB250A SUB280A SUB320A SUB350A SUH1 SUH11 SUH11M SUH21 SUH3 SUH31 SUH310 SUH310S SUH330 SUH35 SUH36 SUH37 SUH38 SUH4 SUH409 SUH409L SUH446 SUH600 SUH616 SUH660 SUH661 SUJ1 SUJ2 SUJ3 SUJ4 SUJ5 SUM11 SUM12 SUM21 SUM22 SUM22L SUM23 SUM23L SUM24L SUM25 SUM31 SUM31L SUM32 SUM41 SUM42 SUM43 SUMICUT M1 SUMITOMO 10B22 SUMITOMO 10B35 SUMITOMO 15B41 SUMITOMO 18Cr-2Mo SUMITOMO 405 SUMITOMO 430 SUMITOMO 446 SUMITOMO 9310H SUMITOMO S25C SUMITOMO S43C SUMITOMO SUM32 SUMITOMO TP347HFG SUNKWANG BAg-25 SUNKWANG BAg-26 SUNKWANG BAg-3a SUNKWANG BAg-8a SUP10 SUP10M SUP11 SUP11A SUP12 SUP13 SUP3 SUP4 SUP6 SUP6M SUP7 SUP8 SUP9 SUP9A SUP9M SUPAS 1055 SUPAS 45 SUPAS 55 SUPAS 69 SUPAS 9 SUPAS 900 SUPAS 950 SUPAS 9B SUPER 13Cr SUPER 304H SUPER 7 MQ SUPER A SUPER BONO SUPER COBALT SUPER DBL SUPER DUPLEX SUPER EATONITE SUPER HI-MO SUPER INVAR 32-5 SUPER LMW SUPER LMW EXTRA SUPER LMW spec. SUPER RAPID SUPER SAMSON SUPER SPEZIAL SUPER TOUGH SUPERAL 7075 SUPERARC L-54 SUPERARC LA-100 SUPERARC LA-90 SUPERB SUPERBRONZAL SUPERCHLOR SUPERCROM 308L SUPERCROM 309L SUPERCROM 316L SUPERDRILL A101 SUPERDUPLEX 25Cr SUPERELSO 500 SUPERELSO 500HR SUPERELSO 600 SUPERELSO 70 SUPERELSO 70E SUPERELSO 890 SUPERELSO 960HLE SUPERFLEX SUPERFONTE NiFe SUPERGLAZE 5087 SUPERIMPHY 706 SUPERIOR #4 SUPERIOR TOOL SUPERLEDA SUPERMALLOY SUPERMATOR SUPERMAX 1.4422 SUPERMAX 1.4423 SUPERMET 16.8.2 SUPERMET 2506Cu SUPERMET 253MA SUPERMET 308L SUPERMET 309L SUPERMET 309Mo SUPERMET 316L SUPERMET 318 SUPERMET 347 SUPERMIG 308L SUPERMIMPHY L SUPERMIMPHY LLS SUPERSTAR SUPERSTONE SUPERTHERM SUPERVITAC SUPERWASPALOY SUPRA 36 SUPRA 50 SUPRACOR SUPRAFORM TM500 SUPRAFORM TM80 SUPRALCOR 460 SUPRALSIM 690 SUPRALSIM 690V SUPRANHYSTER 36 SUPRANHYSTER 40 SUPRANHYSTER 50 SUPRANHYSTER 50B SUPRANHYSTER B SUPREX 700 SUPROX SUS 416L SUS F304 SUS F304L SUS F316 SUS F316L SUS F321 SUS F347 SUS F6NM SUS XM-27 SUS XM-8TB SUS XM15J1 SUS XM15J1TB SUS XM7 SUS Y307 SUS Y308 SUS Y308L SUS Y309 SUS Y309L SUS Y310 SUS Y312 SUS Y316 SUS Y316L SUS Y317 SUS Y318 SUS Y321 SUS Y347 SUS Y410 SUS Y430 SUS201 SUS202 SUS202M SUS27B SUS28B SUS29B SUS301 SUS301J1 SUS301L SUS301LN SUS302 SUS302B SUS303 SUS303Cu SUS303Se SUS304 SUS304-B SUS304-WSA SUS304A SUS304Cu SUS304HC SUS304HTB SUS304HTP SUS304J1 SUS304J1HTB SUS304J2 SUS304J3 SUS304L SUS304LN SUS304LTB SUS304LTP SUS304M SUS304N1 SUS304N2 SUS304N2A SUS304S SUS304TB SUS304TP SUS304TPY SUS305 SUS305J1 SUS309 SUS309J1TB SUS309J4HTB SUS309S SUS309TB SUS309TP SUS310J1TB SUS310J2TB SUS310S SUS310STB SUS310STP SUS310TB SUS310TP SUS310TPY SUS312L SUS315J1 SUS315J2 SUS316 SUS316F SUS316HTB SUS316HTP SUS316J1 SUS316J1L SUS316L SUS316LN SUS316LTB SUS316LTP SUS316N SUS316TB SUS316TP SUS316TPY SUS316Ti SUS317 SUS317J1 SUS317J2 SUS317J3L SUS317J4L SUS317J5L SUS317L SUS317LN SUS317LTB SUS317LTP SUS317TB SUS317TP SUS321 SUS321HTB SUS321HTP SUS321J1HTB SUS321J2HTB SUS321TB SUS321TP SUS321TPY SUS329J1 SUS329J1TB SUS329J1TP SUS329J2 SUS329J2L SUS329J3L SUS329J3LTB SUS329J3LTP SUS329J4L SUS329J4LTB SUS329J4LTP SUS32B SUS33B SUS347 SUS347HTB SUS347HTP SUS347TB SUS347TP SUS347TPY SUS380 SUS384 SUS403 SUS405 SUS405TB SUS405TP SUS409L SUS409LTB SUS409LTP SUS410 SUS410F2 SUS410J1 SUS410J1 casting SUS410L SUS410S SUS410TB SUS410TiTB SUS416 SUS420F SUS420F2 SUS420J1 SUS420J1TKA SUS420J2 SUS429 SUS429J1 SUS430 SUS430F SUS430J1L SUS430J1LTB SUS430LX SUS430TB SUS430TP SUS431 SUS434 SUS434A SUS436J1L SUS436L SUS436LTB SUS436LTP SUS43B SUS440A SUS440B SUS440C SUS440F SUS443J1 SUS444 SUS444TB SUS444TP SUS445J1 SUS445J2 SUS447J1 SUS630 SUS631 SUS631J1 SUS836L SUS890L SV SV'2' SV08 SV08A SVAN 2631 SVERKER 21 SVERKER 3 SW-01Ch19N9 SW-04Ch19N11M3 SW-08Ch16N8M2 SW-08Ch19N10G2B SW-Cu SW06C-B SW0CV-V SW1 SW10Ch5M SW12 SW18 SW2M5 SW50 SW65 SW74 SW7M SWO-B SWO-V SWOSC-B SWOSC-V SWP SWP-A SWP-B SWP-SUPER SWRCH10A SWRCH10K SWRCH10R SWRCH12A SWRCH12K SWRCH12R SWRCH15A SWRCH15K SWRCH15R SWRCH16A SWRCH16K SWRCH17K SWRCH17R SWRCH18A SWRCH18K SWRCH19A SWRCH20A SWRCH20K SWRCH22A SWRCH22K SWRCH24K SWRCH25K SWRCH27K SWRCH30K SWRCH33K SWRCH35K SWRCH38K SWRCH40K SWRCH41K SWRCH43K SWRCH45K SWRCH48K SWRCH50K SWRCH6A SWRCH6R SWRCH8A SWRCH8R SWRH27 SWRH32 SWRH37 SWRH42A SWRH42B SWRH47A SWRH47B SWRH52A SWRH52B SWRH57A SWRH57B SWRH62A SWRH62B SWRH67A SWRH67B SWRH72A SWRH72B SWRH77A SWRH77B SWRH82A SWRH82B SWRM10 SWRM12 SWRM15 SWRM17 SWRM20 SWRM22 SWRM6 SWRM6-1 SWRM8 SWRY11 SWRY11L SWRY21 SWT60Pb SX SX304 SX304H SX316 SX316L SX316Ti SX316XK SX317L SX321H SX409 SX430 SX441 SX792 SY 218 SY 22 SY 276 SY 286 SY 35N SY 61 SY 617 SY 625 SY 685 SY 706 SY 718 SY 750 SY 80A SY 82 SY 825 SY 90 SY 926 SY 928 SY X SY21 med HC SY295 SY3 SY390 SY4 SY925 SYLVALOY 50 SYLVALOY B-60T SYNCOBEN SYW295 SYW390 SZ3 SZACC SZACD3 SZS Saarstahl 1.0214 Saarstahl 1.0234 Saarstahl 1.0311 Saarstahl 1.0414 Saarstahl 1.0460 Saarstahl 1.0495 Saarstahl 1.0502 Saarstahl 1.0504 Saarstahl 1.0570 Saarstahl 1.0602 Saarstahl 1.0628 Saarstahl 1.0703 Saarstahl 1.0718 Saarstahl 1.0721 Saarstahl 1.0725 Saarstahl 1.0726 Saarstahl 1.0756 Saarstahl 1.1186 Saarstahl 1.1201 Saarstahl 1.2162 Saarstahl 1.2208 Saarstahl 1.2309 Saarstahl 1.2314 Saarstahl 1.2360 Saarstahl 1.2787 Saarstahl 1.3536 Saarstahl 1.3537 Saarstahl 1.4594 Saarstahl 1.4911 Saarstahl 1.4914 Saarstahl 1.4921 Saarstahl 1.5403 Saarstahl 1.5501 Saarstahl 1.5527 Saarstahl 1.5535 Saarstahl 1.5662 Saarstahl 1.5713 Saarstahl 1.5918 Saarstahl 1.6355 Saarstahl 1.6511 Saarstahl 1.6541 Saarstahl 1.6565 Saarstahl 1.6566 Saarstahl 1.6569 Saarstahl 1.6571 Saarstahl 1.6749 Saarstahl 1.6758 Saarstahl 1.6948 Saarstahl 1.6957 Saarstahl 1.6959 Saarstahl 1.7015 Saarstahl 1.7039 Saarstahl 1.7142 Saarstahl 1.7147 Saarstahl 1.7160 Saarstahl 1.7323 Saarstahl 1.7361 Saarstahl 1.7736 Saarstahl 1.8509 Saarstahl 22MnB4 Saarstahl 28Cr4 Saarstahl 4988 Saarstahl C20E2C Saarstahl C22R Saarstahl-1.8070 Sadevinox 441 San 38 Sand casting brass Sande 1.4011 Sande 1.4309 Sande 1.4405 Sande 1.4408 Sande 1.4412 Sande 1.4470 Sande 1.4525 Sande 1.4527 Sande 1.4552 Sande 1.4776 Sande 1.4806 Sande 1.4807 Sande 1.4852 Sande 1.4859 Sande 1.4865 Sande 1.4869 Sande 1.4874 Sande 1.4889 Sanicro 25 Sanicro 26 Sanicro 28 Sanicro 30 Sanicro 31H Sanicro 31HT Sanicro 32X Sanicro 36Mo Sanicro 38 Sanicro 38/4L7 Sanicro 41 Sanicro 63 Sanicro 69 Sanicro 70 Sanicro 75X Saramet 23 Saramet 35 Sartid C0361 Sartid C0362 Sartid C0452 Sartid C0562 Sartid C1430 Sartid T-52 Sartid T-57 Sartid T-61 Sartid T-65A Sb05A Sb5 Sch10 Sch15 Sch20 Sch25 Sch30 Sch35 Sch40 SchCH15 SchCH15SG SchCh15 SchCh20SG SchCh4 SeBiLOY I SeBiLOY II SeBiLOY III Sebir 1.0213 Sebir 41CrS4 Sendust ShH15 Si-Cr spring Si-Cr valve Si14 Si45Z Si7Mg0.6 SiCr14-4 SiMn1 SiMn2 SiMo 4-05 SiMo 4.05 SiMo 41 SiMo Ductile GrA SiMo Ductile GrB SiMo Ductile GrC SiMo1 SiMo2 Sidenor 40NiCrMo4 Sidenor 41Cr4 Sidenor 9SMn28 Sidenor USD7 SigmaChip A2 SigmaChip A6 Sigmadur SilSeal 250 SilSeal 252 SilSeal 300 SilSeal 350 SilSeal 400 SilSeal 490 SilSeal 720 Silafont-09 Silafont-35 Silafont-70 Silal Silicon brass Silicon brass 83/13/4 Silicon bronze leaded Simoch/S-7 Sint-A00 Sint-A51 Sipi CDA C89836 SjG100 SjG150 SjG20 SjG200 SjG250 SjG300 SjG350 Smiths S525 Smiths S527 Sn02A Sn02Pb98A Sn05A Sn05Pb95A Sn10A Sn10B Sn10Pb88Ag02B Sn10Pb90A Sn12Ni1.5ind Sn2 Sn20A Sn20Pb80A Sn25Pb74Sb01A Sn30A Sn30B Sn30Pb68Sb02A Sn30Pb70A Sn35B Sn35Pb63Sb02A Sn40A Sn40B Sn40Pb58Sb02A Sn40Pb60A Sn45 Sn45A Sn45Pb55A Sn5 Sn50 Sn50A Sn50C Sn50Pb32Cd18A Sn50Pb49Cu01B Sn50Pb50A Sn50Pb50B Sn50Pb50C Sn50Pb50Sn.4 Sn60 Sn60Pb38Cu02A Sn60Pb38Cu02B Sn60Pb40A Sn60Pb40Sb.4 Sn60Pb40Sb.4A Sn62 Sn62Pb36Ag02B Sn63 Sn63A Sn63Pb37A Sn63Pb37Sb.4A Sn70 Sn70A Sn70Pb30A Sn90A Sn90Pb10 Sn90Pb10A Sn94 Sn95 Sn95Ag05E Sn95E Sn95Sb05A Sn96 Sn96A Sn96Ag04A Sn99,9 Sn99Cu.7C SnBz10 SnBz12 SnBz14 SnBz2 SnBz4 SnBz5 SnBz6 SnBz8 SnCu97/3 SnSb11Cu6 SnSb11Cu6-MB83 SnSb11Cu9 SnSb12Cu6Pb SnSb12Cu6Pb2 SnSb5 SnSb6,5Cu3,5 SnSb8Cu3 SnSb8Cu4 SnSb8Cu7 SoBz10 SoBz16 SoMs140 SoMs170 SoMs210 SoMs58 SoMs58Al SoMs58Al1 SoMs58Al2 SoMs58Pb SoMs59 SoMs60 SoMs63/SoMs64 SoMs64 SoMs68 SoMs71 SoMs76 SoMsA SoMsIII Solfer Solfer + Sollac 315 HI-FI Sollac P245NB Sollac P265GH Sollac P265NB Sollac P355NB Sollac P420ML2 Sollac S235JR Sollac S275J0 Sollac S355J0 Solstamp 30 Sopralor A5 Sopralor AG3 SpG3S Special K-9 Special dur Spoolarc 65 Spoolarc 83 Ssab P275NL1 Ssab P275NL2 Ssab P295GH Ssab S355K2G4 Ssab SPHL275 St0 St00 St01Z St02F St02Z St03F St03Z St04F St04Z St05Z St06Z St07Z St0S St0kp St1 St12 St13 St14 St15 St1kp St1ps St2 St22 St24 St28 St2LG St2kp St3 St3 LG St30 St30Al St30Si St32 St320 St33 St33.1 St33.2 St34 St34-2 St34.1 St34.2 St34B St35 St35.4 St35.8 St360B St360C St360D St36K St37 St37-2 St37-2G St37-3 St37-3G St37.0 St37.1 St37.2 St37.2G St37.2K St37.3N St37.3U St37.4 St37.8 St37K St3Mnps St3S St3ps St3sp St4 St41K St42 St42-W St42.1 St42.2 St42.3 St42.3N St42.3U St42.8 St43.7 St430B St430C St430CE St430D St44-2 St44-3G St44.0 St44.2 St44.3 St44.3G St44.3N St44.3U St44.4 St44K St45 St45.8 St46.2 St46.3 St46.3N St490 St4S St4kp St4ps St4sp St5 St50 St50-2K St50.1 St50.2 St510C St510D St52 St52-3 St52-3G St52-3K bright St52-3N St52.0 St52.2 St52.3 St52.3Cu3 St52.3N St52.3U St52.4 St52TK St53.7 St55 St590 St5Mnps St5kp St5sp St6 St60.1 St60.2 St60.2K St63 St690 St6sp St7 St70 St70.2 St78 St88 StBh StBm StE210.7 StE240.7 StE250-2Z StE250Z StE255 StE26 StE280-2Z StE280-3Z StE280Z StE285 StE285N StE285TM StE29 StE290.7 StE315 StE32 StE320-3Z StE320.7 StE320Z StE345-2Z StE350-3Z StE350Z StE355 StE355 tube StE355TM StE36 StE360.7 StE380 StE385.7 StE39 StE415.7 StE415.7TM StE420 StE43 StE445.7TM StE460 StE460 tube StE460TM StE47 StE480.7TM StE500 StE500V StE51 StE550.7TM StE550V StE620V StE690.7TM StE690V StE890V StE960V StSp37 StSp45 StSp460 StSpS StW22 StW24 StW24W Stainless T Stainless UZ19A6 Stayblade Stellite 190 Steloy - HC Steloy CD-3MCuN Steloy CF-8M Stolloy X Stoos 58CrMoV4 Stora 65 Strip 51CrV4 Struktural 1311 Stub au Chrome Sulfur-bearing Sumicut L1 Sumicut L7 Sumicut M0 Sumicut M02 Sumicut M1 Sumicut M2 Sumicut M7 Super Super ACIOR Super ACIOR 4X4 Super ACIOR N Super Duplex F53 Super Duplex SS Super Invar Super Unicut Super-Muniperm Super-Perunal-249 Super-muniperm Super13Chrom SuperArc LA-90 SuperGlaze 4047 SuperGlaze 5754 Superelso 700CR Superfer 800 Superfer 800H Superheat 30 Superimphy 155 Superimphy 25 Superimphy 263 Superimphy 286 Superimphy 500 Superimphy 625 Superimphy 718 Superimphy 718C Superimphy 750 Superimphy 80A Superimphy 825 Superimphy 90 Superimphy A286 Superimphy X Supermet 105 Supermet 11 Supermet 16 Supermet 25 Supermet 33 Supermet 718 Supermet 901 Supermet B2 Supermet C263 Supermet C4 Supermet R41 Supermet X Supermet X750 Superni 600 Superni 718 Superni 76 Superni 825 Superplast 300 Superplast 400 Superplast HP370 Superplast HPplus Supra 36 Supra 50 Supra 50 G Supra 50 GSP Supra 50 SP Supra 50 T Supra 510 Sw-06Ch19N9T SwissCut SC30 SwissCut SC30Pb SwissCut SC37 SwissCut SC37Pb SwissCut SC37Pb+ SwissCut SC620Pb+ SzBC1 SzBC2 SzBC3 T T 130 T 20.25 T 24.24 Nb T 25-12 T 25.20 T 25.35.5 T 36 T 42 2 Mn P M 1 H5 T 57 T C R 10 T S28.48.5.4 T-10 T-20 T-22 T-25 T-300 T-303Se T-304 T-308 stainless T-310 stainless T-316 stainless T-316L T-317 T-321 stainless T-330 T-334 T-347 stainless T-348 T-349 T-35 T-35 f.metal T-350 T-35Pd T-40 T-40 casting T-40Pd T-42 T-440C T-50 T-50 casting T-50Pd T-52 T-57 T-57A T-60 T-61 T-61A T-65 T-65A T-70A T-800 T-A3V T-A3V f.metal T-A3V2,5 T-A4D4E T-A4M T-A5DZr4CE T-A5E T-A5E f.metal T-A5EZr3Nb T-A6E2Zr4D2 T-A6E2Zr4D6 T-A6EZr4Nb T-A6V T-A6V ELI T-A6V casting T-A6V f.metal T-A6V6E2 T-A6Zr4DE T-A6Zr4DE f.metal T-A6Zr5D T-A6ZrD T-A6ZrED T-A8DV T-ALLOY T-ALLOY B T-ALLOY C T-D12ZrE T-DV8A3Fe2 T-E11DA T-K ALLOY T-U2 T-V10A3Fe T-V13CA T.A 3 T0/4 T0/5 T02 T04 T06 T09 T09/1.4541 T1 T1 typeA T1 typeA-321HB T1 typeA-340HB T1 typeA-360HB T1 typeB T1 typeB-321HB T1 typeB-340HB T1 typeB-360HB T1 typeC T1/321HB T1/340HB T1/360HB T10 T103 T103V2 T105Cr1Mn60 T105Cr5 T105Cr5Mn2 T105W2Cr60V25 T105W6CrV2 T10MO T11 T11/1.4828 T11/P11 T110Mn4W6Cr4 T110W2Cr1 T110W6Cr4 T113 T11301 T11302 T11302 hC T11304 T11306 T11307 T11308 T11310 T11313 T11315 T11323 T11327 T11330 T11333 T11334 T11335 T11336 T11341 T11342 T11343 T11344 T11346 T11347 T11348 T11350 T11352 T11361 T11362 T118Cr2 T118Cr45 T12 T12/1.4841 T12001 T12002 T12003 T12004 T12005 T12006 T12008 T12015 T122 T124 T129 T13 T130W Vk T133 T134 T135Cr2 T140W15Cr2 T140W4Cr50 T15 T15-35 T15A T15NiCr180 T16MoCr11 T1701 T175 T18-55 T18-9 T19 T19-39 T1A T1B T1C T1MO T1MO-T5MO T1a T1b T2 T200 T20000 T20101 T20102 T20103 T20104 T20110 T20280 T20300 T20303 T20323 T20403 T20421 T20432 T20452 T20465 T20501 T20502 T20520 T20810 T20811 T20812 T20813 T20814 T20819 T20821 T20822 T20823 T20824 T20825 T20826 T20841 T20842 T20843 T20MnCr T21 T21/C20 T21200 T21201 T215C12 T22 T22-10 T22-14 T222 EXTRA T23 T23152 T24 T240 T245 T25-12 T25-35 T250 T255 T25NiCr250 T26-14 T262 T275 T28 T28-48-5 T28.5 T3 T3 casting T30 T30-20 T30000 T30001 T30060 T30100 T30102 T30103 T30104 T30105 T30106 T30106 casting T30107 T30108 T30109 T30110 T30111 T30200 T302B T30402 T30403 T30404 T30405 T30405 casting T30406 T30407 T30Ni10Cr3Mo6 T30Ni16Cr5 T30W T31501 T31502 T31506 T31507 T318 T31Ni10Cr3Mo10 T31Ni10Cr3Mo6 T329S T33W9Cr3V38 T34 T35 T35Cr5Mo1V30 T35Cr5MoV1 T35Cr5MoW1V30 T35NiCr260 T36 T38 T3S T3b T4 T40 T400 T40100 T40124 T40125 T40126 T40300 T40Ni10Cr3Mo6 T40Ni14 T40Ni6Cr4Mo3 T40NiCr250 T40W2Cr1V18 T40W8Cr5V2 T41901 T41902 T41904 T41905 T41906 T41907 T42 T425 mod. T44 T45 T45Cr1Si95 T45Cr5Si3 T45Mn T45W T47 T49 T4A T5 T50 T50-50 T50.50Nb T504 EXTRA T505 T505SC T50Cr4V2 T50Cr4v2 T50W2Cr1V18 T50W8Cr5V2 T510 EXTRA T513 T51602 T51603 T51604 T51605 T51606 T51620 T51621 T52 T53 T550 T550 EXTRA T552 T552 EXTRA T552S1 T552SG T555 T557 EXTRA T55Cr3 T55Cr3V2 T55Cr70V15 T55Ni2Cr65Mo30 T55Ni6Cr3Mo3 T55Ni7Cr3Mo3V1 T55Ni7Cr4Mo5V1 T55NiCrMo3 T55Si2Mn90Mo33 T55Si7 T55Si7Mo3 T55W14Cr3V45 T560 EXTRA T567 EXTRA T57 T59 T5MoV T5W EXTRA T5b T5c T6 T60 T602 T60601 T60602 T60Ni5 T61 T61202 T61203 T61205 T61206 T62 T63 T64 T64MA T65 T651 EXTRA T655 EXTRA T656 EXTRA T658 T658 EXTRA T66 T665SC EXTRA T67 T670 EXTRA T671 EXTRA T68 T69 T6H EXTRA T6M0V T7 T70 T70Mn65 T71 T72 T72301 T72302 T72305 T73 T74 T75 T75CV T76 T77 T78 T79 T7MO T8 T80Mn65 T80V2 T83MoW6Cr4V2 T85Cr2V T8Mn T8MnA T9 T90 T90102 T901K T90402 T90403 T90405 T90811 T90812 T90813 T90Mn2W50Cr45 T90Mn6WCr2 T90V2 T90V23 T91 T911 T91302 T91501 T91905 T91907 T92 T9A T9MO TA-111 TA-112 TA-50 TA1 TA10 TA11 TA12 TA13 TA14 TA14 f.metal TA15 TA16 TA17 TA18 TA19 TA1ELI TA2 TA20 TA21 TA22 TA23 TA24 TA25 TA26 TA27 TA28 TA29 TA3 TA32 TA33 TA34 TA35 TA36 TA37 TA38 TA39 TA4 TA40 TA41 TA42 TA43 TA44 TA45 TA46 TA47 TA48 TA49 TA4DE TA5 TA50 TA51 TA52 TA53 TA54 TA54A TA55 TA56 TA57 TA58 TA59 TA5CD4 TA6 TA6E4Zr TA6V TA6V ELI TA6ZD TA7 TA8 TA9 TAC1 TAC10 TAC11 TAC14 TAC15 TAC16 TAC17 TAC18 TAC19 TAC2 TAC20 TAC21 TAC22 TAC23 TAC24 TAC25 TAC26 TAC28 TAC29 TAC3 TAC30 TAC4 TAC5 TAC6 TAC7 TAC8 TAC9 TAD4E TAD6Zr4E TAH1 TAH2 TAH3 TAH4 TAH5 TAH6 TAH7 TAIFUN TAL CT60 TAL CT70 TAL CT72 TAL CT75 TAL CT80 TAMA BRONZE 2 TAMAC 194 TAMAC1 TAMAC15 TAMAC2 TAMAC4 TAMAC5 TAMBAK TAMn TANARA BsPb8 TANARA GCuSn12 TANTALE PUR TANTALE-NIOBIUM TANTALE-TUNGSTENE TANTALUM 401 TANTUNG G TATA S129 TATMO TATMO COBALT TATMO low carbon TATMO-VN TAV6E TAg0,08 TAg0.1 TAl TAlSi TB TB2 TB3 TB47L TB47V TB47VNi TB9 TBL TBM TBM SPEC. TBM1 TBMEX1 TC TC 13 TC-067 TC-080 TC-086 TC-101 TC-243 TC-327 TC-357 TC-362 TC-363 TC-376 TC-379 TC-390 TC-436 TC-510 TC-542 TC-550 TC-601 TC-631 TC-690 TC-721 TC-746 TC-766 TC-767 TC-814 TC-816S TC-842 TC1 TC10 TC105 TC11 TC11C TC12 TC120 TC14 TC140 TC2 TC3 TC4 TC5 TC50 TC56 TC6 TC7 TC70 TC8 TC80 TC9 TC90 TCG TCMO5 TCN10 TCN11 TCNiFe-1 TCR7 TCR8 TCR9 TCV105 TCVN 5893 TCVN 5910 TCW9 TD TD Nickel TD-54SiCr6 TD-G4 TD-Ni TD-NiC TD-NiCr TDC TDCrSi TDCrV TDCrV-A TDCrV-B TDG 130 TDG130 TDSiCr TDSiMn TDV FR15 TEC TECH 185/186 TECH 725 TECH-ROD 117 TECH-ROD 141 TECH-ROD 187 TECH-ROD 190 TECH-ROD 2209 TECH-ROD 308 TECH-ROD 309Cb TECH-ROD 310Cb TECH-ROD 310HC TECH-ROD 310Mo TECH-ROD 312 TECH-ROD 316 TECH-ROD 317 TECH-ROD 317L TECH-ROD 320 TECH-ROD 320LR TECH-ROD 330 TECH-ROD 330H TECH-ROD 385 TECH-ROD 410 TECH-ROD 410NiMo TECH-ROD 430 TECH-ROD 502 TECH-ROD 505 TECH-ROD112 TECH-ROD122 TECHALLOY 12018-M TECHALLOY 120S-1 TECHALLOY 200 TECHALLOY 201 TECHALLOY 204Cu TECHALLOY 205 TECHALLOY 320LR TECHALLOY 400 TECHALLOY 600 TECHALLOY 604 TECHALLOY 622 TECHALLOY 625 TECHALLOY 630 TECHALLOY 686 TECHALLOY 800 TECHALLOY 825 TECHALLOY 8620 TECHALLOY 99 TECHALLOY K-500 TECHNICROMO 904L TECPURE 468 TECRONIMO 17-13-3 TECRONIMO 17-13-5 TECRONIMO 25-25-2 TECRONIMO 28-31-4 TECWELD 150 TECWELD 240 TECXTRUSION 1070 TECXTRUSION 3003 TECXTRUSION 6061 TEGOTENAX V840 TEI TELAR 57 TELAR 57S TELBY TELBY PLUS TEM TEM00 TEMCO 204 TEMCO C12220 TEMCO C14700 TEMCO C21000 TEMCO C22000 TEMCO C22600 TEMCO C23030 TEMCO C64700 TEMCO C65100 TEMCO C65500 TEMCO C70100 TEMCO C80410 TEMCO C83450 TEMCO Si-15 TEMPAIR TEMPALOY 17-14CuMo TEMPALOY A-1 TEMPALOY A-3 TEMPALOY AA-1 TEMPRAL TEN STAR TENARIS 10CrMo5-5 TENARIS 42CrMo4 TENASTEEL TENAX 300 TENAX H TENAX N TENAX S TENELON TENNALUM 6033 TENNALUM 6040 TENNALUM 7068 TENNALUM 7149 TENS-50 TENZALOY TER1 TERMAL 1 TERMANAL 12 TERNALLOY 5 TERNALLOY 7 TETM TETM Doux TETON TF1 TF150VA TF500 TFA 409 MIG TFA 410 MIG TFA 410NiMo TFA 430 TFA 430LNb TGL 13789 TGL 13872 TGL 18248 TGL 4393 TGL 6546 TGL 6547 TGL 7143 TGL 7571/01 TGL 7965/021997-06 TGL 7975 TGS-3 TGS-40 TGS-53 TH-323 TH-343 TH-344 TH-345 TH-365 TH-367 TH-581 TH-714 TH-744 TH-782 TH-786 TH-885 THERMAL ARC SF1 THERMALLOY 30 THERMANIT 10M THERMANIT 13/04 THERMANIT 13/65TT THERMANIT 14K THERMANIT 1520 THERMANIT 16/36 THERMANIT 1610 THERMANIT 1610 Si THERMANIT 17 THERMANIT 1720 THERMANIT 1740 THERMANIT 18/17E THERMANIT 18/17EW THERMANIT 19/15H THERMANIT 20-13E THERMANIT 20/10 THERMANIT 20/10W THERMANIT 20/25Cu THERMANIT 20/25CuW THERMANIT 22/09W THERMANIT 23/35R THERMANIT 24/12ENb THERMANIT 25-14ESi THERMANIT 25/09 CuT THERMANIT 25/14E THERMANIT 25/14EW THERMANIT 30-10 THERMANIT 30/10W THERMANIT 30/40E THERMANIT 30/40EW THERMANIT 5M THERMANIT 617 THERMANIT 625 THERMANIT 9 THERMANIT A Spezial THERMANIT ASi THERMANIT ATS4 THERMANIT AW THERMANIT C THERMANIT CM THERMANIT CR THERMANIT CW310-16 THERMANIT D THERMANIT GE THERMANIT GE Spez. THERMANIT GESi THERMANIT H THERMANIT HEW THERMANIT HSi THERMANIT HW THERMANIT J THERMANIT JE THERMANIT JESi THERMANIT L THERMANIT MTS3 THERMANIT NICRO 82 THERMANIT NICRO82 THERMANIT Nicro 82 THERMANIT Nicro182 THERMANIT Nimo C THERMANIT Nimo C24 THERMANIT Nimo CW THERMANIT X THERMANIT XW THERMANIT20/10W140K THERMAX 25 THERMAX 30 THERMAX 4713 THERMAX 4724 THERMAX 4742 THERMAX 4762 THERMAX 4828 THERMAX 4833 THERMAX 4841 THERMAX 4845 THERMAX 4878 THERMAX 4913 THERMAX 70 THERMAX 75 THERMAX 90 THERMCO 50 THERMET 309CF THERMET 310H THERMET R17.38H THERMIMPHY THERMIT THERMKON 62 THERMKON 65M THERMKON 68 THERMKON 70M THERMKON 76 THERMKON 83 THERMO-SPAN THERMOALLOY 2 THERMODUR 2329 THERMODUR 2342 EFS THERMODUR 2740 THERMODUR E38K THERMON 10CrMo910 THERMON 12CrMo19-5 THERMON 12CrMo195 THERMON 13CRMO45 THERMON 16MO3 THERMON 20Mn5 THERMON 21CrMoV511 THERMON 21CrMoV57 THERMON 22MO4 THERMON 24CrMo5 THERMON 40CRMOV47 THERMON 4903 THERMON 4910 THERMON 4922 THERMON 4923 THERMON 4935 THERMON 4948 THERMON 4961 THERMON 4962 THERMON 4980 THERMON 4981 THERMON 4988 THERMON X12CrMo91 THERMOSTAT THERMOWEAR THIXALLOY-201 THIXALLOY-531 THIXALLOY-540 THIXALLOY-650 THK390VMS THOR THS4 THYAS 250HB THYAS 320HB THYBRANOX 4003 THYCUAL THYFORMALU THYMONEL 2 THYMONEL 8 THYPLANALU THYRAPID 3202 THYRAPID 3207 THYRAPID 3243 THYRAPID 3245 THYRAPID 3247 THYRAPID 3255 THYRAPID 3333 THYRAPID 3341 THYRAPID 3343 THYRAPID 3344 THYRAPID 3346 THYRAPID 3348 THYRINOX LBV THYRODUR 1520 THYRODUR 1525 THYRODUR 1545 THYRODUR 1625 THYRODUR 1645 THYRODUR 1730 THYRODUR 1740 THYRODUR 2002 THYRODUR 2067 THYRODUR 2080 THYRODUR 2101 THYRODUR 2201 THYRODUR 2210 THYRODUR 2235 THYRODUR 2241 THYRODUR 2242 THYRODUR 2243 THYRODUR 2248 THYRODUR 2249 THYRODUR 2319 THYRODUR 2327 THYRODUR 2328 THYRODUR 2357 THYRODUR 2360 THYRODUR 2362 THYRODUR 2363 THYRODUR 2379 THYRODUR 2381 THYRODUR 2398 THYRODUR 2436 THYRODUR 2510 THYRODUR 2516 THYRODUR 2550 THYRODUR 2709 THYRODUR 2718 THYRODUR 2721 THYRODUR 2743 THYRODUR 2746 THYRODUR 2766 THYRODUR 2767 THYRODUR 2791 THYRODUR 2826 THYRODUR 2833 THYRODUR 2842 THYRODUR 2990 THYROFOR C55R THYROFORT 25CrMo4 THYROFORT 25CrMoS4 THYROFORT 28Mn6 THYROFORT 30CrMoV9 THYROFORT 30CrNiMo8 THYROFORT 34Cr4 THYROFORT 34CrMo4 THYROFORT 34CrMoS4 THYROFORT 34CrNiMo6 THYROFORT 34CrS4 THYROFORT 36CrNiMo4 THYROFORT 36NiCrMo16 THYROFORT 37Cr4 THYROFORT 37CrS4 THYROFORT 41Cr4 THYROFORT 41CrS4 THYROFORT 42CrMo4 THYROFORT 42CrMoS4 THYROFORT 46Cr2 THYROFORT 46CrS2 THYROFORT 50CRV4 THYROFORT 50CrMo4 THYROFORT 51CrV4 THYROFORT C22E THYROFORT C35E THYROFORT C35R THYROFORT C45E THYROFORT C45R THYROFORT C55E THYROFORT C60E THYROFORT C60R THYROFORT Cf35 THYROFORT Cf45 THYROFORT Cf53 THYROLL 2327 THYROLL 2362 THYROPLAST 2083 THYROPLAST 2085 THYROPLAST 2162 THYROPLAST 2311 THYROPLAST 2312 THYROPLAST 2316 THYROPLAST 2347 THYROPLAST 2361 THYROPLAST 2394 THYROPLAST 2711 THYROPLAST 2738 THYROPLAST 2764 THYROPLAST 2792 THYROPLAST PH42FM THYROPLAST PH42SUPRA THYROPLAST PHX FM THYROPLAST PHX SUPRA THYROTERM 2740 THYROTHERM 2082 THYROTHERM 2323 THYROTHERM 2329 THYROTHERM 2340 THYROTHERM 2342 THYROTHERM 2343 THYROTHERM 2344 THYROTHERM 2365 THYROTHERM 2367EFS THYROTHERM 2399 THYROTHERM 2581 THYROTHERM 2606 THYROTHERM 2622 THYROTHERM 2713 THYROTHERM 2726 THYROTHERM 2766 THYROTHERM 2782ESU THYROTHERM 2786 THYROTHERM 2787 THYROTHERM 2799 THYROTHERM 2885EFS THYROTHERM 2889 THYROTHERM E38K THYSSEN Chromo 1 THYSSEN ROB2 THYSSENKRUPP C45E TI-B17001 TI-C63 TI-C64001 TI-P01 TI-P02 TI-P11 TI-P19001 TI-P46001 TI-P609 TI-P610 TI-P63001 TI-P64 TI-P64001 TI-P64002 TI-P64003 TI-P65001 TI-P65002 TI-P67 TI-P69 TI-P80 TI-P99001 TI-P99002 TI-P99003 TI-W19001 TI-W64001 TI-W99001 TI65A TIADYNE 3515 TIERNAY CA101 TIERNAY CZ104 TIERNAY CZ119 TIG 307Si TIG AL4,5 TIG Al5 TIG Co12 TIG Co21 TIG CrMo5 TIG CuAl8 TIG4551 TIKRUTAN L31 TIKRUTAN LT24 TIKRUTAN LT25 TIKRUTAN LT26 TIKRUTAN LT27 TIKRUTAN LT31 TIKRUTAN LT33 TIKRUTAN LT34 TIKRUTAN RT12 TIKRUTAN RT12Pd TIKRUTAN RT15 TIKRUTAN RT15Pd TIKRUTAN RT18 TIKRUTAN RT18Pd TIKRUTAN RT20 TIMETAL 10-2-3 TIMETAL 100A TIMETAL 1100 TIMETAL 15-3 TIMETAL 17 TIMETAL 21S TIMETAL 230 TIMETAL 3-2.5 TIMETAL 3-2.5-.05Pd TIMETAL 35A TIMETAL 367 TIMETAL 50A TIMETAL 50A Ru TIMETAL 5111 TIMETAL 54M TIMETAL 550 TIMETAL 551 TIMETAL 6-2-4-2 TIMETAL 6-2-4-6 TIMETAL 6-4 TIMETAL 6-4ELI TIMETAL 62S TIMETAL 65A TIMETAL 662 TIMETAL 679 TIMETAL 685 TIMETAL 7-4 TIMETAL 75A TIMETAL 8-1-1 TIMETAL 829 TIMETAL 834 TIMETAL Code 12 TIMETAL LCB TIMKEN 1518 TIMKEN 16-25-6 TIMKEN 4120 TIMKEN 4142 TIMKEN 4340 TIMKEN 50B46H TIMKEN 52100 TIMKEN 6135 TIMO-1 TINIDUR TINKEN 8620 TIOGA TIT2 TITAN 993 TITAN 994 TITAN 994Pd TITAN 995 TITAN 995Pd TITAN ROT TITAN2 - 0,2Pd TITANAL TITANE TITANE ALLIAGE BETA TITANE ALLIE TITANE ALLIE AERONAUTIQUE TITANE ALLIE ALPHA-BETA TITANE ALLIE BETA TITANE ALPHA TWO ALUMINIDE TITANE COMMERCIALEMENT PUR TITANE CUIVRE AERONAUTIQUE TITANE FAIBLEMENT ALLIE TITANE HAUTE TEMPERATURE TITANE IMPLANTS CHIRURGICAUX TITANE MOULE TITANE NON ALLIE TITANE POUR CRYOGENIE TITANE POUR FLUAGE 600C TITANE POUR FLUAGE < 400C TITANE PUR TITANE PUR AERONAUTIQUE TITANE PUR MOULE TITANE grade2 TITANE grade5 TITANE grade5ELI TITANE-ALUMINIUM TITANE-ALUMINIUM MOULE TITANE-ALUMINIUM-CHROME TITANE-ALUMINIUM-ETAIN TITANE-ALUMINIUM-ETAIN ALPHA TITANE-ALUMINIUM-ETAIN MOULE TITANE-ALUMINIUM-ETAIN-Zr TITANE-ALUMINIUM-FER TITANE-ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE TITANE-ALUMINIUM-MOLYBDENE TITANE-ALUMINIUM-NIOBIUM TITANE-ALUMINIUM-VANADIUM TITANE-ALUMINIUM-VANADIUM+Ni TITANE-ALUMINIUM-VANADIUM-Mo TITANE-ALUMINIUM-ZIRCONIUM TITANE-ALUMINIUM-Zr COULE TITANE-CHROME-VANADIUM TITANE-COBALT-PALLADIUM TITANE-ETAIN-MOLYBDENE-Al TITANE-ETAIN-ZIRCONIUM TITANE-MANGANESE TITANE-MOLYBDENE TITANE-MOLYBDENE-ALUMINIUM TITANE-MOLYBDENE-FER TITANE-MOLYBDENE-VANADIUM TITANE-MOLYBDENE-ZIRCONIUM TITANE-MOLYDBENE-ZIRCONIUM TITANE-NICKEL-RUTHENIUM TITANE-NIOBIUM TITANE-NIOBIUM-ZIRCONIUM TITANE-NIOBIUM-ZIRCONIUM-Ta TITANE-PALLADIUM TITANE-PALLADIUM MOULE TITANE-RUTHENIUM TITANE-SILICIUM TITANE-TANTALE TITANE-VANADIUM TITANE-VANADIUM-ALUMINIUM TITANE-VANADIUM-CHROME TITANE-VANADIUM-ZIRCONIUM TITANE-ZIRCONIUM-ALUMINIUM TITANIUM TITANIUM 1 TITANIUM 1-0,2Pd TITANIUM 18 TITANIUM 230 TITANIUM 3Al-2.5V TITANIUM 4 TITANIUM CP Gr3 TITANIUM Grade 7 TITANIUM TI-Pd8A TJA-1537 TK SCDV 6-2 TK-3 TKAST 409 TKAST 410S TKAST 430 Ti TKAST 430Ti TKAST 4513 TKE 16M TKM 2792 TKM 3395 TKMA 1.4462 TKMA 1.4550 TKMA S31803 TKMI 11SMn30 TKMI 15NC13 TKMI 33MCB5-2 TKMI 38MnVS6 TKMI 52CDV4 TKMI S460NL TKMS 1.2990 TKS 1.7182 TKS 20MnB5 TKS 30MnB5 TKS 42CrMo4 TKS 51CrV4 TKS C100S/1.1274 TKS C35E TKS C50E/1.1206 TKS C60S TKS C85S TKS P420M TKSE P275NH TKVDM alloy 48 TL-VW030 TL10 TL20 TL35 TL46 TL83 TLHG TLI TLID TLIG TLL 1100 TLL 1235 TLL 3102 TLS H12 TLW TM TM00 TM2 TM500 TMCN1 TMCN2 TMD-103 TMI 50Sn-50Pb TMI 60Pd-40Ag TMI C14530 TMI C19400 TMI C19500 TMI C19700 TMI C63800 TMI C68800 TMS TMS-138 TMS-138A TMS-63 TMS-71 TMS-75 TMZF TN55P-SC TNA D-1 TNW TO-B TOLE A GRAIN FIN >=16J -50C TOLE A HAUTE RESISTANCE TOLE A RESISTANCE AMELIOREE TOLE ACIER TOLE ACIER A GRAIN FIN TOLE ACIER AU BORE TOLE ACIER AU CARBONE TOLE ACIER AU MANGANESE TOLE ACIER BAS CARBONE TOLE ACIER DE CONSTRUCTION TOLE ACIER FORMAGE MODERE TOLE ACIER GALVANISEE TOLE ACIER GRANDE RESISTANCE TOLE ACIER HAUT MANGANESE TOLE ACIER HAUTE RESISTANCE TOLE ACIER INOXYDABLE TOLE ACIER LAMINEE A FROID TOLE ACIER POUR EMAILLAGE TOLE ACIER POUR ETAMAGE TOLE ACIER POUR FORMAGE TOLE ACIER POUR PONT TOLE ACIER POUR PRESSION TOLE ACIER POUR RESERVOIR TOLE ACIER POUR TUBES TOLE ACIER REFRACTAIRE TOLE ACIER RESILIENCE A 20C TOLE ACIER SOUDABLE TOLE ACIER STRUCTURE SOUDEE TOLE ALUMINIUM PUR TOLE ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE TOLE ALUMINIUM-FER-SILICIUM TOLE ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM TOLE ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM-Mn TOLE ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE TOLE ALUMINIUM-Mn-Mg TOLE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Mg TOLE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Mg TOLE AU MANGANESE-BORE TOLE AUSTENO-FERRITIQUE TOLE BLEUE TOLE BLEUIE TOLE CHAUDIERE ET PRESSION TOLE CONSTRUCTION SOUDABLE TOLE COQUE TOLE COQUE RESILIENCE -10C TOLE COQUE RESILIENCE -20C TOLE COQUE RESILIENCE -40C TOLE COQUE RESILIENCE 0C TOLE CUIVRE A 99.6% TOLE CUPRO NICKEL TOLE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM TOLE CUPRO-ALUMINIUM-NICKEL TOLE D'USURE TOLE D'USURE 400 HB TOLE D'USURE 430 HB TOLE D'USURE 470 HB TOLE D'USURE 500HB TOLE D'USURE MAXI 440HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 200 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 245 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 250 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 265 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 270 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 280 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 280HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 285 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 320HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 340HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 360 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 418 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 420 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 430 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 450 HB TOLE D'USURE MINI 475 HB TOLE DE BLINDAGE TOLE DE BLINDAGE BALISTIQUE TOLE DURCISSEMENT STRUCTURAL TOLE EMBOUTI EXTRA PROFOND TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE A FROID TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE COURANT TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE FORT TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE LEGER TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE MOYEN TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE PROFOND TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE PROFOND+ TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE SEVERE TOLE EMBOUTISSAGE TRES FORT TOLE FORMABILITE AMELIOREE TOLE FORMAGE/EMBOUTISSAGE TOLE GALVANISEE A CHAUD TOLE GALVANISEE POUR FORMAGE TOLE HAUTE LIMITE ELASTIQUE TOLE HLE FORMAGE A FROID TOLE INOX AUSTENITIQUE TOLE INOX DUAL-PHASE TOLE INOX DUPLEX TOLE INOX FERRITIQUE TOLE INOX LEAN DUPLEX TOLE INOX MARTENSITIQUE TOLE INOX POUR CHAUDIERE TOLE INOX POUR COUTELLERIE TOLE INOX POUR EMBOUTISSAGE TOLE INOX POUR PRESSION TOLE INOX SUPER-DUPLEX TOLE INOX SUPERDUPLEX TOLE INOX SUPERFERRITIQUE TOLE LAMINE A FROID TOLE LAMINEE A CHAUD TOLE LAMINEE A FROID TOLE NAVALE TOLE NAVALE A TOLE NAVALE AH32 TOLE NAVALE AH36 TOLE NAVALE B TOLE NAVALE D TOLE NAVALE DH32 TOLE NAVALE DH36 TOLE NAVALE E TOLE NAVALE EH32 TOLE NAVALE EH36 TOLE POUR ABRASION CORROSION TOLE POUR BASSE TEMPERATURE TOLE POUR BOUTEILLE DE GAZ TOLE POUR CHALEUR TOLE POUR CHALEUR < 500C TOLE POUR CHALEUR < 550C TOLE POUR CHALEUR < 565C TOLE POUR CHALEUR < 600C TOLE POUR CHALEUR/PRESSION TOLE POUR CHAUDIERE TOLE POUR EMBOUTISSAGE TOLE POUR FLEXION AU CHOC TOLE POUR FORMAGE TOLE POUR FORMAGE A FROID TOLE POUR HAUTE TEMPERATURE TOLE POUR OFFSHORE TOLE POUR PRESSION TOLE POUR PRESSION -40C TOLE POUR PRESSION-CHAUDIERE TOLE POUR PRESSION/CHALEUR TOLE POUR STRUCTURE DE PONT TOLE POUR STRUCTURE OFFSHORE TOLE POUR USAGE BI-METAL TOLE RESILIENCE A -100C TOLE RESILIENCE A -10C TOLE RESILIENCE A -120C TOLE RESILIENCE A -130C TOLE RESILIENCE A -140C TOLE RESILIENCE A -15/-50C TOLE RESILIENCE A -195C TOLE RESILIENCE A -196C TOLE RESILIENCE A -20C TOLE RESILIENCE A -20C >34J TOLE RESILIENCE A -25C TOLE RESILIENCE A -30C TOLE RESILIENCE A -32C TOLE RESILIENCE A -40C TOLE RESILIENCE A -45C TOLE RESILIENCE A -46C TOLE RESILIENCE A -50C TOLE RESILIENCE A -5C TOLE RESILIENCE A -60C TOLE RESILIENCE A -80C TOLE RESILIENCE A 0C TOLE RESILIENCE A 0C >27J TOLE RESILIENCE A 0C >31J TOLE RESILIENCE A 0C >34J TOLE RESILIENCE A 0C >41J TOLE RESILIENCE A 0C >47J TOLE RESILIENCE A 20/-59C TOLE RESILIENCE A 20C TOLE RESILIENCE A 20C >27J TOLE RESILIENCE A 20C >31J TOLE RESILIENCE A 20C >34J TOLE RESISTANCE INTEMPERIES TOLE RESISTANT A L'USURE TOLE RESISTANT A LA CHALEUR TOLE RESISTANT AU FLUAGE TOLE RESISTANT CORROSION TOLE REVETUE ZINC-ALUMINIUM TOLE USINABILITE AMELIOREE TOLE, BANDE LAITON TOMBAK TOMBASIL TOOLDUR TOOLOX 33 TOOLOX 44 TOOLRITE 2011 TOOS C18100 TOOS C19100 TOOS C40500 TOOS C70100 TOOS C85800 TOOS C89520 TOOS C91600 TOPHEL ALLOY TOPHEL alloy TOPHET 30 TOPHET A TOPHET C TOPHET D TORDAL 1970 TP 118 TP1 TP130 TP1MO TP2 TP201 TP201LN TP202 TP304 TP304H TP304L TP304LN TP304LN/S30453 TP304N TP305 TP309 TP309Cb TP309H TP309HCb TP309LMoN TP309S TP310 TP310Cb TP310H TP310HCb TP310HCbN TP310MoCbN TP310MoLN TP310N TP310S TP310S/1.4845 TP314 TP316 TP316Cb TP316H TP316L TP316LN TP316N TP316Ti TP317 TP317L TP321 TP321H TP329 TP347 TP347H TP347HFG TP347LN TP347W TP348 TP348H TP405 TP409 TP410 TP420 TP429 TP430 TP430Ti TP434 TP439 TP443 TP444 TP446-1 TP446-2 TP904L TPA TPM TPMo TPS 1.4000 TPS 1.4311 TPS 1.4362 TPS 1.4510 TPS 1.4558 TPS 1.4742 TPS 1.4762 TPS 1.4828 TPS 1.4841 TPS S31200 TPS-FS-4002-405 TPS-FS-4006-410 TPS-FS-4016-430 TPS-INOX-4401 TPS-INOX-4404 TPXM-10 TPXM-11 TPXM-15 TPXM-19 TPXM-27 TPXM-29 TPXM-33 TPXM8 TQ 26 TQ 260-LC TQ 315 TQ 34 TQ 340 TQ 355 TQ 380 TQ 42 TQ1 TQAL1 TQAL2 TQAL3 TQAL4 TQB 10 TQB10 TQB11 TQB12 TQB13 TQB14 TQC20 TQC21 TQE TQQ 30 TQQ 31 TQX 42 TQX 45 TQX40 TQX41 TQX43 TQX44 TR12 TR5 TR70 TRA.MET CuAg0,05 TRAFIL 15B2 TRAFILTECNO C9D TRAFOPERM N3 TRAMET HCP TRANSAGE 129 TRANSAGE 134 TRANSAGE 175 TRAVAR 5456A TREAD-BRITE TRI-BRAZE TRI-TEN TRIBALOY 700 TRIBALOY 745 TRIBALOY 800 TRIBALOY 900 TRIBALOY T-800 TRIBALOY T700 TRIBALOY T745 TRIBALOY T900 TRIBOCOR TRIDENT TRIMRITE TRINECKE 13270 TRINECKE 17Cr3 TRINECKE 75Cr1 TRINEX 40 TRINEX 50 TRINEX 60 TRINEX ECuAl-C TRINEX ECuAl-D TRINEX ECuNiAl TRINEX ER110S-1 TRIOMPHATOR VM TRITECH ANC3B TRITECH HC101 TRITECH HC104 TRITECH HC105 TRIUMPHATOR TRKD TRM 260 TRM-2 TROJAN TRUGLIDE TRUWEAR TS 12CNU3 TS 15D3 TS 1628 TS 16N9 TS 17N2 TS 18MDV5 TS 2162 TS 2535 TS 3650 TS 381 TS 410 TS 526 TS 5287.3 TS 551 TS 951 TS Z2CN18-10 TS Z2CND17-12 TS Z5CT14 TS Z6C17 TS Z6CND17-11 TS Z6CNDT17-12 TS Z6CNNb18-12 TS Z6CNT18-10 TS Z6CT12 TS Z8C17 TS10 TS13 TS14 TS15 TS15CD2-05 TS15CD4-05 TS18 TS26 TS26-35-5-15 TS28-48-5-4 TS30-2 TS30a TS32 TS33 TS34 TS34-1 TS34-a TS34BT TS37 TS37-a TS37c TS38 TS39 TS4 TS40 TS42-a TS42b TS42c TS43 TS45 TS46 TS47 TS47a TS48 TS48c TS48e TS5 TS50 TS52c TS53 TS54 TS56 TS57 TS6 TS63 TS7a TS9 TS9H TSAW9 TSB TSB370 TSD2507 TSE185A TSE220 TSE234A TSE235 TSE235-2 TSE235A TSE24 TSE24-2 TSE250 TSE250A TSE26 TSE26-b TSE275A TSE290 TSE295-3 TSE295-4 TSE30-3 TSE30-4 TSE30b TSE320 TSE355-3 TSE355-4 TSE36-3 TSE36-4 TSE360 TSE415 TSE450 TSE480 TSE485 TSP 1.7016 TSP 23 TSP 2380 TSP 30 TSP 4 TSP 5 TSP 6 TSP 8 TStE255 TStE255 tube TStE285 TStE285 tube TStE285N TStE315 TStE355 TStE355 tube TStE380 TStE420 TStE420TM TStE460 TStE460 tube TStE460TM TStE460V TStE500 TStE500V TStE550V TStE620V TStE690V TStE690VA TStE690VB TStE690VC TStE690VD TStE770V TStE890V TStE960V TT0038 TT0043 TT0056 TT0057 TT0063 TT6 TT6 Doux TT6C5 TTE TTESD TTSt35 TTSt35N TTSt35V TTSt41 TTSt41N TTSt41V TTSt45 TTStE26 TTStE29 TTStE32 TTStE355TM TTStE36 TTStE39 TTStE420 TTStE43 TTStE460 TTStE47 TTStE51 TU 10CD5-05 TU 10N14 TU 10N2 TU 10N9 TU 12CD9-10 TU 13CD4-04 TU 14.106.706 TU 15CD2-05 TU 15D3 TU 16N14 TU 16N9 TU 17MV5 TU 17N2 TU 18MDV5 TU 20CV4 TU 20MV6q2 TU 22N3 TU XC35 TU Z10C13 TU Z10C17 TU Z10CD09 TU Z10CD5-05 TU Z10CD9 TU Z10CDNbV9-2 TU Z10CNWT17-13B TU Z11N9 TU Z12C13 TU Z12CD05-05 TU Z12CD5-05 TU Z12CN24-12 TU Z12CN25-20 TU Z1CND25-22AZ TU Z1CNDU20-18-06AZ TU Z1CNS18-15 TU Z1NCDU25-20-04 TU Z20C13 TU Z20CDV12-01 TU Z2CN18-09 TU Z2CN18-10 TU Z2CN18-10AZ TU Z2CN19-11 TU Z2CND17-12 TU Z2CND17-12AZ TU Z2CND18-14 TU Z2CND25-07-03AZ TU Z2CNNb25-20 TU Z3CND22-05AZ TU Z6CN18-09 TU Z6CN19-10 TU Z6CND17-11 TU Z6CND17-12B TU Z6CNDT17-12 TU Z6CNNb18-10 TU Z6CNNb18-12 TU Z6CNNb18-12B TU Z6CNT18-10 TU Z6CNT18-12B TU Z6N9 TU Z8CNDT17-13B TU.H TU.I TU0 TU1 TU10CD9-10 TU12CNU3 TU15CD2-05 TU16N14 TU18M5 TU34-1 TU37-a TU37-b TU37F TU37b TU37c TU42-C N TU42BT TU42CR TU42b TU42c TU48CR TU48b TU48c TU48c N2,N3 TU52BT TU52b TU52c TU56-b TU56b TUBACEX 309H TUBACEX 430 TUBE ACIER TUBE ACIER A GRAIN FIN TUBE ACIER AERONAUTIQUE TUBE ACIER ALLIE TUBE ACIER AU CARBONE TUBE ACIER AU CARBONE SOUDE TUBE ACIER AU MANGANESE TUBE ACIER AU MANGANESE-Ni TUBE ACIER CARBONE-MANGANESE TUBE ACIER CHROME-MOLYBDENE TUBE ACIER DE CEMENTATION TUBE ACIER DE CONSTRUCTION TUBE ACIER DE DECOLLETAGE TUBE ACIER DE PRECISION TUBE ACIER FILETABLE TUBE ACIER HAUTE RESISTANCE TUBE ACIER INOX CORROSION TUBE ACIER INOXYDABLE TUBE ACIER MECANIQUE SOUDE TUBE ACIER MOULE TUBE ACIER POUR CHALEUR TUBE ACIER POUR HAUTE TEMP. TUBE ACIER POUR LA MECANIQUE TUBE ACIER POUR PIPE LINE TUBE ACIER REFRACTAIRE TUBE ACIER RESILIENCE -20C TUBE ACIER RESILIENCE -50C TUBE ACIER RESILIENCE A 0C TUBE ACIER RESILIENCE A 20C TUBE ACIER SANS SOUDURE TUBE ACIER SERIE PETROLE TUBE ACIER SOUDE TUBE ACIER SOUDE ETIRE TUBE ACIER USAGE MECANIQUE TUBE ACIER USAGE PARTICULIER TUBE ALLIAGE REFRACTAIRE TUBE ALUMINIUM-MAGNESIUM TUBE ALUMINIUM-MANGANESE TUBE ALUMINIUM-SILICIUM-Mg TUBE ALUMINIUM-ZINC-Mg TUBE AVEC QUALITE SPECIALE TUBE BRONZE PAR ETIRAGE TUBE CONTRE LA CORROSION TUBE CUPRO NICKEL TUBE CUPRO NICKEL 90-10 TUBE DURCISSEMENT STRUCTURAL TUBE EMPLOI DE -10 A 300C TUBE EMPLOI DE -10 A 425C TUBE FORGE POUR CHALEUR TUBE INOX TUBE INOX AERONAUTIQUE TUBE INOX AMAGNETIQUE TUBE INOX AUSTENITIQUE TUBE INOX AUSTENO-FERRITIQUE TUBE INOX COMPOSITE TUBE INOX CORROSION SEVERE TUBE INOX DUPLEX TUBE INOX FERRITIQUE TUBE INOX HYPER-DUPLEX TUBE INOX MARTENSITIQUE TUBE INOX MECANIQUE TUBE INOX POUR CHALEUR TUBE INOX POUR CRYOGENIE TUBE INOX POUR PRESSION TUBE INOX SANS SOUDURE TUBE INOX SERIE PETROLE TUBE INOX SOUDE TUBE INOX SUPER-DUPLEX TUBE INOX SUPERAUSTENITIQUE TUBE INOX SUPERDUPLEX TUBE INOX SUPERFERRITIQUE TUBE LAITON TUBE LAITON A L'ARSENIC TUBE LAITON COMPLEXE TUBE MECANIQUE TUBE MECANIQUE ACIER TUBE MOULE CENTRIFUGE TUBE MOULE POUR CHALEUR TUBE MOULE REFRACTAIRE TUBE NERVURE POUR CHALEUR TUBE NICKEL PUR TUBE NICKEL-CHROME-FER TUBE NICKEL-CHROME-MOLYBDENE TUBE NICKEL-CUIVRE TUBE NICKEL-FER-CHROME-W TUBE NSCD TUBE POUR BASSE TEMPERATURE TUBE POUR CHALEUR TUBE POUR CHALEUR 500-630C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 1050C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 1250F TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 300C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 350C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 400C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 475C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 500C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 550C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 560C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 590C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 593C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 625C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 650C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 800C TUBE POUR CHALEUR < 850C TUBE POUR CHALEUR <=670C TUBE POUR CHALEUR > 350C TUBE POUR CHALEUR ELEVEE TUBE POUR CHALEUR/HYDROGENE TUBE POUR CHALEUR/PRESSION TUBE POUR CHALEUR<=350C TUBE POUR CHALEUR=<530C TUBE POUR CHALEUR>350C TUBE POUR CORROSION SEVERE TUBE POUR CRAQUAGE PETROLIER TUBE POUR ECHANGEUR CHALEUR TUBE POUR ECHANGEURS CHALEUR TUBE POUR FLUAGE & CORROSION TUBE POUR FLUIDE ET GAZ TUBE POUR GAZ MEDICAL TUBE POUR HAUTE PRESSION TUBE POUR HAUTE TEMPERATURE TUBE POUR HYDRAULIQUE TUBE POUR LA MECANIQUE TUBE POUR PIPE LINE TUBE POUR PIPE LINE A 0C TUBE POUR PRESSION TUBE POUR PRODUCTION UREE TUBE POUR RAFFINERIE TUBE POUR T AMBIANTE TUBE POUR USAGE AUTOMOBILE TUBE POUR USAGE MECANIQUE TUBE POUR USAGE NUCLEAIRE TUBE POUR USAGE PARTICULIER TUBE POUR VEHICULE ROUTIER TUBE REFRACTAIRE NON SOUDE TUBE REFRACTAIRE SOUDE TUBE RESILIENCE A -10C TUBE RESILIENCE A -20C TUBE RESILIENCE A -30C TUBE RESILIENCE A -40C TUBE RESILIENCE A -50C TUBE RESISTANCE INTEMPERIES TUBE RESISTANT A CORROSION TUBE RESISTANT AU FLUAGE TUBE RESISTANT CORROSION TUBE SANS SOUDURE TUBE SANS SOUDURE CHALEUR TUBE SANS SOUDURE FILETABLE TUBE SANS SOUDURE NON ALLIE TUBE SANS SOUDURE PRESSION TUBE SOUDE CALIBRE A FROID TUBE SOUDE FILETABLE TUBE SOUDE MECANIQUE TUBE SOUDE NON ALLIE TUBE SOUDE POUR LA MECANIQUE TUBE SOUDE POUR PRESSION TUBE TRANSPORT DE FLUIDES TUBE USAGE MECANIQUE TUBE UTILISATION NUCLEAIRE TUBE VERIN BASSE TEMPERATURE TUBG TUCOP 75 TUCOP 80 TUE220 TUE220a TUE235-2 TUE235a TUE24 TUE24-2 TUE250b TUE275b TUE275b1 TUE275b2 TUE290 TUE320 TUE355-3 TUE355-4 TUE36-3 TUE36-4 TUE360 TUE415 TUE450 TUE480 TUE485 TUE690 TUFMET 1Ni.B TUFMET 2Ni.B TUFMET 3Ni.B TUNGSTEN-ARGENT TUNGSTENE CARBURE-ARGENT TUNGSTENE CARBURE-COBALT TUNGSTENE CARBURE-CUIVRE TUNGSTENE POUR ELECTRODE TUNGSTENE PUR TUNGSTENE PUR POUR ELECTRODE TUNGSTENE-ARGENT TUNGSTENE-CARBURE TUNGSTENE-CERIUM OXYDE TUNGSTENE-COBALT TUNGSTENE-CUIVRE TUNGSTENE-CUIVRE CONTACT TUNGSTENE-CUIVRE FRITTE TUNGSTENE-CUIVRE-NICKEL TUNGSTENE-HAFNIUM TUNGSTENE-LANTHANUM OXYDE TUNGSTENE-NICKEL-COBALT TUNGSTENE-NICKEL-CUIVRE TUNGSTENE-NICKEL-FER TUNGSTENE-RHENIUM TUNGSTENE-TANTALE TUNGSTENE-THORIUM OXYDE TUNGSTENE-YTTRIUM TUNGSTENE-ZIRCONIUM OXYDE TUNGUM TURBALOY 100 TURBALOY 1006 TURBALOY 120 TURBALOY 1212 TURBALOY 13-8Mo TURBALOY 140 TURBALOY 15-5VM TURBALOY 15-7 TURBALOY 155 TURBALOY 17-22 TURBALOY 17-4VM TURBALOY 17-7PH TURBALOY 180 TURBALOY 188 TURBALOY 21-6-9 TURBALOY 250 TURBALOY 263 TURBALOY 286 TURBALOY 300 TURBALOY 31 TURBALOY 312 TURBALOY 347 TURBALOY 349 TURBALOY 350 TURBALOY 355 TURBALOY 410 mod. TURBALOY 4130 TURBALOY 414LC TURBALOY 418 TURBALOY 420 TURBALOY 4340 TURBALOY 515 TURBALOY 520 TURBALOY 60 TURBALOY 605 TURBALOY 617 TURBALOY 62 TURBALOY 625 TURBALOY 685 TURBALOY 69 TURBALOY 702 TURBALOY 72 TURBALOY 75 TURBALOY 802 TURBALOY 8020 TURBALOY 82 TURBALOY 8620 TURBALOY 9-4-20 TURBALOY 90 TURBALOY 901 TURBALOY 903 TURBALOY 91 TURBALOY 918 TURBALOY 92 TURBALOY D6AC TURBALOY HT TURBALOY M190 TURBALOY S TURBALOY W TURBOBRAZE 155 TURBOBRAZE 34-3 TURBOBRAZE 49-7 TURBOBRAZE 60-0 TURBOBRAZE 805 TURBOBRAZE 830 TURBOBRAZE 850 TURBOBRAZE 940 TURBOCAST 21 TURBOCAST 694 TUZ10CDVNb09-01 TUZ1NCDU31-27-03 TUZ2CND18-05-03 TUZ2CND22-05-03AZ TUZ2CNDU17-16 TV10A3Fe2 TV4 TW10 TW11 TW12 TW26 TW46 TW47 TW50 TW53 TW57 TW58 TW6 TW60 TW61 TW69 TW9H TX63 TXCR TY10.60 TY6 TY80-20 TYPE 201 modified TYPE 304 TYPE 304HN TYPE 304L TYPE 309 TYPE 309S TYPE 316 TYPE 330 TYPE 347 TYPE 410 TYPE 414 TYPE 415 TYPE 416 TYPE 416Se TYPE 420F TYPE 430 TYPE 430F TYPE 431 TYPE 440A TYPE 440B TYPE 440C TYPE 440F TYPE 440FSe TYPE 443 TYPE 446 TYPE 904L TYPLEX TYRAPID 3395 TZ 100 TZ 12081 TZ-30 TZ-40 TZ6 TZ64P-SC TZB28 TZB32 TZB36 TZM Ta-10W Ta-40Cb Table A TableA TableD Tantal2,5 Wolfram Tantalum Tantalum 400 Tata 1.6722 Tata 1.6723 Tata 216M36 Tata 51CrV4 Tata DD13 Tata P235GH Tata S114 Tata S134 Tata S140 Tata S151 Tata S538 Tata S62 TeK 06 Techalloy 825 Techalloy DS Technichromo 904L Techniduplex TD2205 Telconstant 55/45 Telyx Tempaloy A-2 Tempaloy CR30A Tenform XF300 Tenform XF420 Tenform XF450 Tenform XF460 Tenform XF500 Tenform XF550 Tenform XK300 Tenform XK350 Tenform XK400 Tenform XK420 Tenform XK450 Tennbrons 5465 Tens-50 Thermalloy 63WC Thermax 115 Thermodur 2343 Thermodur 2344 Thermodur 2365 Thermodur 2367EFS Thermodur 2714 Thermodur 2782 Thermodur 2787 Thermodur 2999EFS Thermon 4913 Thermon 4939 Thompson alloy Thyrapid 3255 Thyrapid 3348 Thyrodur 2008 Thyrodur 2357 Thyrotherm 2714 Thyrotherm 2999 Thyssen 1.4044 Thyssen 100CM6 Thyssen 10NC12 Thyssen 14NiCr14 Thyssen 15D3 Thyssen 25CD4S Thyssen 25Mn4 Thyssen 31CrMoV9 Thyssen 38CD4 Thyssen 45S7 Thyssen 46SPb20 Thyssen 5005A Thyssen 6012 Thyssen 8011A Thyssen DC05 Thyssen DC06 Thyssen H300P Thyssen HY80 Thyssen P265S Thyssen S250 Thyssen S300 Thyssen X7Ni9 Ti 3Al-2,5V Ti 5-2.5 Ti 5531S Ti 6-2-4-6 Ti 621/0.8 Ti 6211 Ti 685 Ti 994 Ti Gr5 ELI Ti I Ti II Ti IV Ti grade9 Ti-.2%Pd Ti-0,05Pd grade16 Ti-0,2Pd grade7 Ti-0,3Mo-0,8Ni Ti-0.05Pd Ti-0.15Pd Ti-0.1Ru Gr27 Ti-0.1Ru Grade1 Ti-0.1Ru Grade2 Ti-0.1Ru[26] Ti-0.2Pd Ti-1.5Al Ti-11-5-2-1 Ti-11.5Mo-6Zr-4.5Sn Ti-11.5V2Al2Sn11Zr Ti-1100 Ti-12 Ti-12Mo-6Zr-2Fe Ti-12V2.5Al2Sn6Zr Ti-13-11-3 Ti-13Cb-13Zr Ti-13Nb-13Zr Ti-13V-11Cr-3Al Ti-13V2.7Al7Sn2Zr Ti-15-3-3-3 alloy Ti-15Mo Ti-15Mo-3Nb-3Al-.2Si Ti-15Mo-3Nb-3Al-0.2Si Ti-15Mo3Al3Nb0.2Si Ti-17 Ti-1Al-1Mn Ti-2.25Al-11Sn-5Zr-1Mo-0.2Si Ti-2.7Al7Sn13V2Zr Ti-2Al-1,5Mn Ti-2Al2Sn11.5V11Zr Ti-2Cu Ti-3-8-6-4-4 Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta Ti-35V-15Cr Ti-3Al-2,5V Ti-3Al-2.5V-0.05Pd Ti-3Al-8V-8Mo-2Fe Ti-3Al8V6Cr4Mo4Zr Ti-3Al8V6Cr4Zr4Mo Ti-4,5Al4Cr0,5Fe0,2C Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Fe-2Mo Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe Ti-4.5Al5Mo1.5Cr Ti-4.5Fe-6.8Mo-1.5Al Ti-45Cb Ti-45Nb Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr Ti-4Al-2,5V-1,5Fe Ti-4Al-3Mo-1V Ti-4Al-4Mn Ti-4Al-4Mo-2.5Sn Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn Ti-4Al-4Mo-2Sn-0.5Si Ti-4Al-4Mo-4Sn-0.5Si Ti-5.8Al4Sn3.5Zr0.7Nb Ti-5.8Al4Sn3.8Zr0.7Nb0.5Mo Ti-550 Ti-5522 Ti-5522S Ti-5Al-2,5Sn ELI Ti-5Al-3Mo-1V Ti-5Al-4V-0.6Mo-0.4Fe Ti-5Al-5Sn-2Zr-2Mo-0.25Si Ti-5Al-5Sn-5Zr Ti-5Al2Sn2Zr4Mo4Cr Ti-5Al2Sn2Zr4Mo4Cr1Nb Ti-5Al2Sn4Mo2Zr4Cr Ti-5Mo-4.5V-3Al Ti-5Ta Ti-62222S Ti-6242 Ti-6246 Ti-662 Ti-679 Ti-6Al-2Cb-1Ta-0.8Mo Ti-6Al-2Nb-1Ta-0.8Mo Ti-6Al-4V Ti-6Al-4V ELI surgical Ti-6Al-4V surgical Ti-6Al-4V-2.5Mo Ti-6Al-5Zr-.6Mo-.2Si Ti-6Al-5Zr-0.5Mo-0.25Si Ti-6Al-7Nb Ti-6Al2.7Sn4Zr0.4Mo0.45Si Ti-6Al2Sn2Zr2Cr2Mo-0.25Si Ti-6Al2Zr2Sn2Mo2Cr-0.25Si Ti-6Al4V0.5Ni0.05Pd Ti-6Al5Zr4Mo1Cu0.2Si Ti-7Al-12Zr Ti-7Al-2Cb-1Ta Ti-7Al-4Mo Ti-8Al-1Mo-1V Ti-8Mn Ti-8Mo-8V-2Fe-3Al Ti-BETA C Ti-BETA C/Pd Ti-BETA CEZ Ti-BETA III Ti-BETA21S Ti-BETA3 Ti-CP1 Ti-CP2 Ti-CP3 Ti-CP4 Ti-Cb Ti-Gr1 Ti-Gr10 Ti-Gr11 Ti-Gr12 Ti-Gr13 Ti-Gr14 Ti-Gr15 Ti-Gr16 Ti-Gr16H Ti-Gr17 Ti-Gr19 Ti-Gr2 Ti-Gr20 Ti-Gr21 Ti-Gr23 Ti-Gr24 Ti-Gr25 Ti-Gr26 Ti-Gr26H Ti-Gr27 Ti-Gr28 Ti-Gr29 Ti-Gr2H Ti-Gr3 Ti-Gr30 Ti-Gr31 Ti-Gr32 Ti-Gr33 Ti-Gr34 Ti-Gr35 Ti-Gr36 Ti-Gr38 Ti-Gr4 Ti-Gr5 Ti-Gr6 Ti-Gr6ELI Ti-Gr7 Ti-Gr7H Ti-Gr9 Ti-P04 Ti-P63 Ti-P65 Ti-P66 Ti-Pd16 Ti-Pd17 Ti-Pd7B Ti-Pd8A Ti-code12 Ti-gr18 Ti-gr37 Ti-grade1 Ti-grade10 Ti-grade11 Ti-grade12 Ti-grade13 Ti-grade14 Ti-grade15 Ti-grade16 Ti-grade16H Ti-grade17 Ti-grade18 Ti-grade19 Ti-grade2 Ti-grade20 Ti-grade21 Ti-grade23 Ti-grade24 Ti-grade25 Ti-grade26 Ti-grade26H Ti-grade27 Ti-grade28 Ti-grade29 Ti-grade2H Ti-grade3 Ti-grade30 Ti-grade31 Ti-grade32 Ti-grade33 Ti-grade34 Ti-grade35 Ti-grade36 Ti-grade37 Ti-grade38 Ti-grade4 Ti-grade5 Ti-grade6 Ti-grade6 ELI Ti-grade7 Ti-grade7H Ti0,3Mo-0,8Ni soft Ti0.3Co-0.05Pd Gr2 Ti0.3Co-0.05Pd Gr3 Ti0.4Ni0.015Pd0.025Ru0.15Cr Ti0.5Ni-0.05Ru Ti1 Ti10-2-3 Ti100A Ti10V-2Fe-3Al Ti13-13 Ti15-3 Ti15Mo-5Zr-3Al Ti15Mo3Al2.7Nb0.2Si Ti15V-3Cr-3Al-3Sn Ti15V-3Cr-3Sn-3Al Ti16V-2.5Al Ti1Pd Ti2 Ti24Cb-11Al Ti25Cb-10Al-3V-2Mo Ti2Pd Ti3 Ti3-2,5 Ti3-2.5-Ru Ti35A Ti35APd Ti3Al-2,5V-0.1Ru Ti3Al8V6Cr4Zr4Mo0.05Pd Ti3Pd Ti4 Ti442 Ti48Al-2-2 Ti5 Ti5-2-2-4-4 Ti5-2.5ELI Ti50A Ti50A Pd Ti5Al-2,5Sn Ti5Al-2.5Fe Ti5Al-2Cr-1Fe Ti5Al-5Zr-5Sn Ti5Al1Sn1Zr1V.8Mo Ti5Al1Sn1Zr1V0,8Mo Ti5Al4Cr4Mo2Sn2Zr Ti5Al4MoZr2CrSn1Fe Ti6-2-4-2-S Ti6-22-22 Ti6-4 Ti6-4 ELI Ti6-4-Ru Ti6-6-2 Ti6242Si Ti6Al-2Fe-.1Si Ti6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo Ti6Al-4V-0.05Pd Ti6Al-4V-0.1Ru Ti6Al-4VELI Ti6Al-6V-2Sn Ti6Al2Sn2Zr2Mo2Cr Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo0.08Si Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo0.1Si Ti6Al4Sn4ZrNb Ti6Al4V grade24 Ti7-4 Ti75A Ti8-1-1 Ti8-8-2-3 Ti834 Ti94 / Ti3Al-2.5V Ti99,6 Ti993 TiAl TiAl3V2,5 TiAl4Mo4Sn2 TiAl5Fe2,5 TiAl5MoZr4CrSn2Fe TiAl5Sn2,5 TiAl6Nb7 TiAl6Sn2Zr4Mo2 TiAl6Sn2Zr4Mo6 TiAl6V4 TiAl6V4 ELI TiAl6V6Sn2 TiAl6Zr4MoSn2 TiAl6Zr5Mo TiAl8Mo1V1 TiCu2 TiIII TiIIIPd TiIIPd TiIPd TiMo8V8Fe2Al3 TiNi0,8Mo0,3 TiNi0,8Mo0,3 f.metal TiRu-26 TiRu-27 TiV13Cr11Al3 Timetal Exhaust XT Timken Timken 50100 Tin-Lead-Cadmium Titanium 2 Titanium 3 Titanium 829 Titanium Grade 26 Tks C90S Tole a calibres Tole bleue ToughMet 2 ToughMet 3AT ToughMet 3CX Transcast 55 Trefusa 12CrMo4 Trefusa 20MoCr4 Trefusa 37CrMo4 Trefusa 38CB1 Trefusa 38MnB5 Trefusa 40CrMo4 Trent 317LM Trent INVAR36 Trent L605 Trent XM-11 Trent alloy 200 Trent alloy 201 Trent alloy 255 Trent alloy 400 Trent alloy 617 Trent alloy 690 Trent alloy 800 Trent alloy C-4 Trent alloy G Trent alloy X Trent alloy X750 Trent type 316H Tribaloy 400 Tribaloy T-400 Triple Presmo Tritech HC106 Tritech VMA 5 Trumpet brass Tufmet 1NiMo Turbotherm T200 Turbotherm T240 Turbotherm T249 Turbotherm T275 Turbotherm T550 Turbotherm T552SG Turbotherm T555 Type 1 Type 16 Type 2 Type 201 Type 21 Type 2Pb Type 3 Type 303 Type 304H Type 304LN Type 316L Type 317 Type 430 Type 431 Type 434 Type 62Sn Type 96Sn Type A-S17U4G Type Sn60 Type Sn63 U U 50 U-212 U-350 U-400 U-436/43611 U-60-30 U-A10N U-A11N U-A11N5Fe U-A6 U-A9 U-A9Fe3 U-A9N3Fe U-A9N5Fe U-A9N7 U-A9NFe U-Be2 U-C1Zr U-Cd1 U-E10 U-E10Z1 U-E12 U-E12N U-E12P U-E12Z1 U-E14 U-E3Z9 U-E5P U-E5Pb5Z5 U-E5Z4 U-E7 U-E7P U-E7Z5Pb4 U-E8Pb15 U-E8Pb8 U-E8Z2 U-E9P U-K2Be U-N10Fe1Mn U-N14A2 U-N20 U-N25 U-N25Z18 U-N25Z8 U-N2Be U-N30 U-N30Fe2M2 U-N30M1Fe U-N3S U-N44M U-N44M3 U-N45 U-N5 U-Pb10E10 U-Pb15E8 U-Pb20 U-Pb20E5 U-Pb30 U-Pb8 U-Pb8+Ni3 U-Pb8E8 U-S3ZFe U-Z10 U-Z15 U-Z19A6 U-Z20 U-Z20N15Pb U-Z22A2 U-Z22N18 U-Z23A4 U-Z24N12 U-Z27N18 U-Z28 U-Z29E1 U-Z30 U-Z33 U-Z35 U-Z35A1 U-Z36 U-Z36N3 U-Z36Pb2 U-Z36Pb3 U-Z37 U-Z37A1 U-Z39E1 U-Z39Pb1 U-Z39Pb2 U-Z40 U-Z40Pb3 U-Z5 U10 U10-1 U1000S U1000SPb U1008 U10A-1 U10A-2 U11-1 U1110 U12 U12-1 U12A-1 U13 U13-1 U13A-1 U155 U16N U17N U195 U20080 U20082 U20100 U20102 U20150 U20152 U20202 U20252 U20302 U20352 U20402 U20452 U20502 U20552 U20602 U20652 U20702 U20752 U20802 U20852 U211 U21152 U21202 U21252 U21302 U21352 U21402 U21452 U21502 U21602 U21652 U21702 U221 U40048 U40088 U40108 U40152 U40158 U40202 U40208 U40252 U40302 U40352 U40402 U40452 U41188 U41228 U41252 U500 U500 casting U520 U630 U6d U7 U7-1 U7-3 U700 U700 cast U71 U710 U71Mn U720 U7A U7A-1 U7A-2 U7A-3 U8 U8A U8A-2 U8A-3 U8G U8GA U9 U9A UAC 7136 UAL 303S42 UAM UAM SPECIAL UAMI ENiMo-2 UAMI ENiMo3 UB XL UC81 UD12 UD14 UD23 UD24 UD25 UD27 UD28 UD30 UDALA UDC3 UDDEHOLM 2080 UDDEHOLM 2162 UDDEHOLM 2312 UDDEHOLM 2363 UDDEHOLM 2436 UDDEHOLM 2510 UDDEHOLM 2767 UDDEHOLM 2842 UDDEHOLM ST52-3 UDIMAR 250 UDIMAR 300 UDIMET 13-8Mo UDIMET 188 UDIMET 250 UDIMET 400 UDIMET 500 UDIMET 520 UDIMET 600 UDIMET 630 UDIMET 700 UDIMET 710 UDIMET 720 UDIMET 720LI UDIMET 799 UDIMET 80A UDIMET 901 UDIMET D-979 UDIMET L605 UDIMET NITINOL UDIMET R41 UDIMET700 cast UGC NSM21S UGI 1.4544 UGI 1.4935 UGI 1.5815 UGI 4000 UGI 4005 UGI 4006 UGI 4016 UGI 4021 UGI 4028 UGI 4029 UGI 4031/420C UGI 4034 UGI 4035 UGI 4057 UGI 4104 UGI 4105 UGI 4106 UGI 4114 UGI 4116N UGI 4121 UGI 4122 UGI 416 UGI 420A UGI 420B UGI 420F2 UGI 4301 UGI 4305 UGI 4307 UGI 4313 UGI 4362 UGI 4401 UGI 4404 UGI 4418 UGI 4435 UGI 4460 UGI 4462 UGI 4507 UGI 4511 UGI 4539 UGI 4541 UGI 4542 UGI 4571 UGI 4742 UGI 4828 UGI 4845 UGI 52N+ UGI D58 UGI F201Cu UGI F4571 UGI H201Cu UGI H309-1 UGI HQ317L UGI HQ4000 UGI HQ4016 UGI HQ4113 UGI HQ4362 UGI HQ4462 UGI HQ4567-2 UGI HQ4567-3 UGI HQ4578 UGI HQ4828 UGI HQ4923 UGI HT800 UGI HT920S UGI KC35N UGI NY 330 UGI NY 330Nb UGI NY 601 UGI S302 UGI U303 UGIGRIP 204Cu UGIGRIP 4301 UGIGRIP 4311 UGIGRIP 4401 UGIGRIP 4429 UGIGRIP 4436 UGIGRIP 4462 UGIGRIP 4511 UGIGRIP 4539 UGIGRIP 4571 UGIMA 4006 UGIMA 4021 UGIMA 420B UGIMA 4301 UGIMA 4305 UGIMA 4307 UGIMA 4401 UGIMA 4404 UGIMA 4435 UGIMA 4567 UGIMA 4570 UGIMA 4571 UGIMA NSU UGIMA NSU-X UGINARC 23S UGINARC 23S1 UGINARC MK2 UGINARC MKS UGINARC MKS1 UGINARC NSCD UGINARC R27 UGINARC R31 UGINE 1.4373 UGINE 182 UGINE 204Cu UGINE 314 UGINE 420F UGINE 4306 UGINE 430FR UGINE 4311 UGINE 4429 UGINE 4436 UGINE 4460 UGINE 4507 UGINE 4763 UGINE 4841 UGINE 4909 UGINE A309LMo UGINE A309Si UGINE A312-2 UGINE A317L UGINE A4031 UGINE A410 UGINE A4313 UGINE A4510 UGINE A45N UGINE A52N+ UGINE C4116 UGINE F4303 UGINE F4763 UGINE HQ4601-1 UGINE IMRE UGINE-ALZ 1.4950 UGINE-ALZ 1.4951 UGINOX 16-4Mn UGINOX 17-11MT UGINOX 17-4Mn UGINOX 17-7C UGINOX 18-10L UGINOX 18-10T UGINOX 18-11ML UGINOX 18-12D UGINOX 18-12ML UGINOX 18-12MS UGINOX 18-13MS UGINOX 18-14MS UGINOX 18-7L UGINOX 18-8E UGINOX 18-9L UGINOX 4460 UGINOX F12N UGINOX F12T UGINOX F13S UGINOX F17 UGINOX F17EL UGINOX F17L UGINOX F17M UGINOX F17MNb UGINOX F17MS UGINOX F17MT UGINOX F17N UGINOX F17T UGINOX F17TNb UGINOX F18MT UGINOX F18T UGINOX F18TNb UGINOX F29MCU UGINOX MA1 UGINOX MA2 UGINOX MA3 UGINOX MA3M UGINOX MA4 UGINOX MA5MV UGINOX R20-12 UGINOX R24-13S UGINOX R25-20 UGINOX R25-20S UGINOX UR45N UGINOX URANUS B6 UGIPERM 12FM UGIPURE 155PH UGIPURE 2083 UGIPURE 209 UGIPURE 2316 UGIPURE 4306 UGIPURE 4441 UGIPURE 4472 UGIPURE 4542 UGIPURE 4548 UGIPURE 4568 UGIPURE 4923 UGIPURE A286 UGIVITE 182 UGR 23 UGR 23S1 UGR 27S UGR 318 UGR 31A UGR 347 UGR 409Cb or Nb UGR M32 UGR MKS1 UGR409Nb UGV 1802 UGV 182 UH I UHB 1 UHB 11 UHB 119 UHB 14 UHB 14L UHB 14LN UHB 1550 UHB 15N20 UHB 16 UHB 20 UHB 22 UHB 24 UHB 24LN UHB 25 UHB 25L UHB 29 UHB 2N90 UHB 31 UHB 33MM UHB 34LN UHB 39PH UHB 3L UHB 3MM UHB 41 UHB 424 UHB 43 UHB 431 UHB 44 UHB 442 UHB 44LN UHB 51 UHB 524 UHB 53 UHB 54 UHB 55 UHB 6 UHB 624 UHB 63 UHB 734L UHB 744LN UHB 753 UHB 82 UHB 851 UHB 904L UHB 984LN UHB C734LN UHB E24LN UHB PREMO UHB20 UHF UHF 3 UHF3 UK 09 UK02S UK03 UK04R UK15 UK19 UK20 UK31 UK31R UKSt37.2 ULBRASEAL 36 ULBRASEAL 42 ULBRASEAL 42-6 ULBRASEAL 46 ULBRASEAL 52 ULBRAVAR 29-17 ULCB ULTIBRON CNS ULTIMET ULTIMET 325S31 ULTR'AD ULTRA COBALT ULTRA FORM ULTRA-VAN ULTRAFORT 6355 ULTRAFORT 6908 ULTRAMET 2206 ULTRAMET 308H ULTRAMET 308L ULTRAMET 309L ULTRAMET 309Mo ULTRAMET 309Nb ULTRAMET 316L ULTRAMET 316NF ULTRAMET 317L ULTRAMET 347 ULTRAMET 904L ULTRAMET B2553 ULTRAMET B308H ULTRAMET B308L ULTRAMET B309L ULTRAMET B309Mo ULTRAMET B316L ULTRAMET B316NF ULTRAMET B347 ULTRAMET B904L UM12 UM20 UM3 UM5 UM6 UM7 UM8 UM8 TS UMCO 50 UMCO 50Nb UMCO 51 UN13 UNE 14208 UNE 36009 UNE 36011 UNE 36012 UNE 36013 UNE 36014 UNE 36015 UNE 36016 UNE 36016.1 UNE 36016.2 UNE 36017 UNE 36018 UNE 36018.1 UNE 36018.2 UNE 36018.3 UNE 36018.4 UNE 36021 UNE 36022 UNE 36023 UNE 36024 UNE 36027 UNE 36029 UNE 36029/1M UNE 36031 UNE 36032 UNE 36034 UNE 36051.1 UNE 36051.2 UNE 36067 UNE 36068 UNE 36071 UNE 36072.1 UNE 36072.2 UNE 36073 UNE 36080 UNE 36081 UNE 36082 UNE 36084 UNE 36086 UNE 36087.4 UNE 36090 UNE 36111 UNE 36118 UNE 36121 UNE 36123 UNE 36127 UNE 36128 UNE 36129 UNE 36130 UNE 36137 UNE 36252 UNE 36253 UNE 36254 UNE 36255 UNE 36256 UNE 36257 UNE 36258 UNE 36259 UNE 36300 UNE 36541 UNE 36576 UNE 36594 UNE 36599 UNE 37103 UNE 37137 UNE 38213 UNE 38231 UNE 38235 UNE 38257 UNE 38264-94 UNE 38267 UNE 38271 UNE 38291 UNE 38316 UNE 38338 UNE 38340 UNE 38341 UNE 38343 UNE 38345 UNE 38347 UNE 38349 UNE 38381 UNE 38382 UNE 38384 UNE 38420 UNE 38421 UNE 38422 UNE 38423 UNE38372 UNI UNI 10258 UNI 10363 UNI 10364 UNI 10450 UNI 1701 UNI 2012 UNI 2042 UNI 2527.1 UNI 2528.1 UNI 2955 UNI 2955.3 UNI 2955.4 UNI 2955.5 UNI 3040 UNI 3041 UNI 3042 UNI 3043 UNI 3044 UNI 3045 UNI 3046 UNI 3048 UNI 3049 UNI 3050 UNI 3051 UNI 3052 UNI 3054 UNI 3055 UNI 3056 UNI 3057 UNI 3058 UNI 3059 UNI 3097 UNI 3158 UNI 3159 UNI 3160 UNI 3161 UNI 3545 UNI 3567 UNI 3568 UNI 3569 UNI 3570 UNI 3571 UNI 3572 UNI 3573 UNI 3574 UNI 3575 UNI 3576 UNI 3577 UNI 3578 UNI 3579 UNI 3581 UNI 3583 UNI 3599 UNI 3600 UNI 3601 UNI 3602 UNI 3717 UNI 3718 UNI 3735 UNI 3737 UNI 3823 UNI 3992 UNI 4365 UNI 4507 UNI 4508 UNI 4509 UNI 4510 UNI 4511 UNI 4512 UNI 4513 UNI 4514 UNI 4544 UNI 4838 UNI 4895 UNI 5007 UNI 5075 UNI 5076 UNI 5079 UNI 5273 UNI 5275 UNI 5331 UNI 5332 UNI 5335 UNI 5452 UNI 5462 UNI 5539 UNI 5598 UNI 5705 UNI 5764 UNI 5771 UNI 5869 UNI 5920 UNI 5949 UNI 6138 UNI 6170 UNI 6250 UNI 6251 UNI 6252 UNI 6253 UNI 6359 UNI 6361 UNI 6362 UNI 6403 UNI 6551 UNI 663 UNI 6681 UNI 6786 UNI 6787 UNI 6860 UNI 6901 UNI 6904 UNI 6923 UNI 6924 UNI 6926 UNI 7013 UNI 7013-1 UNI 7013-10 UNI 7013-2 UNI 7013-5 UNI 7013-6 UNI 7013-7 UNI 7013-8 UNI 7013-9 UNI 7013.3 UNI 7013.4 UNI 7064 UNI 7065 UNI 7070 UNI 7091 UNI 7176 UNI 7257 UNI 7280.1 UNI 7287 UNI 7288 UNI 7316 UNI 7317 UNI 7356 UNI 7369/1 UNI 7369/2 UNI 7369/3 UNI 7369/4 UNI 7369/5 UNI 7500 UNI 7660 UNI 7729 UNI 7730 UNI 7737 UNI 7788 UNI 7789 UNI 7791 UNI 7806 UNI 7807 UNI 7808 UNI 7809 UNI 7845 UNI 7846 UNI 7847 UNI 7874 UNI 7945 UNI 7946 UNI 7947 UNI 7963 UNI 7989 UNI 8024 UNI 8317 UNI 8373 UNI 8488 UNI 8788 UNI 8845 UNI 8863 UNI 9007/5 UNI 9763-1 UNI 9763-2 UNI EU 18 UNI EU 60 UNI ISO2037 UNI5462 16Mo5 UNIBRAZE 10018M UNIBRAZE 12018-M UNIBRAZE 55 UNIBRAZE 67 UNIBRAZE 8018-B2L UNIBRAZE 80S-D2 UNIBRAZE 9018-B3L UNIBRAZE 9018-M UNIBRAZE 92 UNIBRAZE 99 UNIBRAZE ER110S-1 UNIBRAZE ER80S-B8 UNIBRAZE W UNIDAL UNIDUR-091 UNIDUR-100 UNIDUR-102 UNIDUR-120 UNIFONT 50 UNIFONT-90 UNIFONT-91 dv UNIFONT-94 UNILOY 16-18 UNILOY 303MA UNILOY 308 UNILOY 332 UNILOY 420A UNILOY 420B UNILOY 440C UNILOY 50Ni-50Cr UNILOY 605 UNILOY 888 UNIMACH VCX2 UNIMAR 250K UNIMAR 300K UNIMAX UNION 7018 UNION I1,2Ni UNION I52 UNION K40 UNION S2Ni2,5 UNION S3Mo UNION X90 UNISEAL 42 UNISEAL 52 UNITEMP 1415 NW UNITEMP 1420 WM UNITEMP 19-9DL UNITEMP 212 UNITEMP 500 UNITEMP 670M UNITEMP 706 UNITEMP 718 UNITEMP 751 UNITEMP 901 UNITEMP AF-1753 UNITEMP AF2-1DA UNITEMP AF2-1DA6 UNITEMP C276 UNITEMP HX UNITEMP L-605 UNITEMP S-590 UNIVERSAL 1.8704 UNIVIT UNNA 1.4028 UNNA 5010 UNNA 5019 UNNA 5058 UNNA 5505 UNNA Al99,85 UNNA C60 UNNA C60E UNNA-Extra UNNA-Prima UNNA-Spezial UNS UNS N06455-2.4610 UNS N07773 UNS N08020 UNS N10276-2.4819 UNS S31254 UNS S31254/1.4547 UNS S43035 UNSCO S147 UNSCO S149 UP-NiCr21Mo9Nb UP15 UP20 UPKR UQSt36 UQSt37.2 UQSt38 UR 16 UR 2202 UR 2205 UR 2205+ UR 2205Mo UR 2304 UR 2507 UR 2507Cu UR 2507W UR 254 UR 28 UR 35N UR 367 UR 4565 UR 45N UR 45N+ UR 45NMo UR 47 UR 47N UR 47N+ UR 50 UR 52N UR 52N+ UR 600 UR 625 UR 65 UR 66 UR 76N UR 825 UR 904 UR 926 UR B25 UR B26 UR B28 UR B46 UR B6 UR B66 UR B6N UR S1 UR SB8 UR XM19 UR XM29 UR-85CrMo7.2 UR04 UR101Cr6 UR16 UR40 URANUS 15 URANUS 15C URANUS 16 URANUS 20 URANUS 2304 URANUS 35N URANUS 45-M URANUS 45N URANUS 45N+ URANUS 45NMo URANUS 47 URANUS 47N URANUS 47N casting URANUS 47N+ URANUS 50 URANUS 50-M URANUS 52N+ URANUS 55-M URANUS 625 URANUS 65 URANUS 65-M URANUS 76N URANUS 825 URANUS A5 URANUS B25 URANUS B26 URANUS B28 URANUS B46 URANUS B6 URANUS B6-M URANUS B66 URANUS B6N URANUS B6P URANUS R3 URANUS R7 URANUS S URANUS S1 URANUS SB8 UREA 25-22-2 UREA grade URKO-0 URKO-030 URKO-040 URKO-042 URKO-3 URKO-N1 UROL URSB 8 URSSA 42CrMo4 URSSA C45/F114 URSSA F1430 URoSt37.2 US Dominial US SPEZIAL US ULTRA US-A US-B US-C US20 US6 USA 409Nb-16 USA 8016-B1 USA 8016-B2 USA 9018-B3L USACASE 32M USACASE/080M15 USACASE/EN32B USACUT 45 USACUT 55 USAFOIL CZ108 USALED 230M07 USALED En1APb USALOY 16 USALOY 24/24T USALOY 34 USALOY 351 USALOY 36 USASPEAD 202 USASPEAD 230M07 USASPEAD 40 USASPEAD 40M USASPEAD D2 USASPEAD EN1A USASPEAD/BO1 USAWELD USB 1.2790 USB SPEZIAL USCoV USD USD7 USDH USEN6 USHA 10B21 USHA 15B25 USHA 15B41 USHA 15Cr3 USHA 17Mn1Cr95 USHA 20Mn2 USHA 27C15 USHA 50CrV4 USHA 60Si7 USHA EN15B USHA EN18D USHA EN19 USHA EN19C USHA EN354 USHA EN43 USHA EN8D USHA En15 USHA En42 USHA En42B USHA En45 USHA En45A USHA SCM420 USHA SUP12V USI-BNR-46 USI-BNR-52 USI-CF-03 USI-CF-D2 USI-EV-01 USI-EV-02 USI-EV-QC USI-STAR-340-P USIMAX D44 USIMAX D950 USIMECA 1000 USN USNS USS "T-1" typeA USS "T-1" typeB USS COR-TEN C USS O-TEN grade42 USS O-TEN grade50 USS O-TEN grade60 USS T1 USW 4914-C USWC 1323 USWC 4181 USWC 4184 USWC 4185 USWC 4189 USWC 4191-C USWC 4245 USWC 4246 USWC 4395 USWC 4396 USWC 4951 C.P.Ti USWC 6461-V USWC AZ101A USt13 USt14 USt23 USt28 USt34.2 USt35.2 USt360B USt37-2G USt37.0 USt37.1 USt37.2 USt4 USt42.1 USt42.2 UStW23 UT 35 UT-18 UT-212 UT60 UTA6V6Sn2 UTH60Pb UTOP 38 UTOP1 UTOP2 UTOP3 UTOP33 UTOPCO UTOPCO2 UTOPCO3 UTOPEX 1 UTOPEX2 UTOPMO1 UTOPMO2 UTOPMO4 UTOPMO7 UTOPN UTOPNEX UTOPNI-N UTP 068HH UTP 308LFeHP UTP 309LFeHP UTP 32 UTP 34N UTP 387 UTP 389 UTP 39 UTP 4225 UTP 5020Mo UTP 6170Co UTP 6202Mo UTP 6208Mo UTP 6222Mo UTP 6225Al UTP 6230Mn UTP 673 UTP 6808Mo UTP 6825LcKb UTP 68H UTP 7013Mo UTP 7015 UTP 7015 Mo UTP 7015Mo UTP 7017Mo UTP 702 UTP 703Kb UTP 704Kb UTP 7200 UTP 722Kb UTP 73G2 UTP 73G3 UTP 73G4 UTP 759Kb UTP 776Kb UTP 80M UTP 80Ni UTP 83FN UTP 85FN UTP A068HH UTP A32 UTP A3422 UTP A3545Nb UTP A357 UTP A387 UTP A4225 UTP A5020Mo UTP A5022Mo UTP A5521Nb UTP A6170Co UTP A6202Mo UTP A6208Mo UTP A6222Mo UTP A6225Al UTP A6230Mn UTP A68 non stab UTP A6824Lc UTP A68H UTP A68Lc UTP A68Mo UTP A68MoLc UTP A68MoStab UTP A703 UTP A704 UTP A722 UTP A759 UTP A776 UTP A805Ti UTP A80M UTP A80Ni UTP BMC UTP CHRONOS UTP DUR 250 UTP DUR 400 UTP DUR 550W UTP DUR 600 UTP LEDURIT 60 UTP1925 UTPA68 Stab UVW UVW 2 UW60 UW65 UW70 UY03 UY3 UZ17S3 UZSt37.2 Ugitech 1.4057 Ugitech 1.4909 Ugitech 1.4913 Ugitech 1.4939 Ugitech 1.6747 Ugitech 17-4PH ESR Ultibron CNS UltrAlloy 6020 Ultra Vit Type-1 Usha EN45 Usimax D38 Usimax D950 Usinor 35NC15 V 35 V 52100 V-1 V-10 V-11 V-12 V-13 V-14 V-15 V-2 V-3 V-4 V-5 V-57 V-6 V-7 V-8 V-9 V-KUT V108 V110 V110SB V116SE V118S1 V12 V120 V124 V124SC V124SC ISOEXTRA V127SB ISOEXTRA V129/V129SA V130 V132 V134 V134SA/V134 V135 V136 V138 V141 V145 V147 V155 V155 Aeroval V165 V16A Extra V16AX Extra V17-22AS V174 Aeroval V174/1 V208 V225MN V250-35A V254 V257MWU V274M/DE V2ANK-4316Kb V2ANK-4316Ti V2M.V V300 V302 V302HQB V303 V304UF V308L V310 V320 V320SD V325 V330 V330-35A V330-50A V330SH V340 V340G V340SB V340SB EXTRA V344 V350 V354 V354 ISO EXTRA V358 V36 V360 V361 V41 V4109 V422 V430FG V4340T V44A Extra V44AX Extra V470-50A V4A V4ANK-4430Ti V5 V500 V52100 V530-50A V530-65A V600-50A V600-65A V630 V65 V700-50A V700-65A V720 V720 VMR V723 V725 V762 V774S V800-50A V800-65A V810 V820 V8550 V913 V922 V930 V935 V945 V95 V960 VA2 VA286 VA31 VA32 VA34 VA35 VA61 VA61N/1 VA62 VA63 VA64 VA66/2 VAC RSi12 VACODIL 36 VACODIL 42 VACODIL 46 VACOFER S1 VACON 11 VACON 11T VACON 70 VACON CF25 VACON CF8 VACOPERM 100 VACOVIT 485 VACOVIT 500 VACOVIT 511 VACOVIT 520 VACOVIT 540 VAL 2B VAL 4529 VAL103 VAL106 VAL1AL-2 VAL1B VAL1MP VAL1P VAL1PT VAL1Z VAL20 VAL2A VAL2A/UK2 VAL2BZ VAL2C VAL2CZ VAL2D VAL2DE VAL2MCV VAL2MV VAL2W VAL3 VAL4 VAL4/UK VAL40 VAL41D VAL5 VAL5/BSI VAL5M VAL6 VAL60 VAL7 VAL70 VAL8 VAL80 VAL9 VALBRUNA 1.4525 VALBRUNA X17T VALINOX TBC VALLOUREC TU37c VALLOUREC TU52c VALPLUS 303L VAN CUT type1 VAN CUT type2 VAN LOM VANADIS 10 VANADIS 23 VANADIS 30 VANADIS 4 VANADIS 6 VANADIS 60 VANADIUM PERMENDUR VANADIUM typeH VANARD 1000 VANARD 1100 VANARD 850 VANARD 925 VANARD xxx VANCOMO VANCRON 40 VAR 300M VAREL2 VARIOTHERM VART 250 VART 300 VASCO 13-8Mo VASCO 15-5 VASCO 155AH VASCO 17-4 VASCO 300M VASCO 317 VASCO 403 VASCO 410/403 VASCO 422 VASCO 4330 VASCO 4330V VASCO 4335V VASCO 4340 VASCO 4340CVM VASCO 440C VASCO 450 VASCO 455 VASCO 455AHS VASCO 52100 VASCO 8-N-2 VASCO 8620 VASCO 9-4-20 VASCO 9-4-30 VASCO 9310 VASCO A-2 VASCO CHROMOLD VASCO D-3 VASCO D-7 VASCO D6AC VASCO DIE VASCO GREEK ASCOLOY VASCO HOTFORM3 VASCO Jethete M152 VASCO M-2 VASCO M-30 VASCO M-33 VASCO M-36 VASCO M-50 VASCO M-50 NIL VASCO M-52 VASCO M-7 VASCO M34 VASCO MOMARC VASCO NIKRO M VASCO SUPREME VASCO SUPREME A VASCO WEAR VASCO X-2 VASCO X-2M VASCOJET 2000 VASCOJET 90 VASCOMAX C-200 VASCOMAX C-250 VASCOMAX C-300 VASCOMAX C-350 VASCOMAX T-200 VASCOMAX T-300 VAT235 VAT286 VAT31V VAT600 VAT713C VAT713LC VAT718 VAT751 VAT800H VAT80A VAT90 VATX750 VAW 61/03 VAW 61/10 VB VB 40 VBC 0002 VBC 0009 VBC 0010 VBC 0011 VBC 0017 VBC 0021 VBC 0022 VBC 0023 VBC 0024 VBC 0028 VBC 0029 VBC 0033 VBC 0034 VBC 0035 VBC 0038 VBC 0043 VBC 0045 VBC 0046 VBC 0051 VBC 0054 VBC 0070 VBC 0073 VBC 0078 VBC 0200 VBC 0202 VBC 0205 VBC 0210 VBC 0211 VBC 0212 VBC 0214 VBC 0218 VBC 0219 VBC 0230 VBC 050 VBC 4103 VBC 4107 VBC 4120 VBC 4918 VBC 4926 VBC 69 VBC 70 VBC 75 VBC 76 VBC 76A VBC 77 VBC 78 VBC 82 VBC 83 VBC 9009 VBC 9031 VBC 9060 VBC 9075 VBC 9101 VBC 9140 VBC 9155 VBC 9180 VBC 9220 VBC 9250 VBC 95 VBC 9613 VBC 9722 VBC 9738 VBC DHE311 VBC G26 VBC MAR M002 VBC0016 VBC0047 VBC0052 VBC0054 VBC0055 VBC0057 VBC0075 VBC0200 VBC0201 VBC0227 VBC0233 VBC9205 VBG VC 510 VC Mo 80 VC-130 VC-52 VC130 VC131 VC140 VC140SS VC150 VC410 VCD7 VCM VCMAIM VCMN VCMO 140 VCMO125 VCMO135 VCMO140 VCMO145 VCMO150 VCMo VCMo140 VCMo230 VCN15H VCN25H VCN35H VCN45 VCNMO100 VCNMO150 VCNMO200 VCO VCV150 VCW85 VCh 45 VCh40 VCh50 VCh60 VCh80 VD VD-54SiCr6-SC VD-67CrV2 VD-C68 VD2 VD45 VD4A VDC VDC-MQ VDC-RF VDCrSi VDCrV VDCrV-A VDCrV-B VDEh 087 VDF53 VDG W50 VDLDM VDM 59 VDM Al99,0 VDM CuCd1,3 VDM GD-AlSi10Mg-Cu VDM GS-AlSi12-Cu VDM Nickel 99,2 VDM Nickel 99.6 VDM Ti 6-7 VDM alloy 40B VDSiCr VEC 36 VEGA VENETE 1118 VENETE 15B41H VENETE 15V41 VENETE 38MnSiVS6 VENTOS 4718 VENTOS 4785 VERNICON VERNISIL 12 VERNISIL 18 VERSAlloy 1610 VERSAlloy 1630 VERSAlloy 1700 VERSAlloy 1850 VES 60 VES S82 VES S92 VES2 VES3 VETD VEV952 VEV962 VEW 963 VF 562 VF-7 VF1 VF10 VF11 VF2 VF3 VF4 VF5 VF6 VF7 VF8 VF800-AT VF9 VG 11 VG-10 VGH 100CrMn7 VGS-N VGS-X VH 13-ISO VH13-ISO VH13A VHSSM50 VHSUPER VI 138 VI 562 VI 58329 VI138 VICALLOY I VICALLOY I ALLOY VICTORY COBALT VIDAR SUPERIOR VIDAR SUPREME VIKING VIKRO 100 VIKRO 155 VIKRO 20 VIKRO 4 VIKRO 625 VIKRO 7 VIKRO 718 VIKRO 80 VIKRO 9 VIKRO C242 VIL 877A VIL877 VIM CRU20 VIM VAR 52100 VIM-VAR 4340 VIM-VAR 52100 VIM-VAR 7-223 VIM-VAR 8620 VIM-VAR 9310 VIM-VAR M50 NIL VIMAC 304LUF VIMAC 316LUF VIMAC V303 VIMAC V304UF VIMAC V310 VIMAC V316UF VIMAC V321 VIMAC V347 VIMAC V420F VIMAC V430FR VIMAC VC140 VIMAC VC416 VIRGO 105D VIRGO 14SB1 VIRGO 15-5PH VIRGO 17-4PH VIRGO 39 VISCOUNT 20 VISCOUNT 44 VISTUBI VISTUBI 7010 VITAC D830 VITAC D950 VITALLIUM VITINOX VITINOX 18Cu VITINOX 18X VITRAL 041 VITRAL 045 VITRAL 050 VITRENAMEL 1 VITRENAMEL 2 VITROBRAZE 2120 VITROBRAZE 2133 VITROBRAZE 2150 VITROBRAZE 2188 VITROBRAZE VZ2111 VITROSTAAL IF VITTABRAZ 1006 VITTABRAZ 1007 VITTABRAZ 1008 VITTABRAZ 1009 VITTABRAZ 1764 VITTABRAZ 1770 VITTABRAZ 1775 VITTABRAZ 1783 VITTABRAZ 1787 VK10E VK25 VK5E VKM42 VKS VLM VLX 25-20 VLX 252 VLX 304 VLX 304H VLX 304L VLX 304N VLX 304S VLX 309 VLX 310 VLX 310L VLX 310Si VLX 316 VLX 316-3 VLX 316H VLX 316L VLX 316L3 VLX 316N VLX 316Ti VLX 316U VLX 317L VLX 321 VLX 321H VLX 347 VLX 347H VLX 410 VLX 420 VLX 430 VLX 534 VLX 547 VLX 562 VLX 569 VLX 600 VLX 625 VLX 685 VLX 800 VLX 800CR VLX 800H VLX 825 VLX 920 VLX 928 VLX 954 VLX Mo VLX MoTBC VLX MoTBC3 VLX Nb VLX St VLX TBC VLX Ti VM 20 VM 40 VM G3 125 VM-103 VM09 VM100 VM11 VM12 VM12-SHC VM125 VM12D VM12D/1 VM135 VM18 VM21 VM22 VM23 VM23BI VM54C VMA1 GrA VMA1 Grade B VMA1-A VMA10 VMA11 VMA12 VMA13 VMA14 VMA16 GrA VMA16 GrA f.m VMA16 GrB VMA1B VMA2 VMA3 VMA4 VMA5 VMA6 GrA VMA6 GrB VMA6 GrC VMA7 GrA VMA7 GrB VMA9 VMAR VMB VMO VMS 585 VMS-513 VMS135 VMV175 VMoCN17 VNC VNC4 VND VNI 111L VNI 200 VNI 205L VNI 211L VOEST St33-2 VOLVIC VOLVIC 10 VP 20A VP 20IM VPC-ISO VPCW VR G-X120MnCr13.2 VR-60 VR20 VRC20Nb3 VRC400 VRC500K VRC625 VRC825 VRE 6015 VRE3520 VRE7030 VRE8020 VS10 VS13113 VS22 VS51 VS53 VS54 VS56 VS56G3 VS7 VSC VSCW20 VSM VSM 10650 VSM STEEL VSS 265 VSS 295 VSS 320 VT-16 VT-95 VT16 VT5-1 VT6 VV20 VV33 VV45 VV48 VV50 VV53 VV56 VV80 VV85 VW-1 VW3 VW9-ISO VWM2 VWM3C VWM7 VWM8 VZ197 VZ2111 VZ2150 VZ2188 VZ727 Valve metal Valve steel 1 Vanasil Vasco Hypercut VascoMax T-200 VascoMax T-250 Vascojet1000[VM] Vautid 0.9645 Vautid 1.7357 Vautid G26CrMo4 Vautid GE200-1.0420 Vautid GE300-1.0558 Vautid H-1.4729 Vautid H-1.4776 Vautid H-1.4777 Vautid H-1.4823 Vautid H-1.4825 Vautid H-1.4837 Vautid H-1.4848 Vautid H-4743 Vautid K-1.4552 Vautid K-1.4581 Vautid-1.4312 VdTUV 007/1 VdTUV 007/2 VdTUV 007/3 VdTUV 104 VdTUV 104 1.4961 VdTUV 104 1.4981 VdTUV 104 1.4988 VdTUV 109 VdTUV 110 VdTUV 113/1 VdTUV 113/2 VdTUV 146 VdTUV 147 VdTUV 155 VdTUV 166 VdTUV 179 VdTUV 184 VdTUV 186 VdTUV 210 VdTUV 230/1 VdTUV 230/2 VdTUV 237 VdTUV 244 VdTUV 252 VdTUV 255 VdTUV 257 VdTUV 263 VdTUV 277/1 VdTUV 277/2 VdTUV 278 VdTUV 286 VdTUV 286/1.4308 VdTUV 286/1.4408 VdTUV 291 VdTUV 305 VdTUV 307 VdTUV 311 VdTUV 311/2 VdTUV 312 VdTUV 313 VdTUV 314 VdTUV 319 VdTUV 327 VdTUV 337 VdTUV 341 VdTUV 345 VdTUV 350/1 VdTUV 350/3 VdTUV 352/2 VdTUV 358 VdTUV 361 VdTUV 362 VdTUV 364 VdTUV 367 VdTUV 368 VdTUV 371 VdTUV 372 VdTUV 373 VdTUV 374 VdTUV 375 VdTUV 376 VdTUV 377/1 VdTUV 377/2 VdTUV 378 VdTUV 379 VdTUV 380 VdTUV 382 VdTUV 383 VdTUV 384 VdTUV 385 VdTUV 386 VdTUV 387 VdTUV 388 VdTUV 390 VdTUV 392 VdTUV 395/1 VdTUV 399 VdTUV 400 VdTUV 401/1 VdTUV 401/2 VdTUV 401/3 VdTUV 404/1 VdTUV 404/3 VdTUV 405 VdTUV 406 VdTUV 407 VdTUV 412 VdTUV 413 VdTUV 415 VdTUV 418 VdTUV 421 VdTUV 422 VdTUV 424 VdTUV 427/x VdTUV 429 VdTUV 432/1 VdTUV 432/2 VdTUV 432/3 VdTUV 434 VdTUV 435 VdTUV 436 VdTUV 437 VdTUV 440/1 VdTUV 440/2 VdTUV 444 VdTUV 445 - St30Al VdTUV 445 - St30Si VdTUV 450 VdTUV 452 VdTUV 457 VdTUV 458 VdTUV 459/2 VdTUV 460/2 VdTUV 461 VdTUV 467 VdTUV 468 VdTUV 472 VdTUV 473 VdTUV 474 VdTUV 476 VdTUV 478/3 VdTUV 479 VdTUV 483 VdTUV 484 VdTUV 485 VdTUV 486 VdTUV 487 VdTUV 488 VdTUV 490 VdTUV 491 VdTUV 494 VdTUV 496 VdTUV 497 VdTUV 499 VdTUV 500 VdTUV 502 VdTUV 505 VdTUV 506 VdTUV 507 VdTUV 508 VdTUV 509 VdTUV 509/2 VdTUV 510 VdTUV 511/2 VdTUV 511/3 VdTUV 512 VdTUV 514 VdTUV 515 VdTUV 516 VdTUV 517 VdTUV 519 VdTUV 520 VdTUV 521 VdTUV 522/2 VdTUV 522/3 VdTUV 528 VdTUV 529 VdTUV 533 VdTUV 534 VdTUV 536 VdTUV 537 VdTUV 539 VdTUV 540 VdTUV 546 VdTUV 547 VdTUV 549 VdTUV 550 VdTUV 552/2 VdTUV 556 VdTUV 559/2 Velasco 1.1177 Velasco 11CrMo9-10 Velasco DC06ED Velasco DC06EK Velasco P235S Velasco P265GH Velasco P420ML1 Velasco P420ML2 Velasco P460ML1 Velasco S315MC Velasco S315NC Velasco S355NC Vitrostaal 2 Vitrostaal LD Vitta-Braz 1996 Voest 10122 Voest 37Cr4 Voest C8C Voest C8D Voest DC03 Voest DC06 Voest H180B Voest H300P Voest P310NB Voest P355N Voest RRSt23 Voest S235J2C Voest S235JRG2 Voest S355J2 Voest S355K2 Voest St22 Voest St24 W W 1.2311 W 13 W 13 4 W 13 L W 16 8 2 W 17 W 18 15 3 L W 18 16 5 L W 18 16 5 N L W 18 36 H W 18 8 Mn W 19 12 3 H W 19 12 3 L W 19 12 3 Nb W 19 13 4 L W 19 9 H W 19 9 L W 19 9 L Si W 19 9 Nb Si W 20 10 3 W 20 16 3 Mn L W 20 25 5 Cu L W 22 12 H W 22 9 3 N L W 23 12 2 L W 23 12 L W 23 12 L Si W 23 12 Nb W 23-12Si W 240 W 25 20 W 25 20 H W 25 20 Mn W 25 22 2 N L W 25 4 W 25 7 2 L W 25 9 3 Cu N L W 25 9 4 L W 25 9 4 N L W 27 31 4 Cu L W 29 9 W 9 W CrMo1Si W CrMo2Si W CrMo5Si W CrMo9 W Mn3Ni1,5Mo W MnMo W Mo W-0 W-10Zn W-12 W-164 W-20Ag W-20Cu W-255 W-25Cu W-29 W-30Cu W-35Ag W-35Cu W-36 W-40Cu W-42 W-4Re-HfC W-5 W-50Cu W-6.5Ni3.0Fe W-6Ni4Cu W-7 W-7 E W-A W-A alloy W-Ag50 W-Ag65 W-Ag75 W-AlFe W-AlNi W-Alni W-HfC W-Pb10 W-Pb15 W.2080 W.2085 W.3243 W.3247 W.3504 W.3510 W.L 1.4014 W.L 1.6723 W.L 1194 W06010 W06011 W06012 W06013 W06019 W06020 W06022 W06027 W07014 W07015 W07016 W07018 W07024 W07027 W07028 W07048 W07116 W07118 W07124 W1 W1 typeA Gr10 W1 typeA Gr10 1/2 W1 typeA Gr11 W1 typeA Gr11 1/2 W1 typeA Gr8 W1 typeA Gr8 1/2 W1 typeA Gr9 W1 typeA Gr9 1/2 W1 typeC Gr10 W1 typeC Gr10 1/2 W1 typeC Gr11 W1 typeC Gr11 1/2 W1 typeC Gr8 W1 typeC Gr8 1/2 W1 typeC Gr9 W1 typeC Gr9 1/2 W1-07 W1-07 1/2 W1-08 W1-09 W1-09 1/2 W1-10 W1-10A W1-12 W1-13 W1-A-10 W1-A-10 1/2 W1-A-11 W1-A-11 1/2 W1-A-8 W1-A-8 1/2 W1-A-9 W1-A-9 1/2 W1-C-10 W1-C-10 1/2 W1-C-11 W1-C-11 1/2 W1-C-8 W1-C-8 1/2 W1-C-9 W1-C-9 1/2 W1.2711 W100 W10013 W102 SG7 W104 W105 W108 W11 W11 rod W11C W120 W12Cr4V5Co5 W13/MSR-B W130 W140 W150 W152 W16 W170 W17010 W17011 W17015 W17016 W17018 W17020 W180 W18Cr4V W18Cr4V2Co8 W18Cr4VCo5 W18Cr4VCo8 W19 12 3 L Si W19 9 Nb W19015 W2 W2 typeA Gr13 W2 typeA Gr8 1/2 W2 typeA Gr9 W2 typeA Gr9 1/2 W2 typeC Gr13 1/2 W2 typeC Gr8 1/2 W2 typeC Gr9 W2 typeC Gr9 1/2 W2-09 1/2 W2-A-13 W2-A-8 1/2 W2-A-9 W2-A-9 1/2 W2-C-13 1/2 W2-C-8 1/2 W2-C-9 W2-C-9 1/2 W20 12 3 NbSi W20118 W21016 W21018 W21218 W21318 W21418 W22 W22/ZC71 rod W22016 W22018 W22218 W230 W23018 W23218 W240 W250 W25RE W260 W270 W280 W2Mo W2Mo9Cr4V2 W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 W2Ni2 W2Si W2Ti W3 W3-1450 W3-1572 W3-1774 W3-1778 W3-1912 W3-1914 W3-2120 W3-2140 W3-221/W3-2225 W3-223 W3-2240 W3-2301 W3-2304 W3-2310 W3-2312 W3-2322 W3-2332 W3-2338 W3-2343 W3-2346 W3-2350 W3-2506 W3-2511 W3-2512 W3-2523 W3-2534 W3-2550 W3-2940 W3-4212 W3-423 W3-5013 W3-5168 W3-5170 W3-5465 W3-5716 W3-8115 W300 W301 W302 W302 Premium H13 W303 W303-SG420/12 W304 W304-SG500/7 W305-SG700/2 W30710 W30810 W30813 W30820 W30821 W30823 W30840 W30843 W30910 W30913 W30917 W30920 W30923 W310 ISOBLOC W31010 W31015 W31017 W31020 W31040 W31310 W31610 W31613 W31710 W31713 W319 W31910 W320 W321 W321 ISOBLOC 2000 W32140 W322 W32210 W32310 W32410 W32440 W326 W327 W329 W330 W33310 W335 ISOBLOC 2000 W340/2 W34710 W34740 W34910 W34EFS W35-04 W3501 W35010 W3515 W3515.0 W3515.7 W35510 W36140 W36810 W37410 W38-12 W39209 W39553 W39593 W39594 W39595 W3Ni1 W3Si1 W4 W40-05 W400 VMR W402-EV12 W403 EV20 W403-EV20 W404-EV37 W406-EV300 W40910 W410/4 W41010 W41016 W415 H48T W43010 W43011 W44 W45-07 W4Si1 W5 W5 tool steel W50 W500 W501 W50210 W50218 W503 W503 SA3 W50310 W50410 W50415 W50416 W50418 W505 W505-SA6 W506 W506-SAW2 W507 W508 W508-SBW4 W51016 W51018 W52015 W52016 W52018 W52115 W52118 W53 SPEC.EFS SUPRA W53015 W53016 W53018 W53118 W545 W55-Cu45 W6 W60 W60189 W60518 W60521 W60614 W60619 W60625 W60632 W60633 W60656 W60715 W61625 W62625 W65 W65Ag W66EFS W66X W66special ESR W6H W6Mo5Cr4V2 W6Mo5Cr4V2Al W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 W6Mo5Cr4V3 W7/RZ5/ZE41 rod W70 W703 W705 W70V W720 W722 W73001 W73006 W73012 W73021 W73042 W73155 W73605 W74001 W74002 W74003 W74004 W75-Re25 W750 W75110 W75Cu W77 W77510 W78Cu W79110 W7Mo4Cr4V2Co5 W8 rod W80001 W80002 W80004 W80008 W80009 W80276 W80629 W80665 W80675 W80Mo W82001 W82002 W82003 W82004 W82006 W82032 W82141 W83002 W84 W84001 W84002 W84190 W86002 W86003 W86007 W86022 W86025 W86026 W86030 W86032 W86040 W86045 W86058 W86059 W86094 W86095 W86112 W86117 W86132 W86133 W86134 W86152 W86172 W86182 W86200 W86231 W86333 W86455 W86620 W86650 W86985 W88021 W88022 W88028 W88331 W88334 W88335 W88904 W89604 W89605 W89606 W9 W9 rod W90 W90-Cu10 W91 W95 W98 W98-Th2 W99 W99-Th1 W9Mo3Cr4V WA 45 WAGT WAGTN WAGTS WALZWERKE 65Si7 WAMBRAZE 1005 WAMBRAZE 1030 WAMBRAZE 1121 WAMBRAZE 1169 WAMBRAZE 1238 WAMBRAZE 1240 WAMBRAZE 705 WAMBRAZE 814 WAMBRAZE 853 WAMBRAZE 910 WAMBRAZE 950 WAMBRAZE WB900B WASPALOY WAUKESHA DI WAUKESHA HP WAg 50/50 WAg 65/35 WAg 75/25 WAg20 WAg25 WAg30 WAg35 WAg40 WAg50 WB WB 007/1 WB 007/2 WB 007/3 WB 104 WB 104 1.4961 WB 104 1.4981 WB 104 1.4988 WB 109 WB 110 WB 113/1 WB 113/2 WB 146 WB 147 WB 155 WB 166 WB 179 WB 184 WB 186 WB 210 WB 230/1 WB 230/2 WB 237 forged WB 244 WB 252 WB 255 WB 257 WB 263 WB 277/1 WB 277/2 WB 278 WB 286 WB 286/1.4308 WB 286/1.4408 WB 291 WB 305 WB 307 WB 311 WB 311/2 WB 312 WB 313 WB 314 WB 319 WB 327 WB 337 WB 341 WB 345 WB 350/1 WB 350/3 WB 352/2 WB 358 WB 361 WB 362 WB 364 WB 367 WB 368 WB 371 WB 372 WB 373 WB 374 WB 375 WB 376 WB 377/1 WB 377/2 WB 378 WB 379 WB 380 WB 382 WB 383 WB 384 WB 385 WB 386 WB 387 WB 388 WB 390 WB 392 WB 395/1 WB 399 WB 400 WB 401/1 WB 401/2 WB 401/3 WB 404/1 WB 404/3 WB 405 WB 406 WB 407 WB 412 WB 413 WB 415 WB 418 WB 421 WB 422 WB 424 WB 427/x WB 429 WB 432/1 WB 432/2 WB 432/3 WB 434 WB 435 WB 436 WB 437 WB 440/1 WB 440/2 WB 444 WB 445 - St30Al WB 445 - St30Si WB 450 WB 452 WB 457 WB 458 WB 459/2 WB 460/2 WB 461 WB 467 WB 468 WB 471 WB 472 WB 473 WB 474 WB 476 WB 478/3 WB 479 WB 483 WB 484 WB 485 WB 486 WB 487 WB 488 WB 490 WB 491 WB 494 WB 496 WB 497 WB 499 WB 500 WB 502 WB 505 WB 506 WB 507 WB 508 WB 509 WB 509/2 WB 511/2 WB 511/3 WB 512 WB 514 WB 515 WB 516 WB 517 WB 519 WB 520 WB 521 WB 522/2 WB 522/3 WB 528 WB 529 WB 533 WB 534 WB 536 WB 537 WB 539 WB 540 WB 546 WB 547 WB 549 WB 550 WB 552/2 WB 556 WB 559/2 WB23 WB23/21Mn6/1.0485 WB25 WB30 WB30/18MnMoV6.3/1.8815 WB34 WB35 WB36 WB36 S1 WBz8 WC WC 120 WC Ag35 WC Ag50 WC Ag60 WC-3009 WC1 WC11 WC1Zr WC20 WC4 WC4-A297 WC4-J12082-A217 WC5 WC6 WC70Cu WC9 WCA WCAg 50/50 WCAg 60/40 WCAg40 WCB WCC WCDO1-10 WCLV WCMo WCRV5 WCe20 WCo12C4Fe WCr WCrMo9 WCu 50/50 WCu 55/45 WCu 60/40 WCu 68/32 WCu 70/30 WCu 72/28 WCu 74/26 WCu 75/25 WCu 78/22 WCu 80/20 WCu19Ni1 WCu29Ni1 WCu72 WCu76-24 WD 1050 WD21151 WD21160 WD21170 WD32260 WD32350 WD6 WDP WE #1 WE3 WE4 WE43 WE43A WE43B WE43B ingot WE43B-T6 WE54A WE54A cast WE54A ingot WEARSHIELD C1 WEARSHIELD C21 WEARSHIELD C6 WEH WEICHEISEN WEICHLOT 113 WEICHLOT 220 WEICHLOT 221 WEICHLOT 227 WEICHLOT 416 WEICHLOT 451 WEICHLOT 452 WEICHLOT 453 WEICHLOT 454 WEICHLOT 455 WEICHLOT 456 WEICHLOT 461 WEICHLOT 464 WEICHLOT 470 WEICHLOT 471 WEICHLOT 474 WEICHLOT 476 WEICHLOT 481 WEICHLOT 486 WEICHLOT 487 WEICHLOT 488 WEICHLOT 491 WEICHLOT 492 WEICHLOT 494 WEICHLOT 497 WEICHLOT 498 WEICHLOT 499 WEIR 304C15 WEL TIG 316CuL WELD MOLD 11-C WELD MOLD 4132C WELD MOLD 4187 WELD MOLD 4637 WELDALITE 049 WELDOX 1030 WELDOX 1030E WELDOX 1100E WELDOX 1100F WELDOX 1300 WELDOX 1300E WELDOX 1300F WELDOX 420D WELDOX 420E WELDOX 460D WELDOX 460E WELDOX 500D WELDOX 500E WELDOX 500QD WELDOX 500QE WELDOX 700D WELDOX 700E WELDOX 700F WELDOX 900D WELDOX 900E WELDOX 900F WELDOX 960D WELDOX 960E WELDURAL WELMONIL 35 WELMONIL 43 WESGO PALLADIUM WF 1 WF 2 WFE WFN18 WG2 WG3 WG4 WGE 14 WGE 17 WGE 21 WGE 23 WGE 24 WGE 25 WGE 26 WGE 27 WGE 28 WGE 29 WGE 3 WGE 30 WGE 32 WGE 4 WGE 7 WGE 9 WGV 1 WGV 2 WH3 WH4 WHITE TOMBASIL WHITEBEAR WI-52 WICONNEC-B44 WICONNEC-B93 WICONNEC-K41 WICONNEC-K44 WICONNEC-KC1 WIELAND G10 WIELAND OF-Cu WILLING En8AM WILLITE A36 WILLITE A40 WILLITE A45 WILLITE A50 WILLITE A52 WILLITE A62 WISCALLOY 17-4PH WISCALLOY 25-35NB WISCALLOY 30/50W WISCO 10 WISCO 14 WISCO 8 WISCO HR GrB WISCOLEAD A WISCOLEAD B WISCOLEAD C WISCOLEAD SP. US WIW10 WJ1 WJ10 WJ2 WJ2B WJ3 WJ4 WJ5 WJ6 WJ7 WJ8 WJ9 WK12CFe WK5E WKE42 WKE45 WL 1.4044 WL 1.4044.1 WL 1.4534 WL 1.4545 WL 1.4546 WL 1.4933 WL 1.4933-1 WL 1.4933-2 WL 1.4939 WL 1.4939 ESU WL 1.4939-1 WL 1.4939-2 WL 1.5815 WL 1.6657 WL 1.6722 WL 1.7736 WL 2.0880 WL 2.0957 WL 2.1357 WL 2.1358 WL 3.3214 WL 3.6254 WL10 WL15 WL20 WLK WLV WLa1 WLa10 WLa15 WLa20 WM 28 WM 30 WM 5 WM10 WM4 WM80 WM88 WMC330 WMC34 WMC370 WMC38 WMC490 WMC50 WMC540 WMC55 WMCo3 WMK WML WMO WMn3Ni1,5Mo WMn3Ni2,5CrMo WMo WMoSi WN-008F WN-765F WN12 WNL WNL1 WNi10Cu4 WNi2Fe WNi4Cu2 WNi5Cu2 WNi5Fe2 WNi6Cu4 WNi7Fe3 WNiCr22Mo9 WO 10 Prima WO 3 WO 410 WO 5 WO10 Extra WOLFMET HA190 WOLFMET HE395 WOLFMET RW122 WOLFMET RW124 WOLFMET RW128 WOLFMET RW130 WOLFMET RW132 WOLFMET RW140 WOLLASTON 955 WORI Extra WORTHITE WOV-555 Especial WP WP S31254 WP1 WP1060 WP11 CL1 WP11 CL2 WP1100 WP12 WP1925 WP2 WP202 WP20CB WP2120 WP22 WP27 WP3003 WP304 WP304H WP304L WP304LN WP304N WP309 WP309Cb WP309H WP309HCb WP309S WP310 WP310Cb WP310H WP310HCbN WP3127 WP316 WP316H WP316L WP316LN WP316N WP317 WP317L WP321 WP321H WP330 WP347 WP347H WP348 WP348H WP4 WP410 WP429 WP430 WP430Ti WP446 WP5 WP5052 WP5083 WP5086 WP5154 WP5923 WP5V WP5VS WP5X WP6061 WP6063 WP6XN WP7V WP9 WPA WPB WPB 1.2 WPB 3.2 WPC WPCW WPH15-7MoVM WPHB WPHB2 WPHC WPHC22 WPHC276 WPHC4 WPHG WPHG3 WPHG30 WPHG35 WPHN WPHX WPL1 WPL3 WPL6 WPL8 WPL9 WPMV WPN WPN Extra WPNC WPNC1 WPNCI WPNCMC WPNIC WPNIC10 WPNIC11 WPNICMC WPNL WPR WPR-SPEZIAL WPS WPS 1 WPS 2 WPS 3 WPS 4 WPS1Ni3 WPS31272 WPS31725 WPS31726 WPS33228 WPS34565 WPT2 WPV45TM WPXM-19 WPZV WR WR Spezial WR-95 WR50A WR50B WR50C WR70U WRA-46 WRM 4081 WRM 4085 WRM 4086 WRM 4112 WRM 4252 WRM 4260 WRM 5058 WRM 5075 WRM 5078 WRM 5108 WRM 5118 WRM 5198 WRM 5218 WRM 5248 WRM C15500 WRM C19400 WS183 WS186 WS212 WS226A WS238 WS240 WS257 WS280 WS288 WS290 WS300 WS314A WS4 WS45 WS6 WSB62 WSCR 40 WSCr60 WSG-20-GO-300-CKTZ WSG-20-GO-50-CSTZ WSG-6-60GZ WSP WStE255 WStE26 WStE285 WStE285/DIN17179 WStE285TM WStE29 WStE315 WStE355 WStE355 tube WStE36 WStE380 WStE39 WStE420 WStE43 WStE460 WStE460 tube WStE47 WStE500 WStE51 WT WT-1 WT-12 WT-19 WT-190 WT-21 WT-3 WT-32 WT-4 WT-40 WT-50 WT-56 WT-60 WT-694 WT-6H WT10 WT20 WT30 WT4 WT40 WTSt360.2 WTSt360.3 WTSt37-2 WTSt37-3 WTSt37.2 WTSt52.3 WTh1 WTh10 WTh2 WTh20 WTh3 WTh30 WTh4 WW-P-351 230 WW-P-377 122 WW-P-460 316 WW-P-460 320 WW-P-460 838 WW-P-460 842 WW-P-460 844 WW-P-460 922 WW-T-700 WW-T-700/1 WW-T-700/2 WW-T-700/3 WW-T-700/4 WW-T-700/5 WW-T-700/6 WW-T-700/7 WW-T-775 WW-T-775 101 WW-T-783 1100 WW-T-791 GrA WW-T-791 GrB WW-T-799 122 WW-T-825B AZ31B WW-T-825B AZ61A WW-T-825B M1A WW-T-825B ZK60A WWERTi-15 WWMV WWN1 WWNiCrMo-9 WWS1 WWV WWW-P-460 314 WX69 WY20 WYNITE WZ3 WZ4 WZ8 WZr WZr3 WZr8 Wanleda Watercrat Wbl 471 Weldmax Westig 1.0759EA Westig 1.1231QA Westig 1.1248QB Westig 1.1274QA Westig 1.1563QR Westig 1.1620QA Westig 1.1645 Westig 1.1750 QA Westig 1.2002EB Westig 1.2018 Westig 1.2067 Westig 1.2419EA Westig 1.3247HA Westig 1.3344HA Westig 1.4021YB Westig 1.4028YA Westig 1.4034YD Westig 1.4037YR Westig 1.4122YL Westig 1.5029 Westig 1.5159EA Westig 1.645QA[C100W1] Westig 1.7103 Westig 1.7701EA Westig 1.8161EA White manganese brass Wo 120 X X 13 M X 145 HTM X 17 T X 235 HTM X 245 HTM X 25 A X-40 X-45 X-750 X-782 X02Cr17Ni12Mo2 X02Cr18Ni11 X02Cr19Ni10 X04Cr12 X04Cr13 X04Cr17Ni12Mo2 X04Cr17Ni12Mo2N X04Cr17Ni12Mo2Ti X04Cr18Ni10 X04Cr18Ni10Nb X04Cr18Ni10Ti X04Cr19Ni13Mo3 X04Cr19Ni9 X04Cr25Ni20 X07Cr17 X07Cr17Mn12Ni4 X07Cr18Ni9 X100 X100CrMo13 X100CrMo17 X100CrMoV20.10 X100CrMoV5 X100CrMoV5-1 X100CrMoV5-1KU X100CrMoV5-1Vk X100CrMoV8-1-1 X100MnAlCrMo30-8-2 X100WMo6.5 X102CrMo17 X102CrMo17KU X105CrCoMo18.2 X105CrMo17 X105CrMoV14-4 X105WMoCo6.5.5 X108Cr17Mo X108CrMo17 X10Cr13 X10Cr13/1.4006 X10Cr17Mn6Ni4 X10Cr17Mn6Ni4N X10Cr17Mn6Ni4N20 X10Cr17Ni7 X10Cr18Al X10Cr18Mn9Ni5 X10Cr18Ni10MoNb X10Cr18Ni10MoTi X10Cr18Ni9Nb X10Cr18Ni9Ti X10Cr25 X10CrAl12 X10CrAl13 X10CrAl13 tube X10CrAl17 X10CrAl18 X10CrAl24 X10CrAl7 X10CrAlSi13 X10CrAlSi18 X10CrAlSi25 X10CrAlSi7 X10CrMo13 X10CrMoVNb9-1 X10CrMoVNb9.1 X10CrN26 X10CrNi18-09 X10CrNi18-8 X10CrNi18-9 X10CrNi18.8 X10CrNiCoMoN22.20.18 X10CrNiCuNb18-9-3 X10CrNiMoMnNbVB15-10-1 X10CrNiMoNb18-10 X10CrNiMoNb18-10 DIN17440-72 X10CrNiMoNb18.12 X10CrNiMoTi18-10 X10CrNiMoTi18.10 X10CrNiMoTi18.12 X10CrNiNb18-10 X10CrNiNb18.10 X10CrNiNb18.9 X10CrNiS18-09 X10CrNiS18-9 X10CrNiS18.9 X10CrNiSi39-18 X10CrNiSiN21.11 X10CrNiTi18-10 X10CrNiTi18.10 X10CrNiTi18.9 X10CrS17 X10CrSi13 X10CrSi18 X10CrSi29 X10CrSi6 X10CrSiAl25 X10CrWMoVNb9-2 X10Ni9 X10NiCr32.20 X10NiCrAlTi32-20 X10NiCrAlTi32-21 X10NiCrAlTi32.20 X10NiCrAlTi32.20H X10NiCrSi35-19 X10NiCrSiLa38-22 X10NiCrSiMn43-22 X10NiCrSiNb35-22 X110CrMoV15 X110CrMoV8 X110CrMoW8-2 X110MoCo9.8 X1112 X118Mn11 X11CrMo5+I X11CrMo5+NT1 X11CrMo5+NT2 X11CrMo9-1+I X11CrMo9-1+NT X11CrMoV5+NT2 X11CrMoWVNb9-1-1 X11CrMoWVNb9.1.1 X11CrNiMnN19-8-6 X11CrNiMo12 X11CrNiMoVN23-3 X11CrNiWTi17-13-3 X11L X12 X120CrMoVN19-2 X120CrW12 X120Mn12 X122MV X122MV Aeroval X125WCo10CrMo4V3 X125WMo6.5 X12BM X12Cr12 bar,flats X12Cr12 billet X12Cr12 plate X12Cr13 X12Cr17MoS X12Cr18NiS8 X12Cr9KG X12CrCoNi21-20 X12CrCoNi21.20 X12CrCoWVNb12-2-2 X12CrMnNi18-9-5 X12CrMnNiN17-7-5 X12CrMnNiN18-9-5 X12CrMo12-6 X12CrMo5 X12CrMo5-1 X12CrMo7 X12CrMo7 tube X12CrMo9.1 X12CrMo9.1V X12CrMoS17 X12CrMoV12-6 X12CrMoWVNb10-1-1 X12CrNi13 X12CrNi17-07 X12CrNi17-7 X12CrNi17.7 X12CrNi18-10 X12CrNi18-9 X12CrNi18.10 X12CrNi18.8 X12CrNi22-12 X12CrNi23-13 X12CrNi25.20 X12CrNi25.21 X12CrNi25.4 X12CrNiCoMoW21-20 X12CrNiCoMoWMnNNb21-20-3-3-2 X12CrNiCoWNb21-20 X12CrNiMo12 X12CrNiMoNb20.15 X12CrNiMoNbV10 X12CrNiMoS18.11 X12CrNiMoV12-3 X12CrNiS18.8 X12CrNiSe18-9 X12CrNiSi25.20 X12CrNiTi18.9 X12CrNiWTiB16-13 X12CrNiWTiB16.13 X12CrS13 X12MF X12MnCr18.10 X12MoCrNi4-4-3 X12NBW X12Ni09 X12Ni36Cr16Si X12Ni5 X12Ni5 tube X12Ni5/1.5680 X12NiCrSi35-16 X12NiCrSi36.16 X13 X130W5 X130WMoCr6-5-4-4 X1320 X1340 X134EL X13B.C X13Cr12 X13Cr13 X13CrMnMoN18.14.3 X13CrMnNiN18-13-2 X13CrNiMoCo12-3-2-2 X13CrNiMoCo13-3-2-2 X13CrS17 X13D X13E X13M X13N4 X13NiCrSi35-16 X13NiCrSi36-16 X13NiCrSi36.16 X13T1 X13T5 X13T6 X13T6W X13TU X13VD X13VDW X140CrVMo66 So X14CrMoS17 X14CrNb12 X14CrNi17-2 X150CrMoVCo12 X150WCoV13-05-05KU X153CrMoV12 X154MU/2 X155CrVMo12-1KU X155CrVMo12.1 X15Cr13 X15Cr16Ni2 X15Cr24Ni13 X15Cr25N X15CrCoMoV10.10.5 X15CrMo13 X15CrMo5-1 X15CrN26 X15CrNi17-3 X15CrNiMn12.10 X15CrNiMn18.8 X15CrNiSi20-12 X15CrNiSi20.12 X15CrNiSi25-20 X15CrNiSi25-21 X15CrNiSi25-4 X15CrNiSi25.20 X15D2 X15Ni5 X15NiCr22.3 X15NiCrSi37-18 X15NiMnCuAl3-1-1-1 X15TN X15U5W X160CrCoMoV12-3 X160CrMoV12 X160CrMoV12-1 X160CrMoV16 X160WCoVCrMo10-08-05-04-02 X164M X165CrCoMo12 X165CrMoV12 X165CrMoV12/1.2601 X165CrMoV12KU X165CrV12 X165CrWV12 So X16Cr26 X16CrMo5-1 X16CrNi16 X16CrNi23-14 X16CrNiSi25-20 X16D3 X16MF X16NiCr30.20 X17 X17AL X17C X17CrNi16-2 X17M X17MC X17U4 X17Z X17Z/DE X18 PF X180 X18BC X18BCYW X18CrN28 X18CrWNi13-3-2 X18DZ X18J X18M X18M-NB X18M.P X18M25 X18MBC X18MC X18NB X18P X18PA X18U X19CrMo12-1 X19CrMoNbV11-1 X19CrMoNbVN11-1 X19CrMoVNbN11.1 X19CrNi17-2 X19NiCrMo4 X1CrMo26.1 X1CrMo26.1 f.metal X1CrMoTi16.1 X1CrNb15 X1CrNbTiZr15 X1CrNi18-10 X1CrNi25-21 X1CrNi25.21 X1CrNiMoAl12-9 X1CrNiMoAlTi12-10-2 X1CrNiMoAlTi12-11-2 X1CrNiMoAlTi12-9-2 X1CrNiMoCu12-5-2 X1CrNiMoCu12-7-3 X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7 X1CrNiMoCuN24-22-8 X1CrNiMoCuN25-25-5 X1CrNiMoCuN33.32.1 X1CrNiMoCuNW24-22-6 X1CrNiMoMnCu24-22-6-3 X1CrNiMoN25-22-2 X1CrNiMoN25-25-2 X1CrNiMoN25.22.2 X1CrNiMoNb28.4.2 X1CrNiMoTi18-13-2 X1CrNiSi18-15-4 X1CrNiSi18-18 X1CrNiSi18.15 X1CrTi15 X1CrTi17 X1CrTiLa22 X1CrWNbTiLa22-2 X1MnCrMoCu25.17.1 X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5 X1NiCrMoCu25.20.5 X1NiCrMoCu31-27-4 X1NiCrMoCu31.27.4 X1NiCrMoCu32.28.7 X1NiCrMoCuN25-20-7 X1NiCrMoCuN25.20.5 X1NiCrMoCuN25.20.6 X1NiCrMoCuN31.27.4 X1NiCrMoMnN34-27-6-5 X1NiCrSi24-9-7 X200 X200Cr12 X200CrMo12 X200CrV12.4 X203 X205Cr12KU X205CrW12-1 X205CrWMoV12.1 X20CoCrWMo10-10-6-2 X20CoCrWMo10.9 X20Cr13 X20Cr13 fc X20Cr13 tube X20Cr21Ni12N X20Cr25 X20Cr25Ni20 X20Cr2Ni12N X20CrMo13 X20CrMoNi12-01 X20CrMoNiNbV11-1 X20CrMoV11-1 X20CrMoV12.1 X20CrMoWV12 X20CrMoWV12-1 X20CrMoWV12.1 X20CrNi17.2 X20CrNiMoS13.1 X20CrNiSi25-04 X20CrNiSi25.4 X20DU X20T X20T2 X20T3 X210Cr12 X210CrCoW12 X210CrMoV12 X210CrMoV15 X210CrW12 X210CrW12-1 X2119 X215Cr12 X215CrW12-1 KU X218 X21Cr12Mo1V3 X21Cr13 X21Cr13KU X21CrMoV12-1 X21CrMoV12.1 X21CrNi17 X21RC X220CrVMo12.2 X220CrVMo13.4 X2216 X22Cr17Ni X22CrMoNiS13-1 X22CrMoNis13-1 X22CrMoV12-1 X22CrMoV12.1 X22CrMoWV12-1 X22CrNi17 X22D.N X230Cr20 X232 X235HTM X24AL X24CrMoV12.1 X25 X25A X25CrMnNiN25-9-7 X25CrNi20.10-M X25V X25VF X26RC X271 X290Cr12 X29CrS13 X2Cr11 X2Cr17 X2Cr18Ni10Mo X2Cr18Ni10N X2Cr18Ni12Mo X2Cr18Ni12MoN X2Cr18Ni13MoN X2Cr18Ni16Mo X2Cr18Ni9 X2CrAlTi18-2 X2CrCuNiN23-2-2 X2CrMnNiMoN21-5-3 X2CrMnNiMoN26.5.4 X2CrMnNiN17-7-5 X2CrMnNiN20-9-7 X2CrMnNiN21-5-1 X2CrMnNiTi12 X2CrMoNb18.2 X2CrMoSiS18-2-1 X2CrMoTi17-1 X2CrMoTi18-2 X2CrMoTi18.2 X2CrMoTi29-4 X2CrMoTi29-4 tube X2CrMoTiNb18-2 X2CrMoTiS18-2 X2CrNbCu21 X2CrNbZr17 X2CrNi12 X2CrNi18-10 X2CrNi18-11 X2CrNi18-9 X2CrNi18-9 fc X2CrNi18.9 X2CrNi19-10 X2CrNi19-11 X2CrNi19.11 X2CrNi25-20 X2CrNiCu19-10 X2CrNiCu19.10 X2CrNiCuN23-4 X2CrNiMnMoCuN24-4-3-2 X2CrNiMnMoN22.13.6 X2CrNiMnMoN25-18-6-5 X2CrNiMnMoNNb21.15.7.3 X2CrNiMnMoNNb21.16.5.3 X2CrNiMnMoNNb23.17.6.3 X2CrNiMnMoNbN25.18.5.4 X2CrNiMnN17-7-5 X2CrNiMo13-4 X2CrNiMo17-12 X2CrNiMo17-12-2 X2CrNiMo17-12-3 X2CrNiMo17-13 X2CrNiMo17.13.2 X2CrNiMo17.13.3 X2CrNiMo18-14-3 X2CrNiMo18-15 X2CrNiMo18-15-3 X2CrNiMo18-15-4 X2CrNiMo18-16 X2CrNiMo18-16-4 X2CrNiMo18.10 X2CrNiMo18.12 X2CrNiMo18.14 X2CrNiMo18.14.3 X2CrNiMo18.15 X2CrNiMo18.15.3 X2CrNiMo18.16 X2CrNiMo18.16.4 X2CrNiMo19-14-4 X2CrNiMo25-7-4 X2CrNiMoAl12-9 X2CrNiMoCoN28-8-5-1 X2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3 X2CrNiMoCuS17-10-2 X2CrNiMoCuWN25-7-4 X2CrNiMoN17-11-2 X2CrNiMoN17-12-2 X2CrNiMoN17-13 X2CrNiMoN17-13-3 X2CrNiMoN17-13-5 X2CrNiMoN17.12.2 X2CrNiMoN17.13.3 X2CrNiMoN17.13.5 X2CrNiMoN18-12-4 X2CrNiMoN18-13 X2CrNiMoN18.12 X2CrNiMoN18.13.3 X2CrNiMoN18.14.3 X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 X2CrNiMoN22.5 X2CrNiMoN22.5.3 X2CrNiMoN25-7-4 X2CrNiMoN25.22 X2CrNiMoN29-7-2 X2CrNiMoNbN21.15 X2CrNiMoSi18-5-3 X2CrNiMoSi19.5 X2CrNiMoTi10.10.5 X2CrNiMoV13-5-2 X2CrNiN18-10 X2CrNiN18-11 X2CrNiN18-7 X2CrNiN18.10 X2CrNiN18.11 X2CrNiN18.7 X2CrNiN22-2 X2CrNiN23-4 X2CrNiN23.4 X2CrNiNb24.20 X2CrNiSi18.15 X2CrTi12 X2CrTi17 X2CrTi20 X2CrTi21 X2CrTi24 X2CrTiNb18 X2CrTiNbVCu22 X2NiCoMo18-8-5 X2NiCoMo18.12 X2NiCoMo18.8.5 X2NiCoMo18.8.5 f.m X2NiCoMo18.9.5 X2NiCoMo18.9.5 cast X2NiCoMoTi12-8-8 X2NiCoMoTi12.8.8 X2NiCoMoTi18-8-5 X2NiCoMoTi18-9-5 X2NiCoMoTi18.12.4 X2NiCoTiNb42-3-2 X2NiCr18.16 X2NiCrAlTi32-20 X2NiCrAlTi32.20 X2NiCrMoCu25.20.5 X2NiCrMoCuN20.18 X30Cr13 X30CrMoN15-1 X30CrNi25.12-M X30CrNi26-5 X30CrNiMnNb25-12 X30NiCr25-20-M X30WCrCoV9.3 X30WCrV4.1 X30WCrV5-3 X30WCrV5-3KU X30WCrV5.3 X30WCrV9 X30WCrV9-3 X30WCrV9-3KU X30WCrV9.3 X3140 X31Cr13 X31Cr13KU X32CrMoCoV3.3.3 X32CrMoV3.3 X32NiCoCrMo8.4 X32NiCoCrMo8.5 X32WCrV5 X3312 X3312H X33Cr13 X33CrNiMnN23-08 X33CrNiMnN23-8 X33CrS13 X33CrS16 X35Cr14 X35CrMo17 X35CrMoV5 X35CrMoV5-1 X35CrMoV5-1-1 X35CrMoV5.1 X35CrNi28-9M X35CrWCoMoV12-8 X35CrWMoV5 X35Mn18 X35Ni30/1.3903 X36CrMo17 X36CrMo17+S X36CrMoV5-1 X36CrMov5-1 X37CrMoV5 X37CrMoV5-1 X37CrMoV5-1KU X37CrMoW5.1 X37CrMoW5.1/1.2606 X38Cr13 X38CrMo14 X38CrMo16 X38CrMo16-1 X38CrMo16-1 KU X38CrMo16-1+S X38CrMoCoV5-3-3 X38CrMoV15 X38CrMoV5 X38CrMoV5-3 X38CrMoV5.1 X38CrMoV5.3 X39Cr13 X39CrMo17 X39CrMo17-1 X39CrMoV5-1 X39V X39VF X3CrAlNi22 X3CrAlTi18-2 X3CrMnNiCu15-8-5-3 X3CrMnNiN18-8-7 X3CrNb17 X3CrNi13-4 X3CrNi13.4 X3CrNi18-11 X3CrNiCu18-9-3E X3CrNiCu18-9-4 X3CrNiCu18.9 X3CrNiCu19-9-2 X3CrNiCuMo17-11-3-2 X3CrNiCuTi12.9 X3CrNiCuTiNb12.9 X3CrNiMnMoCuNbN23.17.5.3 X3CrNiMnMoN21-15-7-3 X3CrNiMo13-4 X3CrNiMo13.4 DIN X3CrNiMo14.5 X3CrNiMo17-13-3 X3CrNiMo17.13.3 X3CrNiMo18-12-3 X3CrNiMoAl13-8-2 X3CrNiMoAl13-8-3 X3CrNiMoAl13.8.2 X3CrNiMoAl13.8.2 f.m X3CrNiMoBN17-13-3 X3CrNiMoN17.13 X3CrNiMoN17.13.5 X3CrNiMoN18.14 X3CrNiMoN27-5-2 X3CrNiMoTi25.25 X3CrNiMoTi25.25 tube X3CrNiN17-8 X3CrNiN18.10 X3CrNiN18.11 X3CrTi17 X3CrTi17 tube X3NiCoMo18.8.5 X3NiCoMoTi18.9.5 X3NiCoNb38.13.5 X3NiCoNb38.15.3 X3NiCrCuMoTi27.23 X3NiCrMoTi12-5-3 X4 X4047 X40CoCrNi20.20 X40Cr10Si2Mo X40Cr13 X40Cr13-1.4034 X40Cr14 X40Cr28-M X40CrMo15 X40CrMoV5 X40CrMoV5-1 X40CrMoV5-1-1 X40CrMoV5-1-1KU X40CrMoV5-1Vk X40CrMoV5.1 X40CrMoVN16-2 X40CrMoVS5.1 X40CrNi25-20-M X40CrNi25.21 X40CrNi30.20-M X40CrNiMoV14 RSL X40CrSiMo10-02 X40CrSiMo10-2 X40CrSiMo10.2 X40MnCr18 X40MnCrN19 X40Ni14Cr14W3Si2 X40NiCr38-18-M X41Cr13 X41Cr13KU X41CrMoV5.1 X42 X42Cr13 X42CrMoV6 X42CrNiW14-14 X4317 X44Cr14 X45 X45CoCrMoV5.5.3 X45CoCrWV5.5.5 X45Cr13 X45Cr15MoV X45Cr18Ni9W X45Cr9Si3 X45CrMoV15 X45CrMoV15-2 X45CrNiMo23.5 X45CrNiSiW18-09 X45CrNiW18-9 X45CrNiW18.9 X45CrS13 X45CrSi09-03 X45CrSi8 X45CrSi9 X45CrSi9-3 X45CrSi9.3 X45MoCrV5.3.1 X45NiCrMo4 X45SiCr4 X45U X45UW X46 X4620 X4620H X46Cr13 X46CrMo16 X47Cr14 X47Cr14/B50 X47CrMo15 X47S X48CrMoV8.11 X4CrCu17-1 X4CrMoS18 X4CrNi13.4 X4CrNi18-12 X4CrNi18.13 X4CrNiMn20-10-2 X4CrNiMo16-5 X4CrNiMo16-5-1 X4CrNiMo16.5 X4CrNiMoCu15-06-01 X4CrNiMoCuN26.5.3 X4CrNiMoN21-9-4 X4CrNiMoN22.15 X4CrNiMoN27.5.2 X4CrNiMoNb25.7 X4CrNiSiN18.10 X4NiCrMoCuNb20-18 X4NiCrMoCuNb20.18 X4NiCrMoCuTi20.18 X4NiCrMoTi43-13 X4NiCrMoTiMnSiB26-14-3-2 ISO X4NiCrTi25.15 X4NiCrTiMoV26-15 X50Cr15 X50CrMnNiNbN21-9 X50CrMnNiNbN21.9 X50CrMoV15 X50CrMoV5 X50CrMoV5.1 X50CrMoV5.1.1 X50CrMoV8.1 X50CrMoV8.2 So X50CrMoW9.1.1 X50CrMoWV5 X50CrNiMnVN16-1 X50CrSi8-2 X50CrVMo5.1 X50Ni25 X50NiCr60-15-M X50NiCrWV13.13 X50WNiCrVCo12.12 X52 X52CrMo13 X52N mod. X53Cr21Mn9NiN X53Cr22Mn9Ni4N X53CrMnNiN21-09 X53CrMnNiN21-9 X53CrMnNiN21.9 X53CrMnNiNbN21-9 X53CrNiMnNbN21-9 X54Cr14 X55 X55Cr21Mn8Ni2N X55CrMnNiN20-08 X55CrMnNiN20-8 X55CrMnNiN20.8 X55CrMo14 X55CrMoV2 So X56 X56CrMoWV4 X5Cr18Ni10Mo X5Cr18Ni12Mo X5Cr18Ni9 X5Cr19Ni11 X5CrMnNiN18.9 X5CrMnNiN18.9 wk X5CrMo15-1 X5CrNb17 X5CrNi13.4 X5CrNi17-7 X5CrNi18-10 X5CrNi18-10 fc X5CrNi18-11 X5CrNi18-9 X5CrNi18.10 X5CrNi18.12 X5CrNi18.7 X5CrNi18.9 X5CrNi19-11 X5CrNi19.11 X5CrNiCoMoWMn21-20-20-3-3-2 X5CrNiCu15-5 X5CrNiCu17-4 X5CrNiCu19-6-2 X5CrNiCuNb15-5 X5CrNiCuNb15.5.4 X5CrNiCuNb16-4 X5CrNiCuNb17-04 X5CrNiCuNb17.4 X5CrNiCuNb17.4.4 X5CrNiMo17-12 X5CrNiMo17-12-2 X5CrNiMo17-13 X5CrNiMo17-13-3 X5CrNiMo17.12.2 X5CrNiMo17.13 X5CrNiMo17.13.3 X5CrNiMo18-10 X5CrNiMo18-15 X5CrNiMo18.11 X5CrNiMo18.12 X5CrNiMo19.11 X5CrNiMoAl13-8-2 X5CrNiMoCuNb14-5 X5CrNiMoTi15-2 X5CrNiMoTi15.2 X5CrNiMoTi25-25 X5CrNiN18-10 X5CrNiN19-9 X5CrNiN19.9 X5CrNiNb13 X5CrNiNb18.10 X5CrNiNb18.9 X5CrTi12 X5CrTi17 X5MnCrNiN18.13 X5NiCr32.21 X5NiCrAlTi31-20 X5NiCrAlTi31-20+RA X5NiCrAlTi31.20 X5NiCrCeNb32-28 X5NiCrMoCuNb20-18 X5NiCrMoCuNb22.18 X5NiCrNbCe32.27 X5NiCrTi26.15 X5NiCrTi26.15 f.m X5NiCrTiMoV26.15 X5NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2 X60 X60CrMnMoVNbN21.10 X60CrMoV14 X60CrMoV15 X60MoCrWV9.4 X60NiMn14.7 X60NiMnCr13-5-3 X60WCrMoV9 X60WCrMoV9.4 X60WMoCrV6 X63CrMoV5-1 X63CrMoV5.1 X64CrMo14 X65 X65Cr13 X65Cr14 X65CrMo14 X66Cr13 X68MnAlCr23-6-3 X6Cr13 X6Cr13 casting X6Cr13 tube X6Cr17 X6Cr17Mo X6CrAl13 X6CrMnNiN18-12-4 X6CrMnNiN18-13-3 X6CrMo17 X6CrMo17-1 X6CrMo17.1 X6CrMo17.1 tube X6CrMo4 X6CrMoNb17-1 X6CrMoS17 X6CrMoS19-2 X6CrNb17 X6CrNi17-1 X6CrNi18-10 X6CrNi18.11 X6CrNi19-10 X6CrNi23-13 X6CrNi23-14 X6CrNi25-20 X6CrNiCuS18-9-2 X6CrNiMnMoNbN21.10.3 X6CrNiMnNb18-10 X6CrNiMo12 X6CrNiMo17-13-2 X6CrNiMo17.13 X6CrNiMoB17-12-2 X6CrNiMoNb17-12 X6CrNiMoNb17-12-2 X6CrNiMoNb17-13 X6CrNiMoNb17.12.2 X6CrNiMoNb18.12 X6CrNiMoS17-12-3 X6CrNiMoTi17-12 X6CrNiMoTi17-12-03 X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 X6CrNiMoTi17-13 X6CrNiMoTi17.12.2 X6CrNiMoTi18.12 X6CrNiMoTiB17-13 X6CrNiNb18-10 X6CrNiNb18-11 X6CrNiNb18.10 X6CrNiNbN25-20 X6CrNiSiNCe19-10 X6CrNiTi12 X6CrNiTi18-10 X6CrNiTi18-11 X6CrNiTi18.10 X6CrNiTiB18-10 X6CrNiWNbN16-16 X6CrTi12 X6CrTi17 X6CrTiNb18 X6NiCrMn14.7 X6NiCrNbCe32-27 X6NiCrSiNCe35-25 X6NiCrTi26.15 X6NiCrTiMoV26-15 X6NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2 X70 X7064 X7090 X7091 X70Cr21Mn6Ni2N X70CrMnNiN21-06 X70CrMnNiN21-6 X70CrMnNiN21.6 X70CrMo15 X70CrMo29.2 X70CrMoV5 X70CrVMo8.2.2 X72WCV18 X74WV18.1 X75WCrV18-4-1 X75WCrV18.4.1 X76WCo18.10 X78W18 KU X78WCo18-05KU X79WCo18.5 X7AL X7Cr13 X7Cr13Al X7Cr14 X7CrAl13 X7CrAl13 mod. X7CrNi18-9 X7CrNi23-14 X7CrNiAl17-7 X7CrNiAl17.7 X7CrNiCo21.20.20 X7CrNiMo15-7-3 X7CrNiMoAl15.7 X7CrNiMoBNb16-16 X7CrNiNb16-13 X7CrNiNb18-10 X7CrNiNb18-11 X7CrNiTi18-10 X7CrS17 X7CrTi12 X7Ni9 X7NiMo6 X80 X80.11Cr2Ni X80.12Cr4,5Ni1,5Mo X80.12Cr6,5Ni2,5Mo X80Cr20NiSi X80Cr20Si2Ni1 X80CrCo13.1 X80CrNiSi20 X80CrNiSi20-02 X80CrSiMoW15.2 X80CrSiNi20 X80CrVMo13-2 X80CrVMo13.2 X80CrVMo8.2.2 X80MoCrV4-4 X80MoCrV42-16 X80WCo18-10KU X80WMo08-05 KU X80WMo6.5 X80WMoCrV6-5-4 X82CrVMo8.3.2 X82MoW09 KU X82WMo6.5 X82WMoCrV6-5-4 X82WMoCrV6.5.4 X82WMoV6-5 X82WV18KU X85Cr18Mo2V X85CrMoV18-02 X85CrMoV18-2 X85CrMoV18.2 X85CrMoV19-3 X85WDCV6 X85WMoCo6.5.5 X85WMoCrV6-5-4 X85WV08KU X87 X89CrMoV18-1 X89CrMoV18.1 X8Cr16 X8Cr17 X8Cr17Nb X8Cr17Ti X8Cr18 X8Cr24 X8Cr30 X8Cr9 X8CrAl14.4 X8CrAl20.5 X8CrAl25.5 X8CrCoNiMo10-6 X8CrCoNiMo10.6 X8CrMnCuN17-8-3 X8CrMnCuNB17-8-3 X8CrMnN18.18 X8CrMnN19.10 X8CrMnNi18.8 X8CrMnNi18.9 X8CrMnNi19-6-3 X8CrMnNiN18-9-5 X8CrMo17 X8CrMoNb18.2 X8CrNb12 X8CrNb17 X8CrNb18 X8CrNi18-12 X8CrNi19-10 X8CrNi19-11 X8CrNi25-21 X8CrNiAlTi20.20 X8CrNiCuS18-9-4 X8CrNiMn27-22-2 X8CrNiMo17-12 X8CrNiMoAl15-7-2 X8CrNiMoBNb16.16 X8CrNiMoBNb16.16+wk X8CrNiMoNb16-16 X8CrNiMoNb16.16 X8CrNiMoVNb16-13 X8CrNiMoVNb16.13 X8CrNiNb16-13 X8CrNiNb16.13 X8CrNiNb19-11 X8CrNiS18-9 X8CrNiSi25-20 X8CrNiSiN21.11 X8CrNiTi18-10 X8CrNiTi18-11 X8CrNiTi18.10 X8CrNiTi18.10 tube X8CrTi17 X8CrTi18 X8CrTi25 X8Ni09 X8Ni9 X8Ni9 QT640 X8Ni9 QT680 X8NiCrAlTi32-21 X8NiCrAlTi32.21 X8NiCrSi38.18 X90-IG/M21 X90CrCoMoV17 X90CrMoV18 X90WMo6.5 X91CrMoV18 X91WMo2.5 X9315 X9315H X95MnAlCrSi28-5-5 X96CrMoV12 X9931 X9940 X9CrCoMo11 X9CrMnNiCu17-8-5-2 X9CrNi18-09 X9CrNi18-8 X9CrNi18-9 X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2 X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2 casting X9CrNiSiNCe21-11-2 tube XA19S XABO 1100 XABO 355 XABO 355/T XABO 355T XABO 460 XABO 460/T XABO 460T XABO 47 XABO 500 XABO 500T XABO 51 XABO 63 XABO 890 XABO 960 XAMAR 36A XAMAR 36E XAMAR D36 XAR 30 XAR 300 XAR 300CP XAR 320 XAR 400 XAR 400W XAR 450 XAR 500 XAR 600 XB XB16S XB4 XC XC10 XC10 FF XC100 XC10Pb XC12 XC12 FF XC120 XC15 XC15u XC16 XC16S XC18 XC18 FF XC18 USIVIT XC18-M XC18/1 XC18S XC18[strip] XC18f XC18r XC18u XC22 XC25 XC25 FF XC25u XC32 XC32 FF XC32-M XC32u XC35 XC35 GR XC35Tu XC38 XC38 FF XC38-C35 XC38-M XC38H1 XC38H1 USIVIT XC38H1TS XC38H1u XC38H2 XC38H2 FF XC38Pb XC38TS XC38u XC42 XC42 FF XC42-M XC42H1 XC42H1u XC42H2 XC42TS XC42TS-M XC42f XC45 XC45B XC48 XC48 type XC48-C45 XC48H XC48H1 XC48H1u XC48H2 XC48SVA XC48TS XC48f XC48u XC50 XC54 XC55 XC55 for tool XC55H1 XC55H1u XC55H2 XC6 FF XC60 XC60u XC65 XC65f XC68 XC70 XC70f XC75 XC80 XC80 [GAM] XC80f XC90 XCR XD15NW XD16N XDB XDBD XDL XE XES XES-XC06 XEV-3 XEV-4 XEV-A XEV-B XEV-D XEV-E XEV-F XEV-G XEV-H XEV-I XEV-J XG120Mn12 XG15Cr13 XG200Cr13 XG20CRNi25-21 XG20CrNi20-10 XG20CrNi24-14 XG25Cr13 XG30Cr20 XG30CrNi20-10 XG35CrNi25-12 XG35CrNi28-09 XG35CrNi28-16 XG35NiCr25-21 XG3CrNi20-10 XG3CrNiMo18-11 XG40Cr13 XG40CrNi26-20 XG4CrNiCu17 XG50Cr28 XG50CrNi28 XG50CrNi28-05 XG50NiCr35-15 XG50NiCr39-19 XG6CrNiMoCu26 XG7NiCrCuMo29-21 XG8CrNi20-10 XG8CrNiNb20-11 XH129 XHD 6710 XHD 6806 XK1038 XK1053 XK5150S XK5155S XK5160S XK51B60S XK8660S XK9258S XK9261S XL-CHISEL XM-1 XM-10 XM-10 low C XM-11 XM-12 XM-13 XM-14 XM-15 XM-16 XM-17 XM-18 XM-19 XM-2 XM-20 XM-21 XM-22 XM-25 XM-26 XM-27 XM-28 XM-29 XM-3 XM-30 XM-31 XM-32 XM-32 mod. XM-33 XM-34 XM-5 XM-6 XM-7 XM-8 XM-9 XM114 XN26AW XN26TW XN28V XP A35.014 XP A49.646 XP125 XP175 XP55 XP65 XPA XSES XSH XSL XT110Mo10Co8Cr4W2 XT160Cr12 XT215Cr12 XT33W9Cr3V4 XT35Cr5Mo1V3 XT35Cr5MoV1 XT35Cr5MoW1V3 XT35Cr5MoW1V30 XT55W14Cr3V4 XT72W18Cr4V1 XT75W18Co5Cr4MoV1 XT80W20Co12Cr4V2Mo1 XT87W6Mo5Cr4V2 XT90W6CoMo5Cr4V2 XTral 728 XUPER 6006 XVAR XVC3 XVC5 XW-10 XW-41 XW-42 XW-5 XWG Y-NiCr3 Y-PbSn10 Y-Sn80 Y-Sn89 Y1 100 Y1 105 Y1 105V Y1 128 Y1 70 Y1 75 Y1 80 Y1 90 Y1-130 Y100C2 Y100C6 Y10A Y10A-1 Y10NC6 Y11A-1 Y11Cr7 Y12 Y12Cr18Ni9 Y12Cr18Ni9Se Y12Pb Y15 Y15Cr13 Y15Pb Y16-8-2 Y1Cr13 Y1Cr17 Y1Cr18Ni9 Y1Cr18Ni9Se Y2 100 Y2 120 Y2 120C Y2 140 Y2 140C Y2 65 Y2 70 Y20 Y3 38 Y3 42 Y3 48 Y3 55 Y3 65 Y30 Y307 Y308 Y308L Y308LSi Y309 Y309L Y309LSi Y309Mo Y310 Y312 Y316 Y316J1L Y316L Y316LSi Y317 Y317L Y318 Y321 Y347 Y347L Y35 Y35NC15 Y35NCD16 Y3Cr13 Y40Mn Y40NC17 Y410 Y42CD4 Y42SCD6 Y430 Y45 Y45Ca Y45S7 Y45SCD6 Y46S7 Y50CV4 Y51S7 Y55 Y55S7 Y60S7 Y60SC7 Y65 Y7 Y7-1 Y7-3 Y7-A1 Y7-A2 Y75 Y7A Y7A-1 Y7A-2 Y7A-3 Y8 Y80DCV42-16 Y8A Y8A-2 Y8A-3 Y9 Y90 Y9A YB/T 5047 YB/TO 36.4 YB4B YBB YBsC1 YBsC2 YBsC3 YC YC135A YC3 YCS3 YCu YCuNi-1 YCuT-F YD YDC YE2 YEM YFW-C502X YFe35 YFe52 YGA-50W YGT50 YGW-11 YGW-C YGW11 YGW12 YGW14 YGW17 YGW21 YHX2 YHX3 YHX4 YJZ 84 YK30 YK4 YL1-4G YL101 YL102 YL104 YL108 YL112 YL113 YL117 YL302 YMPRESS S315 YMPRESS S355 YNiCrFe-5 YNiCrFe-6 YNiCrMo-2 YNiCrMo-3 YNiCrMo-4 YNiCrMo-8 YNiCu-1 YNiFeCr-1 YNiMo-1 YNiMo-3 YNiMo-7 YORCALBRO YORCORON YT155A YTB28 YTB35 YTB49 YTW28 YTW35 YTW49 YUS 170 YUS 190 YUS 190L YUS 220 YUS 270 YUS 27A YUS 405Si YUS 409D YUS 410W YUS 410W-H YUS 410W-HT YUS 410W-MP YUS DX1 YWCe2 YWLa-1 YWLa-2 YWP YWTh-1 YWTh-2 YXM1 YXM2 YXM3 YXM34 YXM4 YXM42 YXM7 YZAlMg5Si1 YZAlSi10 YZAlSi10Mg YZAlSi11Cu3 YZAlSi12 YZAlSi12Cu2 YZAlSi17Cu5Mg YZAlSi9Cu4 Ymagine D1 Ymvit 01 Ymvit 04 Ymvit 06 Ymvit Extra 06 Ymvit ULTRA 03 Ymvit Ultra 04 Z 22 Z 32 28 7 L Z 33 32 1 Cu L Z 90 Z-A11PM Z-A11U Z-A26U2 Z-A4 Z-A4G Z-A4GN Z-A4U1G Z-A4U3 Z-A4U3 ingot Z-A4U3G Z-A4U3G2 Z01 Z02 Z05 Z1 Z10 Z100 Z100C17 Z100CD13 Z100CD17 Z100CD17CI Z100CDV05 Z100CDV05-01 Z100CDV5 Z100CDV5-1 Z100CWDV04-03-03-02 Z100DCWV09-04-02-02 Z100WCKVD12-04-03-02-01 Z100WDCV06-05-04-02 Z100WDCV06-06-04-03 Z105 Z105CD17 Z10C13 Z10C14 Z10C24 Z10CAS18-01 Z10CAS24 Z10CAS24-02-01 Z10CD5-05 Z10CD9 Z10CD9-01 Z10CD9-01 plate Z10CDNbV09-02 Z10CDNbV9-02 Z10CDNbV9-1 Z10CDNbV9-2 Z10CF13 Z10CF17 Z10CKD10 Z10CN18-09 Z10CN18-09-M Z10CN18-9-M Z10CN24-13 Z10CNDA15-07 Z10CNF18-09 Z10CNKDW20 Z10CNMD21-09 Z10CNNb18-10 Z10CNS25-20 Z10CNT18-10 Z10CNT18-11 Z10CNTW17-13B Z10CNW17 Z10CNWT17-13-03B Z10CNWT17-13B Z10N05 Z10NC32-21 Z10NCNb32-20-01 Z10NCS37-18 Z11 Z110DKCWV09-08-04-02-01 Z110MD12-1-M Z110WKCDV07-05-04-04-02 Z11CF13 Z11CN17-08 Z11CN18-08 Z11CN18-08CI Z11CNS17-07AZ Z11N9 Z12 Z12-1 Z120M12 Z120M12-M Z120M13 Z120MC12 Z120MC12-02-M Z120WDCV06-05-04-03 Z120WDCV07-05-04-03 Z12C13 Z12C13-M Z12C13/GX12Cr13 Z12C25 Z12CAS18 Z12CAS25 Z12CD05-05 Z12CDV7 Z12CF13 Z12CKNDWNb21-20-20 Z12CMN17-07AZ Z12CN13 Z12CN13-02-M Z12CN13-M Z12CN17-07 Z12CN17-08 Z12CN18-07 Z12CN18-09 Z12CN18-09ec Z12CN18-10 Z12CN24-12 Z12CN24-13 Z12CN25-20 Z12CN25-20 casting Z12CN26-21 Z12CN29-09 Z12CN30-09 Z12CND15 Z12CND16-04 Z12CND16-05-03 Z12CNDV12 Z12CNDV12-02 Z12CNDV12-03 Z12CNKDW20 Z12CNS25-20 Z12CNWT17-13B Z12CrNi17.7 Z12DCN4-4 Z12N5 Z12NC37-18 Z12NCS35-16 Z12NCS36-18RSL Z12NCS37-18 Z13 Z13001 Z130KWDCV12-07-06-04-03 Z130WCV12-04 Z130WCV12-04-04 Z130WDCV06-05-04-04 Z130WKCDV10-10-04-04-03 Z13C13 Z13C13CI Z13CD17 Z14 Z140KWCDV10-09-04-04 Z145KWCVD12-10-04-04-03 Z14CDF17 Z15001 Z150CDV12 Z150CDV12-01 Z150WDKVC07-05-05-05-04 Z150WKVC12-05-05-04 Z155CDV12 Z158CDV12 Z15C13 Z15CD5-05 Z15CD5-M Z15CD5.05-M Z15CN16-02 Z15CN16-02CI Z15CN17-03 Z15CN20-12 Z15CN24-13 Z15CNM19-08 Z15CNS20-12 Z15CNS25-13 Z15CNS25-20 Z15CNS25-20-M Z15NCS36-18 Z15NCS37-18 Z160CDV12 Z160CDV12-M Z160CDVK12 Z160CDWV12 Z160CKDV12-03 Z160WKVC12-05-05-04 Z165CDWV12 Z165WKVC12-10-05-04 Z16CN17-2RSL Z175KWDVC10-07-05-05-04 Z17CN23-14 Z17CNS20-12 Z180CDW13 Z18CWN13 Z19001 Z190CD13 Z1B Z1CD26-01 Z1CDNb26-01 Z1CN18-12 Z1CN20-10 Z1CN25-20 Z1CND22-9-3N Z1CND25-22AZ Z1CNDA12-09 Z1CNDS18-14 Z1CNDU20-18-06AZ Z1CNS17-15 Z1CNS18-15 Z1NCDU25-20 Z1NCDU25-20-04 Z1NCDU25-20-M Z1NCDU25-25-05 azote Z1NCDU25-25-M AZ Z1NCDU29-20-03-03 Z1NCDU31-27-03 Z2 Z20 Z200C12 Z200C12-M Z200C12M Z200C13 Z200CD12 Z200CW12 Z200CW13 Z200CWV13-01 Z20C13 Z20C13-M Z20C13CI Z20CD13-01 Z20CD14 Z20CDNb11 Z20CDNbV11 Z20CDV12 Z20CDV12-01 Z20CN17-02 Z20CN21-12AZ Z20CN24-13 Z20CNS25-04 Z20CNSA19-15 Z20CNW22 Z20NCS33-16 Z21 Z210CW12 Z210CW12-01 Z21CDNV12-01 Z21CDNbV11 Z21CDV12 Z22 Z22C13 Z22C13-M Z22CN17 Z22CN18-02M Z22CNDV12 Z23 Z230CVD13-04-01 Z230CVD20-04-01 Z230CrVMo12-04 Z25 Z25C13-M Z25CN20-10-M Z25CND25-09-M Z25CNS20-14M Z25CNSW22 Z25CNWS20-09 Z25CNWS20-09-02 Z25CNWS22 Z270C27-M Z270CND7 Z28 Z280CD15 Z280CD20-2-M Z284 Z28C13-M Z29CF13 Z2CDN19-15 Z2CDNb26-01 Z2CDT29-04 Z2CN17-13-M Z2CN18-02 Z2CN18-09 Z2CN18-10 Z2CN18-10-M Z2CN18-10AZ Z2CN19-10AZ Z2CN20-10 Z2CN23-04AZ Z2CN24-13 Z2CN25-20 Z2CND17-12 Z2CND17-12 bar Z2CND17-12 flats Z2CND17-12AZ Z2CND17-13 Z2CND17-13AZ Z2CND18-12-M Z2CND18-12AZ Z2CND18-13 Z2CND18-14 Z2CND18-14-03 Z2CND18-15M Z2CND19-12 Z2CND19-13 Z2CND19-14 Z2CND19-15-05AZ Z2CND20-10 Z2CND22-05-03AZ Z2CND22.5.3 Z2CND24-13 Z2CND25-07 azote Z2CND25-22AZ Z2CNDNb28-04 Z2CNDS19-13 Z2CNDU17-16 Z2CNM25-20 Z2CNNb25-20 Z2CNS20-10 Z2CNS24-13 Z2CNU18-09 Z2CrNbTi20 Z2CrNiCu19-10 Z2CrNiN23-4 Z2NCDKW44-22-09 Z2NCDU17-16 Z2NCDU25-20 Z2NCDU25-20-04-M Z2NCDU25-25-05AZ Z2NCDU31-27 Z2NKD18 Z2NKD18-09-05 Z2NKDT18-08-05 Z3 Z30 Z30A Z30C13 Z30C13-M Z30CF13 Z30CMN23-08AZ Z30CN20-10 Z30CN20-10M Z30CN20-14 Z30CN25-12-M Z30CN25-20-M Z30CN26-05-M Z30CNWS22-10 Z30MCN18-10 Z30NC25-20-M Z30NC55-15 Z30NC66-17 Z30NCS35-15-M Z30WC9-3 Z30WCV9 Z30WCV9-03 Z31 Z32 Z320CD16-3M Z32WCV5 Z33 Z33520 Z33521 Z33522 Z33523 Z33530 Z33531 Z33730 Z33C13 Z33C13CI Z33C14 Z35 Z35/Z36 Z35530 Z35531 Z35540 Z35541 Z35542 Z35543 Z35630 Z35631 Z35635 Z35636 Z35840 Z35841 Z35CD17 Z35CD17+S Z35CDV5 Z35CN25-12 Z35CN28-09-M Z35CNWS14-14 Z35CWDV5 Z35SiMnMo Z370CVD26-8-2 Z38510 Z38CD16-01 Z38CD16-CI Z38CDV5 Z38CDV5-3 Z38CKDV5-3-3 Z38CrSiV14 Z3C Z3C14 Z3CAT18 Z3CDFT18-02 Z3CDT18-02 Z3CMN17-07Az Z3CMN18-08-07AZ Z3CMND22-05-04AZ Z3CN13-04-M Z3CN18-10 Z3CN18-10AZ Z3CN19-09 Z3CN19-10AZ Z3CN19-11 Z3CN20-09-M Z3CN20-09M Z3CN23-04AZ Z3CND17-11-01 Z3CND17-11-02 Z3CND17-11AZ Z3CND17-12-02 Z3CND17-12-03 Z3CND17-12AZ Z3CND17-13-03 Z3CND17-13-05AZ Z3CND17-14 Z3CND18-10 Z3CND18-10-M Z3CND18-12 bar Z3CND18-12 flats Z3CND18-12-02 Z3CND18-12-03 Z3CND18-13 Z3CND18-14-03 Z3CND18-14-05AZ Z3CND19-10M Z3CND19-10M casting Z3CND19-14AZ Z3CND19-15-04 Z3CND19.10-M Z3CND22-05AZ Z3CND22-16 azote Z3CND25-06AZ Z3CND25-07AZ Z3CNDA13-08 Z3CNDA13.8 Z3CNDA14-08 Z3CNDAT13-08 Z3CNDU22-07AZ Z3CNDU25-05-03M Z3CNDU25-06AZ Z3CNDU25-07 azote Z3CNDU25-07Az Z3CNDU26.05-M Z3CNDU26.5 Z3CNNb24-20-M Z3CNU18-09 FF Z3CNU18-10 Z3CNU18-10 FF Z3CNU23-04AZ Z3CNUD26.05-M Z3CNb17 Z3CNbZr17 Z3CT12 Z3CT20 Z3CTNb18 Z3CrNb17 Z3NCDTU49-24 Z3NCDU25-20 Z3NCDU30-20 Z3NCDU42-22 Z3NCT25 Z3NCTDV25-15 Z3NCUD28-20 Z3NK38-15 Z4 Z40 Z400 Z40C13 Z40C14 Z40C14 CI Z40C28-M Z40C28M Z40CD15 Z40CD16 Z40CD16+S Z40CD16S Z40CDV16-02AZ Z40CDV5 Z40CDV5-1 Z40CDV5-1+Soufre Z40CN25-12 Z40CN25-12-M Z40CN25-20 Z40CN25-20-M Z40CN28-10 Z40CN28-5 Z40CN30-20M Z40CNNb24-24-2 Z40CSD10 Z40CSD10-03-01 Z40CSD9 Z40NC35-15 Z40NC35-15-M Z40NC38-18-M Z40NCK20-20-20M Z40NCNb35-25-2 Z40NCS38-18-M Z40NCW35 Z40NCW35-25-3 Z41 Z410 Z41C13 Z42CS9 Z43 Z430 Z44C14 Z44C14CI Z45C13 Z45CNW18-09 Z45CNWS15-14-03 Z45CS09-03 Z45CS9 Z45NCW45-25-M Z45NCW45-25M Z46540 Z46C13 Z4CMN18-08-07AZ Z4CMN18-08AZ Z4CMN21-09-06 Z4CMN21-9-6 Z4CMND21-12AZ Z4CN13-04-M Z4CN13-04M Z4CN13-4-M Z4CN16.4-M Z4CND13.4-M Z4CND16-04 Z4CND16-04-M Z4CND16-05 Z4CND16.4-M Z4CND17-04-02M Z4CND22-16-03AZ Z4CND27-05AZ Z4CNDAT13-09 Z4CNMD21-9-4 Z4CNU17-04-04M Z4CNU18-9 Z4CNU19-09 FF Z4CNUD17-11-03FF Z4CNb17 Z4CT17 Z4Cr9Si2 Z4NCDU29-20M Z4NCDU30-13M Z5 Z50C15 Z50CD13 Z50CD14 Z50CD15 Z50CD15CI Z50CDV14 Z50CDV8 Z50CDWV5 Z50CMNNb21-09 Z50CMNNb21-09-02AZ Z50CMNNb21-09AZ Z50CMNNb31-09 Z50NC23-02 Z50NC60-15-M Z50NCW48-28-05 Z52CMN21-09-04 Z53CMN21-09 Z53CMN21-09AZ Z53CMNNb21-09-02AZ Z54C14 Z55 Z55C14 Z55CMN20-08AZ Z56CDWV4 Z5CN12-01 Z5CN17-08 Z5CN18-09 Z5CN18-09AZ Z5CN18-10 Z5CND13-04 Z5CND13-04M Z5CND16-04 Z5CND16-05M Z5CND16.05-M Z5CND17-04-01 Z5CND17-05F Z5CND17-12 Z5CND27-05AZ Z5CNDU21-08 Z5CNDU22-07 Z5CNDU26-05-03-02M Z5CNU15-05 Z5CNU16-04 Z5CNU16-4-M Z5CNU17-04 Z5CNUD14-05 Z5CNUNb17.04 Z5NC33-21 Z5NCKDT37-20 Z5NCT25-15 Z5NCTDV25-15B Z5NCTDV25-15FF Z5Z Z6 Z60CDV14 Z60CMDVNb21-10AZ Z610 Z6C13 Z6C15 Z6CA12 Z6CA13 Z6CDF18-02 Z6CN12-1-M Z6CN13-04 Z6CN13-04-M Z6CN13.02-M Z6CN18-09 Z6CN18-09[b] Z6CN18-09[t] Z6CN18-10 Z6CN18-10-M Z6CN19-09AZ Z6CN19-10 Z6CN20-10 Z6CN21-10 Z6CN25 Z6CN25-20 Z6CND13-04-01M Z6CND15-07 Z6CND16-04 Z6CND16-04-01 Z6CND16-05-01 Z6CND16-05-01 bar Z6CND16-05-01 flat Z6CND17-11 Z6CND17-12 Z6CND17-12-02B Z6CND17-12B Z6CND18-12-03 Z6CND18-12-M Z6CND18-13 Z6CND19-12 Z6CNDNB19-13 Z6CNDNb17-12 Z6CNDNb17-13 Z6CNDNb17-13-02B Z6CNDNb17-13B Z6CNDNb18-10 Z6CNDNb18-11-03-M Z6CNDNb18-12 Z6CNDNb18-12-M Z6CNDNb18-13 Z6CNDNb19-12 Z6CNDT17-12 Z6CNDT17-12-02 Z6CNDT17-13 Z6CNDT17-13B Z6CNDU20-08-M Z6CNDU20-08M Z6CNDU20.08-M Z6CNDU21-08-03M Z6CNMDNb21-10-03AZ Z6CNNb18-10 Z6CNNb18-10-M Z6CNNb18-11 Z6CNNb18-12B Z6CNNb20-10 Z6CNT18-10 Z6CNT18-11 Z6CNT18-12 Z6CNT18-12B Z6CNU15-05 Z6CNU17-04 Z6CNU18-10 Z6CNUD15-04 Z6CNb12 Z6CT12 Z6CT13 Z6N9 Z6NC18-16 Z6NCDU25-20-04-M Z6NCT25 Z6NCT25-15 Z6NCTDV25-15 Z6NCTDV25-15-02 Z6NCTDV25-15-02B Z6NCTDV25-15B Z6NCTDV25-15B f.m Z70C15 Z70C17 Z70CD15 Z70CD15CI Z70MN14-03-M Z70WDCV06-05-04-02 Z70WDCV6-05 Z75WCV18-4 Z7CN18-09 Z7CND17-11-02 Z7CND21-08-03-M Z7CNDA15-07-03 Z7CNU15-05 Z7CNU16-04 Z7CNU17-04 Z7NiCrWCuCoNbNB25-23-3-3-2 Z80CSN20-02 Z80CSN20-02-01 Z80DWV09-02-01 Z80KWDCV08-06-05-04-02 Z80WC18 Z80WCDV11-04-02-02 Z80WCDV12-04-02-02 Z80WCV18-04-01 Z80WDCV6-05-04 Z80WDV11-02-02 Z80WKCV18-05-04-01 Z80WKCV18-10-04-02 Z82 Z82WDCV6 Z85CDMV18-02 Z85CDV18-02 Z85DCWV08-04-02-01 Z85DCWV08-04-02-02 Z85DWV08-02-01 Z85WCDV09-04-02-01 Z85WCV18-04-02 Z85WDC06-06 Z85WDCV06-05-02 Z85WDCV06-05-04-02 Z85WDKCV06-05-05-04-02 Z85WK18-10 Z89CDV18 Z8C12 Z8C13 Z8C13FF Z8C17 Z8C17 TS Z8CA12 Z8CA7 Z8CD17-01 Z8CDF19-02 Z8CDNb17-01 Z8CF17 Z8CN17 Z8CN18-12 Z8CN20-11 Z8CN25-20 Z8CN25-20-M Z8CNA17 Z8CNA17-07 Z8CND17-04 Z8CNDA15-07 Z8CNDA15-07 f.metal Z8CNDNb17-13M Z8CNDNb18-12 Z8CNDT17-12 Z8CNDT17-13-02B Z8CNDT17-13B Z8CNDT18-12 Z8CNF18-09 Z8CNM19-08 Z8CNMS19-09-07 Z8CNNb18-10 Z8CNNb18-11 Z8CNNb19-09AZ Z8CNNb25-20-M Z8CNT12 Z8CNT18-10 Z8CNT18-11 Z8CNT18-12 Z8CNUF18-09 Z8CNb17 Z8CT17 Z8CT18 Z8N09 Z8N09 490 Z8N09 585 Z8N09-M Z8N9 Z8NC32-21 Z8NC33-21 Z8NCAT32-21 Z8NCD38 Z8NCDT42 Z90CDV18 Z90DKCWV10-08-04-02 Z90WDCV06-05-04-02 Z90WDCV06-05-04-02+S Z90WDKCV06-05-05-04-02 Z90WDKCV06-05-05-04-02+S Z96CDV12 Z9CKD11 Z9CNA17-07 Z9CNDA15-07 ZA-12 ZA-27 ZA-8 ZA3 ZA4 ZA9 ZAMAK 2 ZAMAK 2 ingot ZAMAK 3 ZAMAK 400 ZAMAK 410 ZAMAK 430 ZAMAK 5 ZAMAK 7 ZAMALLOY ZAMAS 12 ZAMAS 13 ZAMAS 15 ZANZI VF4 ZANZI X45CrSi8 ZAPP 304PA ZAlCu3RE5 ZAlCu3RE5Si2D ZAlCu4 ZAlCu4D ZAlCu5Mn ZAlCu5Mn-1 ZAlCu5Mn-2 ZAlCu5Mn-3 ZAlCu5Mn-4 ZAlCu5MnA ZAlCu5MnCdA ZAlCu5MnCdDA ZAlCu5MnCdVA ZAlCu5MnCdVDA ZAlCu5MnD ZAlCu5MnDA ZAlMg10 ZAlMg10D ZAlMg5Si1 ZAlMg5Si1D ZAlMg8Zn1 ZAlMg8Zn1D ZAlMn1 ZAlMn1D ZAlRECu3Si2 ZAlSi12 ZAlSi12Cu1 ZAlSi12Cu1Mg1Ni1D ZAlSi12Cu2 ZAlSi12Cu2Mg1 ZAlSi12Cu2Mg1D ZAlSi12Cu2Mg1Ni1 ZAlSi12D ZAlSi20Cu2 ZAlSi20Cu2RE1MgMnD ZAlSi5Cu1Mg ZAlSi5Cu1Mg-1 ZAlSi5Cu1Mg-2 ZAlSi5Cu1MgA ZAlSi5Cu1MgD ZAlSi5Cu1MgDA ZAlSi5Cu6 ZAlSi5Cu6Mg ZAlSi5Cu6MgD ZAlSi5Zn1 ZAlSi5Zn1Mg ZAlSi5Zn1MgD ZAlSi7Cu4 ZAlSi7Cu4D ZAlSi7Mg ZAlSi7Mg-1 ZAlSi7Mg-2 ZAlSi7Mg-6 ZAlSi7Mg1A ZAlSi7MgA ZAlSi7MgD ZAlSi7MgDA ZAlSi8Cu1 ZAlSi8Cu1Mg ZAlSi8Cu1MgD ZAlSi8Mg ZAlSi8MgBe ZAlSi8MgBeD ZAlSi9Cu2 ZAlSi9Cu2Mg ZAlSi9Cu2MgD ZAlSi9Mg ZAlSi9MgD ZAlZn11Si7 ZAlZn11Si7D ZAlZn6Mg ZAlZn6MgD ZB 70 ZB 80 ZB37 ZB68 ZC ZC60A ZC63 ZC63A ZC71 ZC71A ZC81A ZC81B ZCR ZCR157 ZCS eisen ZDB 38B2 ZDC1 ZDC2 ZDC2 class2 ZDP-189 ZE ZE10A ZE41 ZE41A ZE41A f.m ZE41A ingot ZE41A-T5 ZE63 ZE63A ZE63A f.metal ZE63A ingot ZE63A-T6 ZEDABRONZE ZA4 ZERANIN 30 ZERNERI 55Cr3 ZERNERI 55Si7 ZERNERI 60SiCr8 ZERON 100 ZERON 100 casting ZERON 25 ZES ZES 68n ZES Cu ZESEK ZETLOT #7 ZF 2 ZF 36 ZF1 ZF1A ZF391P-SC ZF6 ZF7 ZF7B ZG 11 ZG00Cr18Ni10 ZG06Cr13Ni6Mo ZG08Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti ZG0Cr13Ni6Mo ZG0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb ZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti ZG0Cr18Ni9 ZG0Cr18Ni9Ti ZG0Cr19Ni10Mo2 ZG0Cr25Ni5Mo2 ZG10 ZG11 ZG12 ZG15 ZG1Cr13 ZG1Cr17 ZG1Cr17Mn9Ni4Mo3Cu2N ZG1Cr18Mn8Ni4N ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti ZG1Cr18Ni9 ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti ZG1Cr24Ni20Mo2Cu3 ZG200-400 ZG200-400H ZG20Cr20Mn9Ni2SiN ZG20Cr26Ni5 ZG20CrMo ZG20Mn ZG20MnMo ZG20MnSi ZG20SiMn ZG22Mn ZG230-450 ZG230-450H ZG25 ZG25CrNiMo ZG25Mn ZG25Mn2 ZG270-480H ZG270-485H ZG270-500 ZG275-485H ZG28NiCrMo ZG2Cr13 ZG2Cr20Mn9Ni2SiN ZG2Cr26Ni5 ZG2Cr5Mo ZG30Cr18Mn12Si2N ZG30Cr20Ni10 ZG30Cr25Ni20 ZG30Cr26Ni5 ZG30Mn ZG30MnSi ZG30Ni35Cr15 ZG30NiCrMo ZG310-570 ZG32A ZG340-640 ZG34Cr2Ni2Mo ZG34CrNiMo ZG35 ZG35Cr1Mo ZG35Cr24Ni7SiN ZG35Cr26Ni12 ZG35Cr28Ni16 ZG35CrMnSi ZG35CrMo ZG35Mn ZG35MnSi ZG35Ni24Cr18Si2 ZG35NiCrMo ZG35SiMn ZG3Cr18Mn12Si2N ZG3Cr18Ni25Si2 ZG3Cr20Ni10 ZG3Cr25Ni20 ZG3Cr25Ni20Si2 ZG3Ni35Cr15 ZG40Cr ZG40Cr1 ZG40Cr22Ni4N ZG40Cr25Ni20 ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2 ZG40Cr28Ni16 ZG40Cr30Ni20 ZG40Cr9Si2 ZG40Mn ZG40Mn2 ZG42A ZG42Cr1Mo ZG42CrMo ZG45 ZG45Mn ZG45MnSi ZG45Ni35Cr26 ZG45SiMn ZG4Cr22Ni4N ZG4Cr25Ni20 ZG4Cr25Ni20Si2 ZG4Cr30Ni20 ZG50Cr1Mo ZG50CrMo ZG50Mn ZG50Mn2 ZG50MnMo ZG50SiMn ZG55 ZG55CrMnMo ZG5Cr25Ni2 ZG5CrMnMo ZG60A ZG61A ZG61B ZG62 ZG62 Alclad ZG62A ZG65Mn ZG71A ZG71B ZG9 ZGCr28 ZGMn13-1 ZGMn13-2 ZGMn13-3 ZGMn13-4 ZGMn13-5 ZGMn13-A ZGMn13-B ZGMn13Cr2 ZGMn13Mo ZGMn13Mo2 ZGMn13Ni4 ZGMn14 ZGN 11 ZGN 12 ZGN 18 ZGN 24Nb ZGN 34Nb ZGN 36 ZGN 36Nb ZGN 48 ZGN U50 ZGN10 ZGN12S ZGN20 ZGN20Nb ZGN25 ZGN26S1 ZGN35 ZGN601 ZH42 ZH42-T4 ZH42-T51 ZH62 ZH62A ZH62A ingot ZH62A-T5 ZHC ZHC copper ZHPbD59-1 ZHSiD80-3 ZI 200 ZI 250 ZICRAL ZIDAL F ZIDAL-F ZINC ZINC EN FEUILLE ET BANDE ZINC PUR ZINC-ALUMINIUM-CUIVRE ZINC-CUIVRE-ALUMINIUM ZINC-CUIVRE-CHROME LINGOT ZINC-CUIVRE-TITANE MOULE ZINCAL 15 ZINCAL 20 ZINCAL 49 ZINCAL 75 ZIRCADYNE 702 ZIRCADYNE 704 ZIRCADYNE 705 ZIRCADYNE 706 ZIRCALOY 2 ZIRCALOY 4 ZIRCONIUM 701 ZIRCONIUM 702 ZIRCONIUM 704 ZIRCONIUM 705 ZIRCONIUM 706 ZIRCONIUM PUR ZIRCONIUM-ETAIN ZIRCONIUM-HAFNIUM-ETAIN ZIRCONIUM-HAFNIUM-NIOBIUM ZIRCONIUM-NIOBIUM ZIRFORIT ZK ZK10 ZK20A ZK21A ZK30 ZK31 ZK40 ZK40A ZK51A ZK51A ingot ZK51A-T5 ZK60 ZK60A ZK60B ZK61 ZK61A ZK61A ingot ZK61A-T6 ZK61M ZK61S ZL0010 ZL0400 ZL0410 ZL0430 ZL0610 ZL0810 ZL101 ZL101A ZL102 ZL104 ZL105 ZL105A ZL106 ZL107 ZL108 ZL109 ZL110 ZL111 ZL1110 ZL114A ZL115 ZL116 ZL12 ZL16 ZL2 ZL201 ZL201A ZL203 ZL204A ZL205A ZL207 ZL27 ZL2720 ZL3 ZL301 ZL303 ZL305 ZL401 ZL402 ZL5 ZL6 ZL702 ZL8 ZLD101 ZLD101A ZLD102 ZLD104 ZLD105 ZLD105A ZLD106 ZLD107 ZLD108 ZLD109 ZLD110 ZLD111 ZLD114A ZLD115 ZLD116 ZLD118 ZLD201 ZLD201A ZLD203 ZLD204A ZLD205A ZLD207 ZLD301 ZLD303 ZLD305 ZLD401 ZLD402 ZLD501 ZM1 ZM10 ZM2 ZM21 ZM3 ZM4 ZM5 ZM6 ZM7 ZMgA18Zn ZMgRE3ZnZr ZN2012-SC ZOLLERN 20MnV6 ZOLLERN C60 ZOLLERN GBz10 ZOLLERN Rg7 ZP 1.0463 ZP 16M ZP 34CrMo4 ZP0010 ZP0400 ZP0410 ZP0430 ZP0610 ZP0810 ZP1110 ZP12 ZP16 ZP2 ZP27 ZP2720 ZP3 ZP313-SC ZP5 ZP6 ZP8 ZP87-SC ZQSnD5-5-5 ZQSnD6-6-3 ZR SPECIAL ZR16X ZRE1 ZS144A ZS331A ZSES ZSt37.2 ZSt37.3 ZSt44-2 ZSt44.2 ZSt44.3 ZSt50-2 ZSt52.3 ZSt60.2 ZSt70.2 ZStE180BH ZStE220BH ZStE220P ZStE260 ZStE260BH ZStE260P ZStE300 ZStE300BH ZStE300P ZStE340 ZStE380 ZStE420 ZT1 ZTY ZW1 ZW3 ZW6 ZX04 ZX06 ZZ ZZnAlD4-3 Zahhart Zapp 430IT ZbCr16Mo1,2Cu1,2 ZbCr28 ZbCr28Mo1,2 ZbNi4,2Cr2 ZeCor Zirconium copper Zirconium-bearing Zl300 ZlNi15Cu6Cr2 ZlNi20Si5Cr3 ZlSi15 Zn-11Al-1Cu-0.025Mg Zn-27Al Zn1 Zn2 Zn3 Zn4 Zn98,5 Zn98,7 Zn99,5 Zn99,95 Zn99,99 ZnAl10Cu5 ZnAl11Cu1 ZnAl11Cu1-P ZnAl27Cu2 ZnAl27Cu2-P ZnAl28Cu4 ZnAl4 ZnAl4-P ZnAl4Cu1 ZnAl4Cu1-P ZnAl4Cu1A ZnAl4Cu1T ZnAl4Cu3 ZnAl4Cu3-P ZnAl4T ZnAl6Cu1 ZnAl6Cu1-P ZnAl6Cu1T ZnAl8Cu1 ZnAl8Cu1-P ZnAl8Cu2 ZnAlCu3 ZnCu1CrTi ZnCu1CrTi-P Zollern 17/4PH Zr-2,5Nb Zr-702 Zr2,5Cb Zr2.5Nb Zr701 Zr704 Zr705 Zr706 ZrK015 ZrNb2,5 ZsNi20Cr3 ZsNi22 ZsNi30Cr3 alclad 2056 alclad 2056-T3 alclad 6061 alclad 7050 alclad 7050-T76 alclad 7075 alclad 7075-T6 alloy 14 alloy 2 alloy 3 alloy 33-25 alloy 35-20 alloy 500 alloy 601 alloy 671 alloy 680 alloy 684 alloy 794 alloy 825 alloy 832 alloy B380.0 alloy Co500 alloy DUMET alloy S106 alloy S151 alloy S156 aluminium bronze D anti-acid metal bercoweld M122 brass 63/37 case hardening cl. ER209 cl. ER219 class 19 class 20 class 60E class 8.8 10B33 class III class1/14C6 class10 class11 class12 class13 class14 class17 class1A class1A/15C8 class2/20C8 class2A class2A/25C8 class3/30C8 class32510 class3A/35C8 class4/45C8 class5/55C8 class6/65C6 classI typeA NiCr-HC classI typeB NiCr-LC classI typeC-NiCr-GB classIII typeA-25%Cr classY65 code case 1192-1 code case 1325-16 code case 1500-5 code case 1827 code case 1924 code case 1935 code case 1937-1 code case 1953 code case 1956 code case 1982-1 code case 2010 code case 2029-3 code case 2063-3 code case 2067-3 code case 2068-2 code case 2083 code case 2092-1 code case 2105-2 code case 2113 code case 2115-1 code case 2120 code case 2121-1 code case 2125 code case 2127-2 code case 2128 code case 2134 code case 2139-1 code case 2140 code case 2142-1 code case 2146 code case 2159 code case 2162-1 code case 2172 code case 2179 code case 2180 code case 2187 code case 2188-4 code case 2195-1 code case 2197-1 code case 2199 code case 2206 code case 2212 code case 2218-2 code case 2227 code case 2240 code case 2242-1 code case 2244-2 code case 2245-1 code case 2276-1 code case 2295 code case 2295-1 code case 2302 code case 2304-02 code case 2314 code case 2316 code case 2319 code case 2325 code case 2328-1 code case 2337 code case 2338 code case 2355 code case 2358 code case 2359-2 code case 2382 code case 2384 code case 2385-1 code case 2391 code case 2404-1 code case 2418-1 code case 2425-1 code case 2430 code case 2445-1 code case 2450 code case 2452-1 code case 2456 code case 2458 code case 2458-1 code case 2468 code case 2472 code case 2477 code case 2478 code case 2481 code case 2484 code case 2496 code case 2497 code case 2497-2 code case 2498 code case 2503 code case 2504 code case 2506 code case 2512 code case 2514-1 code case 2516 code case 2517 code case 2521 code case 2523 code case 2526 code case 2532 code case 2585-1 code case 2586-1 code case 2591 code case 2609 code case 2610 code case 2611 code case 2617 code case 2629 code case 2636 code case 2684 code case 2735 code case N-176-1 code case N-20-4 code case N-249 code case N-304-4 code case N-372 code case N-418-1 code case N-438-1 code case N-439 code case N-439-1 code case N-564-2 code case N-572 code case N-576-1 code case N-625-1 code case N-635 code case N-636 code case N-736 code case N214-2 code case N249 code case N370-2 commercial bronze90% composition D composition E connector brass copper nickel-tin extra-doux group 1 group 1-1 group 1-2 group 1-3 group 1-4 group 10-1 group 10-2 group 11-1 group 11-2 group 11-3 group 13E0 group 13E0/1.4432 group 14E0 group 16E0 group 2-1 group 2-2 group 21 group 22-1 group 22-2 group 22-3 group 22-4 group 23-1 group 23-2 group 24-1 group 24-2 group 25 group 26 group 3-1 group 3-2 group 3-3 group 31 group 32-1 group 32-2 group 33 group 34 group 35 group 36 group 37 group 3E0 group 4-1 group 4-2 group 41 group 42 group 43 group 44 group 45 group 46 group 5-1 group 5-2 group 5-3 group 5-4 group 51 group 52 group 53 group 6-1 group 6-2 group 6-3 group 6-4 group 6E0 group 6E1 group 7-1 group 7-2 group 7-3 group 71 group 72-1 group 72-2 group 73-1 group 73-2 group 73-3 group 74 group 76-1 group 76.1 group 7E2 group 8-1 group 8-2 group 8-3 group 9-1 group 9-2 group 9-3 group 9E1 group A group NC group VII group YN half hard round edge ingot G-AlMg3 ingot G-AlMg5 ingot G-AlMg7 ingot G-AlSi ingot G-AlSi13 ingot G-AlSi4,5 ingot G-AlSi7 iron copper 194 jakost 15121 leaded copper 25% leaded copper 30% leaded copper 50% ll33 low carbon nickel manganese bronze B material 1 mecaVal 147M modified 51100 modified G bronze modified M2 nickel A nickel D nickel silver 45-10 nickel silver 60-18 nickel silver 65-10 ocel 1.5805 ocel 1.6657 ocel 1.7323 ocel 11300 ocel 12031 ocel 12CrMo4 ocel 12NiCr3-2 ocel 13242 ocel 14109 ocel 14221 ocel 15130 ocel 15240 ocel 15241 ocel 15CrNi6 ocel 15Mn3Al ocel 16220 ocel 16240 ocel 16440 ocel 16MnCrB5 ocel 16NiCr4 ocel 16NiCrS4 ocel 17348 ocel 17353 ocel 17B2 ocel 18B2 ocel 23B2 ocel 25CrMoS4 ocel 27MnB4 ocel 27MnSi5 ocel 28B2 ocel 30CrNiMo8 ocel 30MnB5 ocel 32CrB4 ocel 35B2 ocel 37Cr4 ocel 37CrS4 ocel 38CrS2 ocel 41Cr4 ocel 41CrS4 ocel 46CrS2 ocel 9/0 ocel 9/2 ocel A401 ocel C10E2C ocel C15C ocel C22 ocel C60 ocel C82D ocel C82D2 ocel SWRY11 oceli 34CrMo4 oceli C35EC oceli C8C ooPDA2 part3 implant prEN2196 refined palladium sheet A-1 sheet A-2 sheet A-3 sheet A-4 sheet A-5 sheet B-1 sheet C-5 sheet M-1 sheet M-2 sheet P-3 sheet S-12 sheet S-13 sheet S-14 sheet S-15 sheet S-17 sheet T-3 sheet T-4 sheet T-5 strip CK45 tarif 1 tarif 10 tarif 3 type 1 type 18Cr-2Mo type 2 type 3 type 316L type 333 type 420C type 622 type A type B type D-2B type D-3A type I type II type III type4 type4 NI-HARD typeI 12.5Cr-0.27Se typeII 12.5Cr 0.28S weldable monel wire 040A15 wire brass 65/35 y10 y12-1 y12A-1 y13 y13-1 y13A-1 yellow brass 63% yellow brass 65% yellow brass 66%

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